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The Medic And The AI

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It was the usual boring morning for our beloved Special Agent.

Yes, I’m talking about none other than William Fowler. The grumpy dark-skinned, star-strangled shorts-wearing man who really needs a break.

He sat at his desk, doing his usual work routine. As of now, he was still working on his biggest assignment yet.

Being the liaison between the United States’ Government and the Autobots.

Now, you all will say we already know that, why are you telling us this? Because my dear readers I’m just trynna fill in the chapter with a lot of words ;)

Anyways, Fowler sat at his desk rereading his recent report of his last visit and the shenanigans he witnessed.

That entails Cliffjumper’s constant illegal parking. The occasional person photographing a driverless vehicle and putting it online for all to see. We all know who that Bot was, it was Bumblebee. People just can’t help taking pictures of him, which is a nightmare for the team and Fowler.

The rest of the team, however, aren’t as trouble-making as those two, a relief for Fowler and a certain old medic.

Moving on.

Fowler’s anger flared as his pen decided to run out of ink just as he was near the end of his report. He growled and searched his desk for any replacement.

To his luck, there was none! How fun is that? I’ll tell you.

It wasn’t evidently by Fowler’s frustrated mumbling as he stomped to his office’s door.

He was halfway to it when somebody knocked.

“What is it this time?” He mumbled in annoyance as he went to find out whatever task the person knocking had for him.

“What is it, soldier?” He asked as soon as his calloused hands touched the handle, getting straight to the point not wanting to waste any more time with small talk.

His eyes widened in recognition and surprise at the woman standing before him.

It was none other than (Y/N) (L/N). The daughter of an old friend of his.

Seeing her now, as a Special Agent as she told him she was gonna be when she only reached his knees made him feel proud of her every time.

Now his surprise at seeing her is not because they don’t talk anymore, it’s just he didn’t expect her face to be the one he’ll see when he opened that door.

“Special Agent (Y/N) (L/N), at your service.” She curtsied with a grin, amused at the expression he was wearing. “May I come in? Or are you gonna let me stand there?” She remarked.

Fowler recollected himself and moved aside so she can come in. “I’m sorry for making you stand, (Y/N). Just didn’t think you’d come here of all places.” He explained as they both went to take a seat.

“Haven’t I told you? I’ve been reassigned to this Unit.” (Y/N) questioned with confusion. Fowler’s eyebrows narrowed “You never told me.” He replied.

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow at him then looked at the telephone. “Maybe you should make sure to check your voicemails, old man.” She nodded her head towards the device.

“You know how busy I can get. It’s not like I’m always in my office.” He grumbled, crossing his arms.

“Doesn’t matter anyway.” She shrugged and leaned towards him. “So, I’ve been reassigned and given the job of being a spy on a certain group of extraterrestrials.” She stated, which made Fowler do a doubletake. “What?” He exclaimed in disbelief, “How are you even going to do that? Put on a mecha suit and pretend to be a robot?” He asked, standing up.

“You’re close, but no. I’m not doing that. I’m gonna spy on them by pretending to be an AI designed to be an assistant of sorts for them when you’re not there. Except while I’m assisting I’m also watching their every move.” She explained uncrossing her legs and taking off her jacket.

“How are you gonna keep that up for 24 hours? They can go days without sleep if you haven’t been told.” He informed in exasperation and a hint of curiousity. (Y/N) smiled at his question ”I forgot to mention, there is actually an AI that takes over when I’m not there, in case you’re wondering what happens when i take a bathroom break. It has my voice and can copy my tone too. Not that monotone voice Alexa has so we can avoid suspicion. It was programmed by yours truly” (Y/N) put her hand on her chest and smirked, proud with herself.

Fowler ignored her statement and furrowed his eyebrows “Is that really necessary? I’ve been watching them and I assure you they mean no harm.” He reasoned handing her his reports. “That’s what the prime keeps telling me from time to time.” He said recalling the prime’s reassuring words.

”You never know, Bill. It's not unbelievable at this point that however nice and welcoming a person is, they can still be a wolf in sheep’s clothing or whatever that is for their kind.” (Y/N) ranted as her eyes skimmed his reports. ”They may act all nice but that doesn't mean they are. For all, we know they could be the bastards they tell us the deceptions are. Has anyone ever seen them?” She asked with her eyes piercing his.

”Well no but we haven't really seen any reason to see them as evil. All the trouble they've been doing is illegal parking and getting their pictures on the internet by others who witness them without their help-drivers” He reasoned.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes and stood up with frustration clear on her face and began pacing. ”They could be making us feel safe and let our guard down so they can do a full-scale invasion on the earth when the time is right!” She said anxiously and stopped pacing to look at him.

She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. ”We need to do this Bill. We don't need to debate this any further” She stated.

”Fine, how and when are we gonna start this job of yours?” He questioned sitting down with his classic grumpiness radiating from him.

”Well, We're gonna install the new system at their base. You have an engineer waiting for you, let's not keep her waiting.” She clarified pointing to the door.

”We’re doing this right now?” he exclaimed walking up to (Y/N). ”Yes, that's what I basically just said.” she told him, strolling to the door.

She looked back at him with a grin. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a long day of work ahead of me”

And with that, she left to wait at her office so she can finally get to meet the Autobots, leaving Agent Fowler to do his little errand.

Fowler sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, ”This might as well just happen.”

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The ride to the Autobot base was filled with awkward silence. Not that Fowler disliked silence but with when it’s with others around it’s just plain uncomfortable, he could sense the poor redhead was.

He knew he was an intimidating superior from what he witnessed during his time in the military. His subordinates most of the time tried to get on his good side, the foolish few who decide to get funny with him often regret it shortly after.

He did a quick check on his ride partner, he noticed she wiping her sweaty hands on her pants with her eyes looking anywhere but him. He bets she wants to be anywhere but here with him too.

Fowler sighed and decided it’s time to finally break the silence and calm the girl’s nerves.

“How long have you been working with us, kid? It doesn’t seem that long from the way you’ve been acting, even before we got on the helicopter.” Fowler pointed out, his eyes never leaving the sky before him.

“Oh” the girl stammered out not expecting any kind of small talk from him, considering what she heard from others who worked under Agent Fowler when she was waiting for him and Agent (L/N) to finish their little meeting, She got back her bearings and cleared her throat, thanking God that they weren’t having eye contact, “I’ve only been in the military for a month and a half. I was an engineer in Unit: F before I was transferred to Unit E only because of Agent (L/N)’s request, wanted me to be her assistant too. Although I’m pretty sure he only approved because there were too many engineers back there.”

“Well, you must be good at your job if she bothered to make sure you get transferred with her, as her assistant no less.” He praised, and he meant it, (Y/N) told him she won’t bother requesting hand-picked assistants unless she found someone brilliant at their work and doesn’t only do as she told, but actually has ideas of their own that are a great help for (Y/N)’s projects. He’s pretty sure she found who she wanted.

The girl’s face turned red and she began stammering with an embarrassed smile “What? I don’t think it’s because I’m good haha...” she fumbled with her hands, “I’m actually pretty average on my work quality and I’m sure she requested to have me as an assistant because I follow her orders without disobedience.”

Fowler smiled at her humble response. It was nice to see this kind of humility in someone her age.

A few moments went by and the atmosphere was lighter, the girl was more comfortable and her frown was reduced to a small but noticeable smile. Then the thought struck him, “Didn’t quite catch your name yet, Miss?” He politely asked.

“It’s Sallow, Barbara Sallow, sir.” She answered, finally gathering up the courage to look at him directly in the face for more than 3 seconds with a self-confidence lighting up her freckled face.

“Well, it was a nice small talk, Miss Sallow. But I’m afraid it’s gonna have to end here.” He nodded his head towards something Barbara didn’t notice because she was looking at Agent Fowler.

“We’re gonna have to get our asses off the helicopter’s seat soon,” Fowler grumbled as he prepared for landing, his mood turning sour at the thought of having to hear Ratchet’s complaints. He knows Ratchet will take offense to having an AI guide after spending 3 years on earth. Also, who knows what other complaints about earth’s technology Ratchet has ready for him, Fowler’s pretty sure Ratchet does keep a list.


The green lights flickered and the alarms went off throughout the base, warning the bots that someone decided to pay them a visit. Of course, it’s always been their favorite visitor Agent William Fowler.

“Optimus!” Ratchet called for his leader who came in the main room as soon as the alarm went off. Agent Fowler is here.” The medic said, watching the helicopter finally touching it’s landing site on his screen.

“Whatever that guy’s here for. I assure you. I didn’t do anything, I’ve been a good bot.” Cliffjumper joked with a grin adorning his faceplate, making Arcee roll her optics in amusement.

The horned Autobot then pointed at Bumblebee, “I can’t tell why, but something tells me he’s hiding something from us.” Cliffjumper accused making Bumblebee’s door wings rise in shock, anger, and betrayal, the yellow bot then started to beep furiously at the bot who had the audacity to accuse him.

“That’s enough.” Optimus ordered sternly, not wanting their argument to escalate further.

Bumblebee’s door wings faltered and he crossed his arms with a small apologetic beep, walking away from Cliffjumper who was holding in his laugh while Arcee told him to stop teasing Bumblebee.

Ratchet sighed, annoyed at their antics and looked back at the monitor.

His optics widened, Agent Fowler was with another human, they were taking out a cart that was filled with all sorts of parts and devices, he hoped Agent Fowler came to improve the terrible equipment they’ve been given.

Ratchet turned to his teammates and raised his voice, “Agent Fowler isn’t alone, he has brought another human along this time.”

“Why the company this time?” Arcee questioned with skepticism lacing her voice. The others backed up her question with equal amounts of confusion and suspicion.

“It seems they’re here to replace parts of the base’s technology.” Ratchet answered pointing at the image of the two walking towards the base’s top entrance and elevator.

“It’s about time eh, Ratchet? No more errors. No more crashing.” Bulkhead said with a grin. Ratchet was about to talk back and tell Bulkhead that it’d be nice if he stopped breaking his tools too but decided to huff in annoyance instead because it’s not worth it.

The bots looked at the elevator expectantly as the two finally went in.

The elevator opened with a ding, revealing Agent Fowler and his friend.

Agent Fowler looked as constipated as always. Meanwhile, the girl whom they never met looked like the physical incarnation of nervousness. The bots understood they are intimidating because of their size and unfamiliarity to humans. They walked out dragging the equipment behind them.

“Good morning.” Greeted Optimus, nodding politely to the both of them, “What brings you and your friend here, Agent Fowler?”

“Tech Maintenance.” Agent Fowler replied shortly, “Miss Barbara Sallow here, will do some upgrades to the base’s tech, and add a brand new feature.”

Ratchet’s stepped towards the Agent with intrigue and skepticism, “What kind of feature?” He questioned. If they were adding “new features” he has to know what they are and if they’re even necessary.

“Well, as you know” Fowler began, “I won’t always be there to help you when you need me.” He pointed out as he walked closer to the railings, “So our technicians suggested that we design an AI for you so we can ensure that you get the help you need.”

The bots were confused and whispered amongst themselves on why they even needed and AI to guide them as the years they spent on such a small planet is enough experience for them to go without something like an AI.

“Now.” Agent Fowler began, “I’m afraid Barbara needs some space to work.” He nodded his head to Barbara who already was the cart and began to look troubled as she saw the stairs, it was gonna be a problem taking it down without breaking a few things.


Agent Fowler smirked and turned to Ratchet who looked as irritated as always, “Why don’t you take a break, doc?” He suggested to the Medic, making him angrier.

Ratchet rolled his optics and turned and stomped off to his berthroom, ranting to himself like he always does.


Bumblebee noticed Barbara’s troubled look, he beeped at her and motioned for her to step back. She stepped back with confusion and a hint of fear, thinking he was telling her to go away, only to be proved wrong when he carried the cart with all the gentleness he could muster and put it down on the bottom of the stairs for her.

Barbara smiled goofily at his help, maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. Her smile faltered when she realized how she misjudged him but quickly put up a fake one, “Thank you, I don’t know what I could’ve done if you didn’t help me with it.” She thanked him as she began to pull the cart to the other platform, then she stopped mid-walk, she realized she has to get the cart up the other stairs again.

Bumblebee beeped worriedly at her sudden stop. Was she hurt? Did they need to get her to a hospital?

His thinking was interrupted when Barbara suddenly turned back with a look of embarrassment at the fact that she has to ask him again for help.

“I’m sorry to bother you again but can you um, carry it up there, please?” Barbara asked, pointing at the other platform. Bumblebee didn’t waste any time in beeping out an agreement and doing what she needed to be done.

“Sorry again for bothering you.” She apologized again, earning back a beep of denial that she didn’t bother him at all and he’s happy to help.

Barbara looked apologetic once more as she didn’t really understand what he meant, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying”

“Bumblebee said that you weren’t bothering him and that he’s happy to be of help.” Bulkhead clarified, translating for the woman. Barbara looked at Bulkhead in appreciation, “Oh.”, She turned back to Bumblebee, “Thank you, you’re so nice” She complimented with a smile adorning her freckled face.

Bumblebee beeped and whirred in glee, flustered at the compliment, saying it was nothing.

Barbara smiled as she climbed up the ladder.

Now she knows her favorite bot.

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Sorry about the long wait, i just started to write the third chapter and i will hopefully finish it in 4 hours or less.

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Barbara put her tools back into the plane and dropped into her seat with a sigh.

That felt like the longest hour she ever had, the medic’s burning eyes on her back, his suggestions and him downright insulting earth’s technology made her hate every second she spent upgrading their technology and installing their new AI system.

Which is shocking because she always loved engineering. The guy needs to tone down his cybertronian pride. It’s okay to love where you came from and the accomplishments that were made there but it’s entirely something else to look down on a species that is younger than your own.

She didn’t like him, and he didn’t like her, that’s for damn sure and will have to warn (Y/N) about him because he’s clearly smart and will probably turn down whatever she offers as their AI.

She held her finger up to her ear, “Ma’am, it’s time to introduce yourself.” She announced, “and please watch out for the medic.”

“Noted.” (Y/N) replied, a grin clear in her voice, eyes glued to her screens.

As soon as their data finishes transferring to her, she will have eyes on each sector of their base, thanks to Barbara installing the system.

She slumped into her chair groaning impatiently, her legs crossed with her head pointed towards the ceiling.

Just a few moments more and she will take control of whatever they have.


Her gaze shot up and looked at the multiple screens before her, eyes darting from screen to screen. Each one showed something more interesting than the one before. The one that intrigued her more is the one with a white and orange robot which she recognized from Fowler’s description as their medic, Ratchet, the grumpy one, it was clear on his face that she wasn’t the only one relieved to have the long downloading process finally end. Beside him is the one and only Optimus Prime, he is as unemotional as he was described.

She rubbed her hands together in glee and grinned as she uncrossed her legs and rolled closer to the table.

“Showtime.” She whispered as her hands hovered over her earpiece.



Ratchet huffed in annoyance as none of their monitors activated yet. Still downloading the new system and transferring their files over to the new tech Barbara installed.

His leg was bouncing impatiently while he glared at the screen as if it was going to make it go faster.

He groaned and covered his face with his servos. Catching the attention of the Prime who looked over to him in concern.

Time is gold, and each wasted moment he spends waiting for the system to go back on the Decepticons are getting more and more ahead of them in winning the war.

To be frank, that thought is not helping his mood, and it’s bad enough as it is.

He tensed up when he felt a servo on his shoulder, “Patience, old friend.” Optimus advised, a comforting small smile on his face, “It will not be long until our systems will get back online, and from what Agent Fowler said, it will be better than before. You will no longer have to worry about software errors.”

Ratchet looked like he was about to say something but gave up and let out a sigh of defeat, “You’re right.” He looked away, “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, Ratchet.” Optimus reassured.


They turned their heads towards the screens, they look the same but then again, it was about the performance of their systems and not how it looked.

Ratchet sighed in relief and smiled, stepped forward with his hands on his keyboard, ready to get back to work and see the difference, “Thank the Allspark, it was about time.”

“Salutations, Autobots.” A melodic voice they’ve never heard before greeted them, “I am known as Atlas, I was designed by Special Agent (Y/N) (L/N) to be your virtual assistant. I will be there to help whenever you need, with whatever you need.” She continued with cheerfulness lacing her voice, Ratchet would never admit it but he found it alluring.

“Yes, we’ve been informed of you by Agent Fowler.” Ratchet stated curtly, ignoring her and getting straight to his work, “To be frank, your creator wasted her time.” He paused his typing for a moment “I doubt we’ll make much use of you right now.”

There was a moment of silence, he presumed it was because she was processing what he said, of course, she’s still processing, she was earth technology.

What did he expect?

Certainly not what she was going to say, “With all due respect, Doctor.” She began, “You are on a foreign planet, hiding from everyone who is not part of the Pentagon and is not trusted with the knowledge of your existence. You needed Special Agent Fowler’s assistance on more than one occasion. Be it getting him to clear out a cave filled with Energon found by unsuspecting humans or making him get a teammate out of trouble from car thieves.” Ratchet stopped working altogether and glowered at the screen before him as if he’s looking at her and went to argue back, but Optimus’ voice stopped him before he began, “Ratchet, you know she is right in this.”

“As soon as we arrived on this planet we needed the natives’ help.” He explained, “We would not have gotten a base nor the technology we need if we didn’t ask for their help.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Ratchet mumbled looking down at the ground with shame, then directed his gaze back to the screen as Atlas finally spoke up once again, “My creator made me, and made her assistant upgrade your base’s technology to aid in your war in gratitude for protecting humanity, and I intend to see my mission through to the end.”

A small smile sneaked it’s way to Ratchet’s face, “Send your creator my thanks for making my life easier.”

“She’ll be delighted to know.” Atlas notified, back to her earlier cheerfulness albeit it felt a bit brighter than before.


(Y/N) cut the connection and set their AI system on as she needed a moment to think.

Maybe she was wrong about them being terrible.

Clearly nothing of the Prime’s speech was a lie, it really felt like he wanted to protect humans.

If they wanted to take down humans then surely Optimus wouldn’t defend her? Maybe he knew about their plan?

What about Ratchet? His thanks felt genuine, it may have been a short one but it made her heart flutter, and she still doesn’t understand why.

She gets thanked all the time from others, why is it different this time?

Why does she feel different this time?

It can’t be because of him right?

It can’t be because of him.

It JUST can’t be.