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The Music of the Spheres

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Penelope had ended up falling asleep early, finding that the long walk she had taken after riding the ferry for a while had tuckered her out more than anticipated. That, and the fact that she was more than a little disappointed to not hear from Erin before she crawled into bed for the day. Her sleep was restless, but eventually she had shifted into something approximating slumber, waking up with her alarm the next morning to feel somewhat rested.

After showering, she dressed for her first day of work with Clyde and his team, torn between being her authentic self and toning it down for the day. In the end, she went with what she felt most comfortable in, and smiled at her reflection before making her way down to the kitchen, finding Derek and Emily already at the table, eating breakfast silently. "Good morning!" she called out cheerily as she made herself a bowl of cereal and took a seat next to Emily, smiling at Derek. "So, ready for your next day at Interpol? I'm going to be relying on you to show me the ropes, you know," she teased, giving him a broad wink before starting to eat.

"I think that I can definitely give you a show, Baby Girl," he said, a wisp of a smile crossing his lips. "Are we all heading in together, then?"

"I thought that we would, yeah. You both know the way to go, I'm a bit behind the eight ball."

Emily gave her a dark look, as if she hadn't wanted to be included in this little group, but Penelope just smiled and shrugged, knowing that if she could get the two of them talking, there would be a chance of them burying the hatchet by the end of their secondment. "Well, I want to leave in about twenty minutes, all right?"

"That works for me! I'm all dressed and ready to go as soon as I'm finished eating." The sunny smile never left her lips, and eventually Emily's features relaxed into some semblance of a smile as well. The rest of the meal was quiet, but not quite as stilted as it had been before, and she chose to take that as a good sign. Finishing up her cereal, Penelope got up and dumped the last bit of milk down the drain before rinsing the bowl out and putting it into the dishwasher before grabbing her phone off the charger and slipping it into her pocket without looking at the notifications. "I take it that you're ready to go?" Emily said with a little laugh.

"Yes! I want to be a little early for my first day." Penelope picked up her purse as she paused by the door of the flat to wait for her friends. Derek was the first to amble over to her, and she instinctively wrapped her arm around his waist as she peered up into his face. "I know, it's a little weird being surrounded by people who sound so different to us. Even Emily is starting to acquire a bit of an accent. But I'm really happy here, right now. I think that I'm where I need to be, and you are, too. You just don't see it yet." Squeezing his waist a little, she let out a soft sigh, glancing back to see what was keeping Emily. She was slipping into a jacket as she walked over towards them, and Penelope waved at her to try and hurry her along.

"I'm coming." Rolling her eyes, Emily finally reached their sides, brushing past them to head out the door. Penelope was the next one out, Derek bringing up the rear, locking the door with the key Emily had given them to use while they were there. It didn't take long to get down to the Tube station, and after they had tapped in, Emily led them to the correct train that they had to take. Once the train arrived, Penelope followed Derek onto it, and they managed to find a trio of seats. Penelope took the single seat, receiving a glower from both of her friends.

Giving them a small shrug, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and scrolled through her notifications. Her shoulders slumped when she didn't notice anything from Erin, and she unlocked her phone to call up her text messages. There was a new one from JJ, and she grinned a little as she returned it, knowing that it would still be a few hours before the woman woke up and could see it. Then she went into her emails and felt her heart stop a little when she saw that Erin's name appeared there.

With a slightly shaky finger, she touched the email, blinking a little before glancing to see what Erin had written. I thought it would be more appropriate to write you an email, rather than a text. It's easier to hide evidence of an email, after all. My children have a very bad habit of stealing my phone and looking at my notifications, and so I tell all my friends to email me, instead. I didn't have that opportunity before you left for London. Thank you for the picture, it looks lovely, and I wish that I could be there. However, my duty lies here, where I have to find Agent Prentiss's replacement. That is not going as well as I would like, since it is hard to find the right person who will mesh with your current team. Aaron doesn't seem to be too bothered by the fact that this is taking a while, as I think that he would just like to have some peace and tranquility for the current moment. In answer to your question in your text, I would love to talk with you on the phone a few times while you're over there. It's nice to have the idea of a friend in you. I do hope that Clyde doesn't work you to the bone, I'm going to need that wonderful brain of yours in tip top shape when you return. Working with Mister Lynch is proving to be a little more difficult than anyone thought, since he's not you. I hope that you enjoy your first day of work, since I know that you won't see this email until the next morning for you. And since there is five hours that separates us, if you want to call at half past ten your time, that would work for me. Probably not today, since you'll be so focused on your first day working at Interpol. Please, do not fall in love with London, whatever you do. We need you in the BAU. Erin

Penelope tapped her feet softly against the train floor, unable to keep the grin off her lips. Emily focused in on her, and she gave her a small nod. "I love that you are so happy on a Monday morning, Penelope, let's see if you can keep that smile on your face all day long. Did you get good news or something?"

"The very best news. I got the answer that I wanted." Derek gave her an odd look, and she giggled lightly. "Don't worry, Der, everything is all right, and we're entirely sane, I promise. It's just looking to be an entirely wonderful day, and I am looking forward to whatever it brings." He nodded in return before slipping his headphones over his ears, shutting them out from his world. Sighing a little, she gave Emily another, softer, smile, knowing that these things would take time. As she had just found out, all that was needed was a little patience.