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Serena sips her wine as she takes in what Bernie’s saying. A mere few hours ago, she’d have been happy with a few drinks at Albie’s with Berenice Wolfe. Planning to sneak a peek at those slim, wide lips as they cozy up to a glass of single-malt, hope for a good-night hug, tuck away that outrageous laugh and the shy, behind-fringe smile in her mind to pull out for a rainy-day pick-me-up.

Now…now they’re discussing a full-on relationship. She runs her hand through her short brunette hair, smiles. Is surprised to feel the calm stillness within her, an undercurrent not of fear but excitement, happy excitement for things to come. She wants this woman, this strong, steadfast, courageous, bloody gorgeous woman, in her life, her bedroom, her heart.

Meanwhile, in the plush en-suite, Bernie takes in the huge walk-in shower with raindrop heads, the separate tub with jacuzzi jets, dotted with partial melted candles. Someone loves her creature comforts as well as her coffee and Shiraz, Bernie thinks, filing away possible gifts for her girlfriend—girlfriend?! The big macho Army medic smirks with pride, hmmphs to herself. Girlfriend. I have a girlfriend! A bloody brilliant, witty, beautiful girlfriend. Serena Campbell.

She washes her hands, splashes water over her face. Did I push Serena too far? Too far too quickly? Blimey, we were only going for drinks to Albie’s and I was admiring her ankles…
Steady on, Wolfe. Serena said she wants to have a relationship with you. Everything else is negotiable. Can be taken one step at a time. She dries her face, her hands. Brings her right hand to her nose, feels a rush of heat as she can still smell Serena Campbell’s musky sweetness. Smiles to herself and opens the door. Inhales sharply as she sees Serena standing right in front of her.

“S’rena?” Bernie asks, anxiety suddenly washing away her confidence, chilling her.

Serena looks up at the trauma surgeon, looks into the eyes that woke her up those months ago in the car park. She smiles.

“Bernie. I don’t want to keep our undeniable sexual chemistry confined to the operating theater. I don’t want to hide what I feel for you, have felt for you for months (though I missed all the symptoms). I want to be with you and don’t care a bloody fig who knows or what they think.” With that, she grabs the happily stunned blonde by the neck and pulls her into a passionate kiss.

Bernie’s heart leaps, her spirit soars…her groin heats up again. She turns them so she has the brunette backed up against the wall. Rubs them together, slowly, fervently. Bites down on the freckled nape of Serena’s neck and suckles, leaving a small souvenir of their first night as a couple. Serena moans with delight. Bernie growls and playfully nips at her earlobe, licks the tender flesh she’s just marked.

“I think,” Bernie says in that husky tone that already melts her girlfriend, mouth up against Serena’s ear, “I want to make love to you right now. I’m going worship every inch of you…starting at your feet…and ankles…”

“Only if you let me do the same, Major,” Serena leads the way back to bed, back to their future.