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the god of demonic cultivation

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Everyone paused when the ghost puppets suddenly ceased their attacks. Their master has stopped giving them orders and thus, they only trod around aimlessly. The cultivators’ swords were frozen, still raised in action, but all heads were turned to where Jiang Cheng and Jin Guangyao were facing off with Wei Wuxian just a moment ago.

The great Yiling Patriarch has fallen. He has proven that cultivating the demonic path would only bring nothing but disaster—on the world, and on himself—for he has succumbed to his own powers, which destroyed him in front of all four great sects.

The four sect leaders were silent, while all the other cultivators yelled and celebrated in joy. They have eliminated evil, and avenged their loved ones; it was all over.

Little did they know, that at the very moment the Yiling Patriarch’s heart beat for the last time, a single teardrop fell onto the white petals of a flower blooming beside him, and he ascended.