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X Files: A Ghost Returns...

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Washington DC
Sunday, 1am


Mulder felt a shudder, like someone stepped on his grave as he looked down at the note in an FBI evidence bag he’d just been given. He took a deep breath and swallowed hard as he read the note over and over.
It was definitely Duane Barry’s handwriting, asking him to meet him at a local diner at midnight tomorrownight. He recalled the last time he’d seen Barry- he was lying on the floor, unconscious as government officials tried to revive him, but to no veil. Or did they? Mulder never found out if Barry passed away for certain in that room he reasoned to himself.
There could be a chance he was still alive. Mulder looked up at his informant, X. “You go meet him, X told Mulder gruffly. “He may have what you want,” X said. “What do I want?” Mulder asked as X started to walk away. “Your little green men,” X said over his shoulder. Then he repeated the words that Mulder had heard before, which were uttered to him by his previous informant Deep Throat, “they’re here, Mister Mulder. They’ve been here for a very long time,” and with that, X walked away down the street and disappeared around a corner.
Mulder checked his watch as he stood in a park in Washington DC. It was 1am. He better get going back and make sure his apartment wasn’t bugged before someone sees him. So he quickly placed the note in his coat pocket before heading out. He looked around- the park was deserted. But Mulder knew from Deep Throat, who’d once said, “nothing is what it seems in our line of work, Mr Mulder.” Mulder smiled grimly as he remembered Deep Throat’s valuable advice. He headed into his car and started the engine before driving back to his flat.
Once he was at his place, Mulder locked the door behind him and placed the note on his coffee table before looking around for a listening device. He moved chairs and tables; even looked in his bedroom that was used as a storage room due to the fact that Mulder didn’t need a bedroom. He always slept on the couch.
When Mulder was satisfied he wasn’t being bugged, he rides up, and as he did so, he thought about Scully. “Tell no one about this,” X had told him sternly. “Even Scully?” Mulder asked. “Especially not Scully,” X replied. “May I ask why?” Mulder asked, not liking the terms of their arrangement. “You are in no position to question your orders Agent Mulder,” X told him before giving him a challenging stare.
Mulder sat down on his couch and sighed. He wanted so badly to tell Scully about the note, but he couldn’t. His big break and Scully wouldn’t be there by his side. But in the end Mulder reasoned that it was probably for the best- he didn’t want to put Scully in danger or damage her career because of his unorthodox investigations into the paranormal.
Then Mulder felt a tiredness wash over him so he lay down on the couch and it wasn’t long before he fell asleep.