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Cold Hands [ Elsamaren ]

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"Do we wake her up? It is quite late...."

"No! Wait, should we? I don't know, if you knew how little of sleep my sister got when she was queen, you would probably be hesitating on doing this."

"Well, on a scale of one to 'going crazy' how tired was she?"

"A solid 'I tried to attend to every single person of Arendelle while handling dozens of paperwork and figuring out my powers and being mobbed by people everyday', tired! And she still hasn't gotten over it!"

After family game night the night before they had set out and put the Olaf star on the ice tree Elsa had created to end Christmas Eve officially, and create a new day of joy. Anna could tell her sister was exhausted after the long and dragged out day of fun.

The two sisters never ended up telling each other anything. They were too tired and awkward, was was unlike Anna.

Elsa groaned at the yell-whispers close to her. She had practically passed out in her familiar double bed once she made it to her childhood room the night prior. Well, it was actually her parents' room that she inherited when she became queen, but this room was more familiar and comfier to her than her old frozen one.

The blonde was dressed in one of the Northuldra undergarments, a long sleeve light brown shirt accompanied by dark brown trousers. Honeymaren had gotten Elsa it for a birthday present about half a week prior. She said it was sort of like a 'initiation' gift. The Fifth Spirit was completely welcomed in the forest.

"She looks so cute in your clothes!" Anna exclaimed excitedly, folding her hands together and resting them against her cheek, smiling brightly.

Honeymaren blushed and had to refrain from coughing loudly. "O-Oh um, they're not mine, I made them for her. She's officially apart of the Northuldra tribe, she's family now, so I presumed she need them." The brunette sheepishly smiled, turning back to peaceful goddess on the double bed.

Elsa's eyes fluttered open in time to see her sister and friend still staring at her, only for her to gasp inaudibly and slam a pillow over her face in embarassment. "Anna! I look disgusting! Why're you in here?" The Fifth Spirit mumbled into her pillow with a moan.

Anna giggled and shook her head. "Sis, you look beautiful in literally everything. Especially in those Northuldran clothes! Plus, with makeup or no makeup, your skin is literally flawless. Stop complaining and get up! It's Christmas Day and it's almost noon!"

That comment made Elsa sit up abruptly in her comfy sleeping space, and throw one of the many white pillows at her sisters face. "WHAT? It's almost noon? Why didn't you wake me?"

Elsa was the type of person who usually loved mornings. She didn't particularly know why, but as soon as dawn arose she was up and ready for the day. The feeling of the new day calmed her for reasons she couldn't explain. So for her to not be up so late was beyond her.

Honeymaren giggled at the girls bantering and messy hair as she spoke. It was out of its usual braid and flowing freely past her shoulders. The platinum blonde nest spiked out in a million different directions, but somehow managed to all come together to create a perfect mess.

"We didn't want to wake you! Do you know how long it has been since you've slept like that?" Anna queried with a small smile, knowing her sister wouldn't have anything to clap back with.

Elsa sighed and mumbled, "I suppose it has been a while since I had a restful sleep. Could I also ask why you're still here, Maren? I thought you left with your brother?"

The tanned girl glanced at Anna before replying. "Oh yeah, Anna said that I could stay if I wanted to, and since I didn't have many duties to do today, I decided why not keep you company." A small smirk etched on the shorter girls lips as she saw the heavy amount blush appearing on Elsa's face. The Northuldra people had their winter day today, but in all honesty Honeymaren wanted to spend time with Elsa and see what their 'Christmas' was all about.

"O-Oh, thank you Honey, I'll meet all of you in the ball room to open presents, just let me change."

Anna smiled brightly at her sister and her awkwardness and nodded, dragging Honeymaren out of the room to let Elsa change in privacy. Once her bedroom door was completely shut, Elsa shuffled over to her closet and browsed around the hung clothing, stopping and grabbing her familiar but elegant snowy white dress and undergarments.

The blonde slipped off her comfy Northuldran clothes and folded them neatly, leaving them on top of her bed. She would collect it later, but it was time for presents first. Making her way over to the mirror, Elsa then saw how truely messy she looked and had to refrain from wincing. The only person who had ever really seen her like this apart from her parents was Anna, she never let anyone see her look messy. With a final glance at herself, the Fifth Spirit grabbed a medium sized box from under her parents old bed and carefully placed it on her bedside table, fixing the sparkly yellow bow on top of it. No one knew of this present, and Elsa could only pray the person receiving it would like it.

Outside of Elsa's room and in the long and dragging hallways of the castle, Anna and Honeymaren were walking back to the ball room in a comfortable silence, before Anna suddenly had a genuine question to ask.

"Hey Honeymaren, did you by any chance get Elsa a present?" The red headed girl had her hands clasped behind her, resting against her lower back patiently.

"I did actually, yes. I bought her something yesterday, in one of the Arendelle... carving things? I actually don't know what it was called, but I got her this." Honeymaren carefully took a small, dark blue box from inside her fur coat, smiling at just the thought of giving her friend a present.

The tan girl slowly flipped open the small box, to reveal a gorgeous necklace accompanied with half of a snowflake.

"There's only half of a snowflake?" Anna queried with a confused tone.

"I have the other half." Honeymaren gushed, stretching out her collar so Anna could visibly see the other half of the silver coloured necklace. The actual snowflake was an almost bright white colour, making it shine and stand out in the Northuldran's clothing.

Anna's eyes widened as she squealed with excitement. "Okay, that is ridiculously cute. How did you afford that?"

"The blacksmith said I could have it for free, as she said she saw that I was Elsa's friend and new around here." Honeymaren smiled. The people here were very kind, well most. The local journalist named Wael, seemed to constantly attack Anna and Elsa with questions about duties, even when Elsa had stepped down from her royal title as queen. Anna knew he meant no harm however.

The redhead smiled as she immediately knew who would've done that. It would've been Tuva and her wife, they were kind hearted souls, and great blacksmiths.

As they approached the ball room, Honeymaren was once again overwhelmed by the beautiful and stretching decorations that strung around the room. A huge, real tree, stood tall in the corner of the room, it must've been at least twenty feet tall and ten feet wide, decorated with dozens upon dozens of rows of tinsel wrapped around it neatly.

A dining table was placed slightly to the side to fit presents around the tree, a royal red cloth decorating the wooden furniture.

Kristoff, Sven and Olaf were impatiently but excitedly sitting on the shiny wooden floorboards. Anna wouldn't admit it, but Kristoff with his messy bed hair and shoes off was an adorably childish site she loved.

"Where's Elsa? I can't wait to open presents!" Olaf gushed, waving his small stick legs around in excitement. Sven was plopped beside him, staring at his carrot nose.

"She's coming Olaf, calm down." Anna giggled, joining the group on the floor, sitting next to Kristoff. Honeymaren sat opposite to them, waiting for Elsa to come down.

In the meantime while the group was babbling on about Christmas and the good things in life, Elsa was strutting down the castle's corridors in her all too familiar majestic white dress, barefooted, walking in their direction. Her hair was out freely, swaying back and forth in a confident way that made her look more powerful. For once she didn't have any makeup on.

With a tired smile, Elsa shuffled her way over to the group, having to refrain from emitting the most ugliest laugh after seeing Olaf's happy dance and childish squeals.

"Okay, okay, okay. Present time! Can I open mine now?"

Anna giggled and nodded her head. "Yes Olaf, you can grab your present now."

As the adorable snowman waddled over to a small square-like box near the front of the present pile, Honeymaren looked over at Elsa. She never really had seen the girl this natural looking and free spirited.

Oh the irony, the Fifth Spirit never really was free spirited.

A few metres away from them, Anna kept glancing over at the two girls as Olaf began violently clawing at the present that had his name elegantly written on it, and thought to herself. She needed to do something today, she didn't know what, but something was itching inside of her to make her big sister happy. She knew that Elsa wouldn't have the guts to make the first move with her first real crush.

"Oh my lollipops! It's so... stylish! I LOVE IT!" Olaf gasped with wonder. In the small box was an adorable top hat, with a red linen line running across the bottom of the crown of the hat, or in other words, the band.

"I got you that, I figured it would be great to wear during fancy occasions, or just when you feel like it." Anna smiled softly at the snowman, making the perma-frosted creature crush her in a loving hug.

"Thank you Anna! I'll make sure to wear this out everywhere!" Olaf beamed, plopping the clothing on top of his cold head.

Next up in the circle was Kristoff, he had two presents compared to Olaf. One was from Anna and the other was from Elsa.

"Elsa? You got me a present?" The blonde boy asked slightly confused, hesitating to touch the present, even though the twinkle in his eyes suggested he just wanted to rip open the mysterious box.

The Fifth Spirit let out a breathy laugh. "Yes, of course I did Krsitoff! You're literally my brother now, I thought it would only be fitting to get you something to honour you and say thanks for all you've done, since you and Anna are getting married only a few months from now."

With that, the ice man slowly opened the wooden box. Its exterior was quite bland, but very modern and cleanly made, its light wooden texture so smooth you would think it were skin.

"Oh my gosh, Elsa this is beautiful!" The blonde boy took the item out to reveal it was a small sculpture. It was roughly the size of a fully grown watermelon in height. It was a beautiful sculpture of Anna, Kristoff and Sven all huddled together, their smiles almost sparkling even though it was made of dried clay.

"Thank you..." He exclaimed quietly in awe, carefully placing the fragile object back into its box and grabbing Anna's present with excitement.

Anna rolled her eyes playfully, watching the bigger boy almost break the tiny box that held her present for him inside. He wasn't the type to wear jewellery, so Anna was quite anxious.

He pulled out the gift, only to be met with the most expensive thing he had ever seen in his life. It was a bracelet, only the bracelet in question was made of diamond all around in a chain-like pattern. Engraved in slightly darker diamond was the letter 'A'.

Kristiff was speechless, he knew this present wasn't the cheapest. "A-Anna this is-"

"Ah! No buts, we are literally getting married soon and I am not returning it! I got this for you to remind you that I am always with you."

The blonde boy sat silent for a few seconds, before pulling Anna into his lap and squeezing her tight, kissing her deeply.

Elsa fake gagged closing her eyes and looking away with a giggle. This action made Anna want to flip her off, but she refrained from doing so.

"Annaaaaa it's your turn now." Elsa said, trying to get her sister from practically making out with her partner in front of her.

Anna sighed and grumbled inaudible words, pulling back from Kristoff and sitting next to the boy with a needy pout.

Honeymaren smiled brightly and leaned into Elsa's ear. "Are you guys always like this?" The feeling of her hot breath against Elsa's cold, pale ear made the Spirit shiver.

"Yeah, it's quite nice to have it be like this though. It makes my day, these people always do." Elsa sighed with a smile, silently gesturing towards Anna and Kristoff bickering to each other about which gift the red head should open, and Olaf and Sven happily talking amongst themselves.


"Woah there buddy! You're going to eat all of your carrots you got as presents!"

They were just about done with presents, having a few left. Honeymaren hadn't had a chance to give Elsa her present as Anna had silently gestured to her to give it to the blonde afterward as a surprise.

The brunette was getting more and more nervous about the interaction, but Elsa was secretly disappointed she hadn't gotten anything from the tanned girl. She had gotten a present for her best friend, but hadn't received the same. Normally she would understand why people couldn't get her things, but this hurt her more than it usually should.

"Okay... there's one more present left! It's for.... Honeymaren?" Olaf said with a slightly confused tone. He quickly brushed it off however and grabbed the bright red wrapped box, almost throwing it at Honeymaren's head in excitement.

The brunette luckily caught it in time, internally praising her reflexes. The sparkly yellow bow in general blew her away. She wasn't used to this much appreciation. Sure, in the winter festival there were many festivities and things similar, but the people of Arendelle got their loved ones gifts so expensive you were left wondering if they even had money leftover for themselves.

"To Maren... from Elsa." She whispered to herself with a smile. The girl looked over at the pale spirit. Elsa was frozen in an awkward pose, scared to see the girls reaction.

"You didn't have to do this, thank you." Honeymaren explained with gratitude, carefully undoing the bow and peeling back the wrapping.

She felt a soft cloth under her fingertips. It was a...... blanket?

She gasped inaudibly when she realised what it was. It was similar to Elsa's scarf that the blonde would always have draped over her shoulders, however this was much bigger, and a blue colour instead of a maroon red.

It had the same patterns and everything, except the Fifth Spirit symbol was replaced by a figure of a girl with a Northuldran hat, her long braid cascading just past her hips.

"Elsa this is so cute! How did you even make this?" Honeymaren explained in awe, immediately cuddling up to the blanket, sighing in content at its warmth.

"I have my ways." The blonde said plainly, smiling victoriously after realising that Honeymaren loved the present.

"It's lovely, thank you."

Everyone fell into a happy silence for a few seconds, before one of the maids came in, interrupting the cheery aura.

"Sorry to interrupt, Queen Anna, Princess Elsa, would you and your friends like some hot cocoa?" It was Gerda, that woman seemed to run a lot of amends around the castle. During the time that Elsa ruled, she was the most helpful person you could've had by your side.

Anna glanced at her little family, they all nodded hungrily, their eyes filled with glee. "Yes please Gerda, make that five hot cocoas and a side of carrots." The older woman than walked off with a smile, quickly going to fetch their needs.

"Well, that was certainly nice! What're we doing today?" Kristoff began, clasping his hands together and rubbing them. He had been in a positive mood everyday since he had proposed to Anna.

"Well, Elsa and Honeymaren, could you two go fetch us some coats, I have a few fun things planned." Anna winked at Honeymaren, clearly gesturing them to be alone together.

"O-Okay we can do that! Let's go Elsie." Honeymaren gulped with a skip in her step, grabbing the taller girl by the arm and dragging her along with her.

Elsa blushed at the new nickname and shook her head. She could add that the the list of pet names the brunette called her.


The two girls silently strolled down the hallways of the castle. It might have been Christmas, but it was eerily silent. It seemed that Anna had laid off half of the staff off for the holidays to be with their family, which was nice of her.

Honeymaren then took a deep breath in, it was rather now or when they were awkwardly coming back with a bunch of clothing. "Elsa?"

The tall blonde turned to her. "Yeah Honey?" The girl's smile was so sweet Honeymaren thought she was having a sugar rush.

"I might have something to show you.... I just wanted to give it to you now before I chickened out." Honeymaren hesitantly grabbed the small, dark wooden box from inside her fur coat and held it out in front of her, signalling for her friend to grab it.

Elsa wanted to grab it, but she was afraid she would freeze it. It began to lightly snow above their heads on onto the ground as the blonde stared at the box. Honeymaren noticed this and smiled softly, slowly easing the present into her friend's hands. Elsa took a deep breath in and nodded slowly.

"Thanks," The blonde smiled, curiously pulling the tiny box open, making her eyes then widen in surprise, "Honeymaren this is- this is so beautiful." Elsa then saw what it was. The other half of the snowflake necklace laid inside of the box, in a soft and delicate dark blue cloth.

"It reminded me of you. Since you know, you're literally an ice queen."

Elsa spun her head to look at the shorter girl. "You're lucky it's Christmas or I would've just dumped snow on your head." That comment made both of them giggle.

"But seriously, thank you. This is beautiful, but why is there only half?" Elsa's brows furrowed in slight thought, she then had an idea but the girl walking next to her seemed to of already start to explain.

Honeymaren carefully lifted her necklace, revealing the other half of the shining snowflake. "Anna asked the exact same thing. I guess.... you've just made me a lot happier and lot more laid back since I first met you, I didn't really have the best past and relationships used to be sort of... off the table. I usually would just screw up each thing I had with another human being because I was rather scared or it didn't feel right. But somehow you just... feel right, this time round." The brunette had the most shy but dorkiest grin imaginable, the tanned girls cheeks turning a bright pink.

They then just stopped walking at the same time, Elsa froze and looked down at her bare feet shyly. She then felt a hand on her chin.

"Hey, don't hide your beautiful face, doofus." Frost formed under Elsa's feet in embarrassment, making Honeymaren chuckle. "It's crazy how you can do that, I find it strangely calming."

Elsa turned her head slightly to the side, "You don't think it's weird that I literally freeze random things or make it snow when I'm nervous or embarrassed around someone?"

Honeymaren shook her head. "No I think its cute, and again like I said calming. It's like I know some of your emotions aren't... being faked I guess. It's reassuring that you can actually put up with me." The shorter girl giggled at her own rant.

Elsa almost looked offended at the comment. "Excuse me I don't 'put up with you', you're my best friend! I love hanging out with you."

Honeymaren smiled at her words. "Really? Thank you. Did you want me to put on your necklace? It fits well with your new 'Fifth Spirit' dress."

Elsa nodded almost eagerly. "Yes that would good, again thank you it's truely beautiful."

Honeymaren scooted behind Elsa and flicked her luscious locks to the side, revealing her neck. The brunette edged closer to her body, nerves filling her. She carefully took her small hands and wrapped the necklace around the girls neck, her hands stopping at the back, resting there.

Elsa felt the girls fingertips brush her skin and her breath hitched momentarily. She managed to stop freezing the floor below them when Honeymaren clipped the jewellery together, making them lose contact.

The Fifth Spirit turned around, satisfied. The two girls then smiled at each other, looking deep into each others eyes. Elsa only then began to realise just how warm Honeymaren's eyes looked, the irony being they literally were like honey.

Honeymaren studied each shade of blue in Elsa's eyes. They glowed, even in the moonlight or in the dimmed lights of the castle where they were in that moment.

"Your eyes are so pretty..." The brunette whispered, leaning slightly in to look more into the taller girls eyes.

"Th-Thanks, yours are unlike any other brown colour I've ever seen quite honestly." Elsa whispered, a soft smile etched onto the edges of her lips.

"I was wondering if I could do my tribes way of showing appreciation? We do this with very few people, and I think you deserve all of my praise, you've saved us all and helped us so much."

Elsa felt honoured that the girl was even suggesting doing this. "Only if you're comfortable, I would be honoured to see how you show your deep gratitude."

Honeymaren nodded and got on her tippy toes, grabbing the taller girls shoulders. A slight ray of snow and ice cascaded around them as Honeymaren got closer to Elsa's face.

"W-What're you doing?" Elsa stuttered, flustered on just how close the girl was to her. If anything surprisingly happened between them she was scared she would freeze the girls face off.

"Don't worry." Honeymaren breathily chuckled. They were mere inches apart now, they could feel each other's breath on their skin.

Honeymaren closed her eyes and made their foreheads touch, Elsa could swear her heart was beating so fast she was going to pass out.

The brunette rubbed their noses together slowly, making sure Elsa wasn't uncomfortable. The blonde caught on a reciprocated the action.

After a few seconds Honeymaren opened her eyes and stood there still on her tippy toes, her arms on Elsa's shoulders, smiling at the girls relaxed but awkward facial expression.

Elsa opened her eyes a few seconds after, immediately flushing as she realised Honeymaren had been watching her.

They were still very close, Elsa felt so tense to a point where she almost couldn't take it. Honeymaren appeared relaxed, but on the inside she was screaming.

Kiss me! Just kiss me! It's killing me!

Elsa's eyes flickered from Honeymaren's unsure eyes to the brunettes soft lips, and did just that.

And it felt like a weight had been lifted. It felt like heaven.