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CEO of Toddlers

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[34 weeks pregnant] Lena POV

Lena was having a decent day. Her morning had started great with cuddles from both of her girls. They had made breakfast together, gotten Lily off to school without a problem, and she’d even made it through her meeting with no issues. Somehow they’d even managed to make it across town for a meeting without a traffic jam. So there was no reason why she should be feeling the way she was. But something was off; she had no idea what it could be, but she felt uneasy. Lena tried to brush it off as she went into her next meeting. Jess pushed a folder into her hands while she smiled at her. “I’ll see you in an hour Ms. Luthor,” she said while settling into a seat with her laptop. Lena took a deep breath before nodding and stepping into the boardroom with her game face on. 




Three hours later she came out with a splitting headache. The entire meeting was just a giant pissing match between a bunch of entitled white men. All she wanted to do was escape back to her office as quickly as possible. Jess fell in step with her as they took off down the hallway towards the car waiting for them. “Lunch is waiting for you in the car. I pushed back your meetings for the day and rescheduled two of them for later in the week. We should have about two hours before you have to meet with R&D.” 


The second they were in the car Lena tugged the tight bun out of her hair. A sigh escaped her lips as she rubbed at her temples and closed her eyes. Jess held out a bottle of excedrin that she gratefully took. “Thank you Jess. I don’t pay you nearly enough.” 


“On the contrary, you pay me very well Lena. Plus I like the company.” Lena hummed as she downed two pills with some water. She started to eat the salad that was waiting for her as the car pulled away from the curb. As soon as they started moving it seemed like they stopped. Her driver Frank lowered the partition, “I’m sorry Mrs. Luthor-Danvers, there seems to be an accident up ahead. We might be stuck here for awhile.” 


Lena sighed but leaned her head back against the headrest. “Well I might as well try and get rid of this headache while I have the chance.” Her eyes closed as the car inched forward every few minutes. Jess was tapping away on her phone next to her so she just kept her eyes closed. 


“Wow it’s a really bad accident. We may need to cancel the rest of the day.” 


Lena opened her eyes to a phone being held out to her. Lena carefully took the phone and saw the live news feed of the current road they were on. The accident was horrendous. She clicked to turn the sound on the video. 


“...we’re here on the scene where it appears a drunk driver hit another driver. We’re getting word that both drivers are conscious. The police are escorting the drunk driver to the hospital where he will be facing charges.” 


The camera zoomed in where police were using the jaws of life on the upside down car to get the door off. Lena quickly realized Maggie was one of the officers on the scene. She was kneeled down talking to whoever was in the car. The camera got closer and she saw her sister-in-law stand abruptly and motion for someone to come closer. 


“It looks as if the other driver needs serious medical attention. Captain Danvers-Sawyer is calling for paramed--” 


Maggie’s yells drowned out the news anchor as she frantically waved at paramedics. The camera moved in as paramedics rushed over. “She needs medical attention! She’s bleeding and she’s 7 months pregnant. We have to get her out before the baby gets any more stressed.” 


“We have to wait for the door to be taken off Capt--” 


“We have to get her out now!” 


“Captain you need to calm down,” one of her officers said.


“I’m not gonna calm down! That’s my sister in there and she’s pregnant and needs our help! Get that fucking door off now or I’ll do it myself!” 


Lena’s heart stopped as it all hit her square in the chest. That wasn’t just any car flipped over on the side of the road. That wasn’t just any pregnant woman stuck in said car. That was her tesla, with Kara inside. Kara who was hurt and Maggie was freaking out. 


“How far ahead are they from us?” She asked as she frantically sent a message to Alex asking her to pick up Lily from school and meet them at the hospital. 


Jess’s fingers were flying on her phone, “I think we’re about a mile away, maybe two.” 


Frank looked up and met her eyes in the mirror, “Strap in ladies. I’ll get you there.” 


Both women clicked their seatbelts in as the car maneuvered up onto the sidewalk and started to race toward the scene of the accident. Lena’s heart was racing, her blood rushing in her ears. Kara was hurt, their baby might be hurt, and there was nothing she could do about it. They drove up sidewalks, curbs, and even a few front lawns but finally flashing lights came into view. The car wasn’t even at a full stop when Lena all but threw herself out of it. 


As she raced to the cars an officer stopped her. “Ma’am you can’t come closer.” 


“That’s my wife in there!” 


“I’m sorry ma’am we can’t let you closer.” 


Maggie’s head snapped up as she heard her, “Taylor! Let her through!” 


The arms on her shoulders disappeared and she took off toward Maggie. Instantly Maggie had her in a tight hug. “Lena I need you to take a deep breath ok? Kara’s conscious but she’s scared. We have to keep her calm until we can get her out. I need you to calm her down. The more scared she gets the higher her blood pressure spikes, and that is not good for the baby or her. Can you do that for me?” 


Lena took a shaky breath but nodded, “I can do that.” 


Maggie pulled her over to the passenger side and they both kneeled down. Lena’s stomach rolled the second she looked inside. Kara was very clearly stuck upside down and there was blood dripping from a cut on her head. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she watched Kara watching the officers cutting the door off. “I’m right here Kar. Don’t look at them. Look at me baby.” 


Kara’s head turned quickly until their eyes met. She couldn’t remember the last time she saw Kara look so scared. “They’re gonna get you out baby. Just hang on a few more minutes.” 


“Lena I’m scared.”


“I know baby. But they’re so close to getting you out. You’re doing a great job baby.” 


“What if the baby isn’t ok?” Tears were welling in her beautiful blue eyes. Lena fought to keep her own clear. 


“I’m sure she’s doing just fine. Right now I just need you to focus on me ok? Can you do that?” 


“I’m trying. But I’m so scared.” 


Lena lay down where the door was opened and reached in so she could grip Kara’s hand. “I’m right here baby. I’m with you, always.” 


Tears rolled down Kara’s cheeks as she squeezed Lena’s hand. The officers started to yell as they got the last of the door off. “Medics! We’ve gotta get her out and to the hospital as fast as possible. Once we get her out we don’t know what we’re gonna be dealing with.”


Lena squeezed her hand back, “I’m gonna be right in the ambulance with you baby. Hang in for one more minute.” 


She climbed back out of the car and moved around with maggie to the driver side. The officers carefully cut Kara’s seatbelt and guided her right onto a gurney. It wasn’t super graceful but they didn’t drop her like Lena was terrified of. Paramedics strapped a neck brace on her and rushed her into the ambulance. Maggie all but threw her into the back as they loaded Kara in. The second she was seated by Kara’s head their hands were clasped together tightly. “I’m here, i’m here.” She kissed Kara’s bloody hand as the paramedics quickly hooked up sensors and took her vitals. 


The doors were slammed shut as one paramedic moved a doppler around Kara’s stomach looking for the baby’s heartbeat. They found one but it was slower than Lena was hoping for. One paramedic turned to the driver, “Flip the lights on, we need to get to the hospital as fast as possible.” 


Kara squeezed her hand as tears ran down her cheeks. Lena kissed her hand again, “It’s ok baby. She’s gonna be ok. You’re gonna be ok.” 


The next ten minutes was a blur as the paramedics closely monitored her blood pressure, heart rate, and the babies as well. As soon as they were at the hospital doctors swarmed them. They were racing down the hallway at a sprint toward labor and delivery. Their doctor was thankfully on call that day and she raced into the room to hook up Kara to monitors. She did a very quick check on both her and the baby before taking a deep breath. 


“Kara we have to deliver your daughter now.” 


Kara’s eyes got wide, “But I’m only 34 weeks. What if she’s not strong enough?” 


Dr. Hudson placed a hand on her shoulder gently, “She’s almost fully developed. She has to be delivered now. Your placenta has detached from your uterine wall and you’re bleeding internally. Your daughter’s oxygen is slowly being cut off. We have to deliver her now. I’m going to prep you for a c-section. She has to be delivered now for both of your safety.” 


Tears rolled down Kara’s cheeks as she nodded. Lena stopped the doctor before she left the room. “I want the yellow sun lamps in the operating room. As soon as she’s delivered we’re taking the bracelet off and flipping them on. I’m not losing either of them.” 


“Of course Lena. I’ll take care of your girls. Nurses will be in to prep  you both quickly. I’ll see you in a few minutes.” 


Lena turned back to Kara. She leaned down and kissed her, “It’s ok Kar. It’s ok. We’re gonna get through this I promise. You’ve done such a good job protecting her. Let me take care of you two now.” 


Nurses swarmed the room hooking Kara up to IV’s and even more monitors. A nurse pulled Lena away to put scrubs on over her clothes. She wasn’t happy about having to leave Kara but knew they’d be reunited in a few minutes. Quickly she shot off a message to Alex letting her know what was happening. 


The best S-I-L ever: They’re prepping Kara for a c-section. Her placenta detached from her uterus and she’s bleeding internally. The baby is losing oxygen too. She should be delivered in the next few minutes. I know we talked about slowly introducing the yellow sun back into her life over a few days but I don’t want to risk anything. They’re going to turn them on right after they deliver the baby. I’ll let you know as soon as everything is done. 


A nurse guided her into the room and it was the second time that day she felt a lump in her throat. But she didn’t have time to be afraid, Kara needed her. Crossing the room in a few steps, she was guided into a chair next to Kara’s head. She stroked her cheek gently and pressed kisses to her forehead. “You’re doing so great baby. I’m so proud of you.” 


“What if she’s hurt?” Came Kara’s shaky voice. 


“We’ll get through it together. I promise.” 


Dr. Hudson’s voice came from over the sheet blocking them, “Ok Kara you’re gonna feel some pressure when I maneuver her out. Just keep breathing nice and steady for me.” 


“Ok,” Kara said with a little wince. Lena gave her hand a squeeze but didn’t dare peek around the sheet. 


“Ok here’s the pressure. You’re doing great Kara. Here she comes.” 


Kara’s hand squeezed hers as tears rolled down her cheeks. Lena brushed them away even as her own eyes filled with tears. “You’re doing great baby.” 


There was a flurry of movement behind the curtain. Lena did her best to keep smiling down at her wife to keep her calm. Their daughter wasn’t crying yet and Lena knew it was only gonna be a few seconds before Kara asked if she was ok. She could hear a suction and nurses moving around behind them. Kara’s eyes frantically met hers, “Is she ok?” 


Dr. Hudson was the one to answer this time, “She’s ok. She just needs a little help breathing right now. They’re gonna give her some oxygen and then they’ll bring her to see you. I need you to try and stay calm so I can stop this bleeding though.” 


Kara’s hand was shaking in hers and Lena wasn’t totally sure if it was because she was upset or the blood she was losing. Her fingers closed around the bracelet as she clicked it and slipped it from her wrist. She reached up and flipped on the lamp above them, bathing Kara in bright yellow sunlight. Lena laced their fingers again as Dr. Hudson called out for various tools and items from the nurses. 


A loud wail came from across the room and both Lena and Kara let out a sob they’d both been holding in. “You spoke too soon,” Dr. Hudson teased. “She’s gonna keep you two up all night.” A nurse appeared with a little bassinet next to them. Inside was a tiny baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket with a little oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. Lena wiped the tears rolling down Kara’s cheeks as they looked at their daughter. The bassinet was just slightly under the lamp but her color was rapidly improving and she cried even harder with what sounded like more clear lungs. “Like mother, like daughter,” Dr. Hudson joked. 


It was true, Kara’s color was looking much better the longer she stayed under the lamps. “You did it love. Our daughter is here and she’s so beautiful,” Lena said quietly. 


“She’s so little,” Kara whispered. 


The nurse started to roll the bassinet away and Kara looked panicked. “Go with her. Don’t let her out of your sight.” 


“Baby she’s ok. I’m gonna stay right here with you.” 


“No! You have to go with her Lena. She’s just a baby. She needs you,” Kara’s eyes were pleading. 


“Ok, ok, take a breath darling. I’ll go with her. Calm down so Dr. Hudson can finish up.” 


Lena kissed her forehead and followed the nurse to another room where they were checking out her little girl. 




An hour later Lena was finally allowed to see Kara in recovery. Dr. Hudson said everything had gone fine but they wanted to let her sit under the lights for a while just to be safe because she had lost quite a bit of blood. Kara was not happy from what she could tell; and she didn’t blame her. All she wanted was her baby and nobody would let her see her. Lena turned and pulled the door shut so her back was to Kara in the bed. 


“Lena is she ok? They won’t let me see her. Rao, we are gonna sue your own hospital if someone doesn’t tell me how she is soon. Nobody will tell me anything!” 


She turned around and saw the words die from Kara’s lips as her eyes landed on the little pink bundle in Lena’s arms. She could see blue eyes well up with tears. She looked down at her little girl, “I think your mommy would really like a turn holding you sweetheart. How about we let her see for herself that you’re doing just fine?” Lena made her way over to the bed carefully not to wake their sleeping daughter in her arms. 


With a raised eyebrow she got Kara to lay back down on the bed with a little eye roll. She gently handed over their little girl to her wife. Her heart was so full it was about to burst as Kara stroked her little cheek and cradled her to her chest. Lena kissed her head softly, “How are you feeling?” 


“Much better now,” she replied while never taking her eyes off the sleeping little girl in her arms. 


“You scared me. Never do that again.” 


“Well I didn’t exactly plan on today’s events. But i’ll do my best to use my super senses to keep our family safe from now on.” 


Lena hummed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “She’s perfect.” 


“She really is. I think her eyes are going to be green like yours. Rao I hope they are.” 


Lena blushed a little, “It wouldn’t be bad if she took after you physically.” 


Kara kissed her tiny forehead, “She’ll be perfect either way.” 


“She will.”


They both gazed down at their little perfect miracle. “Are you still sure about her name?” 


Lena smiled while reaching out to stroke her soft baby skin. “I’m sure.” 


Kara smiled, “Welcome to the family Alexis Kieran Luthor-Danvers.” 


“Welcome to the family sweetheart.”