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Wasted (pitch perfect 3 continuation)

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"Congratulations!!" The girls swarmed around Beca as she finished her performance. The crowd was roaring and clapping, Beca felt overwhelmed. It was both a happy and a stressful moment. She was so proud of herself and her friends for blowing the crowd away, but her anxiety kept screaming at her to get off the stage ASAP.
"Becs! Where are you going?" Chloe shouted from behind her.
Beca ran her hands through her hair trying to think of an excuse. "It's your anxiety again isn't it?" Chloe could see right through her, but she didn't like to admit that. She wanted to keep the tough badass exterior up around everyone but Chloe has a way of bringing out the soft side of her.
It's nothing. Beca smiles trying to convince her friend. The crowd just got to me is all.
Chloe gave her friend a skeptical look and ushered her closer to her. "Come here Becs."
Beca hesitated before falling into the redhead's embrace. She breathed in her cinnamon spice scent and sighed happily, Chloe was her safe space and her rock.
"Chloe?" A familiar voiced called out. "Oh hey Chicago, what can i help you with?" She replied, releasing Beca from her arms. Beca decided to leave them be, knowing Chicago would probably be asking her friend out soon, and she knew she couldn't handle seeing her friend say yes to him.
"I was hoping you would accompany me on a date, say Saturday?" Chicago asked with a charming smile. Chloe didn't want to hurt the poor guy, but she also couldn't lead him on by saying yes. But would it really hurt if it was just one date?
"Chlo?" Chicago asked nervously.
"Yes, Chicago I would love to." Chloe answered. She knew it wouldn't lead to anything but she didn't see why it would hurt to pursue a friendship with him. She looked behind her expecting the brunette to still be by her side but was sad to find empty space in her former spot.
Chicago stepped closer to Chloe and before she could take in what was happening he kissed her. She was shocked and didn't know how to stop the kiss without hurting him. She pressed her hands lightly against his chest and offered a warm smile slowly putting a gap between them. "I'll pick you up Saturday at 7 Ms. Beale." He said sweetly and walked away. She smiled and nodded, still trying to collect her thoughts from the kiss. "How am i going to get out of this." She said quietly to herself.
She shook her head and walked back to her girls. "What was that about?" Aubrey asked with a sly smile. Chloe tried to brush it off but Aubrey never took "no" for an answer. "Chicago may or may not have asked me out on a date, and I may or may not have accepted." The girls handed money over to Aubrey hesitantly in front of a confused Chloe. "Oh, I totally called you guys getting together." Aubrey stated matter-of-factually. "We aren't “together” together, it’s just one date and I don't even know if I want to-"
"Amazing performance ladies!" DJ Khalid clapped his hands together as he approached the Bella's. The Bella's gave their thanks to him as he went on. "I'm sure I could get you as backup vocals on a few of Beca's songs. Speaking of which, where is my newfound star?" Khalid looked around unable to find Beca.
"Um, I think she went to talk to Theo." Fat Amy spoke up, knowing Beca was probably just cooling down from the performance. "Excellent, he should be explaining the next steps for her career, but please ladies find her. It's time to celebrate this, how you say it? "Aca-awesome night."
The girls laughed at Khalid's attempt to speak their lingo and set out to look for Beca.
"Becs? where are you?"
Chloe had returned to the last place she saw Beca, right before her encounter with Chicago. The gorgeous Citadel building suddenly became eerie as Chloe walked the halls alone searching for her best friend.
"Damn you idiot Beale." she cursed herself as she pulled out her phone to text Beca.
"Hey! where are you babe?"
A ringtone went off in distance. "There you are." Chloe said barely audible.
Beca had her hands laced through her hair as she sat against the wall. Her eyes were sullen and she looked as if she was about to cry. "Beca?"
The brunette looked up to her friend slowly. "I got overwhelmed, sorry I should have told you where I was going. I just didn't want to interrupt you and Chicago."
"Sweetie, you know you come first before anyone right? You are my best friend; no man could come before you."
Beca smiled. "thanks, Chlo, still I'm sorry I scared you."
"All is forgiven, now lets go party!"
"Oh yeah I forgot, you need your "Jiggle Juice"." Beca said with a laugh.
Chloe's POV
"Shut up." I lightly punched her on the shoulder. "Oh you are so dead." Beca said with a sly grin.
"Come here bitch." Beca called out to me chasing me down the dark corridor. I love the playful side of Beca, she only does it around me and it makes me feel special.
As short as she is she can really run. Beca practically tackles me taking us both to the ground with a thud.
I open my eyes to find her on top of me, her face inches away from mine. Fuck she is beautiful. She looks at me in a way that I can't read. OH MY GOD. did her eyes just flicker down to my lips. oh my god, oh my god, is she leaning in. Chloe pull yourself together.
Footsteps pull me out of my head and it seems to have done the same to Beca. "gotcha babe" she says half laughing and gets off of me.
"What the hell are you guys doing?" Aubrey says out of breath. I chuckle at my friend.
"Calm your tits Bree, I found the big BM."
Aubrey shakes her head at my nickname for Beca. "Just come on so we can get this party started weirdos." she walked ahead of us. I look over to Beca and she looks at me. She grins and then bursts out laughing, causing a contagious laughter from myself.
My mind can't help but wander back to just a few minutes before. Was she really about to kiss me? Did I imagine it? stop Chloe, get a hold of yourself. you just need a few drinks in your system, that's all.
"It's party time Aca-pitches." Fat Amy said loudly holding up two drinks. The Bella's laughed and started getting drinks of their own. Chloe went straight to the bar and ordered the strongest drink they served. She was staring into her drink in deep thought when she felt a familiar presence next to her.
"Coke and whiskey, neat please." Beca said taking a glance at her friend. "What's on your mind Chlo?" The bartender placed her drink on the counter pulling beca's attention momentarily.
"Everything is changing Becs, and I'm ready to move on to the next step life brings but I'm still so scared." Chloe said without taking her eyes off her drink. The girls shouting in the background over a game of beer pong caught their attention.
Beca chuckled lighting and downed her drink. "I know what you mean Chlo, I never would have thought this tour would lead me to being co-signed by freaking DJ Khalid. I'm terrified, what if I don't have an original voice?" She sighed heavily.
"Beca, you're the most talented woman I know. You're going to do great. Even though you've mixed other's songs, you created the beat to combine them into something better. That in itself is part of your voice Becs." Chloe looked into her friend's eyes. Beca smiled brightly at her friend's words. If anything Chlo believed in her. And that was enough for Beca to stay motivated.
"I'm proud of you Chloe, for getting accepted into Vet School. I think it's amazing that you're going to be saving animals." Beca said to fill the comfortable silence that had fallen between them. She didn't know if it was the sentiment of the night or the alcohol but Chloe found herself tearing up at Beca’s words.
"Thanks, Beca." She smiled and wrapped her arms around her friend. Beca's arms wrapped around Chloe's waist. She breathed in her perfect cinnamon spice scent, not wanting the moment to end. The hug went on longer than anyone would deem to be "just friendly" but who was there to interfere with the two. "How's the jiggle juice feeling Chlo?" The redhead laughed at the shorter girl's word choice. "Whatever he gave me, its feeling pretty good in my system." Beca rolled her eyes.
Of the two, Chloe was more daring in what she drank, despite the fact that she is a lightweight. After several more shots and a little too much vodka, the girls became drunk."
"I think I could start dancing." The redhead raised her eyebrows mischievously in Beca's direction. "No, no no no no." Beca shook her head while Chloe grabbed her hands and dragged her to the dance floor. "Come on! Let's live for the night Becs! I want to dance with my person." The last word lingered in Beca’s mind longer than it should have.
The pair started dancing together drawing attention from the other Bella's. Pretty soon they joined around them.
Emily and Aubrey were strangely all over each other as they danced. Fat Amy was doing her mermaid dancing skit. Flo kept doing backflips earning cheers from the other party goers. Ashley and Jessica were doing what can only be described as "drunk white girl dancing." Lily was hanging from the chandelier above all of them. And Cynthia rose found herself a cute girl across the room to talk to while the other ladies partied a little too hard.
Chloe wrapped her arms around Beca once more and pulled her close to her. Without thinking Beca started grinding herself against Chloe. The other Bella's cheered at the sight. Chloe in a daze from the brunettes’ sudden movements. Chloe brought her hand up to Beca's neck and brought her lips inches from Beca’s ear.
"Come with me." She whispered almost breathlessly. Beca barely had a chance to respond before Chloe tugged her along. "What are we d-d-doing." Beca slurred. Chloe laughed at the smaller girls tipsiness. "Trust me Becs."
She nodded and followed Chloe up the staircase. She pushed open the door leading to the roof. "How did you f-find this place." Beca asked. "Chicago was telling me about the views from the building, i wanted to see if it was all he talked it up to be." Chloe answered, oblivious to the way beca tensed up at the mention of his name.
Beca gasped lightly at the stunning sight before her. The thriving city paired up next to the beautiful countryside was breathtaking. Chloe took Beca's hand in hers. "It's beautiful." She whispered. Beca looked at Chloe, then back to the cityscape. "Yeah, she is."
Chloe heard Beca’s words, not sure of what she meant. "Beca...?" The brunette turned to face Chloe. They locked eyes, not saying a word. Beca absentmindedly bit her lip as she glanced down to Chloe's. The redhead didn't let this go noticed as she slowly leaned in. Beca mimicked her actions.
Inches away from one another lips, Beca's breathing had suddenly gotten deeper.
"Beca!" A familiar Australian accent jerked the girls out of their world.
Beca stepped back running her hands through her hair. Chloe looked down at the ground, not out of embarrassment but instead rage. "Every damn time." Chloe thought to herself, clenching her jaw.
"BM, Beale! Come back to the party, another round of beer pong, only this time Khalid is rewarding the winning team $10,000." Fat Amy approached them out of breath. "Fucking stairs, way too much cardio this weekend." Beca laughed at the blonde's complaints.
They all three joined the beer pong tournament. Try as they did, all of the Bella's were too drunk to aim well enough to actually score enough points. Evermoist ended up claiming the $10,000 prize. The night consisted of more dancing, more music, and way too much alcohol. Beca tried to avoid Chloe for the rest of the night, afraid to confront what had almost happened on the roof. "It was just the alcohol, she's clearly interested in Chicago, not you Mitchell."
The brunette shook her head trying not to overthink it. She stumbled to find a decent place to sit, her vision becoming more and more blurry. "Shit." She exclaimed when she tripped.
She felt two sets of hands helping her up, but the rest went dark.

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"Damn becs you really did it this time didn't you?" The stern voice of Aubrey rang through her ears as she started to wake up.

Aubrey was sitting in a chair adjacent to her bed. Why is Aubrey in my room? I know we're friends and all but-  "Wait. Where the hell are we?" Beca sat up a little too quickly, making her head spin. "Beca, be calm. You're in the hospital." Aubrey said carefully.

"The hospital?! What happened? Why am I here? Where's Chloe?"

Beca started rambling on with more questions before Aubrey could explain to her what happened. "Beca! Listen for a second okay?"

Aubrey said trying to keep her friend from panicking. "You hit your head really hard after you fell last night, not to mention the alcohol poisoning." Beca looked at her confused.

Aubrey waited for a response from the brunette. "Is it bad?" Beca asked after processing everything Aubrey said. "You're going to be fine, Chloe insisted—no—forced us to bring you to the hospital after you passed out. They opted to keep you overnight on fluids to push the alcohol out of your system."

Beca nodded her head understanding. She couldn't remember much of last night, except... "So where is Chloe now?" Beca asked shaking the memory away.

Aubrey smiled knowingly at her friend, it was obvious to all the Bellas that Beca and Chloe have toners for each other. "I convinced her to go home a few hours ago, she hadn't slept at all and I’m not even sure she’s asleep now to be honest.”

Beca knew Chloe would be worried sick about her. "Well Bree, lets get out of here so I can surprise her." Aubrey agreed with Beca, neither of them liked hospitals and quickly got Beca discharged.

On the car ride home, beca sighed heavily looking out the window. "What's on your mind Becs." Beca contemplated telling her the truth, but Aubrey could see right through lies. "You can't tell anyone this, okay?" Bree nodded her head.

"Me and Chlo almost kissed last night." Bree whipped her head in the brunette's direction. "WHAT?! How? When? What stopped you?"

Bree continued asking questions at a mile a minute. "We were on the roof, talking and we both just kinda leaned in naturally. But Amy interrupted us before anything could happen, and now I'm scared to confront her. Because she's straight."

Bree shook her head chuckling. "Beca, don't be offended but you are so dumb."


"You seriously can't see she's into you?" Bree was having trouble serving her serious looks while trying not to smile.

"I mean, yeah we're best friends and super close but she's straight. She was just drunk last night." Bree shook her head, getting annoyed.

"Let's just forget I said anything okay?"

"You're the one who brought it up BM"

The rest of the ride was in silence. Beca still had a headache from her hangover. The fluids from the hospital did help, but there was no true cure for a hangover. Just one of the many consequences of being drunk.

They pulled up to the hotel. Beca quickly exited the car hoping to avoid another conversation about her feelings.

She hurried up the steps and to the elevator, hitting floor 7. Her heart was beating rapidly. What's the deal Mitchell, she probably doesn't remember the k- incident. She's your friend, your best friend, don't mess this up.

Beca arrived at their hotel room, quietly entering so to not wake up the sleeping redhead. She sat down on her bed and pulled out her laptop. Netflix or Hulu.... Netflix for sure. Beca pulled up Riverdale to catch up on the latest episodes.

Every now and then Chloe would stir, pulling beca from the suspense in her show. She smiled at the sight before her. Chloe's hair was splayed all over her face and her body was twisted like an octopus.

Beca moved to brush the hair off of Chloe's face. Chloe jolted at the instant touch, scaring beca.

"Shit dude what the hell?!" Beca yelled in surprise.

"You're the one who scared me half to death dude. Totes not cool." Chloe said not registering right away who she was talking to.

Chloe closed her eyes again and rolled over. Normally she was the bubbly morning person, just not when she had a hangover. Beca settled back to watching her show. Jughead just made a deal with Penny and the Ghoulies to save the serpents. The scene was pretty intense and Beca had to shut off her laptop and stop watching for a bit.

Just as she moved to lay down, Chloe sat up like a rocket. "BECA YOU'RE OKAY!?" Beca laughed at the girl. "You just now realized it was me you were talking to?"

Chloe rolled her eyes and moved to inspect Beca's head. Beca tried to counter the redhead's movements but Chloe anticipated this and grabbed both sides of the brunettes head and pulled her closer.

Beca's heartbeat instantly sped up at the closeness they shared. Chloe was looking intently over Beca's head as if it were the most fragile thing in the world. She relaxed her arms and pulled Beca into a hug.

"I was so worried about you, Bree wouldn't let me come with you to the hospital". Beca chucked to herself at how protective both of them were. "I'm okay Chlo, just had too much to drink." Chloe still looked concerned but accepted Beca's explanation.

They both settled back into bed. Beca was about to turn in the opposite direction until Chloe grabbed her side. "What's up dude?" Beca asked with curiosity in her eyes. Chloe looked down a little and Beca swore she saw her blush.

You're seeing things Mitchell. Beca was pulled out of her thoughts by Chloe's Angelic voice. "Can you spoon me? I missed you." Beca smiled at her best friend. "Dude we cuddle all the time, why get shy about it. You know I love being the big spoon." Chloe laughed. "Yeah ironically." Beca glared at her "what's that supposed to mean Beale?" Chloe laughed and turned over. "Oh nothing... shorty".

Beca sat up putting her hand over her heart. "Ouch dude that hurt." She said with fake annoyance. "Don't worry about it, it's adorable." Now Beca was the one blushing. She turned back toward Chloe and draped her arm over her pulling them closer together.

"Night Beale"

"Night babe."


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Beca and Chloe slept for most of the day. Surprisingly enough through the antics of the other Bellas. Jessica and Ashley were binge watching Disney movies and singing along with every song. Fat Amy unfortunately had a 'date' over and the walls were only so thick. No one knew where lily went off to. Aubrey was FaceTiming Stacie for most of the day.

Cynthia Rose and Flo volunteered to cook for the night, so they were out shopping for ingredients. Emily decided to take Aubrey's advice and look into writing more songs.

Beca got up around 4pm and made her way through the hotel 'room' if you could even call it that. The room the Bellas had been given included a living room, full kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, and 5 bedrooms. It was like a penthouse more than a hotel room. She was greeted by Amy in the kitchen.

"What up Shaw shank?" Beca laughed at the nickname that had stuck for 7 years.

"Figured I should be awake for some part of the vacation." Beca said sarcastically. "Oh yeah, you couldn't handle your liquor last night, you Americans are weak."

Beca scoffed at the girl. "Excuse me, I can handle my liquor just fine." Amy rolled her eyes. "Yes, because waking up in a hospital bed is just the way to handle it, my mistake." Beca hit the girl on the shoulder. There's a reason they stayed best friends for so long.

"Guys that's nothing to joke about!" Chloe spoke up as she emerged into the kitchen. "Aw come on Ginger we were just playing." Amy whined, she hated being lectured.

Beca was about to agree but was met with those ice blue eyes. Chloe stared at her the way a mother would be watching her child reach into the cookie jar. "Sorry Chlo, I’m okay though, so it's okay." Beca reasoned.

Amy made eye contact with Beca and raised her hand to show the action of a whip being snapped. Beca rolled her eyes at the implication of being "whipped" for Chloe. But was she wrong? Beca would do anything for the ginger. It's totally normal to be whipped for your best-friend isn't it? I'm not in love with her, she's my best friend. Am I in love with her? No, you're straight. I mean I think-

"Beca?" She was once again brought out of her thoughts by that angelic voice. "Hmm? Sorry I zoned out." She said coming back into the conversation.

 "Becs are you sure you feel okay? Should we take you back to the hospital? You look tired. I'll call ahead and tell them we're coming." Chloe started rambling while reaching for her phone. Beca quickly placed her hand over top of Chloe's now holding the phone mid dial. "Hey, I'm okay, okay? No need to worry, I've had worse hangovers." Chloe was still suspicious that something was off about the girl, but she couldn't think of what could be bothering her.

"Becs did something happen last night? Why did you start drinking so much”? Beca froze, not wanting to talk about their almost kiss. "Just celebrating." She answered a little too quickly. Chloe, being used to the initial reaction of getting Beca to talk was not fazed by the sudden change in mood. "Beca something happened and you're going to tell me what." Beca thought about it for a second.

"Want to take a walk?" Beca asked.


"Becs we've been walking for almost an hour. Tell me what's wrong!" Chloe half yelled. She kept walking not realizing the brunette had stopped to look at the waves crashing against the shore. "Becs... talk to me." She persisted with a softer voice. Beca continued looking over the sea.

"What are you and Chicago?" Beca asked, avoiding the question. Chloe was taken back by the question. She hadn't really thought much of the kiss.

"I don't know, it was an impulse kiss. I guess I was just caught in the moment". Fuck Beca saw the kiss. Beca nodded with a silent “oh”.

"Chlo I don't know what I'm going to do. This whole music career thing is exciting and terrifying at the same time." Beca said turning to face her friend. Chloe took Beca's hand in hers as they continued walking down the beach, watching the sun set.

"I will be with you every step of the way you know that." Beca smiled at Chloe. "You're the best, but I can't ask you to do that. You're going to vet school; I'm not going to distract you from that."

"You're not asking me to do anything Becs, I'm volunteering." Chloe pulled the brunette in for a hug. Beca would never admit it to anyone, but she loved Chloe's hugs. Beca wrapped her arms around Chloe's waist and rested her head on Chloe's shoulder. Best friends hold each other like this right? The hug was far more intimate than friends would share. But neither girl pulled away.

Chloe was trying to keep her heart from exploding out of her chest. Maybe it was the beach, maybe it was the sunset, but something about this hug felt different. Different how Chloe? Is intimate an appropriate word? Why does this feel familiar. Then it hit her. They almost kissed. No, we were in fact going to kiss. She corrected herself. Beca looked up at Chloe. For a second her eyes flashed something Chloe didn't recognize. Was that...regret?

"Beca... we almost kissed last night, didn't we?" Chloe broke the comfortable silence. "Wait you remember?" Beca asked backing up. "Just now. It came to me."

Beca tried to think of something. Anything to say. "It was just the alcohol." It shot out of her mouth a little faster than it should have. Beca retracted her hand and turned away to hide the blush forming on her cheeks. Okay Beca, you are on thin fucking ice. Don't say anything else. "It didn't mean anything right? Like we're just friends." Stupid.

Chloe tried to hide her disappointed expression. She felt like Beca had just kicked her in the stomach. "Right." She answered quickly and turned towards the ocean. I mean she's right Beale, you are just friends. Why are you acting like this?

Both girls internally fought with themselves as the last rays of sun left the sky.



Now or never Chloe, you know you want this answered for yourself. Chloe turned to face Beca. Beca looked confused and a little panicked. Chloe started leaning in, slowly glancing from Beca's lips and back up to her eyes.

Beca wasn't in control of her movements anymore. She leaned in mimicking Chloe's actions. Chloe kissed Beca deeply. It was a hungry kiss. But slow and passionate. After a few moments Chloe pulled away.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." And before Beca could process what had just taken place. Chloe was already halfway back to the hotel.

What the fuck.


"Ginger! Where's the shorty." Amy asked as Chloe walked in. "Um. The beach" she answered distractedly and walked rather briskly to her room and slammed the door.

"Damn, what was that about?" Cynthia Rose asked. "Not sure CR, Beca was acting weird before they left, maybe they got into a fight." Amy answered still wanting to know the whereabouts of the brunette. "I'll go check down on the beach." Emily said grabbing her flannel.

"Who's fighting?" Aubrey entered the room, finally finished with her suspiciously long FaceTime with Stacie. "Bloe is at odds at the moment." Amy answered. "I'll go check on Chloe." Aubrey said before disappearing in the back of the suite.

The girls conversed among themselves while Flo and Cynthia Rose prepared dinner. "So Caramel Tart, what are you making that involves vegetables?" Amy asked Flo while looking put off by the vegetables. "It is just a simple Mediterranean fish recipe. I figured 'when in Rome'." Cynthia Rose answered swiftly. "No, we're in France." Flo answered matter-of-factly. 

CR and Amy give each other a knowing look but let it slide. Jessica and Ashley approached the kitchen and sat at the island. "Whoa you guys have gotta stop sneaking up on me". Amy said holding her hand over her heart. "We said 'Hey Guys!". The girls said at the same time.

"So, do you plan that or is it just freaky coincidence." Cynthia said amused. The girls shook their head and started helping prep for dinner. "Jess set the table, I'll work on the dishes." Ashley stated.

"Amy can you text Legacy to see if she has had any luck finding Beca?" Aubrey said as she reentered the kitchen. "How’s Chloe?" they all asked at once. "She would not let me into her room. So next best guess is to find Beca." Aubrey answered them.


After the kiss, Beca needed a drink. She went to the nearest bar and sat down. She didn't understand what just happened; and it conflicted her feelings for her best friend even more. Okay, she is your best friend who you might be in love with. Beca took another shot as she contemplated everything that took place within the last couple days. Is she just curious? does she want something more? Does she feel the same way? Beca ordered another shot.

"Its Beca right?" a familiar yet foreign voice said. Beca turned around to see one of the girls from that group Evermoist. god what a horrible band name. "Yeah, you're Calamity, right?" Beca answered. "Yes, but you can call me Ruby. Calamity is just my stage name." She offered her hand to Beca. Beca shook it with minimal effort and turned back to the bottle of Whiskey she was finding solace in.

"I just wanted to properly apologize for being such a dick to you. It's a brutal world being a musician. I'm sure you understand." Beca nodded. "I do, it’s no worries. I can see how it was kind of unfair how we got there." Beca offered a small smile.

"Speaking of which, where are your girls? shouldn't you all be celebrating?" Beca finished pouring another shot but didn't drink it just yet. "I just needed to get away for a bit. I am a little overwhelmed." Beca answered partially truthfully. Ruby nodded understandingly. "Why don't we get out of here?" Ruby said after a few minutes. Beca was unsure of this, but her inhibitions took over and she accepted the offer.

"Where are we going?" Beca asked after they got out of the bar. Ruby smiled a genuine smile at the girl. "This quiet spot near the beach." Ruby guided Beca to her car and they got in. "Nice car, I've always wanted to ride in an Audi." Beca said listening to the purr of the engine. "You've got good tastes in cars babe." Ruby said glancing from the road to Beca.

"So, do you live around here?" Beca asked wanting to know more about this girl. "Nah mate, just here for the tour. I'm from Australia but I live in the states." Ruby slowed down and pulled into a private beach area.

"Are we allowed to be here?" Beca asked after seeing the 'No Trespassing' signs. Ruby laughed "Of course, as long as no one tells us to rack off!" Beca laughed genuinely since the incident. "Fuck it, lets do it!"

Beca said grabbing the alcohol. Ruby grabbed two blankets and led Beca onto the beach. Ruby looked around before they settled down onto one of the blankets she had grabbed. Once they had sat down, Ruby wrapped the other blanket around them. If it had not have been for the alcohol flooding through her system, Beca wouldn't have liked the closeness they shared now.

"So tell me, why is a gorgeous woman out all alone drinking heavily a day after receiving a music career?" Ruby asked genuinely concerned for the brunette. "Why do you care so much, you don't even know me." Beca snapped, catching the girl off guard.

"I can tell something is bothering you, and I didn't think you should be alone." Ruby was looking intently at Beca, waiting for a response. "I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that. I'm just not used to opening up around someone I barely know." Beca really didn't understand why Ruby wanted to get to know her so badly. "It's okay Beca, I didn't mean to push you." Ruby sighed, looking out into the ocean.


"The sky is beautiful tonight; I love when you can just see the stars with ease." Ruby said after a few minutes. Beca looked up in awe, she hadn't noticed how clear the sky was out here.

"Living in New York, you kind of forget what the stars look like." Beca said admiring the sky. "You live in New York?" Ruby asked with excitement. Beca chuckled at the girl. "Hell yeah man, you ever been?" Ruby nodded her head. "I live there babe." Beca was intrigued. "Really? which part?" Ruby took a swig of the whiskey, "Bronx, you?" damn this girl is tough if she lives in Bronx. "I live in Manhattan."

Ruby rested her head on Beca's and smiled. she’s cute. "My best friend kissed me today and then ran off. I'm so confused and don't know how process this, I think I love her, but she’s straight, I think." Ruby was surprised Beca confided in her. "Do you love her or is it because she's your best friend." She asked, careful not to push Beca again.

"I don't know. I just want to forget about it and pretend it didn't happen, but I don't know how I can?" Beca said with tears welling in her eyes. Great, you just opened up to a stranger and now you're crying, good job Becs. "I think I can help you with that." Ruby said sitting up. "How?" Beca said not picking up on the hint. "Like this".

Ruby leaned in and kissed Beca, slowly to gauge her reaction. Beca pulled away thinking, then glanced back down to Ruby's lips and leaned in. Between the alcohol and the lust taking over Beca, she couldn't help but deepen the kiss. Ruby placed her hand on the back of Beca's neck and pulled her closer, her other hand on Beca's side.


They continued making out for a few minutes. Ruby pulled away, "you wanna take this back to my place?" she said as she caught her breath. Beca could only nod as she leaned in again to kiss Ruby. what are you doing Beca, you’re possibly in love with Chloe. Beca's internal voice argued but was drowned out by desire.

Ruby picked Beca up and placed her hands under Beca's thighs, encouraging her to wrap her legs around Ruby's waist. Once they were back at the car ruby pushed Beca up against it and moved her lips to Beca's neck. Once she found that sweet spot, Beca couldn't suppress her moans. She needed Ruby, and she needed her now.

"Babe, I want you."

That was all Ruby needed to hear, she unlocked the car and they both got in. Amazingly they didn't wreck from speeding to the hotel.

As they walked in Beca prayed that none of the other Bellas would spot her. Oh, shit I haven't messaged anyone. Beca pulled out her phone and ignoring all the different messages from the Bellas. she texted the group chat a vague message and that was it.

Once Beca and Ruby got into the elevator their lips found each other again. Beca left a trail of kisses from Ruby's lips to her neck. She left a few hickeys once she found the taller girl's sweet spot, eliciting moans from her.

They arrived to their floor, the same floor the other Bellas were on. Ruby once again lifted Beca and carried her to her suite. Once she got in the door, she slammed it shut, putting a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the handle.


Ruby wasted no time getting them to the bed. She pulled Beca on top of her as they continued exploring each other’s bodies. Tongues battled for dominance but eventually Ruby won. She tugged at the hem of Beca's shirt and in response Beca raised her arms to help take her shirt off. Ruby marveled at the sight before her. "You’re are absolutely stunning baby."

Ruby said before she sucked on Beca's collarbone. Beca bit her lip to keep from moaning. She started grinding against Ruby's lap, causing Ruby to suck even harder. She reached to undo Beca's bra, looking at her for approval. Beca kissed Ruby passionately in response. Ruby's hands found the clasp and undid it. Nearly ripping it off Beca's body. Once again, she was awestruck as she looked at Beca's bare chest.

"You're wearing a little too much clothing for my liking babe." Beca said seductively as she pulled Ruby's shirt over her head. She then went for her sports bra and took that off. Finally, Ruby pulled Beca down, their bare chests connecting making both girls shiver in desire. Beca moaned as Ruby reconnected her lips to Beca's neck causing Beca to grind harder than before, lust completely taking over them.

"Babe, I need you." Beca moaned.

"Oh baby, we're just getting started." Ruby answered. 


"Emily did you check the bars?" Aubrey asked grabbing her coat. "I didn't think she'd go to one after last night." Emily answered her. The two were gearing up to go on another search for Beca. They were about to leave when their phones buzzed.

Bellas Groupchat

6:29 pm: Amy- Legacy have you found Beca yet?

6:33 pm: Emily- No luck on the beach or surrounding shops, I'm headed back to the room now. 7:09 pm: Aubrey- Beca get back to the room now, you're worrying us.

7:45 pm: Cynthia Rose- Big BM, we're getting really worried about you, please message us.

9:26 pm: Beca- I'm good guys, see you tomorrow.

The Bellas were still worried about their friend. "Come on Em, let’s see if she’s around." Aubrey said grabbing the key card to their room. They stepped outside the room and were shocked when they saw their friend wrapped around their former competitor.

"Well that's one hell of a way to officially come out." Aubrey said. "I mean, it’s been a little obvious she’s been into Chloe for the past few years. But why is she with her?" Emily said. Then it hit Aubrey.

"OH!" she shouted. Emily almost jumped out of her skin. "Damn what?" Aubrey grabbed Emily by the arm and walked back into the suite. "The fight had to be about something to do with what you said. Why else would they be ignoring each other?" Aubrey explained.

"That would make sense, but how do we know they didn't just get into a fight about Beca's health. You know she’s been drinking a lot lately." Aubrey contemplated this. "That’s true... I guess we will just find out tomorrow." Emily nodded, "hopefully, I hate seeing them fight."

"Hey... has Beca come back yet?" Chloe's voice interrupted the two. Aubrey and Emily shared a look that didn't go unnoticed by Chloe. "Umm... She’s out." Emily said carefully.

"Okay, but out where. I need to talk to her." Chloe said going to grab her coat. Aubrey sighed, knowing what she was about to say could possibly hurt Chloe. "She's with Calamity."

"What?" Chloe asked. You could hear the confusion in her voice.

"We kind of saw them go into her hotel suite... kissing." Emily said.

Chloe was hurt more than confused. Do I have a right to be hurt? It's not like Beca and I are together. But... I… I love her. Chloe thought to herself as she processed this information.

"So... she's with Calamity." Chloe said bitterly. Fuck did I mess this up. Aubrey gave Em a look saying to leave. After she was gone, Aubrey just wrapped her arms around Chloe. The girl immediately broke down in her arms. "I think I fucked up." Chloe said so quietly that Aubrey almost didn't hear her. "Let’s go to bed Chlo, we can talk about this when you're ready."

And with that, the girls went into to Aubrey's room without saying another word.

Chapter Text

Beca stirred in her sleep, tossing and turning. She sat up fast breathing heavily and almost panicking. For a second she had forgotten where she was as she looked around the unfamiliar hotel room. Then she looked over to the sleeping women next to her. Oh yeah, Ruby. Beca quietly shuffled out of the bed and started picking up her clothes. thank god we're staying in the same hotel. Beca thought to herself.

Beca assembled herself together and laid two Motrin and a water bottle on the nightstand next to Ruby. She left a small note on the table along with the medicine and water.

Thanks for a great night, call me, (353-999-111). (A/N I have no idea if that's a real #)

Beca left as quietly as possible and walked down to her hotel room. She was silently praying that none of the Bellas would be awake this early. She let out a sigh of relief when she got inside to the quiet room. She peeked into the room she shared with Chloe to make sure it was clear. She stepped in, shut the door, and made her way to the bathroom.

So that was so not like you Mitchell. She thought to herself as she stepped into the shower. She stood under the water letting it wash off the previous 24 hours.

What am I going to tell Chloe? It's not like I cheated on her. But oddly it feels like I did. But she's not really into you, is she? But that kiss...

Her thoughts went in circles as she finished showering. She finished cleaning up and settled for bed. She didn't feel like wearing anything but her Calvin Klein sports bra and underwear set. Chloe got them for her last Christmas and Beca was thrilled. Exhausted from the eventful night, Beca drifted into a deep sleep.


6:00 am

"UP AND AT EM LADIES". Aubrey's voice rung through the penthouse.

The response from the Bellas was as expected. Groans and faint cussing could be heard throughout the rooms, causing Bree to shake her head. The Bellas were scheduled to fly back home today and Aubrey had every minute planned out. Chloe was the first to emerge from the rooms and made her way to the kitchen. After crying and explaining for half of the night, she fell fast asleep.

"Morning Chlo". Aubrey greeted her best friend with a hug. The response was better than Aubrey expected. Chloe seemed refreshed and ready for a new day. However, Chloe was not as well as she seemed. She was sleep deprived, sad, and angry with herself. But she was determined to help Aubrey best as she could today and would not let yesterday come in between her best friend duties.

Chloe started breakfast as the rest of the girls started filing in. Aubrey was doing a headcount before she started laying out the day for the Bellas. She noticed a certain brunette was not awake yet and rolled her eyes. "Amy can you go wake Beca up so I can start?" Amy nodded her head at Bree's request.

"Ay Short stack wake up" Amy barged into the dark room. A muffled groan could be heard from the bed. Amy knew how to deal with “morning Beca” and ripped the covers off her. "What the hell dude!" "What the hell yourself, giving me a scare yesterday." Amy retorted as she turned on the lights. Beca rolled her eyes and tried to pull the covers back on herself. "Oh no you don't, Bree is in military mode and today is not the day to mess with her." Beca looked at the time on her phone, taking note that she got less than 3 hours of sleep. "Okay let me get dressed and I'll join you guys." Beca said. Amy was not so quick to leave though as she wanted some answers about her friend's disappearance. "So are you just not gonna talk about yesterday then?" Beca was tired and not in the mood for explaining herself, but she knew her friend would be persistent. "Chloe kissed me yesterday, on the beach. But before I could even register what was happening, she had run off. And I needed to clear my head so I went to the bar and may have accidentally hooked up with someone."

Amy was shocked, she knew Bloe was real, but she didn't think it would go horribly wrong right away. "Whoa whoa short stack, who did you hook up with, how? what? are you-" but she did not finish as Beca cut her off. "Dude. I'll explain everything later but right now I don't want to think about it." Beca had finished getting dressed and signaled for Amy to walk with her to the kitchen.

"Oh good, you guys are back". Bree said before handing each girl an itinerary. "Where did you get this printed and made?" Cynthia asked. "I made it before we left." Aubrey said as if it was a normal thing to occur. "Now we all need to be packed and ready to leave by 7:30. The taxis will be here at 7:45. While I'm checking us out, everyone will need to load up the cars and make sure you have your travel buddy. Our plane tickets are stacked in alphabetical order at the door, so there should be no confusion grabbing them." Aubrey rambled on about their day as the Bellas ate. When they were finished, they dispersed to shower, pack, and get ready. Beca had already showered last night and was ready so all she needed to do was pack.

Chloe was busy cleaning up the kitchen and straightening up the living room. She was trying her best to avoid going and talking to Beca. She knew she would have to eventually since they lived together and were seated together on the plane. But she was not sure what she wanted to say. She couldn't be mad at her for sleeping with another woman, but then again, she could since it was such an irresponsible move.

Unfortunately for Chloe, Beca had been the last one in the kitchen and was getting ready to speak.



Beca tried to form more words than just that awkward hello but was interrupted by a knock at the door. Amy must have ordered room service. Beca opened the door surprised to see Ruby standing in front of her. “Hey babe, you left your jacket”. Ruby smiled and gave Beca a quick peck on the cheek.

“Thanks Ruby, I would have died on the cold plane without this”. Ruby chuckled at the girl. Unknowingly to the two, Chloe was listening intently on the conversation as she continued to straighten up the kitchen.

“So about last night, I really don’t want to give you the wrong impression.” Beca started saying. “I don’t just get drunk and sleep around and I don’t want to lead you on and-“

“hey” ruby cut beca off from her rambling. “Don’t stress this, that’s not the impression I get from you at all. I had a really nice time last night Beca. Friends?” Ruby asked extending her hand to Beca. “Friends.” Beca smiled taking her hand, thankful this wasn’t as complicated as she worried it would be.

Beca went to close the door but Ruby caught it before she could. “One more thing. HEY RED! Don’t fuck with your best friend like that. It’s a bit of a dick move.” And with that she exited leaving Beca and Chloe dumbfounded.

The audacity of that aussie bitch… that’s none of her business. Just because she sleeps with my Bec- best friend she thinks she can stick her nose into our problems? I’ll tell her where she can stick her nose, it can go right up her-

“Dude I’m so sorry about that. That definitely wasn’t cool” Beca interrupted Chloe’s angry internal rant. “Its fine Becs” she said a little to sweetly for Beca’s liking and sauntered out of the kitchen.

Fuck me. Beca slammed her head onto the counter.


7:30 rolled around and the Bellas were ready to go. "Alright ladies, you know the drill, pass your tickets around and lets go!" Aubrey yelled to the Bellas as she headed out of the room. Chloe was handing out the tickets and when she came to Beca she remembered her jacket. "Oh! Becs don’t forget your jacket”. She shoved the jacket into Beca and walked out of the room. Shit Shit Shit. "You good Shawshank?" Amy asked when she came up behind her. "Ruby dropped my jacket off this morning and sorta went off on Chloe." Amy gave the girl an awkward "yikes" face and closed the door as they left the room. "Do you think she knows I slept with her last night?" Beca asked worriedly. "Well if she put two and two together then probably?" Amy deadpanned.

"I have to tell her, don't I?" Beca asked when they entered the elevator. "I would Becs, but this is Chloe, you can tell her anything. You guys are Bloe for God’s sake." Beca shook her head at the ship name. "How many times do I have to tell you not to call us that." "You can tell me all you want, but everyone loves a good Bloe." The two girls laughed at themselves and made their way to the other Bellas.

"Alright ladies, see y'all at the airport!" Aubrey shouted. And they made their way to the airport.


To say the ride was filled with anxiety would be an understatement. Beca didn't want to lose her best friend, Chloe was her person, the one person who truly understood her. And she needed more than anything to talk to her about the whole situation, but she didn't know how to approach it.

She and Chloe had gotten seats next to each other on the plane. Beca would have the window for the first two flights and then Chloe would take it for the last two flights. The hall seat was Aubrey's. The rest of the Bellas were scattered throughout the plane.

"Hey" Amy said, pulling Beca out of her thoughts. "It's gonna work out, you just need to talk to her." Beca smiled at her friend. "Thanks Amy, this whole thing is just so confusing, and I was so stupid last night. I don't go around sleeping with people. For fucks sake I don't like people." Amy laughed at her small friend. "You're hurting Beca. It's like when I slept with John Mayer after my breakup with Bumper and— "wait, you slept with John Mayer?" Beca asked. "Well.... define your definition of "slept with" and John Mayer". "How am I supposed to define John Mayer, there's only one famous one." "Okay so maybe it wasn't THE John Mayer, but he sure looked like him." Beca shook her head in amusement.

The taxi arrived at the airport finally. The Bella's gathered their belongings and headed to get their luggage sorted out, double-checking tags and making sure they were arriving at Newark Airport and the connecting flight in France. After going through customs and a much too invasive pat down, the ladies were boarding the plane. 

"Bree, I need you to sit between me and Beca. After her "friend" dropped by this morning I am in no mood to talk." Chloe whispered to the blonde as they approached their seats. Beca slid to the window, expecting Chloe to follow. "Chlo you know you're in the seat next to me, right?" Chloe scoffed quietly but it didn't go unnoticed by Beca. "What you don't want to sit next to me? Scooch over Mitchell." Aubrey was not going to tolerate awkward tension the whole flight, she had a plan to get "Bloe" back on the right track. 

The three girls settled for the flight. Beca tried listening to a few of her mixes to take the anxiety away, Aubrey was double checking the schedule, and Chloe was reading a new book. However, Chloe could not focus on anything except talking to Beca. She hated the mess they were in and just wanted to resolve it. Beca was in the same mindset. She knew she needed to confess to Chloe. Although she is 90% positive Chloe already knows. 

"Bree... can we switch seats?" Chloe stood up from her seat so Aubrey could slide over. Beca missed the switch since she had her music on blast while looking at the clouds. She is Beca, you can talk to her about everything. Chloe tapped Beca's shoulder once. twice. three times. "Aubrey what?" Beca snapped with annoyance. Her features relaxed when she realized who was tapping her. "Oh, I didn't know you switched seats. Sorry Chlo." 

"Thanks for snapping at me Becs." Aubrey rolled her eyes with mock annoyance. The shorter girl just gave her a smirk and turned her attention back to her best friend. 

"Listen I-" Chloe started to. 

"No let me go first Chlo... I owe you an explanation." 

"But I need to apologi-" Beca cut Chloe off again but this time bringing her finger to Chloe's lips. 

"No, you don't." Beca waited for permission to continue. 

The older girl gave her a gentle nod. 

"So, after yesterday I was so confused with everything that happened that I needed a drink. I went to a bar near our hotel and ran into Ruby. You know how I ramble when I drink, so I told her what happened. She offered to drive me to a quiet spot to think. And that was my intention. But one thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together." Beca didn't realize she was looking down until Chloe lifted her chin. 

"I am so sorry Chlo, I know it was so irresponsible and the way Ruby spoke to you this morning was not cool and I don't want to lose you and This whole Khalid thing has my mind running in circles and I-" 

"Hey, hey Becs". Chloe grabbed her hand. "I am not going anywhere. I need to apologize for acting so impulsively. Lets just get home so we can talk about everything properly." Beca squeezed her hand and laid her head on Chloe's shoulder. "Thank you, I'm sorry. again"   

"Shhh". I know you're exhausted Becs, get some sleep. We're good" Beca didn't say anything else. She didn't realize how tired she was until she was resting on Chloe. She felt Chloe lean her head on her own and that was enough to lull her to sleep. 

Aubrey watched as her two friends cuddled up against each other. Fucking adorable drama queens. 

10:04 am -Amy: They're good again?  

10:04 am -Aubrey: You know they can't stay mad at each other. Not sure if they've officially confessed their feelings for each other. I know Chloe wants to "talk properly" when they get home. 

10:06 am -Amy: oh great, "talk properly" means I'm gonna have to soundproof my side of the room. 

10:07 am -Aubrey: No Amy... I think they just want to talk. 

10:07 am -Amy: right... 

Aubrey didn't respond after that message. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.