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He Could Only Dream

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They had been training with Class 3-B when it happened. They were to spar against various people from the other class and with her shitty luck, she had been paired with Monoma Neito, the biggest jerk to exist.

His attitude had definitely not improved since his first year and he made a habit of being condescending to the younger students. “Ready to lose?” he asked her with a cocky grin. Uraraka Ochako had clenched her fists, ‘Famous last words.’ She thought to herself before their fight began which had ended only a few minutes later thanks to the hold she had finally gotten on him using her legs, which unfortunately allowed for Monoma’s face to be smothered by her thighs.

After quickly being declared the winner she quickly released him. He stood up and looked her up and down before smirking, “Not bad. Maybe we can do it again sometime…without the audience.”

Uraraka only rolled her eyes at the comment before stepping off the mat only to see that Bakugou was next to go up. She was about to tell him ‘good luck’ even though he hardly needed it when he pulled her shoulder towards him. “Meet me after this. My dorm.” Uraraka resisted the urge to shudder at how his voice sounded and only nodded her head.


It was after dinner that Uraraka snuck past her friends and into Bakugou’s room only to collide into the door slamming it shut and feeling his lips against hers. Hands tangled into her hair and his teeth dug into her bottom lip to open her mouth while his tongue sloppily dragged against her own, enticing her into the sloppy kiss.

Both were panting heavily by the time they parted, dilated red eyes looking into coffee colored ones. “Bakugou…” she sighed as she felt his hands cup her face fingers playfully pinching her cheeks before kissing her on the nose and forehead.

“Fucking loser looked like he was going to cream himself with that move you pulled on him.” Bakugou growled as he moved his hands down to her hips sliding down to squeeze her ass.

“It was the only way I could restrain him without him touching me.”

“Like I’d ever let that pity fuck touch you.” Bakugou said hauling her to his bed and falling back onto the sheets, “But God I could watch you beat his ass all day.”

“Yeah I’m sure you could.” Uraraka said as she slipped her shorts and panties off before putting her legs on each side of his head only to feel his hands groping at her thighs fingers digging into her plump but muscular flesh.

“A loser like him could only dream of eating your pussy.” Bakugou said before pulling her down to devour her with his mouth.

Uraraka had to be careful where to put her hands not wanting to make anything in the room float so she kept one hand braced against the wall while grinding herself down onto Bakugou’s face.

He didn’t seem to mind and kept focusing on her folds before nuzzling against her clit causing her to whimper. “Bakugou…that feels really good!”

The feeling was mutual from the blond’s end, his cock hardening in his pants as he continued to devour Uraraka like a starving man. He didn’t care if he ended up cumming in his pants. He just wanted to please her, she was strong, she was a fierce fighter, and he would be damned if he couldn’t make her orgasm.

Uraraka felt a sensation tighten in her belly and moaned as she braced an arm against the wall trying to keep herself upright. She was close and felt her thighs tense up which Bakugou seemed to notice by her breathing patterns before sucking fiercely on her clit pushing her towards orgasm. By the time her orgasm ended Uraraka felt her legs give out and fell towards the side of the bed so Bakugou could breathe.

She felt his hand groping her butt and swatted at it before turning over to look at him sitting up with him giving her a small smile as he wiped his face with the back of his hand.

Uraraka pulled herself up and met his lips not even bothered by her own taste. After all, he was used to kissing her after she gave him a blowjob.

“So…still feeling jealous?” Uraraka asked.

Bakugou scoffed at her words, “What the fuck do I have to be jealous for?” He then pulled her towards him moving her down between his legs, “When you’re right here.”