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The Music of the Spheres

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"Are you certain that you don't need us to help you pack, Penelope?" Tabitha asked, only for Karen to elbow her side sharply, making Penelope giggle a little. "What?"

"They need some time alone, Tabby. And we have things to do here, like start taking down the tree while they're occupied. Don't think about us, we'll have the house looking festive, but less like Christmas, by the time you and Penelope come home this evening."

"I am so glad that we have your permission to leave, Karen," Erin said drolly as she pulled on her coat, buttoning it while looking at Penelope in anticipation. Penelope nodded as she slipped into her own jacket, grabbing her purse and giving a quick hug to all the children before following Erin out to the garage. "We'll take my car? It has a larger trunk, so we might be able to fit all of your luggage inside."

"That sounds good to me, Erin." She gave her soulmate a small smile before settling back into her seat and scrolling through her Facebook feed, happy to see that Henry had enjoyed all of the gifts she had given him. After writing a quick reply on Jayje's post, she closed out of the app and hummed along to the music that was playing, keeping her eyes on Erin the entire time. It wasn't until she had parked in the lot reserved for tenants that she spoke once more. "I do hope you realise that the first thing we're going to do is not pack clothes. I have waited far too long to taste the skin that my body has touched."

A slight flush darkened Erin's cheeks as she nodded. "That was why I chose to wear something easy to get in and out of. And it's better that we consummate our relationship first, so that we can shower and let our hair dry instead of going home with damp heads."

"Well, my hair is not what's damp right now, dumpling." Erin groaned a little as she nodded, licking her lips almost innocently as she turned the car off and bolted for the door. Giggling again, Penelope exited the car, locking the doors before following after Erin, catching up to her soon enough so that she could wrap her arm around Erin's waist as they entered the building and climbed the stairs. "We could have taken the elevator."

"We'll do that when we bring the bags down, darling. And besides, anticipation is the best thing to whet this appetite of ours," she replied as they came to a stop in front of her door. "Because right now, there's this little bead of sweat that's rolling down your chest, and I want to trace its path along your body, my darling one."

Penelope shivered a little as she nodded heavily, her hand fumbling the key in the lock as she struggled to open the door, letting them inside. Erin practically pushed her aside so that she could close and lock the door before turning Penelope and walking her back against said door and capturing her lips in a deep, bruising, kiss. It was like nothing they had shared up to that point, and Penelope felt her knees go weak at the embrace. Without hesitation, she wrapped her arms low around Erin's hips, holding her in place as the kiss continued on and on, moaning into her mouth as she felt her soulmate slip the buttons on her blouse from their holes until they were all undone.

A low whimper stole from her throat as Erin began to kiss her way down her neck until she was making good on her promise, lapping and licking at the trail that bead of sweat had taken, burying her face in Penelope's cleavage even as her hands fumbled with the clasp on her bra. "Fuck," she gasped out as the cool air of the apartment caressed her breasts before Erin drew one taut nipple between her lips and suckled at it strongly. "More?"

Erin nodded as she pulled her head away, taking hold of Penelope's hand and looking at her with desire filled eyes. "Lead me to the bedroom."

"Why? You know the way there," she panted out, only for Erin to give her a look. Nodding, she threaded their fingers together as she guided them to the bedroom, stepping out of her shoes along the way so that it would be one less thing to do before falling into bed with Erin. "Make me yours?" she asked as the back of her legs hit the bed.

"That was the plan for today." The smile on Erin's lips caused her to shiver a little, and Erin used the small distraction to undo the zipper on her skirt, letting it fall to the floor with her blouse and bra before rolling her underwear down her hips. "Take a seat."

She nodded and did as ordered, relinquishing control over to her Erin, knowing that she wouldn't hurt her, that this would be the culmination of everything that they had been moving towards. Erin knelt and gently pried her legs apart before running her hands up and down her thighs. "Erin?"

"I'm taking my time enjoying you, darling. You're beautiful," she whispered before leaning in and pressing an almost chaste kiss to her vulva. "I know this waiting has been sheer torture for us, but it has made this moment all the sweeter for me. Scoot forward a little for me?"

Penelope nodded as she did so, sighing a little as Erin's mouth returned to her mound, her tongue running up and down her labia before slipping between them to flick and tease her clit, driving her on towards a quick orgasm. She wanted to make this first time between them last, but it seemed like her body had other ideas because despite her best efforts, she felt waves of pleasure sweep over her body and she fell back onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling as Erin continued to eat her out, driving her to higher and higher plateaus of pleasure. Finally, after her third orgasm in a row, Erin pulled away and joined her on the bed. As Penelope panted, trying to catch her breath, she turned onto her side and began to make quick work of the fastenings of her clothes, tugging the garments off her body so that she could touch and taste as well.

"You're too good at that for this to have been your first time," she said as she leaned in and kissed Erin sweetly, tasting herself on her lover's lips. "Is that also a reason why Alex is so cross with you? Was she a jilted lover?"

"Not jilted, no. But when the Amerithrax incident happened, we were a little closer than appropriate, which resulted in the quagmire we found ourselves in. But she is warming up to me again. I think that's thanks to you, darling." Erin stroked her face gently before capturing her lips in another kiss. "But enough of the past. You are my present and future, and I know that you want to make your mark on me. I'm yours, Penelope Garcia. From now until the end."

"And I am yours, Erin Strauss." They smiled at each other before Penelope kissed her once more, then moving on to pepper Erin's face with soft, quick, kisses before working her way down the column of her neck. Determined to take her time, to help Erin experience as much pleasure as possible, Penelope made certain to keep her busses tender and light. From the way her lover whined and twisted her hips, she knew that this was exasperating her, but she pressed on, knowing that the end result would be sweet for both of them.