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Flower from the Fae

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The king was pacing while his two advisors watched. They’d given all the comfort they could and reminded him that the plan had gone well. Magic was not only saved but strengthened beyond what any fairy alive remembered it ever being. Scouts were telling the advisors that the humans believed there had been a meteor or something that caused all the ruckus that morning. There was a message from a witch, who agreed to stay behind, saying they saw the prince and his partners flying. None of that mattered to the king though. Not until a small bolt of lightning struck the mysterious black patch on his floor, leaving a small plant.

Thomas dove for it, while Joan and Talyn jumped. He picked it up, hoping. The flower was missing but honestly, the flower wasn’t as important as the leaves. He counted the four leaves showing that the plan was successful. He let out a weak laugh as he hugged the four-leaf clover to his chest. They were alright.




Virgil woke up to immediately be dotted on by the seven beings. At some point, Virgil watched as Remy sprinkled sand on Dee and Remus, commenting that they still had a nice long drive home as Roman ran his fingers through Virgil’s hair. Once they were sure he was alright, they forced him to explain everything. His voice started to crack as he talked about the memories, planning with Thomas, and preparing for the spell.

 “Wait, what was the flower supposed to be, if it wasn’t a signal for some rescue attempt?” Remy asked.

“It was a signal, but we hid what it was signaling. The flower was a Trifolium dubium or lesser clover. It’s the most common plant-associated with four-leaf clovers. Depending on the number of leaves, Thomas succeeded in getting the ruins carved, herbs scattered, and potion poured in the circles. Four meant success. Three meant that I was screwed and to hope something happened.” Virgil answered.

“You and plants, seriously.” Dee groaned.

“So, you had literally started the spell before coming down to the lab.”

“Now do you understand that I wasn’t just winging it? Was it really so hard to believe that one oblivious dumbass witch could come up with his own plan and stick to it?” Virgil looked serious as he stared at the sand being.

Remy awkwardly rubbed their neck. “OK, I guess I really do need to learn to trust your judgment a bit more. I’m not saying completely as you are still a dumbass who goes and gets into middle of the night fights with random fairy princes and take advise from random floating voices.”

“Magic, it was magic, so I was supposed to follow it,” Virgil stated, snuggling in closer to his pile of partners. “But, I can take that compromise, so long as you trust the things that I know.”

The rest of the drive back home was spent working some cover story together as Roman insisted some people saw them kidnapped. Which, turned out to be accurate as they ended up having to spend a couple of hours explaining who took them, where they were taken, and how they got away. Both Logan and Roman struggled to not smile when they heard that Karen Smith was taken in as an accessory to kidnapping. Virgil really wasn’t capable of caring about that stuff. He just wanted to go back to sleep.

“Alright, we need to go show a certain father that his misfit is alright before we head home and ignore all the trauma until tomorrow by watching movies,” Remy commented once the eight of them were released.

“Wait, can we do something mildly ridiculous?” Patton asked. “I think we can all use the laugh.”

So, that was how Thomas ended up appearing in a fairy circle with Patton loudly saying bad things about himself to Emile; Roman, Dee, and Remus holding a pizza while loudly singing along to Hamilton and; Logan, Virgil, and Remy ominously chanting his name over a rainbow flag with a tiny black kitten trying to eat the flag for taking her well-earned attention. The Fairy King was very confused, to say the least. The group had a good laugh, at least until Dee suddenly grabbed Roman, glaring at the king. No one was really worried about Roman as the shifter was holding a twig to the prince, but it did surprise them.

“Tell me what you did to my father, pest.”

Remus glanced at Virgil. “I wish I were so confident to call the fairy king a pest.”

Still, Thomas answered the man, already wincing as the tears filled the shifter’s eyes. Remus pulled Dee into a hug and informed the group that they would head back to town and pick up some dinner before they all arrived at Remy and Emile’s house for a movie night. With that, the green man picked his husband up bridal style and started back to town.

“Grubby little peasant,” Roman muttered rolling his shoulders.

“Well, I guess I now know what happened to him…” Thomas muttered to himself before moving over to his son and pulling the man into a hug. “Don’t you do that to me again, young man. I’m not getting younger. I can’t keep having these heart-stopping panics over your disappearances.”

Roman immediately hugged his father back. “I’m sorry, Dad. I’ll try not to. No promises though.”

Logan weakly cleared his throat. “I… This is probably the best time to do this, I guess.”

The fairy handed over a paper to the king and prince. Virgil glanced at Patton, wondering when the fairy had time to write something. Roman went to take the paper from his father, but Thomas immediately pulled it out of his reach.

“I hate to say this to you, but…” Thomas crumpled the paper. “Your request has been denied, Logan. You claim that your relationship with Roman is what caused this entire thing. Yet, have you not considered the fact that you are better at getting this dork to work on anything? To keep him following the majority of protocols so as not to stress you out even more? Yeah, no, sorry. You are not turning in any resignations for this. Now, stop trying to quit your dream job and give me a hug, boy.”

Logan went bright red but gave the king a hug. Patton giggled and tackled Thomas, asking if they surprised him with their summoning. The king laughed and told the medic that it was amusing and that he needed it. Next to get yanked into the king’s arms was Virgil who rolled his eyes, but let the king tighten his hug, thanking the witch for bringing his son home.

Thomas finally turned to Remy and Emile. Emile was awkward and not sure what to do, but Thomas opened his arms and Emile moved to hug the uncle he hasn’t seen in fourteen long years.

“It’s good to see you, Emile. Been a while, huh?” Thomas said, smiling at his nephew.

“I… yeah… Good to see you again, Uncle Thomas.” Emile answered, gulping. “I… well… thank you. I never got a chance when mom was throwing you guys out of the house, but thank you. You… you guys really saved me.”

Thomas’s eyes went wide as he yanked the man back into another hug. “Hey, shoosh, it’s alright.”

Virgil turned to his partners as Thomas softly spoke with Emile. “So, you three going to return home and rest?”

The three fairies glanced at each other before Patton answered. “I think we’re actually going to join you guys in the movie marathon.”

“Wait, Virgil!” Thomas suddenly moved over to the witch. “What happened to your… to him?”

“Dead.” Virgil suddenly felt sick, but the fairy deserved to know. “His own traps killed him.”

Thomas let out a soft huff. “Died the same way he killed Jon. I… I think that’s a fair way to go.”

Roman’s eyes went wide. “Wait, Jon? Jon as in Pa? As in my parents saved you, Virge?”

The anxious man shifted awkwardly as Thomas answered. “Roman, do not blame Virgil for our decision. I… I know it is hard but…”

Roman tuned his dad’s rambling out, looking over the anxious man next to him. He lost his pa at eight years old. Sure, he was proud his pa went out a hero, but that didn’t stop the pain or the wish that he would come home. Years of his dad telling him that pa died saving a kid taken by a mean hunter cemented both the pride and longing in Roman. Now, he knew the kid who his pa died saving was a man he had fallen hard for.

Then Roman thought about how Dee has spent years hating fairies just because he saw some fairy while in the hospital. Could he really do that to himself? To place the blame of his pa’s death on someone his pa saved? Plus, he saw that lab. He couldn’t imagine growing up in something as terrifying as that with only a badly made rabbit as a companion. It didn’t matter who the child had been; that was no place for a child. Roman couldn’t blame them for his fathers’ decisions.

The prince pulled the king and the witch into a tight hug. He tried to put all of his love into the hug, telling the two of them what his voice refused to say. The two immediately hugged back, understanding the silent words.

Remy was ignoring the emotional turmoil as they wandered around. They found that their car was still at the bottom of the hill and they found a pair of glasses. Logan eagerly accepted his pair back and switched his glasses. They kept an eye on the area while their friends and partner talked with the fairy king. It took 5ever, but finally, they left the hill to go home after waving off the fairy king with his pizza.

Remy hadn’t even managed to take a deep breath in of their home before something slammed into them. It was wet, cold, and smelt bad. Virgil started laughing as horror filled Remy’s face as they realized what had happened. Remus was already running away cackling as Remy screeched and started after him, tripping over the fish, before scrambling back up to chase the cackling man.

“Great, now we can start using ‘Remus slapped you with a fish’ expression for disbelief and horror now,” Emile commented, as he made a face while picking the fish off the floor.

“Oh man, I wish I saw that,” Dee said from the hall he just came from, noticing the fish.

“Well, you can always get a good look while you separate the rat and sandman,” Roman said with an evil little smirk. “Be careful of teeth.”

Dee gave the fairy an unamused look, but there was a concerning screech so Dee did run off to separate Remy and Remus. Virgil glanced at Emile, who offered the witch an uncertain shrug, both worried about how pale their friend was. Still, the group went to work, getting everything ready for a long night of movies and relaxing.

Virgil found himself squished between Logan and Patton with Roman sprawled out in their laps. Remy set up Tangled before moving to cuddle their partner. Virgil glanced over and saw Dee already wrapped up in almost all the blankets in the house, half asleep again a humming Remus. Remus gave the witch a wink as he wrapped an arm around the pile of blankets.

The witch watched as the flower was taken and was struck by how much had changed from the day that Remy had sent him to the hill for a simple flower. A smile touched the witch’s lips as his mind reminded him of all the amazing memories he’s made in the past year.

“I had intended to show you the plant I believe you to be looking for, but I became enthralled in your knowledge.”

“I thought you were planning on fighting me?” “I am. I’m fighting hate with love. Is it working?” “Yeah, Pat. It’s working.”

Tiny kitten purred as Virgil warmed up the kitten milk for her. Her eyes were looking around as if she were taking everything in.

Virgil returned to the greenhouse to see Remy grinning as they taunted Roman about his fairy costume. Roman threw a taunt back while his partners rolled their eyes at Remy and Roman’s banter about costumes of all things. They’ll make great friends Virgil thought as he spoke up finally.

His first time in the Realm of the Fae.

The night he came back after running away to clear his head and saw how much his friends had worried about him.

The deal followed by dinner celebrating their new relationship.

Dancing with his partners at the dinner dance thing.

Laughing with his friends over Dee’s reaction to Remus’s glowing green hair.

“You OK, mi amor?” Roman asked, gently taking Virgil’s hand and kissing it, unknowingly pulling the anxious man out of his sweet memories.

Virgil smiled as he leaned forward and planted a real kiss on the prince’s lips. “Yeah. I’m good.”

And for once, he didn’t have to mentally justify that answer, even to himself. He kissed Logan and Patton, hearing Remy yell at them to keep that ‘allo shit to yourselves’. Virgil snuggled in as Logan and Patton squished in tighter, being lulled to sleep, surrounded by his family.





Years later on the morning of Nov 1st


“So this is where you spend half of your time,” Remy commented, looking around the stone castle.

“Yes, I spend all that time standing here in the entryway to the Realm of the Fae. Now, come on you lot. I don’t need Logan or Roman accidentally stumbling upon us during the no-seeing each other time.”

The four friends followed the witch down several halls, chatting, and joking about the day finally being here. They arrived at Virgil’s study, a.k.a. his little home away from wedding madness. They entered and got comfortable, discussing the day’s celebrations and events and everything else, while still making fun of the last in the group to finally tie the knot.

Remy worked their magic on the man, making sure he would be the talk of fashionistas everywhere. Emile smiled at the anxious man and his spouse as he gave the red, light blue, navy blue, and purple Ixia on Virgil’s desk some water before giving Gala a scratch behind her ear, careful not to mess up her little flower crown or lavender dress. He glanced at Dee and Remus, who were looking over all the books that Virgil had before his eyes fell on the picture of the polyam’s sunrise proposal, surrounded by an entire hill full of the four different Ixia.

Knock. Knock.

“What’s up?” Virgil called out.

Thomas opened the door and smiled at the five friends. “Just checking on you lot.”

“Roman and Logan still being groomzillas?” the witch asked, laughing.

“Oh, you know it. Roman wants everything to be perfect and Logan wants to ensure you four aren’t breaking any wedding traditions while claiming he isn’t superstitious. Just the same.” He answered, also laughing. “Oh, and Patton wanted me to deliver your flower crown.”

Remy snatched the flower crown from the king before carefully adding it to Virgil’s styled hair, making minute changes, as if the crown would stay exactly as they wanted throughout the day.

“So, how are you four enjoying the Realm of the Fae on this joyous Samhain?” Thomas asked, grinning at his soon to be son-in-law.

“Better as soon as we aren’t limited on where we can go by the groomzillas,” Remy answered. “I do have to say it is odd actually being here over just hearing about it though.”

“Your majesty, it’s time!

Virgil paled, but stood up and offered an arm to Gala. The cat happily climbed up and curled around his neck, purring loudly in his ear. The king wished the witch luck before heading off to be with his son. The friends followed Virgil to the garden where the witch was convinced half of the kingdom sat in attendance.

“Alright, off with you lot,” Virgil stated, shooing his friends.

Dee, Remus, and Emile went to the front row and took their seats while Remy straightened the witch’s suit again. They were probably just as nervous about this entire wedding as the witch who was getting married. An official came over and started barking orders at them about where they were supposed to stand and stuff Virgil wasn’t really caring about.

“You ready, Vee?” Remy asked, scratching Gala’s ear from where she was perched.

“Well, too late now. Actually, it was probably too late when I asked my partners to join me for a picnic at sunrise on a hill I’d spent months carefully tending to flowers on for the sole purpose of a nice blooming sunrise as I sang them all a cute song about everything we went through and like all the things I hoped for our future and then asked them all to marry me…”

Remy chuckled. “And I’m just glad you weirdos decided to hold the wedding on Samhain so we could come watch.”

“Yeah, well I can’t hold my wedding without my soul-sibling attending and doing the dumb traditional part of giving their little brother to a bunch of fae…” Virgil laughed.

“You said it! You finally said it! I have been waiting for is day for years!” Remy looked close to sobbing in joy.

Before Virgil could answer, the two of them were being sent up the aisle and forced to wait for the three fairies. Patton came next arm linked with his dad. He was in a very soft blue A-line wedding gown, with his wings excitedly fluttering behind him. Then Logan in a dark navy suit with Talyn and Joan on either side of him. Finally, the prince in a pink ball gown walked with the king down the aisle, smiling at his three partners.

Virgil wouldn’t remember much about the ceremony other than feeling his poor heart pound, standing with his three amazing and handsome partners. He would recall King Thomas muttering about ‘don’t let there be wasps’ as the officiator asked people to speak against their marriage or to forever hold their peace. He definitely would remember sweeping the prince off his feet and kissing him, laughing at Roman’s shock that someone had pulled his normal stunt against him on his wedding day no less. He would remember the butterfly kisses on Patton’s cheeks and forehead before placing a real kiss on giggling lips. He would remember Logan suddenly sweep him off his feet to give him the movie-worthy dramatic kiss.

“I love you. All three of you with all my heart.” Virgil whispered as they huddled together in a tight hug.