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X Files: A Ghost Returns...

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The X Files office
3pm Wednesday

Agent Mulder heard a familiar voice hum as they made their way towards his office. He looked up from his office and smiled when he saw Scully come in and returning his smile.
“Hey,” Scully greeted him as she took off her jacket and placed her briefcase on her table. “Hey,” Mulder greeted her in return. “How was your investigation Scully?” Mulder wanted to know. Scully shrugged. “Oh, nothing exciting happened. They just asked me to scour the area one more time and look for clues. I found a few footprints that the police missed the first time round but they were all around in a circle where the lady’s car had been – they didn’t lead away from wheee her vehicle was so we can’t tell which direction she went.
So I updated the file before coming back,” Scully explained to him. Mulder nodded. “Good work Scully,” he said. “So how about you Mulder? What did you get up to while I was gone? Watch some more home movies?” Scully asked with a grin and a raised eyebrow. Mulder grinned back, once more regretting that he couldn’t tell Scully where he’d been. So he settled for telling her he had a day off instead. “I couldn’t function without you Scully so I played a couple of basketball games in the gym,” he lied weakly. Scully nodded. “Sounds good. Don’t worry, I’m back now. So what do we do next?” Scully asked as a Mulder opened a new X File he got from AD Skinner and they began on another case once more.

The end