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Extra: Medicinal Aplication

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Most of the structure being underground, there were no windows in Tianlang-Jun's castle. However, the demon king loved the human world and tried to paint fake windows with different landscapes beyond. Each mural showed a different place that he had visited during his travels.

Shen Jiu had grown annoyed looking at the last, unfinished one. He retrieved his brushes from his qiankun ring and mixed up the paint. The image of a dock surrounded by lotus flowers formed under his skilled hand as he layered the colors in a style entirety too lifelike for the current era.

Shang Qinghua observed from the massive door frame, wearing a complicated expression. He tucked his hands into his sleeves, absent-mindedly going over the talismans inside the hidden pockets as the silence stretched between them. Only the low click-clack of brushes disturbed it.

“People are wondering when you will be back,” he said after a while.

“People are wondering when Liu Qingge will be back,” Shen Jiu retorted.

Shang Qinghua rolled his eyes. The ice princess was too dramatic. “Your peak wants you back.”

“Tell them I died.” Shen Jiu dipped the brush into pigment and added more green to the painted trees. “I won’t live much longer, anyway. They can get used to it.”

Shang Qinghua separated from the doorframe and walked inside the room to sit down on a chair that looked like a bad taxidermy exhibit. The enchanted lights tinted everything in a shade of orange and he wondered how Shen Jiu knew whether he used the right colors. He leaned back into the furs and regarded the imposing figure at the painting. Shen Jiu’s straight back and slender body gave him an aura of dignity even in the dark traveling clothes he wore.

“I told you. We can cure your poisoning.”

“With the magic dick of the disciple who hates me for breathing.” Shen Jiu’s voice was flat like it became when he did not want his emotions to show. His face was the habitual frozen mask, and only the fire in his eyes hinted to signs of life. “And then what? Something else will come along.”

“If it helps, I think it was the system’s fault.” Shang Qinghua rubbed the back of his head. “It tried to force the reality to match the script.”

Shen Jiu’s voice lowered the temperature in the room by several degrees. His hand remained steady, however, as he blended greens to create the water below the dock. “Thirty years of work… gone because the clockwork god waved his hand. My cultivation… My reputation… The relationship to my brother... What is even the point if everything is written to go to shit?” The brush fell out of his hand and he looked at the numb limb with disdain.

“No!” Shang Qinghua jumped up from his seat and closed the distance between them in a single step. He grabbed Shen Jiu by the shoulders, forcing the man to face him. “You have free will. Just because certain events are bound to happen in this world does not mean that you have to do what the script says!”

Shen Jiu gave him a tired look.

“The system fucked you over, but you fought back and you won! The scenario enforcement engine will never fire again. Hell, half of its functions have gone offline. What did you even do to it?” Shang Qinghua shook Shen Jiu’s shoulders.

“I stabbed it.” Shen Jiu looked down to where the dropped brush left a stain on the stone floor. “With a piece of pipe.”

Shang Qinghua released him, lifting his hands up toward the heavens. “You crippled this world’s GOD with a piece of pipe!” He paced away from him. “This is some Gordon Freeman kinda shit!”

“I do not know who that is, shidi.” Shen Jiu picked up the brush with his left hand and used his sleeve to wipe at the stain.

“It means that you did something that was supposed to be impossible.” Shang Qinghua whirled around to point with both index fingers at Shen Jiu. “And that you can’t give up now.”

Shen Jiu sighed heavily. The enthusiasm did nothing for him. He whirled the brush in the cup with water, cleaning the fibers of the pigment. “There is no strength left in me. Even being on the same mountain as Yue Qingyuan proved too much.”

“Ah, yes, that was messed up.” Shen Qinghua frowned, the air taken out of his passion.

“And I know that there will be no justice.” Shen Jiu held his right hand up as he circulated spirit energy through it, trying to ease the effect of the poison. “Given the choice, the sect will stand by him. He has been the darling of the cultivation world ever since we came to the Central Plains. His reputation is flawless. He could do no wrong.” He clenched his fist and spirit energy crackled between his fingernails.

“But none of this was your fault.” Shang Qinghua’s hands trembled. He wanted to hug the man who was breaking apart before his eyes.

“So? When did cultivators ever allowed truth to get in the way of opinion?” Shen Jiu’s lashes trembled, disturbing the icy mask. He inhaled deeply. “I should have stayed there. So many would have felt happier, but I prioritized the happiness of two people over the good of the many… Or just one… After all, people have been saying how I only drag Liu Qingge down.”

“People are idiots!” Shang Qinghua could not take it anymore. He wrapped his arms around Shen Jiu’s shoulders and hugged his villain.

Shen Jiu froze, staring at the messy head of hair pressed against his chest. “What are you doing?”

“Hugging you.”

Shen Jiu wavered, losing balance for a moment but caught himself. He experimentally moved his shoulder against the tight embrace. “Why?”

“Because you are sad and hugs make people feel better.” Shang Qinghua pressed his face into Shen Jiu’s shoulder as the height difference made it difficult to do anything else.

Shen Jiu looked away from him. “If you do not release me, I will kill you.”

“You are terrifying.” Shang Qinghua continued hugging.

“I mean it.” Shen Jiu rolled his eyes.

“I know.” Shang Qinghua finally removed his arms and took a step back, holding up his palms. “See? Not hugging anymore.”

Shen Jiu walked to a chair and sat down with a huff.

“Do you feel better?” Shang Qinghua asked.

“I feel angrier. Does that count?” Shen Jiu wrapped his own arms around himself as he slumped in the seat.

“Angry is good. Angry is productive.” Shang Qinghua gestured as he paced around the room. He clenched his fist before his chest. “Angry people want to live.”

Shen Jiu rolled his eyes. “Please stop trying to motivate me. You are horrible at it.”

Shang Qinghua lifted a finger. “I am not done yet. Give it a chance.” He continued to gesture like a conductor leading an orchestra. “This is not the world that was written. In that world, Luo Binghe was the only remaining heavenly demon. Here, we have two more, and they are your friends.”

“Su Xiyan would kill me if I mounted her sleeping husband.” Shen Jiu kicked the rug as if it had something to do with it all.

Shang Qinghua scrunched up his face. “Let’s put somnophilia down as Plan B.”

“As opposed to sleeping with my disciple? Your morals need some adjustment, shidi.”

Shang Qinghua shrugged helplessly. “And Zhuzhi-Lang? He would be willing. Probably?”

“His dao is of the chaos serpent bloodline. If this has something to do with the heavenly demon bloodline, the chances that he can help at all are slim.” Shen Jiu shook his head.

“Doesn’t hurt to try, does it?” Shang Qinghua shrugged more.

“Ugh. Fine.” Shen Jiu rolled his eyes. “But if this is a ploy to get me to cheat on my husband…”

“You’ll kill me. I know.”


Liu Qingge dropped the body of his kill in the middle of the main courtyard. It was a demonic beast the size of a large cart complete with horses and servants: a head with a split jaw, two tails, tentacles that protruded out of the monster’s back for no reason other than to look good. Immediately, a group of weasel demons appeared from the direction of the kitchen and surrounded the still bleeding corpse.

The head chef bounced in front of Liu Qingge. “We take? We cook?”

Liu Qingge shrugged, wasting no words on the harmless demon. They understood what he meant anyway and begun dragging his kill off as soon as he had turned his back. The palace servants had lost their fear of the stoic cultivator after the second week of him and Shen Jiu living there. Some demon nobles had challenged them in the meantime but all of them went home with their tails between their legs. A month later, they showed interest in cooperation. Another week and they had accepted Shen Jiu’s bounty on the entire Sha bloodline.

Political games were not Liu Qingge’s thing and so, he did not care what his husband was up as long as he was safe.

He found Shen Jiu, Shang Qinghua, and Zhuzhi-Lang in the library. Zhuzhi-Lang knelt on the ground, leaning his head against Shen Jiu’s leg as the immortal stroked his hair with absent-minded movements of his hand. His eyes only opened a slit when Liu Qingge entered.

“Ah, shidi.” Shen Jiu lifted his teacup in acknowledgement. “Come sit with us. There is something this husband needs to discuss.”

Liu Qingge glared at Shang Qinghua. The man reminded him more of a weasel than the actual weasel demons in the kitchen. Shang Qinghua shrunk two sizes under his scrutiny.

Shen Jiu filled a cup for Liu Qingge and patted the divan next to him.

Accepting the invitation, Liu Qingge sat. The tea in the cup tasted rich and spicy -- something from the human world that Shen Jiu valued highly.

“Shang Qinghua claims that dual cultivation with a heavenly demon might fix my Without a Cure affliction.” Shen Jiu did not mince his words and said it right out.

Shang Qinghua was glad that he was not drinking at that moment. He masked a cough as Liu Qingge’s glare turned even more murderous. The killing instinct radiated stronger than in a real battle.

“How does he know?” Liu Qingge growled.

“Yes, Shang-shidi, how do you know?” Shen Jiu took a delicate sip from his cup.

“I read it in a book?” Shang Qinghua shrunk two more sizes.

Shen Jiu chuckled dryly, amused about the terror of the man. He blew on his tea leaves, elegantly fluttering his lashes as he looked down. “Heavenly demon blood is a famed panacea. Zhuzhi-Lang had tried to remove the poison before but it has bonded with my flesh. Dual cultivation might surge enough energy to knock it loose for the demon blood to wash it out.”

“Would it work?” Liu Qingge’s expression changed as he looked at his husband.

“It might.” Shen Jiu took a small sip of his tea. “Or it might not.”

Liu Qingge placed his hand on Shen Jiu’s arm. “Try.”

Shen Jiu’s right hand twitched, and he changed his grip on his teacup before it could fall. He inhaled deeply. "I don't want this to stand between us. If you would rather I don't do it…"

Liu Qingge took the teacup out of Shen Jiu's hands, placing it on the table before he took his husband's wrist. Spirit energy flowed between them, just like it did when Liu Qingge cleansed Shen Jiu's meridians.

"Ah…" Shen Jiu made an involuntary sound of distress. His arm trembled now, almost escaping Liu Qingge's grip.

"You're in pain," Liu Qingge said. He caressed the spasming muscles, massaging the tension out of them.

"It's not that bad." Shen Jiu breathed in short puffs, alerting Zhuzhi-Lang.

The demon at his feet placed his hand on Shen Jiu's leg and the feeling of movement momentarily filled his veins. Shen Jiu's arm twitched, and it felt like an itch he could not scratch. Then it calmed, and he sighed with relief.

Shang Qinghua frowned deeply as he leaned forward in his chair. "Are you taking the medicine?"

"En…" Shen Jiu fumbled for his fan, opening it halfway. “Mu-shidi’s abilities are nothing short of a miracle, but this might just be out of his reach. The way the poisoning progresses, I might not live long enough for that certain option to become available.”

Zhuzhi-Lang’s eyes became big and tears quivered in the corners. He gripped the hems of Shen Jiu’S robes. “Master Shen, please allow this servant to try. My blood might be diluted and weak but if there is a chance, this person begs Master Shen to use it.”

Shen Jiu looked at Liu Qingge, seeking confirmation. To be this weak and in such a desperate need for help… He hated it and Liu Qingge knew how much he hated it. So, the reply could have been nothing other than a nod.

It was a strange thing that he wanted permission for something that might prolong his life when he never asked it for anything else. Maybe he wanted to know that the person closest to his heart wanted him to live. Him. Not an obedient doll in his shape.

After that single nod, things moved in a blur. Servants hurried about to prepare a bedroom. Incense burned in all four corners on it, filling the air with a rich scent that went right to Shen Jiu’s head when he entered the bedroom with Zhuzhi-Lang in tow.

A blush glowed on Zhuzhi-Lang's face. His pale skin radiated more heat than a coal brazier. "This servant begs Master Shen to instruct him."

"Dual cultivation differs from mere sex." Shen Jiu moved toward the bed with elegant steps. The white robe he put on after the bath fluttered around his naked ankles. "This master will guide you through the differences."

The demon swallowed thickly. "This servant is not experienced."

Shen Jiu did not turn around or make any sign of surprise or disdain. He opened his belt, allowing the robe to slide off his shoulders. The pale skin it revealed was no darker than the silk.

"Thank you for telling me that." His lashes fluttered only slightly before he placed a single knee on the mattress. "We will compensate." The other leg joined, and he crawled across the sheets.

The view… the sculpted mounds of Shen Jiu's butt parted as he moved, offering a glimpse at what his between them. His tight balls moved with his slender legs and his back arched like a cat's.

Zhuzhi-Lang's eyes went as wide as a pair of saucers. Their color changed as he lost control over his shape shift, turning the irises honey-yellow. He stumbled over air, catching himself on a bedpost.

Shen Jiu turned around at the noise and arched a single eyebrow. “Are you all right?”

The blush on the demon’s face burned even brighter. “Master Shen’s body… this servant is overwhelmed.”

“That is a good thing.” Shen Jiu stretched out his hand, palm toward the sky. “It means that your energy is plentiful.”

Zhuzhi-Lang’s body trembled as he joined the immortal on the bed. The mattress was soft and there was space for an entire orgy but it was as if the universe had shrunk around him. His senses focused on the touch of that hand and on the green fire in those hooded eyes but then his gaze wandered, drawn down to the smooth chest and… and…

Shen Jiu pulled the demon closer until their bodies touched chest to chest. He caressed Zhuzhi-Lang’s cheek, moving his hand further back to the nape. The touch sent spark down Zhuzhi-Lang’s spine and although he still wore his robe, the cloth might as well not have been there at all. Blood gathered in parts of his body that no person other than him had ever touched. After all, who would want an ugly thing that slithered along the ground?

Shen Jiu had taken him in and kept him in his house after Zhuzhi-Lang lost his strength. Shen Jiu restored him and gave him more power than he had ever had. It was the least to use that power to repay a small portion of the kindness.

The immortal leaned closer, pulling Zhuzhi-Lang into a kiss and he shivered with emotion and anticipation. It was all too much and not enough at once. The touch of the soft lips wrecked his control. The slender hand slid down his skin, over his side, along his hips, down to the…

“Oh?” Shen Jiu made a surprised sound.

Zhuzhi-Lang’s eyes flew open with horror. He recoiled but his legs became tangled in the sheets and he fell on his back. His hands clamped over his robe, holding it closed. “M… Master Sh…Shen… This servant....”

Shen Jiu knelt over him, fully exposed to the demon’s eyes. His hands rested on Zhuzhi-Lang’s hands, carefully peeling them away. Despite the demon’s shudder, he opened the robe, revealing the slender body that only cultivation kept in that shape. His eyes rested on the source of his surprise and a thin smile played on his lips.

“Now this is interesting.”

Zhuzhi-Lang felt as if he could sink into the ground. His nerves had caused the shape-shift partially to fail and now, instead of human anatomy, two very erect snake anatomy pillars rose from his loins. He closed his eyes, turning his face into the pillow.

“It is unfortunate that we are here for a purpose instead of to have fun.” Shen Jiu reached into his hair and freed the green ribbon holding up his bun. Released from the bond, his hair fell down his shoulders like a waterfall, framing his face and casting shadows on the delicate clavicles. He wrapped the ribbon around the base of one of Zhuzhi-Lang’s penises and then around the other, finishing with a neat bow.

A low whine escaped Zhuzhi-Lang. “Master Shen?”

“Dual cultivation requires that we conserve our energy until the final part. We cannot have you release too early.” Shen Jiu ran his fingers over the sides of the two alien pillars, light like a feather.

The feeling sent Zhuzhi-Lang into a full-bodied shudder. His mouth opened on its own, panting for air, and Shen Jiu seized in a kiss. The soft tongue explored the demon’s palate, tracing the long snake race teeth that folded against it. They were a feature that Zhuzhi-Lang had never succeeded to conceal with his shape-shifting.

“Ah, delicious.” Shen Jiu separated from Zhuzhi-Lang and reached to the nightstand where a bottle of fragrant oil already stood prepared. The demonic servants of the palace knew their birds and bees well.

He opened the bottle with a pop and coated his fingers with a generous amount of oil. Straddling Zhuzhi-Lang, he bit his lip as he reached behind himself and traced down to the secret place between his legs. His fingertip found the quivering ring of muscle and he leaned forward over the demon to get better access.

The long black hair fell down like a curtain and tickled Zhuzhi-Lang’s chest. Instinctively, he reached out to the soft strands, carding through them. Shen Jiu’s half-hard cock was less than a cun from Zhuzhi-Lang’s twin erection and he so badly wanted to lift his hips but the dissolving concentration on the immortal’s face as his hand worked in the back was too wondrous to disturb and so the demon watched as he fell apart piece by piece.

Shen Jiu gasped for air when he reached the fourth finger and pushed his hand in to the first knuckle. A side-glance to the demon’s anatomy made his soul hurt. The amount of preparation would have been more than enough for his... gifted... husband. This, however, would be a challenge.

“Nnngh… Zhu Zhi, I cannot reach further,” he gasped. “You need to help me.”

Zhuzhi-Lang’s heart sped up. He needed two tries to get words out. “What… what do I do?”

Shen Jiu took Zhuzhi-Lang’s hand and poured oil on it. “Just point your fingers and carefully use your hand to... “ He swallowed a lump in his throat that could have been a remnant of shame peeking up. “ widen me.”

Before Zhuzhi-Lang could process the words, Shen Jiu swung his long leg over and turned around. His breath touched Zhuzhi-Lang’s burning erection, and he gasped. Were the ribbon not there, that would have been it. He would have spilled all over Master Shen’s face!

With a burning face, Zhuzhi-Lang dared to touch the buttocks hovering in front of him. He squeezes the firm muscle, pulling it aside to reveal the winking hole, slick with oil and already yearning to be filled. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to get his breath under control but then…

Shen Jiu kissed Zhuzhi-Lang’s thigh, grazing his erection with his cheek.

“M...Master Shen!” The demon nearly jumped out of his skin. A Single drop of oil rolled down his hand over his arm as he held it up.

“Time is of the essence, Zhu Zhi. It is bad for your body to remain restricted for too long.” Shen Jiu chuckled. His voice was pure honey and sent another shiver down the demon’s spine.

“Y...yes.” Zhuzhi-Lang steeled himself. He touched the ring of muscle, pulling it apart with his thumbs. It beckoned him with such heat… As a demon of the snake race, hot places always drew him in. He felt that it was ridiculous, but he wanted to be in there so badly. And so, with a deep breath, he slid his oiled fingers into the waiting tightness, marveling at how the smooth walls clung to him.

“Mhm… deeper…” Shen Jiu moaned and Zhuzhi-Lang eagerly complied, thrusting inside until his knuckled disappeared past the rim.

Shen Jiu gasped at the feeling. The stretch… the fullness... his arms gave in. He lowered himself and his face rested on Zhuzhi-Lang’s thigh as he gave himself to the sensation. The sounds that fell from his lips bordered on obscene. Even a seasoned courtesan would have blushed!

“Master Shen… you are pressing on… ah…” Zhuzhi-Lang made a sound that was a mixture between a moan and a hiss. His hand jerked, pushing further than before.

“Ah... “ Shen Jiu’s spine arched, his eyes rolling back. He hovered dangerously close to the edge. Just a little… a little…

With sheer willpower, he pulled himself off Zhuzhi-Lang’s hand, feeling regret as it left his hole. The emptiness screamed to be filled again.

“T...this master is as ready as he can be…”

Zhuzhi-Lang looked possibly more disheveled than Shen Jiu did. His lips trembled deliciously and Shen Jiu kissed them, savoring the softness. He licked over the line of the demon’s mouth and dipped his tongue inside. It tasted of dark magic that made his scalp tingle and his toes curl.

Straddling Zhuzhi-Lang again, Shen Jiu looked into his eyes as he lined himself up, taking both of the demon’s lengths in his hand. They pulsed with potent heavenly blood and black qi. He rubbed them up and down, then added more oil and spread it over the heated skin before he pressed the twin heads against his loosened entrance.

“Ahh... “

The stretch was immense. The heads went in with an audible plop but what followed was no less huge, making him gasp for air as the twin erections split him open. He wavered half of the way but then Zhuzhi-Lang sat up, catching Shen Jiu and cradling him in his arms.

The demon blood moved inside Shen Jiu’s veins, taking away the tension and pain. An eager tongue licked his neck, right on the sensitive pulse point. The danger of the hidden teeth was on the forefront of his mind, heightening the pleasure. His lashes fluttered closed as gentle bobbing pushed the twin erections further into his body until he felt it push against his belly from the inside. He touched his abdomen, certain that he felt the invasion push through.

“Master Shen…” Zhuzhi-Lang moaned into the crook of his neck. “You feel so good.”

Shen Jiu breathed deeply as his body got used to the feeling. He crossed his legs behind Zhuzhi-Lang’s back, wrapping his arms around the demon’s shoulders. The twins slid all the way in to the balls, almost overwhelming him with the size but only almost.

Regaining a portion of his senses, Shen Jiu cradled Zhuzhi-Lang's face in his hands. The exchange needed no words not he still lifted his brows. The demon nodded in reply and then they kissed, deeply and unhurried. Shen Jiu reached into his golden core and pulled up a thin string of qi, pushing it into his tongue. It flowed into the demon's mouth, making the combined pool of saliva sizzle and overflow, escaping the corners of their lips in a glossy stream.

As he pushed the energy into Zhuzhi-Lang's body, his yang qi met demonic yin qi and the reaction made their kiss crackle with Sparks. Carefully, he wrapped the thread around Zhuzhi-Lang's demonic core, connecting to it. Then he pulled the energy back, looping it until it ran through the place where their bodies connected below.

This felt like nothing he had ever done before. Preferring men, the yin energy of his partners had always been meager. Now, the entire loop vibrated with power. This much energy would have been enough to level a palace. And here he was using it for a medicinal purpose.

"Channel a small amount of energy through my body to knock the poison loose." Shen Jiu whispered, unable to raise his voice.

Zhuzhi-Lang did as asked and it felt diving into fireworks. Every part of Shen Jiu's body felt like a thousand firecrackers going off in an intricate chain. He started to move, lifting his hips just a cun at first, then as the glide eased, adding more distance. Zhuzhi-Lang gripped his hips, helping him ride the twin cocks stuffing him to such delicious fullness.

Shen Jiu angled his hips and some drops of oil dribbled down the sheets. He sunk back down, moaning into the kiss as he felt the stretch. Then he did it again and again, air getting punched out of him each time while his own cock wept pre-cum. The head of his erection rubbed against the demon's stomach and Shen Jiu's toes curled from pleasure.

Taking Zhuzhi-Lang's oil-covered hand, he wrapped it around his length, giving it two demonstrative pumps. The third one did not need encouraging. As of he could read thoughts, the demon gripped just right, tight to the point of pain. Shen Jiu was losing his mind.

"Ah ah ah…" Like a sweet song, those gasps escaped the seal of their lips. The energy between them surged and rising toward its peak.

Zhuzhi-Lang's fingers dug into the flesh of Shen Jiu's thighs. He was so close but the silk ribbon stopped his release. The shape-shift magic quivered, and his tongue lengthened beyond human proportions. The two tips explored Shen Jiu's mouth, marveling at the ridges of the immortal's palate and the smoothness of his teeth.

Shen Jiu broke the kiss, pushing the energy connection southward to the searing invasion. "Zhu Zhi," he whispered feverishly. "I will remove the binding. Try removing the poison right after the climax."

"Yes, Master Shen." Zhuzhi-Lang marveled that he was still lucid enough to understand the instructions.

With one skilled flick of his fingers, Shen Jiu opened the bow on the green ribbon around the demon's twin lengths.

Zhuzhi-Lang gasped for breath and his face scrunched in concentration but it only took a handful more thrusts until his eyes rolled back and he barreled over the edge of pleasure.

Cool liquid pumped up Shen Jiu's stretched hole, tingling his senses in the strangest way. He pumped his length a final time and his body tensed, shooting his seed over the demon regent's abdomen.

Fed by their orgasms, the energy loop peaked, washing over their bodies in a perfect mixture of yin and yang. Then Zhuzhi-Lang remembered his part and bit into Shen Jiu's right wrist. Black blood rushed into his mouth, thick with the poison so deadly to humans but harmless to demons. He sucked on it until the limb became pale and cold, only then returning his own blood to the human.

Light-headed, Shen Jiu slumped against Zhuzhi-Lang and the demon felt regret as he removed his softening lengths from the tight heat. Milky seed seeped out of the shuddering hole, running down his thigh and soaking the sheets. The demon laid back with a soft sigh, allowing the human to rest on his chest. Only moments later Shen Jiu's breath evened out as he fell asleep still cradled by the regent of the southern demon realm.


"Did it work?" Liu Qingge asked as he tightened his grip around Shen Jiu's waist. The wind whistled past them as they flew on Cheng Luan. The border between the two words disappeared behind them, allowing the lush primordial forest to take the place of the alien tundra.

Shen Jiu leaned into the embrace. He stood on Liu Qingge's blade in front of him as he maintained a small barrier around them. "Mu Qingfang will need to find out. My knowledge about anatomy is rudimentary."

Liu Qingge rested his chin on Shen Jiu's shoulder. "Humble."

"Trust me, if there is one thing that I am not then it is humble." Shen Jiu chuckled dryly and patted the hand on his waist. "Here, however, to be alive and to spend time with you is a blessing beyond anything I could hope for. I love you more than anything… husband."

If anybody would dare to claim that they saw how Liu Qingge nearly fell off his sword, he would make sure they would never have a working jaw again.