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i'd let you had i known it, why dont you say so

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Lan Wangji was the god of many things.

Granted the title of being the Bearer of Light, Lan Wangji had a memory as big as a pavilion full of books, thus had a profound knowledge and wisdom. He could weave music and poetry with a single wave of hand, breathe out a cure as easy breathing in air, and possessed the great talent of aiming several arrows of archery to a single spot. Wherever one would go, it was hard not to miss the sound of Lan Wangji’s name dripping from any person’s mouth as they boasted praises of how remarkable the God of Light truly was. 

And tonight, a celebration was held in honor of the God of Light– a commemoration for his yet another impressive accomplishments after winning a great war.

The festival had been a grand one. Numerous servings of food on golden platters were brought to the dining table, and several kinds of entertainment were performed to add liveliness to the festive mood. Everyone was quite enjoying the time of their lives, so to say; they ate and drank to their heart’s content, danced with feet lit on fire, and talked amongst one another’s ears off as they immersed themselves in endless gossip. 

All, except for one god, that was.

Albeit this party was meant for him, Lan Wangji had already left the party some time ago. After all, the God of Light did not drink, he did not dance nor did he indulge in any gossip. He was a god raised within the confinements of strict upbringing, an image of tranquility, a nephew of a proud wind god, Lan Qiren.

Long acquainted with his own company, Lan Wangji had retreated to the peace and sanctity of his music room where the guqin rested dutifully on his lap, fingers mindlessly playing the strings of a melody so beautifully haunting, any living within earshot would take a moment to listen. Submerged in bringing the notes to life, he failed to notice that his music had long drawn in a spectator. A shadowed figure had quietly slipped in through the small crack of the giant entryway in front of him, and it was only until he reached the closing part of the song when the shadow made its presence known.

“My, oh my, Lan Zhan.” A voice called out to him in a purr, immediately drawing the God of Light’s attention to the shadows. “This party was held for you, and everyone came to see you. And yet, you just left it like that to play your guqin. Pray tell me, but isn’t that boring? Will it not be more fun if you joined us in the party?”

Beneath the moonlight spilled through the open pillars, the figure stepped in from the shadows.

And, there he was. Wei Wuxian, the God of Wine, in flesh; the god of which Lan Wangji did not like. 

And, see, the God of Light did not like the God of Wine. Lan Wangji did not like Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian was a deity too reckless, too loud, too wild, that his divinity was almost questionable. Where there was a festive, he could often be found with a haughty smile on his face, a drinking cup in hand, and a mass of admirers crowding him in as they openly fawned over him. Wei Wuxian, too, had always, always made sure to show off his assets, including his achievements, and was no doubt delightfully reveling in the bouts of praises from his followers that would come after. Then again, perhaps that was simply to be expected from the god who ruled the grounds of pleasure, festivity, wild frenzy, and madness.

And tonight, Wei Wuxian had been donned in a barely veiled robes than his usual ones, the black and red fabric single-strapped and seemingly see-through. Hair tied up in a messy ponytail, his chest had been quite bare escorted by a pair of slim thighs provocatively jutting out.

Tonight, he looked stunning. Tonight, he looked like he was practically begging to be ravished

But… perhaps that was not too far from the truth.

When Wei Wuxian finally took his steps forward, Lan Wangji did not miss the hypnotic sway of his hips nor the teasing signature smirk on his face.

Alarms rang loud in his head.

Danger, his senses had warned him, as it detected an incoming predator.

Inhaling a deep intake of air, Lan Wangji ironed his heart down to a steel, compelled the blood in his veins to slow down at its sudden rush of pace. In a composed yet coldest voice he could muster, he began to dismiss the intruding god with a look of indifference. 

“Wei Ying. Leave.”

However, the command went unheard for the god of wine did not falter even once in his steps. 

“Leave? But, Lan Zhan, ah, Lan Zhan. I just arrived. You can’t just shoo me away like that either right after seeing me.” Wei Wuxian pouted. In a slow yet assured pace, he continuously moved towards Lan Wangji. Not long after, he began to grin at him, teeth peeking through as the god said, “besides, how could I leave you when you’re here by yourself, Hanguang-jun? Surely, you don’t plan to spend the rest of the night all alone with no company.”

Lan Wangji simply answered him with a, “I am used to it.”

Could no longer withstand the shameless view of Wei Wuxian in his revealing garments, his gaze descended to his guqin. His fingers hovered back above the chords, ready to resume his playing when he felt a too warm body suddenly making its place right next to his seat. 

He nearly plucked one of the strings off, taken by the reins of surprise.

“Hanguang-jun, it’s your night. You shouldn’t be content with just your own company.” Wei Wuxian whispered to him, and Lan Wangji hated how that had deliciously sent shivers down his spine. “You should, at least, spend the night with me.”

Lan Wangji turned his head away. “And why should I spend the night with you?”

He thought such words accompanied by plainly hinted venom would chase the god away. 

But unexpectedly, Wei Wuxian merely laughed.

The tinkling of his merriness had raged unfamiliar clamours in his heart, it felt like ink sinking into its far depths and touched the deepest, barest part of his soul– like sunlight touching the plants deep in water for the first time. Whatever this was, Lan Wangji did not like it the slightest bit.

He turned, ready to chase the other divine being away when the sight made him gone completely static, his mind placed to ruins, and mouth running dry.

Up close, the god’s skin looked smooth, a brilliant glow reflecting as it basked in the pale light. The white luminosity traced the beautiful curve of his button nose, softly kissed his alluring lips, danced upon the flutters of his lashes and swirled into the pool of blues laid beneath the lids. Caught in a trance, Lan Wangji watched as Wei Wuxian slightly tipped back his chest, legs outstretched to crow the flesh of delicacy in his thighs and calves for Lan Wangji to see.

“Like what you see, Hanguang-jun?” Teased the god as he sent him a wink.

Lan Wangji’s ears burned red and he hurled away from him once more with shut eyes. “Shameless!” He bellowed, but what had even been more shameful than shameless was that Lan Wangji was becoming hard.

Without any more seconds to waste, he rose along with his guqin, more than prepared to retire to his private chambers for the entire night. He was going to douse himself in the coldest temperature of freezing waters afterwards, to get rid of the burning heat that was running through his body and rushing towards the south, a place he will certainly not ever touch there no matter the screaming desires. 

Only, he couldn’t bring himself to walk towards the exit.

He remained stuck in his place, feet glued to the marble ground, and fists clenched tightly by his sides.

Wei Wuxian sensed this turmoil of his too.

“Hm, what’s wrong, Hanguang-jun?” Wei Wuxian asked him in an almost haughty tone, stoking the flames of anger and arousal even higher within Lan Wangji. “Reconsidering my request, perhaps?”

Lan Wangji kept silent.

Seeing his persistent silence, the God of Wine snickered. Leaping back onto his feet, Wei Wuxian bothered naught to give the statue-like figure a glance as he started making an unhurried pace for the doorway.

“Hahaha, I’m just teasing you! You’re so easy to get all riled up, it’s quite amusing, Lan Zhan.” Wei Wuxian said, no doubt goading him on. “But, of course, we all know that you don’t particularly care for the pleasures of the flesh. Being inexperienced and all that, I’m sure you don’t even know what to do if I really did offer myself up on the plate!”

Alas, those words had cut the last strings of restraint in Lan Wangji.

“Who?” The God of Light questioned, his deep voice reverberating throughout the room. “Who said, I do not know?”

An unspoken demand inhabited his inquiry, one which had brought Wei Wuxian to a complete halt.

Like this, the other god began to fall apart; his slender frame hit with a rack of chills, subtle but not go unnoticed, as Wei Wuxian pulled around to meet his eyes.

Calmly, Lan Wangji began his stride, amber eyes focused on the backing steps Wei Wuxian took with every inch covered in the distance between them.

Before, Wei Wuxian was the predator. 

But now, he was the prey.  

Eventually, they stepped into the shadows, where Wei Wuxian had stepped out from, until his back met the door with a small thud. Lan Wangji kept his approach, the gold in his eyes glowing in the dark.

“Woah- hey, uh, don’t take it too seriously now, Lan Zhan, hahahaha.” Wei Wuxian nervously laughed, fumbling for the handle behind him. “I was just messing with you! I’m sure you know that I like to mess around, it’s part of me, really. I can’t help it. So, don’t get mad, okay?”

Before he could even pull open the door, Lan Wangji gripped onto the same hand on the handle, and slammed it closed.

At last, Lan Wangji had him cornered. With his other hand reaching out, he had the tail end of Wei Wuxian’s head in a vice-like grip, tipping it up for his own molten golden eyes to drill into the blues and greys.

“Then, your outfit.” Lan Wangji slowly drawled out. “Was it to mess with me too?”

Wei Wuxian stammered. “Wh-what- yes- no?”

He pressed his thumb further into the chin. “Answer me.”

“I…” Wei Wuxian's face flushed.

Suddenly gone was the confident, alluring god from earlier, now a flustered mess in its place instead.

Now that the God of Wine was here within his reach, all his to touch, only then did Lan Wangji realize he had been holding back this whole time. And tonight, he will be finally giving into his temptation— all the teasing Wei Wuxian had done to him since a long time ago, it will be delivered back to him on his platter tonight. The grip he had on his chin was released, and he began trailing ghosts of his fingertips across Wei Wuxian’s skin; light traces were left upon the lines of his throat, and they slid down, further and further, until he reached a pert nub through the thin, almost transparent cloth. He rubbed on it, then squeezed.

Wei Wuxian gasped and pressed himself further up against the door.

Lan Wangji kept his eyes on Wei Wuxian’s face the whole time, greedily taking in the small gasps, the adorably scrunched up face in pleasure, the small shivers coursing throughout his body as he played with the brown nubs.

“You like this.” He said, sliding the single black strap off Wei Wuxian’s shoulder, watching the upper part of his robes fell and pooled around his waist.

With his two big, strong hands, Lan Wangji placed them on Wei Wuxian’s torso, holding him in place, two thumbs pressed just below his chest. He lunged forward immediately after, latching his mouth onto one of the tempting nipples, showing no mercy, then sucked.

Wei Wuxian keened in an instant response, the back of his head thudding hard against the door. His hands flew up to clutch at Lan Wangji’s hair, spine deliciously arching further into the warm mouth as Lan Wangji kept sucking hard on him. And he tasted good, Lan Wangji had thought, he tasted far better than any meal his tongue ever touched, and perhaps, if he sucked just good enough, he’d be able to get a taste of the first few drops from within.

“Lan Zhan—” Wei Wuxian breathed hard, then yelped at a particular soft yet harsh bite.

Lan Wangji soon moved to the other nipple, flicking at it a few times with his tongue before engulfing it entirely too. He didn’t leave the other still moist saliva-coated bud alone, so a finger and a thumb was worked there in the place of his mouth, pinching and kneading it in a ruthless manner. Throughout the whole time, he could feel Wei Wuxian quivering in his hold, but the god seemed to be enjoying the ministrations himself, if any indication was given by how hard he had been clutching onto Lan Wangji’s head and trying to pull him even closer.

When Lan Wangji finally tugged away, a line of saliva still connected them both before it broke apart and dribble down Wei Wuxian’s chest. He pulled back to observe the god’s current state of dishevelled appearance.

Wei Wuxian looked so lovely, truly a sight to be feasted upon. Lan Wangji feared any dish he’d be served from now on would never come close to look as appetizing as the God of Wine had.

Even in the dark, the god was just as glowing as beneath the light– his chest rose and fell fast with heavy panting, skin dampening with beads of sweat and saliva, and bits of his hair out of place. Something in Lan Wangji stirred– not enough, told his instincts, it was simply not enough and he still needed to make an even bigger mess out of the narcissistic god.

He growled lowly, just as Wei Wuxian moaned; the hands never left Lan Wangji’s hair as they tugged on it again accompanied by his next whine.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan,” the God of Wine surged forward, leaving messy kisses all over Lan Wangji’s jaw. “Come on, touch me, touch me, I want you to touch me–”

Lan Wangji’s breath stuttered as all kinds of thoughts raced to his head. 

Touch him, whispered a voice. He wants you to touch him, so, touch him, take him, give him everything that you’ve always wanted to do to him, make him beg for more.

Picking Wei Wuxian up by the back of his knees, he slammed him back against the door, their clothed erections now roughly pressing up against each other. Hissed groans had escaped them both, and Wei Wuxian’s hands slipped from Lan Wangji’s hair to take leverage of his shoulders.

Lan Wangji sent a thrust of his hips, waves of millions pleasant jolts washing over as their lengths rubbed together with the most delicious friction. He could feel the blazing warmth, the painful throbbing seeping through their fabrics, and though it already felt so, so good just lining up his dick against the other god’s, delightfully moving back and forth with every hard press of friction, he couldn’t help but crave for more.

So, he decided to get rid of the robes that were in the way.

Still holding the other up, he yanked the flimsy cloth off of him with a small rip, and a gasp was heard, then an affronted “Lan Zhan, did you just rip my favorite robes?” but Lan Wangji shut him up by pressing his lips into the slim neck. He proceeded to remove his own robes then, the thin ropes untied and the white fabric dropped onto the floor. 

When their lengths slid up against each other once again, bare this time with nothing but their skin making contact. His mouth hung open in a silent groan, just as a choked moan came from Wei Wuxian.

Looking down, his eyes lustfully darkened- Wei Wuxian had been an average size, but right here, right now, with Lan Wangji’s cock right against his, he was overwhelmingly overruled in both length and girth that he seemed so small. Both of their heads were leaking from the slits, lines of wetness meeting together, and when Lan Wangji reached down to hold both of their cocks in one grip, he gave them a gentle squeeze, earning himself a dig of sharp nails into the muscled flesh on his back.

“Oh, fuck-” Wei Wuxian had wheezed, and thrusted up into the hand. “Your- your hands are quite big, don’t you think, Lan Zhan? Then again, even your cock is big too… everything about you is so big.”

“Would that be a problem?” asked Lan Wangji, adding another slightest pressure to their dicks.

“A-ah- no, not at all.” Wei Wuxian said in a hitch of breath. He began to purr then, hands dragged over the shoulders to paw at Lan Wangji’s chest. “In fact, it’s very much the opposite of a problem.”

Shameless, Lan Wangji would chastise him, but he settled for another grind of his hips instead, and a tighter squeeze of his hand. The smirk had been successfully wiped off from the lascivious face as a small moan was drawn out.

Then, there it was again, the vivid desire burning wildly inside Lan Wangji for a second time; the desire to bring the other god into worlds of pleasure and start anew as he brought him destruction.

Hastily, he pulled away to set Wei Wuxian back onto the ground, and with one hand still on the other’s dick, he thoughtlessly turned the other around as he dropped onto his knees, the soft plump ass now jutting out in Lan Wangji’s face. He couldn’t resist the appetizing sight, couldn’t resist putting his mouth to the cheeks, sinking his teeth into them hard enough to leave marks while he created a dark bruise. He just couldn’t resist Wei Wuxian.

Lan Wangji kept nibbling on him, mouth trailing down from his ass onto his thighs which he proceeded to pry them apart so he could nip on the inner part. Wei Wuxian rambled incoherent noises to his fervent sucking, all of which Lan Wangji made a hum of acknowledgement to.

A dozen red specks on both pair of thighs later, and still a lot of few more to be left behind, Wei Wuxian had tried in vain to get Lan Wangji’s mouth on that one spot he wanted the most by practically shoving it into his face. But with a pinch in place and moving his tongue away further from where it was already working on, it was not long until the message came across Wei Wuxian as he stopped moving.

“Noooo…” Wei Wuxian whined, forehead pressed up into the door. “Inside… Lan Zhan, I want inside–”

“Mn,” The thighs reverberated from the rumbling of Lan Wangji’s voice. “patience.”

He continued working on the god’s length up and down, thumbing at the head later only to feel drops of pre-cum dribbling down his hands. When finally, Lan Wangji started to lick at the puckering of his hole, a few laps was all it took for him to realize that something… tasted quite strange. Uncertain, he made an experimental move then; he brought up his other hand to Wei Wuxian’s ass, nudging only the tip of one finger, and found that it eased in with almost no difficulty and how he could easily slide a whole finger up.

Lan Wangji pulled away, surprised, making a small noise.

Wei Wuxian… had already been slicked up with oil inside? Then, did that mean…

“You… prepared yourself?” It was hard, asking through the thick lump in his throat.

A light laugh came from the other. “Oh, I did,” breathily said Wei Wuxian. Blindly, he reached behind him for Lan Wangji’s hand, and the God of Light had been too struck by awe, could only watch as Wei Wuxian helped to slip three of his fingers up into his hole. “I’ve been waiting for this, you know. I’ve been wanting you for so, so long, Hanguang-jun.” 

Such a gravitating scene, so full of sins, so full of temptation. The way those fingers had entered Wei Wuxian so easily all at once, Lan Wangji could see the reflection of the moonlight in the wetness that immediately clung onto his digits each time they pulled out from the warm cavern before plunging back in.  

“Everyday, I slicked myself up for you, hoping it’d be the day that you’d finally fuck the daylights out of me, make me feel the tremble down the legs and ache everywhere, but you refuse to even spare me a glance every single time…” Wei Wuxian rambled it all out to him between a few fucked-out moans. “I was starting to think you really couldn’t feel those things, so I was… thinking to maybe just give up after tonight.”

Something, something apart from the rage of lust, burned inside him at the thought of how this whole time, Wei Wuxian had felt the yearning for him, too.

Unable to withstand any longer, Lan Wangji tugged his fingers away from the other’s hole and dick. He stood fast, Wei Wuxian’s waist jerking along with him, fingertips pressing a bruising grip into the skin. Wei Wuxian had let a yowl when Lan Wangji glided his big, warm, fat cock in between the plush cheeks, letting the presence of his heavy weight linger against his hole.

“How long?” Lan Wangji whispered, bending over slightly to let his chest meet Wei Wuxian’s back. “How long have you wanted me to fuck you?”

“I’ve-” Wei Wuxian keened at a hard bite on one of his shoulders. “I’ve wanted you since the moment I first saw you- I’ve never wanted anyone so bad-”

“Then, tonight,” rumbled the God of Light, then an accentuated thrust of his dick against the firm ass. “Let me give it all to you.”

Tonight, he will give everything to him.

He shifted his hips backwards, dragging the thick length with him, till the leaking tip hovered over the inviting hole. Nudging into it, the rim easily swallowed up its head, and soon, Lan Wangji began to push it all in, moaning low at how smooth his cock had slid through the warm wet cavern as it settled into a comfortable spot deep inside Wei Wuxian.

Inside… it felt good. Being inside Wei Wuxian felt so beyond good. The sensation of having the tight heat hugging his cock, walls clenching around him in an attempt of accommodating to the big size, had been so incredibly divine.

Taking in a deep breath, only then did Lan Wangji realized how the God of Wine was trembling in his hold. Waves of concern had him at first, but then he felt Wei Wuxian began trying to fuck himself back on his cock, ass continuously wiggling downwards to get the thickness penetrate him even further. 

“Oh, oh... Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian had cried out, “Fuck, you really are so big- oh, gods, you’re even so much bigger than you look, I can feel… everything… move, please move, fuck me hard and good, and- a-ah–”

Complying with his demand, he slowly drew his cock out from inside, feeling the ridges of the walls desperately trying to cling onto him, as if it did not want to let him go just yet. And when only the tip had remained, Lan Wangji made sure to plunge back into the wet warmth hard and good as asked. Wei Wuxian immediately wailed upon the heavy thrust, hands trying to scramble for purchase against the door as his spine arched so deliciously with a beautiful curve.

The pace afterwards had been a series of deep, fast plunges– the sound of squelching and skin slapping filled the air as Lan Wangji began fucking Wei Wuxian earnestly. It felt so intense– each time the head of Lan Wangji’s cock had slammed against the wall, the gratifying jolts urged him on to keep jabbing and prod into it, but even in his lustful haze, Lan Wangji wanted to wreck the God of Wine more than he wanted to pleasure himself

There was this one spot inside a man, he once recalled, and he was on a mission to find it. Peeling himself off from the god’s back, he shuffled a bit backwards and pulled the other’s ass along with him, cock still sheathed in. He tried for different angles then, his thrusts now slowing down but the force of it as powerful as ever.

It was only when Wei Wuxian tossed his head back in a silent scream before garbled noise escaped him, and walls tightly clenching on him, Lan Wangji then knew he had found it.

And, he was relentless.

Eyes darkening, his hands moved to grab both of his ass cheeks, squeezing them as he mercilessly grinded into the spot, memorizing the angle while Wei Wuxian descended farther into ruins.

He picked up his pace again, but this time, ruthlessly aiming for the bundle of nerves. Lan Wangji reveled in the moans and cries he had wrenched out of the other god; the high pitch, the breathless gasps, the heavy panting, all of which had been music to his ears were so full of desperation and pleasure.

“A–ah! Ah! Mnn- hng..! L-Lan Zhan..!”

“You look good like this.” Lan Wangji spoke up, giving the ass another squeeze just as he delivered another heavy pounding that had the other god choking. “You look good here, split apart on my cock. Like a little slut that you are.”

Wei Wuxian’s body seemed to have trembled from those words. “Y-yes–” he wheezed out, “your slut– I’m your slut—”

“Tell me,” Lan Wangji gyrated his hips after pushing in his cock as deep as he could reach inside Wei Wuxian, “am I fucking you good enough?”

Wei Wuxian whimpered, head lolling forward to knock against the door. “Yes-” he said, breathlessly, “and you’re- you’re so much better than anyone I’ve had- ah!”

Lan Wangji continued to fuck and fuck into him, grunting every now and then whenever Wei Wuxian had clasped onto him a bit too tightly, the walls becoming a little too narrow and therefore were a little too compressed for him as his cock forced through the wetness. 

It wasn’t long until Wei Wuxian had come with a hoarse shout. “Coming! Lan Zhan, gonna come, I’m coming… hard! Hng..!” He groaned as he did so, touching himself before the ground beneath them became stained from their lovemaking spurts. 

However, Lan Wangji was not done with him, not quite so. His erection remained as heavy and thick, pulse throbbing too hard and too hot inside the warm twitching hole.

Without sparing the other god even a single moment to breathe, Lan Wangji pulled out just as he hastily picked Wei Wuxian up again, spinning him around so his back would bang against the door, their chests now connected, before slotting himself perfectly in between his legs and begin pounding into the wet heat again.

Wei Wuxian keened, arms and legs instinctively wrapped around Lan Wangji. Leaning in, Lan Wangji lapped at and suck on his skin, leaving more hickies to be seen by everyone all over Wei Wuxian’s neck, chest and shoulders. Seeing that the other had already come, he now started to seek for his own pleasure, thrusting in and out, in and out, continuously pressing onto the deepest spot that had just unraveled Wei Wuxian.

The God of Wine kept sobbing, whining and squirming around. Lan Wangji could feel the sharp ends of his nails as they sunk deep into his skin from behind, but there was no doubt he felt more satisfaction and pleasure from it rather than pain. 

“Wait- Lan Zh— ahn! ” Wei Wuxian mewled, tightening even more on Lan Wangji’s cock that had him slightly growling. He begged, “mercy, a-ah! Hanguang– JUN! Show me mercy, please!” 

“No.” Lan Wangji said, deep and dominating, giving the god another unrelenting thrust. “You do not deserve mercy.”

Another loud cry tore out from Wei Wuxian throat, and Lan Wangji could feel the firm thighs squeezing both his sides hard.

Then, he felt something… wet, which he felt was starting to pool around his waist, dripping past down his legs. When Lan Wangji looked, he didn’t know if he regretted looking. His breath stuttered, and his thrusts immediately came to a stop. It was not white cum which had shot out of Wei Wuxian’s dick like one would expect, but instead it had been transparent liquid gushing out in streaks and spurts.

He stared, astonished.

“L… Lan… Er-gege…” Wei Wuxian called out to him in a small whiny voice. By now, he looked so ravished, so positively wrecked that somehow, the sight of him merely seemed like he was begging to be ravished even further.

Somehow, Lan Wangji had gotten even harder.

When he resumed his thrusts afterwards, his pace had gotten too wild, too erratic. He felt like he had been reduced to nothing more than a savage, acting solely on its animalistic urges as it pounced on its prey, tearing them apart. He had grown out of control, he fucked Wei Wuxian impossibly harder and faster; his big, fat, thick and warm cock no doubt already starting to leak inside and staining the velvety walls with its white pre-cum– he could already feel some of it trickling out of the hole, soaking his balls and thighs more wet.

At some point later, Lan Wangji thought he might have heard some crack, like something was about to break, but that might just be his imagination.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian mewled, “the- the door! I think it’s breaking- you’re really.. mn! You’re fucking me too hard, Lan Zhan! The door is going to break!”

“Let it break then.” Lan Wangji said, simply picking up his pace even further.

In the end, under their tremendous efforts of physical exertion, the door really broke.

But, it did not stop him from pounding the life out of Wei Wuxian.

He held the other up by his ass, no longer keeping him against the door and was now fucking him upright. Lan Wangji maintained his pace and angle, cock rapidly sliding in and out until he finally felt that he was reaching his peak after chasing it for so long. Groaning, he buried his face into Wei Wuxian’s neck, focusing on how wet, warm and pliant he was on his cock.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian whispered, half sobbing, half breathless, as he cradled his face. “Come inside me. You said you’ll give it all to me, right? Want it… need it. Need your cum inside me– please, give it all to me, er-gege.”

That was all it took for the God of Light to be pushed over the edge.

Squeezing the two soft cheeks in his hands, he rammed his cock up all the way up for the last three times, eventually spilling everything into Wei Wuxian, painting the walls inside with his hot, thick seed.

“Mn…!” Wei Wuxian muffled, arms tightening around Lan Wangji’s neck, before releasing another long stream of clear liquid that splattered onto their stomachs.

Lan Wangji’s breath stuttered once again at this, and was unable to resist thrusting into Wei Wuxian one more time, pumping even more cum inside.

For a while, they remained upright in tangled limbs, breath mingled together as each of them tried to catch their breath, bodies completely soaked in sweat and stains from their lovemaking. Soon, Lan Wangji pulled his head away, reaching up to place a soft kiss on Wei Wuxian’s lips.

At first, the other had stiffened, confused. But eventually, he relaxed, the kiss was returned with so much more vigor that Lan Wangji couldn’t help but nip on the enticing lips, giving them a small bite before pulling away.

Wei Wuxian, being such a noisy nosey god that he was, had of course immediately began to speak up again as if his life hadn’t been pounded out of him a few minutes ago. “Wow, Lan Zhan. So, you really do know what to do… And you’re telling me that, this is your first time?”

“Mn.” Lan Wangji said. “Wei Ying is the only one.”

“No way. I’m totally convinced that you’ve had someone before me, you can’t be that talented in sex, that would just mean you’re talented at everything. And besides, I’m the God of Pleasure too, mind you, I can’t have you steal that title away from me now, Lan Zhan. You really are too good.”

Lan Wangji resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Slowly, he began to pull himself out, trying to ignore the sudden ‘ah’ Wei Wuxian had just sinfully moaned into his ears and how his dick had slightly twitched at the sound. He took a couple of steps back to lower the other god down, but Wei Wuxian refused to budge.

“Carry me?” Wei Wuxian implored, a message veiled beneath to let them sleep side by side that night. And how can Lan Wangji deny him, after saying he would give him everything tonight?

 So, he bundled the warm body up into his arms, ready to carry back to his bed.

“We’re a mess.” Wei Wuxian complained as he wiggled around in Lan Wangji’s hold. “And my ass. My body. It’s aching all over. You really were so rough with me, Hanguang-jun.”

Lan Wangji replied. “Earlier, you said to make you feel the ache everywhere. Do not mess around.”

Wei Wuxian cracked up with a blinding grin. “Oh, don’t worry, it’s not a problem at all. In fact, I loved it, especially when you were rough.” He then looked ahead of them, his grin now sheepish. “And… we broke a door.”

Ah, right. The door.

But, Lan Wangji would think about that after tonight. 

After all, there were several matters to think about, ones much more important than the door, and it was mainly everything that had transpired between the two gods. So many things for him to take in; such as the heavy realization which Lan Wangji had that perhaps, all this time, the dislike he’d been harboring for Wei Wuxian were feelings of one’s yearning, something Lan Wangji had thought to be an enigma and what he could never have.

But, what about the other god then? Did he feel the same thing? 

What did Wei Wuxian feel about Lan Wangji?

Silently, Lan Wangji couldn’t help but wonder if after tonight, Wei Wuxian still wanted him. Then, he wondered whether this had merely been a one time thing, wondered if he had been used as some sort of a stepping stone for Wei Wuxian to take, and wondered what exactly did the God of Light mean to the God of Wine– that was, if Lan Wangji had even meant anything to Wei Wuxian at all.

No doubt, after tonight, there were things for Lan Wangji to pore over, but for now… But for now, he shall selfishly bask in the afterglow, in the idea of them together like this from every moment onwards, in the idea of Wei Wuxian yearning for Lan Wangji the same way he had yearned for him too.

His grip around Wei Wuxian tightened as he began the walk back to his chambers.

One can only dream.