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Bernie’s eyes, half closed, now open wide. Her lips part. Close. Part again.

Berenice G. Wolfe has answered a lot of questions in her lifetime. No one has ever asked her this.

Although deeply grounded in science, Bernie also relies on her instincts. Her gut. And it’s telling her “You will be with this amazing woman for a long, long time. You can trust her. You can indulge her.”

Bernie takes a deep breath. “Well, I…there are several things, ways, things I like…” She stops, realizing words aren’t needed, this is a time for action.
She motions for Serena to lie down to the right of her. Serena’s hand starts moving toward Bernie’s crotch but Bernie stills it, places it on her own tummy. Gives an “I’ll show you” nod. Moves her own hand to her groin, swirling her index and ring fingers in her own moisture, covering her clitoral hood with the light dew. Closes her eyes to concentrate, to give the timid part of herself the illusion of privacy.

She strokes up and down, between vagina and clit, lingering longer at the clit with each pass. Her left hand begins to play with her right breast, teasing the nipple with a nipping motion. Serena reaches across the supine moaning figure to do the same to Bernie’s left breast. Serena is mesmerizes as she sees the flush rise on Bernie’s chest, hears her breath quicken, smells the lingering hints of coffee, orange, her own scent on Bernie’s lips…What a gift she is giving me, Serena thinks. She knows how stoic the former Army major is, how shy at times.

Bernie’s hips rock. She grunts with each pull of her fingertips at her clit. Nearly there…Almost…and then she is. “S’rena,” she manages through more soft groans. Her fingers swirl to catch every wave that crashes over her.

Serena watches, like someone seeing fireworks for the first time, recording to memory the magnificent sights, sounds and smells of Berenice Wolfe unraveling. She reaches between Bernie’s splayed legs, pausing at her vaginal opening. “May I?” she asks.

Bernie nods. “Fuck me, S’rena!” And with deep thrusts, Serena Campbell does just that. Gives Bernie her second orgasm of the night. Wants to keep going but Bernie eases her motion. Ah, too much for right now, Serena gets it. She scoots back up the bed to cradle a now-thoroughly-spent Bernie in her arms, planting sweet kisses along her damp hairline. Bernie groans, snuggles even closer, wraps her arms around Serena.

“You’re a quick study, Campbell. Thank you,” she murmurs. And then, “Never bring your soap to the showers” she mumbles before drifting off to a light doze.