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The Music of the Spheres

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Penelope was glad that not only had she booked an Uber for JJ's wedding, but she had also pregamed by drinking nearly half a bottle of wine. She knew that both Kevin and Erin would be there that evening, and she needed something to lend her a little bit of courage to face them both. Still, she didn't want to get sloppy drunk, since she didn't want to embarrass her best friend as she married her soulmate. That was the one thing that JJ had disclosed to her when she told her that she had finally said yes to Will's proposal. Though there was no way that she could tell JJ, or Emily, or anyone on her team that she had finally found her soulmate, too. Because there was no way that they would believe or accept what she knew to be true.

Letting out a little sigh, she climbed out of the car that had driven her to Rossi's mansion, making certain to leave a five star rating as she tripped up to the door. To her surprise, Erin was the one who answered her knock, and she gave the woman a shy smile before brushing past her to find the open bar she was almost certain Rossi had set up for the shindig. "Isn't Mister Lynch coming with you, Penelope?"

She looked over at Erin, shaking her head a little as she accepted the fruity drink the bartender had made for her, forcing herself to sip slowly as she steeled herself for conversing with the woman. "No, we broke up a few months ago, and he's seeing Agent Sharp now. I'm a free bird."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Don't be, we weren't soulmates, so it's not like any relationship we built was The One. I'm still waiting to hear my song sung back to me."

A tender look flickered across Erin's face as she nodded. "I'm waiting for that, too. Don't tell David." The woman touched the side of her nose before accepting a glass of water from the bartender and leaving Penelope's side. Once she was out of sight, Penelope let out a long breath before downing the drink in her hand quickly and turning back to ask for another.

"You shouldn't have lied to your soulmate," the woman said as she handed Penelope another of the same drink. "And before you ask, I could see it on your face. Which means, if you really don't want her to know, you're going to have to hide yourself a little better."

Penelope nodded as she took the glass from her hands and began to wander through the house, speaking to everyone she came across, until she spotted Kevin and Gina. That triggered her flight mode, and she escaped out into the backyard, walking around as she nursed her new drink. It was so easy to keep an eye on Erin, since she felt drawn to her soulmate. A few times, Erin glanced up at her, giving her a small smile before continuing her conversation with JJ's mother.

Everything quickly became a blur as she found herself growing increasingly nervous about interacting with Kevin or Erin. Soon, though, it was time for the ceremony, and Penelope was grateful to focus on her friend's happiness and not on avoiding two people. The meal was also an easy thing to get through, since she was seated next to Derek and could talk to him without fear of revealing herself. It was only when the music began to play that she knew she might be in a spot of trouble. Thankfully, Derek led her out onto the dance floor and held her close as they swayed back and forth.

"Emily's leaving us, you know."

She looked up at him in surprise, shaking her head a little. "I did not know that. Did she tell you or something?"

He nodded before pressing a kiss to the side of her head. "I just don't think she ever truly fit back into her old life well. It would be hard for any of us to hit the ground running like she did, and the more she tried to make it work, the less it did. I just want to see her happy."

Penelope nodded, knowing that she couldn't reveal what she knew about Emily's song, that it had to come from her own lips. Still, it hurt to not be able to clue Derek in a little on how they could get Emily to stay, and she sighed deeply before resting her head on his chest as they continued to dance. It took a few songs before Rossi cut in on them, twirling her over to another corner of the dance floor. "How are you doing tonight, Kitten?"

"I'm more than a little drunk right now? But this is a beautiful thing that you've done for JJ and Will."

"I had to do something to make this horrible weekend somewhat better. I'm sorry that I invited Kevin. I knew about the status of your relationship, but it completely slipped my mind as I was going about planning this shindig. I'm assuming that that's the reason that you're so tipsy?"

It was a tiny lie to shift the entire blame for how much she'd drunk onto Kevin's shoulders, but there was no way she was telling Rossi that he was sleeping with her soulmate. "Yeah. It's just been so weird seeing him on the arm of another woman. I know he's not my soulmate, we don't share a song, but he was really comfortable?"

"I understand that, Kitten." He pulled her a little closer to his chest. "I lost my soulmate when Carolyn died, and I don't think I'll ever hear a song like that again." Penelope teared up a little at that tender admission, and she sniffled as she tried to hold them back, not wanting to ruin JJ's perfect night by becoming that sloppy drunk stereotype. "Have you heard your song?"

"Since I was a child. It's a beautiful gossamer thing, and I, I don't know how to share it with the other woman." That was the closest that she wanted to come to revealing who her soulmate was, but the way Rossi's arms tightened around her told Penelope that he understood her reluctance, even though he didn't know that she and Erin belonged together. "I thought I heard it earlier, but I think that was just me trying to soothe myself from the trauma we just went through."

"I was singing our song to myself all day, too." She allowed herself to cry at those words, feeling his lips press against her temple as they continued to swirl around the patio, passing by Erin and Hotch. Penelope gave the woman a yearning look as they went, hoping that she didn't catch said look as she was passed from Rossi's arms to Reid's. As the night lingered on, she managed to dance with everyone, including Kevin, before JJ pulled her and Emily into a threeway embrace. Their dance was more than a little awkward, but they made it work, trying to ignore the fact that Emily was crying a little.

Eventually, she knew that she had to let JJ and Emily have their own private dance, since JJ had been so instrumental at making certain Emily was safe during her time being dead, and she pulled away from them to head over to the refreshment table, picking up a fresh flute of champagne. She knew from the taste that it was nonalcoholic, but that didn't really matter, she just wanted something to do with her hands. "So, everyone rates a dance but me?"

Penelope gulped down her mouthful of champagne before she turned to look at Erin. "I didn't know if you'd want to dance with me," she replied just as softly, giving Erin a small smile before finishing her drink and setting the glass by the other used ones. "Shall we?"

She held out her hand to Erin, and they stepped out onto the patio. Penelope tried to copy some of the dance moves that she had watched Rossi do with the woman, twirling her around. That was all well and good until the woman came back close to her body, and Penelope instinctively closed an arm around her waist, holding Erin closer than was probably appropriate. It was when Erin was close enough to her that she could count the individual lashes on her eyelids that Penelope felt their song well up in her heart. Erin stiffened a little, though she didn't pull away from their dance. Instead, the song grew louder between them until they were moving to that tempo rather than the actual music being played, and it took everything in Penelope to keep herself from leaning further in and kissing the woman and thereby destroying everything. Instead, they just continued to dance to their song as the night went on.