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Devil's Deal

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Where dark roads meet and the old blues man wails his tune
Next to hopes and hungers the greedy come and kneel
At the dusty crossroads beneath a silver moon.
They'll call out for the master: for the Devil's deal.
"Will you make me pretty, will you make me clever?
I want power, I want money, I want glory.
Can you give what I want? For how long? Forever?
I'll give you what you ask, I know it can't be free."
"I can give you anything, anything you say.
For a decade, enjoy! Just mark the ten-year date.
For when I come knocking, and when the hellhounds bay:
Ten years are short when there's eternity to wait."
"There'll be no angels, no rescuer divine:
Should listen to that priest: cause now, your soul is mine."