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Fandom: My Hero Academia

Summary: The real Camie makes it to the provisional license exam as planned, and meets a cute young man that she just has to have. (Camie/Izuku)


Unbeknownst to Camie Utsushimi, she’d had a near miss and was almost attacked by a villain before her exam to obtain her provisional hero license. The villain had thankfully been thwarted by a pro without her ever knowing, and she’d been able to attend the exam as planned. There she’d met Izuku Midoriya, and instantly she’d found her eyes drawn to the green-haired young man from U.A. He was just so adorable, especially when he got that look of determination on his face and rushed to the aid of one of his classmates in need.

She’d known she needed to have him, and being the straightforward and flirtatious type, had simply gone after him and made her intentions very clear. He’d blushed cutely, clearly shocked, and she’d realized that the girls at his school had probably never just come right out and made it clear that they wanted him. She knew he had to have at least one admirer there, and probably more; a guy as earnest and cute as him wouldn’t have gone completely unnoticed. But none of them had made their move, and it was obvious he was too shy to hit on anyone, so all of this was completely new to him.

“I’ve—I’ve never—“ he began, but she cut him off with a finger on his lips.

“Shh,” she whispered. She’d dragged him off to an empty room, eased him into a chair and immediately got to work undressing him. “I know. It’s okay. Just leave it to me.” She had no problem with him being inexperienced. On the contrary, she was honored to have this chance to break him in. The U.A. girls’ loss was her gain.

“Wow,” she said with a gasp, eyes widening once she got his pants off and got a look at him. He was already hard thanks to the frantic make-out session they had on their way into the room, and she whistled at the size of him. Those girls at his school didn’t know what they were missing! “I got my license, and I get to play with a cock this big? Best day ever!”

Izuku didn’t seem to know what to say to that. He hadn’t said much for the last couple of minutes now, reduced to a wide-eyed, blushing mess once she’d stripped out of her clothes. It was downright cruel that none of his classmates had ever stripped down for him, but she was pleased to offer him his first up-close view of the female form. And she knew she had quite a view to offer him; her curvaceous body turned plenty of heads.

“I wish we had more time to really savor this, but people will notice we’re missing before long,” she said. “That just means I’ll need to be quick about it.”

And so she was. She mounted him in the chair and sank down onto his cock unceremoniously. She pressed her lips against his, sealing off the overwhelmed moans that would have otherwise escaped as he experienced being inside of a woman for the first time. Once she was sure he had recovered enough to have some level of control over himself, she pulled her head away from his and went to work.

There was no teasing and no gradual buildup towards anything; they didn’t have time for that. She just rode him as fast and as hard as she could right from the beginning, driving herself up and down on his cock over and over again. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed throughout the room every time she dropped down onto him, and the chair creaked with the force of her wild ride.

Her focus was solely on Midoriya though. He watched her bounce in his lap with a wide-eyed awe that made her feel so unbelievably sexy. His hands flinched like he wanted to touch her but wasn’t sure if he should, so she smiled, took his hands in hers and guided them to her breasts. He cupped her large boobs, squeezing and playing with them experimentally while she continued to drive her hips up and down onto his cock as fast as she could manage.

It was obvious to her when Midoriya was about to cum. He grit his teeth and his strong thighs tensed beneath her. He was trying to hold on, to keep this going so he could enjoy this pleasure for as long as possible. But there was no need. She honestly was impressed he’d even held on this long, getting fucked so roughly during his first time.

“Let go,” she whispered, continuing to fuck herself down onto him. “Let go.”

He did. His hands squeezed her breasts tight and he tensed beneath her as he shot off inside of her. She’d been turned on practically all day thanks to him, and the combination of her arousal, the impressive cock she was bouncing on and the knowledge that she’d just broken this cutie in and given him a first time he’d never forget triggered her own orgasm. She kissed him again, this time to silence her own ecstatic screams.

“That was amazing,” he panted moments later, still in shock after she dismounted him.

“It’ll be even more amazing next time,” she promised, leaning down to give him a quick kiss before hurrying out of the room to meet up with the rest of her classmates.

There would definitely be a next time for her and that green-haired ball of cuteness. She would make sure of it. 

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“Let’s begin,” the tallest member of the Steering Committee said to the others. Now that all four of them had a cockwarmer in place, they could start their meeting.

He looked down at Tsubasa Kamii, whose light, waist-length hair was tied back so it wouldn’t get in the way while she bobbed her head on his cock. She kept her pale blue eyes closed, not wanting to look up at him and trying to space out and ignore the reality of what she was doing. That was fine with him. He didn’t need her to enjoy herself; he just needed her to suck him off. She often wore a gentle smile on her face, especially when spending time with her boyfriend, but right now her lips were stretched wide around his big cock as she carried out her duty.

The grey-bearded man to his left spat insults and kept ordering Aiko Umesawa to do better. The short girl blushed and worked her head faster on his cock, to the point that the hood of her yellow bunny hoodie nearly flew up over her wavy brown hair. The girl had been very naïve back when this first started, but the Steering Committee had turned her into a more than passable cocksucker during these weekly meetings.

Suzuko Kashiki’s primary concern when all of this started had been trying to protect the other members of the Student Council; it was her who had convinced them to only call on these four girls every week instead of cycling through the entire student council. She probably would’ve sucked all four of the committee members off by herself if she could just to spare the other three, but all she could do right now was try her best to satisfy the heavyset member of the committee. He didn’t give her any feedback on how well she was doing and simply cleaned his glasses and ignored her entirely. Being ignored like that motivated the girl to hollow her cheeks around his cock and try even more desperately to make him happy. It was a trick they all liked to use on the blue-eyed girl any time they had a turn with her.

Far less eager to please was Kotomi Ikuta. The Vice President of the Student Council glared up at the shortest member of the committee with yellow eyes full of hate. He just smirked, adjusted his sunglasses and put his hands on her long red hair to signal to her that she should keep going down further. When she didn’t suck well enough for his liking, he pushed down on her head and forced his cock deeper into her mouth, making her gag around him.

The four men began to hold their weekly meeting even as the mouths of their reluctant handlers drove them to release underneath the table. Tsubasa gagged but swallowed her load as best she could. Aiko had her hoodie dirtied with her partner’s semen. Suzuko gulped hers down smoothly, eager to please as always. Kotomi was rewarded for her temper with a messy facial.

All four girls took it in silence, knowing that unless they wanted the rest of the Student Council to find out about this and possibly even get roped into it themselves, they’d be right back here at the same time next Friday to ‘aid’ the old men during their weekly meeting.

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“You’re a good candidate, Susan, but there are plenty of good candidates. You’re under consideration, but I can’t make any promises.”

That wasn’t good enough. Since she was little, Susan Bones had dreamed of following in the footsteps of her Aunt Amelia, who had always been her hero. She needed to keep working her way up the ranks of the Ministry to keep that dream alive, and becoming the new Head Auror was the next logical step in her progression. If she didn’t get the job now that there was an opening, it could set her plan back for years.

Equally important was trying to ingratiate herself with the man making the decision, Harry Potter. Harry was the reason a new Head Auror needed to be chosen, as he had recently been promoted to the Head of the DMLE. It was obvious to Susan that it was only a matter of time before he rose all the way to become the Minister of Magic, and that day probably wasn’t even that far off. They were friends of a sort from their school days, but she was hardly the only person in the running for the Head Auror spot who could say that. Aligning herself with Harry was crucial, not just so she could get this promotion but so she could be there close by his side as he continued to rise.

“Please, Harry,” she said. She stepped closer to him, invading his personal space and all but cornering him against his own desk, still yet to be decorated since he moved into this bigger, nicer office. “I’ll do anything to show you I’m the woman for the job. Anything.” She brushed a piece of lint off of his shoulder, which was really an excuse for her to stroke his arm through his shirt.

“Is this a bribe, Susan?” He raised his eyebrows at her and she froze, wondering if she’d just made a colossal mistake that could sabotage her own career. But it was too late to back down now. She’d made her play, and the only thing she could do now was follow through and hope for the best. She leaned in and put her mouth close to his ear.

It’s a promise,” she whispered.


“Yes!” Susan shouted. “Fuck me, Harry!” He’d locked the door and cast spells to make sure no sound carried outside the room, so she was free to be as loud as she wanted to.

Her enthusiasm wasn’t even exaggerated. She’d always thought Harry was cute, and had been delighted when she’d gotten her first look at the size of his cock. She was even more thrilled once he stripped her down, threw her down on his still bare desk and started to fuck her.

None of the size he’d been blessed with went to waste; he knew how to fuck. His thick cock pounded in and out of her snug pussy as her legs hung over the edge of the desk, and he was slamming his hips into her hard enough to make her huge breasts bounce around wildly.

“That’s so good!” she said. “Keep going, Harry! Keep fucking me!” She reached between her legs to rub at her clit and give herself a little additional stimulation to go along with the cock sliding in and out of her and hitting deeper inside of her than anything ever had before. Susan could feel an orgasm approaching, and she happily embraced it. She’d come here to make Harry happy and advance her career, but she sure as hell wouldn’t complain if she got a hard fuck and a toe-curling orgasm out of it too.

“YES!” she shouted. “Yes, yes, YES!” Her head bounced off of the desk and she lightly raked her nails down his back as he shagged her to completion. His hips sped up in the midst of her orgasm, and a minute or two later he pulled out of her, kneeled on the desk above her and wanked himself until he came into her mouth.

“Swallow it all like a good little slut,” he commanded. Susan did so, making sure to give an exaggerated gulp for his benefit.

“This was a very productive meeting, Miss Bones,” he said a few minutes later as he escorted her out of his office as if nothing had happened. “We’ll let you know in a few days.” They were both perfectly dressed, and no one suspected a thing. Never would any of their colleagues dreamed that Harry had claimed Susan’s panties as a keepsake and stuffed them in a locked drawer, leaving her to spend the rest of the day concealing a very naughty secret underneath her work robes.   

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“What is it, Harry? C’mon, you can tell me.”

Ginny had told her fiancée that she was going to give him a special treat for his birthday: her. He could take her in any way he wanted, no matter the position. She’d been expecting him to leap at the offer, but instead he’d gone shy and said he was fine with their usual stuff. He was quite comfortable with sex and talking about sex by now, so obviously there was indeed something he wanted to try but he was too nervous to bring it up. That just wouldn’t do.

“Tell me,” she said, poking him in the side. He shook his head again, sticking to his stubborn silence. It was time to bring out her secret weapon. “If you don’t tell me what it is that you’re too afraid to ask for, I’m going to tell Hermione that we were shagging in the loo during her wedding.”

“You wouldn’t,” he said, eyes widening in horror. Hermione would never let them, and especially him, hear the end of it if she found out.

“Try me,” Ginny answered, crossing her arms and staring him down. His defiance deflated before her eyes.

“I want to tie you up,” he mumbled.

“…Oh,” she said quietly. Not much made her blush these days, but she now quite resembled the squeaking girl with a hopeless crush she’d been when she first met him. She’d thought he might want to spank her or something. Bondage was well beyond anything they’d ever done!

“See, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you,” he said, hanging his head. “I’m sorry. Forget I brought it up.”

“No, no, it’s okay,” she said to him. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach at his suggestion, but she hated to see him looking so dejected. “So do you have some rope, or should we just conjure some?” His head snapped up and he stared at her.

“Are you serious?” he asked, disbelieving. “You’re really okay with this?”

“I did say anything,” she said, fighting down her anxiety. As reluctant as she was to have her control taken away from her like this, she loved her fiancée and trusted him with her life. She could trust him with her body too.


Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!

Ginny grunted into her gag as Harry thrust into her pussy, bottoming out inside of her again and again. He seemed to be having the time of his life, as she couldn’t remember the last time he’d been able to fuck her this hard for this long. And all of this after he’d already roughly fucked her face and cum down her throat!

That was before the gag had been put in, but otherwise her state was the same. She was tied up spread eagle on the bed, with conjured ropes binding her arms to the headboard and her ankles to the bed posts. He hadn’t stopped there either; she was also blindfolded.

She was completely at his mercy, unable to move, speak or see. Before today she couldn’t have ever imagined being okay with being so powerless, but a funny thing happened shortly after he started fucking her face. She found herself growing wet.

Ginny would have never trusted anyone else in this way, but ceding control to Harry felt right. He was her lover and her hero, as well as everyone else’s hero. She’d always loved having sex with him, but this was a different side of him, the fighter, the side that struck fear into dark wizards everywhere. She welcomed this side of Harry as readily as every other.  

Being restrained and deprived of her senses and ability to communicate like this was strange, but it allowed her to appreciate sex in a different way. She didn’t have to worry about moving her body to match his, or telling him how good he was doing, or give him a smoldering look with her eyes to try and coax more out of him. She could focus solely on enjoying the feeling of his big cock hitting deep inside of her. And enjoy it she was; she’d already cum on his cock three times, and unless she was mistaken she was pretty sure she’d hit a fourth time before he was done.

MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!!” Sure enough, Harry’s magic wand got her off one more time and she screamed into her gag.

She was surprised when Harry pulled out a few minutes later, since he definitely hadn’t come inside of her. Why had he stopped? She couldn’t see what he was doing and couldn’t ask him; all she could do was wait there helplessly for whatever came next.

What came next was Harry himself. She flinched in surprise when she felt the first spurt of cum hit her cheek. It was soon followed by another shot, and another, and another. She couldn’t see herself, but she could feel how thoroughly he’d coated her freckled cheeks in his semen.

She relaxed on the bed as she felt the ropes begin to loosen. She knew he was going to be nervous about her reaction once she was freed, but he had nothing to worry about.

They would not be waiting until his next birthday to do this again.

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Sirius Black set his empty beer mug down on the bartop and sighed in satisfaction. It tasted like freedom.

He knew Dumbledore would be furious with him for sneaking out of Grimmauld, but being a prisoner in his own home was driving him insane. It wasn’t as bad as Azkaban obviously, but in its own way it was just as frustrating. He felt the restlessness building inside of him, and had needed to get away desperately. Dumbledore would surely scold him for being reckless and going out into the open while he was still a wanted man, but there wasn’t much risk he could see. He highly doubted that anyone in this muggle bar had ever even heard the name Sirius Black.

That didn’t mean he’d gone completely ignored though. He liked to think that he still held onto some of the roguish good looks of his younger self despite his years in Azkaban, and after over a year of freedom his body wasn’t as gaunt as it had been upon his escape. He’d seen one or two women let their eyes linger on him, but the most intriguing were the lithe blonde and the busty brunette who had been openly eyeing him off and on ever since they sat down together at the bar. It was obvious they were a couple, which only made their interest in him even more intriguing. Maybe they were looking to explore the possibilities of bringing a man into the bedroom and were considering him for the position? Only one way to find out.

He motioned for the bartender, intending to buy both ladies a drink, but it turned out they’d beaten him to the punch. The bartender served him another drink, and the blonde smiled and gave him a wink. He retuned the smile and walked over to them, drink in hand. Tonight had begun as him just wanting to escape his glorified prison for a few hours and drink his frustrations away without Molly Weasley hovering over him, but perhaps he’d stumbled upon an even better way to relieve his stress.


“Yes! Ah, yes!” The brunette, whose name was Sara, bounced up and down on Sirius’ lap. “I love my dildo, but I never imagined a real cock would feel this good!”

Sirius could understand the sentiment. He’d had his share of women back in his younger days (more than his share, to be honest), but he’d been afraid that those days were behind him. Being inside of a woman again after so long was incredible. He wasn’t sure if it was because it had been so long for him or because this was her first time taking a real dick, but he couldn’t remember ever being inside of a pussy that felt this snug around his cock. And she was moving her busty body atop of him quite energetically too; the way her big breasts bounced in his hands attested to that. He wished he could see her tits in action too, but losing that view was a small price to pay for what he was seeing instead.

The reason he couldn’t watch Sara’s tits in action was he had a faceful of her girlfriend’s pussy. The blonde, Samantha, had been with men before and so willingly allowed Sara to have his cock while she settled for sitting on his face. Sirius wasn’t going to let her think of that as some consolation prize though. He had always prided himself on his ability to please a woman with his tongue, and he found the skills coming back to him easily enough once he got going. Samantha seemed to approve, rocking her hips against his face and moaning as he explored her with his tongue.

“Fuck!” she cried. “Half the reason I switched to girls was that no guy ever had a tongue worth a damn, but you can eat me as good as any woman!” Sirius could think of no higher compliment.

Sara, the only one who was being introduced to something for the first time, predictably broke first. She let out a cute little breathless moan as she hit her peak. Her cunt tightening around him was enough to spell the end for Sirius, who squeezed her big breasts harder and thrust his hips up into her as he came inside of the condom they’d had him wear (he knew a spell that would’ve done the trick too, but he couldn’t exactly reveal that to them.)

Sirius had never been one to leave a lover unsatisfied, and he wasn’t about to start now. He kept licking at Samantha throughout his own orgasm, and his efforts were soon rewarded.

Ohhhhh!” she shouted. “Yes, God, yes! I---mmmph!”

Samantha’s orgasmic cries were muffled by Sara’s lips, and as the kiss intensified, Sirius’s lips quirked into a grin. He always loved listening to his lover cry out in orgasm, but having those cries cut off because she was making out with her girlfriend was an even more rewarding sound.

He would be returning to 12 Grimmauld Place with the biggest smile on his face. Nothing, not the guilt trip from Dumbledore or the scolding from Molly, would be able to take it away from him.      

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“Relax, boy,” Melisandre said. Gendry looked nervous as he struggled ineffectually to free his arms that she’d just tied to the bed. “You have nothing to fear.”

He truly didn’t. Originally she’d wanted his blood, but she’d since changed her mind. She didn’t want his blood, and she didn’t want to birth a baby born of shadow. She wanted a real, flesh and blood baby, one conceived with not just a king’s blood, but with a king’s seed.

He was already hard, so Melisandre only had to straddle his hips. She didn’t stick him in right away though; first she gripped him by the shaft and rubbed herself along his impressive length. She did so not only because his cock felt good brushing against her like this, but because it drew such delicious groans from him as well. He stared up at her, his eyes filled with fear and awe and desperate need. He was in way over his head, this green boy. But he was Robert Baratheon’s bastard. He had the blood of kings flowing through his veins; he would give her what she needed. It also didn’t hurt that he had a nice, strong young body, not to mention a cock that was well above average in both length and thickness. He was an unexpectedly tantalizing treat, this former blacksmith’s apprentice.

Figuring she’d teased him enough, and worrying that he might spend before she could even get him inside of her if she drew this out any longer, she held his cock steady and lowered her hips to take him inside of her. He groaned and threw his head back right away. That was understandable; he was green, inexperienced, barely even a man at this point, and she knew what she was doing. She’d lived a long life, after all, and she’d had to use her body many times in order to accomplish her goals.

Rarely had she ever enjoyed herself this much though. Maybe that was because she was doing this for the purpose of getting truly pregnant and creating a flesh and blood baby instead of a shadowy construct that was only going to be used as a mere tool in the service of the Lord of Light.

Maybe that wasn’t giving the boy himself enough credit though. He had a nice cock, not the biggest she’d ever seen or fucked, but far from the smallest as well. But as nice as the cock itself felt as she bounced her hips and fucked herself down onto it, it was primarily his reactions that were really appealing to her. Most of the men that she’d seduced and used for her own purposes had gone in with at least some idea of what they were getting into. Most, like King Stannis, were men with some degree of experience in the bedchamber.

This green boy, this Gendry, he was different. She merely had to watch his expressive, wide-eyed, open-mouthed face to see how out of his depth he was. He’d been a strong, handsome, strapping young lad, and with a nice cock to boot, but now she was truly making him a man. She kept her eyes fixed on his face the entire time, rocking her body on his confidently, secure in the knowledge that she was the most beautiful woman he would ever fuck, and that he would never be able to forget being introduced to sex by the Red Priestess Melisandre.

“I, oh, oh,--“

Melisandre understood what he was trying to say perfectly well. She didn’t need to hear the words at all; she’d done this enough to recognize when a man was nearing his end.

“Do it,” she said. She smiled down at him, took him all the way inside so her cunt almost reached his balls, and rocked her hips back and forth.

“But I’m, I’ll-“

Do it,” she repeated, more firmly this time. “Spend yourself inside of me. Give me your seed.”

His eyes got even bigger. He’d been thinking with his cock, and only now did he realize that she wanted far more from him than a simple fuck. It was way too late for him to do anything about it now though. It would have been too late even if he wasn’t tied down to the bed, because there was no stopping his body’s reactions now. He could only groan helplessly as his hips jerked and he began to shoot his seed inside of her.

“That’s it.” Melisandre sighed and allowed herself a satisfied smile. It was far from her first time having a man spend himself inside of her, but it was the first time she’d done so for the same reason every other woman did. She thought about the end result of this, the child she was aiming to conceive, and it was with that thought that her cunt clenched around his cock as she went through an orgasm of her own.

Melisandre, never one for sentimentality, dismounted Gendry and undid his bondage without a word. Then she stood up and walked towards the door, still nude. There would be no cuddling or words of endearment here. She’d gotten what she wanted from him, at least for now.

“Is that it?” Was he hopeful, or disappointed? Surely it had to be the latter, especially as she could feel his eyes on her swaying ass as she walked away from him.

“For now,” she said, not looking back. “I’ll pay you another visit tomorrow, and we’ll do it again. Without the bondage, if you prefer.” As this was the first time she’d had sex for natural procreation instead of her usual shadows, she couldn’t be sure if it would be totally effective. Repeat performances would be required to ensure she was going to give birth to a child of kings.

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This is a direct sequel to Chapter 3-'Susan's Promotion.'


“Count them out, Head Auror Bones.”

Susan gasped as Harry’s hand smacked her bare bottom for the first time. “One! Two! Three!”

On and on it went, the Head of the DMLE bending the new Head Auror over his desk and spanking her ass. It sounded like something out of one of Hannah’s smutty romance novels, but it was really happening.

Susan’s ‘performance’ had earned her the promotion she’d been desperate for, but she was only a month into the job and had already made a major error. Her quarterly expense report had been due over a week ago, but she’d forgotten to even start on it, much less turn it in to the Minister. Harry had covered for her with Kingsley, as much because he knew it would make him look bad too if his newly chosen Head Auror already screwed something up so soon into her tenure as out of any concern for her. Her job was safe and Kingsley didn’t know she was responsible for the lapse, but she was paying the price for her mistake now.

Again and again, Harry’s strong hand struck her plump, pale butt hard enough for the slap of palm on rump to ring in her ears. Hopefully he’d remembered to silence the door, because otherwise there was no way this wasn’t going to get out.

“…Seventeen! Eighteen! Nineteen! T-twenty!” Susan planted her face in the middle of Harry’s desk as he reached the final spank. He ran his hand across her butt, rubbing her sore, stinging ass cheeks and making her shiver.

“I hope you don’t think your punishment is over with just that,” Harry said roughly. Susan slowly picked her head up off of the desk.

“Hmm?” she mumbled, turning around on shaky legs and staring at him.

“You haven’t even been on the job for a month and you’ve already made me go out of my way to cover for you, in front of the Minister himself,” he said. “Twenty spanks are nowhere near enough to cover that. Get on your knees.”

Susan groaned, but fell to her knees right away. What else could she do? Harry was right; she’d fucked up bad, and her ambitions to make it to the top might have been severely damaged if not destroyed outright if he hadn’t covered for her. She owed him this, this and so much more. If he wanted to use her mouth as recompense, how could she complain? She parted her lips and opened her mouth wide.

“That’s better,” he said. He still gave her a cockslap across the cheek first, just to show her who was in charge, but then he put his hands on her head and shoved the head of his prick into her open mouth. He didn’t start fucking her face like she was expecting though. “Well, go on and suck it. You might as well do some work in this building.”

Susan got to work immediately, sealing her lips around his cockhead and suckling at it while she also wrapped a hand around his shaft. This wasn’t her first time sucking Harry’s cock; it wasn’t even her first time sucking his cock in this office. Most women would struggle with a dick this large, but Susan was prepared. She knew what she needed to do.

Her mouth bobbed on his cock, and her hand jerked whatever happened to not be in her mouth at the time. But she didn’t get lazy and keep repeating the same routine; she knew that Harry liked it when she switched things up. That’s just what she did. One minute she’d be concentrating on sliding her lips from the tip all the way down to the base, the next she’d pull back and focus on just the head with slurps and kisses, and the next she’d go lower and suck on his balls. Susan constantly rotated her approach, always coming at her boss from a different angle and offering him something fresh, showing him another technique she had in her possession. She’d failed him by making a stupid mistake during her first month as Head Auror, so by way of apology she put all of the effort she could muster into making sure she gave him the best blowjob she could.

Susan’s efforts worked too. It was obvious how much Harry was enjoying her mouth. Even if she hadn’t been able to tell it from his body language and the way his hands clenched at and tugged on her hair, he made sure to flat out tell her.

“That’s good, Bones,” he said with a groan. “You’ve been all but useless as the Head Auror so far, but at least you know how to suck a cock.”

Some might have considered it an insult, but for Susan his words served as motivation that drove her to suck even harder. If she wanted to continue her upward climb in the Ministry, she needed Harry’s continued support, and in order to hold onto that she needed him to value her. She would do her best to make sure she regained his confidence and proved herself as a capable Head Auror, but if being a talented cocksucker was the only way she could please him right now and get back in his good graces, she’d be the best damn cocksucker he’d ever seen.    

“Here it comes, Bones!” He held her head in place, pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed her face with a sticky load of cum, hitting her from her forehead all the way down to her chin. A generous helping landed on her lips, and her tongue darted out to lick it up.

“Nice work,” he said. “But you’re still in hot water with me. Come back tomorrow for some more punishment.”

“Yes sir,” she said dutifully, bowing her head and keeping her eyes closed so his semen wouldn’t sting them.

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So much blood. Her blood. She was bleeding, dying in his arms, and it was his fault. He’d stabbed her. He hadn’t meant to, but it was him. He was responsible. It had been his scream that the past version of himself had heard, and his hand that had plunged the knife into her body.

It was him. He’d tried to save her, but it was him all along. It was him. He’d killed her. It was him.

“IT WAS ME!” he shouted. His eyes shot open and he sat up hard enough that he nearly gave himself whiplash, not that he noticed any of that, caught up in the remembrance as he was.  “IT WAS ME! IT WAS ME!”

Okabe!” The shout broke through the fog of blood and pain, and it was only then that he became aware of his surroundings. He wasn’t back there, in the closet of death, but in his own bed. And he wasn’t alone in that bed. There was a hand on his, shaking him by the shoulder. He followed the path of that hand up a pale arm and into the concerned face of Makise Kurisu, very much alive.

“Christina?” he mumbled.

“I’m here,” she said softly, so concerned about him that she didn’t even react to the nickname. “I’ve been trying to wake you for several minutes.”

“Was I shouting in my sleep?” he asked. She nodded, looking pained.

“Were you dreaming about…that day?” She didn’t need to specify which one. There were plenty of things he’d experienced across various worldlines that could have given him nightmares, but only one kept coming back again and again. It had been several years since, but that day still came back to haunt his nightmares.

“Yes.” He closed his eyes and nodded, but she wouldn’t allow that. She tucked his hand under his jaw and stroked his chin.

“Hey. Look at me.” Reluctantly he opened his eyes, and saw his girlfriend leaning over him. “I’m here. You stopped it. You saved me. I’m here.”

“You’re here,” he repeated faintly. Now that he’d been pulled out of the dream, his mind remembered the truth of it, that he had indeed saved both her and Mayuri years ago. He’d saved his assistant, who was now so much more to him. But knowing that fact, and even feeling her touch, couldn’t wholly erase the memory of feeling her die in his arms and knowing he was responsible. It hadn’t just been a dream, after all. It had really happened, and that made the memory of it so much worse than a normal nightmare.

“Maybe I need to prove it to you,” she said. Her hands slipped his boxers off, and then she shimmied out of her sleeping shorts and panties. She climbed on top of him and rubbed herself against his cock. In spite of the terror of the dream, feeling her sliding against him quickly got him hard.

She rose her hips and guided him into her, slowly sitting down and taking more and more of his cock into her. He hissed; it always felt so tight inside of her no matter how many times they did this. Maybe it was because she was so slender. Or maybe it was because she was just perfect.

There was none of the awkwardness of their first few times. Makise knew exactly what she was doing now, and she had no problem rolling her hips and fucking herself on his cock. He watched her flat stomach flex as she rocked back and forth on him, and his hands went to her night shirt, pushing it up out of the way so he could see more of her sexy skin.

“All you had to do was ask,” she said, smirking. She helped him pull the shirt up and over her head. She wore no bra to bed, so her cute little milky white breasts were right there for him to look at and touch. He reached up and cupped her cute perky boobs. Kurisu groaned and leaned down enough so she could kiss him, but not so much that she took away his easy access to her chest. It was the best of both worlds as far as he was concerned.

She continued to grind her hips and slide him around inside her pussy, but what had begun as a relaxed, gentle ride got a little hotter and more intense as the pleasure mounted for them both. Kurisu’s hips thrust faster, and her perky breasts shook in his hands as she fucked herself harder on his cock. For Okabe it was less about worrying about the sex itself and more about just basking in her company. She was here, alive, with him in their bed. She was alive, she was healthy, and she loved him. All his hard work, all the hopping across world lines and losing his friends over and over again and nearly driving himself insane in the process, had been worth it. He would gladly do it all again, a million times if necessary, if it meant he never lost her.

It was a miracle that Christina was alive, and it was an even greater miracle to watch her body shake and feel her pussy spasm around him as his cock helped her reach orgasm.

Okabe,” she sighed, kissing him. He accepted the kiss gladly, just as he would gladly accept every embrace they would share, now and forever. Every second he got to spend with his lovely assistant Christina was a gift he would treasure, and so he did now. He moaned into her mouth and twitched when his own orgasm hit, shooting his semen into her.

They remained like that long after the pleasure had died down. Kurisu snuggled up on top of Okabe, tucking her head under his chin and closing her eyes. He didn’t mind bearing her body weight. She was slender, and besides, he liked feeling the gentle rise and fall of her chest. It reminded him that she was here, with him, alive and well.      

Chapter Text

Ron wasn’t sure how he’d found himself in this position.

Gryffindor won the quidditch cup earlier that day for what would be his and Harry’s final time. Fred and George, as well as the former female chaser trio that had already graduated, had watched from the stands and joined in the celebration afterwards. Eventually a group of former and current Gryffindors broke off from the rest for a game of truth or dare.

“What were you thinking when Ron accidentally broke your nose on the pitch that one time and then shouted at you until you cried?” That was the question that had been posed to Demelza Robins, and her truth (helped along by the potion George had passed around to help everyone ‘loosen up’) was what had turned this party game into one none of them would forget.

“I was thinking that I wanted him to apologize with his tongue,” she had admitted while blushing and hiding her face behind her hands shyly. There was nothing shy about her now though, with her clothes stripped off and Ron’s face buried between her legs.

Fred had immediately dared him to give Demelza the apology she deserved. He’d grinned, not expecting his little brother to actually go through with it, but he was just as surprised as the rest when Ron had kissed the younger woman and guided her down onto her back. Now here they were, with Ron holding her plump thighs apart and flattening his tongue out to give her the best apology he could. Her hand clutched at his red hair and her hips humped against his face in a silent demand for more (silent because her mouth was too busy moaning to form words.)

And more he would give her. If this was what she wanted by way of apology for him being a git in his sixth year, he would not stop apologizing until she accepted it by squirting her forgiveness on his tongue.


Hermione had never expected to find herself in this position.

She was no stranger to sex, not some blushing virgin, but being spit roasted by the Weasley twins was a new level of daring for her.

The room had gotten hotter after Ron’s stunning acceptance of Fred’s dare, so it was no surprise when on Hermione’s next turn her truth was to admit the naughtiest sexual fantasy she’d ever had. She had summoned her Gryffindor courage and confessed that being double teamed by Fred and George had always given her the biggest orgasms when masturbating. The twins had quickly decided to make that fantasy into a reality. They got her down on her hands and knees on the carpet, with Fred holding onto her hips and slamming into her from behind while George’s cock was in her mouth.

Neither of them went easy on her either. Fred fucked her hard enough that she could easily hear the clapping of his hips meeting her ass with every thrust, and the combination of her body being rocked forward and George rocking into her made her gag around his large cock. She didn’t demand that he stop though. She didn’t want any of this to stop, ever. She’d never been shagged so hard, nor had she sucked a cock so big that she couldn’t help but gag around it as it sank into her throat. Having both of those things happening to her at the same time, all while knowing it was the Weasley twins doing it to her and making a long-held erotic fantasy come true, was without question the hottest thing she’d ever experienced in her life.

Hermione Granger, know-it-all bushy-haired bookworm, was letting out her inner slut and loving every second of it.


Was Harry dreaming? That was the only possible explanation for the position he now found himself in.

With his two best friends and their respective ‘partners’ otherwise occupied, the game was down to just him and the female chaser trio. Angelina had smiled knowingly as she dared Katie to finally make a move on the boy she’d been crushing on since her second year, and the blonde had replied that she’d only do so if Angelina and Alicia helped her.

That was how Harry found himself in a scene straight out of a porno: a foursome with all three of his beautiful former teammates. Katie Bell, who had apparently been attracted to him all these years without him ever knowing, bounced on his cock, her tight pussy squeezing him tight. Katie must not have been kidding about having wanted him for years, because he didn’t think he’d ever had a girl ride him with such enthusiasm. It felt just as good for him as it did for her though. She was the tightest he’d ever had, and it felt amazing.

What also felt amazing was Alicia Spinnet licking and sucking on his testicles while her friend rode his cock. He’d heard the other boys in his dorm talk about how pretty Alicia’s smile was and how full her lips were, and now those lips and that mouth were worshipping his balls.

Both of those things felt wonderful, and he was sure it would have been a treat to watch too. He couldn’t be too upset about not being able to see any of it though, considering the reason his vision was obstructed. Angelina Johnson had stripped her clothes off and lowered her pussy down onto his face, claiming his mouth for herself while her friends focused on his groin. She rocked her hips against his face while he ate her out, and Harry was more than happy to put his hands on her firm ass and swirl his tongue against her lovely pussy.

Three things happened within fairly close proximity to each other. First, Angelina put her dark hands against his pale cheeks, hunched forward and let out a long, low groan as she squirted on Harry’s face and into his mouth. Next, Katie orgasmed atop his cock with a string of expletives that shocked him, coming from the normally cheerful girl. Finally, being assaulted by Angelina squirting against his face, Alicia sucking hard on his balls and Katie’s tight pussy squeezing his cock all at once, Harry came. His orgasm seemed to go on forever, with spurt after spurt of semen shooting from his cock and into Katie’s pussy, filing her up with his seed.

“Holy shit,” Katie moaned as the four of them settled into the afterglow. “That was amazing.”

“I hope you don’t think you’ll be keeping him all to yourself,” Angelina commented. “Next time I’m taking his cock.”

Next time? There would be a next time?

“Best quidditch cup party ever,” he mumbled, closing his eyes and reaching out to squeeze Katie’s ass with one hand while the other rested on Alicia’s belly.     

Chapter Text

At one point Aegon had considered taking both of his sisters to wife, making them both queens by his side. But he chose to abandon that idea quickly. Partially that was because he feared that having two wives and two queens on whom he would father children could create bitterness and strife over who might succeed him as king once he passed. Taking just one wife would simplify that, but this wasn’t the only reason he’d made Visenya his wife and had Rhaenys remain his sister.

Visenya was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, the most beautiful woman in the entire world. And she was his now, all his. His lover, his wife, his queen, and the mother of his future children, the princes and princesses who would make sure the Targaryen dynasty was eternal.

“Yes, Aegon! Yes, give it to me! Give it to me, my husband!”

Visenya wrapped her legs around Aegon’s body, keeping him close while he thrust into her. This had become a common occurrence since their wedding, to their mutual delight. They’d taken to sex as naturally as they’d taken to conquest, though one was far more pleasurable than the other. As much satisfaction as Aegon admittedly felt from cowing the mighty lords of Westeros and beating the stubborn ones into submission, nothing could compare to the bliss that he found in bed with his wife.

Though he would obviously never know what it was like to breed with the younger of the Targaryen sisters, he imagined that sex with Rhaenys would have been light and fun and flirty, just like her. Sex with Visenya wasn’t ever playful or breezy; it was hard and passionate and intense. Aegon knew which of the two he preferred.

Her arms and legs held him close and she gasped and moaned into his ear with every thrust, and she even bit into his shoulder in her passion. Visenya was no timid woman in bed. She was just as forceful and commanding in their bed chamber as she was when she rode her dragon Vhagar or wielded Dark Sister into battle against her enemies. His wife matched Aegon step for step and move for move, meeting his thrusts directly and moving her body against him in turn. Aegon would have it no other way. He needed a strong wife by his side and in his bed, a fierce queen who would help him rule the newly conquered Westeros and establish the Targaryen dynasty, and Visenya was that strong queen.

She wasn’t all sternness and strength though. He’d seen a change in her since he informed her he would be marrying her and her alone, and it had become even more pronounced after the wedding had actually happened. Her formerly cold and often distant demeanor had given way to a woman who loved passionately and fiercely, and allowed him to see it. Now that she knew he was hers and no one else’s, she had taken off her proverbial armor and welcomed her husband into her heart and her bed with openness.

“Fuck me!” she cried. “Fuck me, Aegon! Keep going, harder, harder!”

Going harder was not going to be any problem for Aegon. He was all too happy to shove his cock into his wife as hard as he possibly could. Her king speared into her with rough, deep thrusts that were hard enough to make her big breasts bounce wildly, hard enough to make the bed creak beneath them. They were fucking hard enough that the guard posted outside the door could surely hear them going at it, not that either of them cared. This was what husbands and wives were supposed to do, and kings and queens as well. It was their responsibility to do this, to fuck and to create as many heirs as they could so their rule would be as secure as it could possibly be. Let the guards hear, let the servants hear, let the entire realm here him fuck his queen.

Sex between Aegon and Visenya never lasted long. It couldn’t have, given how hard they pushed each other, nor did it need to be. They were fucking for a purpose beyond mere pleasure. The harder Aegon fucked his queen the sooner he could fill her with his seed, and the sooner he did that the sooner she could get him ready to go again. They needed many heirs, after all, so the sooner he got her pregnant the better.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” Visenya asked, though she didn’t really need to. They’d fucked often enough by now that she knew how to read him quite well. He had no doubt that she could see his impending orgasm written all over his face and feel it in the urgency of his thrusts. She knew what was coming, and couldn’t wait for it. Her purple eyes flashed with intent, and she tightened her grip on him. “Do it!” she shouted. “Give me your seed, husband! Give me your seed, and let you give you an heir!”

They were words that Aegon had heard before, but they never failed to excite him. The thought of planting a baby inside of her, of breeding his beautiful strong queen and creating the first of many Targaryen princes and princesses with her was all the incentive he needed to make those last few thrusts and then fire his seed into her. He kept himself firmly lodged inside of her, not even thinking of moving until he was sure he’d given her every drop.

The fierce, stern queen held her king lovingly afterwards, resting her head on his chest and throwing an arm across his middle. Soon enough she would shift down and get him erect again, with her hand or perhaps her mouth, and then they would do it all over again. But for now they were both content to relax and enjoy their closeness, not as a king and a queen but simply as a man and a woman who were in love.        

Chapter Text

“I’ve been a bad girl, daddy.” Kurisu walked into the kitchen wearing her white lab coat and nothing else that he could see. Her nipples were covered but he still could see most of her breasts, not to mention her smooth, pale belly. The coat hung down her legs, but since it wasn’t pulled tightly around her he caught tantalizing glimpses of her bare legs as well. One thing he didn’t see any trace of was underwear. That confirmed it; she was definitely naked underneath that coat.

“I-is that so?” Okabe cleared his throat and did his best to sound authoritative rather than aroused. “What have you done, young lady?”

“I masturbated in your bed. See?” She pulled her coat up to expose her crotch, and he had to bite back a groan. “It’s all wet.”

“I can see that,” he said, allowing himself to stare at her pussy under the guise of confirming the facts. 

“I squirted all over the sheets too,” she continued. “I made a big mess, daddy.”

“That was very naughty of you, Christina,” he said sternly. He knew what was expected of him by now, knew how to play his role. He still didn’t fully understand her daddy kink, but he was happy to play along. He would give her whatever she needed, even if what she needed was ‘punishment.’ “I’m going to have to discipline you again, aren’t I?”

“If you think that’s best,” she said, bowing her head in submission. He didn’t miss the spark of excitement on her face though.

“I have no choice.” He pushed his chair farther away from the table and patted his leg. “Come here, Christina.”

“Yes, daddy.” She hurried over and laid her body across his lap. Okabe grabbed the lab coat in his hands and pushed it up her body, bunching it up around her breasts. She held onto it without needing to be asked, holding it out of his way and leaving him free to devote all of his attention to administering the punishment she so desperately needed.

“I’m going to spank you now, Christina,” he said. He rubbed his hand across her round, pale ass, knowing it was going to look a lot more colorful by the time he was done. “I won’t assign a number ahead of time. I’m just going to keep spanking you, and after every spank you’re going to say, “I’m sorry, daddy.” Once I feel that you’ve learned your lesson, we’ll stop. Is that understood?”

“Yes, daddy,” she said right away. She wiggled her hips against him, either to get herself in better position or because she was too excited to stay still. He rubbed his hand across her ass for a bit and then pulled it back. He held back and delayed the first spank, letting her think about and anticipate what was coming before it actually began. He listened to her shaky, excited breaths, drawing out the tension and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Smack! Kurisu moaned loudly when his hand landed on her bare left ass cheek for the first time. “I’m sorry, daddy!” she gasped. He pulled his hand back and delivered another spank, this time to the right cheek. “I’m sorry, daddy!”

Okabe had done this often enough by now to get quite good at it. He hadn’t really known what he was doing the first time she got him to play into her daddy kink and punish her, having never spanked anyone before, but he was now well practiced at smacking Makise Kurisu’s ass. At first he kept his spanks evenly spaced out and distributed across both cheeks, establishing a rhythm of smacking flesh and Kurisu repeating “I’m sorry, daddy!” in between each one.

No good spanking stayed steady the entire way through though. Eventually he began switching things up. He started varying the time between each spank, sometimes administering one after another in quick succession and other times pulling his hand to his side and letting her squirm in anticipation while she waited for the next blow to land. She never knew which cheek was about to get swatted either. Maybe he’d go back and forth between them, or maybe one cheek would get five or six in a row. If she got comfortable and was able to anticipate what he was going to do, he wasn’t doing his job or giving her what she needed from him.

He could hear her sharp breaths and the way her voice shook every time she responded to a spank, and he could feel her squirming against him, rubbing her bare pussy against his leg. He knew he was giving Kurisu exactly what she needed, and he also knew that it wasn’t time for him to end the spanks just yet.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Ten hard spanks landed across Kurisu’s left ass cheek, one after the other, barely even giving her time for each “I’m sorry, daddy!” before the next one. Then he capped it off by switching over to the right cheek and giving it one huge spank, putting all his might into the swing of his hand.

I’M SORRY, DADDY!” Kurisu screamed her head off, squirmed in his lap and squirted on his slacks. He’d been shocked the first time she came while being spanked; now he considered it a point of pride.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson now,” he said. He rubbed her ass with his sore palm and admired his handiwork.

Just as he’d envisioned, her normally pale ass now glowed bright red with his handprint. She would have wanted nothing less though. The harder he spanked her, the harder she came.

“Thank you, daddy,” she said softly, sounding exhausted as she came down from her high.

“You’re welcome, Christina. Just remember your lesson, and remember that I’m always here to take you over my knee and give you what you deserve.”

Chapter Text

“An illegal time turner, Miss Granger? I hope you know how much trouble you’re in.”

Hermione gulped and shook her head. “Please, Professor Martin! I just wanted to make sure I could have enough time to properly study for my N.E.W.T.S.!” The new DADA professor shook his head, not moved by her plea.

“You might be a war hero, Miss Granger, but you still have to obey the rules like everyone else. What am I to do with you? What would Headmistress McGonagall think?”

“No, please, anything but that!” She couldn’t bear the thought of Professor McGonagall losing her respect in her. Having the woman she respected above all others shake her head in disappointment at her would be worse than any legal or disciplinary repercussions Hermione could face.

“Anything, you say?” The look on his face made her shiver. “I wonder if you really mean that. Detention, tonight.”


This wasn’t Hermione’s first detention, but it was one she was never going to forget.

“That’s it, Miss Granger. Take it. Take all of it! Merlin, it’s been years since I’ve buggered a pretty young thing like you!”

Sexual relations between students and professors were, of course, strictly forbidden, not that her professor seemed to care about that. She’d expected to write lines or clean supplies or perhaps even take a trip into the Forbidden Forest when she arrived to serve her detention, but had been shocked when he instead began to smoke the magic world’s answer to cannabis and offered her some as well. She’d hesitantly accepted, but smoking cannabis with her teacher had been far from the most outlandish thing that happened during her detention.

He’d suggested she pull off her robes and get more comfortable, and that hadn’t seemed like such a ridiculous suggestion to her in that moment. It was hot, after all! She’d been alert enough to realize that she shouldn’t agree to his following suggestion to take her bra and knickers off. He hadn’t forced her, saying everything that happened for the rest of the night would only happen with her permission and approval. But unspoken was the fact that she needed to please him if she wanted him to keep silent and not tell McGonagall about her illegal use of a time turner. The Hermione of a few hours ago might have rationalized that holding onto her mentor’s respect wasn’t worth taking off her clothes and fucking her professor, but whether it was the cannabis or the fact that it had been far too long since she’d had a proper fuck, she found herself stripping down easily enough.

She’d gasped when she got her first look at his cock, and he’d grinned and said she was going to appreciate it even more once it was inside of her. She wasn’t sure if appreciate was the right word, but she would definitely never forget what it felt like to have her teacher lay her out on his desk and stick his thick cock inside of her pussy. His wasn’t the first cock she’d taken but it was by far the biggest, and she’d never had a lover fuck her nearly so roughly. Her body had been rocked back and forth across his desk and she’d been helpless to fight the moans that he forced from her body as he slammed into her again and again until he came inside of her.

Hermione had thought that would be the end of it but she had been very wrong. He’d rolled her over onto her stomach and teased her by rubbing his cock head against her rear hole. He hadn’t just shoved it right in, of course; he’d waited for her to give her permission before he claimed her arse. She’d given it despite every part of her logical brain screaming that it was a terrible idea.

Professor Martin had at least cast a spell to clean her and prepare her before he penetrated her, but it was still a massive cock pushing into her bum; there was only so much that could be done to make it comfortable. He didn’t bugger her slowly either. He pounded into her arse every bit as hard as he’d fucked her pussy. It should have been incredibly painful, but while Hermione would admit to some discomfort, it was easily ignored. It was easy for her to forget that she shouldn’t be doing this, that she shouldn’t have ever taken her clothes off and allowed her professor to fuck her on his desk, much less stick his cock up her arse. At the moment it was impossible for her to think about anything other than the thrusts of his hips, the way his flesh smacked against her and his cock filled her bum. She was numb to any pain or regret, numb to anything other than the pleasure. She’d never expected to find pleasure from being buggered, but then again she’d never expected to get shagged by her teacher either.

She groaned when he pulled out and came, splattering his cum across not just the cheeks of her arse but also up to the small of her back. With his cock no longer inside of her and his body weight not there to prop her up anymore, she slid off of the desk and down onto her knees on the cold floor.

“I guess you really did mean anything,” he said. He grabbed her hair and wiped his cock against it, to which she only groaned. After everything she’d just done, what did it matter if he used her hair to clean his cock? “I think we’re going to have loads of fun this year, Miss Granger.”  

Chapter Text

Prince Jon Targaryen had known he was going to have to marry his own mother from a very young age. It’s what old Westerosi law decreed and what was expected of him from the moment his father King Rhaegar unexpectedly died when Jon was young. He’d always felt a bit odd about the fact, but he’d had years to accept it and get used to it, or come as close as he could to getting used to it at least.

His mother had had no such issues. She’d told him often that she couldn’t wait for him to grow up so she could become his wife, and once he reached that age she had shown him just how excited she was. She’d always been affectionate but now her hugs and touches had become decidedly more sexual in nature. It had carried over into her speech as well, as she flirted with him and spoke suggestively about all the things she wanted to do to him.

There was no need for suggestion or flirtation anymore though. They were now married, and it was time for them to consummate that marriage. Jon was nervous about it, for more reasons than one, but his mother turned wife had no such concerns.

“Come to bed, husband,” she purred. Husband, she called him, not son. She’d barely mentioned his late father’s name around him in years, and he hadn’t come up once today. They’d gone through with the bedding, so she had been completely naked on the bed by the time the women had finally shoved him through the open door to their room. She’d reclined on her side in such a way that her large breasts were prominently displayed for him, and despite his uncertainty about marrying his own mother he had not been able to look away. Her body was magnificent. “Come and fuck me.”  

He joined her on the bed with some reluctance, but there was no reluctance from the former Lyanna Stark when she came to meet him and pulled him into a kiss. She moved boldly and confidently, pressing her body against his and working her lips forcefully. Jon felt like he was just along for the ride, any reluctance he felt about marrying his mother or replacing his all but forgotten father swallowed by the tender lips and supple body of Lyanna Targaryen.

She moved them so he was on his back on the bed and she was straddling him, pressing her smooth cunt against him and grinding back and forth against his cock. He’d already felt himself coming to life as soon as he entered the room and saw her nude body, but now he got the rest of the way. How could he not, with her sexy body pressed against him like this?

“Here it comes, baby,” she said. “I’m going to make you a man. My man. My husband.” She pointed his cock at her cunt and sat down, taking him all into her in one continuous motion and not stopping until she was sitting on him, her arse pressed against his thighs. “Ooh, that feels so good!” she cooed. “You feel perfect in me, baby. Like my cunt was made just for you, made to take your cock and give you children.” Jon couldn’t say anything. He was too overwhelmed by the feeling of being inside of his mother’s pussy. She wasn’t lying about how perfect it felt. And it felt even better when she pulled her sexy body up and then slid right back down onto him, filling herself up with his cock all over again. She kept doing it, building up speed and riding his cock faster, and as she did so her big breasts began to bounce enticingly. She noticed his fascination with her bouncing breasts and giggled.

“You like my big titties, Jon?” He could only nod. “You can touch them, you know. They’re all yours now.” As if to prove it, she took his hands and placed them right on her chest. He held her full tits in his hands as she continued to ride his cock. He groaned, more turned on than he’d ever been in his life. Mother or not, this was fucking incredible.

“If you like them now, just think about how much bigger they’re going to get after you get me pregnant,” she said. His eyes widened, both at her speaking openly about carrying his baby and at the idea of her already massive breasts getting even bigger. “Looks like somebody likes that idea. Well you know what, Jon? So do I! I want you to give me your seed! I want to carry your children, and I want you to play with my boobs when they fill with milk!”

Jon closed his eyes and groaned. His father was far from his mind now. Rhaegar was gone, and Lyanna Targaryen was Jon’s wife now! He held onto her breasts, already imagining what they would feel like in his hands when she was pregnant with his child. They’d get even bigger, and her belly would swell. He wanted to see it. He wanted to seed her, and show the entire world that she was his woman now.

“Cum in me, Jon!” Lyanna shouted. “Cum in me! Give me your seed!”

Jon did exactly that. He squeezed her breasts tight and grunted as he filled her with his seed. He’d known this would be expected of him tonight, but he was no longer merely doing his duty. This was what he wanted now. He wanted to cum inside of his mother, make her his and get to work on making the next generation of Targaryens with her.

He finished cumming, but he wasn’t finished with her just yet. She yelped in surprise when he rolled her onto her back and started thrusting into her, but her arms and legs wrapped around him and she moaned, holding onto him as they made another attempt at impregnating her.

Chapter Text

Being a crossing guard at the local elementary school wasn’t the most exciting job in the world, but Jaune could think of worse ways to spend his mornings and afternoons. Most of the kids were alert enough not to cause trouble, plus he’d had more than one grateful parent buy him a drink or bring him food as thanks for helping their children. He didn’t see himself staying at this job long-term, but it was fine for now.

“Jaune, thanks again for all your hard work!” A pretty brunette waved at him with one arm while balancing a casserole dish in her other hand, and he recognized her immediately as a mother of one of the kids. She’d stopped to talk to him nearly every day after all.

“You’re very welcome Ms. Smith!” He returned her wave with a friendly smile. She walked closer to him, and he did his best to focus only on her dimpled smile and not on the generous amount of cleavage he could see on display in her tank top.

“How has your first week been?” she asked. “None of the kids are being difficult, are they?”

“Not at all!” he said, shaking his head. “They’ve been good. Little Johnny especially.”

“I’m glad to hear he hasn’t been a pain,” she said. “His dad has him for the weekend, so he’ll be picking him up after school today. If he causes any trouble today, let me know on Monday.”

“Oh, I only worked the morning shift today,” he said. “I won’t see him until Monday morning.” He was confused when the woman’s smile widened at that bit of information.

“Does that mean you’re off work now?” she asked.

“Yep! I was just about to head home.”

“I see,” she said. “Well, I was going to give you this casserole to take home, but if you’re off now anyway you could just come back to my place and we could share it.”

“Are you sure?” His heart raced at the thought of going home with this beautiful single mother. “I don’t want you to go out of your way.”

“Oh please!” she said, waving off his concern. “You’d be doing me a favor, honestly; that house is too quiet when Johnny’s not around. And besides, I think you deserve a reward for all your hard work.”


The casserole has been delicious, but dessert had turned out even better.

“That’s it, Jaune! Just like that! Keep fucking me just like that!”

Ms. Smith (or Susan, as she’d insisted he call her) had flirted with him the entire way back to her house and all through lunch. He hadn’t had the best luck in pursuing women in the past, but he knew enough to recognize when one was throwing herself at him. When she’d put their plates away and come to sit on his lap, he’d been ready. He’d kissed her right on the lips, and after a brief but intense make out session he’d taken her into his arms and carried her to her room. Clothes had been peeled off in record time, and she’d been wet and ready for him by the time he pulled her panties off.

It hadn’t taken long to realize that Susan wasn’t interested in slow or gentle sex. She wanted to be fucked and she wanted to be fucked hard, so that’s exactly what he did for her. He got her down on her hands and knees and took her roughly from behind. His hands held her by the breasts, and his hips smacked against her ass every time he thrust in. She loved every second of it. The harder he moved and the deeper he slid his cock inside of her, the louder she moaned. When he got more daring, grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back, she moaned louder still.

“Fuck, yeah, that’s it!” she whined. “Fuck me hard, Jaune! Pull my fucking hair! God, I’ve needed this for so long!”

Jaune had needed it too, truth be told, but he doubted he’d been half as desperate as this horny divorced mother. If her idea of rewarding him was getting down on her hands and knees and asking him to fuck her as hard as he could, who was he to refuse?

Even if she hadn’t told him outright, Susan’s reactions would have betrayed how needy she was after her long dry spell. She was hypersensitive and enthusiastic about every push of his cock and every tug on her hair, and once he reached between her legs to rub at her clit with his thumb she was all but done for. She howled as he pounded her into an orgasm, the first she’d gotten from an actual dick in more than a year according to her. Watching this sexy young mother scream in ecstasy was erotic, and when added to the obvious physical pleasure of slamming his dick in and out of her Jaune’s own orgasm wasn’t too far behind.

“I’m going to cum,” he said, letting her know why he was about to stop and pull out of her. He was hoping she’d let him finish in her mouth or maybe even on her face, but she had other ideas.

“Keep going,” she said, panting. “Do it inside of me!”


“Inside!” she shouted. “Give it to me, Jaune!”

There were many reasons why he shouldn’t honor that request, but let’s be honest, what guy would ever refuse to cum inside of a woman who wanted it? Rather than stopping he sped up, slapping against her harder and giving her all he could until he felt it.

“Here it comes,” he said, groaning as he began to cum inside of her. Susan’s only response was to moan mindlessly.

It had been awhile since Jaune had been with a woman, but he couldn’t remember ever producing so much semen. He just kept going and going, filling Susan’s pussy up with all of the cum she could ask for and then some.

He shook his head in disbelief after he pulled out, finally depleted. She’d brought him here to give him a reward, but maybe it was her who got the true prize. 

Chapter Text

Ginny Weasley had always worshipped Harry Potter. As a girl she’d read all the stories and dreamed of one day being rescued by her handsome hero, after which they would fall in love and have babies just like in the stories. But unlike all of the other girls who had read those same stories and had those same dreams, Ginny had actually lived them out. Harry had been her hero in real life, rescuing her from Tom and the basilisk in her first year at Hogwarts. What had until then been a childlike reverence and hero worship was immediately transfigured into nothing short of obsession. From that moment on her fate had been sealed. She was destined to devote her life to Harry Potter. She would be by his side forever, in whatever way he needed her.

She’d had to wait before she offered herself to him, of course. She’d been a girl then, and she’d had some growing up to do before she could be with her hero. But she was an adult witch now, and she was ready to be with her man. She’d been biding her time, and she’d determined tonight was the night to finally become one with her hero.

The alcohol had influenced that decision. He had been going really hard on the Firewhisky tonight, and Ron and Hermione had been relieved when she volunteered to see that he got home and into bed safely. Hermione had been a little concerned since she knew Ginny carried a torch for him, but she’d done a good job of behaving normally and not allowing the rest of the world to see just how devoted she was to her hero, so the brunette did not object when she took him by the arm and side-alonged him back to his flat as promised. She even took him straight up to bed, just like she’d promised. But rather than leaving once he was in bed, she set about seducing him.

She knew he was a horny drunk, and the way he groaned when she leaned over the bed to shove her tits against his face and bent down to wiggle her arse at him confirmed that her attempts at seduction were working. All that remained after that was to seal the deal.

“Harry, do you think I’m sexy?” she asked, climbing onto the bed and straddling him. She felt his erection pushing up against her arse, which was a pretty good answer. Then he grabbed her bum through her tight trousers and confirmed it beyond all doubt.

“Sexy,” he slurred. “Sexy, sexy Gin. Fuck.”

“I’m glad,” she purred. “I want to fuck you, Harry. I want to give myself to you, just like I’ve always dreamed of ever since I was a little girl. Then we can be together forever, and you can marry me and have children with me and—oof!

He apparently wasn’t in the mood to discuss their wonderful future together, because he abruptly rolled them over so she was on her back and he was the one on top. He mindlessly ripped her clothes off with a strength that spoke to how horny he was, how desperate he was to fuck her. She gasped, not expecting such passion from him.

He awkwardly pulled his own trousers and boxers off, and then she got her first look at the cock she’d dreamed about for years. It was the first she’d ever seen in person; she would rather die than let anyone other than her Harry so much as lay a finger on her. She stared at it in wide-eyed fascination, but she only got a few blissful seconds to admire it before he was shoving it inside of her.

In her dreams he had always made gentle love to her, but there was nothing gentle about this. He buried himself to the hilt from that very first harsh thrust, and she cried out when he mercilessly ripped through her hymen and kept pushing forward without a care. He was no gentler with her when he pulled back either. He fucked into her fast, stabbing his cock deep into her with forceful snaps of his hips, treating her more like a whore than a newly-deflowered virgin offering herself to him.

“Ah, yes! Take me, Harry!” His hard thrusts hurt, and this wasn’t going how she expected it to at all. She’d always imagined him being far gentler with her. But she was happy to be used by him in whatever way he pleased. She was lucky that he was willing to accept her and claim her for his own. If he wanted to make use of her body in this way, how ungrateful would she have to be to complain?

She didn’t complain. She welcomed it all, even when he wrapped his hands around her throat and choked her while he fucked her. He pulled his hands away before she could actually reach the point of blacking out, but it wasn’t because he was suddenly having second thoughts. It was all so he could roll her over onto her stomach and fuck her arse.

She yelped in surprise when she felt his cock penetrate her bum, but even now she did not complain. Anal sex was never included in the story books, but if this was what her Harry wanted this was what he could have.

He roughly buggered her, his hips driving down against her small freckled arse hard enough to make the bed creak. One of his hands pressed down on her long red hair, keeping her face buried against the pillow. He wouldn’t have been able to hear her if she complained, not that she would have ever dreamed of doing so.

Ginny remained submissively silent as he fucked her arse, and then suddenly he was pulling out, flipping her over onto her back again, straddling her and cumming on her face. She closed her eyes and obediently opened her mouth, allowing him to shoot some between her lips as well.

There was not a word of apology when he finished. He got up and went to get a drink without a word, and she curled up on his bed, clutching his pillow to her chest with a dreamy, contented smile on her face.

Who needed the storybook hero when she had her strong, handsome man to dominate her?   

Chapter Text

“Join us, sempai.” Kurisu noticed the shock on Maho’s face and on Okabe’s as well. She understood their shock. It was a most unusual offer, after all. How many women would invite another woman to join her and her boyfriend in bed?

“D-don’t be stupid!” Maho was blushing, but she covered her embarrassment with anger. She pointed her finger at Kurisu and scowled. “Why would I want to go in there?!”

“Because you want him,” Kurisu said. Maho blanched and Okabe gasped, but Kurisu stood there confidently, knowing she was right. “Don’t bother denying it, sempai. I’ve seen you look at him when you think he’s not paying attention. And you were right, because he’s clueless about most things. But I’m not. I know you want him, and I’m willing to share him with you tonight.”

She took a dumbfounded Okabe by the hand and led him through the open bedroom door. Maho just stood there staring at her speechless, mouth agape. Kurisu followed Okabe into the bedroom, paused when standing in the doorway and turned back to look at her sempai.

“No matter what you do, I’m going to make love to Okabe,” she said. “You can either pretend I was wrong and spend the night alone, or you can come join us. It’s up to you, sempai.”


“You made the right choice, sempai.”

“D-don’t talk to me now!” Maho whined, shaking her head. “Let me concentrate!”

“Sorry, sempai,” she said, smiling to herself. If Maho wanted to ride Okabe in silence then Kurisu would respect her wishes, just as she’d respected her wishes on how she’d wanted to take him.

Kurisu had been with Okabe many times while this was Maho’s first chance, so she’d offered to let her sempai choose what she wanted from him. After some indecision and awkwardness Maho had declared that she wanted to ride him. Okabe, still seemingly in shock over this entire situation, had mutely allowed himself to be stripped and got down on his back to be mounted.

The twenty-something Maho was the oldest of them all, and yet was so short and light that she was often thought to be the youngest of the three. At first Kurisu had honestly worried that Okabe’s dick might be too big for her slender body to take, but after rubbing herself against the underside of his cock she held him in position and sank down onto him slowly. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, because her hips gradually moved as she got used to having him inside of her and it wasn’t long before her hands were on his chest and her long dark green hair bounced along behind her in time with her steadily rougher and faster ride. Kurisu loved watching her prove her skill. She knew how much Maho hated it when anyone mistakenly believed she was younger than she actually was and unintentionally diminished how intelligent and accomplished a woman she was. Here was a chance for her to show them both that she knew exactly what she was doing in the bedroom. Kurisu was impressed with her; she knew how difficult it had been for her the first time she’d been with Okabe. She hadn’t moved with anywhere near the confidence Maho was right now. Whether she was focusing on speed while she bounced up and down on his cock, swiveling her hips in a circle while just the head was inside of her or pressing herself all the way down and then rocking back and forth, Maho did it all with a confident smile on her face.

Kurisu was having fun watching her sempai in action but that didn’t mean she herself was a mere spectator to what was happening. She’d invited Maho into their bedroom for a threesome, and that’s precisely what she was getting. While her sempai rode her boyfriend’s cock Kurisu pressed her pussy against his face and enjoyed his oral attention. The movement of her body wasn’t anywhere near as aggressive as Maho’s, but that wasn’t out of any lack of confidence on her part. She was largely staying still because she had trained Okabe into a skilled lover who knew just how to use his mouth and fingers between her legs. Sometimes she did like to just ride his face, but tonight she wanted to enjoy the fruits of all the labor and all the time she’d spent teaching him how she liked to be licked, rubbed and touched.

It had been worth every second of it too. His tongue stayed in that one particular spot that he knew she loved and kept pulsating against it, and his fingers rubbed at her clit with just the right amount of friction. Not too soft, not too hard; it had taken some time for him to get it down pat but he was an expert now, as he was so skillfully demonstrating right now.

Maho didn’t speak, but Kurisu watched her closely enough that it was easy to tell when she was getting close to orgasm. Her face became serious and focused, she bit her lip in concentration and she put a little more spring in every bounce and thrust her hips a little harder whenever she took him in all the way to the hilt. Maho didn’t outwardly announce what was happening even when her climax hit, but the way she released her lip from between her teeth and threw her head back in pleasure said everything that Kurisu needed to know.

She saw Okabe’s body jerk and his hips shot upwards, which could only mean that he’d just broken and was cumming inside of Maho’s tight little pussy. Kurisu had already been close to the edge even before she’d seen either of the other two cum, and watching first her sempai and then her boyfriend orgasm was too much for her to withstand. She looked directly into Maho’s now open eyes and moaned, making her the only one of the three to make any noise during their orgasm. (Maho had been silent by choice, while Okabe’s mouth had been a little too busy.)

Maho looked away quickly, blushing at the intimate eye contact. Kurisu rolled off of Okabe, stretched her arms above her head and sighed in satisfaction. To her surprise, Maho broke the silence.

“…Shall we trade places next time?”         

Chapter Text

Chitose Kizuki had always been driven by her curiosity. Maybe that was the journalist in her, but she doubted she would be writing any stories about the newest member of the Meta Liberation Army, Izuku Midoriya.

Midoriya might not warrant an article but she was fascinated by him regardless. She’d been drawn to the fresh young recruit from his first day in their army. Normally a leading member of the group like her wouldn’t ever deign to speak to such a newbie like him, but Chitose had never been someone to let social norms and expectations prevent her from doing what she wanted, especially when it came to satisfying her abundant curiosity. She saw young Midoriya, she was interested by him and so she approached him without a hint of shame or awkwardness.

The same couldn’t be said for Midoriya, who blushed and stammered like a kid instead of the young man he was, which only made him cuter and only made her more curious in him. Who was he, why had he joined the Meta Liberation Army, and what motivated him to become a villain in the first place? So much about his personality screamed ‘hero’ to her, and yet he’d wound up with them. Why? Chitose didn’t know, but she desperately wanted to learn the truth for herself, regardless of whether or not it would make for a story that the public would find interesting.

She still hadn’t exactly gotten to the bottom of that, but she supposed she was still learning something about him right now, bouncing on his cock in the dimly lit storage room while members of the Meta Liberation Army passed by and went about their normal routines.

She’d learned that he had a damn impressive cock. The rest of his body was nice too, to be fair. He might be short but he was far more muscular than he appeared at first glance. His cock caught her eye more than the muscles did though. She couldn’t strip out of her blue dress fast enough once she saw it, and had pushed him back into a chair and started riding him right away.

She’d learned that he was very nervous about being discovered fucking her. There was no real reason to be nervous, and she’d told him so. There were no rules against fucking, after all, and even if there were who would have punished her? He was still nervous all the same though, and self-consciously bit his lip to try and stop himself from moaning out loud as she rose and fell in his lap. It was adorable, and it made her want to work even harder and make him groan whether he wanted to or not.

She’d learned that he was just as fascinated in her as she was in him, even if it was in different ways and even if he didn’t say so out loud. There was no mistaking the way his eyes were glued to her pale blue skin as she stripped out of her clothes, mounted him and started riding. She was used to such stares, and they’d never bothered her; she of all people certainly wasn’t going to get upset with anyone for being curious! But from Midoriya she not only was unbothered but welcomed his attention. If he wanted to stare at her blue breasts as they bounced in front of his face then that was just fine with her. She would be perfectly happy if he indulged his curiosity further and grabbed onto her breasts as she was convinced he wanted to, but it seemed he wasn’t bold enough for that, at least not yet. One hand was clasped over his mouth to try and keep his voice down and the other remained limp at his side. Oh well; maybe that was something they could work towards for next time. And yes, there would be a next time. She would be spending plenty more time with the new recruit, learning everything she could about him, from his motivations to his circumstances to his full sexual potential. She would not rest until she knew all there was to know about Izuku Midoriya.

The last thing she learned, at least on this day, was that he was capable of producing a massive amount of cum. She read his facial expressions and body language and got off of him just in time so she could finish him with her hand, but it was her turn to be surprised when he started cumming and kept cumming. He shot out more semen than she’d ever seen a man fire in one orgasm. Her hand was sticky, covered by his semen, and he caught her breasts and belly with some of it as well. She brought her hand to her mouth and took a lick, doing a little investigating as always. The results were pleasing.

“Hmm.” She nodded in approval. “You taste good, Midoriya. I can’t wait to taste it again soon.” She popped her fingers into her mouth and sucked it clean, which made him blush anew.

“Again?” he whispered, looking frantically between her and the door.

“Yes, again,” she said. “Not today.” His body relaxed and he sighed in relief, probably out of having survived this encounter without giving himself away and getting caught by someone else. She was making it her personal goal to make him moan louder and ensure they got discovered in the future just to see how he’d react, but she would take care not to give them away on her way out. She wanted to earn the knowledge honestly. “Not today,” she repeated. She opened the door quietly, looked around to make sure no one would spot her stepping out, and then looked back over her shoulder at him. “But soon.”  

Chapter Text

“That’s enough, Miss Greengrass. Fifty points from Slytherin, and detention with me tonight.”

Professor Martin had already put Hermione Granger in her place for her illegal use of a time turner, but she wasn’t the only witch at Hogwarts who would be held accountable by the new DADA professor. Daphne Greengrass had been making dismissive pro-pureblood comments throughout the beginning of term whenever she thought no one but her friend Davis could hear. But Professor Martin had remarkably good (magically enhanced in fact) hearing, and he had had enough of it.

“Whatever you say, professor,” she said, not bothering to hide her boredom. She might not have been so unconcerned about her detention if she knew him better. The proof of that was evident to him when he looked across the room at Hermione, who seemed to be staring at Daphne with sympathy. The two girls didn’t get along at all, not least because they had been in constant competition for the top spot in their year during their entire time at Hogwarts. That Hermione would show concern for a girl she’d spent seven years feuding with spoke volumes. Daphne might not know what awaited her tonight, but Hermione knew it very well. She’d felt his form of punishment firsthand, and now it was going to be Daphne’s turn.

Hermione met his eye as she looked away from Daphne, and he smirked at her. She blushed and averted her gaze quickly; staring down resolutely at her book and ignoring the hushed questions from her study partner Harry Potter. She might feel sympathy for Daphne but at least she knew it wasn’t her getting punished, and she didn’t want to do anything that might risk that.


He could see the disbelief in Daphne’s blue eyes when he first told her how she was going to be spending her detention. She’d thought he was joking at first, but she shook her head vehemently when she realized he was quite serious. She’d told him that he couldn’t do that to her, that she was a pureblood and deserving of respect and she wouldn’t be forced into something so degrading. Then he’d surprised her by agreeing with her that yes, she wasn’t going to be forced into anything. He gave her two options: she could either willingly subject herself to his punishment and that would be the end of it, or he would take this matter to the headmistress and reveal the anti-muggleborn rhetoric she’d spouted during class. Perhaps McGonagall would sack him for attempting to enact such a punishment on her, but she wouldn’t be able to ignore Daphne’s transgression either. And in the post-war world where there was considerable pushback from the half-bloods and muggleborn against pureblood supremacists, it would all but ruin Daphne’s otherwise promising post-Hogwarts job prospects.

That was how Daphne Greengrass, second-ranked student in her year and supposed Ice Queen of Slytherin, found herself bent over his desk with her robes off, her skirt flipped up and her underwear pulled down. Her formerly pale arse was already red from the number of spanks he’d delivered thus far, both with his hand and with the paddle he was currently swinging. He wasn’t done yet though. She still had plenty of punishment yet to go.

Smack! “Ninety-five!” Her voice was shaky but she still got the count out. She knew they’d be starting over at one if she lost count, and her arse couldn’t handle that.

Smack! “Ninety-six!” It was amusing to note how her voice, normally so clear and confident, was struggling to hold back now.

Smack! “Ninety-seven!” Merlin, but her arse was red! She was going to have trouble sitting down for days after this.

Smack!  “Ninety-eight!” He couldn’t wait to watch her wince and squirm around in her chair during tomorrow’s lecture. No one else would know what had her so bothered, but he would know.

Smack! “Ninety-nine!” Well, maybe Hermione Granger would know. The two rivals had more in common than either of them would ever want to acknowledge, from their intelligence to their competitiveness to their pride. Now they had something else in common. They both knew what it felt like when they stepped out of line around Professor Martin.

Smack! “ONE HUNDRED!” Maybe next time he could find some way to get them to serve their punishments together. That was definitely something to think about.

“Have you learned your lesson?” he asked, setting the paddle down on the desk.

“Yes,” she whispered. She gasped for breath and rubbed at her sore arse, and looked to be in no hurry to pull her knickers back up any time soon. That was fine; he had nowhere to be and nothing pressing to do. He would be happy to stand there and admire his handiwork for as long as she remained slumped over his desk with her skirt flipped up and her underwear down around her ankles.

“We’ll see,” he said. Personally he hoped the lesson didn’t quite take hold and that she would screw up again eventually and give him a reason to punish her all over again. She’d actually gotten off light in comparison to Granger, but she wouldn’t be so lucky next time. 

Chapter Text

The bombing mission had gone wrong, and Barret had gotten separated from the rest of AVALANCHE. That was bad enough, but the situation had gone from bad to worse in his mind when he'd gotten trapped in a malfunctioning elevator. The door would not budge no matter how hard he tried to pull it or punch it. The next step had been to try and blow his way through with his gun-arm, but his companion had put a stop to that, and treated him like a clueless moron in the process.

That was the other part of it, the part that had made this entire situation even more frustrating. There'd been one other person in the elevator with him when it malfunctioned, one other person who was trapped in here with him for what was going to be hours, according to her. And that person was SHINRA'S Head of Weapons Development and world-class bitch, Scarlet. Five minutes trapped in close quarters with her had him wanting to hurl every curse word he'd ever learned. By the time he'd passed the half hour mark he was ready to bash his own head in if it meant he didn't have to listen to Scarlet's bullshit anymore.

Then he reached the point where he just couldn't take it anymore. His rage at SHINRA, his frustration at the failed mission and his mounting annoyance with Scarlet all boiled over and forced him into action. Scarlet had been shocked into silence for the first time when he grabbed her red dress and ripped it off of her. He licked his lips when he got a better look at her body. She might be a bitch but she had a damn nice body. And he was going to use that body to take out all his frustrations and all his anger.

Scarlet's eyes widened when he got his green pants undone and pulled his cock out. He'd seen that look before, and he knew she wasn't going to try and stop him. She might think he was stupid but she didn't see cocks like his hanging around with SHINRA goons.

Sure enough, she didn't try to back away or put any space between them, not that there was any space to be had anyway. He picked her up in his arms, heaved her curvy body up like she was as light as a feather and began to fuck her without so much as a word between them. There were no words needed anyway.

His strong, thick arms hooked around her legs and reached up to her neck, holding her in a full nelson and bouncing her on his thick cock. Normally he'd start out a lot slower than this, but this wasn't a girl he liked or even cared about. He actively hated Scarlet and couldn't give a fuck whether she enjoyed herself or not. She was just a warm, sexy body, a wide ass and a nice big pair of tits and a tight pussy for him to fuck, and there wasn't going to be any care or consideration shown to her.

Apparently that was just how she liked it though, because there was no whines or words of discomfort or pleas for him to slow down. She just moaned like a whore as he held her up in the full nelson and fucked his cock into her.

This felt better to him than he could have imagined any SHINRA cunt could ever feel. She was tight, or at least she felt tight around his big cock, and there was a primal, instinctive part of him that enjoyed listening to the moans he forced out of her as he pounded her. Plus there was an undeniable sense of satisfaction that came from being able to manhandle a member of SHINRA like this. It wasn't the kind of impact he'd been hoping for when he led the rest of AVALANCHE into tonight's mission, but at least it was something. Maybe they hadn't done anything that would harm SHINRA's business tonight, but he was leaving his mark on this one person. She was going to go right on hating him and thinking he was stupid and he was going to continue to know that she was a bitch who was helping to destroy the planet, but she wasn't going to forget his strength, his endowment or how hard he'd fucked her. It was like he was taking all of his anger and all of his grievances towards SHINRA and everything they'd done and continued to do, both to him personally and to the planet in general, and channeling it into fucking this blonde SHINRA bitch as hard as he could.

"Cumming, cumming, cumming!" Scarlet said, basically babbling as he fucked an orgasm out of her. He kept right on fucking her, not caring about her pleasure or her comfort or anything else. He hadn't cared about her from the beginning. She was just here to satisfy a need, like a living, breathing sex toy that he was using to work out his frustration and his rage and his sexual appetite, which had gone unfulfilled for far too long between his work with AVALANCHE and looking after Marlene.

Bouncing Scarlet on his cock allowed him to forget about his problems, at least for a little bit, but it wasn't going to last long. He felt his end approaching and he didn't run from it. He just kept slamming his cock into her until he came. He didn't even consider pulling out or giving her a choice in the matter. This load was going deep inside of her and that was all there was to it, whether she liked it or not. And given the way she moaned louder than ever when she felt it happening, he had a feeling she liked it anyway.

He held her there for quite some time, continuing to fire spurt after spurt of semen inside of Scarlet. She just hung there and moaned throughout it all, taking his load without complaint. He continued to hold her in the full nelson even after he was doing cumming, in no hurry to put her down or pull his cock out of her. It wasn't like he had anywhere to go anyway.

Maybe they could fit in another fuck before the elevator got fixed.

Chapter Text

"Sorry Lavender, but I don't really do public endorsements. Or public interviews. Or public anything, really."

Lavender huffed and tapped her foot in annoyance, trying to figure out how she could convince this stubborn man to help her. Her clothing store was set to have its grand opening in weeks, and despite what some people might think about her, Lavender was not some airhead. Maybe she didn't have the book smarts of Hermione Granger but she knew fashion, and in order to make her dreams of creating a fashion empire come true, she had studied business as well.

Now it was on the verge of happening; she was about to launch her very own business. But if she was going to succeed she needed to make a splash right away, and what better way to grab attention than to run a massive marketing campaign featuring the most famous wizard in the world? Harry was being incredibly stubborn about it though. Appealing to him as an "old friend" hadn't worked, and neither had bringing up her failed relationship with Ron.

"Please, Harry!" she whined. "It would help me so much!" Pleading wasn't working, but maybe gold would? "I'll give you a cut of my opening month's sales! Say, ten percent! No, twenty! Hell, I'll give you twenty-five percent!"

"Sorry," he said again, shaking his head. "I'm not really in need of money." Lavender sighed and banged her hands down against the table.

"I'm begging you here, Harry!" she said. She leaned over the table to look into his eyes. "You have no idea how much this would help! I'll give you anything, anything, if you do this for me!"

With the way she was leaning over she was offering him a marvelous view down her blouse and at her ample cleavage. It hadn't been intentional on her part, but as soon as Lavender noticed his eyes drawn to her chest she jumped on the opportunity. She was a shameless flirt, but hadn't ever outright traded sex for favors.

"I do mean anything, Harry," she said, her voice low and seductive now. She'd never done it before, but if that's what it took now then so be it. She was so close to making her dreams into reality, and Harry's support would all but guarantee success. This wasn't even a difficult decision, and besides, Harry had grown into a sexy man. She would have fucked him for free.

"How about it?" she asked, looking into his green eyes and licking her lips. "You help me, and I'll help you."


Lavender had committed to doing whatever it took to make her business a success, but she couldn't have imagined it would ever lead to this, to getting down on her knees and sucking Harry Potter's cock in the middle of what would soon be her store. Not that she was complaining, mind you. Harry was all grown up, and that didn't only apply to growing into his looks and becoming a powerful man both magically and politically. He'd also grown a nice big cock, one that she was all too eager to suck on.

She prided herself on her oral skills, on leaving any man fortunate enough to be deemed worthy thanking his lucky stars for the opportunity to have his cock sucked by Lavender Brown. Harry presented a greater challenge than most though. She had seen and sucked a few cocks in her day, but none had ever been quite so thick as Harry Potter's. It actually took a bit of work for her to take him all the way down, but she hadn't backed away from the challenge. She couldn't afford to, both for the sake of her dreams of fashion dominance and as a matter of personal pride. Harry was a hero in their world and he had no shortage of women throwing themselves at him, and while his appearances in Witch Weekly and other gossip magazines were infrequent enough that Lavender doubted he took many women up it, he surely didn't say no to all of them. This couldn't be the first time he'd had his cock sucked, but she would do her very best to make sure it was the best.

It took longer than usual by her standards but Lavender did eventually succeed in working her head down his length and taking his cock into her throat. Though Harry didn't know it, that was  the beginning of the end for him. Once she'd deep throated him she brought out one trick after another, all designed to drive him wild and drain him of his seed. She hummed while keeping him all the way down, causing her throat to convulse around his cock in a way that had never failed to make a man's eyes roll back into his head. On the rare occasion that she pulled back to take a breath she made sure to reach underneath him and tickle his balls with her fingers, not allowing him even a moment's respite before she went right back down and deepthroated him all over again.

Throughout it all she stared up at him from her knees, looking up into his handsome face with her brown eyes and watching every slight reaction he made. It was easy to see how much he was enjoying himself, and even though she was the one down on her knees and sucking his cock in order to secure his help in launching her business, it was easy to feel like she was the one holding all the power here. Knowing that she could have such an impact on the most powerful man in all of the magical world had Lavender feeling rather pleased with herself.

She could see his end coming and was perfectly willing to take his cum down her throat, but it turned out that he had other ideas. He pulled her head off of his cock and finished himself off with his hand, but not out of any desire to spare her. Instead he sprayed his seed across her, giving her the biggest facial of her life by a wide margin. She stayed on her knees and took it all with a smile.

"I'm busy tomorrow, but I can come back to set up the first ad the day after," Harry said while using her hair to wipe his cock off. Lavender kept her eyes closed on account of the cum dripping down her face, but that didn't stop her from smiling.

Chapter Text

"C'mon, Harry! This is going to be SO big!"

The marketing campaign had worked even better than she could have hoped for. Lavender's Clothing Boutique was a smash success, thanks partially to the massive marketing blitz she'd put together with Harry as the star, and partially to her own fashion sense and business acumen. But like any good businesswoman, Lavender was always looking at ways to grow, expand and bring in even more business, and she knew that her latest idea was going to be a big hit. The initial campaign starring Harry had been great, but this would work even better.

"Doing ads was one thing, but now you want me to work as your cashier for an entire weekend?" Harry looked dubious. "You know I don't like it when fans mob me, right?"

"Of course," she said easily. "Everyone knows that."

"So why do you expect me to go along with this?" He rested his hands on the table and waited for her answer.

"You were very satisfied with our arrangement last time, right?" she said, biting her lip playfully. He nodded. "There's more of the same in store for you if you do this for me." To her surprise and disappointment, he shook his head.

"Nope. Not this time," he said, ignoring her pout. "You're asking a lot more from me this time. If you want me to do this for you, the cost is going to be steeper."

It wasn't a no, and that was all Lavender needed to hear. Now it was a simple matter of negotiation, and she was willing to do whatever it took to make this happen and secure Harry's services as her cashier for an entire weekend. Witches from all over Europe would flock to her store to be personally 'served' by Harry Potter himself. If even five to ten percent of them became regular customers, she stood to make a great deal of money out of this over the long term. If she had to go well beyond sucking his cock and taking his cum across her face to make it happen, so be it.

"Name your price," she said, confident that she would be willing to give him whatever he asked for.


Today had been another very profitable day at Lavender's Clothing Boutique, and lots of money had been made behind the counter. What happened after they closed for the day was going to wind up generating even more business for her, or it would lead to it at least.

"I wouldn't have expected you to be this tight," Harry grunted from behind her as he fucked her on top of the counter. "You were sure as hell willing enough to whore yourself out to me."

Lavender could have told him that despite her flirtatious personality she didn't actually make a habit of trading sexual favors for benefits, financial or otherwise. She could have told him that she'd been focusing on getting her shop ready for many months before she'd first approached him and it had been quite some time since she'd gotten any dick. She could have even told him that his was the biggest cock she'd ever taken, so she'd probably feel tight to him regardless. But she couldn't manage to say any of those things, because she was far too busy moaning and grunting with every deep thrust he gave her.

Harry was not a gentle lover, not with her at least. He had her pinned down, his hands pressing against her back so her large breasts squashed against the counter as he roughly jammed his cock into her and slid it back. It had been some time since Lavender had gotten any dick, longer since she'd been fucked so hard, and this was a first for a cock this huge being responsible for any of it. As business exchanges went, this felt like a very, very shrewd bit of negotiating on her part.  

During normal working hours her shop would be filled with the sounds of the trendy music she played in the background, the chattering of young witches as they browsed all the latest fashions and Lavender's smooth and persuasive pitches as she showed off her knowledge and helped her customers find what they were looking for (or directed them to something that would look better on them.) But now, with the shop closed and the customers gone, it was instead filled with the sounds of sex, of his hips smacking against her arse, her body thumping against the counter and her gasps and moans throughout it all.

She hissed in surprise when one of his hands left her back, grabbed onto her blonde hair and tugged on it, yanking her head up off of the desk.

"Is it worth it?" he asked, keeping a firm hold on her hair as he continued to slam her against the counter of her shop. "Is it worth whoring yourself out like this for a busy weekend in the store?"

"Yes!" she shouted. It was as much an answer to his question as it was an orgasmic cry forced out of her by his big dick and his rough treatment of her. Lavender had always liked a nice rough shag, and Harry was giving that to her and then some.

Harry wasn't far behind. He continued to plow her for maybe another minute or so, and then he pushed all the way inside of her, held himself there and came inside of her pussy. Lavender groaned, but not out of disapproval. She was protected, but for a moment she wished that she wasn't. Harry as cashier for a weekend would be great for business, but what kind of crowds could she draw in a few years if she had Harry Potter's son or daughter as her special assistant in the shop, sitting around and looking adorable, perhaps with a little lightning bolt drawn on their forehead? It probably wouldn't be worth the lightened workload she'd have to take on to actually have the kid, but it was a fun idea to entertain.

"Pleasure doing business with you," Harry said as he pulled his cock out of her. "Let me know when you're ready, and we'll figure out the best weekend to make this happen."

Chapter Text

"You cannot be serious."

"Of course I am, Harry! The marketing campaign was a big success, and your weekend as a guest cashier gave us more traffic than we've ever had before, and more of that traffic stuck around and became regulars than I could have even hoped for. But this is it; this is the big one."

"I'm not a model," he said flatly. "I have absolutely zero interest in ever putting on your silly clothes and posing for pictures. I'd never live it down."

"Aww, don't be like that, Harry!" she pouted. "You're going to look so handsome in the latest in men's fashion! Every witch will take one look at you in our fanciest new clothing and immediately order a set of each for the man in their life."

This was her latest idea, and she already knew in her heart that it was the greatest of them all. Her partnership with Harry had been a major boon for Lavender's Clothing Boutique, but launching a new line of men's fashion was going to put her over the top. This was a sorely underserved and untapped market, and with Harry as both the spokesman and the model to help her launch it? Forget about it; Lavender's fashion takeover was all but complete!

Or it would be as soon as she sold Harry on the idea at least.

"C'mon, Harry!" she said. "I'll suck your cock all night! You can cum on my face or down my throat as much as you want!"


"Okay, okay, that's probably not enough. Then how about I take off my clothes, bend over this desk and let you shag me rotten? Hell, I'll let you shag me non-stop all weekend!"

"No," he said again, shaking his head. Seriously? Now she was dumbfounded. Who turned down an offer like that?! But she couldn't give up now. She couldn't.

"Okay then, Harry," she said, leaning on her elbows and staring at him seriously. "What's it going to take? What do I need to do to solidify our partnership once and for all?"

Harry didn't speak at first, but the intensity with which he stared at her told her he had something in mind. That was all she needed; an opening. This was going to make her very rich, and she would do absolutely anything in order to make it happen.


"Holy fuck, you're so big!"

Lavender groaned; she couldn't help it. This was far from the first time she'd handled Harry's cock or felt it inside of her; it was far from their first business deal. But he'd driven a harder bargain than ever before, and now she was feeling his massive cock push inside of her arse for the first time.

He wasn't taking it easy on her either. He never had before and she hadn't expected him to start now, but she'd never had this much to deal with either. They were in her office in the back room of the store, and he was sitting in her chair and holding her by the hips as he buggered her from below. One might think that her being on top would be a mercy, but that wasn't true at all. He'd made it clear that he wanted her to keep her hips moving as much as possible, regardless of how uncomfortable she might be. She wasn't about to do anything that might upset him so she was doing exactly as he'd demanded, continuing to ride his lap and push her hips down onto him no matter how big his cock felt in her arse.

And of course he wasn't just sitting there and letting her do all the moving. His own hips rose up off of the chair and met her thrusts with equal force, and the result was anal sex far beyond anything she'd ever had. Even setting aside his sheer size, she'd never been buggered at anywhere near this pace or with this kind of force. He had cast a spell to properly prepare her and lubricate her beforehand, which was a small mercy but could only do so much in the face of such an unbelievable anal ride.

Then he stood up from the chair, with her arse still fully impaled on his cock, hooked his arms underneath her legs, reached all the way up for the full nelson and started to bounce her.

"Fuck!" Lavender groaned. "It's so much!" She'd only been full nelsoned once before, and that had been your standard penis in vagina sex (and said penis had probably been a good quarter shorter than Harry's, and half as thick at best.) Having Harry's monster in her arse while he stood there and full nelsoned her was probably the greatest test of sexual endurance that Lavender had ever been through in her life.

She wouldn't dream of backing down though. For one thing, she would never lose sight of why she was doing this and what this was going to mean for her. Harry as the face and the model of her new men's clothing line was going to be a massive moneymaker for her, and she would have to be a fool to throw that away now.

But there was another reason she had no interest in begging him to put her down or show her mercy. This might be a lot for her to take, but that didn't stop her from panting and moaning as he fucked her bum harder than it had ever been fucked before. Lavender was not only a shrewd businesswoman willing to do whatever it took to make her boutique a success, but also a horny woman who loved the way Harry was using her body. If whoring herself out to this handsome, famous, powerful and well-endowed wizard was what she had to do to make it, she would do so with a smile on her face.

And so she did. She smiled as he fucked her arse and filled her bowels with cum, and she smiled when he put her back down and watched as she slumped over her own desk.

"Pleasure doing business with you, partner."    

Chapter Text

Melissa Shield had felt drawn to Izuku Midoriya pretty much as soon as she saw him arrive on I-Island. She'd been interested by his hero costume and the scars on his hand, which showed his dedication to helping people. She'd only become more interested in him as she led him on a tour of the I-Island Expo and got to know him better. She saw how much like her he was, how much he admired heroes and wanted so badly to help people in whatever way he could.

She admired his spirit and considered him a friend, but it quickly became more than that the more time she spent around him. She soon realized that she didn't just want him to be her friend; she wanted more.

He froze in shock when she boldly stepped towards him and pulled his face into a kiss. They were close to the same height so it was simple for her to do, but what it represented was anything but simple. Then again, maybe it was actually incredibly simple in its own way.

Izuku seemed to be in a daze at first but hadn't resisted as she stripped him out of his clothes, and by the time she'd taken her own clothes off he'd regained enough of his senses to eagerly grab at her breasts, which made her smile. Her large chest could get in the way sometimes when she was working on her inventions, but if Izuku liked them that was at least one point in their favor.

It was obvious he had no more clue what he was doing than she did, but they figured things out quickly enough. After some kissing and groping got them both excited, he'd guided her down onto the bed and gotten into position on top of her. She'd given him a warm nod to show that she was okay with this and wanted him to continue, and then he was inside of her.

Melissa's eyes widened as she felt her first cock enter her, and it was Izuku's cock no less! It was a lot to take in and adjust to at first but he was gentle with her. He moved his hips slowly at first, and his hands and his mouth both showed his fascination with her breasts as he squeezed, licked and sucked on them.

The best thing of all was his face though. She'd seen that face in a variety of moods. She'd seen him look angry, she'd seen his embarrassment when she first got close to him to examine him and she'd seen his determination as he prepared to battle a villain. But now she was getting to see an expression on that face that she was sure no one had ever seen before. She got to witness what Izuku's face looked like as he experienced the ecstasy of sex, and that honestly excited her as much as the act itself did.

Or at least that was true until they both got more comfortable, her with the feeling of a penis inside of her and him with how to move his hips. Once he actually started moving and having sex with her, giving it to her a bit harder while taking care not to take it beyond what she was ready for, she began to realize why everyone loved this so much. She could easily see herself becoming addicted to this, to having his penis slide back and forth inside of her pussy while he moved on top of her.

But she didn't want just anyone on top of her like this. Only Izuku would do. It was only Izuku that she wanted to make love with, now or in the future.

It was only Izuku that she wanted to have cum inside of her too, and that's what came next. They didn't even have time to discuss it before he was suddenly cumming, and he looked as surprised about it as she was. There was a flash of panic on his face, but she quickly reassured him by pulling him down on top of her more fully and kissing him. She had come prepared for this and wasn't worried about what came next, and she could have never stayed mad at him for long even if she hadn't been ready. Who could ever stay mad at this cute little ball of determination and adorableness?

"Melissa," he said later, panting and shaking his head in amazement as they cuddled together, basking in the afterglow of their first time. "That was amazing!"

"Yes," she agreed. And it had been, but not just because of how good it felt. It was amazing because she'd given her first time to this wonderful man and he'd done the same with her. Sharing this with anyone else wouldn't have felt right, but sharing it with Izuku had been even better than she could have hoped for. She was very quickly falling for him. She had been since she'd first seen him on the island and it had been growing steadily ever since. "It was."

"I can't imagine anything being better than that," he said, still awed by what they'd done. It made her chuckle.

"It was great," she said, tracing the scars on his hand tenderly. "But think how good it's going to feel once we've had some practice at it."

The dazed, awestruck look on his face once he realized what she was proposing, that she was saying there would be more of this, made her giggle into the side of his neck.

She was going to enjoy her time with Izuku Midoriya. 

Chapter Text

Suzuha smiled to herself as she watched Okabe take another drink of his cola. Little did he know that there was much more than just a soft drink in his cup, thanks to her.

She'd hit upon a genius idea, a perfect way to create a unique memory in Okabe's brain that would prevent him from disappearing. It was no secret to her, or to anyone that knew him really, that the path to do that effectively ran through Makise Kurisu. Those two idiots were so clearly in love with each other, though they were both too stubborn and shy to actually admit it out loud. But Suzuha couldn't afford to wait for them to get over themselves and confess to each other; none of them had time for that, especially Okabe.

Confronting either of them about admitting their feelings or bluntly suggesting that radical actions were needed to save Okabe from disappearing wouldn't have worked either, so Suzuha had taken it upon herself to stack the deck and give Okabe a little bit of liquid courage. There was nothing that lowered inhibitions and brought out people's honest emotions like alcohol, so during the barbecue Suzuha had covertly spiked Okabe's drink while he was distracted, after which she stood back and watched from a safe distance, waiting for the magic to happen.

She watched from afar as Okabe, who had been conversing with Kurisu for several minutes while gulping down his spiked drink, suddenly grabbed the genius neuroscientist by the shoulders and began shouting at her. She couldn't quite hear the words from where she was, but she could see the profile Kurisu's pale face blush beet red. Suzuha grinned victoriously, turned and walked away. She knew a drunken confession when she saw one.

Mission accomplished, at least for her. The rest was up to those two idiots. Hopefully they didn't suck too much once clothes started to come off.


Okabe could barely believe what was happening. He didn't know why he had finally found the courage to tell Kurisu how he felt about her, but he'd done it, and amazingly she had responded. He also didn't understand why his vision was blurry and he couldn't seem to walk without stumbling, but now wasn't the time to worry about that, not when he and Kurisu had stumbled off to the nearest bedroom and started to make out against the door.

Making out had turned to groping, which turned to pulling each others' clothes off. Now Kurisu lay on the bed, her long hair splayed out on the pillow and her beautiful body naked and open for him. She was blushing, but there was no reason for her to be embarrassed. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, and if his mind had been operating normally he might have told her so. Then again, if his mind was working as it usually did they probably wouldn't have been in this position to begin with.

He couldn't tell her how beautiful she looked or how happy he was to finally be here with her, about how he had no regrets even if he might soon disappear right in front of her. All he could focus on was fumbling with his pants until he got them off, climbing onto the bed and getting into position.

It took some work, but eventually he managed to keep his cock straight enough to push inside of her. Kurisu gasped out as he entered her, and he quickly started to thrust. He couldn't have taken it easy on her even if he'd tried, but fortunately she didn't seem to mind. She was so wonderfully expressive, moaning, hooking her legs around his hips and staring up at him, her body and her face flushed as he fucked her.

Okabe might have been disappointed at how quickly he finished if his brain wasn't so foggy, but as it was all he cared about was the incredible tightness of her pussy. Her pussy; his assistant's pussy. Kurisu's pussy. He was fucking Kurisu, and she was moaning and writhing around on the bed, and her nails were scratching his arms and she was so damn lovely beneath him. It was all too much, too intense, too perfect for him to believe, and way too much for his addled brain to hope to cope with. He leaned his body over hers, holding her body tightly to his as he came inside of her. He could only hope that she'd enjoyed herself too; he was in no position to focus on making her feel good. Hopefully the erotic moans she let out right against his ear were a sign that this had felt as good for her as it had for him. Or that she'd enjoyed herself, at least; he doubted it was possible for anyone to enjoy something as much as he'd enjoyed finally fucking Makise Kurisu.

He could barely think straight afterwards, but he somehow managed to roll off of her so he didn't crush her with his body weight. She rolled onto her side and curled against him, and he cuddled her close and let his eyes close. If he disappeared overnight and this was the last thing he ever felt, he could hardly complain. Even a short life was worthwhile if it meant he got to spend his last night with the woman he loved.

That wasn't how it ended for him, of course. He was still very much solid and real the next morning, and he awoke to the indescribable feeling of Kurisu's bare breasts against his back.

He would never know what Suzuha had done for him, but he did catch her smirking at him a lot the next day, especially when he went to grab a soda.  

Chapter Text

There was a darkness inside of Harry, a darkness that had been there from the moment Voldemort accidentally left a piece of his soul inside of him. None had seen it, not even Dumbledore. It had been there, waiting, and now that the foolish redhead was gone it was ready to announce its presence and claim the one who had always supported him.

Hermione Granger had always been willing to do anything for Harry; she'd always stuck by his side no matter what. When the horcrux came out to play, she was all too willing to give him whatever he wanted. She asked no questions when he suddenly pulled her to him, kissed her and shoved his tongue in her mouth. She dropped to her knees, took his trousers and boxers off and began to suck without even needing to be told.

Ever since he'd saved her from the troll (it might have been Ron who cast the spell but she'd always known the boys never would have come to save her if it hadn't been for Harry) she had followed Harry with a devotion that bordered on hero worship. In later years those who were old enough to remember would say that she worshipped Harry with the same sort of fervor that Bellatrix Lestrange had shown to Voldemort, but this was her first chance to take that worship beyond helping him with his homework or standing beside him in a life or death situation and use her body to show her devotion.

Harry was well-hung and this was Hermione's first time handling any cock, but she didn't let that affect her. She was far too devoted to him to let a silly thing like a gag reflex get in her way, and it took no time at all before she was taking his cock all the way down her throat and holding it there while she stared up at him, hoping for approval. He patted her bushy hair affectionately, and she wouldn't have traded that gesture for all the gold in Gringotts.

He pulled her head off of his cock, picked her up and threw her down on the cot. He removed her clothes with a single wave of his wand and she eagerly waited for him as he joined her on the bed, rolled her onto her stomach and thrust his cock into her in one brutal thrust. Hermione screamed, and then it turned into a hysterical cackle as her lord pulled back and did it again, and again, and again.

"Yes, Harry!" she said gleefully. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

He put his hands on her hips and held her in a bruising grip as he hammered down into her. There wasn't even a thought of being gentle here; gentle wasn't even in Harry Potter's vocabulary any more now that the darkness had taken hold of him. She was his, here to be bred by him. He was going to use her body as if it belonged to him, because it did. All of her belonged to him, from her vaunted brain that would now be used for his own benefit and to further his own ends, to her sexy little body and even to her womb. It was all his, and with the weasel out of the way he was finally able to claim it without interruption. No one would come between them now, because with this they were joined together inextricably. He was her master and she was his devoted servant, ready to offer herself up to him however he desired.

Hermione yelped with every thrust of his hips, and her body rocked on the cot every time he slammed down into her from above and shoved his cock as deep inside of her as it would go. He grabbed her by the back of her head and pressed her face into the cot, affirming his dominance over her even as she willingly offered herself up to be fucked.

His new servant was still moaning and laughing against the cot when Harry grabbed her hips even harder, gave her a few more deep thrusts and shot his cum inside of her. He kept himself hilted all the way inside of her throughout his orgasm, his balls pressing against her arse as he made sure that every last drop of his seed made it inside of her and went straight to her womb. This dark side of Harry, the one who had embraced the horcrux, embraced its true nature, wanted to breed just like any other male did. It wanted to impregnate its follower, and within her begin to plant the seeds of their dynasty.

He held himself inside of her long after he'd finished, simply reveling in his victory, in the triumph over the weak human side of Harry Potter and the claiming of the loyal servant that the 'light' side of him had been too much of a coward to bind to him. But the new Harry had no such qualms. She was going to be of great use to him. She was a powerful and brilliant witch, and she would not only ably serve at his side as he took his rightful place, but also pass her strength and her smarts down to his progeny. She was an ideal tool.

He finally pulled his cock out of her, and gave her arse a single sharp smack before getting off the bed. He left her there, facedown and well-fucked on the bed with a contented smile on her face, and started to make his mental preparations for what came next.

The world had thought Harry Potter was a force for good, but he was going to be as fearsome a foe as the light had ever known. And now that he had the brightest witch of her generation ready to serve him, it was time for him to step out of the shadows and show them his new, true self.

Chapter Text

Arya succeeded in saving Lady Crane from the Waif, but afterwards it was Lady Crane's turn to save her.

She barely remembered much from those days thanks to the Milk of the Poppy Lady Crane kept giving her. The days all blended together into delirium, one day blurring into the next in a mass of confusion. The only thing that she kept noticing, the only thing that stuck in her head were the generous breasts of the actress, who stayed by her side and nursed her back to health. Any time Lady Crane bent down over her to give her more Milk of the Poppy or check on her wounds, Arya's hands itched with the desire to grab those big breasts.

She wasn't sure what had come over her or why she was so obsessed with Lady Crane's breasts. The only coherent thought she had was that she wanted them, wanted to squeeze them and touch them and suck on them and bury her face between them. If she'd been in her right mind she wouldn't have let this weird fascination affect her, but under this delirious state she didn't have nearly as much control. Her body wanted to play with Lady Crane's breasts, and her mind wasn't in any fit state to deny it.

"Ah!" Lady Crane grunted in surprise as Arya grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down onto the bed with her. She was surprisingly strong for her small stature, but then again Lady Crane had seen the mess she made of the Waif so maybe she wasn't all that surprised by her strength. "What are you--?"

Arya rolled the older woman onto her back, tugged her dress down to her waist and buried her face in Lady Crane's chest. The actress froze, seemingly too stunned to act and not knowing what to do. As Arya started sucking on her breast and grabbed onto one with each hand, Lady Crane finally gave some response other than surprise.

"We shouldn't," she said. "You're delirious from the Milk of the Poppy; you don't know what you're doing. Just let me up and--oh!"

Arya wasn't going to let her talk nonsense. She might be delirious but she still knew what she wanted. She kept squeezing her breasts and then moved her mouth to her nipples, sucking on first one and then the other. Lady Crane's hands came to Arya's head, and at first Arya thought she was going to try and pull her away. That might have even been her intention at first, but instead she held her face more firmly against her breast and moaned as Arya licked and nibbled on her stiff nipples.

She didn't protest as Arya continued to have fun with her breasts, nor did she complain when Arya pushed her dress the rest of the way down, pulled her smallclothes off and put her face between her legs. This was Arya's first sexual experience of any kind but she'd learned many things since escaping King's Landing. She'd heard some of the whores talk about the neglected women who came to them for the pleasure they weren't getting from their men, and she remembered them talking about how much the lonely women moan when they used their mouths on them.

"Oh! Oh, yes, yes,!" Lady Crane was no different, apparently. She relaxed and moaned as Arya licked between her legs, but then seemed to have another idea. She pushed Arya's head away despite her protests. "Take your clothes off. I want to do it to you too."

Arya wasn't about to refuse that offer. She sat up and fumbled with her clothing, but Lady Crane helped her get undressed and them got down on her back again, this time pulling Arya on top of her so their heads were between each other's legs.

Arya got back to work, but this time Lady Crane's mouth was on her cunt too. It was the first time anyone had touched Arya there, and she decided right away that she loved it. She loved Lady Crane's taste and she loved the way that the talented actress swirled her tongue against her cunt. She never wanted this to end.

While Arya was acting largely on instinct and a general idea from listening to the whores, Lady Crane seemed to be licking her with genuine skill, like maybe this wasn't her first time using her mouth on a woman. Maybe the traveling theater companies lived more exciting lives than she'd thought.

Whether she'd gained her skill through experience or she was simply a natural, Lady Crane soon had Arya's hips bucking against her face as she came. Arya almost lost sight of what she was doing thanks to how amazing it felt, but she persevered. She wanted this talented, beautiful, busty actress to feel just as good as she did, and so she kept licking. She even started rubbing her cunt with her fingers too, and that combination was enough to eventually make Lady Crane's legs shake as she squirted on Arya's face. Arya licked some of it off of her lips, and was surprised at how good it tasted.

"You know, the life of a traveling actress can be fun, but it can be lonely too," Lady Crane said later as they were snuggled close together on the bed. "It would be a lot more enjoyable if I had a cute young woman waiting for me every night."

Arya had already done plenty of travelling, but doing so at Lady Crane's side and making love to her every night sounded like a far better life than she'd led since King's Landing, and far less dangerous than following the path of revenge she was currently on.

She smiled, kissed her new lover on the lips and thought about her future. She didn't bother reciting any of the names on her list.      

Chapter Text

"Miss Johnson!" Angelina jerked her head back to the front of the room in shock. "Copying off of Miss Spinnet's test?"

The young substitute professor allowed himself to appear angry as he walked over to Angelina's desk, having caught her red-handed, but in actuality he was jumping for joy. He'd been admiring the lovely captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team ever since he'd been appointed as Professor Hagrid's temporary replacement, and this was the perfect chance for him to move beyond mere admiration.

"N-no, Professor Martin, I was just--"

"Don't lie to me, Miss Johnson," he snapped. "Detention. Tonight."


"What am I to do with you, Miss Johnson? You blatantly cheated on an exam right in front of me. And right before the big quidditch match against Ravenclaw too." Angelina's head shot up from her desk and she looked at him with eyes wide and panicked. Perfect; he had her attention now.

"No, Professor!" she pleaded. "Please don't ban me from quidditch! We're already without Harry; if I'm banned at the last minute there's no way we can win!"

"Maybe you should've thought of that before you read answers off of your friend's exam," he said. He sighed. "I really don't want to do this, Angelina, but I don't see any way around it."

"Please, Professor!" she said desperately. "Let me play in the game! I'm sorry; I'll do anything to make up for it!

He smiled slowly. This was going just as he'd hoped.


Angelina stood bent over his desk, her hands flat on top of it and her arse sticking out towards him. He whistled as he ran his hand across her bum and admired her muscular legs. She worked hard to be in peak form for quidditch and it showed.

"You're lovely, Miss Johnson," he said. "I'm so glad we could come to this compromise." She said nothing, but he heard her take a shaky breath. She had been very reluctant when he revealed what she would have to do, but in the end her desire to captain Gryffindor to a quidditch cup had won out. She'd hesitantly stripped out of her clothes and got into position just like he asked.

His hands went to her strong hips and they cried out in unison as he slid his cock inside of her. He didn't waste any time being gentle with her; he got straight to fucking her, pulling his hips back and thrusting into her hard enough to make the desk shake beneath her. She wasn't a virgin; that much was obvious. He wouldn't have been able to pump his cock into her so deep and with such ease if she hadn't done this before. That he wasn't her first didn't bother him in the least. On the contrary, he was grateful to whatever lucky wizard or wizards had had her before him. They'd broken her in, and now he was having his fun with her.    

What fun it was, too! When he'd decided to study to become a professor, part of the reason had been that he'd hoped to be able to take advantage of desperate young witches like Miss Johnson. He hadn't known if it would actually be feasible, but here he was, fucking a lovely barely legal witch before he'd even become a full-time professor! He couldn't wait to see what he could do in a year or two when he got hired full-time.

"Such a good, slutty captain," he said, taunting her as he kept her bent over his desk and shagged her from behind. "You might be a poor student, but Gryffindor is lucky to have you if you're willing to whore yourself out like this just to try and win the quidditch cup."

Angelina whimpered, whether in response to his taunting or to his big cock fucking her hard he didn't know. He gave her a smack on the arse which made her grunt, and then he went back to admiring her lovely strong body as he fucked her. She was not only the first student he'd fucked as a teacher, she was also the first witch he'd fucked who was a different ethnicity than his own. They were both firsts that he was thrilled to be crossing off of his list.

"Your skin is so lovely, Miss Johnson," he said, running his hands along her smooth back, admiring the muscles there. He loved the contrast of his pale body colliding with her darker one. "Why have I never tried to bed a black witch before now? Then again, few witches of any skin color are as pretty as you, are they?"

Angelina said nothing, but he could tell from her short breaths and the way her hips automatically shoved back against him that she had started enjoying this, or her body was at the very least. It would be amusing if she had an orgasm while being bent over and fucked by her teacher, but he wasn't overly concerned with that. He was here to enjoy himself and indulge in his fantasy of fucking a student, and as long as he got to do that the rest was immaterial. And he was enjoying himself a great deal. In fact, he was having so much fun shagging Angelina Johnson in his office (Hagrid's office, but his for the time being) that he could feel his end rapidly approaching.

"I hope you're taking a potion, Miss Johnson, because I'm cumming inside of you," he announced. Angelina's breath caught in her throat but she didn't object, so he assumed she was probably protected. That was good for her because he wouldn't have pulled out regardless.

He sighed in satisfaction when he finally pulled out of her after having filled her to the brim with his seed. He gave her one last smack on the arse and then bent to pick up his robes and underwear.

"Good luck in the match, Miss Johnson." She'd been the first student he'd fucked, but he felt certain that she wouldn't be his last.

Chapter Text

Arya flew at the Night King, dagger ready to strike, hoping to end the battle between the living and the dead with one blow directed straight at his heart, if he had one.

He caught her, which she'd figured was likely, but she started to panic when he anticipated her final trick as well and knocked her weapon out of her hand dismissively when she tried to drop it to catch it with her free hand. She struggled to pull his hand off of her throat, but she might as well have tried to move a boulder for all the good it did her. There was nothing she could do. He was going to kill her any minute now. She just hoped it would be quick, and that if he brought her back as one of those undead things then Jon or someone else would kill her again, and for good.

It wasn't a killing blow that she felt next, or a tightening of his hand around her throat to cut off her air, but instead a tearing of her breeches. She looked down, confused at first, but it all started to click into place when he started to disrobe as well. His cock grew before her eyes, and she had to laugh. He might not be a human anymore, but apparently he was just as horny as the rest of them. Ridiculous as it seemed, the leader of the army of the dead wanted to fuck her. Arya bit back her fear and stared at him like she was bored. She wouldn't let him think he'd won or that she was afraid of him, and she wasn't about to beg. It wouldn't have worked anyway, obviously; this thing felt no compassion or empathy. It just wanted to kill, to destroy, and apparently to fuck. Well, so be it. The longer he left her alive, the greater her chance to find a way to kill him eventually, or to keep him occupied until someone else could. If she had to get fucked for a bit to give Jon time to make it here and kill this bastard, she would do it gladly. She'd suffered through far worse, or at least that's what she told herself when she felt his cock, hard and cold as the rest of him, press against her cunt lips.

"Ahhhhhh!" She was very glad that she'd fucked Gendry before the battle, because feeling that inhumanly cold cock slide into her was enough of a struggle as it was. She didn't even want to imagine how much more difficult it would've been if he was her first.

The Night King's cock was massive, and he seemed to be determined to get it as deep inside of her as he could, as often as he could. He put both of his cold hands on her bare arse and bounced her body up and down, driving his cock deep every time he dropped her down and thrust his strong hips up to meet her. Arya had been determined not to show him any kind of reaction but she couldn't help the sharp gasps she let out as he bounced her entire body onto his cock over and over again. He was so big, so long and thick, and she couldn't believe how full she felt.

He'd long since taken his hand off of her throat so he could keep both hands on her arse while he bounced her. He'd determined that she was no threat, that she was going to put up no fight, and he was right. There would be time to fight him later. Maybe when he was done he would let his guard down, she'd be able to grab her dagger again and stab him. That wasn't going to happen yet though; his attention wasn't going to be anywhere but on her until he'd finished. So Arya didn't fight; she didn't beat her hands against his chest uselessly. She just allowed him to fuck her, letting him have her body for the time being. It meant she was still alive, and as long as she was still alive she still had a chance to kill him.

Arya whined when she felt him start to bounce her body even harder, not knowing what it meant, but knowing something was about to happen. Apparently what it meant was that he was close, because he only did that for a short period of time before he started to cum inside of her. Arya just shook her head, not bothering to let herself consider the implications of that. Erection and human lust aside, she doubted that it was possible for him to put a baby in her belly, whether it be human or undead. And if he did, well...she would deal with that problem if and when it arose. For now she was just focused on survival, and hopefully on getting another chance to kill him.

He suddenly pulled her off of his cock and tossed her on the ground. She didn't even react to the pain; instinct had her rolling over and scrambling in the direction he'd knocked her dagger.

She found her weapon after a bit of desperate searching, surprised that he hadn't killed her or fucked her arse or done something to her during her search, but when she got to her feet she realized why. His back was to her, and his focus was on Jon. This might be her chance; maybe she could strike while his back was turned. She had no time to prepare, or even to try and pull her breeches back on. This was it.

Arya Stark, bare arsed and with the Night King's cum still inside of her, dove back in for more.

Chapter Text

Poison Ivy wasn't quite sure how it had come to this. She'd come to confront Joker about how he treated Harley, to speak her mind and tell the clown to stop taking advantage of the girl's devotion to him. She didn't like Joker, and she knew the feeling was mutual. So why was she currently rolling around on the bed with him, engaging in a quite energetic bout of sex?

She couldn't quite say how it had started, but she knew that she didn't want to lose to him. There was a constant struggle for dominance as they rolled around on his heart shaped bed, both of them trying to prove something to the other. There was no love here; there wasn't even like. They hated each other and it showed in everything they did, from the way he possessively squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples to how she bit his shoulder while riding his cock. He gave it right back to her of course, rolling her back over and holding her legs down on the bed while he fucked her, making her sexy green body bounce.

She bit her lip and stared up at him as he drilled into her from the top. Try as she might to hate him, she at the very least couldn't hate his cock. It was nice and thick, and it felt so good as he thrust it deep inside of her. It was almost worth putting up with the rest of him, just to have this cock to look forward to. Almost.

She enjoyed his cock, and she wasn't afraid to admit it to herself. However she might feel about the man it was attached to, he knew how to use that thing. That didn't mean she was just going to lie there and let him do what he wanted though. Maybe she could soften her stance on him a little bit if he was capable of fucking her this well, but she was still going to make sure she came out on top if she had anything to say about it.

Ivy used her legs to roll them both over, sat up on top of him and began to bounce on his cock. Her hands went to his chest, holding him down and maintaining her control over him. If he wanted to try and get back on top he was going to have to fight for it.

He didn't make another attempt at it though. He held her by the hips but didn't try to control her or roll her back over. Instead he let her ride him and watched her breasts bounce, which he seemed to enjoy. Then again, who the hell knew with him?

Ivy kept bouncing, kept fucking herself on him until she came with a happy little moan. She'd come here to yell at him, but it had somehow turned into this, into riding his cock and making far more pleasant noises as she rode her way to the biggest climax she'd had in a long time.

Joker's hands held her down on him and his hips thrust up from beneath her, and he wound up cumming a minute or two after she'd finished. Ivy just took it all with a smile, too far gone to be angry at him for cumming inside of her.

She rolled off of him after they were done, still not entirely sure why she'd done that, what had possessed him to kiss her and throw her on the bed and why she'd not only allowed it but kissed him back, but she didn't regret it.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked, grinning at her like he already knew the answer.

"Guess not," she said. She still didn't like him, but maybe she didn't hate him quite so much anymore. It was hard to hate anyone that could fuck like that.

Joker suddenly began cackling, seemingly at nothing, and she would have been surprised if he had been anyone else. This clown laughing hysterically at nothing didn't even classify as a surprise. Still, she was curious what had him so amused.

"What is it?" she asked, wondering if he'd even be able to explain why he was laughing or if he was just going to confirm his insanity. He was still laughing too hard to answer her but he pointed behind her, towards the door of his bedroom. She rolled over onto her side and saw what had the clown so amused.

Apparently a pair of heroes had infiltrated his domain while they were too busy fucking to notice or care, but the innocent young heroes had not been prepared for what they saw. Robin and Batgirl stood in the doorway, both standing awkwardly as if they weren't sure what to do. Ivy could easily see the lady bat's stiff nipples through her tight costume, and Batman's male sidekick was standing with his hands hovering above his crotch, no doubt trying to hide the erection he'd gotten from watching Poison Ivy riding the Joker.

"Looks like we have guests," she said, looking back to the still cackling Joker. "Are you going to get up and welcome them, or should I?"   

Chapter Text

Of all the plans Hermione had ever made, Harry had to believe that this was her best. She was a bright witch so there were plenty of strong candidates, but this was the first plan that had included him being balls deep inside of Nymphadora Tonks.

"That's it, Harry," Tonks said. She nodded up at him from her back with a smile. "Don't be afraid to move those hips. You don't want to just stick it in and start hammering a girl right away before she'd ready for it, but you don't want to be too timid either if you want her to have fun. Work your way up to it, just like this."

Harry slid his cock back and then thrust it back in, a little harder than before. Tonks grunted as his balls slapped against her arse, and his eyes were drawn to her breasts as they bounced in answer to his thrust. She'd made them quite a bit bigger than usual today, and he was sure that was for his benefit.

"That's right, just like that," Tonks said. "You're a quick learner. You've gotten much better at this already." He was pretty sure she was being honest too. Before they'd started she'd said with all seriousness that she wasn't going to blow smoke up his arse or give him false praise. He was here to learn, after all, and how could he learn what he should or shouldn't do if she wasn't completely honest with him?

It had been Hermione's idea. The recent Hogwarts graduates both had healthy libidos, but their sex life was shit, quite frankly. It wasn't for lack of effort on either of their parts, but they were both inexperienced and didn't know what they were doing. Of course Hermione had done loads of research, but this had been one area where books hadn't come through as well as she would've liked. So she'd suggested they turn to a more practical form of study to try and improve their technique, which had led them to this.

Fucking Tonks had been awkward at first. He'd had no problem getting hard for her, naturally, but sticking it in and getting started had been mortifying. His nerves had been obvious, just like they were with Hermione, but Tonks had the experience to help him calm down and coax him into setting a rhythm.

He'd gone slow at first, but now he was working his way up to a much faster speed. He was fucking her hard enough to make those big boobs shake, and he was doing it well enough that her patient smile was starting to give way to genuine pleasure. He was making Tonks, beautiful, older, experienced Tonks, feel good!    

"Yes, Harry, yes!" she said. Her hair flashed from a dark purple to a bubblegum pink, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "That's right, just like that! Give me that nice big cock! You're getting it, ahh, you're getting it!"

Listening to Tonks moan and watching her sexy body move underneath him as he fucked her was amazing. Sex had never felt like this before; this was how it was supposed to be! He lost himself in the pleasure of fucking Nymphadora Tonks, so much so that he wasn't aware of anything else, not even the loud slapping sounds of flesh hitting flesh that was happening right next to him. Hermione's own 'lessons' with his godfather were the furthest thing from his mind right now.

"God damn, yes Harry!" Tonks said. The metamorph was very vocal when she felt good, as he was privileged to discover now. "Fuck me, fuck me! Keep going! Harder, faster!"

Harry was more than happy to follow those directions. He was really driving his hips forward now, pumping his cock into her harder than he'd ever dared with Hermione. Now that Tonks had guided him along through his initial awkwardness and helped him find his way, he couldn't wait to show Hermione all that he'd learned. Hopefully she'd be moaning just as loud as Tonks was.

He and Hermione putting their new knowledge to use on each other was going to have to wait for later though, because he had a beautiful metamorph to fuck right now. Who knew if he would ever get to be with Tonks again? He needed to make the most of this opportunity, and do his best to leave a positive impression on the beautiful older witch.

Her bouncing breasts had never been far from his mind since he'd really gotten going, and the urge to grab them became too much to ignore. His hands went to her breasts and he squeezed them, tentatively at first, but she smiled, put her hands over his and encouraged him to squeeze to his heart's content. When he leaned his head over her and took her breast into his mouth, she giggled and ran her hands through his hair, messing it up beyond its standard state of unruliness.

Harry's hips sped up as he felt his orgasm approaching. Until now this had happened far too quickly after the sex had started and he reacted by trying (and failing) to hold back so he could last a little longer, but he didn't do so this time. He knew he'd done a good job here; Tonks screaming into his ear as he fucked her to a climax had made that abundantly clear.

"Stop, stop, pull out," Tonks said quickly, recognizing what was about to happen. Harry heard her and forced his hips to stop, despite his reluctance.

"Sorry," he panted after pulling his cock out carefully, knowing he was right on the edge. They hadn't discussed where he was going to cum, and obviously doing it inside of Tonks was off-limits.

"Don't apologize," Tonks said, chuckling. "I just want you to join in on the lesson I'm about to teach your girlfriend." Harry followed Tonks' gaze to the other side of the bed, where Hermione was riding Sirius. "You ready, mutt?"

Chapter Text

Hermione smiled as she looked over and saw Harry driving his hips forward and drawing increasingly loud and enthusiastic moans and curses from Tonks, who wasn't being shy about letting all three of them know how well he was doing. She couldn't wait to feel her boyfriend fucking her just like that. It would have to wait of course, because she was in the middle of her own practical lesson right now.

When they'd told Sirius and Tonks of their issues in the bedroom, Tonks had suggested they should try switching it up by having Hermione get on top and do the moving herself. She'd blushed and quietly admitted that they had tried that, and it hadn't gone any better than when Harry thrust into her. Tonks, aghast, had demanded that she get on top of Sirius and learn to embrace her inner cowgirl.

The metamorph had helped her out at first, guiding her into position, coaching her through it and helping her get settled in and get comfortable sitting on Sirius' cock. When she'd done this with Harry she'd had no real clue what she was doing and couldn't ever figure out how fast she should go or how she should move her hips, but Tonks encouraged her to move at her own pace and try out different motions with her hips. There was no need to rush, as Sirius had reminded her with a roguish grin that was so like Harry's. They had as long as they needed.

Rather than picking one thing and sticking with it, Hermione explored her options. One minute she'd bounce in Sirius' lap, sliding her pussy lips up and down his cock and making the old dog groan. The next she'd swing her hips in a slow circle while keeping his cock deep inside of her, enjoying the feel of him brushing against her. The next she'd keep herself sat down on him and rock back and forth, grinding against him. Throughout it all she kept two important tips from the metamorph and Harry's godfather in mind: don't rush, and have fun.

She was indeed having fun, and it was obvious that Sirius was too. The perverted Marauder watched her sexy young body move atop his with a smile on his face, and his hands wandered from her hips, up her flat stomach and to her bouncing breasts.

"Merlin, you're sexy, Hermione," Sirius said. "I knew you were smart as hell, but who knew you were hiding a body like this underneath those robes? Harry is a lucky man." Hermione cast a quick glance across the bed, where Harry continued to pound into Tonks and now had one of her breasts in his mouth, and quietly agreed.    

"I guess that makes you the lucky one right now, doesn't it?" she said, arching a brow at hm. "Considering it's currently your cock I'm riding?"

"You said it," Sirius agreed with another grin. "I don't know what you were worried about, but you sure as hell know how to ride a cock. This is the best fuck I've had since I got out of Azkaban. Probably before it too."

Hermione smiled happily. She might not be a student anymore, and he had never been her professor, but in a way she felt the same flush of pride that she'd get any time she received praise or earned points for Gryffindor back at Hogwarts. In a way he was like her teacher though; he and Tonks both were. They were guiding her and Harry along, teaching her how to please each other in bed, and this was similar to a practical demonstration in class, where she got to show what she'd learned.

She impressed Padfoot as much as she had any of her actual professors, proving herself to be as apt a student in bed as she'd been in the classroom. She loved riding Sirius, loved the reactions she got from him as she moved her body and the power she felt from knowing that he was enjoying herself because of her, not just because she had a nice body but because she'd learned how to move it. While she couldn't wait for Harry to fuck her just as he was fucking Tonks, she had a feeling she was going to try and get on top as often as he would agree to it. Maybe it was just her bossy and "take charge" tendencies showing through, but doing the fucking herself was fun!

"You ready, mutt?"

Hermione looked over as Tonks, no longer being fucked by Harry, sat on her knees next to her. Her boyfriend's cock was still hard, which she found strange.

"I've barely held on to this point," Sirius said, and Hermione could hear the strain in his voice. She smiled, knowing that she was the reason he had been so affected.

"Good," Tonks said. She patted Hermione on the shoulder. "Would you mind climbing off and getting down on your back, love? I want to show you something that drives the blokes wild."

"Okay." Hermione would have been happy to ride Sirius to completion but she would do whatever Tonks thought was best. She and Harry had asked the older witch and wizard to teach them, after all.

She dismounted Sirius and rolled over onto her back in the space that Tonks and Harry had vacated. Tonks looked back and forth between the two males and smiled.

"Cum on her face, boys," she said. Sirius grinned right away, but Harry looked as surprised as Hermione felt. Really? Was that something people actually did outside of porn? She'd agreed to go along though, so she stared in a daze as Harry and Sirius knelt over her and stroked their cocks, aiming them down at her face.

"Might want to close your eyes," Tonks said. She snapped them shut quickly, and none too soon because Harry's cum shot out onto her face seconds later. Sirius soon followed, adding his own thick load to that of his godson. Hermione felt it run down her face, and never in her life had she felt so shameless. It was a heady feeling.

"You look so sexy with your face covered in cum. Doesn't she, Harry?"

"Yes," Harry said, voice shaky and awed. Hermione kept her eyes closed but smiled. Sirius and Tonks had taught them loads, and she knew their sex life was going to be far more interesting from here on out. Education saved the day once again.

Chapter Text

Jon heaved a sigh as he considered his options. He'd done his mourning for Daenerys and Sansa, who had both fallen in the war against the dead. But the war was over and the time for mourning was finished. He was the King of Westeros now, and everyone in the realm needed him to be strong for them. It was time to be a king.

A king needed heirs though, and before that he needed a queen. The realm had been ravaged and there weren't many viable options left, so it was really going to be up to him to choose whoever he wanted. Two options stood out from the pack, and he wasn't sure what to do. One of them had been Daenerys' closest advisor; the other was his brother (make that cousin, technically) Robb's widow, who had been at Sansa's side after Robb's murder. Both women were beautiful and would also secure the loyalty of a significant section of what remained of Westeros. They also hated each other, just as Daenerys and Sansa had.

This wasn't going to be easy.


"She's not right for you, Jon. I'd be a much better choice for queen."

"Missandei--" he began, but she shook her head and cut him off.

"This Talisa has already been a queen once before, and it did not end well," she said. "Also, those who are loyal to her will also be loyal to you. You're of the North, whatever your last name might be. But if you want what remains of our queen's army to support you, you'll need me."

Jon said nothing. He understood her point but that didn't mean he was ready to make his choice. He also wasn't sure that Jon Targaryen, King of Westeros would command the same trust from the North that Jon Snow, King in the North and bastard son of Eddard Stark had.

"I see," Missandei said when he stayed silent. "If words will not sway you, my king, then perhaps there are other ways." He looked up in time to see her shrug her black tunic off. She wore absolutely nothing beneath it, so he now had full view of her flawless form. Dany's advisor had come prepared. "I know the khaleesi pleased you very much; I heard the two of you many times. Allow me to show you that I can do the same."

"Missandei--" That was as far as he got, because she once again interrupted him.

"The time for talk is over," she said, walking towards him and pushing down on his shoulder so he would remain seated while she undressed him. "It's time for action."

Missandei straddled his lap and sank down onto his cock, and Jon bit back a groan. He hadn't been with a woman since Dany died (taking out the Night King as she went), and feeling this beautiful creature's pussy welcome him in was the sweet relief he hadn't even realized he'd been in desperate need of.

And Missandei was beautiful, without question. He hadn't taken much notice of her before; he rarely saw her outside the presence of Daenerys, who had commanded his attention from the moment he met her and retained it well after her demise. He appreciated the body of her beautiful advisor now though, especially as she rode his cock. Her breasts bounced along with her, drawing his eyes. She had bigger tits than Daenerys, and bigger than Ygritte too. He watched them bounce and was possessed with the sudden need to feel them in his hands.

Missandei was watching his face closely as she rode him, and she noticed where his attention had been drawn. She took his hands in hers and guided them onto her breasts.

"Touch them," she said, encouraging him. "Squeeze them; play with them. Choose me as your queen and they're all yours for the rest of our days, Your Grace."

That was an appealing prospect, and one Jon gave serious consideration to as he squeezed them roughly in his strong hands. Missandei just smiled at his possessive treatment and continued to ride.

Jon wasn't aware of any previous lovers Missandei might have had among Dany's followers or what duties had been required of her in her previous life as a slave, but it was obvious that she knew what she was doing. She bounced in his lap effortlessly, showing no signs of discomfort even though both of his previous lovers had informed him that he was quite large. She rose and fell on him, and occasionally would rock back and forth on him while he was fully sheathed inside of her. Missandei was a woman who knew what he wanted, knew what would feel good to him and knew how to give it to him.

There was something so sexy about a woman who knew what she wanted and took it. He'd felt that way with Ygritte, and Daenerys, and now Missandei too. Her cunt slid up and down his cock, and she watched him closely as she moved. She rode him with a purpose, and that purpose was proving how compatible they were and how pleasant the act of fathering heirs would be if he chose her as his queen. She was doing a magnificent job of it. Maybe too good, in fact.

"Missandei, you're going to make me cum," he warned her.

"Good." She started riding him harder, their flesh slapping together loudly throughout the bedchamber. "Give it to me. Give me your seed, Your Grace. With any luck you might plant your heir in me tonight."

He should have reminded her that she wasn't his wife or his queen yet, that he hadn't made that choice yet, but all he managed to do was grunt helplessly as he came inside of her. His hips jerked beneath her until he'd finished, and she nodded down at him.

"Choose wisely, Jon," Missandei said as she stood up. A dazed Jon watched her go and shook his head.

Talisa had her work cut out for her.   

Chapter Text

Jon had already been practicing ways to gracefully let Talisa know that he'd chosen Missandei, but then he walked into the bedchamber of the former Northern queen and saw that she was prepared to make a compelling case of her own.

"Hello, Your Grace," she said. "I've seen the look on Missandei's face over the past couple of days. She obviously thinks she's won, and it doesn't take a master strategist to figure out why. I thought I should show you what I have to offer."

"I can see that," he said, mouth suddenly feeling dry. Talisa was waiting for him on her bed, naked as her nameday. She was on her belly, her legs bent at the knees and her arse on full display. What an arse it was too. It wasn't massive but it was smooth and curved and looked perfect on her slender body. Sexiest of all might have been her confidence though, her nonchalance in lying there naked waiting for him. He hadn't seen this side of her before, this sexy, playful side. He'd seen her working hard to try and heal the sick and wounded, and he'd seen her anger come out to play when dealing with Daenerys in her power struggle with Sansa or now Missandei as they took up the fight for a place at his side and in his bed. He'd never seen her like this though. It was easy to understand why Robb had thrown his commitment to the Freys aside now. What was duty when you had a sexy little thing like this waiting for you?

"While I wouldn't mind if you just stood there and stared at my ass all night, I've a feeling you went a little beyond staring with Missandei," Talisa said, smiling at him. "So if you're feeling up to it, why don't you come over here and take me for a ride?"

He stripped out of his clothes in record time, and she grinned and kicked her feet in anticipation while she waited for him to join her on her bed. He didn't allow her to get up or roll over, but instead pushed her legs down, spread them apart and took her right then and there, slipping his cock into her and fucking her while she was flat on her belly. She'd enticed him, flaunting her sexy little body and sticking her bare arse out for him, and now she was going to get what she wanted. He put his hands on her shoulders and fucked her hard, making his hips slap against her arse repeatedly as he thrust down into her.

She grunted, and for a moment he worried that he was fucking her too hard. She hadn't taken any lover since Robb's murder as far as he knew, and this might have been too much to expect of her right from the beginning. But then her grunts turned to moans, and he let go of his worry and allowed himself to let go and take her.

Jon had felt an immediate need to protect Talisa upon meeting her, viewing her as the last link to his brother (or who he'd thought was his brother at the time at least.) He'd viewed her almost as a sister instead of a lover, but that had all changed as soon as he saw her waiting for him naked. He could still protect her and always would, but who said he couldn't fuck her too? He didn't feel like he was betraying Robb's memory by fucking his wife and queen, any more than he felt he was betraying Dany's by taking on other lovers. She would always miss Robb just as he would always miss Dany and Ygritte, but that didn't mean they should be miserable and alone.

"Yes, Jon!" Talisa said, her voice clearly audible even with her face pressed against the sheet. "Gods, I needed this! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Give it all to me! Give me your seed! Make me your queen, and let me give you a prince!"

Talisa had been a queen once, and had very nearly given birth to a prince. She'd lost it in childbirth, which he was sure had been another source of pain for her after having already lost Robb. It made sense that she wanted another chance at it, and Jon was the one who could give her that chance, in addition to protecting her and loving her and, yes, using her sexy body to enjoy himself. How could Jon say no to that? How could he refuse to help this lovely woman who had been so important to Robb?

He gave her what she sought after a few more thrusts, keeping his hips pressed against her cute little arse while he filled her up with his seed. Talisa moaned and he moaned with her as they shared this moment together. She'd wanted his seed, and he'd gotten to cum inside of a beautiful woman. Everybody wins.

"I hope you'll make the right decision," he said afterwards as she snuggled up against him.

"I will," he said. Now that they'd both made their best impression on him, he knew what he had to do.


"You're choosing both of us?!"

Talisa didn't look pleased with his announcement, and for once Missandei seemed to be on the same page.

"There's only one king, and there can be only one queen beside him," Missandei said.

Jon wasn't deterred though. He shook his head and wrapped his arms over both of their shoulders.

"I won't be the first Targaryen to take more than one wife, and I won't be the last," he said. "I refuse to choose between you. You shall both be my wives and my queens, equal in stature and power, and the three of us will rebuild Westeros together." Both women were silent while they thought his words over.

"I suppose I can put up with her, so long as I still get to give birth to a prince," Talisa said.

"If I'll truly be her equal, I can learn to share," Missandei declared. Jon smiled and squeezed them both against him, looking forward to helping Westeros recover with his two queens by his side.    

Chapter Text

"Kurisu. I'll never let you go! Never!"

"Then prove it to me...master."

Wait, what? Master? This scene that Future Gadget #14, 'Electric Signal Jacker', was displaying to Braun, all the other Lab mems and everyone with an analog TV in Akihabara had just gone from sweet (if horrifyingly embarrassing) to incredibly naughty.

Before Okabe Rintaro's stunned eyes, the version of Makise Kurisu on the TVs dropped to her knees, unbuttoned TV Okabe's pants and fished out his cock. Then she rubbed it against her pale cheek, nuzzling it lewdly.

"Prove it to me, master," she said again as she wrapped one pale hand around his cock. "Prove that you'll never let me go, and that you want me here with you always Show me that you want me here as your slutty little assistant."

"I knew it!" Okabe turned to Kurisu (the real one) and shook his head. "I knew I was right about you, assistant! You truly are an experiment-loving perverted genius girl!"

"Sh-shut up!" she said, blushing furiously. "That's not me! I don't even know why I--why this is--"

"Looks like Makise's not the only one who's perverted," Suzuha said, giggling. "Look at the screen. Well, any of the screens."

Okabe turned away from his perverted assistant and saw to his horror that Suzuha had a point. His TV self had put his hands on Kurisu's head and shoved his cock between her lips. He didn't stop there either; he kept going until his cock was all the way down his throat. He pulled his hips back only to thrust them right back in, his balls slapping against her chin as she gagged around his cock.

"Stop that!" the real Okabe said, glaring at the real Kurisu.

"Me?!" she said incredulously. "You're the one shoving your, your--thing all the way in!"

"That's because it's your fantasy!" he retorted. "Future Gadget #13 is taking your perverted wishes straight out or your brain and broadcasting them across Akihabara! This is all your fault!"

"Whoever's fault it is, you're putting on one heck of a show," Suzuha said. Okabe's head snapped back to one of the many TVs, which now showed Kurisu with a collar around her neck. The TV version of himself held the leash that was attached to the collar in one of his hands, and the other was spanking her bare ass while he fucked her from behind. He'd apparently been spanking her for quite some time in the fantasy because her naturally pale ass was already very red, and she was panting and moaning every time his hips slapped against her. He stuck one of his fingers in her mouth and her lips automatically started to suck on it.

"Go Okarin!" Mayuri said, sounding like a cheerleader.

"Don't encourage him, Mayuri!" the real Kurisu whined.

"Encourage me?!" he protested. "Once again I'll remind you that this is all coming from inside of your head, Christina! Spanking? Leashes? You're quite the deviant!"

"D-don't flatter yourself!" she said. "There's no way I'd ever want you anywhere near me, you jerk!"

"Oh?" Moeka said. "Then why are you holding her hand?"

Okabe looked down, and to his surprise saw that he was indeed holding Kurisu's hand and had been the whole time. But why? He didn't get any time to ponder that question, because the Kurisu from the TV said something that commanded his attention.

"Yes, master!" she said. "Cum on me! Cum on my face! Spray me with your seed and mark me as yours! Make sure I can never go back to America!"

The scene had shifted. Now Kurisu was flat on her back, on a bed that he was pretty sure hadn't been there the last time he looked. Her arms were tied together above her head. His TV self had pinned her down on the bed, playing with and sucking on her small breasts, but now he moved up and straddled her head. He held his cock in his hand and aimed it squarely at her face.

The real Okabe wanted to prevent the other lab mems from seeing this, but it was impossible. There were far too many TVs, and not to mention everyone in all of Akihabara was seeing it too. All of them watched together as Kurisu's fantasy played out on the screen. His semen sprayed across her face, absolutely covering her from her forehead down to her neck. Some of it even got in her hair. He knew he'd never produced anywhere close to that amount of cum in reality, but this wasn't reality; it was his assistant's perverted fantasy.

"Mmm, so warm!" the TV Kurisu moaned. "There's so much of it, master! I'm covered in your hot seed! I'm all yours now, right?"

"Ha ha ha! Why of course, my perverted assistant! I, Hououin Kyouma, mad scientist and master of all-"

"Nooooooo!" Kurisu, the real one, cried out. Apparently she'd seen enough and had finally reached her breaking point. "Turn it off! Make it stop!"

Okabe wished he could do so, but of course it wasn't possible. The other lab mems were all looking at them with varying degrees of embarrassment, amusement, jealousy and even lust, and the audience for this lewd spectacle had gone far beyond this room. He and Kurisu would surely become the talk of Akihabara after this.

They'd both been right. Kurisu was right when she'd said Future Gadget #14 would bring about the end of the world, because he couldn't see how anything could go on after this. And he'd been right when he called her an experiment-loving perverted genius girl. Too bad everyone else in Akihabara knew it now too.      

Chapter Text

This is a direct continuation of Hatred, Laughter and Sex


Nothing about this night had gone the way Barbara Gordon had expected.

She and Robin had been so sure that they didn't need Batman's help, that they were going to be able to take down Joker just the two of them. They hadn't expected Poison Ivy to be there, and that was the first unexpected twist. It hadn't been the biggest though. Poison Ivy was a formidable foe as well, but the thought of dealing with her wasn't so daunting to make either Batgirl or Robin freeze up.

Watching her and Joker roll around naked on the bed had been a far more distracting thing though, and something she hadn't been prepared for at all. Robin seemed to be the same, frozen as he was next to her. Barbara couldn't make her feet move no matter how hard she tried, and she could feel her body responding to the eroticism of what she was seeing.

She knew their plan had failed when Joker spotted them and began cackling, but still she couldn't make herself move. Even turning and running would have been a smart move by this point, but she remained frozen in confusion and arousal as the two villains got off of the bed and approached them.

Poison Ivy pulled Robin aside and led him towards the bed, but Barbara couldn't focus on him with Joker walking right up to her, especially with his hard cock dangling between his legs. She couldn't help the gasp as she stared at it; he was huge!

"The lady bat wants to play, does she?" he asked, grinning widely. She shook her head automatically but she knew he didn't believe her. Why should he? He could obviously see her erect nipples poking through her suit.

Batgirl did not resist as the Joker peeled her out of her tight costume. She should have, and maybe she even would have if she'd thought he meant to hurt her, but it was clear that he didn't want to attack her, not right now at least. He wanted to fuck her, and morals be damned, she wanted him to fuck her too.

He lifted her off of the ground and slid that huge cock inside of her, making her groan as it filled her. She'd never thought of the Joker as particularly strong in a physical sense. The danger he posed had more to do with his deviousness and ruthlessness than in his sheer strength. Maybe she'd underestimated him in that regard though, because he was showing plenty of strength her. He carried her around the room, delighting in bouncing her on his cock.

Barbara gasped as the villain carry fucked her. She'd never been physically dominated in the bedroom like this, nor had she taken a cock of this size before. That her first experience with both came with the Joker should have horrified her, but there was a sick and twisted part of her brain that actually welcomed it. It was wrong for so many reasons; this was the last man on Earth that she should ever want fucking her. But it was happening; Joker was carrying her around the room and fucking her with his massive dick, cackling as he did so. She wanted to hate it, and she still hated him, but it felt too damn good to ignore. She grunted throughout the improbable, immoral, amazing fuck, and whined helplessly as Joker and his big dick carryfucked her to the guiltiest orgasm of her entire life.

Joker knew he'd just made her orgasm, and it amused him greatly. His laughter reached a higher decibel by the time he pulled his cock out of her and put her back down on her feet. Barbara sighed and hung her head, hoping that some sense of normalcy would return to her brain now that she'd gotten her climax out of the way.

"Didn't the bat teach you any manners?" Joker asked through his laughter. "I took care of you; now it's your turn to take care of me. Down on your knees, girl."

Barbara complied automatically, kneeling in front of Joker submissively. He rubbed the head of his cock across her lips and she quickly opened them, allowing him to shove his prick into her mouth. It turned out that he wasn't interested in having her actually try to suck him, which was good since her head was still spinning. He was just using her mouth, putting his hands in her hair and fucking her face as he had his fun. She just put her hands on his legs and allowed him to use her, gagging around his cock every time he forced it down deep.

It didn't last long, thanks to all the fucking he'd already done. He gave her no warning before cumming down her throat, and he held her head in place to make sure she swallowed it all. Batgirl didn't even think of refusing; she was too fuck-addled for that. She just swallowed his load without conscious thought.

She gasped for air when he pulled his cock out of her mouth, and looked at him blankly as he used her hair to wipe his cock off.

"That was fun," Joker said, laughing as he turned his back to her. "You're much more fun than the boring old bat, girl. Let's do this again some time."

Chapter Text

Scott Summers took his responsibilities as a leader seriously. Becoming a fugitive hadn’t lessened his responsibility or his commitment to help his crew; it had actually had the exact opposite result. He felt even more responsible for them now. They were his people, willing to follow him no matter where he led them. He owed it to them to look after them and give them whatever they needed.

For some of the female members of the crew, this meant giving them relief and making sure they were sexually satisfied. It hadn’t been a request he’d expected before he first got it, but if they needed something and he could provide it, he was going to do it for them. They were his crew and he was there for them, no matter what that entailed.

Today it was Eva and Jean’s turn to come to him for relief. He was taking the Australian-born woman slowly, as she preferred. Young Jean tapped her foot impatiently while she watched and waited, but she would have to wait her turn. He was here to give both of these lovely ladies what they needed, and what Eva needed from him was soft lovemaking. His body covered hers almost protectively as he slowly slid his cock back and forth inside of her. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and she kissed him deeply the entire time. As always, she couldn’t get enough of his kisses just as she couldn’t get enough of his cock. Perhaps fittingly when you considered her powers, it was almost like she wished she could slow down time and make her turn with him last all night.

That wasn’t going to happen though, partly because Jean would have killed him if it had and partly because he’d been making love to Eva for so long as it was. It felt so good being inside of her that it was a struggle not to give in to his body’s desire to cum inside of her early on. It was only through force of will and determination to take care of her that he held off long enough to make sure that she got what she needed. Once her pussy tightened around him and she moaned into his ear he knew he’d done what he needed to do, and he allowed himself to let go.

His final thrusts were harder and deeper than the rest. Eva knew what was coming, and it was no surprise to him when her legs tightened around his waist.

“Inside,” she whispered into his ear. “Do it inside of me.” Not all of his female followers who turned to him for relief wanted his cum inside of them, but with Eva he almost never finished anywhere else. He kept his cock buried inside of her until he was sure he’d given her everything he had to offer at the moment.

He found Jean waiting to pounce the moment he rolled off of Eva. She took him into her hand and stroked him until he got hard again, and then she climbed on top of him and sank down onto his cock right away.

“About time,” she muttered, and then she started to bounce on him.

This younger, time-displaced version of Jean hadn’t lived through all of the things that had shaped her older self, but the fire was still there inside of her. This had been very apparent to him the first time she’d come to him for relief. Then just as now, she moved without a single thought of pacing herself or trying to slow this down and keep it going for as long as she could. She fucked herself on top of him quickly, blazing ahead towards the end as fast as she could get there. Where being with Eva was about a feeling of closeness and slow, sweet passion, Jean was all about energy, lust, the slapping of skin on skin.

This was what Jean wanted; this was how she found her relief, so Scott went along with it as he always did. He put his hands on her ass and helped her bounce, joining in and doing what he could to aid her while keeping his lower body still. She didn’t want him to thrust his hips at all; she wanted to be the one doing the fucking.

Jean’s moans and groans filled the room, heard even over the sound of her body dropping down onto his over and over again, and she got louder and louder the closer she came to orgasm. When she was on the cusp of what she wanted she switched to grinding her hips on him while keeping him fully sheathed inside of her. He knew what this was about; she always wanted him as deep inside of her as he could get when he came. She and Eva didn’t have much in common in the bedroom, but one trait they shared was a desire to be creampied.

She bent her upper body down over him and covered his mouth with hers, and she moaned into his mouth when she hit her peak. Her kiss was rough and hot as opposed to Eva’s softer kisses, and that would have been the case even if she hadn’t been in the middle of orgasm. He accepted it all and gave her what she was looking for, meeting her kiss and pumping his seed into her from below. Her moaning got even louder in response, and it didn’t die down until his orgasm had finished and she’d dismounted him.

Not all of his responsibilities since becoming a fugitive were pleasant. But as both naked women snuggled into him afterwards, Cyclops reflected that not every aspect of the path he’d chosen was rough.

Chapter Text

Harry and Lily knew what was happening even as clothes flew off and their bodies came together automatically. They knew that this wasn't their true selves acting, that this was simply the result of a mislabeled ingredient that causes her latest potion to explode and release its potent contents into the air before they could do a thing to stop it. They knew that in their heads, but there was nothing they could do about it. Their bodies were acting with or without their approval.

They came together in a heated mess of lips that pressed together insistently and hands that wandered up and down, rubbing, groping and squeezing whatever bare flesh that could be reached. Harry picked his mother up in his arms, and she clung to him with her arms and legs. They moaned as one as he pushed his cock inside of her and began to walk her around the potion lab, holding her up by two handfuls of firm arse and bouncing her on his cock.

Not a word was said between them. Their brains couldn't form the words even as the faulty potion first started to take hold, and as it sank in further it was impossible for them to focus on anything other than the all-consuming desire to fuck. None of the reasons why they shouldn't be doing this even entered into their heads. It didn't matter that she was married and he was engaged, and it didn't even matter that they were mother and son. The one and only thing that was on either of their minds, their entire reason for being at that moment was him holding onto her tight and bouncing her on his cock.

Harry carried his mother from one side of the room to the next, enjoying the sound of her moaning into his ear and craving the feel of her cunt around his cock. The potion had nothing to do with the strength he was displaying; this was all him. Muscles honed by years of physical fitness and exercise that was uncommon for most wizards allowed him to effortlessly carryfuck her all the way over to the opposite wall. It was there that he finally pinned her down and thrust into her, fucking her madly with all of the strength he possessed.

He'd never gone this hard with anyone, not any of his previous lovers or even his betrothed. No one had ever been fucked like this by Harry, but he wasn't concerned with her well-being or whether or not she was enjoying herself. The potion made sure that he focused only on accomplishing his goal of cumming inside of her, sparing no thought to how she was feeling. But even if it hadn't, there was no reason to doubt her own enjoyment of the rough fucking she was receiving. Her enthusiastic moans said it all, as did the fact that her hands were clasped together around his strong neck, holding him close and making sure he could go nowhere. She needed him to cum inside of her just as desperately as he needed to do it, and the lust fueling their bodies wouldn't let them stop until they achieved their dual purpose.

Lily moaned and panted in Harry's ear as his rough, mindless fucking brought her to an orgasm. Feeling her come undone around him hastened Harry's own end, which had been rapidly approaching as it was. He gave her a few more thrusts, thumping her against the wall hard enough to make a nearby cabinet rattle, and then he pinned her against the wall and came inside of her. The effects of the potion made sure that he remained balls deep in her until he was finished cumming, and in their lust neither of them would have had it any other way.

Nothing was said in the aftermath, but all it took was one shared look after Harry slipped his cock out of her and put her back down on her feet for them both to know that this was not over. Two matching sets of emerald green eyes both reflected the same thing back at each other: lust, and a hunger for more.

Lily set the terms this time. After she dropped to her knees and bobbed her head on his cock until he was erect again, she brushed some potion recipes off of the table, bent her upper body over it and stuck her arse out towards him. Harry rushed to accept that silent invitation, hurrying over to her and sticking his cock back inside of her. His hands went to her hips and he fucked her hard, squishing her bare breasts against the cool table beneath her as her body was rocked back and forth. He fucked her across the table for some time, though thankfully they had time for them both to work their way to a second orgasm and still give Lily a chance to get in the shower before her husband returned home.

Neither of them acknowledged what had happened in the potions lab that day. They both convinced themselves that it had just been the result of a potion gone awry and nothing more, and that they bore no responsibility for anything that had happened, which wasn't strictly true.

Everything that had happened from the time the potion exploded to Harry pinning her against the wall and cumming inside of her had indeed been beyond their control. But the effects of the exploding potion had worn off the moment he had that first orgasm. Everything that had happened from that point on had been all them.

Chapter Text

The Doctor looked up at him as he entered, but there was no spark in her eyes. That was no surprise; she'd long since stopped pretending to hate her new circumstances. She was all too willing to open her mouth when he pulled his cock out and smacked it against her cheek. She'd been trained well; she knew what was expected of her.

The Master slid his cock into her open mouth and sighed as his pet's lips sealed around him and began to suck. She hadn't been all that good at this when she first came to him, but she was a pro now. That came with time and experience, and she'd had plenty of both. This was her life now, so there was nothing for her to do but wait around and take advantage of her chances to practice when they came. If she did a good job, if she pleased him, she knew she would receive extra food that night. It was a simple but effective formula. Threats and sternness were completely unnecessary; he'd turned her into a willing and determined cocksucker simply by dangling the carrot in front of her face.

She'd gotten good enough that he surely would have come down her throat if he'd allowed her to keep going much longer, and while ordinarily he wouldn't have any problem with that, right now he wanted to make sure of some of the other delights she had to offer.

The Doctor had taken many forms over the years, adopting a new look and entirely different mannerisms and behaviors with each regeneration. This was by far the best though. The Master had taken one look at that sexy feminine form and promptly decided that he needed her to remain like this forever.

And that was precisely what had happened. This was how she would remain forever; he'd made sure of it. First he'd taken all of her future regenerations away from her, and only then had he begun to teach her what her new place would be. If she'd regenerated halfway through her training all of his efforts would have been for naught, but thankfully he'd succeeded. She was his now, forever, and so was this body. 

Presently he admired that lovely body as he circled around her, ran his around across her smooth ass and then slid his cock inside of her with one push. She was well used to being fucked by him by now, but it still felt no less incredible for him. He wasn't sure how she stayed so tight even with how frequently he made use of her, but he was thankful for it. Every single time with her was nothing short of divine, and today was no exception.

He put his hands on her breasts and played with them while he thrust his cock into her from behind, and she stood there and took it all. At first she'd merely endured his attention, but now she moaned, cooed and pushed her hips back against him as best she could. Her hands covered his and pressed them more firmly against her breasts, encouraging him to grope her. He was her only source of human contact; she craved his touch. She lived for it.

The Master could have moved his hips against her and enjoyed her welcoming tightness all day. If he'd had no responsibilities that's just what he would have done, but unfortunately he had places to be and so had to keep himself under control. However much he might have wanted to, he couldn't spend every waking minute fucking his obedient little pet and enjoying the fruits of his labor. That didn't mean he couldn't make the most of every second he had with her.

"Here it comes," he said. "I'm going to cum inside of you now. You've earned it by being such a good and obedient pet."

His pet moaned in appreciation as he went still inside of her and gave her his seed. This was the newest lesson she'd learned; that she was to be his breeding slave. Once upon a time she might not have been pleased with that idea, but the old Doctor was long gone by now. She was just his pet now. There would be no more regenerations for her, and all of her powers were gone. She had no need for them anyway, because she was his pet now.

"Very good," he said as he cleaned himself up and fixed his clothing. He walked back around to her front and patted the top of her head. "You impress me more and more every day, pet. I'm very proud of you." She smiled up at him, beaming and soaking up the praise like any good domesticated pet would. "You'll make a fine breeding pet."

He turned and left the room, but she called out to him just before he closed the door behind him. It wasn't a plea or a request or a demand; it wasn't anything he needed to respond to. It was just one simple word, spoken so softly and with such reverence, and it made him smile.


It was one word. Six letters. And yet it was everything.

Chapter Text

"I hope you're ready," Cersei said, staring down at her husband who waited for her in their marriage bed. He looked in awe of her body, flawless and naked for him, and his cock came to life almost instantly.

"Yes!" he said. His voice was high and he didn't sound all that confident or sure of himself, but Cersei paid it no mind. It was of little consequence to her; this was the moment she'd waited years for.

She should have been Rhaegar's queen, but he'd chosen Elia Martell instead. When he'd taken on Lyanna Stark as his second wife Lord Tywin had been on the cusp of betraying the crown and aiding the rebels, but then the Targaryens offered a compromise. If the Lannisters stayed loyal, Cersei would marry the crown prince Aegon when he came of age. She would still become a Targaryen queen, only it would be Rhaegar's son rather than Rhaegar himself who she wed. That was fine by her, especially now. Who needed Rhaegar when she had such a fine young man here before her? Here he was, her young Targaryen king, her husband, hers to mold into whatever shape she wished.

Cersei pounced like the lioness she was, pinning Aegon to the bed and taking his cock into her hand. She decided to take him between her breasts first. She knew that the newly adult man was inexperienced and so she wanted to take the edge off before she claimed him for real.

He gasped as she wrapped her breasts around his cock and began to slide them up and down. He tensed up almost immediately, only lasting for a minute or so before his seed splattered against and between her breasts. She'd been right to do this first; that wouldn't have been satisfying for her at all. Besides, he was still young and virile, only just having come of age; he'd get hard again in no time.

She climbed on top of him and rocked her hips against him, and smiled when she felt him stiffen against her ass. The joys of youth!

"I'm going to take you now, my king," she said. She didn't even wait for so much as a word of acknowledgment from him before she got herself into position over him and took his cock into her in one swift downward plunge of her hips. He groaned helplessly, and she smiled down at him. It was done. She'd said the words, and now she was fucking her husband the crown prince in their marriage bed. She was the queen now, or would be soon enough.

But a queen only remains a queen if she can pop out strong, healthy sons for her king. Time to get on that.

Cersei didn't waste any time letting Aegon get comfortable or easing him into the pleasures of sex. She put her hands on his chest and rode him for all she was worth. She didn't want solely to complete the act and take his seed inside of her. She also wanted to show him that she wasn't going to be some submissive queen like his mother had been, relegated to the background and even putting up with her husband taking a second wife. No, Cersei Lannister had waited her entire life to be queen and she wasn't about to share that title or that power with anyone else.

Her hips rose and fell with a speed and precision that she knew Aegon couldn't hope to withstand for long. Even a seasoned lover would have had his hands full trying to keep up with a woman who rode them with this sort of determined fervor, so a newly-adult man with as little experience as Aegon was as out of sorts trying to keep up with Cersei in bed as he might have been if he'd been forced to match wits with her father in battle. She was a woman on a mission: to dominate her new husband, show him her power and breed him in order to secure her position as queen. She wouldn't stop or slow down until that had been accomplished, no matter how cutely Aegon groaned or how desperately he held onto her hips.

Cersei smiled when she felt Aegon's hands grab her harder. His moans got louder and his hips bucked beneath her of their own volition. She knew what this signified.

"Yes," she said heatedly. "Yes! Give me your seed, my husband! It's time!"

Aegon spilled inside of her with a grunt, and Cersei threw her head back and smiled up at the ceiling of the bedchamber.

I hope you're watching, mother. I hope you're watching and smiling. I became a queen, just as I was destined for!

Cersei didn't get off of her husband just yet. She relentlessly rocked her hips against him in pursuit of her own pleasure. The joys of youth showed themselves once again, as he came inside of her for a second time before she finally was satisfied. She rolled off of him and propped herself up on her side next to him. He was breathing deeply and staring up at the ceiling, completely exhausted. His cock was flaccid now, and Cersei sensed that it wouldn't be getting hard again tonight.

"Rest well, husband," she said, stroking his chest and getting his attention. "We have princes and princesses to make, and until your seed takes hold inside of me you'll barely have a spare moment to yourself without your lioness there, ready to pounce. So enjoy your rest tonight, because in the morning we begin again."

Chapter Text

"Professor, please! Won't you put in a good word for my dear Gabrielle? I would be so, so zankful."

Professor Martin scoffed as Fleur Weasley nee Delacour tried to use her veela allure to make him do what she wanted. Her younger sister Gabrielle was trying to transfer to Hogwarts due to some sort of issue at Beauxbatons that he neither knew nor cared to know the details of. All that mattered to him was that her older sister was trying to get him to help her transfer. Her worst marks were in DADA, which gave his voice considerable weight in whether or not her transfer was approved. If he offered to work with her to help her improve DADA marks and prepare for her tests, McGonagall would likely welcome her in. If he expressed the opinion that she just wouldn't have the time to get her marks up in the transition to a new school, her chances of getting in would decrease drastically. Fleur needed his support, and she was trying to enthrall him like she surely had so many other men over the course of her life. But he was not most men.

She gasped when he reached out and grabbed her hand. She had probably been expecting him to be willing to jump off of a cliff for her after a few sweet words and the batting of her eyelashes, but if this beautiful French tart wanted his help she was going to have to earn it.

"I'm willing to consider giving Gabrielle that recommendation," he said, "but let's talk about what you can do for me in return."


"Yes, that's right," he said. "Suck that cock, Miss Delacour. Or should I call you Mrs. Weasley?" Fleur's blue eyes flashed with anger but she couldn't exactly make any meaningful act of defiance, not with his cock in her mouth and her sister's admission to Hogwarts practically sitting in the palm of his hand.

"I'm sure you're not used to this," he said, stroking her silky blonde hair and admiring her pretty face as it bobbed on his cock. "Usually you probably just have to do a little flirting to get a guy to do whatever you want, right? I bet you didn't have to actually follow through on the flirting or the playful touches very often." She closed her eyes and focused on doing her job. "But you've still sucked enough cock to know what you're doing, that's for sure."

She might not have come to his office with the intention of actually getting on her knees and bargaining with her body to get what she wanted from him, but now that she was there she was doing her best to get it over with as quickly as she could. He had no problem with that, not when it meant she was throwing all of her considerable skill behind the blowjob. Her experience had been obvious from the very beginning, as she'd applied a liberal amount of saliva to his cock with some thorough licks from tip to base before taking him between her lips.

He was not a small man by any means; far from it in fact. But she had no trouble taking him down, bobbing her head on him quickly and deepthroating his cock. He'd always heard that veela were inherently sexual beings, that if you could actually get one to stop teasing and start fucking you would be in for quite a treat, and Fleur was proving that to be true. The gorgeous French veela was giving him what had to be the best blowjob of his entire life, and it made him wonder if Gabrielle might be similarly talented. That would be something to investigate once she was in Hogwarts.

That he would give McGonagall his recommendation was not in doubt. It never had been, to be honest. Gabrielle had grown up to be quite the beauty much like her sister, and he wasn't fool enough to pass up on a chance to get a stunning veela into the school, especially if she would already feel indebted to him for having helped her get in. But if Fleur wanted to 'convince' him, he was more than happy to sample the mature French veela before he had a chance to pursue her younger sister.      

Fleur's technique was designed to make him cum as quickly as possible, and it was doing its work. He felt his end coming, but he wasn't satisfied with that. If he left it up to her she'd probably finish him off and then spit his seed out, but he wasn't about to let that happen.

He held her head in place so he could pull his cock out of her mouth, and then one of his hands fell to his cock while the other cupped her chin and made sure her face was tilted up at him just like he wanted. He stroked himself the rest of the way off, and then unloaded down onto her face. She sputtered in indignation but could only stay there and take it. Semen dripped down her cheeks by the time he was done with her, and he smiled and admired his handiwork. Fleur Weasley nee Delacour was almost impossibly beautiful in general, but she'd never looked better.

"Well done, flower," he said. He smacked his cock against the side of her cheek in one final sign of degradation. "I'll be sure to write a glowing recommendation to McGonagall, as well as a promise to help Gabrielle get her marks up. Let her know I look forward to seeing her in the fall."

Chapter Text

Thump! Thump! Thump!


The sound of the headboard banging against the wall was closely matched by the exhausted but oh so satisfied groans of Bellatrix Black, though Bella would almost surely be winning if her mouth wasn't gagged.

"Take it, you slut!" the man once known as Harry Potter said, his eyes flashing as he drove his hips forward and slammed his cock into her repeatedly.

Harry's mission to go back in time and stop Voldemort before he could complete his initial rise to power had been a success, but once it was accomplished he was stuck in the 1970s, unable to return to his own time (his own time had been erased once he went back and altered  the past.)

While the threat was dealt with, Harry had been changed by the hell he'd experienced in the process. He'd lived through war and death, and it had hardened him. When young Bellatrix Black, who had been Bellatrix Lestrange in his old time but not now or ever again since Harry had mercilessly eradicated the Lestrange family in his path to Tom, had boldly approached him one day in Knockturn Alley and practically propositioned him right there out in public, he'd found the perfect outlet for all of the rage, darkness and aggression that he'd been unable to unleash since he'd ended the war before it could actually begin.

She was so willing to be that outlet too. The woman beneath him might have avoided ever marrying Rodolphus or becoming a Death Eater but she still had some of the wickedness inside of her that Harry was familiar with from her original counterpart. She wouldn't become a killer in this new timeline though; Harry would make sure of that. He'd protect the magical population at large from the darkness that could have and would have turned Bellatrix into a sadistic murderer had things gone differently, and in return he'd make use of Bellatrix to satisfy his own lust.

It was an arrangement that Bella completely approved of. She didn't know of his past of course, or the woman she had become in his original timeline; she just knew that he was a wizard capable of bending her to his will and giving her the kind of rough, brutal fucking that she craved. Maybe this was why she'd turned to violence and murder originally; maybe she hadn't been getting the kind of sexual relief she needed.

She was definitely getting that relief now though. Her heavy lidded eyes stared up at him, madness and joy both shining through as he fucked her with all his might. Her hands were bound above her head ; if they weren't she might have raked his nails down his back hard enough to draw blood, as she so often did. She would have been shouting obscenities if she hadn't been gagged, but he preferred listening to her mindless, incoherent grunts and groans anyway.

He hadn't imagined ever viewing Bellatrix in such a way; maybe there were traces of her beauty in the original timeline, but madness and years of rotting away in Azkaban had marred her. Now that he could appreciate the beauty of this younger, pre-Azkaban Bellatrix, he recognized what a prize he had in his bed. She was dangerous and still had a hint of madness, but so did he. He had nothing to fear from her; she was the one who needed to fear him if worst came to worst. He was free to enjoy the body of this dangerous dark-haired beauty who came so willingly to his bed, and enjoy it he did.

The man formerly known as Harry Potter sped up as he felt his release approach, snapping his hips against her and fucking her harder than before. Gag or no gag, it was easy enough to tell when the rough fucking got Bella off. Her moans got louder, her body writhed and tested the strength of her bonds and her legs, the one part of her body that wasn't being restrained or pinned down to the bed, clamped around him like she never wanted to let him go.

Harry would have pried her legs apart and forced them back down flat on the bed if he'd needed to, but there was no more need for thrusting because he was ready to finish as well. He grunted, leaned over her body and took the tender of flesh of her neck between his teeth as he pumped her full of his cum. He didn't bite down hard enough to draw blood; he didn't want to mar the lovely skin of this model member of the House of Black. He just gave her a little nip, just to remind her that he was there.

He kept his cock buried deep inside of her as he came, and afterwards pulled out and wiped his cock on her belly. He picked up his wand and considered freeing her from her bonds and removing her gag. It would have been simple enough to do; she could've been free in seconds. But then he shook his head.

"I think I'll leave you like that for now," he said. "If you're good, I'll free you after I shower."

The Harry Potter who had gone back in time would have recoiled at seeing what he'd become, but that Harry was dead. He wasn't even Harry Potter anymore. He was a man out of place and out of time, a man who had fought in and been scarred by a war that would now never happen. Harry had done a service to the world by coming back and stopping Tom Riddle before he could rise. If he wanted to claim young Bellatrix Black, who was as beautiful as she was crazy, as his prize, his spoils of war, who could argue?

Chapter Text

"Oh, yes," Ivy moaned. She raised her hips only so she could drop them back down and fill herself with Robin's cock yet again. "That feels good, Boy Wonder."

"Don't call me that," he said, sounding embarrassed. His defiance only amused her.

"My deepest apologies, Robin," she said. "You're no boy anymore, that's for sure. You're all grown up now, aren't you?" She sat there with all of his cock inside of her and wiggled her hips from side to side, both taunting him and making him feel great at the same time. He groaned and grabbed her hips despite himself.

Batman's longtime sidekick was turning out to be a very interesting lay. He was far less combative than Joker, of course; there was no rolling around or fighting for dominance. He'd allowed himself to be stripped and led over to the bed in a daze, and while Joker acquainted himself with Batgirl Ivy had started having her fun with Robin.

His lack of fight was by no means a turnoff for Ivy. She loved the power she had over him, loved watching his handsome young face as he tried and failed to show how much he loved what she was doing to him. Ivy was no one's bottom, and while her rough sex with Joker had been surprisingly fun, this was what she truly enjoyed.

It certainly helped that Robin had a nice big cock. She hadn't just been taunting him when she joked about him being all grown up. He was no Boy Wonder anymore; few men had ever impressed her like this.

"You look like you're having fun," Joker said, grinning over at her from the other side of the bed. He still wasn't done with Batgirl just yet, as after carryfucking her and then having her swallow his load he'd carried her over to the bed and started taking her on her hands and knees. "Is this one more to your liking, then? Nice and breakable?"

"He's a lot of fun," Ivy said. Joker laughed, and while the sound usually irritated Ivy, this time she was amused by it. There was no Harley there to get between them this time, and they were free to enjoy their shared spoils. The two younger heroes were getting more than they expected when they burst in, that was for sure.

Ivy took occasional glances over at the other side of the bed, where Joker was slamming into Batgirl hard enough to make his hips clap against her buttcheeks with every moan-inducing thrust, but most of her attention was on the handsome young man below her. She ran her hands up and down Robin's chest, loving the way that he shivered and tried to control his reactions. He wasn't going to be able to hold anything back though; she wouldn't let him.

Hearing the slapping of Joker's hips against Batgirl's ass motivated Ivy to pick up her own tempo. She'd already been riding Robin at a pretty steady clip but took it to another level now, driving herself down onto his cock as hard as she'd ever taken a man before. Robin groaned in response, helpless to do anything but hold onto her hips and do his best to keep up. She had a feeling he wouldn't be able to last much longer, but that was fine with her. She'd already gotten almost all of what she wanted out of him, and he was about to give her the rest.

"Cum," she demanded. "Cum inside me, Robin." He shook his head stubbornly as if he could resist, but she laughed. It was a futile gesture; she knew it was and he probably did too. "Cum!"

As if she'd held complete control over him and had just spoken the magic word, his hips jerked up off of the bed and he groaned as he shot his cum inside of her.

"Yes, yes, that's it!" she whined. "Give it all to me!" Controlling him, dominating him and bouncing away on his big cock had brought her pleasure, but seeing and feeling him come undone was just what she needed for her own climax to hit. She writhed atop him and screamed as she joined him in pleasure. She couldn't wait to taunt the Bat with this the next time he stuck his cowl in her business!

Joker seemed to be having similar thoughts, because after several minutes of slamming his cock into her from behind even after all that he'd done to her prior to carrying her to the bed, he pulled his cock out and sprayed his cum across Batgirl's ass and lower back. The young woman slumped down face-first on the bed, looking even more drained than Robin did as he closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath with Ivy still sitting on him.

"If you two ever want a repeat, we'd be happy to indulge you!" Joker said, cackling moments later as he and Ivy stood to the side of the bed and admired the sight of the two young heroes they'd just fucked senseless.

"For once, you and I are in complete agreement," Ivy said. "But don't bring the full-grown bat with you. He's no fun at all."

"Oh yes, he has zero sense of humor!" Joker agreed. "Perhaps we should take a photo to commemorate all the fun we had today?"

"That might be your best idea yet," Ivy said, grinning at the way that Batgirl groaned into the pillow. "Where's your camera?"

Chapter Text

"Thank you so much, Sora. I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you."

"Oh, you don't need to worry about that," Sora said, rubbing his neck awkwardly as Aqua thanked him profusely. "I just did what anyone would have done. It's no big deal."

He flinched when Aqua suddenly reached out and clasped his hands.

"It is a big deal," she said earnestly. "You saved me from the Darkness. I must find some way to show you my gratitude." He made the mistake of looking into her deep blue eyes and then had to look away quickly to hide his blush. He was sure that having a woman this beautiful looking at him like that wasn't something he would ever get used to.

"Hmm." Sora looked up at the noise that Aqua made and felt something between anxiety and excitement settle in his stomach at the way she was staring at him. It was just as intense as before but it was--different, somehow.

"Maybe I know how to show you my gratitude after all," she said. Her hands were still in his, and when he made to pull them away she squeezed his hands, refusing to let go. She finally let one of his hands drop, but she kept her hold on the other and started leading him down the hallway. "Come with me, Sora."


Sora had saved many people in his life. It was in his nature to do so. If he knew there was someone in need, someone who was being threatened by Heartless or Organization XIII or whoever it might be, he always rushed in to try and help. He'd earned the gratitude of many due to his actions, and some had even rewarded him in one way or another

He'd never had a reward like this though. No one had ever paid him as handsomely as Aqua currently was, kneeling in front of him and bobbing her head on his cock.

To say he'd been stunned when Aqua pulled him into her bedroom and began stripping right in front of him would be a massive understatement. But once he'd gotten over his shock and his brain processed her offer to have sex with him however he wanted, he knew this was one reward he wasn't about to pass up. He might always be willing to help someone in need but he wasn't stupid.

"Stop, stop," he said, putting his hands on the side of her head to hold her in place. She would've made him cum if he let it go on for much longer, and that would've been a waste. As fun as it might've been to cum down her throat, he wanted to make sure he got to actually fuck her. Who knew if her gratitude would extend beyond tonight?

Sora hadn't put much thought into how exactly he wanted to fuck her; he just knew he wanted to do something he hadn't done before. And since every time he'd had sex before had been in a bed, what better time to switch it up?

"Could you bend over the table?" he asked. Aqua smirked and accepted his help in getting back to her feet.

"Whatever you want," she said. "Tonight's your night." She put her hands flat on the table and bend over, sticking her ass out towards him. No woman had ever presented herself to him in such open invitation before, and Sora couldn't wait to take her up on it. He reached between her legs to find her already wet; had sucking his cock turned her on? There was an exciting thought!

Since she was already prepared, Sora wasted no time. He rested one hand on her cute ass and used the other to guide his cock into her, groaning as soon as he was inside of her. She was without question the tightest fit he'd ever had, and he savored every moment of pushing his cock deeper inside of her.

"Yes, Sora!" she said. "That's it! Take your reward! You earned it!"

He wasn't sure about that; he didn't see how anyone could honestly deserve a reward as grand as this. But she was offering it and he was gladly accepting. He put both hands on her hips and rocked his hips back and forth, sliding his cock deep into her as he fucked her over her table. It didn't take him long to build up a nice pace, thrusting into her faster and faster as he got more settled.

"Yes!" Aqua said. She didn't shout, but he could hear the desperation in her voice "Oh, fuck, yes! I needed this so bad!" So maybe the offer hadn't been entirely selfless then. After everything she'd been through it made sense that she would be hungry for sex for the first time in ages. Maybe she was getting as much out of this as he was. If so, that was even better. He was thrilled to help her out here, just as he'd helped her out in the Realm of Darkness.

Aqua's hands clawed at the table and she bit down on her lip hard to keep from screaming her pleasure for the world to hear, but Sora got all the proof he needed to assure him that he'd done his job and done it extremely well.

Knowing that Aqua had received the release she needed freed him up to focus on himself. He put both hands on her hips and concentrated on putting as much power as he could into the big finish. The result was hips slapping against ass, a moaning Aqua and a table that was being put to the test.

Sora pulled out just in time, only just getting his cock free before his orgasm hit. He didn't have any time to aim his cock at first, so most of his cum wound up splattering against her legs and inner thighs, with a bit landing on her ass as well.

It was the best reward Sora had ever gotten. And as Aqua straightened up, turned around and grinned at him, he had a feeling she wasn't finished expressing her gratitude just yet.     

Chapter Text

Harry Potter was horny.

That wasn’t something he was used to feeling anymore, or not for long at least. Ginny was always willing to shag whenever he was in the mood; she was at least as horny as he was. But the past couple of weeks had been different. She’d been acting strange, maintaining a distance from him and always finding an excuse any time he hinted at wanting to take her into the bedroom. This was a dry spell that was exponentially longer than any he’d had since he and Ginny got back together after the Battle of Hogwarts, and he didn’t like it one bit.

He’d been trying to figure out how to charm her into bed, but had been rebuffed every single time. It wasn’t until he returned home from a long day at the office and saw her bent over in the kitchen, her arse jutting out enticingly in her skirt, that he found inspiration in a bit of pillow talk they’d engaged in months earlier. She’d mentioned that one of her big fantasies was having him come up from behind, surprise her and fuck her roughly and without warning. It was a bit risky since she’d been trying to keep her distance from him (all while insisting that he’d done nothing wrong and she wasn’t upset with him), but he was too damn worked up to worry about all of the ways this could potentially backfire.

“What…?” Ginny froze when she felt his hands sliding underneath her skirt and yanking her panties down her legs. “Harry, wait!”

“I pay attention to everything you say, you know,” he said. He’d already vanished his own bottoms, so there was nothing to prevent him from sliding his cock right into her without warning, just like she wanted. “I’ve been trying to figure out why you’ve been putting me off for the past couple of weeks, but it makes sense now. You were waiting on me to bring this fantasy to life, weren’t you?”

“No, Harry, you don’t understand!” Ginny said. She was trying to sound panicked, but Harry wasn’t buying it. He heard the way she gasped when he put his hands on her freckled hips and thrust balls-deep into her. She’d said she would act surprised to enhance the fantasy, and she was doing a decent job of it, but he knew a gasp of pleasure when he heard it.

Harry took her roughly, just as she wanted. He drove his hips back and forth and fucked her over the countertop with reckless abandon, and sure enough her protests turned into moans soon enough.

“Oh, fuck,” Ginny whispered. “Oh, this wasn’t supposed to happen, but it feels so good! She’s going to be so furious!”

Harry didn’t know what she was talking about, but he did know that it had been way too long since he’d fucked her. It’d been so long that he swore she was even tighter than usual, but that made no sense. Obviously it was just his imagination, but when combined with how long she’d made him wait, it brought him to his end sooner than he would’ve expected.

“Here it comes, Ginny!” he groaned. “You teased me for weeks just for this, didn’t you? Well, here’s your reward!”

He hilted his cock inside of her and filled her with cum, sighing in relief at his first orgasm in weeks that had come from anything other than his own hand. Ginny screamed and clawed the countertop as he fucked her to a rapid climax.

She was still in mid-scream when her body shifted. Her hips got wider, she lost the freckles and traded in her lithe quidditch body for a curvier form. Most telling of all, however, was how her long red hair shortened and changed to a familiar bubblegum pink. That’s when he knew how badly he’d fucked up.



Ginny stepped out of the floo, elated to share her news with Harry. She’d made the Harpies!

She felt guilty about the ruse; she’d badly wanted to tell him. But he was a notoriously bad liar, and she knew her disapproving mother would get the truth out of him if she’d told him she was going on an international camp for two weeks to follow her dream and try and make the Holyhead Harpies roster. Thankfully Tonks had agreed to fill in for her, so her mother hadn’t had any chance to learn the truth and try and guilt trip Ginny into coming home. She knew her mum was just paranoid about her children being far from home after losing Fred, but Ginny wished she’d let her live her own life and follow her dreams.

She strolled into the kitchen, only to freeze in surprise at what she saw waiting for her there. She arrived just in time to see Tonks shift from Ginny’s form to one of her own, but Harry finding out the truth wasn’t the real story. It was the fact that Harry had her bent over the counter and had clearly just finished shagging her rotten.

“Tonks?!” Harry muttered, and Ginny heard his shock. So they hadn’t deliberately gone behind her back. That was good.

He pulled his cock out of Tonks in a hurry and scrambled back—right into Ginny’s chest. He almost fell, spun around, and looked horrified when he saw her staring back at him.

“Ginny!” he gasped. He looked from her back to Tonks, who was still bent over their kitchen counter with his cum leaking out of her. Then he was back to Ginny, whose heart honestly went out to him. She’d never seen him so frightened about anything. “I didn’t mean to, I swear!”

“I know you didn’t,” she said, patting him on the arm to reassure him. She wasn’t mad at him or at Tonks; this was at least partially her fault. But as she looked at the well-fucked Tonks and thought about Harry fucking her while honestly thinking she was his girlfriend, the fantasy potential of Tonks’ metamorph abilities really caught her attention. Partially to lighten the mood, and partially because the idea thrilled her, she voiced the dirty thought running through her head.

“Since you two have already come this far, what do you say to letting me in on the fun?” she said. “I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with you, Harry. You, me…and Fleur.”

Her sister-in-law would never go for it, but maybe Tonks would oblige her.

Chapter Text

"Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, professor. You may be the only one who can help my son.”

"You're welcome, Mrs. Malfoy. But your son is in very serious trouble. The Headmistress is considering expelling him for his actions in my classroom."

The professor didn't have to go out of his way to get Draco Malfoy in trouble. The arrogant Slytherin got himself in plenty of trouble all on his own. His father had attempted to buy his way out of it as he usually did, but Professor Martin wasn't as susceptible to such things. That's why the boy's mother had come to Hogwarts to try and negotiate on behalf of her son.

"Draco should not have done what he did, and I have had a very serious talk with him," Narcissa said. "But surely you can see that it was just the folly of youth, and not something that he should face such severe consequences for? Minerva McGonagall is a strict disciplinarian but hopefully you can help her see reason. Since it happened in your classroom, you could impress upon the headmistress that he merely got overzealous during the practical portion of your lesson, and that lost points and detentions are a more fitting punishment than outright expulsion?"

"I probably could." In truth it was him who had suggested expulsion to McGonagall, who was more inclined to give out a punishment similar to what the boy's mother was suggesting. Expulsion wasn't really on the table and was merely being used as a scare tactic, but she didn't need to know that. "But I'll need a pretty compelling reason to stand up to the headmistress like that, and to be quite frank Draco has done nothing to endear himself to me this term."

Narcissa smiled and reached out to rub his arm through his robes. "Oh, I'm sure we can come to some kind of understanding, professor."


"Oh! Oh Merlin, that's so big!" Others in this position might have thought she was being sarcastic but Professor Martin knew better. For one thing his cock was indeed large so sarcasm would make no sense, and for another he could see the shock written all over her face as he pushed his cock back and forth inside of her arse.

Narcissa Malfoy, normally the very picture of an aristocratic and untouchable pureblood, looked anything but aristocratic or powerful now. She was flat on her back across his desk and holding onto the sides for some small measure of control as he buggered her.

"You're very tight, Mrs. Malfoy," he said honestly. "Am I the first man who has ever taken you back here?"

"Of course you are!" she gasped. "Respectable purebloods would never do something so obscene!"

"I guess it's a good thing I've never cared about being respectable then," he said. He laughed and continued to bugger her, pumping his hips even faster.

The pureblood supremacists really were stupid, and not just because they thought blood trumped actual magical ability. They were stupid for denying themselves pleasures such as this. What good was your social standing if it held you back from fucking the arse of a woman as sexy as Narcissa Malfoy?

Thankfully he wasn't bound by such foolish conventions. He had no problem with using his authority to manipulate beautiful women into doing whatever he wanted, and neither did he feel any guilt about taking this stuck-up snob and fucking her virgin arse. It was her own fault for raising a son like Draco, and now she was paying the price for it.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Narcissa didn't know what to do with this. She'd never been fucked like this, never been used like this. That was almost as exciting to Professor Martin as the actual feeling of plunging his cock into her virgin arse. She'd spent all her life thinking she was above everyone, including people such as him. Now he was forcefully teaching her otherwise. She found herself in a situation where all her money and influence and family lineage had done absolutely nothing for her, and she'd had to bargain with the only tool he actually cared about: her body. He was fucking her like a cheap whore and all Narcissa could do was take it.

Narcissa was trying to keep her voice down, but Professor Martin wouldn't have minded all that much if someone had walked in at that very moment. It could have been potentially disastrous for him, but it might have almost been worth potentially losing his job just to have someone else see Narcissa Malfoy being buggered and degraded on his desk. No one came though, and no one else was going to hear about this. He knew he couldn't afford to have this get out, and obviously Narcissa wasn't going to tell a soul. This would have to remain their little secret, but at least the two of them would always remember how she'd had to degrade herself to protect her moronic son.

He could have gone on enjoying her tight arse all day but he did have meetings to attend and classes to prepare for, so he didn't fight it when he felt his orgasm approaching. The only question was how he felt like finishing, and while cumming inside of her arse would have been fun, he decided there was an even more perfect way to complete her debasement.

Narcissa sighed in relief when he pulled his cock out of her arse, but relief quickly turned to shock when he went higher and fired his cum across her face. The regal face that had looked down on so many people with such disdain over the years looked better than it ever had once he coated it with his semen.

"I don't know about you, but I'm happy with our compromise," he said, smiling down at the cum-covered mess he'd made of the Lady Malfoy.

Chapter Text

It was as if Prince Rhaegar Targaryen was split into two. His mind was still aware of what was happening, and all of the reasons it shouldn't be happening, but his body would not listen to any commands to stop.

He'd been resistant to his father's plan to marry him to Cassana Estermont, the widow of the late Steffon Baratheon. His father had not forgiven Lord Steffon for dying during his trip to Volantis to find a 'suitable' bride for Rhaegar, and his idea of punishment had been to command the dead lord's widow to fill that role.

Cassana hadn't wanted to do it, and neither had Rhaegar. Only now did Rhaegar see his mistake in believing that his father would not resort to any measures necessary to see his will done. Too late had he realized that Pycelle had spiked both their meals with an extremely strong aphrodisiac, one that had taken hold of their bodies as well as their minds.

Cassana was already lost. She'd been moaning before he even got his cock out, but once she saw the way the potion had changed him, enlarging his already sizeable penis, she was lost. She was now moaning mindlessly as his body ignored the protests in his mind and hammered her with his cock. They'd been going for awhile; he'd already fucked multiple orgasms out of his new wife and was nearing one himself. Based on the way her eyes had rolled back in her head and she'd lost any shred of indecision remaining in her once she had that first orgasm, he had a feeling that something similar would happen to him once he joined her. Right now his mind was still enraged at his father for arranging all of this, but he feared that with his orgasm any reason would flee and only the lust would remain.

She might have been older than him by a good for years, but Lord Steffon's widow was buxom and still had fertile years ahead of her. The decision might have been made as a petty form of revenge initiated by a petty man, but it would probably result in grandchildren for Aerys regardless, especially if this powerful concoction that Pycelle had slipped them had its way.

Rhaegar could feel whatever fragile control he had left slipping away from him. His hips snapped forward of their own volition, driving his cock forward and fucking his buxom brunette bride. Her arms clung to his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist and she stared up at him with nothing but lust in her eyes. Whatever objections she might have had before, whether they be about her deceased husband, her children or anything else weren't even a niggling thought in the back of her head anymore. All that was on her mind was the repeated deep drives of his cock into her cunt.

The prince's breathing got shorter and his control continued to slip as he felt it all coming to an end. Any time now he was going to hit the end, his body was going to reach the inevitable conclusion that Pycelle's concoction demanded of it, and both their fates would be sealed. Cassana realized it too. She was no stranger to the signs of a man's orgasm; Robert, Stannis and Renly were proof enough of that.

"Do it, please," she begged. "Please give me your seed, my prince, my love! Breed me! Let me give you princes and princesses!"

Even if he'd had any control over his body, even if he'd been able to try and command his body to pull his cock out of her before it was too late, she wouldn't have let him. Her hold on him was stronger than it had any right to be. She'd been transformed into a slut, his slut, his to breed, and all that was on her mind was to be bred and give him children. Her single-minded focus gave her strength unlike any woman he'd ever met.

It wasn't like it mattered anyway. Rhaegar was powerless to stop what was coming. He just kept thrusting, his mind giving in to his body's undeniable demand to breed. He fucked her harder than he'd ever fucked anyone, not the least bit concerned about how rough he was being with her. All that mattered was breeding her, filling her with his seed and marking her as his.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she moaned, chanting in time with every thrust of his hips. Her begging turned into happy squeals when he pushed himself in one more time, burying his cock all the way to the hilt and staying there so he could be as deep inside of her as humanly possible when he gave her his seed.

As soon as he felt that first rush of seed issued from his cock, a sense of wonderful calm came over Rhaegar. It seemed silly that he'd ever been against the idea of fucking Cassana, of making her his. This was exactly how things were supposed to be. She was his, his wife, his slut, his to breed, and it was his duty as her husband to breed her just as it was both their duties to the entire realm to produce heirs to the throne.

They were of one mind now, one purpose. They both knew that one time wasn't nearly enough. She moaned eagerly as he rolled her over onto her belly and thrust his cock right back into her, getting straight back to fucking her. His hips smacked against her ass and her body rocked back and forth from his frenzied thrusts, but she just moaned in pleasure with her face pressed into the bed.

Rhaegar would fuck his wife all night if he had to. They would go for as long as it took to ensure she was pregnant, and perhaps they would continue for a bit beyond that just to be absolutely sure.

Chapter Text

Severa was no stranger to getting into arguments. She’d done it in the original future she and the rest of the time travelers had come from, and she continued to do so now. Both her fellow time travelers and their disturbingly young parents regularly found themselves on the receiving end of Severa’s ire.

The tactician Robin was no exception to that, but her feelings for him had changed the longer she spent around him. He still pissed her off, just…less than everybody else did. And she’d snuck peeks at him in between battles often enough to gain an appreciation for his body. She hadn’t expected it to happen, but once it did and once she accepted it, she didn’t even think of running or hiding from it. She wanted him, and she was going to let him know.

The only problem was that she wasn’t the only one who had eyes for the tactician. There were several women from both generations who were interested, but there was one in particular that worried Severa.

Princess Lucina herself had clearly fallen for him, and Severa had felt jealousy stabbing her gut as she saw them get closer. She knew it wasn’t too late; Lucina hadn’t gathered the courage to confess her feelings to him yet. Severa just needed to confront her and tell her off, and then she could have him for herself. Lucina was the future Exalt; she could have any man she wanted. Surely she could let Severa have this one?

Her attempt to assert herself hadn’t gone well. Lucina had blushed at having her feelings for Robin thrown out into the open, but when Severa told her to back down she had not been happy. The blue-haired princess had gotten right in her face, arguing that she had just as much right to confess to Robin as Severa did. What had ensued was the argument to end all arguments. It was a good thing they’d picked a spot far away from camp where no one in the army would hear them, because they screamed at each other furiously for minutes on end.

Severa still wasn’t sure how the argument had turned into her straddling Lucina’s face and burying her head between the bluenette’s thighs, licking her royal cunt while Chrom’s time-traveling daughter did the same for her. Was it something to do with trying to prove why she was the one who could best satisfy the handsome tactician?

Maybe that had been the premise, but the truth was probably closer to them simply being sexually frustrated and using each other to work off a little of that frustration. Severa wasn’t complaining about how things had turned out regardless. It had been some time since she’d had anyone tending to her, and Lucina was better at it than she would’ve expected. She wouldn’t have ever guessed that Lucina had any experience at using her mouth on another woman, but this was either not her first time or she was a natural. Her tongue circled Severa’s pussy and her fingers rubbed at her clit, pressing down hard, harder than most girls liked. It was just what Severa needed though. The harder the better, as far as she was concerned.

Some people might have thought of Severa as being a selfish person, but her pride would not have allowed her to accept Lucina’s pleasure without doing her absolute best to give it right back to her. She fingered the future Exalt and swiped her tongue across her clit, feeling Lucina’s body shake and hearing her excited moans, muffled though they were by Severa’s cunt.

They’d been arguing over who deserved Robin, and this had become a competition of its own. They were both trying to make the other cum first, and cum hardest. Severa could feel the pressure building up inside of her and redoubled her efforts, wiggling her fingers faster inside of Lucina’s pussy and taking even more aggressive passes across her clit with her tongue. Severa had never backed down from a fight and she wouldn’t back down from this one either. If Lucina wanted to make her cum first she was going to have to earn it.

The unspoken competition did not come to a conclusive end, because they both came at exactly the same time. Just as Severa felt Lucina’s pussy tighten up on her fingers, she squirted across the bluenette’s royal face. She couldn’t even claim a conclusive victory when it came to making Lucina cum harder or longer. She had no doubt that Lucina’s climax was a big one; it was in her moans and in the way she shook beneath her. But her own climax was a massive one as well. It was the hardest she’d cum in a long time, maybe ever, and the proof was all over Lucina’s face.

“So what do we do?” Severa asked. It wasn’t often that she deferred to anyone, but Lucina had always held her respect and had just earned it in a different and unexpected way. Besides, she’d always been the planner of the group. Maybe she’d come up with a solution that could work for everyone.

“Isn’t it obvious, Severa?” Lucina said, smiling slightly. “We both go after him.”

“Both?” She raised her eyebrows. “You mean…?”

“Yes.” The princess nodded. “Together. Why make him choose between us or risk him looking somewhere else when we can team up? You know we’re not the only ones interested in him, but both of us together? No one else stands a chance.”  

Severa slowly returned the smile. She generally preferred to fight alone, but this was one team up that she could get behind.

“Together,” she said, nodding her agreement.

Chapter Text

"Go fuck yourself!"

For most people it was a figure of speech; a rude remark someone made when they were really angry with you. She was sure that the dickhead from the DMLE had meant it in much the same way, but it didn't make Tonks angry. Instead of making her mad, it made her horny. She was the hottest person she knew, after all. As someone who swung both ways, she was as turned on by the obvious possibilities of her metamorph skills as anyone else was. She could become whoever she wanted to be, and look however she wanted to look. Fucking herself didn't sound like a bad idea at all.

Obviously it was impossible for just about anyone else to do, but Tonks wasn't just anyone. She couldn't just change her face or the size of her tits; she could change everything about herself. She could shift her body however she wanted.

Not even she could split her body in two, of course, but there were other ways she could follow the sage advice of fucking herself. After all, an auror with a rank as high as hers had easy access to time turners.


Seducing herself had been easy, but of course it had been. She knew exactly what would attract herself, after all. The time traveling Tonks had assumed the form of a tall gorgeous, muscular hunk with deep blue eyes and a well-groomed beard, and had used the time turner to go back a couple of years and make her move on herself. Getting herself into bed had required little effort at all. She was bold and flirty, letting her younger self know exactly what 'he' wanted to do with her, and she'd eaten it up just as the morphed Tonks knew she would.

"Fuck, Alex!" her younger self cried. "That's so good; you're fucking me so good! Keep going, just like that, just like that!"

Tonks had herself bent over, putting her hands on the wall and sticking her arse out towards her invitingly. She fucked herself with hard, deep strokes that caused her younger self's arsecheeks (extra round and jiggly today) to ripple from the force of it all.

Other women had to rely on toys to fuck another woman, and they needed to use spells to try and replicate the physical sensation of it as best they could. Tonks didn't need to resort to any such tools or tricks. The form she'd taken wasn't just for show; she felt it all. She could make her cock go away whenever she wanted to, but as long as it was there she would feel it just as any bloke would.

This wasn't the first time she'd assumed a male form and grown a cock to fuck a woman with, but it was the first time she'd ever fucked a fellow metamorph. They didn't exactly grow on trees, after all. She had routinely used her ability to morph her pussy in the middle of sex, changing it to be a perfect fit for her partner's cock and tightening it to squeeze around him and make him feel things that no other woman could ever make him feel. She'd always grinned while listening to men groan at what she made them feel, but this was her first time on the other end of it.

"Holy fucking Merlin, that's amazing!" 'Alex' groaned. This was bloody incredible! The pussy had been tight from the beginning, but once she sped up and started to fuck her harder her younger self had used her skill to its utmost. What tightness! This pussy felt like magic, squeezing and shifting around her cock as she slid back and forth. In a sense it was magic, with her younger self using her metamorph skills to give the time traveler a fuck that was wholly unique.

The welcoming embrace of her younger self's metamorph pussy drove Tonks wild. She couldn't help but snap her hips harder, smacking against that spankable arse as she forced her cock balls deep inside of her female counterpart's pussy. She groaned, feeling her release coming and unable to do anything about it. She was just as helpless to control herself as any of her male lovers had been when she used this same trick on them.

"Cum!" her younger self demanded, sounding just as in control of the situation as she always did. "Cum inside me, Alex! Give it to me!"

The only way the time traveling Tonks might have been able to even the odds would be to use her own skills to morph her cock in mid-fuck, maybe by enlarging it while it was buried inside of her. That would give up the game and reveal herself as a metamorph though, and her younger self realizing she was fucking a fellow morpher wasn't something she could afford. Besides, she had no desire to stop this anyway. This was amazing! Only now could she fully understand why all of her ex-boyfriends periodically begged her to take them back, or at least to fuck them ever now and again. No normal woman's pussy could ever match up to what she was feeling right now.

'Alex' couldn't do anything to stem the tide, and she didn't want to. She focused only on driving her cock as deep inside of Tonks as she could get it, over and over and over again. She barreled ahead towards her climax, and groaned as it hit. She didn't merely take on the masculine form, complete with cock; she orgasmed like a man too. She fired her semen deep inside of her younger self, giving her shot after shot. Tonks moaned out her own climax and morphed her pussy some more, massaging the cock and milking out every last drop of semen from 'Alex'.'

"Bet you've never felt anything like that before," Tonks gasped as her pussy finally relaxed around the cock and allowed 'Alex' to pull back.

"You have no idea."

Go fuck yourself might have been the best advice she'd ever gotten.

Chapter Text

There were benefits to being Harry Potter’s best mate, and a war hero to boot.

If Ron needed any reminder of that, here it was. He’d come to the Hog’s Head hoping to drink away the sting of the end of his relationship with Hermione. He had been doing a smashing job of it in his opinion too, until a gorgeous blonde with one of the nicest pairs of tits he’d ever seen sat down beside him and started flirting.

He knew next to nothing about her; he vaguely recalled her telling him her name, which had gone in one ear and out the other. And she’d mentioned that she’d only just graduated Hogwarts in the spring, which meant she’d been several years behind him. He’d been too busy staring at her cleavage to pay much attention to what she was saying, but he knew enough to recognize what she wanted. She was looking at him with the same sort of hero worship people showed Harry. It wasn’t the first time a woman had looked at him like this since the end of the war, but it was the first time he’d been free to take advantage of his newfound celebrity status.

He’d thrown some galleons down on the table to cover his tab and then stumbled over to the floo, not trusting himself to apparate successfully in his current state. The young woman had giggled and allowed him to lead her by the hand, and she followed right behind him.

His things weren’t even unpacked in the flat he’d just moved into after he and Hermione broke it off, but the bed was there and that was all he was concerned with at the moment.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” The sexy young blonde moaned every time he thrust into her. She was down on her hands and knees, presenting herself to Ron and allowing him to fuck her like a bitch. He’d always wanted to try this position but had been rebuffed until now. Apparently breakups had their positives, just like Harry had said.

Ron couldn’t decide whether he wanted to reach underneath her body and squeeze those smashing tits or if he wanted to spank her arse, so he did a bit of both. She seemed to like it all well enough. She moaned when he mauled her breasts and played with her nipples, and there wasn’t even a hint of displeasure from her no matter how hard his palm smacked her on the arse. Ron had never been so rough with a woman, and he was enjoying it even more than he thought he would.

“I can’t believe I’m getting fucked by Ron Weasley!” the woman said through her moans. He just chuckled, shook his head and gave her another spank. He couldn’t believe what he was doing either. Just fucking some woman he’d only just met, whose name he didn’t even know and who he would surely never see or speak to again after tonight? It was madness, it was completely out of character, and he loved every second of it.

Even in his drunken state, Ron still knew enough to pull one of his hands away from her tit and run it between her legs instead. He didn’t know her name and didn’t even care to know it, but when she told this story to her friends he wanted her to be completely sincere when she said Ron Weasley had made her cum. He rubbed at her clit, trusting that the additional stimulation would be enough to make sure that he didn’t leave his sexy little fangirl hanging.

It was a good idea, and it worked even better than he’d hoped for. He’d only been rubbing her clit for a brief period of time before she left absolutely no room for doubt that he’d succeeded in his goal.

“Oh, yes!” she cried. “Yes, yes, yes! I’m cumming, Ron! You’re making me cum! Ron Weasley is making me cum!”

The way she kept repeating his name was a little weird, but it made sense. She was starstruck; it’s why she’d wound up in his bed in the first place. She was in awe of him, the company he kept and the things he’d done. He didn’t know her name, but this was a story she’d probably be telling for the rest of her life.

The effectiveness of his touch on her clit was well-timed, because his own orgasm rushed up quickly thereafter. He had no control over himself, for more reasons than one, and it was all he could do just to pull his cock out of her before he came inside of her. (He definitely didn’t need that potential complication!)

Instead he rolled her over onto her back, straddled her and sprayed his semen across those massive breasts that had caught his attention right from the beginning. She just squeezed her tits together and smiled up at him while he coated them with his seed.

The breakup was still raw, but for the first time Ron felt like single life might not be so bad, especially life as a single war hero and celebrity.

Chapter Text

In another life, or on another world line perhaps, Okabe might have chosen to go against SERN, taking on the terrifying organization with nothing but his wits and the Future Gadget Lab at his disposal. But the Okabe of this world line recognized how incredibly overmatched he was and the danger SERN posed to not just him but the other lab members, and chose to work with them instead.

SERN would have been a frightening enemy, but they had instead become a generous benefactor. As thanks for his loyalty, they had presented him with a most extravagant gift.

Makise Kurisu was of no more use to them; she had done what they needed her to do. The time machine was complete and in the hands of SERN, and once they were finished with her they presented her as a gift to him.

It was a gift Okabe was already relishing, and he hadn’t even had a chance to unwrap it yet.

Kurisu was showing exactly what she thought of her new circumstances. He hadn’t even needed to say a word to her; as soon as they went into his bedroom she’d taken his pants off and started to suck him. She was good at it too; better than he’d expected her to be. She bobbed her head up and down his cock, flicking along his length with her tongue. Her small hand held him by the base of the cock and stroked, and her grip was surprisingly strong and firm.

She didn’t need to jerk off the base for long because she quickly worked her way down and took him into her throat. Okabe groaned when he felt it, and looked down at Kurisu’s head in admiration as she held him down so deep that her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

“That’s so good,” he said, groaning and patting her long hair. “You’re doing such a good job, Christina.”

She sucked harder, working her head up and down faster and keeping him down her throat longer each time she went down. It seemed that Kurisu was approaching this with the same sort of single-minded intensity that she had the time machine. She’d completed that goal, and her new one was to be the best cocksucker she could possibly be. What a lovely gift he’d been presented.

Okabe grunted as Kurisu’s sucking lips and bobbing head got him off. He grabbed her head tight and held her down so he could fire his cum directly down her throat. She didn’t complain about it. She dutifully took it all without trying to throw his hands off of her, and she didn’t let up even after he was finished cumming. He stopped holding her head down so she could move back on her own, but still she stayed where she was. Surely she was going to run out of air soon, but she looked like she wasn’t going to remove his cock from her throat no matter what.

“That’s enough, Christina,” he said, patting the top of her head. “You’ve done enough. You did so well. You can take me out of your mouth now.”

She slowly pulled her head up and off of his cock, but she didn’t move far from him. She quickly attached herself to his side, and he rolled her over onto her back and got to work on unwrapping his gift.

He took her tie off first, and then removed her white dress shirt. Her breasts looked adorable in her little black bra, but he only admired them for a few seconds before taking that off too. He squeezed those small breasts and used his mouth on them as well, sucking on first one nipple and then the other. She cooed and ran her hands through his hair as he sucked on her nipples.

After reluctantly pulling away from her breasts, he kissed his way down her flat belly, pressing his lips against her pale skin until he reached her belt. The belt was discarded quickly, and then dealt with her black shorts and tights. All that was left were her little black panties. He actually took his time with those, removing them slowly and savoring the moment before she was fully exposed to him.

Kurisu lifted her legs to help him pull her panties off, and when they were gone he only needed to look between her legs to see how excited she was. She was his gift, but she wanted this too. She might have wanted his cock inside of her just as badly as he did.

He played with her cute little tits and rubbed between her legs until he was ready to go again, which happened surprisingly quickly. Kurisu spread her legs eagerly, and her eyes shined brightly as he climbed on top of her and guided his cock inside of her.

She welcomed him in, and as soon as he felt that tightness of pushing his cock into her, he knew he’d made the right decision. Who knew how things would have gone if he’d opposed SERN? Odds were Kurisu would be dead and he along with her. Either that or he would’ve been driven to insanity.

Instead he’d sided with them, she’d completed the time machine, and they were both here. The Okabe of this world line had no regrets whatsoever about the choice that he’d made.

“SERN really are generous friends,” he muttered as he put his hands on Kurisu’s slim hips and began to thrust his cock into his gift.     

Chapter Text

Mei had always loved experimenting, tinkering, and trying to make interesting new gadgets. It wasn’t limited only to things that could be used in hero work. Her fascination extended to any manner of things. It didn’t matter the use; if something could be taken apart, put back together and improved upon in new and interesting ways, Mei was fascinated.

She hadn’t been sure of the practical use for her newest baby while putting it together. A chair that you strapped yourself into and swung you around in the air, with a number of adjustable settings to give you amazing freedom of movement? She didn’t know what it could be used for; it wasn’t like any villain would give you the time to set it up and use it to fight them.

An offhanded comment from one of her fellow third year students at UA (the pink one; Mei wasn’t good at remembering most people’s names, or much of anything really unless it had something to do with her babies) about what she’d like to do with her boyfriend in Mei’s newest toy had set the inventor down an interesting path. She couldn’t allow the pink girl to be the one to test it out, of course; if Mei wanted to understand how something worked, she needed to test it out herself.

She couldn’t test it alone, of course, and she hadn’t needed to think for long about who she’d ask to help her test it. Midoriya was always willing to help any of his classmates, or anyone in general really, plus he’d previously promised to help her out with anything she needed after all the improvements she’d made to his hero costume.

“The freedom of movement is good!” Mei said as she bounced up and down on Midoriya’s cock. They were moving through the air, swinging around gently as she put her newest baby to the test. It was holding up well. They weren’t merely suspended in the air and trying to hold on, and the chair didn’t restrict her movement at all. She was able to raise her hips off of Midoriya’s body entirely and drive them back down with ease, fucking herself on his cock as naturally as she might have if they were doing it down on the ground with a bed beneath them for support.

Mei was impressed at how responsive the chair was to what she wanted to do. It supported their weight and held up no matter how hard she moved her body. She was giving it a true stress test too; it was the only way to find out how well a baby functioned. She kept bouncing harder and harder; her ass clapped against Midoriya’s thick, muscular legs and her large breasts swung around, practically smothering his face as she kept her body pressed tightly to his.

“This function seems to work well,” she said. Midoriya said something in response but she couldn’t make it out, what with his face buried in her breasts and all. It didn’t matter anyway; she was speaking to herself. “Let’s try out another.”

She tapped a button to change the configuration, and the chair switched to a more horizontal setting. Midoriya yelped in surprise as he felt the chair stretch and shifted beneath them, but she held on tight just as she’d promised she would before they started. His cock remained inside of her the whole way, but he didn’t start moving even after the change was complete and he was effectively mounted on top of her. Apparently he was waiting for some kind of signal from her since this was her baby and her test.

“Start moving, Midoriya,” she said, smiling up at him in the intense way she knew made some people uncomfortable. She couldn’t help it though; there was no way to contain her excitement when she was working on or testing out a new invention.

His hips twitched and his cock moved slightly inside of her, but it was barely enough for her to notice. She huffed in annoyance; she knew he was probably just nervous, but that wasn’t going to work at all. She wouldn’t get any data like this!

“Harder, Midoriya!” she insisted. “I won’t know what adjustments need to be made until I see how the baby performs. I know you can go harder than that! The chair can take it!” At least she thought it could. And if it couldn’t, well, that would give her something to improve upon for next time. There was a protective mat on the ground below them, just in case.

“R-right!” He pulled his hips back and thrust into her; not hard enough to really test the chair, but harder than before at least. When that went fine he thrust a little harder the next time, and a little more after that, and so on and so on. The chair, which in truth more closely resembled a mattress while in this setting, held up beneath them, and Midoriya’s thrusts got progressively harder and deeper once he realized he was in no danger of falling.

Eventually they got to the point where he was slamming into her without a care in the world, driving his cock into her hard enough to rock her body against the chair beneath her. It was slightly uncomfortable on the back of her head; she’d probably need to add more cushioning to the next design. And she could hear the chair creaking too. It was probably going to hold up for them, but if their combined weight was slightly higher it might have been a problem. That would require some reinforcement.

It was a strong first test though. Her baby held up all the way until Midoriya came inside of her with a grunt. Mei had her own orgasm to go along with it, but her mind was already hard at work picturing the improvements she was going to make for the next model.

Hopefully Midoriya would be willing to test it out with her again once it was ready.

Chapter Text

This is a continuation of The Horcrux Breeding.



The world was beginning to sense that Harry Potter might not be the savior they’d hoped for, the good little hero to save them from the darkness so they didn’t have to lift a finger in their own defense and let them go back to their lives of ignorance and selfishness. But they weren’t his concern at the moment. He’d locked himself away where no one could reach him. Neither the scared little boy who’d named himself Voldemort and his feckless followers or the sheep who had hung on Albus Dumbledore’s every word could reach him or his servant here.

Hermione Granger, brightest witch of her generation and now his devoted servant, smiled up at him from their bed. It was a bright, happy smile, but if anyone else could have seen it they would probably have thought it looked more than a little deranged as well. Not that Hermione would have cared what they thought of her. There was only one person whose opinion meant anything to her.

Harry eyed his first follower appreciatively. There would be others who followed him later, out of devotion or fear or whatever else might motivate them, but none would ever take her place at his side.

She cut a striking figure, kneeling on the floor submissively without a scrap of clothing on her. She’d always been beautiful, but the slight swell of her stomach made her even more appealing to his eyes. Her baby bump was only barely visible at this point, but he couldn’t wait for it to grow larger. It was proof that he’d been successful in breeding her. Growing inside of her right now was the beginnings of the dynasty that they were going to build, the world that they were going to reshape as they saw fit.

“Welcome back, my master,” Hermione said. He chuckled; if only Ron could see her now! He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, and she closed her eyes, smiled and leaned into the touch.

“I believe you have something to do,” he said. “You’re in the proper position, but now it’s time for you to welcome me back as you’ve been taught.”

Hermione nodded and sprang into action as soon as he signaled that she could now move forward. Her hands undid the button on his trousers, and then she took the zipper between her teeth and lowered it just like she’d practiced. She pulled his boxers down his legs quickly and got to work as soon as her target was unveiled.

His first and greatest servant worked quickly, licking his cock from tip to base and bathing him in her spit as she endeavored to get him hard as quickly as she possibly could. Like any good servant, she did not stop until she’d done her job and he was fully hard and ready for her.

Without any hesitation, Hermione parted her lips wide and took him into her mouth. She slid her lips down his length quickly, suckling him hard and moaning around his cock as she threw herself into her task with a single-minded devotion. He was her master, and she would serve him in whatever way he required to the best of her ability. And Hermione Granger had never been content unless she was the absolute best, the top of the class. Ever the overachiever, she had studied and practiced the art of oral sex with him until she had become what she was now, which was the best cocksucker he could ever ask for.

She bobbed her head on him quickly, showing just how good she’d gotten by taking his long, thick cock deep without any trouble. She took his cock all the way down her throat, held him there and stared up at him, her brown eyes shining with her love and devotion to him. He had no doubt that she would hold him down there as long as it took for him to get off, no matter how much her body might protest.

Were he in a different mood he might have remained still and allowed her to do just that, but after doing a bit of reconnaissance and growing annoyed by the general state of things in the world outside of their haven, he was of a mind to take a more active role.

He put his hands on top of her head, gathered two tight handfuls of her brown hair and started to fuck her face. Hermione grunted in surprise but did not resist. She put her hands on his legs and allowed him to take over and use her mouth as he pleased. Through a combination of tugging on her hair and thrusting his hips forward, he soon had his balls smacking against her chin repeatedly. Even all of her practice wasn’t enough to stop her from gagging around his cock as he stuffed it down her throat over and over again, but he knew she wasn’t displeased about it. She was there for him; she was right where she wanted to be. He could use her as roughly as he liked without a care. No matter how much her body was tested, as long as it was pleasing to him she would be content.

Harry considered cumming down his servant’s throat, but had second thoughts at the last minute. Instead he pulled out of her mouth, wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked it. He didn’t even need to tell her to tilt her head up and look at him. She knew exactly what he wanted and did so without needing to be ordered.

He covered Hermione’s face with his seed, painting a diagonal line from the middle of her forehead down her cheek, and then aimed several spurts around her mouth and chin. The last couple were fired directly into her mouth, which she’d known to open after only a subtle shift in his facial expression. She really had gotten great at anticipating his needs.

“Excellent work, my Hermione,” he said. He smacked his cock against her forehead to shake off the last few drops of semen, and smiled down at her slightly protruding belly before turning away so he could get back to work on reforging this world just for him, his devoted servant and their future progeny.     

Chapter Text

It was all but impossible to find any alone time while at the Burrow, but Harry had finally managed to sneak away while Mrs. Weasley chased the twins around the yard for feeding Ron some kind of sweet that caused him to croak like a frog every time he tried to say the words “Chudley” or “Cannons.”

He probably wouldn’t have much time before his absence was noted, so he sat down on Ron’s bed in a hurry and started stroking himself as soon as he got his cock out. He didn’t feel any shame about jerking himself off in the Weasley home. Maybe he should, but when you were surrounded by that many beautiful women it was impossible not to get aroused.

He closed his eyes and let his mind wander as he stroked himself. It didn’t need to wander very far though; there were plenty of women right here within the Burrow that made for prime wank material.

Though he was pretty sure they were destined to only ever be friends, Hermione was definitely sexy. He’d first taken note of her as a girl during the Yule Ball, and had continued to notice that his best friend was indeed a girl in the years since. He pumped his cock in his hand while imagining walking in the Hogwarts library to find Hermione sitting at her usual table and reading a thick tome, only she was completely naked. In the dream he came right up to her, dropped to his knees underneath the table and ate her out. He could practically taste her pussy on his tongue, and imagined the moans she would make as he put his parseltongue skills to good use and slithered his tongue inside of her. Then he would carry her over into the Restricted Section, pin her up against a bookshelf and fuck her hard. His sexy little bookworm best friend would moan so sweetly as he shagged her, books would tumble onto the floor as they rocked the bookshelf together, and Hermione would enjoy herself so much that she wouldn’t even care.

He’d only ever thought of Ginny as his best mate’s sister, but she was looking good to him lately. She’d grown into a sexy little thing, not as busty as Hermione but with a nice athletic body and a firm ass. He could imagine taking her for a ride on his Firebolt, both literally and figuratively. They’d soar through the air while she rode his cock, and he’d hold onto that firm butt he’d secretly stared at while walking behind her, bury his face between her small but cute breasts and suck on those little freckled tits. Obviously he knew that fucking while flying on a broomstick was beyond dangerous, and doing it with her bouncing on him was literally impossible. That didn’t stop his horny imagination from running wild.

And of course there was Fleur Delacour. Seeing her again had put him back in the same frame of mind he’d been in during his 4th year for the Triwizard Tournament. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen back then, and had inspired countless frantic wanks throughout that year. Now she was somehow even more beautiful than he’d remembered. If only she would have taken him by the hand as soon as she saw him today and rewarded him for pulling her sister Gabrielle out of the lake during the Second Task. She would strip for him slowly, letting him drink in her flawless, otherworldly perfect body, and then she would drop to her knees and use her mouth to thank him.

She would wrap those gorgeous pouty veela lips around his cock, suck and slurp on him so well. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Fleur Delacour would be able to make him feel things that no other woman in the world could. Oh, to be the focus of her attention! She would bob her head on him, take him down into her throat and hold him there for as long as she pleased. He swore that he could feel her veela throat hum around his cock, and her dainty hand tickling his balls. It felt as real as if she was actually in the room with him and sucking him for real right now.

Thinking of Hermione and Ginny had gotten him going, but his vivid fantasy of having his dick sucked by what might very well be the most beautiful woman on the planet was too much for him to withstand. With a strangled cry of “Fleur!”, he felt his cock pulse and fire burst after burst of semen. The surreal turn this had taken continued, because it almost felt like he was really cumming inside of someone’s mouth rather than into his own hand.

Harry sighed as he finally started to come down from what had been the most intense orgasm he could ever remember. He blinked his eyes open slowly, and damn near jumped out of his skin when he saw what was right in front of him. It couldn’t be real. He had to still be caught up in his own imagination.

Fleur Delacour released his cock from between her lips slowly, and she licked her lips before opening her mouth and showing him that she’d stored all of his cum inside of her mouth. She swirled it around inside of her mouth as if it were some kind of sweet treat, and then she swallowed it right in front of him.

“Zank you for ze dessert, ‘Arry!” Fleur said. She patted his knee, got back to her feet and walked out of the room. Harry watched her go, unable to say a word to her. He still couldn’t believe this was real. He pinched himself to try and wake up from this dream, but no, he was still sitting there on Ron’s bed, boxers pushed down his thighs and cock hanging out.

What the fuck just happened? was his first thought. And his next was how the hell do I get it to happen again?