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hand to hand, one on one

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kaminari wasn’t normally shy. in fact, he would go so far to say that he was never shy, usually too boisterous and energetic to be shy. he didn’t waste time with shyness, eager to go straight into uncharted waters of tactility and personal space. he considered himself magnetic, easygoing, and friendly to the point that it was nearly impossible to be shy.

he only discovered the true meaning of shy when he started dating bakugou.

specifically, he only discovered the true meaning of shy when he’d started to touch bakugou—romantically at least. he’d held hands with people before, but nothing ever felt like holding hands with bakugou. his insides squirmed, his back went hot, and sometimes he was sure he was just turning into a little goopy ball of adoration for his boyfriend. he’d kissed people before, but nothing ever felt like kissing bakugou. there was something about bakugou’s mouth that had kaminari going crazy. he wanted to breathe bakugou’s air, wanted to taste bakugou’s tongue, wanted to feel the brush of bakugou’s lips on his neck.

he’d never gone any farther than that with anyone. he’d never… loved anyone, truly, deeply, or strongly enough to even want to go farther. but bakugou… everything about him had kaminari’s body aching for something more. there was one time when they’d been making out on the floor next to bakugou’s bed, and bakugou was wearing kaminari’s sweater, their tongues in each other’s mouths. everything smelled like bakugou and scorched sugar and cinnamon shampoo, and when bakugou fisted his hand in kaminari’s hair and tugged, kaminari came entirely apart. he moaned breathlessly without thinking, mind muddled. bakugou had pulled away to stare at him with simultaneous shock and… kaminari didn’t know what. kaminari’s face flared red in embarrassment so quickly that he went dizzy, mouth feeling swollen and eyes glazed.

they hadn’t spoken about that time since then, but kaminari couldn’t help but fantasize late at night about what would’ve happened if bakugou had kissed him again after he’d moaned. his thoughts would get him so worked up that he’d feel like he was throbbing all over. sometimes he’d wake up sticky with sweat and cum from a hazy dream he’d had during the night, one where bakugou left him a hickey under his collarbone and sucked the soul right out of him.

other times, his dreams had him waking up in the morning so frustratingly turned on and so infuriatingly hard that he’d have to bury his face in his pillow to muffle his noises as he jerked off into his sheets, eyes rolling, toes curling, and mind wandering to what bakugou must look like under all of his clothes.

he was pretty sure bakugou didn’t know about him masturbating to the thought of him. that would’ve been awkward.

they were making out in kaminari’s room this time, on his bed. they’d just gotten out of class and kaminari had dragged bakugou all the way up to his room, feeling touchy as all get out. he’d initially wanted to cuddle or something, but bakugou had kissed him so hard that he completely spaced, tangling himself up in bakugou so fast. kisses tumbled after kisses and kaminari’s face burned and his body pulsed, and his heart slammed in his chest. bakugou kissed him breathless. the feeling of bakugou’s tongue piercing inside of his mouth had his mind spinning.

bakugou broke the kiss to nuzzle the side of his face with what kaminari would definitely call affection, a noise rumbling deep in his throat. kaminari’s hands were starting to shake.

“katsuki,” he gasped out, eyelids fluttering as bakugou placed a featherlight kiss in the curve of his neck. his hands went out and fisted into the front of bakugou’s button-up, desperately pulling their bodies flush together and forcing bakugou to support himself with his forearms. bakugou’s chest radiated heat. he was nestled between kaminari’s legs. he was nipping at kaminari’s neck with his teeth and a whimper slipped out of kaminari.

“fucking christ,” bakugou mumbled against kaminari’s skin, lips velvety smooth. kaminari opened his eyes, not realizing he had closed them, certain his face was flushed scarlet.

“what,” he managed to say, even though he knew exactly what bakugou was going to answer with. bakugou drew back a little further so that they could look at each other. there was a heavy dusting of pink on bakugou’s cheeks, but kaminari wasn’t sure if it was because of all the kissing or the noise he’d just made.

“you and your noises,” bakugou said, predictably. his eyelashes drooped over his eyes. “always squirmin’ under me, huh? never not making a sound.” the words were ridiculously endearing and kaminari was melting. he was certain he looked so gone.

“you drive me crazy,” kaminari said, breathless, not able to control his filter. “i can’t stop what comes out of my mouth when i’m with you.” bakugou tilted his head contemplatively, dragging his teeth across his bottom lip, which was stupidly attractive. his mouth looked so soft. he tasted like the spearmint gum he’d been smacking on during class.

kaminari pulled bakugou back down to kiss him, closing his eyes and making the kiss as deep as it could possibly be. bakugou was putty in his arms, and he slid his hands up bakugou’s chest to wrap his arms around his neck, the kiss becoming more and more openmouthed. their teeth knocked together. bakugou began to sit up and pulled kaminari with him, not breaking the kiss.

bakugou rested his hands on kaminari’s waist, his palms warm enough to make kaminari’s back bead with sweat. kaminari kept chasing after bakugou’s mouth every time he would pull back for a breath, drunk on bakugou’s taste. they kissed some more. bakugou’s fingers were starting to crawl under the hem of kaminari’s sloppily tucked school button-up. his callouses grazed across kaminari’s skin and kaminari shivered, goosebumps raising on his arms.

he kissed him hard, breathing in sharply through his nose, brow creased. bakugou’s nails scraped against his skin and his sanity wobbled unsteadily, his hands flying down from bakugou’s neck to shakily undo the buttons of his shirt. he was halfway through the buttons when bakugou broke away, pupils blown incredibly wide.

“what are you doing?” he asked, eyes following the trail of kaminari’s exposed skin. kaminari was suddenly too shy to meet bakugou’s eyes, focusing way too much on undoing the last three buttons of his shirt.

“it’s kind of hot in here, don’t you think?” he said softly, still trying to catch his breath after bakugou had kissed it all right out of him. bakugou watched him in silence, gaze drifting from the plane of his stomach to his chest, then up to his face. they met eyes. bakugou’s ears were red. it was beautiful.

“do mine next?” bakugou whispered, his hands already coming up to slip under the fabric of kaminari’s shirt and tug it down his shoulders and arms, leaving him shirtless on the bed. bakugou looked at him for a little bit, eyes lingering in a way they never did when they were undressing in the locker room, then gathered him up unto a mind-numbing kiss. kaminari’s hands were pulled to bakugou’s shirt by unseen forces. he could feel bakugou’s abs under his shirt.

bakugou’s shirt was gone in the next moment, the fabric shaken from his arms. his muscles looked so chiseled and perfect. something about them started a fire in kaminari’s belly. his palms snaked up bakugou’s front, fingers creeping like spiders across his chest. his fingers ghosted over bakugou’s right pec and bakugou made a noise into their kiss.

kaminari pulled back, both startled and stupidly turned on. “is… is this okay?” his voice was quiet. as an answer, bakugou just took kaminari’s hand in his and guided his fingers over his nipple, the bud beaded and hard. oh god, kaminari was insanely turned on now. his brain was stuck in a loop. he was touching bakugou’s nipple. his hands were on bakugou’s titties. they were soft and he liked touching them and it looked like bakugou also liked that kaminari was touching them.

bakugou guided kaminari’s other hand over his left nipple, leading his hand in delicate circles. kaminari could feel the thrumming of his boyfriend’s heartbeat.

“does it feel good?” he asked quietly, thumbs gently playing with bakugou’s nipples. “do you… do you like it?”

bakugou bit down on his lip, watching kaminari’s hands, before answering with a hoarse, “yeah.” there was a pause and kaminari watched bakugou’s face flush a hot pink. “could you—fuck, do you want to fuckin’… put your… shit, it’s… embarrassing.”

“my mouth?” kaminari guessed, tweaking one of bakugou’s nipples and feeling the jolt of bakugou’s heartbeat. bakugou just kept biting his lip, going redder, brows drawn together. kaminari hesitated for a split second, then hunched close enough to let his breath fan out on bakugou’s chest. his lips brushed bakugou’s skin and he kissed right next to bakugou’s left nipple. bakugou was unraveling.

he kissed bakugou’s nipple and bakugou made another noise. he dragged his tongue across it, slowly, carefully, then flicked his tongue over it enough times to make bakugou swear under his breath. he latched his mouth onto bakugou’s chest and sucked, gazing up at bakugou, who was looking right back down at him with teeth on his lip and eyebrows creased together, eyes piercing and red. he lapped at bakugou’s nipple inside his mouth and continued to ghost over his other nipple with his fingers. bakugou’s mouth thinned into an unsteady line, his teeth digging so hard into his lip that the surrounding flesh turned white.

kaminari popped off of bakugou’s nipple to drag his tongue across the plane of bakugou’s chest to his opposite pec. he tried out swirling his tongue around the hardened bud, using his fingers to tease the slick one he’d just finished with. bakugou was a shade of red that kaminari had never seen.

“f-fuck—” bakugou swore softly, beginning to gnaw on his knuckle. “fuck, oh my god, stooooop.” it took a moment of the word to register in kaminari’s brain and he was starting to pull back, wickedly embarrassed, when bakugou started his swearing again. “no,” he blustered. “no, fuck, that’s not… what i meant. don’t… shit, don’t stop. i like it.” they both just sat there blushing vibrantly at each other. kaminari was becoming increasingly aware that his spit was smeared all over bakugou’s chest.

kaminari averted his gaze to something to the right of bakugou, his hands sliding down bakugou’s front. “do you want me to do it again?” there was a silence. kaminari looked back at bakugou, who then put a hand on the nape of kaminari’s neck and pulled him up into a kiss that had him melting in seconds. kaminari’s hands gripped bakugou’s slim waist. their tongues tripped over each other inside their mouths.

bakugou dragged the kiss to the line of kaminari’s jaw, kissing just under it before going down and placing a series of kisses in the curve of his neck. when he reached the space where his neck and his shoulder met, he kissed that little hollow at the base of his neck, and it had kaminari squirming in bakugou’s touch. bakugou then kissed down to his collarbone, down to his chest, where he put gentle kisses on each of kaminari’s nipples, reminiscent of what kaminari had done to him. kaminari panted out something incoherent, his face on fire.

bakugou didn’t stop. he kissed down to his stomach, sometimes letting his teeth drag across his skin, and kissed right above his navel. it was right then when kaminari realized that he was extremely turned on and it showed. there was an ache between his legs, one that got fiercer the farther bakugou kissed down his body. there was a beat, then bakugou kissed right below kaminari’s navel, lips pressed against the faint line of hair that was mostly covered by his pants.

“katsuki,” kaminari gasped out, almost strangled. they’d both shifted, kaminari sitting farther back on the bed with bakugou almost laying on his stomach. bakugou looked up at him. his pupils were blown so wide. he was so beautiful.

“is this okay?” he asked, his breath fanning against kaminari’s skin. “can i keep going?” kaminari was going to explode. his brows drew together, and he covered his mouth with his hand, just resorting to nodding. he didn’t think he could say anything even mildly lucid right now.

bakugou sat back, his hands on kaminari’s waistband. kaminari watched bakugou fumble with the button and the zipper of his school pants, then bakugou was wiggling them off his legs. kaminari saw the way bakugou’s eyes traced down the length of his thigh as the pants came off. kaminari bent his legs at the knees to help bakugou get them off all the way, and then the pants were on the floor and kaminari was sitting on the bed in front of bakugou wearing only bright yellow boxer briefs patterned with black lightning bolts. bakugou’s mouth twitched up a little and kaminari swore he heard him chuckle lightly.

“don’t laugh!” kaminari said, tempted to draw his legs up to his chest. bakugou shook his head, but the smile on his face was apparent.

“it’s just—it’s cute is all, relax,” bakugou answered in response, trying and failing to smother his smile.

“you think my choice in underwear is cute.”

bakugou rolled his eyes playfully and he flicked kaminari gently on the stomach. kaminari squirmed again. “yes, actually, i do. it’s very… it’s very you.”

“i guess i’ll know for future reference. next time, i’ll wear my pokémon ones, how’s that sound?” in response, bakugou leaned down to press a hard kiss right on the edge of kaminari’s underwear waistband, just under his belly button. kaminari bit down on his knuckle, effectively shut up. his groin wouldn’t stop throbbing. bakugou continued to place kisses along the waistband, his teeth sometimes teasing and pulling at the fabric. where on earth did bakugou learn how to be this goddamn coy?

there was a beat of hesitation, then bakugou dipped lower, beginning to nuzzle the rising tent in kaminari’s briefs. the movement felt like liquid fire in kaminari’s veins, the slight friction leading him to bite down on his knuckle a little harder.

“katsuki,” he moaned, the word deep in his throat. watching—and feeling—bakugou kiss the front of his underwear had him so messed up. seeing him between his legs felt like something out of a wet dream. bakugou grazed his teeth down the length of the tent, leaving kisses in his wake. kaminari mumbled something garbled. bakugou’s hands came up and his fingers made like they were about to tug the underwear down. they made eye contact when bakugou paused, and all kaminari could do was nod almost violently.

bakugou drew back onto his knees to peel kaminari’s boxer briefs from him, the movement painfully slow. bakugou was as red as a beet. kaminari was pretty sure he was too. he lifted his legs to assist in the removal process, the boxers slipping away to reveal curly light brown hair just above his—oh god, he was naked in front of bakugou. he was naked in front of his boyfriend. in a completely romantic way. bakugou could see his dick. bakugou was currently seeing his dick. in fact, he was sort of staring and it was making kaminari’s whole body go hot.

“you’re staring,” kaminari said quietly, feeling stupidly shy. he wanted to curl up in a ball and pull all the bedsheets from under them to cover himself. bakugou blinked, then looked at him-- at his face, however briefly—before his eyes started to drift down kaminari’s body, tracing every expanse of skin.

“you’re…” bakugou began, his hands sliding up kaminari’s calves. he flicked his gaze back to kaminari’s face. “fuck, you’re beautiful.” kaminari’s heart skipped at least four beats. all the times bakugou had seen him changing after hero practice felt entirely irrelevant. this was something completely different.

you’re beautiful,” kaminari blurted, feeling tickly inside.

“i’m not even undressed yet,” bakugou said dumbly, which kaminari found insanely cute. his leg reached out so that he could ghost his foot against the waist of bakugou’s pants. he loved the way bakugou averted his eyes and shivered.

“do you want to get undressed?”

bakugou chewed on his lip, hands still on kaminari’s legs. “do you… want to see me undressed?” he looked so shy. kaminari was going to scream. he didn’t even know how to answer this question. god, yes, he wanted to see bakugou undressed, but at the same time he was absolutely terrified. they were both about to be naked on his bed. what were they even doing to do when they were both naked? kiss some more? god, kaminari did want to kiss some more, but he was so turned on. were they going to have sex? fuck, holy shit, if they were going to have sex, he was so unprepared. he didn’t have condoms or lube or anything, but they were here, alone, on his bed, about to be naked at the same time, together.

“are we going to have sex?” kaminari asked suddenly, the words bursting out of him before he could stop them. there was a silence in which they just stared at each other. kaminari could feel the temperature in the room skyrocket. bakugou slipped his hands from kaminari’s legs and fisted them in his lap, staring down at something on the sheets. he was so red. he was so embarrassed. kaminari had no idea what to do with himself anymore.

“shit, um… do you…” bakugou started, his voice so soft, very out of character for him. kaminari felt himself go mushy inside. “do you want? to have sex? with me?” kaminari’s face burned like a wildfire.

“i… yeah.”

bakugou looked stunned, gaze snapping back to kaminari’s face. “yeah??” kaminari nodded slightly.

“y… yeah. i want to have sex with you.” there was so much he wanted. he wanted bakugou to hold him. he wanted to feel bakugou’s warmth, his skin, his muscles. he wanted… “are you going to take off your pants?” bakugou blinked at him. kaminari blinked back. they both flushed, and kaminari ghosted his foot against bakugou’s waist again.

“oh—fuck, shit, right, um—”

“please kiss me.” kaminari pushed himself up into a seated position, almost nose to nose with bakugou. he could feel bakugou’s breath on his cheeks. his voice dropped to a whisper. “kiss me, please.”

bakugou kissed him and kaminari forgot how to breathe. his mind melted into mush, bakugou kissing him longer, deeper. he snaked his hands to bakugou’s waist, and they kissed and they kissed and they kissed, and kaminari was undoing the belt on bakugou’s pants before he could even think. bakugou licked kaminari’s bottom lip, pulling a gasp from him, and used that as an opportunity to put his tongue in his mouth—his tongue and his fucking tongue piercing, the little ball clinking against kaminari’s teeth. it was so attractive. kaminari fumbled with the zipper of bakugou’s pants, fingers growing desperate. bakugou began to push kaminari back into the pillows behind him.

kaminari hit the pillows and his hands finally got bakugou’s stupid zipper down. he yanked on bakugou’s pants as bakugou claimed him with this kiss, breaking away only briefly to catch a breath. kaminari was throbbing all over. bakugou’s pants were down to his thighs. bakugou bit kaminari’s bottom lip and kaminari moaned quietly, making bakugou swear under his breath, only to kiss him again. kaminari’s mind spun in violent circles.

bakugou pulled back to take his pants off all the way, looking down at kaminari with something raw in his eyes. kaminari’s heart was hammering. his hair was a mess. bakugou’s pants were shucked off and scooted off the bed and onto the floor, and kaminari watched, with bated breath, as bakugou took off his black boxers, the blood in his veins rushing loud.

the boxers came off and kaminari wanted to cry. “oh my god,” he said, his voice husky. bakugou pressed his lips together. “oh my god.”

“shut up,” bakugou mumbled, trying to keep his eyes on kaminari’s face, but it was hard when kaminari was oh-so-obviously staring at bakugou’s dick.

he wasn’t big, pretty average sized, but he was thick. thick like… thick like… god, kaminari didn’t even know. kaminari’s dick was slenderer, a little longer, but bakugou was… he was more than at least five inches in girth. kaminari was so, so stupidly turned on now, his dick twitched and throbbed, and he wanted bakugou’s hands on him and it literally did not matter where.

“touch me,” he moaned, knowing that he sounded desperate and whiny but too caught up in it to care very much. “please, katsuki, touch me.” it was like seeing through a screen of red. bakugou’s eyebrows creased, and he dipped back down to kiss him again. there was a flurry of movement, kaminari tangling his fingers in bakugou’s hair, feeling bakugou moan into his mouth, bakugou’s hands sliding up and down kaminari’s body almost possessively.

kaminari broke away to plant sloppy kisses down bakugou’s neck, hands going to the muscular plane of his boyfriend’s back. he trailed kisses down the slope of his neck, then back up again to his jaw, then to his mouth, catching him in another round of fervent kisses. bakugou moaned again. he was starting to sort of grind up against the side of kaminari’s thigh. kaminari’s nails scrabbled against bakugou’s back when bakugou shifted and started to grind right up against kaminari’s cock, and kaminari was forced to break the kiss to let his jaw hang slack. bakugou was breathing hard on kaminari’s neck.

kaminari began to buck his hips up to meet bakugou, and kaminari could feel him unraveling. he quite literally felt bakugou’s dick twitch against his, felt the drip of the precum on his skin, and he heard the low groan that was torn from his boyfriend’s throat. he kept grinding up on bakugou until bakugou kissed him again, almost missing his mouth with a desperate kiss full of tongue and teeth and muffled sounds. kaminari’s leg brushed against bakugou’s side, toes curling.

one of them moaned and then somehow, they’d flipped over in a tangled mess of skin and limbs, bakugou propped up on his back and kaminari on top of him. the sheets were twisted up beneath them.

“can i try something?” kaminari asked breathlessly against bakugou’s mouth, already so blissed out. bakugou kissed him hard, then broke away to speak.

“just don’t fucking stop touching me.” kaminari pulled back, dragging his hands down bakugou’s chest, making sure to ghost over bakugou’s nipples. he watched the way bakugou bit fiercely on his lip, and he situated himself on bakugou’s lap, knees pressing earnestly into bakugou’s sides. he brushed a clump of hair out of his face and looked down at their groins, then spit a long, long trail of saliva onto their dicks. bakugou made a strangled noise.

“oh my fucking god,” bakugou moaned, kaminari grabbing both their cocks in one hand and spitting again. he put a hand on his forehead, mouth working uselessly as kaminari spit several more times until translucence was dripping down their lengths and onto the bedsheets.

when kaminari started to move his hand, they both moaned at the same time, eyelids fluttering and hearts pounding. spit squished in between kaminari’s fingers as he jacked the both of them off, the heads disappearing in his fist and popping out wetly over and over and over. bakugou was squirming under him. precum was mixing with the spit. there was a growing warmth that was spreading all over kaminari’s body. kaminari bent his head and spit again.

bakugou moaned again, his voice wavering when he spoke. “denki,” he moaned. kaminari’s name had never sounded so good on bakugou’s tongue. “denki, don’t stop.”

“feels good, baby?” kaminari managed to say, his hand moving faster. “’t feels good?”

“feels good,” bakugou said on a groan. his eyebrows were drawn together. he was so goddamn beautiful. “feels so good.” kaminari’s head rolled back onto his shoulders, hair falling into his face and sort of into his mouth when he moaned, rocking himself back and forth on bakugou’s lap as he jerked them both. bakugou’s hands found their way to kaminari’s waist and his fingers dug into his skin. kaminari could feel their cocks throbbing and pulsing in his hand. bakugou looked so gone. the warmth in kaminari’s body was settling in his stomach, burning white hot as he edged them both closer and closer.

“katsuki,” he moaned out, “oh—oh, fuck, katsuki—” bakugou was gripping his waist so tightly now. the sensation of his hand on their dicks felt like straight electricity, and bakugou looked like he was about to burst. kaminari sucked in a vicious breath, his back hunching and his eyes squeezing shut. a wicked moan of bakugou’s name was ripped from him, one that someone could surely hear through the wall, and his hand stuttered as that warmth cracked and splintered, and bakugou swore, moaning fuck, fuck, fuck, again and again.

without warning, bakugou spilled over, nails digging into kaminari’s skin as cum spurted onto his hand. it was so shocking and so incredibly hot that just the sight of bakugou riding out his high, his mouth in a perfect o, made kaminari cum right there, something like a sob escaping him when ribbons of white splattered on their skin. his hand mixed the cum and the spit and smeared the mixture all over their dicks, and his hand kept moving until the pleasure sensitivity became too much, the both of them writhing and panting, hair stuck to their foreheads.

kaminari stopped, letting go and sitting back on bakugou’s lap. a murky line of cum and spit connected their dicks, and kaminari had no idea what to do with his wet hand. they both took a moment to breathe, chests heaving. kaminari just resorted to wiping his hand on the bedsheets. he’d have to wash them later.

“how was that,” he asked breathlessly, brushing hair out of his face. bakugou’s eyes were so unfocused. he was so out of it by now. he was still holding onto kaminari’s waist.

“you’re so… you’re so fucking…” bakugou mumbled, his words trailing off into silence. his gaze suddenly focused on kaminari’s face and kaminari felt his breath hitch in his chest. “… fuck, can i…”

kaminari peered down at him, the pads of his fingers drifting up and down the plane of bakugou’s stomach. “can you what?”

bakugou chewed on his lip aggressively, averting his eyes. there was a beat of silence in which bakugou opened his mouth to speak, closed it, then opened it again, finally saying, “denki, i… i wanna be inside you.” the words hit like a hard slap to the ass and kaminari’s dick perked up so fast that it was embarrassing.

“inside of me?” kaminari echoed hollowly, feeling bakugou slide his fingers from his waist to his thighs, tracing little circles on his skin.

“if that’s okay.”

they met gazes. all this consent was making kaminari goopy. “i don’t have any… condoms or lube and i’ve never…” bakugou understood the unsaid, nodding a little.

“fuckin’… me neither. but… i want to feel you.” kaminari looked down, heart hammering.

“i wanna… feel you too, katsuki.” there was a long pause and they looked at each other again. “i love you.”

“god, fuck, i love you too,” bakugou answered, in a position of vulnerability that he normally never was. he never said i love you back that easily or that quickly in any other normal circumstance, and this had kaminari’s heart fluttering. he supposed that he should get bakugou naked more often. bakugou must’ve seen the stupid smile on kaminari’s face because he jiggled his leg under him to get his attention. “hey. i’m fucking serious.”

“i know,” kaminari said, still smiling like an idiot.

“i fucking love you, denki,” bakugou said again, his voice clear and unwavering. kaminari was warm all over. “i love you so fucking much that it makes me sick. i’ve never loved anything the way i love you.”

kaminari thumped bakugou lightly on the stomach. “stop, stop,” he murmured with that dumb grin still on his face. “i love you too, i love you too. you’re gonna make me cry. you’re my favorite, baby.” bakugou reddened.

“denki,” was all he said.


bakugou looked away, the blush on his cheeks suddenly blazing. “you’re never gonna fuckin’ hear me say this again, but i… i fucking love it when you call me baby.” kaminari brightened so quickly.

“you do??” he exclaimed softly, extremely pleased. “i thought that you didn’t like it much.”

“no,” bakugou said. “i… it’s stupid. when you call me baby or… i don’t know, fuckin’ sweetie or something, i just… i love it so fucking much.” kaminari thumped bakugou again, melting on the inside.

“sit up and kiss me, you big goofball.” bakugou did, bringing his hands up to gently cradle kaminari’s cheeks. kaminari had never felt so loved in his life, putting his hands over bakugou’s and letting the kiss drag out until there wasn’t any breath left in his lungs. the kiss deepened before either of them could pull away for a breath, and kaminari’s hands started to wander, running through bakugou’s hair and trailing down his back and across his thighs. he could feel bakugou trembling under his touch.

“i love you, katsuki,” kaminari moaned quietly when bakugou pulled away to bury his face in his neck, nipping and sucking at his skin. “i love you. i want you.” bakugou’s arms wrapped around him and his embrace was warm and comforting. kaminari rested his hands on bakugou’s waist, fingers pressing into his boyfriend’s sides when bakugou kissed the hollow between his shoulder and his neck in earnest, his teeth scraping on his skin.

“you want me?” bakugou mumbled as he kissed back up kaminari’s neck to his jaw. kaminari let out a hot breath, closing his eyes.

“i want you,” he repeated, brow creasing when bakugou teased his ear lobe with his teeth, his teeth clicking against kaminari’s earring.

“i want you too.” bakugou said this right in kaminari’s ear and it made a violent shiver course through him. “i love you too, denki.” bakugou’s hands dipped down to cup kaminari’s ass. kaminari started with surprise but melted into bakugou’s touch when bakugou began to trace circular patterns on his skin.

kaminari turned his head so their lips met again, the kiss loaded with so much passion that it was almost painful. bakugou raked his nails against the skin of kaminari’s ass and kaminari moaned long and low into the kiss. he couldn’t help but dig his nails a little into bakugou’s sides as compensation. then bakugou tried to scoot him forward on his lap, and kaminari complied, moving so close that their dicks brushed again, making the both of them moan into their kiss.

kaminari fisted a hand into the sheets next to bakugou’s body as he drew himself up, not breaking the kiss. he didn’t want to ruin this magic. he used his other hand to grip the base of bakugou’s cock, the surface slick with that precum-spit-cum mixture from earlier. he was hoping that this would provide enough lubrication so their first time together wouldn’t hurt like an absolute motherfucking bitch.

there were several false starts as kaminari tried to lower himself onto bakugou without looking. he was forced to break the kiss to look down and adjust, bakugou’s breath hot against the side of his face. bakugou spread his cheeks as kaminari aligned himself and successfully began to sink down onto bakugou, but it stung. it hurt so bad, making him hiss through his teeth, his brow furrowing and his face scrunching in pain.

bakugou pulled back to look at him, worry crossed with panic in his eyes. “is it really bad?” he asked, kaminari haltingly trying to lower himself. “do you want to stop?” kaminari moved down just a little more, and even bakugou hissed in pain.

“i don’t want to stop,” kaminari said through gritted teeth, before pressing his lips together to suppress a cry. when he was alone, he was always too scared to finger himself, so he was completely unprepared for how horrible this pain was. it was like he was being split in two, everything feeling like it was on fire. their shoddy lube was probably also to blame for this. “fuck, that hurts so bad.”

“we can stop—” kaminari leaned in and kissed bakugou hard, half to forget the pain and half to shut his boyfriend up.

“i don’t want to stop,” he said again when he pulled back, his breath coming in hot pants. “i want to do this. i can do this.” bakugou didn’t say anything after that, hands moving up to the small of kaminari’s back as kaminari lowered himself down the last several inches with effort. everything burned. he was breathing heavily by the end of it, his dick having gone limp throughout the struggle. bakugou started to fondle his dick, his touch gentle. it was still so strange to see bakugou so calm and so sweet with him when they were alone and vulnerable like this.

kaminari took a moment to adjust to the feeling of something so thick inside of him, his body twitching. bakugou groaned a little when he rocked back and forth slightly to test out the movement, his hand on kaminari’s cock stuttering.

“you’re so tight,” bakugou moaned. kaminari could feel bakugou’s dick stirring inside him. “so warm. fuck, you feel so good.” kaminari rocked again and another sound left bakugou’s mouth, the moan deep and throaty.

“i’m gonna move, okay?” kaminari’s voice was breathless. bakugou nodded just slightly, letting go of kaminari’s dick to settle his hands on his waist.

he pulled himself up excruciatingly slowly, the movement burning. he pulled up until bakugou’s dick was threatening to pop back out, then slowly rocked back down onto him. it hurt terribly, but the more he repeated the motions, the better it was starting to feel. bakugou’s cock brushed up against all his good spots and the friction inside of him felt so good. he kept the pace slow, feeling bakugou completely unravel under him.

“fuck, denki,” bakugou moaned. his boyfriend had never looked so beautiful, with his teeth on his bottom lip and his face bright red. “fuck—the way you squeeze on me like that feels so fucking good.” pleasure was starting to ripple through kaminari’s body in waves, making his whole lower half go numb. he tried to brush hair out of his face, a moan leaving his lips. it was long and drawn out, just like his bounces. the slow pace was building anticipation and building the pleasure as the two of them got used to each other’s bodies like this.

“oh, katsuki—oh… mmn…” he was as close to bakugou as he could get, his now rock-hard dick smushed in between their bodies. bakugou was starting to run his hands up and down kaminari’s back, his breaths coming out hot and desperate. after a while, all the pain was gone, leaving just a buzzing pleasure that was making kaminari’s head spin. bakugou felt so fucking good inside of him and it was unreal.

“i’m gonna go f-faster,” kaminari said breathlessly, already starting to pick up the pace to a steadier smacking. he and bakugou let out a harmonious moan that sounded like a two-person chorus. kaminari swore, and so did bakugou, everything starting to feel so good. everything felt so good. bakugou felt so, so good.

“katsuki,” he groaned out, pressing his palms flat onto bakugou’s stomach to support himself as he bounced steadier. “god, katsuki, it feels s-so good.”

“you take me so fuckin’ well, denki,” bakugou said, his teeth buried in his bottom lip. “you look so fucking good right now. f-fuck—oh my god. so fucking beautiful. so fucking gorgeous.” something blossomed in kaminari’s stomach, and he started to try to grind himself deeper down onto bakugou, trying to push his cock further. his moans were starting to come out as whiny.

his dick was dripping in between them. his legs were starting to burn. bakugou’s hands gripped kaminari’s ass, nails digging into his skin, and it felt so good. he’d never felt this good in his life. riding bakugou felt like all seven heavens colliding at once. he never wanted to stop.

he tried to bounce faster, his ass smacking bakugou’s thighs rhythmically, and a loud moan was torn from him. he loved this. he loved the way it felt. he loved the way bakugou pressed up against him and the way bakugou twitched and stirred inside of him. he loved the look on bakugou’s face, with his eyelids fluttering and his cheeks flushed, and he loved the noises the both of them were making. he loved being physically vulnerable. he loved this. he loved bakugou.

he leaned into bakugou, pressing his face into his boyfriend’s shoulder as he bounced on his dick over and over and over, till it all blurred in his brain. he moaned bakugou’s name and bakugou moaned his, arms coming around him to hold him close, their heartbeats beating in tandem.

“katsuki, please,” he whined, but he wasn’t exactly sure what he was begging for. “please, it’s so good, fuck, it’s s-so good.” bakugou started to buck his hips up to meet kaminari’s bounces and it made kaminari’s whole body jerk, his legs trembling with effort.

“let me,” was all bakugou said next, easing kaminari onto his back. kaminari’s hair spilled out on the sheets, bakugou shifting so that their chests were flush together and bakugou was draped over him, his forearms holding him up. kaminari’s legs curled up to hug bakugou’s sides, and when bakugou thrust into him, it went so deep that kaminari was almost certain he saw stars. the mattress rocked a little with each thrust and it was so good, so good, so good—

raw pleasure shot up kaminari’s spine when bakugou drew him into a sloppy, passionate kiss, their bodies melding together as bakugou hit just the spot. kaminari’s toes curled and he scrambled for one of bakugou’s hands, interlacing their fingers.

he broke the kiss to moan, and he knew he was discharging all over the place, so overwhelmed with everything that he was losing control of his quirk. bakugou didn’t say anything about it. if anything, it was spurring him on, and he buried his face into the hollow of kaminari’s neck. kaminari could feel him moaning against his skin.

“please don’t stop, katsuki,” he gasped out. “i love you, i love you, don’t stop, please—”

“i love you too,” bakugou moaned into his neck. kaminari crossed his legs over bakugou’s back, desperate to be even closer to bakugou. bakugou squeezed tightly onto his hand and kaminari squeezed tightly back, biting down hard on his lip in an attempt to smother a cry. “i’m so close, denki.”

“me too,” kaminari said on something akin to a sob. “yes, fuck, right there!” kaminari was seeing stars for real this time, electricity crackling on his skin. bakugou kissed his neck, kissed his jaw, kissed the corner of his mouth, all before kissing him on the mouth, everything messy but gorgeous at the same time. he was starting to tense. the room was starting to tilt, the temperature a thousand degrees. he was going to cum and his heels dug into bakugou’s back and he kissed bakugou back with such intensity that he couldn’t remember anything but this, his free hand burying into bakugou’s hair.

they were still kissing when kaminari came, his whole body shuddering and seizing as he released all over the both of them. he was seeing white for a long, blissful moment, his legs tightening around bakugou. he whimpered loudly into their kiss. his heart was slamming in his chest and he could hear his blood rushing in his ears. he’d never orgasmed like this before, so intense and white-hot, and he was squeezing around bakugou’s dick so much that bakugou’s thrusts became erratic and stuttered. his boyfriend broke away from the kiss to swear.

“fuck, i’m gonna cum,” he moaned, his mouth right by kaminari’s ear. kaminari was still trying to come down from his high, everything spinning. he was delirious. his nails were digging into bakugou’s scalp and it was hard to catch a breath. the pleasure was becoming so strong that it was morphing into pain, but even that felt good. he didn’t think he wanted it to end.

“don’t pull out, katsuki. don’t pull out, please don’t pull out.” his voice was shaking and unsteady, bakugou’s last few thrusts pushing him closer and closer to overstimulation. bakugou gave him one last kiss, whining under his breath, then came inside of him, squeezing his hand desperately as he rode it out. bakugou gave a couple more halted thrusts, and the both of them cried out a little, latched onto each other like their lives depended on it. kaminari’s breath came out hot and sticky, squirming under bakugou, whose thrusts slowed gradually, everything slick. bakugou’s hips faltered until falling to a complete stop. the warmth in kaminari’s insides was beginning to leak a little.

they laid there clinging to each other for what felt like forever, unmoving and breathing hard. kaminari almost didn’t want to let bakugou go at all, but let his legs fall onto the bed. there were a couple more silent moments, then bakugou leaned back a little, but not before giving kaminari the most satisfying kiss in the world. bakugou hummed a pleased hum into the kiss, kaminari’s hand moving to cup his cheek as he kissed back. the kiss lasted a lot longer than kaminari anticipated, and when bakugou pulled back, kaminari chased after him for one more gentle kiss, then another, this time kissing bakugou’s cheek. bakugou chuckled a little.

after breaking away, kaminari let go of bakugou’s hand with a little reluctance, and bakugou sat up lazily and pulled out, one of his hands trailing down kaminari’s body. kaminari was spent, his mind fuzzy and his body happily limp. bakugou looked equally as so, his face all flushed and his hair a mess and a shiny sheen of sweat over his skin. the both of them were still trying to catch their breath.

bakugou made like he was going to get up off the bed, but kaminari reached out for him with one hand. “don’t leave.” his voice was soft. bakugou stopped, paused for a second and looked at him, then laid down amongst the pillows on the opposite side of the bed. kaminari pushed himself up into seating so he could crawl over to lay next to him. all his limbs were wobbly and weak, and bakugou stretched his arm out to brush his fingers against kaminari’s arm before tugging him tenderly towards him. when kaminari laid down beside bakugou, he could feel his warmth. they looked at each other for a long moment, then bakugou grabbed kaminari’s hand to twine their fingers together. the sheets under them rustled as bakugou brought their joined hands to his mouth, pressing featherlight kisses to kaminari’s knuckles. there was a beat, then kaminari pulled their hands towards him, copying bakugou’s actions and kissing bakugou’s knuckles and then some, planting soft kisses on the scars on the back of bakugou’s hand. bakugou sighed. it sounded dreamy.

he let go of bakugou’s hand to wiggle the bedsheets out from under the both of them, just enough to cover them. he knew these sheets were less than clean—and so were they—but he just wanted to stay in this moment for a little longer. bakugou seemed to feel the same because he huddled into kaminari’s chest, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him close. he put his ear to kaminari’s heart and kaminari was ready to cry. kaminari planted a kiss on the crown of bakugou’s head, amidst all his wild hair, and let out a content breath.

“love you so much, denki,” came bakugou’s voice, quiet and murmured, after two minutes of content silence. kaminari began running his fingers through bakugou’s hair. his heart thrummed in his chest.

“i love you too, katsuki.”