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The Music of the Spheres

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"I know that you might not be feeling up to this, but the children want to have a movie night. I convinced them that it wouldn't be appropriate for us to go out, but we could have something at home."

Penelope looked up from her monitor and gave Erin a small smile. "That actually sounds wonderful. I think that my heart is just starting to recover from losing Maeve, and I am ready for a comfortable family night. Though I have to say, I'm very surprised that Alan hasn't said anything about the kids not leaving our house."

"David put the fear of God into him, actually. He and Bruce were always close, and I know that they've kept talking despite our not having a relationship beyond our little tryst. And when you have as much clout in as many spheres as David has? Well, Alan knew that he wouldn't win. We have a court date that I completely forgot to tell you about because we've been dealing with the fallout from Maeve's murder. It will be in two weeks, and I hope that you will be able to take the morning off work and go to the courthouse with us."

"Of course, let me put that into my calendar." She whipped out her personal phone and called up the right app. Erin told her the date, and she put it in, making certain to request that date off with Hotch in an email right afterwards. "Now that that's taken care of, how about you stay with me until I finish this last search for the IRT, and then we can go home. I suddenly cannot wait to see the kids."

"I think that can be arranged," Erin murmured as she leaned in and kissed Penelope softly before taking a seat on the sofa, curling her feet beneath her and pulling out her phone. Unable to help herself, Penelope took a few candid shots of her lover before turning back to her work and quickly getting through the rest of what she needed to so. It took a little longer than she had anticipated, but soon enough, she was finished, and then she was turning off her systems for the day.

"I am now all yours," she said as she pulled her purse out of the desk, tossing it to Erin as she slipped into her coat and buttoned it. "Do you want to text the kids and ask them if they want pizza brought home? I thought we could swing by a place and pick some up, since I don't really feel like cooking tonight, especially if we're watching movies."

"I'll do that as you drive?"

She nodded and hooked arms with her beloved as they left her office and headed towards the elevators. Everyone else from their team had already left for the day, and she gave a little nod to Anderson as they passed by his desk. He waved in return before turning his focus back to whatever he was working on, and she let out a tiny sigh as they exited the bullpen and waited for the elevator to arrive. "Have you noticed that our song has changed a little since they've been living with us full time?" Penelope asked as they stepped into the elevator.

"Yes. My mother told me that that was something that might happen, since it happened when I came along. Because children are such a large part of our lives, the love you have for them bleeds into the love you have for me, and deepens the song. I rather like what I've taken to call Karen's theme. There's a bit of Mahler in it, after all."

"I thought I recognized that! I mean, I'm not an expert yet, since classical music is still relatively new to me, but he has a very distinctive sound. Sort of like John Williams!" Erin giggled as she nodded, letting her head come to rest on Penelope's shoulder as the elevator slid down to the ground floor. "Tabby has a sweet little coda in there, too, but I'm still trying to suss out what Bruce's contribution is. I guess, since he's so much quieter than the girls, I have a harder time connecting with him and hearing him."

"That will come with time." The elevator doors opened, and they stepped out in tandem, Penelope never letting go of Erin's arm as they went out to their car. "I'm just going to tell them that we're stopping, rather than asking. It's easier that way, especially since we don't know how long the pizza will take on a Friday night."

Penelope nodded as she climbed behind the wheel, taking Erin's keys from her hand and starting the vehicle before backing out of their spot. That was a perk that she had quickly grown accustomed to, even though she knew it was a shallow reason to love having Erin as her soulmate. As soon as the text was sent and the pizzas ordered, Erin turned up the radio, and Penelope smiled to hear Beethoven pour out of the speakers. She knew the Fifth Symphony, and she smiled as she tapped out the rhythm on the steering wheel as she drove. Next to her, Erin was humming along with the song, and she felt so thoroughly domestic in that moment that she wondered if that bucolic feeling would ever fade away.

"I'm sort of glad the traffic is lighter than normal. I think we're going to reach the restaurant as soon as the pizzas are supposed to be finished," Erin said as they pulled into the parking lot. "I'll be right back." Erin leaned over and pressed her lips to Penelope's cheek before leaving the car and she watched her jog up to the door, not wanting to take her eyes off her soulmate. The five minutes she was gone seemed so long, and Penelope let out a huff of relief as Erin got back into the car, setting the boxes of pizza on the dashboard as she fastened her belt before slipping them into her lap as Penelope backed out of the parking spot. "I hope this is enough for us all. I went with two, since I know that you and Tabby aren't partial to meat."

"This will be fine. And there are breadsticks, too, which makes everything better." Erin nodded as they continued on home, and suddenly Penelope felt words she never thought she'd say flutter on the tip of her tongue. "Do you ever think about getting married again? I know, it's so soon into our relationship, but we're soulmates, and I know that this relationship is going to last the test of time. I never thought that I would even think about marriage with someone, but now, living with you, I find myself wanting something a little more permanent?"

"Are you proposing to me in your car, darling?" Erin asked, a teasing lilt in her voice.

"Sort of? But not really. I need to get a ring and plan something glamorous, but I want to know if that's something you want before I take those steps. You could be content to just be a couple without the bonds of marriage, and I would be all right with that, too. I just feel this need, what with everything that happened to Reid and Maeve, to at least broach the subject."

They came to a stop at a red light and Penelope was shocked when Erin quickly leaned over and kissed her cheek with a loud smack. "I love you, and if you want to get married, we can. I guess that now I wait for you to choose a ring and a perfect time to ask?"

"Yes." Penelope took off as soon as the light changed, eager to start planning out just where the future with Erin would lead.