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CEO of Toddlers

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Kara kneeled and tied bows into the laces of the little pink converse in front of her. “You’re going to be such a good girl today right?” She looked up and met blue eyes and a nodding head. Her hands slipped under her daughters arms and she lifted her up onto her hip easily. They’d come back to earth two weeks ago following a disease outbreak on Argo. Her daughter, Lily, would have better medical attention on earth if she got sick so the choice had been an easy one to make. Alex had been ecstatic that they were coming back to earth so she could spoil her niece. It didn’t take much planning to secure a place to live and enroll Lily in school. She was worried that the sudden changes would be stressful for her daughter and wasn’t sure how she would handle everything. So far, she hadn’t noticed many changes except that her daughter was going to bed earlier and being less talkative.


Setting Lily on the counter she put the packed lunch in her daughters backpack and zipped it up. They had spent the last few days trying to prepare her for school on earth and how different it would be than on Argo. For one thing, the days were going to be longer and she wasn’t going to know any of the other kids there. Kara carded her fingers through her little blonde curls and tied them back into pigtails. Pressing a soft kiss to her forehead she scooped her back up and grabbed the backpack as well. “Come on Lily, let’s get you off to school.”


They only lived a few blocks from the school so Kara had decided they would walk while the weather was still nice and she had the time before heading into the DEO to work. Little fingers clutched her own and she swung Lily’s hand as they walked. “Mommy what if nobody wants to be my friend?” Kara stopped walking and kneeled in front of her daughter.


“Not everyone will be nice and want to be your friend. But I know that if you just be yourself that you will make lots of friends in no time. You are a smart and sweet little girl that I love sooooo much.” She kissed her nose and scooped her up as a blush covered her daughter’s cheeks. She looked like a young version of Kara with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone who knew Kara always commented on how much the two looked alike.


Kara scooped up her daughter and held her on her hip as they finished walking to school. Alex had set up everything for school, promising it was an exceptional school and would fast track the little kryptonian to getting into the best schools in the country. So for all intents and purposes, Kara had little idea about her daughter’s teacher or classmates. She made her way to her daughter’s classroom and waited outside with the other parents. Kids were talking to each other animatedly and Kara felt bad that they all seemed to know each other but Lily wouldn’t know any of them. Lily’s arms tightened around her neck as the door opened and kids ran inside. She kneeled down and set her on the ground, smoothing down her little skirt. “You’re going to have a great day baby girl. In a few hours I’ll be right back to pick you up and we’ll go get ice cream. Ok?” Pigtails bobbed up and down as Lily nodded at her. Most of the other parents were heading off to work and it was just the two of them standing outside the doorway to the classroom.


“Ok jeju,” she replied as she hugged her tight around the neck. Kara fought the tears that threatened to fall; she only used the kryptonian word when she was feeling particularly scared or stressed. A voice came from behind them and it stopped Kara’s heart.


“And who do we have here? There’s no need to be nervous little one.” Kara would know that voice anywhere, on any earth. But there was no way; she would never be a kindergarten teacher, right? Lily’s little head rose off her shoulder and she must have been looking up at her teacher.


“I’m Lily,” she said shyly. Kara took a deep breath and stood, taking her daughter’s small hand in her own. She turned around and all the air left her lungs. Standing in the doorway to the classroom was her best friend, well, ex best friend; Lena Luthor.


An eyebrow shot up but Lena didn’t let her surprise show too much. She kneeled down to Lily’s height, “It’s great to meet you Lily! You can call me Miss Lena. What do you say we go inside and find your desk and put away your things?” Lily looked up at Kara who nodded down at her with a small smile.


“Go ahead sweetheart. I’ll be back to pick you up in a few hours. You’re going to have so much fun today.” Lily held onto her mom’s hand tighter and nodded. Kara knelt back down in front of her daughter and stroked her cheek, “Can I tell you a secret?” Little pigtails nodded at her and her big blue eyes were watery.


“You don’t have to be scared because I know Miss Lena will take great care of you today. You’re going to learn so much and make so many friends.” Lily’s little fingers wound themselves in her hair and she played with it how she always did when she was nervous.


“But jeju how do you know?” Her voice was quiet and she seemed much younger than 5.


“I know because Miss Lena and I used to be friends.” Lily looked at her and then back at Lena and then back at her. Her arms wound around Kara’s neck one more time before she stepped back from her and took Lena’s outstretched hand.


“She’ll be just fine Kara. We’ll see you in a few hours.” She led Lily inside the doorway and Kara turned to head home wiping a stray tear as it fell down her cheek. Using a little super speed she made it home in half the time the walk to school initially took. She grabbed a few things and loaded them into her car to take the DEO and headed off a few minutes later.



“ALEX!” Heads whipped around as she stormed through the DEO looking for her sister. There were still quite a few faces that she recognized and she wanted to stop and talk to but now was not the time. Right now she was on a rampage and she needed to find her sister.


Kara reached the end of the hall where her sisters office was located. She pushed the door open to find Alex sitting at her desk reading some files. Her foot kicked the door shut harder than she anticipated. Her arms crossed over her chest, “Would you like to explain to me why Lena Luthor is Lily’s teacher?”


Alex had taken a sip of coffee and promptly spit it out. “What?” Kara rolled her eyes but remained unchanged in her stance. “Seriously Kara what?”


“I just dropped Lily off and Lena is her teacher Alex! You should have warned me! What if Lena fails her because of everything that happened between us? What if she’s not the same Lena I knew five years ago and she takes out how she feels for me on Lily? Lily did nothing wrong. She wasn’t the one who lied to her best friend for years. She didn’t break promises like I did. She’s just a little girl Alex. You shouldn’t have signed her up for a school that Lena teaches at! And since when did she become a freaking teacher!?”


Alex ran a hand through her hair as she took in everything that Kara said. “Honestly I had no idea Lena taught there Kar I swear. I knew she left L-Corp to Sam to go do something else a few years ago but I didn’t know she was a teacher. If I had known that I wouldn’t have enrolled Lily without telling you first I swear. Regardless of what happened between you guys I don’t think Lena would ever take anything out on Lily. We both know how much Lena cares and she would never intentionally hurt Lily. You should definitely talk to her though just to make sure she knows that you didn’t know she would be Lily’s teacher. I’m sure you guys have quite a bit to talk about.”


Kara ran a hand through her hair and sighed. So much had happened since she had last seen Lena. She’d gone to Lena time and time again to try and apologize, to make things right between them after the crisis. But Lena wanted nothing to do with her still. After months of trying to apologize she realized that earth was no longer her home. Lena was her home on earth as much as Alex was. But Alex had her own life to worry about and she couldn’t constantly keep stopping her plans for her sister. So Kara had held her head high and gone to stay with her mom on Argo. She’d planned to stay for a few months just to let things settle down on earth but then Mon-El had come back. At least with him she could forget for awhile. From the start he warned her that he would have to go back to the future; he all but begged her to go back with him. She couldn’t though; she couldn’t go to a time where her family no longer existed. He’d gone back after she told him she was pregnant; apparently the future was still more important than she was. In all honesty it was for the best, she and Lily were fine on their own. If he’d stayed she wouldn’t be back on earth with her family. Her mom had helped her for the first few years of Lily’s life and she would be eternally grateful for everything she’d done for her.


“I doubt she’ll want to talk to me Alex.”


“She came looking for you after you left. When I told her you were on Argo and not coming back she closed off. Disappeared. She didn’t talk to any of us anymore no matter how much we reached out. L-Corp started making spaceships and I honestly think she was trying to get to you Kar. But she would never ask any of us for help. I could have just teleported her there but she’d have to actually talk to me to know that.”


“I really can’t think about this right now. I’m going downstairs to punch stuff. If you need me you know where to find me.”


Kara headed downstairs to the training rooms and flipped on the red sun lamps. She felt her powers leaving her body for the first time in two weeks and it was a relief in some ways. She’d spent five years without powers and getting to just be normal on Argo. When she’d come back to earth it had taken her a few days to adjust again. It wasn’t as hard as it initially was when she’d landed on earth but a change nonetheless. Alex had given her the option of putting a power dampening chip in Lily’s arm or wearing a red sun bracelet. For now she had decided on the bracelet, not wanting to put something in her daughters body that wasn’t tested extensively first. Clark had Jon wearing the same bracelet for the past six years and there weren’t any negative side effects that they’d found yet.


Her fists connected with the punching bag and she felt the tension and stress leaving her body with each blow.




At 3:15 Kara left the DEO and drove to Lily’s school. She parked and walked to the classroom where she knew her daughter would be. There weren’t many parents waiting yet and she checked her phone to busy herself while she waited. She scrolled through some emails and replied to a few before hearing the door open and watching kids come running out. She waited patiently for little blonde pigtails to appear and wasn’t disappointed when they appeared a few seconds later. She frowned seeing tears streaking down her cheeks and kneeled to catch her daughter and wrap her in a tight hug. “Sweetheart what’s wrong? You can tell me anything, you know that.” She ran a hand soothingly up and down her back as she stood and felt her daughter crying into her neck.


“Wanna go home.” Kara pressed a kiss to the side of her head and held her closer.


“Ok baby girl. Let’s go home.”


“No, wanna go all the way home. With uzheiu.” Kara sighed and headed to the car with Lily held close to her chest.


“Grandma is going to come visit soon baby. You know we can’t go back there right now. It’s not safe for you honey.”


She dropped the little backpack in the backseat and strapped Lily into her car seat. “How about we go get some ice cream? Will that make you feel better? Maybe we can talk about why you’re so sad?”


Pigtails shook from side to side and she sighed. “Home. No ice cream.” She must be pretty upset to turn down food. After all, she was Kara’s daughter. Without another word Kara got them home and carried Lily inside. She immediately went to her room and curled up on her bed clutching a little bear to her chest as she cried. Kara lay next to her and ran her fingers through her curls lightly. She pressed soft kisses to her forehead and whispered how much she loved her quietly until she felt her breathing slow and the tears stop. She hoped that this was just as passing phase and after a few days things would settle down into a routine.


Things absolutely did not settle down. It had been three weeks of Lily whining about going to school. She threw fits when she had to be dropped off in the morning and she cried everyday when Kara picked her up. At home she refused to eat her dinner most nights without bribery, wouldn’t play with toys she loved, and the only time she would smile was when she was with her Aunts or cousins. Kara was starting to lose hope when she dropped her off on a Monday morning and Lena stopped her with a look.


“Can I speak to you after school Kara?” With a sigh she nodded and left to go to the DEO. It was going to be a long day.

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Approximately 6 hours later she found herself anxiously awaiting a meeting with her ex best friend. Alex hadn’t been very helpful when she’d asked her what she thought the meeting was about. Her thought was that Lily was probably upset at school as well as home. She was trying to get Lily to see a therapist at the DEO but so far none of them had been helpful at all. It was killing her that she couldn’t do anything to help her daughter. She had tried some of the things Eliza had done for her when she’d landed on earth. But the situation was not the same. For one thing, Lily was much younger than she had been. She couldn’t understand that it was for the best that she had been taken from her grandmother and her friends back on Argo. One day she would, but for now all she knew was that everything she’d ever known was gone. With a sigh Kara pulled her hair back into a ponytail and watched the kids file out of the classroom. After Lena ushered the last kid out she made eye contact with Kara and she took that as her cue to go into the classroom.


Lily was sitting at a little desk coloring a picture when she walked in the door. She wasn’t crying so that was a good thing. Kara leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of her head, “Go ahead and keep coloring baby. I’m going to go talk to Miss Lena for a few minutes.” She nodded and happily kept coloring her picture. Kara followed Lena over to her desk and sat down when gestured to. “We always seem to end up with a desk between us,” she said quietly looking down at her hands.


When she looked up she was met with a quirked eyebrow and a smirk. “While that may be true Miss Danvers, I think we should talk about Lily.” Kara nodded and avoided moving her hand to adjust her glasses in the nervous way she used to.


“She’s been having a hard time adjusting to school. Has everything been ok at home? Because I know you, or I used to, and seeing your daughter as anything but a ray of sunshine doesn’t seem right.”


Kara sighed, “A lot has changed really fast. She’s seen two therapists but it doesn’t seem to be helping at all. She throws a fit in the morning when I’m getting her ready for school, cries the second I pick her up at 3:30, and the only people she seems to like being around are Alex and Maggie. She doesn’t want to play with her toys or eat ice cream. She never wants to talk about school or any friends she’s making. I’m running out of ideas on how to help her. I don’t know what to do. She wants to go home, back to Argo but that isn’t an option. I feel like the worst parent in the world most days because I can’t stop her from hurting.”


“Kara we both know you’re not a bad parent. If anything I’d imagine you’re probably one of the best. The counselor we have here at school is one of the best, if you wanted I could have her set up an appointment for sometime this week. We both know how hard it is leaving behind everything you’ve ever known. It’ll take her time to adjust. But I know you’re doing everything you can to help her right now.”


“I trust you Lena, if you think the counselor here will help then I’m more than happy to give that a try. I miss my happy little girl. I just want her to stop hurting. I’ve never seen her cry so much in the five years she’s been alive.”


“Just try and give her a routine for now. Stability will help her because I’m sure that’s one of the things that threw her off in the first place. Amidst all the changes taking place she needs something concrete to hold onto. I’ve found with most kids in my classes that they thrive off a schedule. Everyday they know exactly what we’re going to do all the way down to each snack time and recess. There are no surprises and it provides a sense of security in itself. It’ll take time but I’m sure she’ll be back to normal in a few months.”


Kara nodded, “Alright. I’ll try to stick to a stricter schedule. I’m sorry if she’s been a bother for you. She’s always been such a happy kid but these past few weeks have been so out of character for her.”


“She’s not a bother Kara. She’s a sweet girl but she’s hurting. I just want to help her and in turn help you. I’ll set up an appointment and have the counselor contact you. Kelly is one of the best and I’m sure she can help Lily.”


“I trust you. Thank you for talking to me. It’s been a hard transition for her; for both of us.” She smoothed the wrinkles out of her pants and refused to meet Lena’s eyes.


“Have you talked to anyone yourself? Nobody is above getting help. I’ve been seeing a therapist for years now. It helps more than I ever thought it would. I could give you the names of a few people if you wanted. I’m sure the DEO has their own team of therapists but I’ve come across a few really good ones in the past six years.”


Kara folded her hands in her lap and blue eyes met green. “I’d appreciate it thanks. The ones the DEO has are trained in more PTSD stuff… they’re great don’t get me wrong but… they also know who I am and they don’t really care about anything outside of Supergirl stuff.”


Lena nodded and wrote down a few names and numbers on a sticky note. She handed it over and Kara slipped it into her pocket. “Thank you Lena. Please let me know if Lily seems to be getting worse or better. She doesn’t like to open up much at home about school.”


“Of course Kara. I’m sure Kelly will be able to help Lily. I’ll let you know when the meeting is set up for and I’m sure paperwork will be sent home with her.”


“Ok. Thank you. I really mean it.”


“Well now that we have a plan it’s just a matter of putting it into action. I’ll let you take Lily home and I’ll get everything set up. Academically you have nothing to worry about. She’s a very bright little girl. She’s light years ahead of the other kids, even the alien ones. So you don’t need to worry about that.”


“Thank you,” Kara replied smiling over at her daughter who was still coloring. “We read every night and she used to spend most of the day with my mom. Sometimes they would be in the labs; sometimes she would take her to the museums. Lily loves learning so it was easy. I’m going to take her to the aquarium this weekend. Hopefully that will cheer her up for awhile. She really misses her friends and my mom though. I’m not sure when I can take her back to Argo to see her. There was a new element leaked in the air and she’s allergic to it. They have a vaccine but it wasn’t 100% effective so I didn’t want to risk it. Bringing her here made the most sense.”


“So when they create a cure… you’ll be taking her back?” Lena had a strange look on her face, unrecognizable to Kara. She almost looked upset but not exactly that.


“I’m not sure yet. I don’t think they’re anywhere near a cure honestly. Right now we’re where we need to be. I don’t want to uproot her life once we get settled but if they find a cure and she wants to go home… I’ll definitely consider it.”


Lena nodded and cleared her throat, “That makes sense. I’ll let you get her home and I’ll let you know about that appointment.”


“Ok. Thank you again Lena. It means more to me than you know that you’re looking out for her.”


“Of course Kara.”


Kara stood and made her way over to Lily. “Come on little bug. Let’s get your stuff and go home. Aunt Alex is coming over for dinner tonight.”


“Can we have pot stickers mommy? Is Aunt Maggie coming over too? And Ripley?” She asked as she put her crayons in a little cubby. Her picture went into her backpack and Kara helped her put on her little jacket bearing the House of El crest on the shoulder.


“Of course we can have pot stickers! And yes Maggie and Ripley are coming over too.” She zipped up her jacket and lifted Lily onto her hip, holding her little back pack with a large ‘L’ on it in her other hand.


“Yay! Bye Miss Lena! See you tomorrow!”


“Bye honey, have fun tonight!” She replied waving at Lily. Lily lifted her own little hand and waved back.


“Bye Lena. Thank you again. We’ll see you in the morning.”


Kara made her way outside while Lily chatted happily from her perch on her hip. She tossed the backpack into the backseat and settled her into her car seat. “And then I played dollies with Erin! We were mommies just like you!”


“That sounds like so much fun bug. You sound like you had a really good day today. I’m so happy you had fun. Maybe we can invite Erin and her mom to play sometime. Would that be fun?”


“Uh huh! Maybe we can go to the place where they have the play thing and the food!”


Kara laughed, “I’ll see if they want to go to McDonalds with us sometime. Now let’s get home and get some pot stickers. I’m sure Aunt Alex and Maggie are already on their way over with Ripley.”


“Yay! Puppy time!”


She shut the door and slipped into the front seat. Her key slipped into the ignition and she turned on the Frozen soundtrack. Let it go started to play right away and Lily started humming from behind her. With a smile on her face she pulled out of the parking space and headed home.




“Lily remember, don’t pull on Ripley’s tail. She doesn’t like that.” Kara warned as the German shepherd puppy raced into the room and headed straight at Lily.


“Mommy I know!” Ripley ran right into Lily and knocked her over as she giggled. Little arms wound around the dog’s neck and Kara just shook her head.


“Who would have thought my dog could take out your kid Little Danvers,” Maggie joked with a laugh. The puppy was licking all over Lily’s face and she was giggling like crazy. It warmed her heart to see her happy again. The past few weeks her smile had been far and few between.


Alex set the food down on the table as Kara brought out plates. She put a few pot stickers on a plate along with a few pieces of orange chicken and a scoop of lo mein. “Baby here’s your dinner. How about we let Ripley run around for a little bit while you eat?”


“Can’t she sit with me? I won’t feed her my dinner! I promise! And I’ll eat all my food! I’ll be good mommy, pleaseeeeee.”


Maggie and Alex laughed as Kara put her hands on her hips. “Fine. But you can’t feed her any of your food. She could get sick if you do. If you feed her anything then she won’t be able to play with you.” Lily nodded and ran to her seat at the table. Ripley followed and sat down right next to her.


They all sat around the table with their own plates. Kara watched as Lily happily munched on a pot sticker and kept a hand in Ripley’s fur, humming contently. She popped a pot sticker into her own mouth and turned to her sisters to talk.


“How’s the potty training going?”


Maggie snorted, “How easy was it to potty train Lily? Imagine that times a hundred. At least with a toddler you can stop them from running away most of the time. I’m pretty sure she’s peed in the house at least a hundred times.”


“And half of those times are on my shoes. But she’s a little ball of fun. I see why you always wanted a dog now.”


Lily’s head snapped up at them and Kara shot a glare towards her sister. “Mommy can we get a dog!? They’d be best friends with Ripley! And then I could walk her and play with her and it would be so much fun!”


Kara sighed, “Baby we can’t get a dog right now. We just moved in and we’re getting settled. How about we talk about it in a few months?”


Lily frowned, “But mommyyyyyyy!”


Alex at least appeared to look sorry. “Lils you can play with Ripley all you want. Mommy and I were just talking about this the other day. Would you be ok if sometimes Aunt Maggie or I picked you up from school? We could bring Ripley and then you guys could play for a little bit before you go home.” At least that much was true. She’d thrown the idea around with Alex to see if it would help Lily’s mood having her aunts and the dog around. Anything to shake up the normal routine of her crying when Kara picked her up.


“Yea I guess that would be ok,” she said burying her fingers in the dog’s fur. Kara reached over and rubbed her back lightly. Her little blonde curls brushed against her fingers.


“How about we get a little pet first and let you try taking care of that? If that goes ok then we can talk about getting a dog, ok?”


Lily nodded and smiled a little, “Like a kitty?”


Alex and Maggie laughed as Kara sighed. Her daughter was smart and witty; she’d give her that much. “How about a fish? Or maybe a hamster?”


Lily frowned, “But a kitty is smaller than a dog is mom.” She looked up at Kara with her big blue eyes, lip pulled up in a pout. She’d perfected the Danvers pout that Kara used to use all the time. Serves her right for using it on all her friends, now her little girl can utilize it against her.


“We’ll see bug. Did you tell Alex and Maggie what we’re doing this weekend?”


“We’re going to the aquarium. Mom I don’t want to get a fishy. I want to get a cat or a dog. Fish aren’t fun. You can’t walk a fish!”


Maggie laughed as she took a drink of her water. “Baby Danvers has a point.”


Kara glared over at Maggie before returning to look at Lily. “Honey. We are not getting a dog right now. What if we go look at dogs this weekend? I’m not saying we’re getting one yet. I want to make sure we find just the right one for us. Ok?”


Lily smiled a perfect replica of Kara’s and nodded her head fast. “Ok! Thanks mommy!” She dug back into her food happily.


Alex snorted, “Now you know how it was dealing with you growing up.” She rolled her eyes at her sister and ate another pot sticker.


“Oh shush. I guess we’re going to look at dogs this weekend. Neither of you are invited.”


Lily smiled up at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. Maybe her little girl would be able to adjust easier after all.





Little feet pounded down the hallway and Kara squeezed her eyes shut. Lily’s heartbeat echoed in her ears as her feet hit the hardwood of the hallway. The door flew open and she lifted her arms just in time to catch the flying projectile that was her daughter.


“Mommy it’s time for doggies!” She laughed and hugged her close to her chest. Lily squirmed and giggled as she tried to free herself from her grasp. Kara tickled her sides and rolled onto her side so Lily was lying on the bed next to her.


“Lily bug we still have to get dressed and have breakfast before doggies. Plus we were going to go to the aquarium today. Don’t you still want to do that?” Lily frowned, her little blue eyes looking up at her.


“But mom… puppies!” Kara couldn’t help but laugh. Lily was so much like her sometimes it wasn’t fair. She reached over and ran her fingers through her sleep-tousled hair. Her wavy blonde locks were going in every direction. She pressed her lips to Lily’s forehead and hugged her close to her chest. Sometimes she missed when Lily was a baby. When she would sit in the nursery with Lily cradled to her chest. Feeling the warmth of her baby girl held close to her heart. Lily was everything she’d ever hoped for. She had given her the one thing she’d always dreamed of, a family.


“Let’s go get you dressed and we’ll get donuts on the way to the shelter, deal?” Lily shot up out of her arms and landed on top of her. Kara laughed as Lily started to press little kisses all over her face in a ‘kiss attack’. Her arms wound around her little girl and she started her own kiss attack. After a few minutes she stood cradling her like a baby. Of course she would never weigh too much to be carried but Kara relished in the way it felt holding her close. “Come on bug, let’s go see what the shelter has to offer.”


A half hour later they were on their way to the National City Animal Shelter. She had successfully gotten Lily into red leggings, a red tutu, and a blue t-shirt with butterflies all over it and a House of El crest stitched small into the bottom corner. She’d managed to tame her blonde hair into a French braid and gotten her to eat a granola bar and donut. Her hand held to her little girl’s tightly and she led them into the Animal Shelter.


The employees were very nice and all were very happy to show them to the dogs. Kara sighed when she saw how excited Lily was. There were dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages on a wall. Lily pulled away and ran down an aisle, as the barking got louder. She and the employee followed after Lily as she turned a corner.


When she rounded the corner she found Lily squatted down to the ground with her hand in a cage. “Lily don’t put your hands in the cages!” She quickly pulled her hand back as she squatted behind her. “We don’t know how friendly the dogs are honey. You can’t just put your hands in there ok?” Lily nodded and leaned back against her. Kara looked up into the cage and was met with bright blue eyes and white fur. It was a beautiful white Samoyed looking back at them. She sighed and looked back at the employee standing behind them.


“He’s good with kids. Very gentle and loving. He was just too energetic for his last home. He needs space and someone to take him for walks or runs during the day.”


Kara nodded, “Can we play with him?”


The girl smiled and opened the door to slip a leash around the dogs neck. He tugged his way out and started licking Lily right away. Kara stood and lifted Lily out of his reach out of instinct. While she was indestructible, her daughter was not while the bracelet rested on her wrist. The dog sniffed her and then sniffed Lily’s little shoes. “Mommy I wanna pet him! Put me down please!”


She carefully took a knee while still keeping Lily close to her. Of course if the dog made a move to hurt Lily she would easily tug her daughter out of the way in time. “Put your hand out Lily bug. Let him sniff you.” Lily’s little hand reached out and her fingers opened. Her palm was quickly getting covered in licks and she was giggling like crazy.


“He’s 3 years old. Had all his shots, micro chipped, and he’s fixed. His last owners kids were a little obsessed with Superman and Supergirl, his name is Krypto.” Kara had to visibly hold in her sigh. Alex and Maggie were going to have a field day with this.


Lily stepped out of her arms and the employee led them to a bigger room with some toys. Little hands found a ball quickly and in no time she was throwing it for Krypto to run after. He easily bounded around the room and brought the ball back to Lily and dropped it at her feet. Kara ran a hand through her hair as Krypto followed Lily around.




Ring… Ring… Ring… “Hey Kar, what’s up? I thought you were going to the shelter today. I figured you’d be gone playing with the dogs longer.” Alex’s voice played through the car stereo.


“Aunt Allie! We got a dog!” Lily’s voice rang out from behind her. Instantly Kara could hear her sister laughing and she pulled into the driveway.


“Really Kar? Did she put the pout on the second you walked in the door?”


“I don’t wanna talk about it right now Alex. Jokes on you we’re at your house right now. Open up and meet our dog.”


She hit the end call button and climbed out of the car. Slipping her phone into her back pocket she stepped to the back door and opened it. She unclipped the buckles holding her daughter in and lifted her out. Then she opened the trunk and grabbed the leash as Krypto bounded out of the car. Alex stepped out the front door and immediately started laughing as Lily ran to her. Kara let out a huff as she watched her daughter get lifted into her arms.


“That is quite the dog Kar. Definitely not a cute and cuddly puppy or a ‘small pet’.” She rolled her eyes at Alex and held Krypto back from jumping up on her.


“Krypto calm down.” He immediately dropped to sit next to her.


Alex burst out laughing at that and it got another huff and roll of the eyes from her. “Don’t even say it Alex.”


“You named your dog Krypto?”


“Actually his last owners did. Apparently their kids had a thing for Superman and Supergirl.” Alex had to wipe away tears that were rolling down her cheeks. Lily held around her neck clearly not understanding what was happening. She of course didn’t know much about Superman and Supergirl since she hadn’t grown up on earth for the most part. Kara had never told her that she was a superhero before she was born and she really didn’t plan on it anytime soon.


“That is amazing. I was wrong. That dog is definitely made for you. Forget a puppy or a small pet. He definitely belongs with you guys.” She kissed Lily’s cheek and set her down, “Introduce me to your dog squirt.”




It was currently 8:45am and they were running late. Lily had been so happy all day playing with Krypto. But now it was time to get ready for school and suddenly she ‘had a tummy ache’. Kara knew she didn’t want to go to school because she’d much rather stay home with her dog and mom all day. She pressed the thermometer to Lily’s forehead and the reading came back perfectly normal. “Honey you don’t have a fever. If you really don’t feel good you can stay home. But if you stay home you’re going to stay in bed all day and Krypto is going to stay outside. You can’t stay home and play with the dog instead of going to school.”


Lily sighed, “But mommy he makes me feel better!” She laughed and ran her fingertips down her little cheek. Her daughter was so much like her it was unreal.


“Bug, you need to go to school if you feel ok. If we stay home then neither you nor him will learn anything.”


Blue eyes sparkled up at her, “Can we take him to show Miss Lena when you drop me off?” She chuckled down at her daughter and kissed her forehead.


“If you get dressed really fast I think we can bring him along to drop you off.”




Lily jumped out of bed and ran to her closet. She pulled out jeans and long sleeved shirt and quickly tugged her nightgown over her head. Kara went over and held her little jeans out for her and helped her tug them up her legs and button them. She helped her into her shirt and brushed out her hair. In a matter of ten minutes they were out the door and heading to school.


Kara gripped the leash as Krypto pulled them towards the classroom. Lily’s little hand was nestled deep into his fur at his neck as she happily walked alongside him. She couldn’t help but laugh and shake her head at her little girl, oh to be 5 again. All she wanted to do was make her daughter happy and make the transition easy for her. Maybe she should have gotten her a dog sooner.


They were waiting outside the classroom with other kids and a few parents. Most of the parents had stopped walking their kids to the classroom after the first week it seemed, but Kara was not having any of that. Lily would be grown before she knew it and she wasn’t going to miss a single second. A few kids ran around the playground and the door opened revealing Lena in the frame.


There was still another ten minutes before class started. Green eyes scanned across the schoolyard and landed on them. An eyebrow quirked in their direction and Kara couldn’t help but look sheepish. She lifted the hand that wasn’t gripping the leash and waved at Lena. All too soon her lithe frame was moving towards them. “Miss Lena! Look we got a doggy this weekend! His names Krypto! He gives the best kisses!”


As she got near them Krypto whined and tugged on the lash. Kara held tight to keep him from jumping all over Lena. “Krypto sit.” He looked up at Kara and then dropped to sit on the ground next to her. To her surprise Lena reached a hand out and scratched between his ears.


“A dog huh? I’ll be honest; I figured you’d have gotten a dog years ago. I’m surprised it took you this long.”


Kara blushed and patted Krypto’s head gently, “Yea well life got busy. Having a dog and a newborn wouldn’t have been very easy. Especially doing it on my own with just my mom.”


Lena opened her mouth to say something and then closed it. “He’s a very handsome dog. I’m sure he’s very happy with you guys. If you’ll excuse me class is about to start. Come on Lily, time to go inside.”


Lily’s arms wrapped around Krypto’s neck and she pressed a kiss to his muzzle. “Bye buddy I’ll see you later! Mommy, please bring him when you pick me back up! Love you!”


Kara laughed and leaned down and kissed her daughter’s forehead, “Love you too bug. Be good for Miss Lena. I’ll see you later.”


Lily disappeared into the classroom and Kara tugged on Krypto’s leash. He whined and looked between the doorway and back to her. He’d taken a liking to Lily the past two days and barely left her side. She was happy that he’d wanted to protect her. Most of the time he just followed her around no matter where she was going. If she went to the bathroom, so did he. If she was getting a snack, he was right next to her. “Come on boy, let’s go home. We’ve got some stuff to do.”


Kara started to jog and Krypto easily ran alongside her. She’d wanted to wear him down a little bit before trying to give him a bath and taking him over for Maggie to watch. She sped up a little and took him around the block a few times. They passed a few other runners and by the time they were in the driveway he was panting. With a laugh she scooped him up and carried him up to the bathroom. “Let’s try and make this painless buddy.”


She set him in the bathtub and grabbed the shampoo they’d bought. She adjusted the water temperature and sprayed him. He looked so much smaller with all his fur wet and matted down. Once he was fully soaked she turned off the water and turned to grab the shampoo off the counter. He shook and she felt the water droplets hitting her skin. “Krypto!” His tongue lolled out and he panted at her. With a shake of her head she squirted shampoo onto his back and started soaping him up. Her fingers massaged the vanilla shampoo into his soft fur. It reminded her of putting Lily in the bath and washing her hair. She sure got about as wet with Lily as she did with Krypto. Putting more shampoo on his head she started to lather him up with more shampoo. As her fingers traced his ears she felt his tongue run up her cheek. “Aww man, come on buddy.”


After he was fully coated in shampoo she rinsed his fur out. He shook again and she frowned looking down at her soaked clothes. She grabbed a towel and started to dry him off as best she could. A bit of super speed may have been used to dry him off. He was so fluffy by the time she was done brushing him and drying him off.


Kara changed into a dry tank top and shorts and padded barefoot downstairs. She refilled his water dish and food bowl as she went through the kitchen. Her laptop lay closed on the counter and she powered it on to check her emails. Mostly it was all DEO classified stuff but there were a few progress reports from Lena. She opened the newest one from the day before and scrolled through it.



Kelly will be meeting with Lily on Monday morning. I’ll have the notes from the meeting sent to you. If everything goes well she’ll have another appointment on Friday. If you want to continue appointments I’m sure she will be happy to stay on with her. I’ll let you know how it goes.




She closed the laptop and grabbed an apple off the counter. Her teeth bit into it with a crunch as she fell back onto the couch. A head landed on her leg and she looked down into blue eyes and a very fluffy white face. Her fingers slipped into fluff and she scratched Krypto’s head gently. “Do you think I’m a good mom? Should I be doing something different for her? She loves you so much already.” He whined and licked her hand. Her fingers kept scratching his head and she eventually felt herself drifting off to sleep.


Three months later


A buzzing woke her from her sleep. She rubbed her eyes and turned off the alarm. It read 3:30pm. Kara jumped off the couch and sped to put on her shoes. She was late again to pick up Lily from school. She’d been putting in long hours at the DEO and was still getting used to using her powers up as much as Alex had been asking her to. She ran out the door and sped to the school.


Lily had been doing much better at home lately. Unfortunately due to the late hours she was putting in Alex and Maggie had been picking Lily up from school most days. Sometimes even Eliza was going to pick her up. She’d gotten emails from Lena about school but nothing that needed her attention immediately. That was until yesterday’s email. Which is exactly how she found herself waiting outside the classroom to have a meeting with her ex best friend about her daughters behavior.


Her little girl leaned out the doorway and waved her in. She ruffled her hair as she stepped inside where Lena was sitting behind the desk. “Lily why don’t you go play outside where we can see you?” She nodded and ran off to the swings.


Kara folded her arms and kept her hearing attuned to her daughter outside. “So what’s been going on?”


“Well I haven’t seen you in weeks. Lily’s been doing really well in school. But I am still worried about her. She’s been acting out in little ways that have been getting more frequent lately. At first it was just talking when she wasn’t supposed to. It wasn’t a big deal honestly. She apologized and it was fine. But then she pushed some girls on the playground. She lost recess for a week. Then things were ok for a few days and I thought it was ok. Kelly said things have been going well. But then yesterday she hit another student. She wouldn’t tell me why she hit him but I know she had to have a reason. If she won’t tell us I can’t help. She’ll be suspended Kara.”


Kara ran a hand through her hair. “I’ll go talk to her. I’m so sorry. Everything has been going great at home. I don’t know what is going on with her. I don’t think she would just hit someone for no reason.” She leaned out the doorway and called Lily inside.


She stood in front of them with her little arms crossed. Kara squatted down to her level and held onto her arms. “Lily I need you to tell me the truth. What happened yesterday?” Instantly little blue eyes refused to meet hers. She started to fidget nervously and Kara could hear her heartbeat pick up. “Sweetheart, I need you to talk to me. What happened?”


“I… I… I was bad. I hit Kyle.” She sighed and lifted Lily’s chin so she was forced to look at her.


“But baby, why did you hit him?”


Lily started sniffling and rubbing her hands together. “We were playing catch a-a-and he said girls can’t play. But I said that girls can do anything boys can do. And he said girls can but only girls that have a daddy because their daddy would teach them how to play catch. But I told him that Aunt Alex taught me how to play catch. That I didn’t need a daddy to teach me how because I already knew how. And then he said that Aunt Alex and Aunt Maggie aren’t supposed to be married. He was saying really mean things mommy. I didn’t want to hurt him but he was being so mean. A-a-and then… then he said that you were bad. But you’re not bad mommy. You’re a good mommy. And I didn’t wanna hurt him I promise.” Tears were falling down her cheeks and Kara wiped them away with her thumbs. She scooped her little girl up in her arms and held her close.


“I’m not mad at you baby. I don’t want you to hit people but I understand you were upset. You know he was wrong bug. Aunt Alex and Aunt Maggie can be married and it is perfectly wonderful. They love you so much just like I do. There is nothing you can possibly need to learn that someone can’t show you. Me or Aunt Alex, or Maggie, or even Miss Lena will teach you. I promise baby girl. He was very very wrong saying those things to you sweetheart. But next time I need you to go get Miss Lena when he’s saying things like that, ok? I don’t want you to hit anyone when they upset you. You remember we talked about this right?”


Lily nodded and buried her little head in Kara’s neck. “I’m sorry mommy,” Kara could feel tears falling where Lily’s head was resting. She rubbed her back lightly and stood holding her in her arms.


“I understand she hit him and she has to be punished for it. I’m going to take her home now if that’s ok. You can just email me whatever you decide is appropriate, I trust your judgment.”


Lena nodded, “I think you should keep her home tomorrow and bring her back on Monday. I’ll be meeting with his parents ASAP and he will also be punished accordingly.” Kara nodded and grabbed Lily’s backpack as she carried her out of the classroom and took her home.


It took over an hour to calm Lily down. But finally after a bath, some mac and cheese, two stories and a lullaby she was finally asleep. Kara made her way to her room with a glass of wine in hand. Out of habit she found herself checking her emails as she plopped down onto her bed. Carefully she put her wine on the nightstand and opened the latest from Lena.




I’ve spoken to Kyle’s parents and scheduled a meeting with them. I’m so sorry all that happened. I didn’t know people could still be so close-minded this day and age. I will be speaking with Kyle myself as well tomorrow at school. I have a feeling this isn’t the first time he’s said something to her and I promise you I will get to the bottom of it. I’m so sorry this has gone on like it has. Can I make it up to you two? Take you guys out to lunch perhaps? Either way I’ll see you guys Monday. You’re a great mom Kara, I mean it. She’s lucky to have you.



She bit her lip and hit reply.




Thank you for your kind words. We would love to take you out to lunch sometime. How about next weekend? Only if you’re free of course. You’ve been great the past few months and Lily is lucky to have a teacher like you. Thank you for all the things you’ve done for us. I’ve missed you.




Before she could overthink her reply she hit the send button and dropped her phone onto the bed. With a sigh she threw an arm over her eyes and wondered when her life would just slow down and be easy for a change. Just as she was about to nod off to sleep her phone beeped signaling a text. 

Lena: I'd love to get lunch with you guys next weekend. I've missed you too. 

Kara: That sounds great. It's been a really long six years. Maybe we could get lunch just the two of us? Talk about things? If you want to.

Lena: I would really like that. There are quite a few things we left unsaid years ago. 

Kara: I agree. Saturday at ten? Noonans? 

Lena: It's a date ;) 

Kara: Can't wait :) Night Lena

Lena: Night Kar :) 


Kara put her phone on the nightstand with a smile on her face. Maybe they could talk things out once and for all. But for now she listened to the two heartbeats next door in Lily's room as they slept. She snuggled down into her pillow and let her eyes close until a thought crossed her mind. Her eyes shot open, she had a date with Lena Luthor in a week. 

Chapter Text

It was 9:50 on Saturday morning and Kara was having quite the morning. Lily had woken up at dawn from a nightmare and was begging to talk to Alura. It had taken some time to get ahold of her mom but she’d done it. It was the first time that Lily had really smiled in weeks. She’d babbled on about how much she liked Miss Lena and all the friends she’d made. She talked about Krypto and how much she loved him. Then she’d finished up talking about how they were going to the zoo later in the day. That was when Kara realized that they had to leave for the zoo in a few hours and she still needed to shower both of them, dress Lily, and get to Alex’s.


Of course the call had run long with her mom, the shower had been a hassle, and there had been traffic on the way to Alex’s. Kara wasn’t late for her coffee date with Lena yet, but she’d hoped to arrive sooner. She knew Lena, and she knew she’d be there early. She stepped into Noonan’s and saw the familiar dark hair and green eyes lift to meet hers. Wordlessly she made her way over and slipped into the booth across from her. A coffee was already sitting in front of her, “I know how you used to take your coffee. I hope it hasn’t changed.”


Kara smiled, “Thanks. No it hasn’t. They don’t have coffee on Argo so it’s been awhile since I’ve had a proper latte.” She unzipped her coat and shrugged it off before wrapping her fingers around the mug and taking a sip. Her eyes closed as it warmed her whole body. She’d really missed caffeine when she was on Argo.


“So, six years. A lot has changed since you left,” Lena said while sipping her coffee. Kara just nodded along and watched the coffee swirl in her cup. Things had been tense when she left. After the crisis happened she had hope that things between them would get back to how they were before the big identity reveal. But things had not ended that way.


“I’ll say. You’re a teacher now. How did that happen? I never thought on any earth that I would see badass Lena Luthor as the… CEO of toddlers.”


Lena let out a laugh and folded her hands on the table. “Honestly I just felt something missing. You left and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I tried to fill the shoes you left in some ways. Invention after invention came out to try and help with the crime rate. But it wasn’t the same. I was with Sam and Ruby one day and it just clicked. I was helping her with her homework and she looked up and smiled at me. She said, ‘Aunt Lena, you’d be a great teacher.’ And the rest is history. I took a certification test and did some placements before I ended up at the school.”


“That’s awesome Lena. I’m sure you don’t need to be told but you’re doing a great job. Lily comes home and talks about everything she’s learning. Most days I can’t get a word in edgewise because she’s so excited. The kitchen almost got destroyed because she’s been begging me to do the science experiments you show them in class and well… I am definitely not you. But she really loves school, so thank you for that. It means the world to me that you treat her like anyone else.”


Lena frowned slightly, “Why would I treat her differently?”


Kara fiddled with her mug and then reached up and touched her glasses before meeting Lena’s eyes. “I just… I was worried at first. I didn’t know if you would expect more from her because of me. Or if you would even want to be her teacher because of me. But I didn’t need to worry because you’re still you. You would never treat her unfairly because of what happened between us.”


Lena was still frowning, “Of course I would treat her fairly. I do know what she’s capable of and I do expect different things from her. But I expect different things from each student. Most of the kids in my class are part alien and I know most of their backgrounds. I would never treat her differently because I was an idiot six years ago and you left. She’s very bright Kara so I do expect more from her. But I don’t expect more than she’s capable of.”


“You weren’t an idiot. You were hurt and that is entirely my fault. I didn’t intend to stay away for six years. It was just supposed to be a few months honestly.”


“So why did you stay away? I figured you didn’t want to be around me anymore. You never even said goodbye.” She asked looking down into her own cup of coffee and mindlessly fiddled with it.


“I was with my mom on Argo. Helping her with different things around her house and at work in her lab. The science stuff was mindblowing. I was actually getting ready to come back because Alex and Maggie got engaged. But then Mon-El showed up and things changed. Alex hadn’t heard from you but she knew you were ok; you were healing and you had moved on. I didn’t want to disrupt that peace trying to get you back. Mon-El was there for me. I’ve always had a soft spot for him. He begged me to go back to the future with him once his mission was done. But there was no way I could live a life where I couldn’t see my family. The future didn’t have my mom, or Alex and Maggie… it didn’t have you. I found out I was pregnant and he wasn’t exactly thrilled because he knew I wouldn’t go with him. By the time I was six months pregnant with Lily his mission was over and he left. It didn’t take me by surprise; I knew he was going to leave. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. He’s never met her, held her, kissed her. When he left I made him promise me he wouldn’t come back unless he was going to stay for good. I didn’t want him to show up and then leave her with an excuse that she would never understand. My mom was furious because something like this would never have happened on Krypton. A couple would be matched based on their intellect and interests. When they decided to, they would use the birthing matrix and have a baby. Families were never torn apart on Krypton. So when he left, it was a big deal. But I grew up on Earth too so I also knew those customs. It’s for the best that he left. He was never going to be what I wanted in a partner.”


Lena was quiet for a few minutes just soaking up what Kara had said. “Was he your match?”


“What?” Kara looked up from her hands and into the green eyes she had dreamt about for six years.


“Was Mon-El your match?”


Kara frowned, “No. It’s complex how the matching works. A matching matrix works to match people based on their compatibility. But it only works if their DNA is in the matrix. Mon-El did have his DNA in the matrix because he stayed on Argo for a while before I was there. But our match was only a 75%.”


“So who is your match?”


Blue eyes refused to meet green and she wrung her hands together. “I don’t have one.”


Lena scoffed and reached over to rest her hand on Kara’s. “I highly doubt you have nobody out there who is perfect for you. Clearly it’s broken.”


Kara stilled her hands under Lena’s. “If I do… they might not be in the matrix.” She looked up into Lena’s eyes and gave a sad little smile.


“So they could be from another planet?”


Kara nodded, “They could be. They could be from earth.”


Green eyes locked onto hers and she felt heat rush up her neck to her cheeks. “Lena, I don’t need the matrix to tell me who my match is.”


A singular eyebrow lifted. “So you already know them?”


Kara turned and looked out the window. She watched people passing by going about their day. For six years she’d dreamt of being in this exact position. Just being in the presence of her best friend; talking and being civil with each other. But a deeper part of her always wanted more. She watched a leaf drift to the ground before she turned back to look Lena in the eyes. “Lily’s name has meaning. Most people wouldn’t ever catch it.”


She could tell that Lena wanted an answer to her question but she seemed to allow the change of subject for now. “What’s the meaning behind it?” She brought her coffee to her mouth and Kara watched her throat bob as she swallowed the drink.


“I wanted her name to start with an L.”


The eyebrow lifted again, “Ok… as in… House of?”


Kara shook her head and fiddled with the mug in her hands. “Not exactly. I did think it could be a potential nickname if we ever came back to earth and she wouldn’t be an El. But that wasn’t the exact reason I named her Lily. I just… god I missed you so much Lena.”


Lena reached over and rested her hand atop Kara’s. “I missed you too Kara. More than you could ever imagine. But are you actually going to answer any question I’m asking or are we just going to keep beating around the bush?’


Kara laughed a little and looked up into emerald eyes. Her thumb brushed across Lena’s knuckles. “Lily means pure or innocent. I missed you so much. When I left six years ago my heart was in pieces. I’d lost you in every sense I could. You hated both parts of me. You wouldn’t talk to me and you definitely wouldn’t see me. That’s why I left. Alex has always been my home on earth but at some point in the past 9 years she wasn’t the only thing that was my home. Lena, you were. You’ve been my home since the first time I stepped into your office with Clark. I can’t exactly describe it but there’s just this pull I’ve always felt to you. I knew how badly I messed things up between us and there was nothing I could do to fix it. That’s why I left. I wanted to give you time without me, really without me. Both parts of me would disappear and you could hopefully heal.”


“Not that I don’t appreciate hearing all this… I don’t understand what it has to do with Lily’s name.”


Kara pulled her hand back from Lena’s and ran a hand through her hair. She tried not to notice how a frown threatened to take over Lena’s lips. “If you had your own kid, would you follow any Luthor traditions?”


“What traditions are you talking about?”


“Everyone in your family has the same initials.”


“I supposed we do. I never really put much thought into it honestly. I guess I would consider naming my kid to have the same initials.”


Kara nodded, “I wanted to have a part of you no matter what. She’s a member of the house of El and her name is Lily. I was kind of doing a play on words; to me she could be L ‘EL’. I know technically she’s still a Zor-El or a Danvers but…”


Lena was quiet as a shocked expression took over her features. Kara fidgeted with her glasses and then clasped her hands and unclasped them. Really she had no idea what was going through Lena’s head. For once she almost wished she could read minds like J’onn could. Her own heart was racing as she heard Lena’s pick up across from her.


“I know this is a lot to take in Lena. I just missed you so much and you’ve always meant so much to me. I didn’t even know if I would ever see you again and I just thought… even if she was never going to be part of your family, I wanted her to have part of you.”


Lena’s arms slid into her coat and she started to button it up silently. Kara sighed, she’d ruined things again. A quick glance at her watch informed her that it had only taken her approximately 15 minutes to ruin things this time. She slipped on her own coat, “I’m sorry Lena. I didn’t mean to make things weird.”


A hand reached down to her, “Let’s go talk somewhere else.” Kara looked up into her green eyes and they were unreadable. She reached up and slipped her hand into Lena’s and stood. Together they made their way outside the coffee shop. Kara bit back her surprise when Lena didn’t drop her hand. She let the younger woman lead her toward the park. They made their way over to a bench by the back of the pond.


Silence fell over them as they both looked out over the pond. Lena’s hand slipped from hers and she watched a family of ducks swim around the pond. She’d missed earth more than she realized. The last few months had been so busy there hadn’t been much time for just enjoying all earth had to offer. It was autumn and it was finally getting a little bit colder out. The leaves were changing color and they were falling. “You essentially gave your daughter my initials.”


Kara nodded, “Yes. I did. You were my world Lena. I wish things between us had gone differently.”


A warm hand reached over and found hers again. “I wish I hadn’t pushed you away. I was so hurt by everything that happened. But then I went to find you and Alex said you’d gone to Argo… I figured you would be back in a few days. Then it turned to weeks and months. After a year I had given up on the idea you would ever come back. I knew she was making trips to see you and I wanted to ask her if I could go so badly. One day I went to her office and I saw a picture on her desk. It was a picture of the three of you. You were holding Lily, and Alex was kissing her cheek. She saw me looking at it and we both knew what I was thinking. The amount of pity I saw on her face that day when she told me Lily was yours almost crushed me. I saw how happy you were; how happy Lily looked. There was no way I could go and ruin what you had clearly built no matter what my heart was telling me to do. So I swallowed down my feelings and did what I thought was best for you; I left you alone.”


“I would have loved for you to come to Argo. I’ve always… I’ve always loved you Lena.”


“I’ve loved you for so long Kara. I think that’s why I was so hurt when everything happened between us. I’ve always wanted more with you but I was scared of getting hurt. Then when you told me the truth it was so easy to be mad, to be hurt. I won’t make that mistake twice.”


“I would never lie to you again, I swear. I left because my heart was broken. Every part of me loved you Lena. I only lied to protect you I swear to Rao. I never meant to hurt you.”


“Loved? As in past tense?”


Kara squeezed her hand lightly, “I’ll always love you Lena, always.”


A breath that Lena must have been holding was let out. She squeezed Kara’s hand back, “When I saw you outside my classroom with Lily… I thought I was dreaming. I just remember thinking there was no way you were standing in front of me after all these years. Then after a few weeks it was pretty clear her dad wasn’t in the picture and I didn’t want to let myself hope but… I won’t let you go so easily this time.”


Kara brought Lena’s hand to her lips and gently pressed a kiss to the back of her hand. “I’m not going anywhere.” Her eyes met Lena’s and she reached up with her freehand and stroked her cheek.


“I don’t know how to do this Kara. I’m not good at relationships. Hell I’m not even that great at friendships, clearly.”


“Why don’t we just start off easy? I have a ton of movies and shows to catch up on and I always need to eat. You could join in if you wanted. Movie nights are a little different now, not because of the content but because the one cuddling is only 3 feet tall. But you’re more than welcome to come hang out with us and watch Disney movies anytime.”


“Did you have a kid just so you can justify your love of watching Disney movies?” Lena teased with a smirk.


Kara acted offended and put a hand on her chest. “I never let my lack of children stop me from watching before. Now I just have a buddy to sing with me. I dare say, Lily may be a better movie buddy than you were,” a smirk tugged at her lips as Lena looked offended.


“Kara Danvers you take that back!”


“Mmmm I don’t think so. See I’m pretty much the best at movie watching and cuddling, and Lily is part of me. But she’s also only like 3 feet tall and she’s snuggly and adorable. Therefore she trumps me and my skills; and if I trump you… well that makes her the best.”


“Well I will just have to be the judge of that.”


“So you’ll come?” She smiled as Lena tried to keep the smile off her own face.


“Just give me a time and I’ll be there.”


Kara couldn’t stop the beaming smile that she felt about to crack her face. They looked out over the water and for the first time in six years Kara had hope that maybe she could have everything she’d ever wanted.



“Mommy I wanna watch Frozen!” Kara laughed as Lily ran into the kitchen with the DVD in her hand. She and Lena had been talking in the kitchen while they filled bowls with snacks for the movie night. Since their talk three months ago Lena had been joining them for dinner a few times a week and she tagged along on their weekend outings sometimes.


“Is that ok with you Lena?”


“Kara I teach Kindergarten. I actually probably watch more Disney movies than you think. Frozen is fine with me.”


“That’s true. You’re probably actually more cultured now than you were six years ago,” she teased grabbing a bowl of popcorn and pretzels. Lena grabbed their glasses of water and Lily’s sippy cup of juice. Together they headed to the living room where Lily was now jumping up and down with the DVD in hand.


Kara popped the movie in while Lena sat down on the couch. When she turned around she couldn’t help but smile as Lily climbed up next to her and pulled a blanket over their laps. “Can I have my juice please?” Lena handed it to her without a question.


The past few weeks had been different, a good different, but still different. Because Lily was still in school they weren’t exactly sure how she would react to having her teacher over hanging out. Kara had been worried about changing her routine but so far things had been ok. Lily was still seeing Kelly once a week and things were actually going pretty well. She’d been talkative in school and making friends according to Lena. She was sleeping through the night and was happy going to school and being picked up. Kara really couldn’t ask for anything more from her little girl. Even though it was a Saturday, 10pm was still later than Lily was used to being awake at. However, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to let her stay awake just this once. She went over to the couch to sit next to Lily but a little hand pushed against her leg.


“Mommy go sit over there. I wanna lay down,” her little hand pointed to the other side of Lena. Kara laughed and sat down next to Lena leaving a space for Lily to put her feet up on the couch. They only made it through the opening title sequence before Lily wiggled around and shifted so she was laying on her the couch on her side with her head on Lena’s thigh. Kara smiled as Lena covered her with the blanket that was on their laps and then her fingers made their way into her little blonde curls. Nobody but Alex and Maggie had ever gotten on Lily’s good side how Lena had. She wasn’t sure if it was because Lena was also her teacher or because she genuinely liked her being around.


Kara tugged the footrest over and propped her feet up. Lena’s appeared next to hers and she was acutely aware of their legs being pressed against each other. She tugged the extra blanket off the back of the couch and covered their legs with it. Elsa and Anna danced and sang across the screen for a few minutes before Kara felt a hand on her thigh. It wasn’t anything sexual, just a casual hand resting there. She reached over and slipped her arm around Lena’s shoulders only for her to snuggle right into her side. Kara couldn’t help but turn and kiss her forehead as she snuggled closer. They hadn’t defined what was going on between them yet and so far they’d stuck to hugs and handholding. Her free hand slipped under the blanket and she found the hand resting on her thigh. It didn’t take much for Lena to lift her hand and thread her fingers with Kara’s. Lily’s little thumb was in her mouth as Lena’s fingers were lulling her to sleep next to them.


By the time Elsa was belting ‘Let it go’ Lily was passed out cold. Kara laughed lightly as she heard little snores coming from her baby girl. “Let me go tuck her in, I’ll be right back. You can pick something else to watch if you want.” She stood and untangled herself from Lena before scooping Lily up and heading upstairs to tuck her in.


Kara quietly slipped Lily under the covers. She tucked her favorite teddy bear in under her arm and pressed a kiss to her forehead. She brushed a stray curl out of her face and turned on her nightlight next to her bed. Zipping downstairs with super speed she filled a sippy cup with water and went back up to put it on her nightstand. A quick check of her breathing and heartbeat assured her that Lily was out for the count. She closed the door on her way out and headed back downstairs.


As she made it back into the room she saw that Lena had turned off Frozen and was putting on something else. Quietly she plopped back down where she’d been sitting and tugged the blanket back over her lap. “What’d you pick?”


“The proposal,” she replied snuggling right back into Kara’s side. There was no hesitation on Kara’s part to wrap her arm back around Lena and tug her closer.


“I can’t be mad at that. Ryan Reynolds is nice to look at.”


Lena laughed and Kara felt legs slip on top of hers. Her free hand rested on top of Lena’s leg that was draped over her lap. She’d only shifted slightly but she had her head resting against Kara’s chest. They snuggled together for a while just enjoying the company. Most of the time Lily was with them at dinner or on the weekends. They didn’t really get much alone time and Kara was definitely craving it. She tightened the arm around Lena and pressed a light kiss to her head.


“Can you imagine if Cat had been threatened with deportation and asked you to marry her?”


Kara laughed, “Don’t even joke about that.”


“You would have in a heartbeat. You were too good of an assistant darling. Jess never would have done that for me.”


“You underestimate Jess. But if she wouldn’t do it I would have stepped up and taken one for the team,” she teased.


Lena leaned back in her arms to look up at her. She rolled her eyes, “Taken one for the team? Like you wouldn’t have enjoyed being married to me, please. You haven’t even gotten to see what other talents I’ve been hiding Kar.”


Instantly Kara felt a blush rushing up her chest to her cheeks. “Do tell Miss Luthor.”


Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt Lena lean forward and press her lips to her jaw. Her mouth was warm against her skin and her lips moved back towards her ear. When they brushed her ear lobe she shuttered. Her entire body felt like it was on fire but she wasn’t complaining. Two could play this game though; she was Supergirl after all. She started to gently stroke Lena’s thigh that her hand was currently resting on. The change in her heartbeat was immediate and her breath hitched every time her fingertips went a little higher.


Kara felt hands cup her face and when her eyes opened they were met with shining emerald ones right in front of her. Lena had moved closer and her teeth trapped her bottom lip between them. “Kara what are we doing? What is this?”


“We’re snuggling on the couch watching a movie.”


Lena rolled her eyes and made to move off her lap but Kara held tight so she couldn’t move. “Kara, be serious. What have we been doing for the past few months? Is this all leading up to something?”


Kara rubbed her back lightly, “I hope it’s leading up to something more. I’ve really enjoyed having you around with us. I know Lily really likes having you here too. There hasn’t been anyone with the two of us before and I wasn’t sure how she would take it but it’s been great. I can’t speak for you but… I’d really like to kiss you.”


Lena smiled, “I would really like to kiss you too.”


Kara smiled back and leaned forward. Her arm tightened around Lena and her lips pressed against some of the softest she’d ever felt in her life. The second their lips touched she could feel her heart soar. It felt like coming home. Like everything was finally perfect. Her lips pressed against Lena’s gently. Her lips were so soft and warm against Kara’s. Everything was Lena. Her senses were overwhelmed with Lena. She was all she could smell, taste, and touch.

When her lips parted and she felt Lena’s tongue trace her bottom lip she couldn’t stop the moan slipping from them. She felt a shiver course through Lena’s body for a second before she was tugging on Kara’s bottom lip with her teeth. Her hand slipped down Lena’s back until it rested on her hip. With a gentle tug Lena was on her lap; a leg on either side of her hips. When Lena pulled back to breathe Kara trailed her lips down the column of her neck. She could hear Lena’s heart racing in her chest while her breathing was erratic.

Kara ran her hands up Lena’s thighs as she waited for her breathing and heart to calm down. Lena’s arms slipped around her neck and fingers played with her hair that had fallen from her ponytail. “I don’t want to be too presumptuous here but… we could move this upstairs where there’s a door. If you’d rather just finish the movie we can do that too. I don’t mind.”

Lena stroked her cheek, “Darling, take me upstairs.”

Chapter Text

Kara didn’t dare ask for clarification. Her hands slipped under Lena’s thighs and she easily lifted her up from the couch. Wordlessly she headed upstairs until she got to her room and kicked the door shut behind them. She pressed Lena’s back into the door and if it weren’t for her super hearing she would never have heard the lock click into place. Her lips trailed down the pale neck; she felt the thrum of her pulse under her lips.


“Bed,” Lena panted as their lips met in a heated kiss. Kara easily spun and crossed the room dropping the brunette gently onto the middle of her bed. Reality came crashing into her as she stared down at the love of her life. Lena was looking at her with such love and passion it made her heart swell. She had dreamt about this moment for almost ten years. Now that it was here she was scared.


Lena reached a hand up to her, “Come here darling. You’re thinking too loud.” Kara laced their fingers and landed on the bed next to her on her side. Their joined hands rested on Lena’s stomach and she pressed her face into her shoulder.


“I’m scared.”


“Like you said, nothing has to happen. What is it that’s scaring you?”


Kara bit her lip and tilted her head so she could look at Lena. It felt stupid honestly; she had no reason to be scared. But alas, here she was. She took a deep breath and tried to explain, “It’s been six years Lena.”


“Yes darling I know that. I’m nervous too. But it’ll be ok because it’s us. We’ll figure it out together.”


“No Lena, it’s been six years since I’ve been with anyone at all.”


“Oh… really? Don’t get me wrong I’m flattered we’re even here considering you haven’t been doing this with anyone else. But how has there been nobody else? I’m sure you’ve had offers. You’re you.”


Kara blushed and hid her face again, “I could have with someone else but… it sounds so stupid because I know I have nothing to be worried about. Under the yellow sun I’m back to exactly how my body was before. But I still can’t help but feel embarrassed. I had a baby Lena. I don’t know how different things will feel. And I wasn’t exactly having sex much on earth before Lily.”


Lena leaned back so she could look at Kara. “You’re worried about how your body is because you had a baby?”


Kara nodded sheepishly. “I told you it was stupid. It’s not like you could see stretch marks or feel how soft I got when I was pregnant with her. If we went to Argo or put on red sun lamps you might be able to. I don’t know I’m just embarrassed. My body SHOULD look different but it doesn’t on earth. I still look like the same Kara that left six years ago even though I’m very different.”


Lena ran her fingers through Kara’s hair and she sighed into the touch. “Darling, I would love you no matter what you looked like. You will always be the most beautiful woman in the universe to me. But like I said before, nothing has to happen. I am perfectly happy to just hold you in my arms tonight.”


Blue eyes met green and she moved so she was half leaning over her love. Their joined hands separated and a hand came up to rest on her cheek. She turned and pressed a kiss to the palm before leaning down and pressing her lips to Lena’s. “I don’t know how far I’m comfortable with going tonight. Can we just go slow?”


“Mmm that’s fine with me,” she said slipping her fingers into Kara’s hair and scratching lightly at her scalp.


Kara dove back into her mouth with fervor. Her lips were soft and pliant against Kara’s. She tugged Lena’s bottom lip between her teeth and swiped her tongue across it. Her fingers trailed up her fragile human’s side and she felt a shiver course through the body under her. Lips broke apart with a gasp and her mouth trailed down the pale neck. Lena’s pulse thundered under her lips and she smirked when she felt the fingers tightening in her hair. Her breath came out in pants and she could feel the heat radiating off her body in waves. Lightly she nipped at her neck and then ran her tongue over the spot to soothe it. Her ministrations were doing nothing to calm down the body under her; if anything she was working her up more.


“Kar please.”


“What do you need love?”


“Anything, god I feel like I’m going to explode.”


A smirk tugged on the kryptonian’s lips. “I’ve got you baby.” The term of endearment slipped from her lips. She scooted Lena back up onto the pillows and connected their mouths again. Lena’s tongue slipped through her lips and she felt herself start to melt above her. Lithe arms slipped around her neck and a hand slipped back into her hair, keeping her mouth close. Kara reached down and unbuttoned the skinny jeans she had on and for once almost wished Lena had worn her normal tight skirt for easier access. Fingers that could crush steel moved under the soft shirt. Lena gasped into her mouth as the fingers traced up her ribs taking the shirt up in the process. Kara smirked and pressed her thigh between her legs. The reaction was instantaneous as a moan slipped from her mouth. Her hand slipped back down the soft skin to rest on her hip and she guided her love to grind against her. It took everything in her to keep her cool when she felt the heat radiating from Lena’s body grinding onto her thigh.


Lena seemed to know exactly what she wanted as her hips rocked against Kara’s thigh. Her arousal was evident even without super senses being at her disposal. Hot wet kisses were being moved down her neck and Kara had to slow down for fear of her heart beating any faster. A thumb rubbed her hip gently and her free hand slid down Lena’s other side. “Can I touch you?”


“God, please touch me,” she all but moaned. Dark hair was fanned out on the pillows; a blush covering most of her chest and face. To say she was beautiful was not even close to what Kara was feeling. Her free hand slipped between their bodies and she moved her thigh back just a fraction of an inch to let her hand brush against apex of her thighs. The hips under her arched up hard against her body, pinning her hand between them. If she had been a human the movement would have definitely jostled her and perhaps even knocked her off Lena. Being an alien had some perks it would seem. She managed to slide her hand up just a little only to slip into the tight jeans. A gentle brush of her thumb against the silkiest (and probably most expensive) panties resulted in another arching and shudder of her hips. Kara pressed soft kisses to the underside of her jaw and the hand on her hip tightened to pin her hips to the bed.


“I’m gonna need you to stop moving if you would like to finish babe.” Lena just moaned in reply and Kara couldn’t help but laugh lightly. Her thumb started to move again and she felt hips straining to move against her hold. She moved in tight circles but didn’t give too much pressure. The teasing of it must have been driving Lena crazy if the sounds coming from her were any indication.


“Please Kar, I need more,” she panted with a tight voice.


It spurred her on to suck on her pulse point as she slipped her hand into the silk panties and got her first real touch of skin to skin. She’d never touched another woman before so she wasn’t totally sure what to do exactly. Right now she was just going on instinct and what she knew she liked herself. Lena felt like a coiled spring under her and she knew it wouldn’t take much to get her off. Her thumb immediately went back to rubbing tight circles between their bodies. When she felt her start to tense she added just a touch of super speed and crashed their lips back together to swallow the scream that followed. The last thing she needed was Lily waking up and catching them. She slowed her thumbs movements and guided her through her orgasm. As she pulled back and laid down she listened to Lena’s heartbeat finally slowing down.


“That was the best orgasm I’ve had in years. I should have expected you would be good at that. God it could be one of your superpowers,” she panted out. Kara leaned on her side next to her and rested her hand on her stomach, her other hand holding her head up. A laugh was pulled from her lips.


“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I’ve never actually been with a woman before so I was just winging it,” she leaned over and kissed her cheek gently.


“That was the first time you’ve had sex with a woman? You could have easily fooled me holy shit. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be happy to return the favor.”


Kara brushed a lock of hair out of her face, “Don’t worry about it right now. I’m not sure it would be a good idea considering my powers. I haven’t had sex with a human on earth in over ten years. I’d like to avoid hurting you.”


“You wouldn’t hurt me darling.”


“I’ve never actually… ya know… with a human before.”


“You’ve never what?”


Kara blushed and sighed embarrassed, “I’ve never orgasmed with a human before. When I do I can’t really control my powers so I don’t let myself get that far. Don’t worry about it honestly. I’m glad I could make you feel good.” She leaned over and kissed Lena softly.


Fingers slipped into her hair and tugged her closer. “I’ll start working on some portable red sun lamps if you want. So you can be more human and not worry about hurting anyone.”


Kara hummed in agreement as she kept kissing her. Turning her in her arms Kara became the big spoon and pulled the blankets up around them. “Stay tonight?”


“What about Lily?”


“We can just tell her you fell asleep here. She’s young, she won’t really understand it anyway.”


“You’re lucky my legs are too shaky to move right now. If you think it’s ok then I’ll stay.”


“I do.” Kara held her close and kissed her shoulder. “Goodnight Lena.”


“Goodnight Kar.”




Sunlight warmed her body and she smiled as she felt a weight on her chest. Peeking her eyes open she was met with the sight of dark hair on her shoulder. Lena was curled up half on top of her, half on the bed. She held her closer and ran her fingers up and down her back lightly. The heartbeat under her quickened slightly signaling she was waking up.


“Morning beautiful,” she said sleepily.


“Morning darling,” she said without lifting her head from Kara’s chest.


“We probably have a half hour before Lily’s up. If you want to take a shower I can go start coffee and breakfast. You can borrow whatever clothes you want. There’s extra toothbrushes in the bathroom drawer if you need one.”


“Mmm thank you. I’ll take you up on that. Somehow I don’t actually have any work to catch up on so I don’t have to run out quickly. A shower and coffee sound wonderful. But if we have a half hour… you could come take a shower with me.” Her green eyes sparkled up mischievously at Kara.


A laugh rumbled between them, “I would love to but if I’m distracted I won’t hear Lily get up. I’m not sure how I would explain showering with her teacher to her.”


“Ruin all my fun,” she said with a sigh as she pushed up off Kara and headed for the bathroom. Her jeans had gotten kicked off sometime during the night and she Kara was pretty sure she would never get sick of the sight. She turned back and winked, “See something you like?”


Kara groaned and rolled onto her stomach to bury her head in the pillows, “Stopppp. Get in the shower.”


She had just enough time to register the sound of feet moving quickly and rolled over only to have Lena jump on top of her. Her hands caught her so she wouldn’t feel like she was colliding with cement. The laugh that tore from her mouth couldn’t be stopped. “You don’t know how to listen do you Miss Luthor?”


“You said we have a half hour. I would really prefer to spend at least half of that time kissing you.”


“So would I, but I would also like to not be turned on when I have to see my daughter in a half hour. Go shower,” she said slapping her butt lightly and setting them both on their feet next to the bed. She didn’t give Lena a choice as she kissed her quickly and headed out of the room and down to the kitchen.


The tile was cold under her bare feet as she padded around the kitchen making breakfast. Bacon was cooking in the oven while eggs sizzled on the stove. She put bread into the toaster and had a small plate already made. Light footsteps sounded upstairs and a quick look with her x-ray vision let her know Lily was awake.


“Mommy,” came a whine from the top of the stairs. Kara crossed the room and looked up to see her sleepy daughter sitting on the top step rubbing her eye. Her little arms opened gesturing that she wanted to be carried. Who was she to deny her daughter? She quickly climbed the stairs and scooped her up and held her close.



Her voice was quiet as she pressed soft kisses to Lily’s head, “Did you sleep well little one?”


“Uh huh, dreamed about ice cream.”


Kara laughed and brought her into the kitchen. Setting her down on the counter a ways away from the stove she poured her some juice and set it next to her. She kept one hand on Lily’s little hip as she scrambled the eggs in the pan. “Mommy up,” Lily whined again.


She scooped her back up and held her close. Her little head tucked under Kara’s chin and she relished the feeling of her daughter’s heart beating against her own chest. If she kept it up Lily would fall right back to sleep in her arms. Another soft set of footsteps caught her attention and she turned to see Lena coming down the stairs fully clothed in her sweat pants and National City University hoodie. A little hand draped around her neck while the other gripped onto her shirt.


“Kar I can finish cooking if you want. It’s not a big deal,” she offered as she leaned her hip against the counter. Lily’s eyes cracked open for a second before she reached out to Lena with her arms.


Before Kara could say a word Lena was taking Lily into her arms. The sight made her heart melt instantly. Lily snuggled her head into the crook of Lena’s neck and sighed contently. They’d gotten much closer in the past few weeks since Lena had been coming over more. She seemed comfortable snuggling with her during movies and asking for bites of her food at dinner. They hadn’t incorporated Lena into things like their bedtime routine yet but it was going to come up soon or later. Kara was so happy that Lily had taken to her the way she had.


She went back to stirring the eggs and plated them onto three separate plates. Putting a few pieces of bacon on each plate with toast finished up breakfast. She carried them all to the table and set two mugs of coffee down as well. Lena carried Lily to the table and went to put her down in her chair but she whined and gripped tighter to her. “Wanna sit with you,” she whined into Lena’s neck.


“Alright but you have to eat breakfast still ok?”


A little nod bounced blonde curls. Kara sat next to them and watched Lena settle with her daughter in her arms. The sight in front of her brought tears to her eyes. She’d dreamt about this for so long. All she had ever wanted was a family… one with Lena was something she hadn’t allowed herself to dream about since the crisis six years ago. Her heart felt like it was going to explode in her chest as she watched little blue eyes flutter open only to snuggle back against her neck.


“Here have a bite of eggs honey,” Lena said feeding her a small bite. Kara smiled and took a bite of her own breakfast. They ate in relative silence; Lena feeding herself and Lily, Kara watching and trying not to cry.




It was getting hot again in National City. Right now it was nearing a sweltering 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Normally this wouldn’t bother her because she couldn’t feel a change in temperature. But she’d blown her powers two nights ago taking down an alien. It was much easier to blow her powers because she wasn’t regularly fighting aliens. She tried to work in the DEO with the research department informing them of anything alien she knew. When she’d come home with Lily J’onn and Alex decided she should only be called in for absolute emergencies for Lily’s sake.


The umbrella was providing shade over the blanket she’d laid down in the sand. Lily was bouncing eagerly to get into the water but she had a grip on her little hand. “I have to put sunscreen on you first baby. Sit down and let me put it on. Then you can go play.” Summer vacation had started a week ago and it was the first time they were going to be seeing Lena since school got out.


“Hurry mommy! Hurry! I wanna go swimming!”


Kara pulled her down between her legs and squirted the white lotion on her hands. She started to rub it all over Lily’s shoulders and legs. Then she turned her around and put it on her face and her little chest. She wasn’t like most moms allowing her 5 year old to wear a bikini for so many reasons. Instead she had on a little pink one piece with white polka dots on it. It would also cover up the extra skin so she wouldn’t need to sunscreen her stomach. The sunscreen needed to sit for a few minutes before getting wet so she pulled out a juice box for Lily.

“Here baby have some juice before you go swimming. I don’t want you to get dehydrated from being out in the sun for a long time.” Her little girl wasn’t immune to elements with her power-dampening bracelet on. Alex had been struggling to up the power on it as Lily was growing stronger under the yellow sun. They had yet to make a bracelet strong enough for Kara to wear that would run on batteries. The portable red sun lamps Lena had designed worked for them but she wasn’t able to get enough charge on a bracelet to wear, plus she could control her powers so she really didn’t need one.


“There’s my girls,” came a voice from behind them. Lily whipped around and raced to the approaching figure. Kara squinted in the sunlight to make out the form of Lena approaching. She watched Lena sweep Lily up into her arms and spin her around with a smile on her face.


“Mommy won’t let me go swimming yet!” Lily whined as her arms wound round Lena’s neck.


“I’m sure mommy has a good reason for that honey. Come on let’s go get under the umbrella with mommy.”


They crossed the sand in a few strides and Lena set her on the blanket as she dropped her bag next to them. Lily was tugging the bag open in a second, “What’d you bring?”


Kara fell back onto the blanket with a sigh, “Lily we don’t go through other people’s things remember?”


Lily crossed her arms and pouted. “Don’t give me that pout Lily. You know we don’t go through other people’s stuff. It’s rude.”


“But mommy!”


“No buts. Didn’t you learn anything in school? Maybe I should have a talk with that teacher of yours,” she teased looking up at Lena and pushing her sunglasses up onto her head. An eyebrow lifted in her direction and she felt a push on her arm.


“Don’t even start with me. We both know she knows how to be polite. Lily you know, don’t you?”


Lily’s pout turned angry as she huffed with her little arms still crossed. Honesty the sight was adorable; she looked how Kara imagined she probably looked when she was little. It was like seeing a mini version of herself mixed with Alex or Lena’s attitude.


“I don’t go through other people’s stuff. It’s not nice. But mommy she’s not a stranger!”


Kara leaned up on her elbows and looked at Lily, “Baby you still can’t go through people’s bags. You have to ask first.”


“But you let me go through your bag all the time!” Lily’s little cheeks were getting red as she got more upset.


Kara sat up fully and pulled Lily into her arms. She stroked her cheek, “I know honey. But I’m your mom.”


Little blue eyes looked up at her and she could see she was on the verge of tears. “But… but… but… isn’t she my mama too?” She asked quietly. Kara froze at her words and tried to think of a coherent response. Before she could say anything Lena reached over and stroked her little cheek.


“You can go through my bag sweetheart, it’s ok. I have some stuff in there for you anyway.”


Lily sniffled and looked up at Kara for the ok. At a small nod she scrambled off her lap and moved over to Lena’s as she peeked into the bag. Her little hand emerged with a little pail and shovel.


“Can I go play now?” Kara nodded and watched as Lily moved to sit down a little ways away from them in the sand.


Lena moved to sit next to her where they could both watch Lily. “I… I didn’t know… she hasn’t said anything at home. I’m sorry I didn’t know she was thinking like that.”


A hand rested on her arm and she turned to meet green eyes. Her expression was unreadable and Kara wished she had her powers so she could hear her heartbeat. How did humans deal with not knowing anything about how a person felt?


“Honey, it’s ok. We’ve been spending most of our time together. I’m honored she feels comfortable enough with me to even think of me like that. Is it ok with you? I know you’re her mom and I would never want to take away from that.”


Kara slipped her arm around Lena and buried her face in her neck. She smelled like sunscreen and perfume. She could only faintly feel her heartbeat against her skin. Still the familiarity of it all calmed her nerves.


“It’s all I’ve ever wanted for her. I just didn’t want her to scare you off. I know kids weren’t exactly something we talked about even when we were just friends. If we had been on Krypton she would biologically have been both of ours. We would have used the birthing matrix and had our own baby biologically if we chose.”


She felt Lena’s arms slip around her and pull her close. “Kids were never in my plans originally seven years ago I’ll admit. But so much has changed in both of our lives. I love Lily like she’s my own daughter.” Kara leaned back to look up at her and she felt tears welling in her eyes.


“Everyday this week she’s been asking me when you’re coming to tuck her in. She misses you when you aren’t with us. You bring a totally different dynamic to our house that is noticeable when you aren’t there. She loves listening to you talk about different science experiments and animals. It’s her favorite part of the day when you come over and snuggle her. She loves you so much Lena. It’s all I have ever wanted for her. Mon-El would have broken her heart but not you. You would never just disappear from her life even if we didn’t work out.”


“Of course I would never just disappear. I love her Kar.”


“I know you do. And I know I haven’t said it yet but… I love you Lena. It’s always been you.” She leaned up and pressed her lips to Lena’s gently. A tear slipped down her cheek as she felt an arm disappear from around her waist only for a hand to cup her cheek.


“I love you too Kara. I’m never going anywhere, I promise.”


Their eyes met and both were shining with tears. A little shriek pulled them out of the moment and they saw Lily trying to fill her bucket with water but it was splashing all over her. “Mama help! I wanna make a castle!”


Kara looked back at her, “Look’s like your up. She’s never called me mama before.” Lena stood and brushed the little bit of sand off her legs before slipping her sunglasses on her face. Kara watched as she crossed the sand to squat down next to Lily and help her fill the bucket. She couldn’t hold back the smile or tears as Lily squatted next to her to watch exactly what she was doing. Her little hand was resting on Lena’s thigh as she listened carefully to how to make the best sandcastle possible. She moved so she could lay on her side and watch them build their castle. When her powers were gone she was always exhausted and now was no different. Her eyes closed and she was lulled to sleep listening to the two loves of her life building a sand castle.

Chapter Text

Kara had one arm behind her head while she flipped through the movies on Netflix to watch. Next to her Lena was typing away on her laptop; probably answering emails or working on something important. She aimlessly flipped through different shows and movies she’d seen a hundred times before settling on a random episode of Criminal Minds and turning over onto her side to look up at her girlfriend. Her hand found its way onto Lena’s leg just below where her laptop sat. Green eyes met hers and her hands stilled from their typing.


“You know we’ve seen this episode already right?”


“Yes I know. But there’s nothing I want to watch by myself,” she answered with a dramatic sigh.


Lena laughed lightly, “You’re not watching by yourself. I’m right here darling.”


“Yea but you’re working. You’re really not watching when you’re doing all that. What are you even doing? How is it that you work just as much as a teacher as you did when you were CEO?”


“It’s mostly emails. I didn’t sell L-Corp or anything like that. I still sit on the board and the final decisions still come from me. From time to time I have to attend meetings but it’s mostly just emails. I get off work around 4 and I don’t have that much work to take home with me anymore. It’s a nice change.”


Kara hummed and let her eyes drift to the television. “You just don’t usually work when you’re over here. I wasn’t sure what you were doing.”


“I can do it in the morning if you want…”


“No that’s not what I meant. I’m glad you’re comfortable enough to do your work here. I’ve been thinking lately and… never mind.”


Lena slipped the glasses off her face and closed her laptop. She scooted down so she was lying down nose to nose with Kara. “What were you thinking about love?”


A blush rose up Kara’s cheeks and she felt the urge to ramble coming on. Taking a deep breath she started slowly, “We love having you here. Lily loves spending time with you as much as I do. You’re so great with her, nobody would know she isn’t biologically yours.”


She paused for a second before continuing.


“I’ve loved having help around here. It’s everything I didn’t have when she was born. Two sets of hands are better than one when you have a spunky little kid. I’m glad you’re comfortable with all of this too. I know Lily can be a pain in the butt sometimes when she gets overexcited or overtired. You’ve become a part of our little unit Lena. You’ve become part of our little family. Rao why am I so nervous to ask you this?”


She could hear Lena’s heartbeat pick up speed next to her. “Kar…”


“We’ve been in each others lives for so many years Lena. We’ve only been dating a few months but it feels like we were never apart. I don’t want to do the little things without you. I want to look over and see you’re just as soaked as I am when we give Lily a bath. I want to bring you breakfast in bed when we sleep in on the weekends. I want to sneak into the shower behind you in the morning and steal your sweatpants for movie night. Every time we have to say goodbye it feels wrong. I don’t want to keep saying goodbye. It’s so hard to explain to Lily that you leave because you don’t live here with us. I don’t want you to leave.”


Lena’s fingers slipped into her hair and she rested her forehead against Lena’s. She pressed her lips to the corner of Lena’s mouth. “Move in with us.”


She heard Lena’s breath hitch. “A-a-are you sure? What about Lily? That’s a big step Kar.”


“Lily loves you Lena.”


“I know but this would be a huge change in her routine. Both of your routines.”


“She tells everyone you’re her mom too. She adores you Lena. Some days I’m pretty sure she prefers you to me,” she finished with a laugh.


Lena rolled her eyes and tried to hide a smile by biting her lip. “Ok.”


“Really?” Kara rolled so she was leaning over Lena. Arms slipped around her neck and tugged her closer. Their lips lightly brushed and she rubbed her nose against Lena’s.


“I’ve wanted to bring up moving in together for a few weeks but I wasn’t sure how. I would love nothing more than being with my girls everyday.”


Kara couldn’t help the blinding smile that crossed her face. This made all the heartache she’d gone through worth it.




The process of moving Lena’s stuff to their house was relatively quick. She opted to leave most of her furniture in storage because it wasn’t really fitting for a family setting. Kara moved most of the boxes easily but Lily had pouted and demanded to help. She watched her little girl carry in a small box and put it on the bed. They had decided however, to keep Lena’s bed instead of Kara’s. It was bigger and much nicer than Kara’s.


Lily hopped up onto the bed and fell back with a dramatic sigh, “Mommy I’m tired. Movin is a lot of work. I think I need a nap.” She threw her little arm over her eyes and pretended to fall asleep on the bed as Lena sat down next to her to pull a few items out from the box.


Kara laughed, “Are you sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you have a doctors appointment in a half hour?”


Lily whined and rolled onto her side to snuggle into Lena. “Mama I don’t wanna go to the doctor. Tell mommy I’m not sick, I don’t need to go.” Lena just laughed and carded her fingers through the little blonde curls that fell around her face.


“Sweetheart it’s just to make sure you’re growing how you should be. We know you aren’t sick.”


Lily frowned and looked around the room to avoid looking at either woman. Her eyes landed on one of the framed diplomas on the wall and she hopped up onto her knees on the bed before turning back to them. “Mama… you’re a doctor right?”


Kara had to bite her lip to stop the laugh that was threatening to escape. She knew exactly where her daughter was going with this. Lena would realize too no doubt.


“I’m not that kind of doctor love. I’m a doctor of science not a doctor that takes care of little kids.”


A frown crossed her little face and her arms crossed over her chest. “But you’re a doctor! Mommy why can’t mama just make sure I’m growin right?”


Kara gave her a little smile and sat next to her. “I know it doesn’t make sense bug. Mama didn’t go to school to figure out how to make little kids feel better. You don’t have anything to be afraid of baby. We’re not even seeing Doctor Hamilton today. We’re just going to see Aunt Alex at work. She’s going to make sure you’re growing tall like you’re supposed to. We’ll take you out to lunch after and you can even pick a toy at the store if you’re really good.”


“Fine,” she replied huffing slightly.


Kara and Lena’s eyes met over her head in a silent conversation. She was not going to be a happy 5-year-old when she realized Alex was going to be giving her shots. They spent the next twenty minutes unpacking a few boxes and then getting ready to head to the DEO.




“NO! NO SHOTS!” Lily screamed from inside the medbay at the DEO. She was backed into the corner as far away from them as she could get on the exam table. Kara reached out but Lily huddled further away.


“Sweetheart it isn’t going to hurt, I promise,” Kara tried to reason with her.


“You said we were gonna see how big I am! I don’t want a shot!”


Kara sighed; this was the part of being a mom that she hated.


“I know baby. But we can’t go see grandma on Argo if you don’t get the shot.”


“Grandma can come here instead! I don’t want a shot! Please mommy I don’t want a shot!”


Little tears were streaking down her cheeks as she hugged her knees. Kara ran a hand through her hair and sighed again. She knew Lily needed the shot if they were ever going to go to Argo again. But on the other hand she was so upset and she hated when her baby was hurting. There were a few other vaccinations Lily needed before she went back to school in the fall that she had to get as well. She debated putting the shots off for a few weeks until their trip was closer but before she could make up her mind Lena stepped forward and pulled Lily into her arms. She watched in awe as Lily clung to her like a lifeline.


“Mama I’m scared. I don’t wanna hurt.”


“I know honey. Shots can be scary but they’re so important to get. If you don’t get your shots then you can’t go do fun things. Did you know that you could get really sick if you don’t have the right shots? We don’t want anything bad to happen to you, that’s why we want you to get them. You could get really sick and we don’t want that to happen. What if I hold your hand and you can squeeze it really tight if it hurts?”


Lily shook her head fast and held onto Lena tighter. “Too scared mama.”


“What if I went first? I can show you it doesn’t hurt.”


Little blue eyes met green and she frowned, “You wanna get a shot?”


“If it’ll make you less scared I’ll get a shot.”


“But it’ll hurt.”


Lena tucked a curl behind her ear and kissed her forehead, “It won’t hurt me as much as seeing you sick would.”


Lily sighed and snuggled into her chest again, “Can I stay in your lap and squeeze your hand?”


“Of course. I’ll hold you really tight,” she said giving her a squeeze.


Kara watched with tears in her eyes as the love of her life climbed up onto the exam table and pulled Lily into her lap. Six years ago she never would have seen Lena dressed in jeans and a sweater let alone holding a little girl on her lap and convincing her to get a shot. Alex took a cautious step towards them with her hands up, “No shot yet Lil. I just have to wipe your leg so it’s clean first, ok?”


They could just barely make out a nod as her face never left Lena’s chest. Alex scooted her shorts up and wiped a spot on her little thigh. Kara stepped up next to her girls and held out her hand, “You can squeeze my hand if you want baby.” Lily reached out and grasped her outstretched hand in hers. She held her little hand tight and rested her free one on Lena’s lower back. Lena pressed a kiss to her head and brought her free hand up to gently cradle Lily’s head to her chest. Kara figured it was to keep Lily from looking when Alex grabbed the needle but nevertheless it made her heart swell.


“Ok Lil take a deep breath and squeeze mommy’s hand. I promise it’ll just be a few little pokes and then it’ll be over in a second.”


Kara felt Lily’s hand tighten in hers and she saw Lena pull her closer as Alex quickly pushed the needle into her thigh and then took it out. “All done Lil. You did such a good job.” She tossed the needle into the biohazard box and put a band-aid on her leg.


“You’re ok honey,” Lena said kissing her head and rocking her slightly. Lily was sniffling against her chest and she pulled her hand free of Kara’s to clutch at Lena’s sweater.


Kara rubbed her back lightly, “You did such a good job baby girl. I’m so proud of you. Now you’re all done for a long time. No more pokes. How about we go pick out a toy at the store and get some lunch?”


She sniffled and snuggled her head into the crook of Lena’s neck without answering. Kara sighed, she was going to be the bad mom for a while it seemed. Lena stood holding Lily with her arms under her butt. Little arms circled around her neck and Kara felt helpless.


“We’re good here Kar. You guys can go home.”


“Alright. Thanks Alex.”


They loaded into the car and the second Lena buckled Lily into her car seat the crying started. She held onto Lena’s hand and sobbed, “Mama don’t go!” Their eyes met and they nodded at each other. Kara found herself riding up front alone as Lena sat in the backseat trying to calm Lily down. With one hand she held Lily’s and the other stroked her cheek and wiped away the tears streaking down her cheeks. Kara tried her best to focus on getting them to the store without crying herself. She refused to meet Lena’s eyes in the rearview mirror as a tear fell down her cheek.


When they got to the toy store it was no surprise that Lily only wanted Lena to hold her the entire time. She refused to sit in a shopping cart and wanted nothing to do with Kara holding her. It took some coaxing but eventually Lily was ok with being set on the handle of the shopping cart with Lena pushing it. That way she could still hold tight to her mama and her mama could give her arms a rest. Kara followed closely behind, keeping a hand on Lena’s lower back the entire time.


“What about a new doll?”


“Uh uh,” she said without taking her head off Lena’s shoulder.


“How about a teddy bear?”




“Some new markers?”


Gold curls bounced as she shook her head.


Kara sighed and looked to Lena for help. “Lily how about we get something we can all do together? We could get a lego set and build it. That might be fun. What do you think?”


Lily looked up at Lena for a second and then buried her head back into her neck. “Just want mama snuggles.”


Kara had to step away for a second to take a breath. “I’ll meet you guys at the legos.” Her heart was aching so much. One, because her baby was hurting and didn’t want her. But another because her daughter loved the woman she was in love with so much. She took a deep breath and focused on the heartbeats of her girls.


It took a few seconds to find them but she started walking towards them. Instead of being at the Lego section she found them in the clothing department. What was slightly odd about it though was that they were in the baby department. She approached them and rested her hand on Lena’s back alerting her of her presence.


“Mommy can I have anything from the store?”


“What do you want baby?” Her daughter was too clever sometimes. She had something up her sleeve with her question.


A little hand pointed to a navy onesie with the House of El crest printed all over it. Kara tilted her head slightly confused, “Honey that won’t fit you. We can get you some new Superman or Supergirl pajamas or a shirt if you want.”


“Can we have a baby?”


Kara tried to keep her jaw from dropping and it seemed Lena wasn’t fairing much better than she was. “Honey we can’t just have a baby.”


“Why not?” Stormy blue eyes looked back at her and the signature Danvers pout was on full display.


“Honey its not that simple. You can’t just decide to get a baby and one shows up. Babies take time to grow.”


“I want a little brother or sister mommy!”


“Lily, mama and I haven’t even talked about babies. That’s a talk for grown ups. Now let’s go pick out a toy and get some lunch. We can talk about it later, ok?”




Later that night Kara sat on the bathroom counter as Lena brushed her teeth. Her head rested back against the mirror, “I’m the worst mom in the world.”


Lena rinsed her mouth and laughed before stepping between her legs and resting her hands on Kara’s knees. “You are an amazing mom Kara. Sometimes parenting sucks because you have to do what’s best for them even if they don’t understand it. You aren’t even close to being the worst mom, I would know, mine definitely takes the title for worst.”


Kara sighed and slipped her arms up around Lena’s neck, “She’s not going to stop asking for a brother or sister. She got my stubbornness and none of her father’s ability to just go with the flow.”


Lena’s hands slipped up to wrap around her waist. “Well do you want more kids? I know we just moved in together but Lily does bring up a good point. Kids are usually a deal breaker and we probably should talk about it.”


She nodded and sighed, “It’s been just Lily and I for so long. I never even entertained the idea of having more kids. Then you came along and joined our family, and I could never imagine my life without you. I never thought I would have a partner through all this. I never really thought that far past the present moment. I didn’t want to ruin things between us if you didn’t want more kids.”


“To be honest I never thought I’d find someone who loves me like you do. But… I love Lily. And I wouldn’t be opposed to growing our family if that’s something you’d want to do as well.”




“Yea. We have a few options. Money isn’t an issue or anything. I just… I would rather they have your genes than mine. I don’t want to pass on the Luthor crazy,” she said with a little laugh.


Kara stroked her cheek, “Not all Luthor’s are crazy Lena. I would love having a little kid that looked like you running around.”


“Kara I… I’m open to kids. But… the idea of using a sperm donor kind of freaks me out.”


“Sperm donor? No. Any kids we have will either be adopted or ours.”


“I don’t follow…”


“Do you remember I told you about the birthing matrix when we went out for coffee that one time?”


“Vaguely, why?”


“On Argo couples don’t have to procreate how humans do. They can if they choose to of course but, they each put their DNA into a birthing chamber and it combines to make an embryo that will eventually grow into a baby.”


“Ok… darling I still don’t follow. We’re both females. I don’t see how this helps.”


“Kryptonians don’t need sperm and an egg to create a baby. Anything that contains DNA can be combined to make a viable embryo. We could basically spit into test tubes and they could probably make a baby from it.”


Lena’s eyes widened, “Wait. You’re saying… we could have a baby… that’s biologically both of ours?”


She nodded and quickly backtracked, “But of course we could always adopt if you wanted to. I know Lily’s going to be a handful when we take off her red sun bracelet and her powers kick in full force. I didn’t exactly plan on coming back to earth when I decided to have a half-kryptonian half-daxamite baby. She wouldn’t have powers on Argo so I really didn’t consider it an issue. It’s a lot to burden a child with but... If we did, there’s a chance they wouldn’t get powers because you’re human. They might just be a regular kid. But if you want to adopt I’m ok with that too.”


“Wow that’s… that’s a lot to take in. I never thought that would be possible. I just… wow. That changes things.”


“It does? In a good way or bad…?”


Lena’s face softened and she stroked Kara’s cheek. “Kara I love you so much it scares me sometimes. You just told me that we could have kids that are ours. How could I ever want to adopt when I know that’s a possibility? You bring out the best in me, your happiness would stop any evil Luthor gene from taking over any baby we made.”


Kara smiled, “So does that mean you want to have a baby?”


“I have a few more questions on the subject but for now yes. I would like to have a baby with you sometime in the near future.”


Kara beamed and closed the distance between them to kiss Lena. “There is one other thing I’d like to talk about before we start planning a trip to Argo to have a baby.” She hopped down off the counter and tugged Lena by the hand to their bed.


“What’s that love?”


“I’d like our kids to have the same last name.”


They climbed into bed together. “Ok. That’s fine with me. We can have a whole bunch of Danvers.”


“I’d like us all to have the same last name.”


“You’re losing me again darling.”


“We’ve never talked about getting married.”


She could hear Lena stop breathing next to her. Her heart was pounding as fast as Lena’s was.


“Is this you asking…?”


“Oh Rao, no! I just thought we should talk about it. If you want to of course, you’ll know when I ask.”


“Oh. Ok. I guess I never really thought about it once I realized I was gay. Getting married was never really something I dreamed about like most little girls. But… I can’t imagine my life with anyone else. You make me want things I’ve never let myself dream about.”


“Oh yea?” Kara teased rolling over and straddling her hips. She laced their fingers together and pressed Lena’s hands into the mattress.


“Mmhm.” Her lips trailed down her throat gently.


“I’ve been dreaming about calling you my wife for so many years it’s almost embarrassing.”


Lena shivered underneath her the second the word wife left her mouth. She smirked and kept kissing down her neck. “I’d be happy to take your name and be a Luthor if you wanted. Or we could hyphenate. I’m open to suggestions babe. Kara Luthor. Kara Luthor-Danvers.”


Fingers slipped into her hair and tugged her head back up until she was staring into watery green eyes. “I love you so much,” Lena said trying to hold back tears.


She melted into Lena’s arms, “I love you too Lena. Forever and always, I promise.”

Chapter Text

Lena wrung her hands together nervously as she went through the checklist in her head.


Shirts? Check.

Pants? Check.

Bras and panties? Check.

Socks? Check.

Nylons? Check.

Dress clothes to impress Kara’s mom? Check.

‘Comfy’ clothes? Check.

Heels and sneakers? Check.

Toiletries and makeup? Check.


They were leaving for Argo in the morning and would be spending the next three weeks there. With Kara’s mom. The one who didn’t actually die with Krypton. Lena Luthor did not scare easily. She grew up with Lillian for a mother after all. However, she was absolutely, utterly, terrified to meet Alura Zor-El. Kara had been reassuring her for weeks that Alura would love her but she had her doubts. Most of the powerful women in her life had turned out to be evil or hurt her. Lillian and Rhea had been two women that she’d always wanted to please that held so much power in her life. Both had hurt her so deeply she never thought she would recover. Now she was not only meeting the love of her life’s mother; but another Super (even if she wasn’t going to have powers on Argo). There were so many things that could go wrong and she figured something would inevitably happen while they were there. Maybe everyone would hate her because of Lex. Maybe Kara would realize she wanted to stay on Argo with Lily and not want her there. Maybe Kara would realize she didn’t want to be with a human after all. Maybe…


“Lena you’re thinking too loud,” Kara said as she stepped into the room. Lena let out a huff and crossed her arms.


“I’m just making sure I have everything for our trip. Are you sure you still want me to go?”


Arms slipped around her waist and she buried her head in Kara’s neck. She could feel Kara start rubbing small circles on the small of her back and a sigh escaped her lips. There would never be anyone she loved as much as Kara.


“Lena,” she deadpanned. “Why in the world would I change my mind?”


“I… I don’t know. Maybe you don’t want me to meet your mom. It’s a big step.”


Kara bit her lip, “Babe… we’ve been talking about getting married and having a baby. I think meeting my mom is going to happen at some point. You don’t have to come with us if you don’t want to. But Lily and I would love to show you around Argo and my mom has been dying to meet you. But again, you don’t have to come if you’re too nervous. I don’t know what there is to be afraid of though love, it’s not like any of us are going to even have powers there. I’ll just be boring Kara Zor-El who probably can’t even pick up her girlfriend because she doesn’t have super strength.”


Lena found herself leaning back to look up at Kara and quirked an eyebrow at her. “So hypothetically… I could pin you for a change?”


“We are not having sex in my mother’s house Lena. Nope, out of the question.”


“You expect me to last three whole weeks without touching you? Have you lost your mind?”


Kara groaned, “We’ll be having lots of fun and keeping busy. You won’t even miss the sex.”


Lena scoffed, “You aren’t completely wrong, I’ll give you that. I might not miss just the sex but I will definitely miss making love to you.”


Kara blushed and pulled her closer, leaning down to press her lips to Lena’s. “You’re so perfect I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”


“Likewise Kar. You’re about a thousand times out of my league. I don’t understand how someone as wonderful and perfect as you could want to be with me.”


“Oh don’t even get me started Lena.”


Lena put up her hands in mock surrender not wanting her to start on her ‘Lena you are good’ tangent. She slid her arms back around Kara’s neck and threaded her fingers into loose blonde curls. Kara leaned over and looked into her suitcase.


Lena groaned as she started pulling out clothes. “Kara what are you doing?”


“I told you to pack the essentials. You don’t need kick ass boardroom outfits for meeting my mother. Comfy, that was the word I used when I told you what to pack.”


“Kara I am not going to meet your mother in sweats.”


“Lena, I have clothes on Argo for us when we get there.”


“Oh. You have clothes for me there? When did you do that?”


“I have ways. You’ll see. Just trust me please. Pack some jeans and sweaters and you’ll be fine. I promise. We’ll probably end up wearing what I have on Argo most of the time anyway. Plus you don’t even need to worry; you’ve met my mom before. With the whole Reign incident remember?”


“Yes but… this is different. That was like seven years ago first of all. And second, I didn’t even know you were Supergirl. She was just Supergirl’s mom at that point. We didn’t exactly talk for long either. I handed her the Harun-El and we called it a day. Now I’m going to be meeting her as your girlfriend. It’s totally different.”

“You’re not just my girlfriend. You, Lena Luthor, are the love of my life. Always have been, always will be.”


Lena couldn’t stop the smile that stretched across her face. With Kara her heart was always bursting at the seams. She leaned up on her tiptoes to press a soft kiss to Kara’s lips. Soft footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway and they pulled away just as Lily stepped into their room.


“You’re supposed to be in bed sweetheart,” Kara said putting her hands on her hips.


“I can’t sleep mommy. We’re going to see grandma tomorrow! I’m so excited! And mama you get to see where mommy and I lived before! It’s gonna be so much fun!”


She couldn’t help but smile as Kara gently scooped up Lily and held her on her hip. “You’re right love. It is very exciting and I can’t wait either. But the faster you go to sleep the faster it will be the morning. Then we’ll be leaving for Argo. Why don’t you let mommy put you back to bed?” Lily frowned slightly but seemed to think about it.


“Can you sing to me first mommy?” Her little fists rubbed at her eyes sleepily.


Lena started to take out some of the dressier items from her suitcase to let Kara to put Lily back to bed. To her surprise she heard Kara start singing behind her. She knew Kara could sing but she had never heard her sing quite like this before.


“Can't say how the days will unfold, can't change what the future may hold. But I want you in it. Every hour, every minute. This world can race by far too fast. Hard to see while it's all flying past. But, it's clear now, when you're standing here now. I am meant to be wherever you are next to me. All I want to do is come running home to you, come running home to you. And all my life I promise to, keep running home to you, keep running home to you.” She turned to see Lily cradled to Kara’s chest as if she was just a baby again. Her baby blues were hidden as her eyelids fluttered closed as Kara kept singing. To say Lena was in awe of her girlfriend was an understatement. There really wasn’t much she wasn’t good at. Lena put down the heels in her hand and sat on the bed, content to just watch and listen to her sing. She leaned back resting on her arms on the bed while her ankles crossed in front of her. Her voice was angelic as she wove her way through the song again to ensure Lily was asleep. By the end even Lena felt like she was in a trance from her singing. Kara smiled over at her and kept humming but stepped out of the room to put Lily to bed.


Lena shook herself and got back up off the bed. She started sifting through what she had packed to try and adhere to Kara’s suggestions. She took out two blouses and replaced them with a tank top and two shirts. Arms slipped around her waist from behind and she felt lips on her shoulder, “Baaabbby I’m so into you. You’ve got that somethin’ what can I do? Baby, you spin me around. The earth is a movin but I can’t feel the ground.” With a smile she turned in Kara’s arms and slid her arms around her neck.


“Well you’ve got one thing right, you definitely drive me crazy.”


“Tell me you’re so into me, that I’m the only, one you will see. Tell me I’m not in the blue, that I’m not wastin my feelings on you. Everytime I look at you, my heart is jumpin, what can I do? You drive me crazy, I just can’t sleep,” Kara sang with a smirk. Lena couldn’t help it as she pulled Kara down and kissed her harder than intended. She felt the super melt against her and smiled into the kiss. Hands slid down her back to her legs and she was being lifted up instantly. Her legs wrapped around lithe hips and she held herself close to Kara.


“I love you so much babe,” Kara whispered against her lips.


“I love you more,” she whispered back.



Sunlight streamed in the curtains and Lena felt the warmth radiating next to her. Kara’s hand rested on her back as she laid on her chest. Her head was tucked under Kara’s chin and there were few other ways she liked to wake up than snuggled with the love of her life. She was acutely aware that Kara was probably not awake yet so she pressed kisses up her throat until she finally got to her lips.


“Mmmm good morning.”


Lena chuckled and gave her another kiss, “Morning love.”


“How long do we have before we have to get up and get ready to leave?”


Green eyes moved to face their nightstand and registered that it was 9:30am. “Two hours until your mother is expecting us. Probably less than a half hour until Lily wakes up.”


She watched as blue eyes finally opened and met her own green. “Nope, she’s already awake. I can hear her playing with her baby doll. No doubt she’ll be in here soon once she hears we’re awake.”


“We’d better get up and ready for the day then.” Lena stretched and slipped out of bed much to Kara’s dismay. Grabby hands reached for her as she slipped on her robe and tied it around her waist. With a laugh she pulled her hair up into a messy but atop her head.


“Nooo come back. Need more cuddles.”


“Kar get up we’ve got to get ready. I’m going to take a shower and you should go start breakfast,” she started to make her way across the room to the bathroom only to be met with a groan.


“How about I take a shower with you? Then we can make breakfast together?” Before she could protest Kara was slipping out from under the sheets. If she thought her girlfriend could rock her chic pastels it had nothing on a just roused from sleep Kara. Long blonde curls framed her face and long tan legs went on for miles. She pulled her own hair up into a bun and Lena tried not to stare. She wore a simple black tank top and shorts but god did it look amazing on her. When she stretched to put her hair up the tank top rode up just an inch or two to reveal the abs her fingers always ached to touch. Every inch of her was desperate to be pressed tightly against her goddess of a girlfriend but she also knew Lily would be looking for them soon.


“Darling, we both know Lily will be in her any minute. If you get too distracted you’ll forget to listen for her and then she’ll interrupt us. Neither of us wants that. I’ll be fast in the shower so you aren’t too tempted, promise.” She stepped into the bathroom and shucked off her own tshirt and shorts before stepping under the hot water. It poured over her bare skin and she let her eyes close. How had this become her life? The past 10 months had been some of the happiest times she had ever had. Instead of coming home to an empty apartment to have dinner and a glass of wine she had a family waiting to greet her. She came home to a hot dinner almost every day and was greeted with hugs and kisses the second she came through the door. There were movie nights with popcorn and lots of blankets and cuddles. At night Kara held her and kept away the nightmares that haunted her for most of her life. And don’t forget all the love she had in her life. Kisses good morning and goodnight, cuddles before bed, simple ‘I love you’s’ said without ulterior motives. She had a family, a daughter. A little girl who looked up to her and loved her unconditionally. Deft fingers massaged conditioner into her hair as she reflected on how much she loved her family. They were everything to her and she would protect them at all costs. She stepped under the spray of the water again and rinsed out the conditioner. Turning off the shower and stepping out she wrapped a fluffy towel around herself to dry off. Kara had insisted on comfy clothes so she quickly dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt and headed downstairs.


The sight that greeted her made her heart swell. Kara was flipping pancakes on the stove and Lily was seated on the counter next to her. The spatula was currently serving as a microphone for the mother daughter duo. Their echo dot was playing the top pop songs and of course the little Danvers knew the words to most of the songs. With the flip of a pancake she held the spatula out to Lily who started singing, “I’m a sucker for you!” It was not uncommon to find her girls having a dancing and singing party in the kitchen. She leaned in the doorway watching two sets of blonde curls move in time with the song. As the next verse hit Kara dropped the spatula on the counter and scooped Lily up to spin her around. The little girl giggled and put her arms out like she was flying as her mom spun her around in the air over her head.


“It’s true, I’m a sucker for you!” Kara sang as she brought her daughter down to kiss her nose. Lena scrunched her nose up as she smiled taking in the scene in front of her. She could imagine the same scene in a year or so. Maybe they’d have a bouncer on the counter with a baby in it, maybe she’d have a baby on her shoulder, or better yet… maybe Kara would be feeding their little baby as she made breakfast while she got Lily ready for school.


Little arms wrapped around Kara’s neck and Lena tried to imagine it just the two of them for a moment. How Kara probably made her breakfast while she packed a lunch for her. How she had little dance parties with Lily even if she was lonely or stressed out being on her own. Before she could think twice about it her feet carried her to her girls and she wrapped her arms around Kara’s waist from behind, pressing a kiss to her cheek. Lily giggled and leaned over Kara’s shoulder to kiss her cheek, “Mama you’re up! It’s almost vacation time! Jeju’s making pancakes!”


Lena smiled and kissed her nose, “I know I could smell it from upstairs. Are you so excited? Are you ready to see uzheiu?” The kryptonian word for grandma slipped from her lips easily. She’d been practicing with the basics of the language to surprise Kara for a few months now. A genuine smile crossed Kara’s face as she turned to face her at mention of the word.


“Bug why don’t you go sit down and we’ll bring you some breakfast?” She set Lily down and they were vaguely aware of her running to the table. Kara’s hands came up to cup her face as she leaned closer to press their foreheads together.


“How many words do you know?”


Te zhao rrip,” she whispered. Tears pooled in the blue eyes she loved so much.




An hour and a half later she was anxiously waiting in the DEO by the portal with Lily, Kara, and Alex. They were doing some final tests that she had offered to look over but everyone shooed her away assuring her it was just normal precaution. Lily was running around the room with her little backpack on and a teddy bear tucked under her arm. Kara and Brainy were pushing buttons when Lily knocked over a tray across the room.


“Lillian Alexandra Danvers! I don’t need you getting hurt before we leave. You can either stand with mama or me. No more running around.”


Lily looked down at her feet but walked over and held her arms up to Lena who quickly scooped the little girl up in her arms. It was a shock to her to hear the little girls full name being used. But what really got her was that her full name was Lillian. Surely Kara wouldn’t name her that after her mother? Why would she do that? Lily leaned her head down on Lena’s shoulder and she held her teddy bear close. “I think mommy’s mad at me.”


“She’s not mad sweetheart. She’s just anxious to go see her mom. She wants to make sure everything is safe when we go through. I promise she isn’t mad at you, neither am I.” She pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and adjusted her so that she was leaning against her chest and not on her hip. Kara pushed a few more buttons first and the portal sprung to life. She took a deep breath as Kara walked over and rested a hand on her back.




All she could muster was a nod as she felt her heart start to race. The hand at her lower back reassured her a little bit and she felt it slip around her waist and tug her close. Grabbing their luggage with her free hand Kara led them through the portal together.


The first thing her eyes registered was the red hue that blanketed the sky. It wasn’t ominous how the antimatter wave had been. Everything just looked a little bit different, not quite as bright as under the yellow sun. There was so much to take in around them and her mind was racing. She’d never been to another planet that wasn’t an earth before. The portal and dropped them off in a field of sorts which she assumed was possibly a backyard. Green eyes took in the foreign looking plants and insects around them. What looked like a blue striped bee buzzed from one flower to the next. There was so many things to take in around her that she almost forgot about the little girl in her arms until she squirmed to be put down.


Uzheiu!” Lena let her down and they watched as little blonde curls raced through the grass towards a figure walking towards them. Kara smiled next to her as the woman picked Lily up and spun her around. The hand on Lena’s waist gave her a slight squeeze and tugged her forward so they were walking towards the pair.


As they got closer it was clear how much Kara was like her mom. Alura was talking quietly to Lily and showering her in kisses. Kara was beaming next to her before she dropped her arm from Lena’s waist and crossed the distance to hug her mom. Lily was placed on her feet as her mom and grandma hugged. Lena wasn’t sure if she should get closer but it was decided for her when Lily returned to her side and slipped her little hand into hers. She gave the little girl’s hand a slight squeeze and a small smile.


The two women turned to her and Kara led her mom the short distance to them. “I know you guys have met before but… mom, this is Lena. Lena this is my mom, Alura Zor-El.”


Alura stepped forward catching her off guard and wrapping her into a tight hug. Clearly the Zor-El women were all very fond of touching and giving hugs. She had to stop herself from laughing at the thought. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Lena. You’ve made my girls so incredibly happy. I’m so happy you could finally come here and get to see where Kara comes from.”


When they stepped back Kara was smiling over her mom’s shoulder at her. Lily’s little hand was still holding onto hers. “It’s great to finally meet you too. Kara and Lily talk about you all the time. I’m excited to see everything I’ve heard so much about. They’ve been talking about all the different things here on Argo for weeks.”


Lily tugged on her hand and she looked down into baby blue eyes. “Mama can we go get a snack? I’m hungry.” Lena laughed and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.


“I’m sure we can find something for you to eat sweetheart.” She beamed up at Lena and Kara held out her arms towards Lily who instantly dropped hers and took off to latch herself onto her mom.


Alura fell in step alongside Lena and they walked behind Kara who had Lily perched on her hip. She carried their bags and watched lovingly as Kara talked to Lily animatedly as they approached a house. “Kara has been in love with you for so long. I’m so glad you guys worked things out. I was worried when they went back to earth that her heart wouldn’t withstand any more rejection. She was so broken when she showed up six years ago. She didn’t know how to move on without you. Just when she came to the realization that she was in love with you he showed up,” a frown crossed Alura’s face. Clearly she did not care for the father of her grandchild. “ She was ready to go back and confront you but then he convinced her that she should stay here with ‘her people’. But we both know that her family will always be on earth. For whatever reason she listened to him. Don’t get me wrong; I am so grateful that Lily came from their… love, for lack of a better word. I don’t think anything could come from anything but love from Kara.”


Lena couldn’t help but smile, “She never gives up hope and she loves in the most fierce way I’ve ever seen.” They reached the house a Alura gestured for her to leave the luggage by the door. She led Lena to a little swing overlooking the field they’d just come from. Taking a seat next to Alura she waited for the woman to talk again.


“Make no mistake, Kara deserved much better than he could ever give her. But I was in no place to deny her the comfort she was seeking. Things weren’t exactly easy after Lily came about. But you know how Kara is. She would never do anything half way. I’m sure you know she’s a great mom. It was never a job to her. No matter how much I would offer to get up with Lily and feed her or help out, she was always insistent on doing it herself. There were little things she would let me do like take her to the lab with me or on little outings so she could have time to herself. When Lily’s allergy presented itself we were both terrified. We weren’t sure what she would be allergic to exactly being half kryptonian and half daxamite. From the tests we ran on her blood she doesn’t seem to be allergic to just lead or kryptonite. At least she seemed to inherit that from each of her parents. But almost a year ago there was an explosion in a lab working with thallium. The effect wasn’t immediate that either of us noticed. At first Lily just seemed to have a cold. But after a few days she wasn’t getting better even with the medicine she was put on. I ran a few tests and found out she was allergic to it and her body was not going to come back from it if she stayed here. It was the hardest decision I’ve seen Kara make. But I understood because it was the same decision I had to make myself. She didn’t want to leave me here but Lily had to come first. I knew I could work here to make a vaccine for Lily and a few others that were affected by the explosion. I’m sure you weren’t thrilled when you found out I had succeeded in making a vaccine because it might mean they would come back. You have to know Kara would never leave you. She loves you so much Lena.”


It was a lot to take in at once. She collected her thoughts for a moment before replying. “Kara never talked much about what happened besides the fact that Lily had an allergy. I was scared that they would leave but I know Kara, and I know she would never make a decision without thinking it over and talking to me about it. I love your daughter and granddaughter more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life.”


As if on cue a door could be heard opening and Lily and Kara appeared. Lily had some small purple fruit in her hand and was happily crunching on it as Kara held her free hand. They had changed out of the clothes they were wearing and were now wearing clothes similar to Alura’s. Lily had on a light blue dress with short sleeves and the House of El crest embroidered in the shoulder. She looked absolutely adorable as she walked over and climbed into Alura’s lap. But for as cute as she was, her mother took Lena’s breath away. Kara wore a white flowing dress with the crest on her shoulder as well. Her hair hung in loose waves and her blue eyes sparkled under the red sun. She looked happier, softer, under Rao’s light. She held a hand out that Lena took and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet. “I told you I had clothes here for us. Come on let me get you something to change into.”


Kara led her inside to what she assumed was Kara’s old room. She opened a wardrobe of sorts and Lena saw various dresses of different lengths hanging there. One side housed about twenty dresses ranging from white to blue to a pale red. On the other side the colors went from a darker blue to greens. She watched Kara’s hand ghost over a few before she pulled out a mint green dress and turned back to her. “This side has all been specially made for you. You could try to wear mine but they’re probably too long. These should all fit you perfectly.”


Lena stepped up next to her and took the dress from her hands. The material was soft against her fingertips and she set it on the bed before she slipped off her jeans and shirt. Kara was by her side an instant later helping her slip the dress over her head. She pulled her ponytail loose and felt Kara’s fingers move to loosen her hair. “You look stunning Lena.”


Taking a deep breath she turned to face the mirror in the wardrobe. The sight made her breathing hitch in her throat. Her hair was falling in soft waves around her face while the dress made her appear much more soft and feminine than she usually looked. What had really caught her eye though was the House of El crest on her shoulder in the same spot on Kara and Lily’s dresses. Her fingers brushed the emblem as tears welled up in her eyes. Arms slipped around her waist and Kara’s face appeared over her shoulder in the mirror, “It’s going to be your crest one day too. I wanted everyone to know you are just as much my family as Lily and my mom are.” She turned in Kara’s arms to press a soft kiss to her lips. It wasn’t exactly like kissing her when she’d lost her powers but it was close. Her body was soft and pliable against Lena’s and she relished being able to pull Kara closer of her own will.


“I love you so much Kara. You are everything I’ve ever wanted and more than I ever let myself dream of.”


“I love you too. I never thought I could be as happy as I am now. I’m so happy to be here with you, showing you parts of myself that nobody has seen.”


“I’m so happy to be here darling.”


A little head appeared in the doorway, “Mama you look beautiful!”


Lena smiled, “So do you love.”


“Grandma said she wants to show you pictures of mommy when she was little if you’re done getting dressed.”


Kara groaned and Lena smirked as she let go of Kara to walk over and take Lily’s hand. “Well let’s not keep her waiting.” This was going to be an amazing trip, she didn’t know why she was ever nervous to begin with.

Chapter Text

Lena found herself situated on a couch next to Alura with what looked like a tablet in her hands. Alura navigated through a few pages that she tried to keep up with but had no luck in succeeding. The last thing she clicked on was labeled ‘Kara’ and a bunch of pictures filled the screen. She couldn’t help the smile from sneaking onto her face as the screen was littered with a smiling chubby baby face. Lena hadn’t seen baby pictures of Lily but she had a sneaking suspicion she probably looked just like Kara. She clicked on a picture of a much younger Alura holding a swaddled Kara in her arms. She had a little patch of blonde hair atop her head and her eyes were as blue as the ocean.


“Don’t be fooled, she wasn’t always a ball of sunshine. She has quite the set of lungs on her when she wants to use them.”


Lena bit her lip and turned red when Kara’s eyes met hers and a mischievous smirk tugged at her lips. Thankfully Alura seemed to ignore their interaction. She was going to kill Kara for that later. She moved onto the next picture and it was a smiling Kara lying on a blanket with the House of El crest on her little onesie. Lena smiled and flipped to the next one. It seemed Alura and Zor-El had taken tons of pictures of Kara. They easily moved from pictures of her as a newborn to a smiley baby, to an adorable toddler, to a playful little girl. One particular picture caught her eye. Alura was sitting on the edge of Kara’s bed reading a story to her. Kara looked like she was half asleep but she had the smallest smile on her face.


“She always insisted she wasn’t sleeping and would beg for another story every night. She said it gave her good dreams,” Alura said next to her.


Lena smiled, “We used to have sleepovers when we became friends. She would occasionally wake up from nightmares and I’d tell her stories until she fell back to sleep.”


Alura smiled and rested her hand on Lena’s forearm. “Thank you for taking care of her. Thank you for loving her.”


Her cheeks flushed and she looked back down at the pictures to avoid looking at the woman next to her. A giggle across the room drew their attention. She was met with the sight of Kara cradling Lily to her chest. “Lena do you see Lily anywhere? All I can find is this little baby.”


“Mommy I’m right here! I’m not a baby!”


Lena laughed, “I don’t see her babe. We better keep looking around here for her.” She handed the tablet to Alura and got up from the couch to indulge Kara in ‘looking for’ Lily. Lily giggled as she watched Lena ‘look around’ for her. She made a show of looking under furniture and behind the television. “I can’t find her Kar.”


“Mamaaaaa! I’m hereeee!”


Blue eyes met green and they both smirked. Lena crossed the room, “I think I found her babe!” She started tickling Lily and squeals of laughter filled the room. Yea, I could really get used to this, she thought to herself. Her little family was more than she could ever dream of.




Lena relished the feeling of Kara squeezing her hand lightly as they walked through the market. Lily had been begging to go see everything for sale; she wanted a new toy to play with and Kara couldn’t deny her anything. Alura had opted to stay behind and start cooking dinner for the four of them. Lily ran ahead of them to a stand with various lego looking toys. Kara moved to follow her but something caught Lena’s eye, “You go ahead, I’ll meet you guys over there. I want to look here for a minute.”


“Alright babe, we won’t be far.”


Kara followed Lily while she headed to a booth with various items. What had caught her eye however was a selection of bracelets. Ever since Kara had mentioned them getting married she couldn’t help herself but think of how to make it special for her. While Kara had grown up on earth she was sure it would mean more to her to have a bracelet instead of an engagement ring, of course Lena was going to get her both when she decided to ask. She stepped up to the counter and looked at the selection they had. Ok what would Kara like? Would she want blue and red? Would she like green incorporated? These are all so beautiful, how the hell am I supposed to choose one? There were plenty of bracelets sporting just one color. She saw a silver bracelet with sapphires, gold with rubies, and silver with emeralds. There weren’t many with two colors that she could see. The merchant stepped forward and smiled at her.


“Hello ma’am. Looking for anything specific today? Can I help you find something?”


“I’m just trying to get an idea of what I might want. I don’t know exactly what I want yet. I hoped I would know it was the one when I saw it.”


“Who are you planning on bonding with? Maybe I can help. I know everyone here.”


Lena bit her lip, should she tell her about Kara? Surely she would know Kara. Would she tell her what she was looking at? She turned and looked in Kara’s direction and pointed subtly, “The beautiful ray of sunshine over there.”


“Kara?” She nodded in affirmation and watched the woman move a few bracelets on top of the case. The second it was set in front of her Lena felt her breath hitch. It was a simple silver bracelet with a ruby and sapphire on either side of a diamond.


“That’s a beautiful choice.” Luckily Kara had helped her transfer some of her money over into their currency.


“Would it be possible for me to pay for it and pick it up later? I don’t want Kara to see it before I ask her.”


The woman smiled softly at her, “Of course dear. I would be more than happy to help.”


She paid the woman and left promising to pick it up the next day. On a whim she'd gotten something for Lily too. It only took her a second to spot her girls a few booths away. Lily was looking at a few different stuffed animal-resembling things. Kara was talking animatedly to a woman off to her side. Lena stepped up next to them and rested a hand on Lily’s back.


“There you are Lena! This is Thara. She was my best friend growing up. We used to sneak out and sit on the roof and talk under the stars for hours.”


Lena stiffened out of habit, “It’s nice to meet you Thara. Kara’s mentioned you, unfortunately not in great detail. Talking about the past isn’t something either of us takes lightly.”


“Well I hope what she has told you was good,” she replied resting her hand on Kara’s forearm. Lena tried to ignore the twisting in her stomach. This is her friend, nothing more. You were her friend once too. No don’t think like that. Kara loves you.


“Of course it was all good things! I would never speak bad about my best friend,” Kara cut in.


“Well we did get up to shenanigans. We weren’t always little angels Kar.”


Lena felt herself unconsciously getting upset at this woman she didn’t even know. It was stupid really; she had no reason to be jealous of this old friend that Kara had missed.


“I don’t need you telling Lena how I wasn’t always a good kid. Don’t tarnish her angelic view of me.” Both women shared a laugh and Lena actively fought to put a smile on her face instead of a glare.


Thara removed her hand from Kara’s arm and squatted down to Lily’s level and stroked her cheek, “You’ve gotten so big Lil. We’ve missed you so much.” Lena watched as Lily’s arms wrapped round the woman’s neck and she kissed her cheek.


“I missed you too Aunt Thara. We got to do all kinds of fun stuff on earth though! Mommy got me a doggy and I have lots of friends! And mama taught me lots of stuff,” she paused to beam up at Lena.


Kara’s hand slipped into hers and gave it a squeeze that she returned gently. “It sounds like you had a great time on earth. Are you happy to be back?”


Lena went stiff as a board, her breath caught in her throat; surely she didn’t think they were staying on Argo… What had Kara told her?


“I only really saw grandma and you so far. But I missed being here lots. We’re gonna do so many fun things mommy said. We’re gonna show mama all the fun stuff before we go home!”


A look crossed Thara’s face as she smiled and kissed Lily’s cheek before standing up and turning to face them. She seemed to give Kara a look for a second. “I just assumed with her allergy being cleared up…”


Kara shook her head, “Earth has been my home for a very long time. Argo isn’t Krypton. Neither is earth. But earth… it will always be my home and it’s where I want mine to grow.”


Lena let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. She squeezed Kara’s hand and felt Lily’s little one grab her free one.


“I understand. It was really good to see you two and to meet you Lena. I hope we can get together before you return to earth. You know where I’ll be Kara.” She gave a small smile and hugged Kara and Lily before opening her arms and hugging Lena as well. She turned and walked off toward a group of little kids.


Lily tugged her hand, “Mama look how cute this one is!” She held up a little square stuffed… thing, that resembled an ugly doll back on earth. It was blue and had little almost antennas on its head.


“It is definitely unique sweetheart. Would you like to take it home?” Lily nodded quickly, her curls bouncing around her shoulders with the movement. Lena handed the merchant some coins and moved to pick Lily up in her arms. She rested the little girl on her hip and couldn’t help the smile as one arm rested along her shoulder and little fingers played with her hair.


Kara’s hand moved to her back, guiding her through the booths. They made their way back to Alura’s home and Lily was quick to run off to show off her toy. Lena made her way back to the bench outside and Kara followed.


“So, your best friend huh?” She watched as blue eyes rolled, a motion Kara never made when they were talking. Instead of laughing it off she raised an eyebrow and Kara’s mouth fell open. A glare took over her features as Kara broke out in hysterical laughter.


“You’re jealous!”


“I am not!”


“Oh my rao you so are!”


Lena turned away and looked out at the flowers, “You had a life before earth Kara. Even though you don’t always want to talk about it, you did. She was part of your life and she knows things I can never understand. She knows the pain of losing her family and her planet. I won’t ever understand some of those things.”


Kara’s hand was on her chin, turning her back to face her. “Lena. She was my best friend yes. She was best friends with Kara Zor-El. But she doesn’t know Kara Danvers or Supergirl. She isn’t best friends with all of me. She doesn’t know how I like my coffee or what kind of pot stickers are my favorite. She doesn’t know how to stop the nightmares at night. She doesn’t know what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt. But you do. You know everything about me Lena. She might have been my best friend but she’s not anymore. She’s not you babe.”


Lena lifted a hand to cup Kara’s cheek. Her thumb brushed over the soft skin gently. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to Kara’s, relishing in the feel of her pressing back. She was soft and warm and there.




Five days. That’s all it had taken. Five days and the people of Argo were driving her nuts. She understood why Kara had a secret identity on earth now. Every time they would go out to get groceries or for a walk and they ran into someone… they would be stopped. They had a collection of various things building in their suitcase. People were giving them flowers, jewelry, and little tokens of appreciation. They’d even had a few people bring dinner to Alura’s to show their appreciation. I wonder how often Supergirl gets things like this on earth… She definitely wouldn’t turn down food. Kara looked over at her sympathetically as a mother and toddler stopped them. She took a deep breath and smiled at them.


“Miss Luthor it’s an honor to meet you. I just wanted to thank you for saving us all. My daughter was just a baby when everything started to happen. Without you Argo would be no better off than Krypton. You are our hero. Thank you for saving us.”


Lena reached out and stroked the little girl’s cheek before smiling at her mother, “It was an easy choice to make. I’m no hero, just someone trying to help.”

They exchanged more pleasantries before the woman and child left them. Kara beamed from next to her and Lena rolled her eyes. “Stop. Don’t even say it.”


“But Lena you are a hero. You saved Argo with the Harun-El.”


“All I did was synthesize more. Anyone would have done the same.”


Kara shook her head, “No they wouldn’t have. The only other person on earth who could have done what you did was Lex. We both know he would never have done that.”


Lena hummed in agreement. They rounded the corner to Alura’s street and smiled seeing Lily playing outside. Krypto was chasing a ball that she was throwing around the grass. Lily looked up and saw them, a smile cracking her lips. Instantly she was off, running to them as fast as she could with Krypto on her heels. Kara dropped her hand to scoop Lily up in her arms.


“You look like you’re having fun little one.”


Krypto sidled up to her and Lena scratched his head. She’d missed the big ball of fluff the past few days since he’d been with Alex and Maggie while they got settled on Argo. Alex had promised to send him through once they were ready though. Alex. If Krypto was here… that meant Alex and Maggie were too.


“How’s Aunt Alex doing? How’s tia doing?” Kara asked as she kissed Lily’s cheek.


“She’s fineeee mommy. Tia was looking at all your baby pictures,” she said with a giggle as Kara groaned.


“The last thing Maggie needs to see is naked baby pictures of me.” The little family made their way inside the house. Kara set Lily down and she ran off with Krypto.


“Mom! Stop showing everyone baby pictures of me,” she grumbled seeing Alura between Alex and Maggie on the couch. Her hands rested on her hips in her signature Supergirl pose but she didn’t look as intimidating wearing a flowing blue dress. It didn’t have quite the same effect as the super suit. Lena slid her arm around Kara’s waist.


“Kar stop whining. Your mom was showing us pictures of Lily not you. And can I just say, she is definitely your kid,” Alex said showing them a picture of Lily covered in frosting, presumably on her birthday. Kara rolled her eyes but laughed all the same. She seemed to remember something and tugged on Lena’s hand.


“I want to show you something.” She led them to the room they were staying in and Lena sat on the bed waiting for her. Kara rifled around through some drawers for a second before she produced a photo album, one that was definitely made on earth.


“Brainy helped me move pictures from the digital format here to a printed one. So I could bring them to earth with me. I’ve never showed you and I don’t display these at home. But I want you to see.”


Lena flipped the book open and couldn’t stop the smile that fell from her lips. The first picture was Kara standing sideways by the door wall. She was wearing a flowing skirt and a t-shirt that was pulled up above her stomach. Her hands cradled her stomach, a small bump visible. “I was only two months pregnant there. I was so scared but so excited. My mom told me I should document it because I’d want to have it later. She was right of course.”


She smiled and flipped to the next page and the next. They were taken a month apart and she smiled watching Kara’s belly grow a little bit in each picture. Her fingers turned the page and she was speechless. Kara was wearing a white dress that billowed out around her. Her stomach stuck out decently far; she was probably only a week or two from delivering Lily. Her hair fell in beautiful golden curls behind her. Rao was shining above as one hand cradled her stomach and the other reached for the camera. Her eyes were sparkling and Lena vowed to be able to see Kara look that radiant for herself one day.


Lena reached over and laced her fingers through Kara’s. “Thank you for sharing this with me.” She closed the distance between them and kissed Kara gently. Kissing her under the red sun was more than she could ever imagine. It wasn’t the same as under the red sun lamps at home. There was just a difference to Kara under the naturally red sun that wasn’t the same with an imitated one. She closed the book and tossed it on the chair across from them gently. Their fingers untangled from each other to find new places.


Kara’s fingers slid into her raven locks while she took the opportunity and grip Kara’s hips and flip her onto her back. She felt a smirk against her lips and groaned slightly, “God I love being able to do that. If there was anything that would make me want to never go back to earth, that would be it.”



Lily had managed to get herself covered in dirt while playing with Krypto outside. Kara insisted that she give both her and the dog a bath before dinner. That left Lena to her own devices. That’s how she currently found herself in the backyard with Alex. She’d wandered out seeing the red head alone and wanted to seize the opportunity. Ever since she’d picked up the bracelet she knew she wanted to ask Kara to marry her. But she knew how important Alex was to Kara as well. She’d been wondering how hard it would be to get Alex alone to talk. Apparently the Luthor bad luck wasn’t out to get her. Cautiously she crossed the yard until she was by Alex.


“It’s beautiful out here isn’t it?”


“Yea, I can’t even imagine this on earth. People would think these flowers are fake. I’m sure Maggie will want to steal them and bring them home with her though,” she said with a laugh before turning to look over at her.


Lena laughed too, “I’m sure Kara’s going to bring some home too. I feel bad she’s not even considering staying here. This is her home too.”


Alex reached over and rested a hand on Lena’s forearm. “We both know she would go anywhere you wanted Lena. Home for Kara isn’t a planet or a place, home is where her family is. She would do whatever made you happy.”


She couldn’t help the genuine smile she had, “I know. Which is what I wanted to talk to you about.”


Alex groaned, “God I really don’t want to talk about your sex life Lena. She’s my sister. I already had to picture her procreating with Mon-El.”


Lena pretend gagged, “Thanks for that visual Alex. No I don’t want to talk about our sex life with you, but thanks for that very welcoming opportunity if I did. I wanted to ask you for your blessing to ask Kara to marry me.”


Alex’s jaw dropped, “I can’t believe Lena Luthor, certified badass, is asking me for her blessing to marry my sister, the literal girl of steel.”


“Well believe it, here I am. And fair warning, if you say no, I’ll just keep asking until you say yes. Because Kara is the only person I am ever going to want and I won’t give her up. I love her more than anything in the universe, Lily’s a very close second.”


Alex’s face softened and she squeezed her arm gently, “Lena you’ve been part of this family for a long time. Of course you have my blessing to ask Kara to marry you. Have you decided if you’re going to do it the human or kryptonian way?”


She nodded and bit her lip, “I’m not really sure what I want to say but I did buy a bracelet. I figured we could pick out rings together if she says yes. But I wanted to do it the way she would have had. She’s had to acclimate to so many of earths customs, I wanted this to be special for her.”


“Lena first of all, she is going to say yes. And second, she would love it even if you gave her a ring pop. Kara is so madly in love with you there is no possible way the word no would come out of her mouth.”


She smiled and hugged Alex, “Thank you. You don’t know how much it means to me to have your support and approval.”


“Hey you’re my sister, what did you expect?”


Lena felt her breath hitch and she tried to swallow past the lump in her throat. It had been so long since someone called her their sister. She nodded and willed herself not to cry. Maggie leaned out the doorway just then, “Alex if you want to see that park before dark we should head out soon.”


“Ok babe, be right there.”


She turned back to Lena and stroked her cheek and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I love you, you crazy little Luthor. Don’t over think it. Just ask her. Kara loves you like crazy. You won’t mess it up.”


“Thanks Alex. I love you too.”


Alex smiled and headed inside to join Maggie. She wiped the tears that were threatening to fall down her cheeks. She turned back around and headed inside. Lily was sitting on the counter in her pajamas with wet hair. Alura was weaving her hair into two intricate French braids. Her pants had L-Corps logo on them and her little t-shirt had the signature House of El crest on it. “Hi mama! Are you gonna go for a walk with us? Mommy said Krypto’s too hyper.”


Kara strode into the room in a pair of her sweats from home with Krypto’s leash in hand. “I think I’m gonna pass sweetheart. I’m gonna stay and help with dinner. But you and mommy have a good walk ok?” She stroked Lily’s cheek gently and booped her nose.


“Ok mama. Can we do extra snuggles tonight?”

“Of course. We’ll do lots of snuggles and kisses. I promise.” Lily smiled and hugged her tight as Alura tied off her braids. Lena couldn’t help the emotion that washed over her at Lily’s request. She cupped her face in her hands and tilted her head up to press a kiss to her forehead. “I love you sweetheart.”


“I love you too mama.” Lena helped her down off the counter and watched as she took the leash from Kara and went to wrangle Krypto. Kara crossed the short distance between them and slipped her arms around Lena’s waist. Their foreheads rested against one another gently and she brushed her lips against Kara’s softly.


“I love you so much Lena.”


“I love you too darling. Now go wear out our dog and our kid so they go to bed without a fight tonight and we can snuggle before passing out.”


With a laugh Kara kissed her cheek and mockingly answered, “Whatever you say dear.”


“Don’t forget it darling. Don’t be long.”


Kara pressed a quick kiss to her lips and turned to find Lily and Krypto. She took a breath and turned back to Alura who was busy checking on something that was cooking.


“Can I help with anything for dinner?”


“Honey you don’t have to help with anything. If you want to talk we can just talk. I can tell something is on your mind.”


She fidgeted with her fingers and waited to hear Kara leave with Lily and Krypto. She saw them walk past the front window and head down the street. “Kara and Lily mean everything to me. I love them so much. I know you haven’t spent much time with the three of us but I would never do anything to hurt them. I know I don’t deserve them but I can’t ever imagine giving them up for anything. I was hoping to get your blessing to ask Kara to marry me.”


Alura smiled and crossed the gap between them to hug her. “Of course Lena. My daughter cares for you more than she’s ever cared for anyone. You’ve given me back a glimpse of my happy little girl that I thought I’d lost forever. I am forever in your debt Lena. You have exceeded all my hopes and dreams in a partner for my daughter. I know you will take care of her and Lily without a doubt. Kara looks at you like you hung the stars in the sky and you look at her as if she’s your sun. I would be honored to call you my daughter.”


Lena wiped a tear that slipped down her cheek. “Thank you Alura. It means everything to be able to get your blessing. Kara has changed my life so much since she stormed into it. She’s given me everything I could ever dream of and more. She’s given me a family and a purpose. I love both of them so much.”


Alura pulled back and held Lena’s face in her hands. Her thumb brushed away tears that were falling down pale cheeks. “They love you so much too. Kara has always talked so highly of you. She was already hopelessly in love with you when she showed up six years ago. I saw her heart breaking when she found out she was pregnant with Mon-El. She wanted it to be with you so badly. Then with Lily’s allergy she was so worried going back to earth. She was terrified of seeing you married or happy without her. The first time they called me after settling down you can imagine my surprise to find out you were Lily’s teacher. She was still so in love with you. You’ve always been it for her Lena. She added you into the matching matrix when you guys arrived. I got the results back yesterday and was going to give them to you guys before you left.”


Lena swallowed a lump in her throat, “Oh, I didn’t know she did that.” Her hands started to shake slightly with nerves. Alura just smiled at her in return and stroked her cheek.


“You’re a perfect match honey. 99% match. You two are the highest match percentage anyone in the matrix has ever gotten.”


She smiled and hugged her tight. They both wiped away stray tears that had fallen and turned back to dinner. Most everything was done but they took out some bread and fruit. Lena cut up the fruit small enough for Lily to eat easily and let her mind wander. She was going to ask Kara to marry her. The realization hit her square in the chest. If Kara says yes she’s going to be my wife… Lily is going to be my daughter… we can start our own family, together. Sure they had talked about all these things before but it was different to actually know they can happen. A smile tugged at her lips as she put the fruit into a bowl. She leaned against the counter for a few minutes until she heard the front door swing open and heard feet running across the floor.


“Mama we’re home!”


Lena swept Lily up into her arms and covered her face in kisses. “I missed you so much!”


Little giggles could be heard throughout the house as she covered the little girl in kisses. “I missed you too. Krypto was pulling so hard that mommy had to hold the leash. He kept pullin’ me over,” her little blue eyes spotted the bowl of fruit behind them. “Can I have some of that? I’m reallyyyy hungry mama.” Little arms slipped around her neck and she felt fingers twisting in her own long dark hair. With a smile she pressed a kiss to Lily’s forehead and turned to let her have access to the bowl.


“Of course you can,” she set her on the counter and speared a piece of banana on a fork before offering it to Lily. She eagerly took the banana off and let her little legs swing back and forth. Lena fed her a few pieces of fruit before setting down the fork and cupping the little girl’s face in her hands. “I love you so much Lily.”


A little smile shone back up at her, “I love you too mama. Can we have real dinner now? My belly’s really hungry.” Lena laughed and set her on the floor.


“Yes we can have dinner now darling.” Lily ran off to climb into her seat at the table while strong arms encircled her waist. She reached down and rested a hand on the arms around her. Kara’s chin rested on her shoulder and she tilted her head to rest against hers.


“You’re the best with her.”


“She makes it easy. Both of you do. I love you two so much.”


The arms loosened and she felt hands on her hips turning her around. Green eyes met blue and she slipped her arms up around Kara’s neck. Soft lips brushed hers and she felt a whisper against them, “We love you too. I love you so much Lena.”


“I love you too Kar. Forever.”




Alex and Maggie were listening to Lily talk their ears off in the main room after dinner. Lena tugged Kara away to their room and out onto the balcony. The night sky on Argo looked much different than earths but it was beautiful all the same. Balconies were kind of their thing now that she thought about it.


“Kara… can I ask you something?”


“Of course you can. You know that.”


“Why Lillian?”


Kara’s cheeks flushed and she looked anywhere but Lena’s eyes. “I just…” A hand ran through her golden curls and she let out a breath; it wasn’t exactly a sigh but it was definitely intentional. “I’ve been in love with you for so long Lena. So many people have let you down in your life, myself included. But I know how much your mother’s approval meant to you and I know how much it hurt when she never gave it to you. I just… I wanted at least one Lillian in this world to be proud of you, to love you how you deserve. It sounds stupid when I say it now because I had no way of knowing if I’d ever even see you again or if you’d ever meet Lily.”


Lena felt tears well up in her eyes. This woman never ceased to amaze her. Just when Kara couldn’t get anymore perfect she would do something else and prove her wrong. “Kara you’re literally the perfect woman on any planet. You’ve always seen the best in me even when I couldn’t. From day one you were there for me, no matter what. I fell in love with you so quickly that it terrified me. Here was the embodiment of sunshine that had stolen my heart, a heart that hadn’t felt real love in over 20 years. You stood by my side through so many things, even when I was an idiot. When you left I thought I’d lost you forever. I promised myself if you ever came back I wouldn’t let you go again. I know we haven’t really been together that long but in so many ways it feels so long overdue. You’re it for me Kar, nobody will ever compare to how I feel about you,” she paused and went back into the room and grabbed a small box and called to Lily as she returned to the balcony. Kara looked slightly confused but her eyes were glistening with unshed tears.


Lily ran into the room and walked out to where they were on the balcony. She stood next to Kara, her little hand gripping her mom’s. Lena got down to Lily’s level and stroked her cheek. “Sweetheart I love you so much. I love making you breakfast and reading you stories at night. I love being your mama more than anything in the world. I know it’s always been you and your mommy but would you like it if I joined you guys? Would it be ok if I asked your mommy to marry me?” She nodded her little head fast and smiled a toothless smile. Lena smiled and slipped out a little necklace that looked smiliar to the one Kara used to wear from Alura. The gem was swirled green and blue and Lena slipped it over her little head. Little fingers immediately touched it and then Lena was being knocked back onto her butt as Lily tackled her in a hug.


“Thank you mama! It’s so pretty! I love you too! Can I go show Aunt Alex and Tia?”


Lena laughed and nodded, “Of course sweetheart.”


Lily ran off and Lena looked up to see tears rolling down Kara’s cheeks. Shakily she stood and took Kara’s hands in hers. She could feel Kara shaking in her hands.


“This past week has been so amazing. Getting to see your mom and your friends; getting to see how your life could have been if you’d stayed here with Lily. I can’t imagine my life without the two of you and I don’t want to. I want to wake up and make breakfast with you while we get Lily ready for school and pack lunches. I want to be stuck next to you in those uncomfortable auditorium chairs while we watch her sing with her glee club or in a school musical. I want to be squished on those awful school bleachers in the freezing cold while Lily’s playing some sport that we probably shouldn’t let her play because of her powers, but we will because we can’t deny her anything. I want sleepy morning cuddles and late nights putting the kids to bed together. I want the exhaustion that comes from staying up all night with a newborn and not just staying late at work. I want everything with you Kar. It wouldn’t matter to me what planet we lived on because you’ll always be my world. I’ll follow you to the ends of the universe love.” Lena took a steadying breath and watched as tears ran down Kara’s cheeks. She opened the box to reveal the bracelet she’d purchased earlier in the week and got down on her knee. “I don’t know if this is exactly how kryptonian’s would do this but humans do. You were just an assistant when we met and then you became a reporter. You were an acquaintance that turned into a friend that eventually led to being my best friend. I never thought you could mean more to me than that but you’ve proven me wrong yet again darling. There’s only one step past best friend, will you be my wife?”


Lena watched as tears kept streaming down Kara’s cheeks. Her mouth opened and closed a few times and she couldn’t believe she’d rendered Kara speechless for once in her life. “I’d even take a five minute ramble right about now Kar. A yes, no, or maybe would suffice.”


Kara laughed through her tears and nodded her head as a whisper fell from her lips, “Yes.” Lena felt her heart threatening to explode as she looked up into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen in her life. She slipped the bracelet on Kara’s wrist and stood. Her arms wrapped around Kara’s waist as she felt her arms settle around her neck. She pulled her close and kissed her gently.


“Yes, yes, yes,” Kara whispered against her lips. She couldn’t help but smile and hold her closer. She’s going to be my wife.