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    Adelard had never planned to be a father. He had never even considered it before he actually became one. Then again, there were a lot of things in his life he had never actually planned on being until he became it. The most notable being him, by definition, becoming a monster hunter (though of course not a true Hunter as he tried his best to remain unaligned from the fears); but a father was the second role he gained in his life he had no prior plan on taking. When the situation came though and he saw her; eyes wide, inquisitive, and in need of someone who could take proper care of her, he couldn’t help but take her in. 

    When Adelard went to college, he met a young woman named Lucy Bublé. When she introduced herself, it was also the first time in Adelard’s life he was ever slapped by someone other than his parents. Looking back he’d think he deserved it, considering before he had even replied to her he started to laugh at her last name. Despite their rocky start, however, they soon formed an odd sort of bond Adelard would only form again in the 70s when he meets a woman named Gertrude Robinson.

    Lucy had owned a shop just down the street from the campus of Adelard’s college. Many of his after-class hours were spent in the shop. More of those hours than he’d intend were spent talking with the strange woman. She was much older than him; at least in her mid-thirties, though her wisdom said older. While Adelard did quite enjoy talking to her, as her conversations always held a spark of some knowledge Adelard couldn’t hope to gain, he was quite surprised when she gave him a small note with neat writing on it to come by the shop the following evening at closing time. 

Adelard debated not going for a time in his head, but he decided that it couldn’t have hurt to go. She might have just needed help with something and he didn’t want to strain a relationship that had no reason to crumble. Lucy did in fact need help, but not in the way he had ever imagined. By the time they were done with their deed it was nearly sunrise, but Adelard felt he had aged years. It was the first time he had ever helped to destroy a being of a Power.

Thus began Adelard’s role as an “exorcist of sorts”, and his dedication to stopping the Fears from hurting the world he held dear. Lucy taught him about all of the Powers and what to watch for to keep them out of the streets. He looked to Lucy as a sort of mentor, and years later he would suppose that that was ironic in a sense, considering she was the one who led him to become one himself.

Lucy had always been particularly interested in The Cult of the Lightless Flame. She never went into too many details about it and Adelard wasn’t going to ask, but from the things she did say and the sadness he sometimes saw in her tired eyes, he had a feeling The Desolation had taken something from her a long time ago. He spotted her walking towards the cemetery one day with a bouquet of flowers one day she hadn’t shown up to their regular meeting place. He didn’t ask. 

Because of her interest in The Cult, Lucy had heard about the recent fights breaking out between members before anything too big had happened. She had begun to track explosive accidents in areas she knew The Cult were, and deduced that they couldn’t have been anything more than outbursts because of the lack of any structure or pattern to them. She knew a storm was brewing, and she also knew that there was a very important person stuck in the middle of it.

It was 1957 when it happened. Adelard and Lucy snuck in without any notice in all the fiery commotion. Three people left. While escaping with her was a relatively easy feat, the days following were not. They had to flee immediately, and once The Cult realized who was missing, they were furious. Lucy had gotten in contact with some people who could forge government papers particularly well (and they were people Adelard would continue to contact for years to come), and soon they had reasonably believable documents for the child. Before they could even decide who was going to care for her permanently, however, the cult struck.

Lucy knew that The Cult wasn’t going to stop following them, especially since they had known it was her who took the child. Who else in the area hated The Cult as much as her? Adelard refused her plan of course, but his opinion didn’t matter to her. She made him leave, and Adelard started his long trek up the country to a contact Lucy knew before The Cult was even close. Lucy purposefully led them to her, and with her their tracks ended. Adelard would visit her grave every year until the day he died.

Without their child savior, the cult destroyed itself. Only a few members would even live through the fallout, and while future attempts were made to create a new cult of Desolation, The Cult of the Lightless Flame would never be again. And without the cult to run from, and without Lucy to guide, Adelard took it upon himself to adopt the little three year old he was now in guardianship of. 

His first child was named was Agnes Dekker.