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Ain Fortitudo Sit Virtus

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The Hogwarts Express shined ruby red as a pale, auburn-haired fifteen year old boy enters Platform 9¾. The boy sneered at the muggle-borns and their familes as he approached the train, he easily placed his trunk on the train. He found a compartment at the end of the train that was empty, the boy sat down and retrieved a photograph from his trouser pocket. He looked at the photograph of his parents and whispered," I hope I will be a good time."

A black-haired boy entered the compartment with his trunk and as he placed his trunk on the rack above the seats, he introduced himself," I'm Rufus Greengrass, you are?"

The boy murmured," Hydrus Peverell." He was surprised when Rufus paled in horror before he said quietly," Transfer student from Beauxbatons if I am correct."

Hydrus nodded and pulled out the book, The Study of Elemental Magik, from his trunk. The two remained in silence as the train began to move away from the station.

A hour into the journey Rufus asked hesitantly," Do you want a game of Wizards' Chess?"

Hydrus sat up immediately and replied excitedly," Yes, I would like a game. Your board or mine?" Rufus looked embarrassed as the Peverell Heir pulled out his chess board.

The two boys realised that the other was just as competietive as him, the first game ended in a tie as both boys had only their kings left.

Hydrus asked as the reset the pieces," What house are you in?"

" Slytherin." Rufus answered," Tom Riddle is the current King of Slytherin and proclaims himself as Slytherin's Heir. The Slytherins married into the Gaunts who are related to the Peverells."

Hydrus grinned," Tom? I liked him when I met him two years ago. Never thought he would become King of Slytherin."

"You met him?!"

" Yes, very briefly however I left a very mysterious impact on him. When he was walking away with Lady Gaunt of France he looked back briefly at me. He will probably remember me."

They fell silent as the train turned a bend, Hydrus fell asleep quickly and Rufus buried himself in his homework checking that he had everything done.

Several hours later Hydrus woke to Rufus shaking him awake and saying," You need to get changed into your robes and then meet Professor Dumbledore on the platform."

Hydrus quickly changed into his robes and just as he finished the train pulled into the station. He exited the train with Rufus and swerved towards to the brown-haired man standing at the end of the station.

Rufus followed the Peverell Heir to Dumbledore, the Professor said," Mr Peverell, Mr Greengrass we are going to portkey to Headmaster Dippet's office where you will be sorted and then Mr Greengrass will escort you to the Great Hall. Hold on." He held out a worn shoe and the two students gripped onto the portkey, they disappeared a few seconds later.

Hydrus and Rufus arrived in a circular office that was adorned with many potraits. Headmaster Dippet hurriedly said," Mr Peverell place the hat on your head quickly. Students will be arriving soon."

Hydrus followed the instructions and placed the Sorting Hat on his head. The Hat said," Ah Mr Peverell, I have been expecting you."

" Have you?" Hydrus said in his mind.

" A Occulemens and a Legilemens at that. You have to drop your shields so I can decide your house."

" Fine."

The Hat was quiet for several moments before booming," SLYTHERIN!"