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The Music of the Spheres

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Penelope felt like she was still riding the high of a great evening spent with someone she loved as they left the concert hall that evening. Erin had been right, she had instantly fallen in love with Mahler's music after hearing it played live, and to her surprise, she found herself looking forward to the next time that they would head to the symphony. The walk to the car was mostly silent, though filled with the music they had just heard or snippets of their song. "Did you enjoy the concert?" Erin asked as they stopped next to her car, and Penelope nodded as she leaned back against the vehicle.

"It was just so…I don't have the right words. This isn't a world I grew up in. I feel clumsy and dumb not being able to explain how much it moved me."

"Sometimes beauty is indescribable. It is perfectly all right to not have the words to explain how it moved your soul. That music feels like I feel when I kiss you." Penelope blinked a little as Erin leaned forward to capture her lips in a soft kiss. Penelope wanted to deepen it, but knew that they were in public, and so didn't want to get caught in too amorous a clinch. Still, she let out a long sigh as Erin's arms closed around her waist, pulling her a little closer as the kiss lingered on. "I can't describe what that makes me feel like, only that it fills me with a joy that I want to hold on to."

She nodded as she hooked her chin over Erin's shoulder, relishing this small space of time where it was just them, together, and no one to tell them to let each other go. Finally though, she knew that she had to get in the car, and so she reluctantly pulled away from her partner and opened the car door. "Well, let's make some more joy at my place."

"My saucy minx, you know that we're not going to do anything more than sleep tonight."

Penelope bit her lower lip as she nodded, taking a seat in the car before looking up at Erin and giving her a knowing smile. She shook her head as she closed the door, and Penelope let out a trill of laughter as Erin sashayed around to her side of the vehicle, getting behind the wheel and quickly pulling out into traffic. She couldn't help but notice that the woman drove a little faster than the speed limit in order to get back to Penelope's apartment, and that kept a wicked smile on her lips the entire drive. Somehow, they managed to get up to her place without pouncing on each other, and Penelope fumbled with her keys to open the lock, feeling Erin circle her arms around her waist as her chin dug into her shoulder a little. "If you keep distracting me, we'll be spending the night out in the hall, dumpling."

"I'm trying to be good," Erin murmured as she pulled away a little, allowing Penelope to focus and open the door. Once inside, though, Erin kicked the door closed before giving her a smoldering look. "Would you undo my zipper?"

"Yes," she breathed out as Erin turned around to show her back to Penelope. Her hand trembled a little as she took hold of the tab and ran it down Erin's smooth back, her fingers itching to stroke and caress her skin, knowing that if she did so, things would escalate much faster than they wanted. "Do you want me to hang your dress up while you change for bed?"

"That would be lovely," Erin murmured as she allowed the dress to pool at her feet. She tried not to stare as she stepped out of the dress and went over to her bag. "Where's the bathroom?"

"The closed door by my bedroom," she managed to squeak out as she knelt and picked up the garment, hugging it to her chest as she watched the woman tug off her heels and leave them behind before padding into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. It took her a few moments to shake the haze of desire from her brain, and then she was going into the bedroom, pulling out a padded hanger and making certain that the dress would hang without getting wrinkled before putting it in her closet. Listening to the water running in the bathroom, Penelope figured that she had enough time to change herself, and she quickly whipped off everything but her underwear before pulling on pyjama shorts and an oversized shirt.

Penelope was just finishing putting away her clothes when she heard Erin behind her. Turning to look at her, she found her breath catching in her throat to see her soulmate in a mid-thigh length teddy with a matching silk robe. "I'm just going to wash my face, Erin. Claim a side of the bed, though I usually sleep closest to my nightstand, since I have to have a place to put my glasses."

Erin nodded as she came up to her side, pressing her lips to Penelope's cheek before heading to the opposite side of the bed and letting the robe drop onto the floor. Sucking in a shallow breath, Penelope scurried into the bathroom and took care of her needs, washing off her makeup and applying moisturizer before heading back into the bedroom.

Her soulmate was stretched out on the bed, turned on her side so that she could watch for Penelope's return. A wide smile spread across her face when she caught sight of Penelope, and she patted the bed a little in anticipation. A soft sigh slipped from Penelope's mouth as she went over to the bed, pulling back the covers and stretching out on the mattress before pulling off her glasses and setting them on the nightstand. "You're beautiful, Penny."

"So are you," she replied as she turned to face Erin, resting her hand on the swell of her hip and looking into her eyes. "Since tomorrow is Sunday, do you normally set an alarm? Or do you wake up when you want?"

"I don't set an alarm on the weekend, no, but my body still manages to wake me up at around the same time. And you?"

"Same. Though if I've been out with Jayje or Emily, we usually roll in late and I manage to sleep late." Sliding her hand up Erin's side, Penelope started to run her fingers through her hair, finding the motions soothing to her. "I do hope that you manage to sleep in, though. I want to be the first one awake, so I can see how you wake up. I want to see if we stay like this during the night, or if we change positions. I want to know which one of us will be the big spoon. There are so many firsts that will happen tomorrow morning, and I can't wait to find them out."

Erin's face relaxed into that soft, sweet, smile that Penelope had quickly fallen in love with, and then she was leaning in to kiss her softly. "I want to find those things out, too. There is so much that I want to know, but don't know how to ask. I feel like, as soulmates, we should instinctively know some of these things, but I'm also glad that we get to find them out together."

"That's my fondest wish, too," she murmured before letting out a large yawn. "I'm sorry, I guess that I'm just a little more tired than I thought. Will you forgive me if I fall asleep so soon in your arms?"

"No, darling, sleep. We can talk more tomorrow," Erin lowly murmured before yawning herself, snuggling closer to Penelope. "Sweet dreams, Penny." Erin kissed her once more before letting her head fall onto the pillow, the smile never leaving her lips as her breathing evened out into sleep, Penelope following along shortly after her.