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Harry Potter was horny.

That wasn’t something he was used to feeling anymore, or not for long at least. Ginny was always willing to shag whenever he was in the mood; she was at least as horny as he was. But the past couple of weeks had been different. She’d been acting strange, maintaining a distance from him and always finding an excuse any time he hinted at wanting to take her into the bedroom. This was a dry spell that was exponentially longer than any he’d had since he and Ginny got back together after the Battle of Hogwarts, and he didn’t like it one bit.

He’d been trying to figure out how to charm her into bed, but had been rebuffed every single time. It wasn’t until he returned home from a long day at the office and saw her bent over in the kitchen, her arse jutting out enticingly in her skirt, that he found inspiration in a bit of pillow talk they’d engaged in months earlier. She’d mentioned that one of her big fantasies was having him come up from behind, surprise her and fuck her roughly and without warning. It was a bit risky since she’d been trying to keep her distance from him (all while insisting that he’d done nothing wrong and she wasn’t upset with him), but he was too damn worked up to worry about all of the ways this could potentially backfire.

“What…?” Ginny froze when she felt his hands sliding underneath her skirt and yanking her panties down her legs. “Harry, wait!”

“I pay attention to everything you say, you know,” he said. He’d already vanished his own bottoms, so there was nothing to prevent him from sliding his cock right into her without warning, just like she wanted. “I’ve been trying to figure out why you’ve been putting me off for the past couple of weeks, but it makes sense now. You were waiting on me to bring this fantasy to life, weren’t you?”

“No, Harry, you don’t understand!” Ginny said. She was trying to sound panicked, but Harry wasn’t buying it. He heard the way she gasped when he put his hands on her freckled hips and thrust balls-deep into her. She’d said she would act surprised to enhance the fantasy, and she was doing a decent job of it, but he knew a gasp of pleasure when he heard it.

Harry took her roughly, just as she wanted. He drove his hips back and forth and fucked her over the countertop with reckless abandon, and sure enough her protests turned into moans soon enough.

“Oh, fuck,” Ginny whispered. “Oh, this wasn’t supposed to happen, but it feels so good! She’s going to be so furious!”

Harry didn’t know what she was talking about, but he did know that it had been way too long since he’d fucked her. It’d been so long that he swore she was even tighter than usual, but that made no sense. Obviously it was just his imagination, but when combined with how long she’d made him wait, it brought him to his end sooner than he would’ve expected.

“Here it comes, Ginny!” he groaned. “You teased me for weeks just for this, didn’t you? Well, here’s your reward!”

He hilted his cock inside of her and filled her with cum, sighing in relief at his first orgasm in weeks that had come from anything other than his own hand. Ginny screamed and clawed the countertop as he fucked her to a rapid climax.

She was still in mid-scream when her body shifted. Her hips got wider, she lost the freckles and traded in her lithe quidditch body for a curvier form. Most telling of all, however, was how her long red hair shortened and changed to a familiar bubblegum pink. That’s when he knew how badly he’d fucked up.



Ginny stepped out of the floo, elated to share her news with Harry. She’d made the Harpies!

She felt guilty about the ruse; she’d badly wanted to tell him. But he was a notoriously bad liar, and she knew her disapproving mother would get the truth out of him if she’d told him she was going on an international camp for two weeks to follow her dream and try and make the Holyhead Harpies roster. Thankfully Tonks had agreed to fill in for her, so her mother hadn’t had any chance to learn the truth and try and guilt trip Ginny into coming home. She knew her mum was just paranoid about her children being far from home after losing Fred, but Ginny wished she’d let her live her own life and follow her dreams.

She strolled into the kitchen, only to freeze in surprise at what she saw waiting for her there. She arrived just in time to see Tonks shift from Ginny’s form to one of her own, but Harry finding out the truth wasn’t the real story. It was the fact that Harry had her bent over the counter and had clearly just finished shagging her rotten.

“Tonks?!” Harry muttered, and Ginny heard his shock. So they hadn’t deliberately gone behind her back. That was good.

He pulled his cock out of Tonks in a hurry and scrambled back—right into Ginny’s chest. He almost fell, spun around, and looked horrified when he saw her staring back at him.

“Ginny!” he gasped. He looked from her back to Tonks, who was still bent over their kitchen counter with his cum leaking out of her. Then he was back to Ginny, whose heart honestly went out to him. She’d never seen him so frightened about anything. “I didn’t mean to, I swear!”

“I know you didn’t,” she said, patting him on the arm to reassure him. She wasn’t mad at him or at Tonks; this was at least partially her fault. But as she looked at the well-fucked Tonks and thought about Harry fucking her while honestly thinking she was his girlfriend, the fantasy potential of Tonks’ metamorph abilities really caught her attention. Partially to lighten the mood, and partially because the idea thrilled her, she voiced the dirty thought running through her head.

“Since you two have already come this far, what do you say to letting me in on the fun?” she said. “I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with you, Harry. You, me…and Fleur.”

Her sister-in-law would never go for it, but maybe Tonks would oblige her.