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babies playtime

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“mhmm” a fragile and quiet whimper can be heard as chan walks past donghun’s room. chan freezes and notices the door not being closed. he steps closer putting his ear against the tiny gap. heavy breaths and soft whines fill the room. donghun is “busy”, chan can clearly tell. chan pokes his head through to hopefully see. he slowly opens the door a little more to the sight of donghun standing in front of his closets mirror, fully naked and soaking wet from the shower he just took one finger up his own ass. he watches as donghun inserts another finger and his eyes shut. “h-hng” donghun moans as he starts moving his fingers slowly. he grabs a silver metal ring and pulls it over his dick. donghun wraps his big hands around his dick and starts stroking it slowly. chan figured it would be the best time to walk in since donghun was in his zone eyes closed again. he quietly makes his way to stand right in front of donghun. the olders eyes still closed as he picks up his pace. every thrust on his own dick gets followed by a pretty moan. but chan has had enough.
“needy little slut” he raises his voice as he slaps donghuns hand on his own dick hurting huns burning red tip too. donghun screams out in pain as his eyes open wide and he pulls out his fingers leaving his ass empty and waiting for more. “is that what you like to do when i’m not around? filling your own needy hole as if you haven’t been fucked yesterday?” chan asks. donghun still in shock just keeps glaring at the younger boy in front of him. “why don’t you use your filthy mouth to answer me, hun?” chan asks again mustering donghun. donghun feels every inch of his body burning and trembling. unable to get any sound out of his mouth he just nods. “if that’s what you like then continue, i figured you don’t need me for that” chan cockily turns away "come on use your own fingers" he adds and leaves. hun doesn’t know what’s happening, he can’t process any of it but his hand just reaches after chan and he grabs his wrist tightly. “what?” chan asks? silence. “n-need you” donghuns eyes start watering and shaking as he looks at chans.
“then why’d you moan so prettily touching yourself?” chan pushes donghun against the wall. donghun felt so small being pushed around by the youngest, he couldn’t help but cry. “talk” chan angrily says as he roughly grabs donghuns jaw and forces the older to look him in the eyes. their faces are so close to one another donghun could feel chans calm breaths against his skin. “m sorry” hun chokes on his tears. “you should be” chan loosens the hold on donghuns jaw a little. chan turns away again. but donghun grabs his wrist once more. “don’t leave” donghun whines. “it would be better for you if i’d just leave” chan quietly speaks. he fails to free his hand from donghuns. “you really want me to stay, huh?” chan asks. donghun nods eyes glowing and a smile forming on his lips. “you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into” chan notices donghuns hold getting looser so he swings his hand around and squeezes donghuns wrist tightly. “needy lil slut” chan whispers into huns ear followed by sharp teeth biting and pulling on huns earlobe biting down to his neck leaving marks all over it. once again hun feels so small. the youngest putting the oldest in place like that. he cannot help but cry. “god you’re such a weakling” chan laughs as he pushes donghun on the bed. “such a fragile lil slut” chan keeps giggling.

at this point donghuns crying turns into heavy sobbing. weirdly enough though, he enjoys that. “what do you want me to do to you?” chan quietly and softly asks. hun pouts as he keeps choking on his tears unable to speak up. “f-fill me” he manages to say. as soon as he spoke out chans flat hand hits his cheek. “you really think you’re getting what you ask for?” chan makes his way on top of hun still fully clothed. sitting down pressing his jeans against donghuns hard dick. “h-hurts” donghun cries out wanting to grab chans waist. instead chan pins down his hands and presses harder against donghuns crotch. “good” the younger says “it’s a punishment, hun”. “AAAH” donghun screams out "h-hurts so good". chan smirking. he does nothing but press his jeans against donghuns crotch and donghun is crying, shaking and screaming already. “shut your mouth i didn’t close the door” chan pushes three fingers into donghuns mouth. donghuns eyes open wide in shock yet he likes the thought of being heard crying out so prettily for the youngest.
donghun wants to speak up but he can’t. chans long fingers in his mouth keep him quiet. donghun closes his mouth and bites them. chan immediately pulls them out slapping him once more. “needy slut” chan hits donghuns face a second time “so impatient” chan lets his hips move over donghuns crotch. donghun is just too painfully hard. the degrading words echoing in his head make it even worse. the thick material of the jeans feel so good on his sensitive dick, it burns and hurts so good. hun never felt something like that before. he keeps crying out unable to control himself he cums just like that. unnoticed. chan pressing his jeans against donghuns dick still that’s now trembling in cum. donghun chokes on moans and cries as chan picks up the pace. “don’t you dare come from that” chan demands.
donghuns face drops yet he smirks while his eyes go shut and he comes a second time already. chan let’s go of donghuns hands and wraps them around donghuns neck. he sees donghun totally zoned out. “you came already, didn’t you?” chan asked. donghun didn’t even notice the question as tears kept streaming down his face. “want me to take a look” chan raises his voice. only broken cries and moans leave donghuns mouth. chan lifts his body off donghun to see the mess he made. chan tightens the hold on huns neck and the older finally looks him in the eyes again. “came twice for you” donghun proudly smiles. “pathetic slut, you only think about yourself. you can’t even hold it in for me” chan chokes donghun as he connects their lips. instead of pressing their lips together chan sinks his teeth into huns lips biting and sucking pretty moans out of hun. donghuns hands wander underneath chans shirt grabbing his wrist tightly wanting to pull the younger in closer. “keep your hands to yourself” chan demands. donghun unable to get control over his hands let’s them wander to chans chest, stroking over his nipples and squeezing the skin around them tightly. “hhng” chan holds in a whimper. the oldest being an absolute mess underneath him, crying out so prettily for him makes him feel so proud. and nothing turns chan on more than the feeling of pride. chan has noticed a shadow walking up to them so he turned his head slightly to make eye contact with a half naked byeongkwan. chan smirks at him signalizing him to come join.
“get his hands” chan says. donghun snaps out of his zone. who is chan talking to? he thinks looking around the room to see byeongkwan standing next to him reaching for his arms and pulling them away from chans chest. byeongkwan leans down on hun and kisses the tears on his cheeks. “i didn’t know you could cry so prettily” kwan says “the oldest crying for the youngest like that” he ads. donghun had his hand all over kwan now who’s finally connecting their lips letting their tongues play. chan stepped back to finally get undressed. he was painfully hard too and completely ready to wreck donghun even more. busy playing with kwans tongue the oldest didn’t notice chan leaving the bed for a few seconds. he pulled down kwans shirts and stroke over kwans tip gently. until chan came back climbing on the bed. fully naked and lubed up. kwan suddenly pulls away from hun waking over to chan. “such a pretty baby” chan says mustering hun laying on his back shaking. “all ours” kwan smirks. “p-please” hun whimpers at the sight of chan and kwan kneeling on the end of the bed. lifting his ass up signalizing what he wants. huns tongue hanging out of his mouth a little, drool on his chin as he stares at the younger boys.
chan finally making a move to tie huns wrists together behind his own head. “so pretty for us” he says as he lets his hand wander all over huns body. “look at you drooling for us” kwan says as he climbs over to fill huns mouth with his dick. kwan starting to fuck huns mouth. chan watches for a bit enjoying the moans and whimpers from both of them. he caresses every inch of donghuns body before returning to huns leaking dick. “hold it in for once, little slut” chan slaps huns balls. a loud scream mixed of pain and pleasure filling the room. the vibrations of huns mouth and throat take kwan over the edge and he cums filling donghuns mouth. “swallow” kwan demands as he pulls out. who is donghun to disobey? he swallows every drop of cum and then proceeds to lick kwan clean again. “so you listen to kwan but not to me?” chan builds up anger again and tightens his grip on donghuns waist. “make me” hun says. “yes i will, don’t worry about that” chan pushes his tip into donghuns sensitive hole. “you should be stretched open from earlier, huh?” chan says and pushes his dick in all at once. hun underneath him shakes and screams, tears streaming down his face again. “you know exactly where this is going” chan says. donghun nods and kwan sits down next to donghun squeezing his nipples and watching his face up close.
“safe word?” chan asks. “no” hun says. “say it, i need to know you still remember it” chan says. “red” hun says. chan nods “good puppy” he praises him spreading huns legs even more holding them in place. “color?” he asks. “green” hun says. and with that chan starts thrusting into hun roughly. he goes fast and he goes deep. he doesn’t hold back. kwan holds huns upper body in place and kisses huns tears away as chan releases all his energy into hun. the room is filled with skin slapping onto each other, moans, cries and screams of pleasure and pain. it only takes a few more seconds for hun to get close “c-cum” he whimpers “please.....l-let me” he manages to add. “be a good pup” chan says and pulls out grabbing huns twitching dick stroking it slowly. “come here kwanie” chan says. “ride him” chan says. kwan gets on top of hun and sinks onto his dick. “s-so tight” “hnng” “so good” hun babbles as kwan bounces up and down on his crotch. “fill him up, hun” chan commands. a few seconds later kwan pulls away his hole leaking with cum, collapsing next to donghun.
chan and kwan look at each other for a split second and know exactly what they want next. kwan pulls hun on top of him his back facing kwans face. “color” kwan says as he places his tip on huns hole. “orange” hun says. chan looks at hun worried “what do you need?” he asks. “you” hun says smirking at chan his entire face glowing. chan scoots closer and places his tip next to kwans on huns entrance as well. “green” hun says and throws his head back nuzzling against kwans neck as they both push into him at the same time.
“such a good puppy” kwan says as he noticed hun taking both their dicks without crying out once. “the best puppy for us” chan added “and so tight”. hun is filled up. finally. unable to say a word he lifts his crotch up a little so it’ll allow kwan underneath him to move. the younger two understand his signal and start moving slowly. within seconds hun is a moaning and screaming mess. his hands still tied together he cannot touch himself. kwans hands pressing against his chest to keep his upper body in place. chans hands keep his legs spread widely as they both thrust slowly into hun. the room is filled with moans and screams once more. it’s like music to chans ears. it makes him feel so powerful and proud of himself. “f-fuck” hun cusses in between moans as the others keep thrusting into him. “good puppies don’t curse” chan says going a little harder than kwan now. “m-m s-sorry” hun moans “f-feels too good” “s-so full” he starts babbling again. kwan sinking his teeth into the side of huns neck sucking and biting marks into the older ones skin. “y-you ready” chan growls. “mhm” the other two moan in response. “m close” chan says. thrusting the deepest into hun. kwan picks up his pace too before they cum into hun at the same time filling him up. hun comes all over himself tears streaming down his face once more.
kwan immediately pulls out. huns stretched out hole leaking with cum. chan can’t help but slowly and gently thrust into the older ones widened hole. it's too pretty to stop, chan thinks. donghun collapses onto kwan. both of them breathing heavily, hun biting his lips to keep his sobs to himself. chans eyes meet huns who is choking on a cry while breaking a soft smile. chan enjoys the pretty sight of a fucked out hun, cheeks glowing red, tears streaming down his face and cum all over his body. he cannot keep his hips still and keeps thrusting slowly into hun who doesn’t seem to mind. his face tells that he’s able to speak, he’s fully aware of chans movements as his body shakes in response to it. kwan just stays quietly underneath hun kissing huns cheeks and neck. chan slowly picks up a faster pace again. huns eyes roll to the back of his head. it hurts so much but it hurts so good. chan let’s go of his legs for a second only to grab byeongkwans hands and make kwan hold them for him. chan bends down to kiss huns lips “you’re doing amazing puppy, so well for me”. his body is weak and sore. he can't keep himself up anymore so he just falls onto hun. he connects their lips and wraps his hands around him rolling onto his back so they’re both off kwan. chan keeps hun close as he lays on top of him. not breaking their kisses chan unties donghuns wrists and guides the older ones hands towards his hips. he only now pulls away from the kiss looking hun in the eyes once more before thrusting deeper into hun again. hun is too sore to take it so he screams out the loudest he has ever screamed. after only a few seconds chan cums again filling the older one up once more moaning right into huns ear as the older screams out chans name. hun collapses onto chan “red, red” he mumbles before chan slowly pulls out and kisses huns tears away.
“d-did so well for you” hun proudly stutters between kisses and broken cries. “m so proud of you baby” chan whispers into his ear leaving shivers all over huns body. they didn’t notice kwan was gone until he came back with towels and a bottle of water. “clean up” he said “and get some water hun” he handed to opened bottle to his older friend. “d-did you have fun?” huns puppy eyes looked up to kwan taking the water and drinking tiny sips. kwan nods “was nice” he smiles “i didn’t know you cry this much” he softly laughs. hun looks away embarrassed only to meet chans soft gaze. “you’re pretty when you cry baby” chan smiles. donghun breaks a smile too “pretty for you” he says. hun hands the water bottle to chan and turns to kwan again “don’t tell sehni or junhee though” he says. kwan can’t help but laugh. “i’m sure they heard you” he hands hun a towel and kisses his forehead and helps him clean up.
once they all finished cleaning up and hun gained some strength they get dressed. “let’s have some food” kwan says. “let’s cuddle first” chan and hun say in unison and sink onto the bed again arms wrapped around each other giggling happily. huns head buried into chans chest. kwan leaves and chan places a soft kiss on his boyfriend forehead. “i love you” hun smiles. “i love you too” chan connects their lips...