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Wedding Date

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Alastor and Angel Dust reappeared in the hidden penthouse suite on top of the 'net station in a whisper of static and shadow.  One entire floor as a giant room inaccessible to conventional means, walls made entirely of windows that were cleverly spelled to look like plain brickwork from the outside, giving the couple a 360 view of Pentagram City with no one the wiser.

It was furnished with a different means in each corner; a simple bedroom in one, an open-air bathroom in another, a lounge and minibar on the far end, leaving an enormous amount of center space in the middle.  

And in the middle where they appeared, was a box resting on the floor, a note on top reading, "With Highest Regards, Your Wedding Party".  

Alastor smiled at the note.  "Such efficient work," he remarked.  "Truly, an honor to be a part of such a family."

"Yeah, well...Pops mentioned you'd have made out well with us, life or death," Angel replied, running his hand over the box before reaching up to stroke Alastor's face, thumbing at a trickle of hunger-induced saliva.  "First things first, mio marito."  He withdrew his hand, reaching back to unclasp his halter and shimmy out of his dress, having foregone any form of undergarments or stockings to make this as simple as possible.

Alastor made quick work of his own clothing with a snap of his fingers, long since having lost any form of conservation about his bare body by this point.  After Angel had removed his gloves and his decorative hair comb, the two knelt down on the floor, opening the box together.

Inside were four hearts, each belonging to an overlord or demi-lord that had been taken out earlier, carefully and perfectly packaged away for them.  Two for each, two for the higher powers they called on in sacrifice.  Alastor's hunger siphoned through their bond, mingling almost torturously with Angel's masochistic delight as he cut into his hands with his claws, summoning his microphone and thrusting it into the floor to open the way in giving his offerings and receiving his blessings.

Angel could only quiver with the thrill of being made privy to this once more, in the same reconstructed room it happened before, only happy to be a part of this instead of a guest.  It wasn't gluttony he was offering the hearts to, however; he was offering his own sin.  His lust.  To tame it, to unleash it, to pacify and weaponize it as he wished.  And to his family, to strengthen them and their ties that bind.

The two overlords looked at one another, eyes aglow and smiles hungry to begin and to share the wealth of their blessings through their bond.  Angel reached up to stroke Alastor's face again, his claws lightly tracing over the sharp jawline.

"Show me."

Even now, Alastor didn't really see Angel's appeal in his true form, how the male embodiment of beauty could find a monstrous creature like him so attractive.  Alastor wasn't in the vein of vanity, he simply knew how to dress to impress, but it was something amusing that Angel's beauty could find his absolute repulsiveness of a form intriguing.  Beautiful, even.  

Eye of the beholder, it seemed.  

Alastor could only comply with his mate's wishes, already expanding his body and extending his antlers, bones crunching and snapping as they reformed into their natural state.  He was at his best, his most powerful, and his most open for his powers that be to grant him blessings or smite him with curses.  Where his gluttony and beastly instincts of his given attributes were down to the baseline, making him feel more agonized, more comfortable than ever.

He generally had two distinct mindsets here; the gluttony of the wendigo-like deer beast of his soul, and the call of being a servant to his Loa, two things that he was grateful overlapped.  He even felt it the last time he was here with Angel, one side being given permission to share an offering with the spider, while the other could only think of scenting Angel as his doe, to mark this one as his possession.

With this bond now, he felt a third.  His doe's lust was almost as mouthwatering as the hearts in the box, almost putting him on all fours with how weak in the limbs it made him.  Incredible.  But that could come shortly.  Business first, then pleasure.

As he withdrew two of the hearts of his own, he left Angel in silence to do his own business, seeing the spider close his primary eyes and lift the two hearts out of the box, one in his second pair of hands, the other in his third.

Angel lifted the first heart to his lips, baring his fangs and biting into it, his venom turning it a dark purple color.  'For you, Arachne, bless my family and give them strength.'  He bit into it again, eating it by the mouthful until it was gone and then lifting the other heart.  'For you, Eros, give me beauty and strength to slaughter my enemies and satisfy my love.'  The swell of tightness in his body made eating the heart more difficult, but he swallowed it down, every solid piece of it.

It was like hitting the greatest ten highs of his life and afterlife all at once, like his body was reforming itself from the inside out again.  He'd only been semiconscious when he had molted that first time, but now being fully aware of it made it SO much better.  His insides and bones shifted under his skin before he felt almost suffocated, reaching up with all three sets of hands to tear his claws into his abdomen and rip his skin open.

Alastor let out a guttural growl at the smell of flesh and blood, unable to contain himself from leaning in and biting at the molt skin as it came off, tearing off chunks to swallow while Angel pulled himself out of it bit by bit.

It wasn't that much of a difference as far as size or color went, but Alastor found himself ignoring the molt and instead licking over Angel's blood-coated fur, the scent the spider was emitting being the most delicious thing he'd ever smelled.  It was like Angel's incubus aura became tangible enough to feel as well as smell, almost strong enough to TASTE, though Alastor wanted to figure that part out as soon as he could, if only to devour it for himself.

Alastor's teeth tore at any molt he found covering the scent and taste he was hungering for, feeling Angel's many hands pet his fur, claw into his scalp, antlers, and skin.  He growled louder, nosing himself between Angel's legs onto to give pause at the sudden change in what he was actually used to.  He looked up, seeing Angel grinning down at him mischievously with a smile that looked wider than usual.

"Go on, Al," he chittered, his smile splitting his face at the cheeks, a sharp hint of mandibles peering from his cheekbones.  "Somethin' new for ya t' try."

Alastor gave a snort.  'Incubi,' he thought with a mental eyeroll, hearing Angel laugh as the other heard -and felt- his thoughts on the matter, though the buck in him was inwardly crowing as he lowered his head again, parting his jaws to slither his tongue out and drag it over the newly-formed slit between Angel's legs.  He should have figured that Angel's incubus status would evolve to make him hermaphroditic.  This would make for an interesting experience, anyway.

Angel's claws pierced his skin, loud delighted moaning echoing through the penthouse as Alastor found his face shoved between Angel's legs almost demandingly.  "Wasn't it just th' thing, Al?" Angel laughed, squirming around, thighs shaking on either side of Alastor's head.  "Me, wearin' white on my weddin' day, an' now I got somethin' new for ya t' break in?"

"C͢rude̵," Alastor growled back, wrapping his claws around Angel's legs and pulling them out from under the spider, sending Angel onto his back with a thud with a yelp.

"Ass," Angel laughed, then let out a loud squeak when Alastor all but shoved his tongue into him.  "FUCK, AL -!"  His hips shook hard as he thrashed, his claws making marks in the floor and drawing blood on Alastor's scalp.

"You͏ ̕wa͠nt҉ a ̶de҉f̴lo͟weri͞ng, my s͢wee͟t ͟ange̢ a̧r͟aignée?" Alastor growled, his voice glitching from excitement and near-surrender to his buck's calling.  "The͝n ̕I̢ ̴w͏il͠l̕ ͏g̸ive yo͘u ͜o̸n͏e̵."  He withdrew his tongue before standing to his full height, looking down to get a perfect view of the spider beneath him, the full spectrum of his and Angel's vices rippling through their bond in an almost painful, delightful thrum.  Seeing Angel squirming and mewling needily, seeing that he had put an incubus in that state was quite the boost to his ego as the Radio Demon, but to the buck, he was screaming to breed his doe.

Angel mewled louder, all six arms reaching out for Alastor, who knelt down on the floor and allowed the spider to cling to him.  Angel pressed kisses over his face and bared teeth before leaning back, his own jaws opening to split his smile again, sharp mandibles unfurling and clicking invitingly.  Alastor felt Angel's mandibles unfurl further to latch to the sides of his own smile, pinning their mouths together in a kiss that was more tooth than anything.  

Alastor slithered his tongue from between his teeth again, feeling out the interesting mandibular additions to Angel's mouth as he felt Angel's third set of hands slide between them, stroking Alastor almost teasingly slow.  Alastor growled, his claws piercing Angel's thighs as he thrust his hips forward and was rewarded with a clicking scream from his mate, three full sets of hands tearing into his flesh and fur.

As delightful a romantic first time as a married couple would be, there was no time for that as gluttony and lust took them both over completely.  Claws tore into flesh and fur, teeth gnashed and bit, blood from both melded into an almost poisonous miscible pool beneath them as Alastor attempted to pin down the eight-limbed creature that was fighting his every move trying to get the dominant upper hand.  

Alastor's growling hit a ground-shaking pitch, slamming a palm into a puddle of his own blood and calling up his eldritch magic to form tendrils of blood and shadow up to snap around Angel's arms and pin them back to the floor.  Angel shrieked at him, equal parts delighted and enraged at his advantage of multiple limbs had been thwarted, thrashing back on the floor as Alastor enjoyed the newfound freedom to nuzzle and bite over Angel's chest, breathing in the aphrodisiac scent as he worked his hips harder, intending to finally breed his doe completely.

Angel pulled at the tendrils restraining him, all six arms straining to be free to cling to his mate and just TOUCH.  To press hold Alastor's face in his chest, to pull him closer and draw blood and make the buck SCREAM.  Being restrained from doing so only held off the orgasm he was chasing, making him even more desperate to get free.  He crossed his legs around Alastor's hips and pulled the buck closer, unearthing more of his own incubus aura in a bid to break Alastor's hold on him.

It worked just enough for Alastor to break his concentration, but it only drove the deer's lust deeper in and Angel suddenly found himself face-down in the pool of his and Alastor's blood with Alastor rutting into him almost savagely.  Angel pushed back to him, completely beyond human language or general sense of anything besides hungering for his mate's orgasm and his own.  He reached back blindly, screeching needily for his mate to be closer and was immediately pacified with Alastor's body pressing against his back, arms tucking under Angel's body between the second and third sets of arms for leverage.

The desired closeness was what did the trick, Angel clutching at Alastor's arms with his second pair, his third reaching back to claw at the deer's hips while the primaries lifted to hold Alastor fully in place by the antlers, arching his hips back just so Alastor hit at his newly-formed g-spot.  His claws tore fresh gashes into Alastor's flesh and left marks in the antlers as he came, his loud click-laced scream almost shaking the penthouse windows.

Alastor tightened his arms around Angel's body, biting down hard on the spider's shoulder and almost taking off the whole mouthful as he came right after.  He almost crushed Angel to the floor as his hold went slack, Angel managing to let to with one of his secondary arms and brace them both up on the bloody floor, the two demons panting and huffing as aftershocks shook through them for several long moments, both in their bodies and their bond.

After a few minutes, Alastor slacked his crushing hold on Angel's body and pulled out only for Angel to whip around and push him to his back, the spider looming over him with his fur markings and irises glowing venomously, the incubus aura almost suffocating.

"I hope you don't think we're done here, cervo," he hissed, his smile splitting and mandibles unfurling again as two pairs of hands pinned Alastor's arms down, his third busying themselves between both their legs.  "My turn."


Angel lazily stared out the window in front of him, more than comfortable in the soft bed after a thorough bathing with Alastor spooning him quietly from behind.  He didn't know how many hours they'd been at it until they were both satisfied; it had to have been a day at LEAST before it came into their minds that they should probably wash before they became more blood than flesh.  That alone took a few hours, with Angel initiating sex twice more before they finally achieved a satisfactory level of cleanliness to crawl into bed for some much-needed rest.

Neither of them even knew what time it was, and neither cared to find out.  All that really mattered at the moment was enjoying each others' closeness in the calm before the storm on the far horizon.

"...izzit wrong to wanna just stay right here?" Angel murmured with a heavy sigh.  

"Not at all, sha," Alastor replied, sounding just as blissfully sleepy as Angel felt.  "Though, I'd blame tha' on th' post-coital fatigue."

Angel snorted.  "You WOULD think that, wouldn't ya?" he said with a smile.  "It was hard enough t' get back into th' swing o' things after that first vacation."

"Hardly a vacation," Alastor said, amused.  "I worked hard satisfyin' ya.  Almost got a cramp too."

"Oh poor you," Angel cooed, patting Alastor's hand.  "You had it so rough gettin' your world rocked."

Alastor rolled his eyes.  "Yes, ninety-six years celibacy streak ended by tryin' t' satisfy a goddamn incubus.  Not exactly a walk in th' park, sha."

Angel giggled.  "I'm just messin' with ya, Al," he said, turning in Alastor's hold to face him.  "Really.  You've done so much, stayin' on my level with things.  I feel like I should be bringin' ya home more dinner, offerin' myself up more -"

"Shush," Alastor said.  "Y' do 'nough, mon ange.  'Specially now wit' th' bond.  Our bond."  He leaned in, kissing Angel's cheek.  "No one else I'd rather spend eternity wit' than you.  No one else I'd rather be wit'.  Eat wit'.  Make love to.  Share all I have, all I am wit'.  Tha's why we did this, oui?"

Angel nodded, closing his eyes and snuggling closer.  "Si," he answered.  " one else I'd rather be with either, mio cervo."

"...silly pun."

"I'll change it when ya change th' name of th' goddamn tower."

"Seigneur aide moi, you never gon' let tha' go, are ya?"

"No."  He kissed Alastor's head.  "I guess I'll hafta just convince ya harder then."

"Dear, we JUST got clean."

"Don't pretend you don't love it."  He rolled Alastor onto his back, straddling his hips.  "Tell ya what.  You satisfy MY needs..."  He trailed a sharp claw over his abdomen teasingly.  "And I'll treat ya to dinner."

Alastor eyeing his torso as though imagining the smorgasbord within gave Angel all the answer he needed.