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Miraculous Drabbles

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“Adrien,” Lady Noire whined as she draped herself dramatically over the arm of the loveseat she was on. “When are you going to finish?”

“Just a few more paragraphs, Minou, promise,” Adrien stated distractedly as he looked through a book on his desk.

“But, Prince,” she implored, hoping to gain attention. “You’ve been working on it since I got here. You have all weekend to finish it.”

“I never know when my schedule will change, you know that,” he retorted as he typed another paragraph. “I’m almost done, but if you keep interrupting me, it’ll take longer.”

Lady Noire sighed and slumped further over the arm. He had invited her over to spend some time together and now some professor is taking away her precious time with him because they decided that there needed to be a last minute assignment! Her tail flicked in agitation at both offending parties. An ignored kitty was always a grumpy kitty!

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head and a smirk graced her face. Oh yes, he would have a hard time ignoring her with this plan. She stood silently from the loveseat and made her way over to the object of her love and current frustration. She leaned over, chin resting lightly on his shoulder and her braid trailing down his chest, appearing interested in the words on his screen. Slowly, she tilted her head and placed feather-light kisses up his neck to his jaw.

Adrien’s fingers came to a stop. “Kitten,” Adrien gasped. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” she whispered innocently against his ear, nipping it.

Adrien leaned away from her. “You know what, you needy kitty.”

She pursued him, laying kisses on his shoulder. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Adrien warred with himself. He knew he needed to finish the paper, but he couldn’t deny that part of him wanted to spend time with his Lady. He made his decision, saved the document, and spun his chair.

Noire let out a yip as her legs were swept out from under her by Adrien’s movement, knocking her into his lap. Before she could think, his lips were on hers and all other thoughts were lost. Her tail wrapped around Adrien’s leg as she resettled into his lap, a happy purr rumbling through her. A satisfied kitty is always a happy kitty, after all.