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Bernie gazes at Serena’s body as if studying the most beautiful painting in the world and then lowers herself on top of the brunette. Serena gasps into a groan as she feels another first: the melding soft strength of two women naked together. “Dear God, what.have.I.missed all these years,” she wonders aloud then hears Bernie’s rich chuckle vibrate and raise goosebumps along her neck.

“It’s so bloody marvelous, isn’t it?” Bernie agrees. Supporting herself on sinewy arms, she begins to move against Serena, gently nudges her legs apart to slide a strong thigh in between. Within seconds, Bernie’s leg bears the warm, slick evidence of Serena’s pleasure. “Oh, you’re so wet, S’rena,” the retired major growls approvingly.

“Have been since the shower,” Serena notes in between gasps as Bernie’s thigh glides from slit to clit again and again. Then, she groans deeply as Bernie’s lips tease her left breast, tongue flickering as the blonde’s front teeth lightly hold the nipple still. Ah, so this is how it’s don—bloody hell, Serena thinks, I could come from this alone, as sensation overrides higher brain function.

Then Bernie begins to suckle on the erect nipple, the whimpers emanating from the trauma surgeon’s throat like nothing Serena could imagine. She’s heard the BMAM bark out orders, plead with patient’s to accept life-saving procedures, confidently coach F1s, even laugh like a weird animal hybrid. Never had she expected to hear Aroused Bernie Wolfe, and she’s loving it. The mewing, groans, gasps…Serena swears she could record Berenice Wolfe’s bedroom sounds and sell it as a mind-blowing aphrodisiac for lesbians everywhere. But it’s here for her and her alone.

Bernie adores Serena’s breasts. She bathes them with the flat of her tongue, cuddles them with pursed lips, worships them with tongue and teeth. First the left, then the ever-so-slightly smaller right. Dips into Serena’s arousal and lovingly circles the brunette’s taut nipples with it. Licks off every millimeter. Could and promises herself she will devote whole evenings to the alter that is Serena Campbell’s magnificent breasts. But she feels Serena begin to squirm beneath her, angling her sex for more attention.

“Steady on, tiger,” she informs the brunette. “I’m getting there.” Bernie’s right hand moves down to brush against Serena’s naturally thick bush and travels lower still, out of Serena’s line of vision.

Suddenly, her clit feels like it’s shooting sparks: Bernie’s deftly thumbing it whilst her first two fingers pause outside Serena’s vaginal opening. (No awkward fumbling like Robbie or Edward.)

“You ok with this, S’rena,” Bernie needs to know. Wants to hear her say it. Needs to. Serena is momentarily unable to speak, her eyes glassy, lips parted, chest flushed and heaving.

“Do you want me to fuck you now, S’rena,” Bernie tries again. “Tell me.”

Serena swallows hard and stares into Bernie’s hazel eyes. “God yes. Fuck me, Bernie. Fuck me!”

“It’ll be my pleasure,” Bernie responds verbally, smiling, while her fingers slide into Serena’s wet channel. The brunette’s vagina welcomes her with a squeeze, her hips rise up to encourage those long digits even deeper within. Bernie thrusts deeply, grunting with the effort. She adds a third finger to stretch Serena a bit more, loving the moan of approval she receives. She revels in the expression on Serena’s face—wonder, arousal, need—and in the sounds she makes as she nears her climax. What a marvel and privilege, Bernie thinks, to see the strong, articulate, beautiful Serena Campbell like this.

As her senses experience the rapid approach of Serena’s orgasm, Bernie curls her finger tips into the fleshy, engorged G-spot tucked against the front vaginal wall.
Her timing is perfect. With a guttural groan and then shouted “Bernie!”, Serena Campbell comes. Gloriously. Stunningly. Gushingly. Completely, as never before.

Serena Wendy Campbell is absolutely undone.