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Lingering Smoke

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The smoke bellows from her lungs in great heavy clouds
Filling the night air with scent and memory
Ashes Ashes we all fall
She is tall and dark and
In a way that few things are -
A statue illuminated in a flash of light

A building storm wrapped in a leather jacket
Wielding a dripping paintbrush and a smoking pool cue

When she walks away
She leaves you believing in violet auras and fairy wings
In crackling lighting between her fingertips
So far past burning she's
E l e c t r i c

The cold night suits her
Wrapping itself around her like a warm embrace
Dampening the sound and leaving trails of moonlight dancing on her skin
She fills the street with a presence louder than life

She makes smoke trails linger and last
Thick murky moments of memory
She has a habit of turning intangible moments and metaphors into solid fact
The streetlights are heavy
Shadows wrap solid arms around swaying hips

When she turns away
She leaves you with afterimages steaming under your eyelids
Blinding you to facts like gravity and speed limits

She's kinetic
Fantastically Possible
Indisputably abstract

When she leaves for the last time
She leaves you with a blinding darkness blooming
Behind your eyes and under your ribs
And the stale taste of smoke lingering on your lips