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The Music of the Spheres

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"This is going to be the most amazing Christmas, Jayje!"

Her best friend gave her a wide grin as she took the bags of gifts from her outstretched arms. "Are these all for Henry?"

"No, there are a few for you and Will in there, too. What can I say? I just saw too much stuff in England that was perfect for him. And you. I even picked up something sweet for Erin, that I didn't tell anybody about, because I wasn't certain that this would work out half as well as it has been. I love her, so much. I just need to figure out how to tell Reid and Hotch about this, though. It feels like the elephant in the room just keeps getting larger, and I can't find a way to tell them that I'm moving in with her. We're taking the week between Christmas and New Year's to move the rest of my clothes over, and then using the rest of my lease to figure out what to do with my furniture. Our styles totally do not match, but there are things that I want to keep, and will have to sweet talk her into adding to the house."

"You're moving?"

Penelope looked up to see Reid approaching them, an easy smile on his face. Taking a deep breath, she nodded and motioned for him to join them. "I have found my soulmate, and it just makes sense that we would take this next step. And it will save me gas money in the long run, since we'll be able to car pool."

"Did someone new recently join us? I don't seem to recall anyone pop up in your conversations more recently. Except for Strau…" His mouth dropped open as he seemed to put things together. "Really?"

"Yeah. I figured it out when she sang our song in the mobile command unit. It just took us a little while longer to get to this point. What about you? Have you heard your song with your mystery woman?"

Reid blushed a little as he nodded. "That's how I know that I love her without seeing her. We share the most beautiful song. Though I suppose that you both would call your songs the most beautiful. Penelope, if Erin's comfortable with this, would you mind if I heard your song? I've listened to JJ's, and I think that Derek has sung part of his song, too. Hotch has never sung his song, which I get, it would be hard to do, after how Haley died, and Rossi has never mentioned his song. I think that Blake's is more of a rap than a song, given the music that she listens to, but she won't sing her song for me."

"I think we could arrange that, if you'd be willing to help me out."

"What do you need?"

"Some muscle when we're ready to move some of my furniture to her home. Please?" He nodded and Penelope let out a little squeal before hugging him tightly. "Thank you! You are the best! And I know, it's probably weird to think of me with Erin, but she's my soulmate."

"I think that's why this isn't so weird to me, actually. And as long as you're happy, that's all that matters." He pressed a quick kiss to her cheek before waving at both of them and heading for the elevators.

"That went better than I thought it would. I'm still going to hold off on telling Hotch, though. Let him have a happy holiday with Beth before springing this on him."

"That's probably for the best. So, if I want to bring Henry around to deliver your Christmas gifts…"

"You'll have to head over to my new place. I'll text you with the details later tonight. Right now, I have to get moving, her parents are due to land any minute now, and I've been tasked with picking them up, since Erin and the kids are doing the last minute cleaning and decorating. I cannot wait to see Henry and you later on, though. Maybe tomorrow, after Ken and Nan are settled?"

"Sounds like a plan, PG. And I am so happy for you and Erin. Seeing her look so happy is a great thing." JJ hugged her tightly before pushing her in the direction of the elevators. Grinning, Penelope gave her a wave before heading out of the bullpen and over to the stairs, knowing that she needed to work off a little of her nervous energy before she met Erin's parents. This was a huge step in their relationship, and she wanted to make an excellent first impression.

As soon as she was in the car, Penelope plugged her phone into the charger and took a few deep breaths before pulling out of her space and heading towards the airport. Thankfully the traffic wasn't too bad, and she managed to reach it with fifteen minutes to spare. Parking in the short term lot, she headed inside and looked for the baggage claim that Nan and Ken would pick their luggage up at, finally finding their flight number and positioning herself there. Taking a deep breath, she pulled out her phone and glanced at the picture Erin had sent her of her parents.


Her head shot up at the mention of her name, and she looked around until she saw Nan waving at her. Giving her a small wave back, she braced herself to meet Erin's parents, not certain what they'd make of her. "Hi," she said shyly as Nan and Ken came up to her side. Hesitantly, she extended her hand to them, only to have the tall, portly, man Erin called father pull her into a tight hug, thumping her back a few times before pushing her over to Nan, who similarly embraced Penelope.

"It is very good to meet you. Erin has told us nothing but good things about her soulmate. And I know, you were probably expecting us to be a little less welcoming, given that we pushed her to marry Alan, but we've changed, like all people should." Nan gave her a quick kiss on her cheek before hugging her again. "After everything that Alan has been putting her through with the divorce, and her battle with alcohol, I just want my baby to be happy. And you make her happy."

Penelope couldn't hold back her tears as she nodded, allowing Nan to guide her over the carousel as they waited for their luggage to arrive. "She makes me so incredibly happy, too. We spent three months getting to know each other through phone calls, and it was the most precious time of my life. There's so much to love about your daughter."

"That is precisely what I love to hear," Nan said as Ken ambled over to them, two small bags in his hands. "We travel light."

Penelope giggled a little as she nodded, knowing that she must have made a face. "I am a bit of a clothes hog," she admitted as she led them out of the airport and to her car. "The work I do, where everything is so dreary and bleak, I needed something cheery and bright to make me feel better about the things that I have to see and do."

Nan nodded as she slung an arm around Penelope's waist. The move reminded her so much of her mother that she let out a little sigh before starting to hum their song, knowing that Erin would hear the sound of it in her heart and know that everything was going very well.