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Freezing touch

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Aoi had to admit that he was surprised when the person appearing on his room was… Shun. Not that he didn’t trust him (He knew he could trust him his life by now) but it just… Was weird. Shun wasn’t a person that liked taking care of others, he rather be the one getting pampered, but decided to give him a chance. It couldn’t be that bad, he just had to make some soup for him and that was… practically it.

However, he had been right to be taken aback. It had been a mess, and honestly Aoi was sure that it had worsened his cold. He finished eating the soup that he himself had to make, and moved uncomfortable in bed. It was all so hot and sticky and it bothered him.


He stopped his squirming, feeling Shun’s fingers over his head. It moved down, and it felt nice on his heated cheeks, and he wanted nothing more than to feel it caressing his entire face. It made him so sleepy. The fever didn’t let him sleep, so it was nice feeling something that cold. 



He moved his hand to fix some strands of hair that was sticking to his face out of the way, putting it behind his ear.

 “Cuddle with me?”

Aoi didn’t know if it was magic or what, but he certainly wanted to keep Shun close. As soon as he chuckled and accommodated himself against his, the cold of his body comforting him, Aoi was lights out.