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A Little Problem with Personal Space

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Daigo allowed himself to sink back further into the couch, groaning as Shinada shifted his weight on his lap, half-straddling him.

Shinada licked his lips slightly, leaning forward to start undoing Daigo’s shirt buttons, all too eager for the flesh underneath. He got to the top of his chest before Daigo grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss, sloppy and hard. Shinada moaned, lowering himself further onto Daigo’s body until he was fully laying on top of him.

“Fuck, you’re heavy,” Daigo growled, hands grabbing hold of Shinada’s asscheeks and giving a squeeze. He smirked as he gave a quick smack there. “I love it-“

Kaze no naifu de-

They both turned their heads at the sound of Daigo’s ringtone, as his phone vibrated across the nearby coffee table.

“Urgh. Who is it?”

“Uhh, Majima.”

Daigo rolled his eyes, reaching out for his phone, but Shinada frowned, slapping his wrist.

“Daigoooo, c’mon, you’re off the clock and we’ve already started.”

“Tatsuo, I’m sorry, I need to check, there must be a reason he’s calling. He’s out of town for a business opportunity right now.”

With some effort, he managed to lift Shinada enough to take his phone, hitting answer.
“Majima-san, this better be important.”

Shinada couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation, instead stood so Daigo could sit up properly, before slumping back down on the couch. Deliberately childish, he crossed his arms and let out a loud ‘HRMPH’ as he pouted. When he wasn’t met with instant attention, he did it again, louder, hitting his foot against his boyfriend’s ankle.

Daigo flashed an apologetic smile, reaching a hand over to rub Shinada’s middle as he continued to speak on the phone.

“No, I told you, no less than eight hundred.” A pause, where his expression changed to a scowl. “Majima-san, you of all people should be able to handle this. Three hundred is a rip-off, we are not working with that.”

Shinada tilted his head to the ceiling, sighing heavily. Great. Daigo could be at this for ages knowing him. Just when they were both getting in the mood.

He paused a second and glanced over. Daigo’s slacks were a little tighter around the front still, which made Shinada smirk. That smirk only grew as he came to a realisation.

He could still work with this. Just because Daigo was doing business didn’t mean they couldn’t play still.

He swung his legs up onto the couch and crawled a little closer. Daigo frowned for a second but barely paid much attention beyond that, too involved in arguing with Majima about numbers and stocks.

He certainly took notice when Shinada cupped his chest through his shirt, jolting on the spot slightly. He glared, but Shinada just smiled, undoing the remaining buttons around the chest and pushing either side of the shirt aside enough so the breast was peaking from the fabric.

Daigo looked away with flushed cheeks, but Shinada didn’t go for there, not at first anyway. Instead he shuffled a little behind him, starting to press delicate kisses up the neck and behind the ear.
Daigo shivered – it was one of his most sensitive areas, and Shinada was taking such care to be as gentle as possible, practically ghosting his lips over the skin.

“C-could to repeat that please Majima-san?” he said, managing to hide the slight crack of his voice.
He tried to use his free hand to shove Shinada away, but it wasn’t enough when he was also trying to focus on the phone call.

“Play with me,” Shinada purred in his ear, giving a slight nibble to the earlobe before licking along his jawline slightly, “Aren’t I more important than silly old work?”

Daigo scowled at him, mouthing the words ‘stop it’ as he shuffled away slightly.

“They signed on those conditions! Why would they go back on them now?”

Shinada huffed. Daigo sure was stubborn. Luckily, he was very persistent.

He crawled onto Daigo’s lap, trying to squish his cheeks between his fingers, but he was too quick, pulling his face away with a mouthed ‘piss off!’ this time.

Shinada decided to go back to focusing on his shirt, using all his strength to rip the remaining buttons from their holes. A few popped off in the process, falling to the floor, which got him another signature glare from Daigo. He just stuck his tongue out before grinning at his boyfriend’s bare torso.

“You do the world such a disservice hiding away your body in that suit all the time,” he said, leaning forward to whisper in Daigo’s ear again.

Disservice, the hell are you talking like that for?” Daigo muttered under his breath, before saying in a louder voice, “No, Majima-san, nothing. I was just doing some calculations out loud.”

Shinada held Daigo at the hips, pressing his thumbs down into his gut, still a little round after the years spent binge drinking in his youth. The slight pressure made Daigo blush, suddenly tensing and flexing his abs to show – exactly what he’d wanted. Shinada bit his bottom lip, tracing the lines of his stomach muscles with his finger.

“How’d I ever land a catch like you?”

At this, he grabbed both of Daigo’s pecs in his hands, grin turning goofy as he jiggled them ever so slightly. “Your tits are so nice Daigo-kun...”

Daigo made a slight choking sound, covering his mouth quickly. “M-mmmhm. The project manager sounds like the main issue here.”

Shinada rolled his eyes. This usually worked a treat, but Daigo was really playing hard to get. He’d just have to resort to more intense tactics.

He shuffled slightly, pushing Daigo just enough so he was tilted against the back of the couch. With that, he swiped his tongue over Daigo’s left breast, smirking at the shuddered breath it got him.

He did it again, teasing the areola before offering the gentlest, most delicate scraping of teeth.
Daigo responded to that at least, grabbing the back of his head, fingers tangling into his hair. He swallowed heavily then pressed Shinada back to his chest, holding him there. He didn’t look him in the eyes, but his breathing was getting a little shallow and excited.

Shinada could only oblige, taking Daigo’s nipple in his mouth and suckling it. He groped at his other breast, squeezing the plush flesh with a small excited huff.

Daigo still couldn’t look at him, eyes trained to the ceiling. His lips pursed so much they disappeared, face strained as he tried not to moan. Instead he let out a few small grunts, shifting on the seat cushion as he spread his thighs apart more.

Shinada’s hand drifted down, clasping Daigo’s crotch and letting out a small chuckle as he felt his dick pressing hard against the fabric. He pulled back, dribbling down his chin as he looked up at Daigo.

“Wish you gave milk,” he mumbled, wiping the drool away with the back of his hand, eyes heavily lidded, “That’d make me so happy…”

Daigo pulled a face, slamming the bottom of his palm into Shinada’s jaw to try and get him off, but he sat firm. If anything, he made a point of pushing himself down against Daigo’s bulge, rubbing himself against it.
Daigo’s nostrils flared at the motion, gritting his teeth and letting out a pained sigh. It wasn’t helped when Shinada sat up on his knees, going back to kissing his neck as his hands massaged his chest again, deliberately toying with the already sensitive nipple.

“W-we’re just going in circles here, Ma-Majima-san,” Daigo said, unable to resist reaching out and slipping his hands down the back of Shinada’s jeans, “Why do you even need my opinion, you kn-know I won’t back down.”

His nails dug into the plump flesh as he squeezed, slumping back against the couch as Shinada leaned heavier against him, kissing with more eagerness. He switched off completely as Majima spoke now, chewing his bottom lip and groaning a little.

Shinada swiped a tongue along the shape of his jawline, starting to undo Daigo’s pants, pulling the zipper slowly.

“Shall I suck you off now?” he whispered, pressing his forehead against Daigo’s, “Or do you wanna play a little more?”

Daigo swallowed heavily, rubbing Shinada’s backside as he smirked. “Oh, you know just how to keep daddy happy, don’t you Tatsuo? Such a good boy…”

“Am I interrupting you two or what?”

Majima’s voice startled him, though he kept in his current position. Shinada paused at the very least, now close enough to hear the other side of the call. His face went bright red, looking at Daigo with wide eyes, pulling a panicked face.

“Uh. What do you mean, Majima-san?” Daigo asked, his own face red too, trying to focus back on reality, having already started slipping into his more dominant persona.

“Thought you’d gotten yourself a puppy or something, all the whimpering I was hearing,” Majima said casually, before letting out a wicked giggle, “Then I remembered you already have one. Did I take your attention away from lil’ Shinada-chan and he got jealous?”

Daigo gulped, removing his hand from Shinada’s pants and coughing.

“M-Majima-san, please, that is hardly appropriate,” he said, suddenly aware of how sweaty his palm was, wiping it down on his shirt, “I am still your chairman, a-and we’re talking business right now, you should respect that dynamic-“

“Eh, whatever. I’ll leave ya be now boss. Thanks for your input, it was useful, honestly. Ain’t used to people talkin’ back to me like that, freaked me a bit. I’ll just have to be firmer...” He trailed off and chuckled again. Daigo could practically hear the smirk. “Like you need to be with your pup, huh? Go enjoy yourselves, don’t let me interrupt any more of your fun.”


But he’d hung up before he could get a proper scolding. Instead, Daigo placed his phone down, breathing heavily through his nose.

Shinada grimaced, crawling off his lap onto the couch, sitting on his knees and wringing his hands together. He managed a nervous chuckle, gently reaching out and touching Daigo’s arm.

“Daigo-kun? Are you mad?”

Daigo’s eyes narrowed, before he let out a snarl and pounced on Shinada, pinning him down. Shinada yelped, then started to squeal as Daigo dug his fingers under his ribs, squirming on the spot as he was tickled.

“You are a little shit,” Daigo growled, leaning in close to Shinada’s throat and giving a quick bite there, “An absolute brat.”

“Y-you enjoyed though!” Shinada said, managing to kick his knee into Daigo’s gut, pushing him off. He wrapped his arms around his sides, rubbing them slightly as he tried to catch his breath again. “ didn’t have to do that so hard...”

“Hm, I think I did.”

Daigo sat back, pulling off his shirt completely and flinging it behind him. He then crawled back to straddle Shinada’s stomach, licking his lips slowly as he cupped his cheek.

“Now then. I think someone needs to be taught a little lesson on how to behave properly when I’m working,” he purred, thumb brushing Shinada’s chin, scratching the stubble a little, “Then he’ll have to really make it up to me. Understand?”

Shinada gulped, but was still unable to stop himself from grinning as he pushed up on his elbows, giving Daigo a kiss.

“Mm! Anything for you.” He fell back and chuckled, cheeks going pink as he put a finger to his bottom lip. “Have I been a bad boy, Daigo?”

Daigo grinned, ruffling his hair before diving in for another kiss.

“Just the absolute worst.”