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Car Ride

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“It’ll be a few hours before we can reach you, so saddle up and find something to keep you amused, boys,” the call ended abruptly.

Jin sighed heavily as he put the phone down, cramped between the door of the van and Tae to his right. “Guess we’re stuck here for a while,” he huffed.

The others groaned loudly, “Are you kidding me?”

“What happened to Dohyun? He went to find help two hours ago,” Namjoon questioned.

“He was taken down to one of the main roads by someone driving by, but they won’t be able to get up the mountain to reach us until the rain passes,” he answered.

“Great,” Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“We’ll just have to keep ourselves entertained, I guess,” Hoseok said.

It didn’t take long for boredom to set in after playing ‘I Spy’ for about an hour. Yoongi wanted to take a nap but Jimin’s constant shifting and sounds beside him kept him awake. 

“What?!” he snapped, annoyed at the dancer for disturbing him.

Jimin’s cheeks were a bright red and Yoongi’s eyes flickered down to between his thighs where one of Jungkook’s hands palmed him through his jeans, the other toying around with the remote control for the vibrator in Jimin’s ass that Jin had plugged him with earlier.

“Oh my,” he chuckled, anger disappearing and being replaced with arousal as he leaned over to kiss the singer’s neck.

Jimin’s fists tightened on the hem of his pastel blue hoodie, fighting the urge to touch anything without permission.

“Good boy. Keep them there,” Jungkook said, grinning sadistically as Jimin squirmed in his seat when he turned up the intensity on the remote.

The dancer bit his lip to try and stop himself from making noise which only spurred the two on to make him break.

“On your knees, baby,” Yoongi said. 

With four seats directly across from another four, there was only a small space on the floor between them and Jimin struggled to fit without accidentally sitting on anybody’s feet. Yoongi moved to the side to take Jimin’s former spot in the middle. The singer looked up expectantly at Yoongi, waiting for the rapper to give instructions.

“You know what to do,” he said and Jimin immediately scrambled to unbuckle and unzip the older man’s jeans. The moment he pulled Yoongi’s cock out, he attempted to dive down only to be held back by his hair.

“Slow,” Yoongi said. Jimin nodded, forcing himself to relax slightly and allow Yoongi to guide him. He heard several groans as soon as he wrapped his lips around the man’s dick, sucking slightly.

As he gradually lowered farther and farther, the sound of pants unzipping caught his attention just before Tae, who Jimin was faced away from, slid a foot underneath and between his thighs using the front of his ankle to press up against his ass, pushing on the base of the toy.

Jimin gasped and rocked back against it as Jungkook once again increased the settings. Yoongi used his hold on Jimin’s hair to thrust fully into his mouth and down his throat causing him to gag in surprise, hands coming up to support himself by leaning on the rapper’s knees. 

Yoongi held his head in place as he fucked his throat roughly, pulling him off every once in a while to let him catch his breath. They could see Jimin’s body shaking, his moans growing louder and higher around the cock in his mouth.

“Don’t cum yet,” Namjoon warned, hiking up Jimin’s shirt and running his hand along the smooth skin of his back, feeling Jimin shiver under his fingers.

Apparently, it was too much to hold back on his own and Jimin was soon putting a hand down his pants, presumably to hold the base of his cock to stop himself from cumming.

“I told you to keep your hands still,” Jungkook tutted.

Jimin whined at the tone in his voice, mad at himself for disappointing him. He pulled his hand back and felt arms wrap around his waist, maneuvering him so he was parallel with the seats. 

Jimin looked around quickly and realized Namjoon was behind him, tugging Jimin’s jeans down to his thighs. He moaned as Namjoon pressed on the plug and Yoongi moved back in front of him to use his mouth again. 

The group always kept a small tube of lube in one of their bags for the exact situation they were in. Jin handed the tube to Namjoon who pulled out the plug slowly, twisting it and pressing  it back in, tormenting Jimin who was shaking under him.

He finally removed the plug and slicked his cock, pushing in slowly and listening as Jimin moaned loudly around Yoongi’s dick. Namjoon stilled for a moment to give Jimin time to adjust to the size difference before he started moving. 

The younger boy clutched at Yoongi’s pants to stop himself from being knocked forward and ran his tongue along the underside of his cock, tracing the large vein. He pulled back slightly to suckle on the head as Namjoon sped up, fingers digging into his hips harshly.

“Oh, fuck me,” Jimin moaned, trying to catch his breath.

“Language, baby boy,” Jin leaned down to ruffle his hair and direct him back to Yoongi. 

Jimin could tell Yoongi was close from the way his pace stuttered and hollowed out his cheeks as best he could, taking him down to the root.

“Shit, Jimin,” Yoongi groaned, pulling his hair hard enough to draw a whimper from the singer.

He held Jimin in place as he came down his throat, tipping his head back when the younger swallowed around him, not letting a single drop escape.

Yoongi slid out of his mouth, tucking himself back into his jeans and caressing Jimin’s cheek with a gentleness they rarely saw before moving out of the way to let Tae take his place.

Namjoon buried himself as deep as possible when he came, bending forward to bite Jimin’s shoulder. Jungkook immediately took his place when he moved and Jimin shivered under his touch.

There was something about being dominated by the two youngest members that always turned him on. Even though he was older than them, they still had full control over him and it gave him such a thrill. 

Jimin shifted into his knees when Jungkook started pushing in, bottoming out in one smooth movement. He gave no time for Jimin to get used to him, setting a fast, hard tempo that rocked Jimin forward onto Tae’s dick.

“You always take us so well,” Tae ran his fingers through Jimin’s hair, “our perfect boy.”

The praise went straight to Jimin’s dick and he whined, wanting nothing more than to touch it and relieve some of the pressure as Jungkook’s cock stroked his prostate harshly.

“If you can wait to cum until Hoseok hyung and Jin hyung fuck you, you’ll get a special reward when we get back to the hotel,” Jungkook said, grinding his hips with a sadistic smile as Jimin moaned loudly.

Jimin didn’t know if he could hold out that long, but he was certainly willing to try if it meant he’d get a treat. He pulled off of Tae and nodded before deepthroating him again, enjoying the way he dragged a groan from him. 

Jimin wrapped a hand around the base of his dick again to try and stop himself from cumming, thankful Jungkook didn’t belittle him for it. Every time he felt himself getting close, he squeezed tighter until it ebbed away just enough. It took all of his will power not to cum from Tae and Jungkook’s deep moans as they pounded him from both sides.

Hoseok took over his mouth and Jin took Jungkook’s place when the two were done with him. Jimin’s arm was shaking with the effort of holding himself up and he basked as the older members praised him.

“I think it’s time we let him cum since he’s been so good,” Yoongi said.

“I agree,” Namjoon said.

“What do you think?” Jin asked Hoseok, “should we let him cum?”

“Hmm,” Hoseok pondered, grinning as Jimin looked up at him with pleading eyes. “He has been good. Yes, let’s let him cum.”

Jin reached around and moved Jimin’s hand, stroking his cock and kissing along his spine. “Cum for us, baby,” he said. No sooner were the words out of his mouth then Jimin was clenching around him, back arching as he came hard. Jin followed quickly after, the tight heat around him too much to handle. 

Hoseok pulled out of his mouth and jerked himself, cumming across Jimin’s face. The younger dancer stuck his tongue out to catch as much as he could, closing his eyes and letting Hoseok hold him in place.

“You didn’t have to make a mess,” Jin tsked at Hoseok as he pulled out, rubbing Jimin’s side comfortingly when the younger hissed as his cock brushed against his abused prostate.

Tae handed Hoseok some tissues to clean up Jimin and he did the best he could before kneeling back on his heels and Jimin immediately collapsed between the two of them, resting his head on his lap. Hoseok chuckled, smoothing his hair.

“You tired, baby boy?” Jungkook asked, melting at the little noise Jimin gave out. Jin wiped his hand from Jimin’s cum and grabbed the plug from the seat, lubing it up again and slowly sliding it back into Jimin to keep their cum inside him. 

He pulled Jimin’s pants back up and his sweater down into place. Wrapping his arms around Jimin’s middle, he helped lift him up onto one of the seats and Jimin immediately curled up into the lap of the person closest to him, which happened to be Tae.

“Aww, I’ve got you, Chim,” Tae cooed, cuddling him close. Namjoon reached over and stroked Jimin’s thigh, kissing his knee.

It was several more hours before they were finally freed by a tow truck and Jimin whined as he was forced to sit up in one of the seats, pressing on the plug. Namjoon buckled him in, kissing him gently to signal how pleased he was with Jimin’s compliance.

Jimin fell asleep against Jin’s broad shoulder, holding onto the arm that was resting on his inner thigh. They were slowly brought down the mountain, taking care not to get stuck in mud again. 

When they got back to the hotel, Jungkook led Jimin to his room and instructed him to take a nice shower. Jimin took extra care to wash himself entirely, removing the plug as Jungkook directed, wondering what his “reward” would be.

The thoughts going through his mind and fingering himself to clean himself were enough to get him achingly hard again. He hurried to get out of the shower before he was tempted to touch himself and roughly dried his hair before exiting the bathroom.

Jungkook tutted and shook his head with a fond smile, grabbing a clean towel. He started drying Jimin’s dripping hair. “So desperate,” he laughed, “I won’t let you catch a cold from wet hair just because you’re impatient to see your surprise.”

Jimin pouted but let Jungkook continue until his hair was fairly dry. “On the bed, baby. Hands and knees,” Jungkook patted his ass as he scrambled to obey.

Jimin was expecting Jungkook to tie him up or something as bondage was one of his favourite things, but he gasped when he felt warm breath against his hole followed by teeth sinking into his left cheek.

He moaned when a tongue licked a stripe over his entrance, still sore from being used by the other members.

“Jungkookie!” he squealed when a hand came down on his right cheek. The younger evened it out, smacking the other side too and switching back and forth until they were both the same bright red colour.

Jungkook circled his hole, dipping his tongue in ever just slightly until Jimin was whining impatiently. A harder smack landed on his left cheek.

“Behave,” he growled.

Jimin immediately stopped and let his upper body rest on the mattress, keeping his ass up in the air.

“Good boy,” Jungkook said, rubbing circles into the reddened skin. He teased Jimin for a while longer until he felt like the dancer was about to have a meltdown before he finally pushed his tongue past the tight ring of muscles.

He targeted Jimin’s prostate until his jaw ached and pressed two fingers in beside his tongue, stroking harshly.

“Ah!” Jimin clutched at the sheets under him, thighs shaking as waves of pleasure spread when Jungkook increased the pressure.

Jungkook rubbed the bundle of nerves, feeling Jimin tensing up around his fingers. He sat back and watched as Jimin started to fall apart, begging loudly.

“Wanna cum?” Jungkook asked.

“YES! Please! Jungkookie, please,” he whined.

“Cum for me, sweetheart,” Jungkook laughed at his desperation. Jimin cried out loudly as he came, shuddering harshly as Jungkook gripped his hip to keep him up.

Jungkook pulled his fingers out and pressed on Jimin’s spine to lower him to the mattress. “Roll on your back, baby,” Jungkook said, “I’m not done with you yet.”

Jimin looked at him confusedly, but did as he was told. He watched as Jungkook unzipped his suitcase and texted someone as he pulled out a smaller black bag. There was a knock on the door and it opened as Jimin tried to cover himself up with the sheet before realizing it was Taehyung.

Jungkook opened the bag and reached in, retrieving some silk restraints and handing them over to Tae. Tae grabbed them and climbed onto the bed next to Jimin, slowly winding the bonds around him and tightening them. He crisscrossed them until Jimin was completely immobile with his arms tied together above his head and his legs spread and bent towards his chest.

Jungkook sat on the bed on the opposite side, closer to Jimin’s torso and pulled a large pink plug from the bag. He lubed it up and teased around Jimin’s hole, slowly sliding it in until it was seated entirely.

Using a remote in his hand, he turned on the plug, gentle vibrations emitting from it and making Jimin throw his head back. The dancer barely noticed when Jungkook took another thing from the back until a small bullet vibrator was being trailed down his cock.

“Oh!” he gasped.

“I think he likes it,” Tae laughed deeply.

It was only a few seconds before Jimin was hard again as Jungkook turned up the settings like he had done in the van earlier. He swirled the bullet around the head of Jimin’s cock, circling the frenulum. 

Jimin writhed as much as he restraints would allow, head flopping from side to side in ecstasy as he couldn’t escape the overwhelming sensations.

Jungkook roughly pressed the bullet to his slit, turning up the dial at the same time and watching Jimin’s back skyrocket off the mattress.

He didn’t even have the opportunity to ask for permission before he was cumming hard, body spasming around the toy inside him.

He started crying loudly when Jungkook turned down the intensity only slightly, but didn’t remove it either of the vibes.

“I think you can cum for us one more time,” he said.

“I ca-ah! I can’t!” Jimin sobbed.

“Oh, I think you can,” Tae stroked along his abs.

“N-uhn,” Jimin was cut off as Jungkook took ahold of the plug and angled it up, pressing it directly on his oversensitive prostate.

Tae grabbed them bullet and trailed it along his body, brushing over his nipples and down to his dick.

Jungkook steadily increased the settings until Jimin was tensing again, so close it felt like his body was about to break in half. He was babbling incoherently, sobbing loudly and twitching as he could feel himself about to tip over the edge again.

All that was needed was Tae roughly pinching one of his nipples and Jimin wailed, cumming practically dry as Jungkook moved the plug around and drew out his orgasm until Jimin was begging through tears for him to stop.

They turned off the vibrators and slowly removed them, untying him and massaging the red areas where he had struggled against the restraints. Jimin was still crying as the two pulled him close between them, caressing him and trying to soothe him.

“Beautiful boy, you were so good for us,” Tae cooed. Jimin clung to them, hiccuping as they wiped away his tears and praised him over and over again. The dancer started whining when the cum on his tummy had dried and became uncomfortable.

“We could probably all fit in the shower, what do you think?” Jungkook asked softly and Jimin nodded, resting his head against the taller’s chest.

The two lifted him up and carried him to the shower, his legs not willing to comply with him.  Jimin held onto them as they washed him carefully and he reached out towards their straining cocks but they batted his hands away.

“It was your reward, baby. Just relax and let us take care of you,” Tae said.

Later on after Jimin took a long nap to recoup, he returned the favour, sucking them off until his knees were completely chafed by the hotel carpet, but he wouldn’t want it any other way when he could feel the subtle ache throughout his body reminding him of what a good boy he could be for his lovers.