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Cold Hands [ Elsamaren ]

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A gush of wind lightly blew through Honeymaren's tent as the early morning sun seeped through the opening, a few small leaves crawling into the space and lying on the floor lifelessly.

The tanned girls eyes fluttered open as Gale blew into the small sleeping space, tapping her face repetitively with frustration, drowning her in leaves and air.

"Ugh, Gale! I'm up I'm up!"

The wind spirit quickly flew off as fast as it flew in, leaving the brunette to furiously rub her eyes and realise she was alone in the tent. Where was Elsa?

With a sigh she pulled herself out of the soft blankets, putting on her boots and fur jacket and heading into the cold outside. It wasn't anywhere near as cold as Elsa's ice magic, or Elsa in general, but it was still a cold snowy winters day and unlike the Fifth Spirit, Honeymaren wasn't practically immune to the cold.

It seemed like a normal morning, the children were running around playing or helping their parents with things, and the adults were scurrying around the tribe and doing their daily duties. Honeymaren saw at the corner of her eye her brother Ryder over by the reindeer, feeding them carrots and other foodstuffs.

However the brunettes eyes were focused directly ahead of her where Yelana was. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf were huddled around the grey haired woman, talking amongst themselves with worried expressions on their faces. Honeymaren especially took notice to Elsa.

The platinum blonde girl's eyebrows were furrowed so deep and low you would think she were in pain, and and her fists were clenched so tight her nails seemed to be digging into her palms. Her hair was also running free and flowing past her shoulders delicately. You could tell she was worried, irritated, angry and trying to calm herself down. Honeymaren even swore she saw tiny ice spikes forming around the girls feet, which started to scare her slightly.

She has such raw power, imagine if she lost control?

The two girls locked eyes, and Honeymaren turned her head to the side slightly in confusion. Elsa gave her a half smile and motioned to Anna about something, before walking over to the girl.

"Good morning Honey." The blonde smiled, grabbing Honeymaren's hand affectionately and interlocking their fingers. Elsa took notice to the shorter girls cute bed hair.

"Morning Snowflake, may I know why Anna and everyone else is here?" Curiosity was imminent in the brunettes tone.

Elsa walked her over to the group and stated, "Sure, just please don't freak out as we don't know how to tell the village this."

That statement made the tanned girls knees feel slightly weak for some reason. Anna then greeted her with her usual bubbly smile.

"Morning Honeymaren! How're you doing?" Elsa quickly glanced at her like she was crazy, she didn't understand how she could smile so brightly after what happened in Arendelle.

"Morning Anna, I am doing okay for now, just curious as to why you are here. Shouldn't you be in Arendelle?"

Anna sighed and looked away for a second, focusing on the laughter of the children that were playing a few meters away from them.

"Well, I came here with Kristoff and the others to tell you of... an attack... that happened in Arendelle, but it seemed you and Elsa were occupied, so I told Yelana instead and waited till' morning to inform you two."

A deep blush formed on both of the girls cheeks, making them look down at their feet awkwardly. Kristoff and Yelana both raised a suggestive eyebrow at them.

Bruni then appeared from under the ground, landing on Elsa's shoulder with a goofy grin on his face. Elsa giggled and made a snow cloud for him, wiggling her fingers in a circular motion.

"I think it's time we tell Maren, then everybody. If we want to be the most prepared it is better to do it now." Yelana explained softly, holding back a smile at the site of the salamander and the Fifth Spirit having a cute moment.

Anna nodded in agreement and turned to the tanned girl.

Honeymaren's brows then furrowed. "What is it you've been refraining from telling me?"

Anna took a deep breath in a began to explain, as Elsa held her hand encouragingly for support. "Last night Arendelle was attacked by this rebellion, or raiders, we really don't know. It was filled with people from kingdoms all over the country, and we don't know who led this attack or why. But all we do know is they were trying to take children like some....some stupid gang of vikings, and get into the castle and burn it down. Luckily this group was small, so our defences just scraped by, but they left a marking and a letter. They're coming here with a much bigger army than last time, and we are afraid this army will be too big. All of Arendelle's citizens are hiding out on the cliffside near the town, where they did when the spirits broke the town and it almost flooded, just in case they attack again. I can't have them getting hurt while I'm gone."

Honeymaren's mouth hung open as she gulped quietly. If they were coming to them, that would mean they would have to fight and prepare defences. What worried her was they were only a small and peaceful tribe, not trained army soldiers.

"Why would they take only children, why not men or women? Did they take any kids?" The brunette queried, pursing her lips forward slightly.

"They took only a couple, but even one child taken is too many lost. And who knows, maybe to scare us, for slavery, work....or worse." Elsa mumbled, her hand grabbing her pale chin in thought. The taller girl paced back and forth, her mind racing with the dozens of possibilities. "Who could do such a thing like this? Arendelle is such a small place compared to some of our trading counterparts. We are mostly peaceful and take things with a heavy heart. There was really no clear leader in the front or middle."

"Maybe because the leader wasn't there." Anna butted in, almost whispering as she looked over the note for a final time.

Elsa grabbed the paper carefully from her sister and realised on the back of the letter was more writing in the bottom corner.

I'll be waiting for you when we arrive, my dearest Anna.

Elsa swallowed loudly, they knew her sister personally. Her jaw then clenched as she tried to practise her breathing exercises to calm herself. "When I see this person myself I will make sure to freeze them solid, because they've spread fear and anger across the land and stolen some of our children!" Her usual crystal blue eyes became a dark ocean.

Honeymaren quickly put her hand on the spirit's shoulder. "Hey Snowflake, it's okay. We'll figure this out, we can figure this all out together if we put our ideas together. This is nothing to what you have faced before."

Elsa glanced over at her girlfriend and toothlessly smiled at her softly, a puff of air escaping her nose to represent a sort of laugh or show of gratitude. "What would I do without you, huh?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." Honeymaren grinned, turning to Anna who watched the scene with a smirk of curiosity. The brunette seemed to be able to calm Elsa down immensely. "May I read what was on this letter?" The read headed girl merely nodded and Elsa handed the piece of writing to her.

It read;

'Freedom, we want freedom. We want a chance to rule, we want to give everyone a chance to rule and be a ruler. We want justice for the kings, queens and kingdoms that have looked down on us. We are the 'Open Door', we want a NEW life. A life where greedy witches and rulers don't control us. A life where the feeble people don't come to us pleading. Only the strong deserve our trust, not the weak. WE have magic, the RIGHT magic. Not evil magic of ice or of snow, but GOOD magic. We heal, and we will be in control, rather it be by force or by negotiation. You have two weeks to prepare, good luck.

I'll be waiting for you when we arrive, my dearest Anna.'

Honeymaren's nose scrunched in disgust, but also in perplexity. "Why would they want to raid kingdom after kingdom in this country and start a new life? A new revolution and community? Arendelle has done nothing but give and give and help people! And this forest is- magical yes- but still peaceful!"

"They want power." Elsa explained in a plain voice, her eyes not focusing on anything in particular, just staring into space. Her face looked numb, dull and cold, but her eyes looked like millions of starts sparkling in the sunshine. She was thinking, her mind puzzled by dozens of opportunities.

"What do you mean?"

"They want pure power. They want to rule an empire using their rules. For years people have been trying to find out a way to have powers like me, and use it to control and corrupt. They only accepted me once they realised they could maybe study it. If they have found out how to use things similar to my magic, they are deadly and powerful. I have never fully blasted out my powers before, because I know it would rather hurt me, someone else or the environment. But people like this aren't afraid to do that. Anna and I once met someone who was secretly power hungry, and he was sent back to where he came from, but he was only stopped because we stuck together. These people are manipulative, snake-like and pure evil. If we aren't careful we could crumble to their numbers, but let's not let that break us. We have each other, the Northuldra people, and all of Arendelle at our side."

The group fell into a sudden silence at the speech. It started off worryingly, but ended motivationally. Elsa always had an amazing way with words, her voice always booming when she ruled, even though she spent most of her life locked away and alone.

"I now see why you were ruled as one of the best queens of Arendelle by our people." Kristoff chuckled, wrapping an arm around Anna's waist with a small smile.

"Well I'm pretty sure I am and will be Arendelle's only 'ice queen' with magic ice powers, too. So thats probably why." Elsa giggled, making frost appear out of her fingers to emphasise her point.

'Are you kidding me Elsa? Even if I grow to be a strong queen, I will never be as hard, determined and bold as you were. You did more bravery in three years than most rulers do in a lifetime. You made sure every single individual person in Arendelle was taken care of twice over before you even slept. Even during the Nattmara, before we realised it was your nightmare, you pushed away your fear and carried on for me, for all of Arendelle. Your powers may be cool, but your integrity is more powerful. Seriously, whenever your voice boomed through meetings in the castle I can guarantee everybody shut up quickly. They still do that and listen to you and I'm queen." Anna giggled and explained, shaking her head.

Her sister was a natural leader and protector, and the red head constantly reminded her of it. Even when Elsa became the Fifth Spirit, she was still cautious and hesitant about calling herself a great leader.

"Awe, thanks Anna." Elsa said with gratitude, her voice soft and warm. The two sisters embraced for a few seconds before they snapped back to reality.

"How are we going to figure this out? The kids don't even know how to defend themselves, and our warriors need a lot more training, me included!" Honeymaren ranted on, throwing her hands up in the air, almost in a defeated manner.

Elsa's eyebrow then raised suggestively, as she smirked victoriously. "I might have an idea for that."


"Okay! Who here knows where to hit a target who is much bigger than you when you are in danger?"

Elsa never really expected herself to be in a teacher like job in her lifetime, but there was a first for everything. They were by the river in the woods, a large group of children sat a few feet from Elsa as she explained information to them, her voice almost booming and echoing.

The children varied in age, some being as young as five and as old as sixteen. The adults that couldn't fight were left to be trained by Kristoff, and the adults that could fight were left to practice setting up traps with Anna.

An older girl raised her hand quickly at the Fifth Spirit's question, her bright green eyes sparkling with hope. Elsa thought her eyes were emeralds for a few short seconds. She must've been around fourteen.

"Yes, what's your name?"

"My name is Jada. Aren't the most painful areas the groin, nose, kneecaps, the throat, the jaw and solar plexus?"

Elsa grinned at her triumphantly, making Jada grin from ear to ear. "That is correct. For all you younglings out there I would recommend-" Elsa flicked her right hand around and created a solider replica that was roughly six feet tall, "-hitting down in the lower areas. You may be small and quick, but you're also much weaker. Hit or kick things like the groin, kneecaps, ribs and kidneys. Taller people can also hit these spots, but I also recommend the jaw, nose, pulse points behind the ear and around the neck, and even the eyeballs."

The blonde pointed to the ice sculpture as she spoke, her eyes glancing over at the dozens of children who were watching her closely. They were very obedient and had been raised well.

Honeymaren watched from the sideline. She would help the kids with basic defence and Elsa would help them practice dodging incoming objects or people with her ice magic. Well, that was the plan.

After around half an hour of blabber and words, Elsa had put the children in a single file line. They all took their turns hitting, swinging and kicking at Honeymaren with their tiny fists and feet. It was the plan to have them remember basic defence off of the top of their heads by the end of the week, for their safety.

The blonde found a lot of amusement watching her Northuldran girlfriend get swung at by tiny humans repeatedly, making a giggle erupt from her throat.

Honeymaren got through another kid and then raised an eyebrow. "You think this is funny being attacked by tiny warriors? How about you come over here and do it, or even better, verse me!"

Elsa's face flushed as everyone's heads turned between her and Honeymaren. A few of the boys in the group immediately began to chant a plethora of 'ooo's and the like.

The Fifth Spirit then had an idea, and stood as tall as she could. Elsa strutted over to Honeymaren with as much confidence she could gather with dozens of kids staring into her soul.

The brunette noticed her sudden height change and gulped audibly hard. Maren's breath hitched as Elsa itched closer to her.

When the blonde reached her girlfriend, she towered over her like a giant, when in reality she was only two or three inches taller. A smirk came across her face when she leaned into Honeymaren's ear.

"Hun, I would love to verse you someday, but I think you forgot I'm a bit of an ice witch and I can make things like this-" Elsa sprayed ice under Honeymaren's feet and lightly pushed her, causing her to fall on her rear, "happen to you."

Most of the children erupted into a light laughter as Honeymaren sat on the ground like a deer in headlights. Elsa merely laughed quietly, covering her hand.

"But I would still love too, need a hand?" Elsa offered her hand down to Honeymaren, causing the brunette to pout heavily.

"No fair you're an ice badass..." She mumbled to herself, shaking her head and accepting Elsa's help.

The Fifth Spirit swatted Honeymaren's shoulder lightly, "Hey, there's kid's here doofus, watch your mouth."

Honeymaren rolled her eyes playfully and made her way back to the line, cracking her knuckles in preparation for another round.

"When I'm finished up here I'll tell you and we can move on to running and dodging and all of that. If Anna has any updates on the Open Door's whereabouts can you inform me please?"

"I'll be sure to do that, Honey." Elsa grinned politely at her girlfriend, nodding her head. Before they had come up with a preparation plan to defend the kids and the forest, Anna had sent out spies and a small group of troops to track how fast the Open Door were travelling. It was smart on her part, Elsa didn't even know Arendelle had undercover soldiers.

The blonde then made her way over to a nearby tree and sat with her back against the rough bark, sighing contently.

She glanced over at Honeymaren for a long time. Her girlfriend could get hurt in this fight and it would be her responsibility.

If anything happened to Honeymaren, she would make sure whoever hurt her got a piece of her mind..... maybe. She wasn't an overly violent person, but then again when Anna had frozen solid she had been incredibly sad, but so angry to a point where she wanted to freeze Hans' heart in revenge.

A large groan interrupted Elsa's thoughts, causing her to furrow her brows curiously. It seemed a little girl around the tender age of seven had punched Honeymaren in the side accidentally, causing her to dramatically tense. An angelic laughter then filled the air.

"Ugh, good one! You're one of the best little warriors I've seen for sure! Just make sure not to expose your head when punching kiddo, or you might get hurt as well." Honeymaren then took off her fur jacket and rolled up the sleeves of her long sleeve shirt, exposing the glistening muscles on her tan arms.

Elsa gulped and had to erase every bad thought in her mind at the site, and decided to dive into thoughts about the children. She had to protect the forest, she was the Enchanted Forest's protector now, it was why she stepped down as queen. She was free here.

It was her home, and she wasn't going to let some fake magic wannabe group hurt her family.