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in your arms (i'm the safest)

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"You're back!"

Wuxian perks up as he heard the door sliding. A figure in blue walks in, sliding the door close behind him.

"Mn. I'm back."

"How was Yunmeng? Did you catch the spirit? Ah, you're HanGuang-Jun. Why would I ask," Wuxian smiles, almost skipping over to Wangji. The latter says nothing as he prepares his own bath.

"I don't get a kiss? You've been away for two days!" Wangji shifts his eyes from his tub for a second, leaning over to place a light kiss on the smaller. Wuxian smiles contently.

Wangji undresses himself and enters his bath. The warm water soothes his skin, and he leans into the edge of the tub. Wuxian hands him the soap, leaning into the other edge of the tub. Wangji receives it, cleaning himself quietly.

"It was so boring without you around," Wuxian says quietly. Wangji looks up and sees Wuxian, one arm as his headrest above the tub, the other playing with water. His eyes linger at the small smile on Wuxian's lips before shifting to his crescent shaped eyes. Wuxian's looking at his own hand, creating small ripples back and forth on the warm water.

"Don't leave me too often. Don't you have many disciples you can order around." Wuxian lets his mind travel as he plays with the bath water, saying whatever. Wangji says nothing, encountering this situation quite often, examining his face with his usual straight expression. Wuxian shifts his gaze towards the other's eyes and smiles. He sees Wangji blink a few times at his smile, and he smiles even wider in response.

For a person with very few words and expressions, he is quite obvious. I wonder how he does that, he thinks. He watches Wangji's eyes melt a little as he meets his gaze. Or maybe I'm just too used to deciphering his micro expressions, he sighs in the end.

"Lan Zhan," he mumbles absent-mindedly, lips pouting a little. It's quite late, and he feels his eyes getting a little heavy. Wangji leans over and gives him a light kiss. Ah, I missed this.

Wuxian wonders when he became so clingy. Life in Gusu Lan Sect is quiet, slow, and he feels it even more when Wangji is not there to indulge himself in his antics. Wuxian thinks he sleeps a little bit too much when Wangji isn't around. What time is it, ten? He even gets sleepy at ten now. Before long he might even start going to sleep at nine. Just like the Lan Sect.

Wuxian blinks groggily, letting his left hand hover over the water. He watches Wangji withdraw into the water at the corner of his eyes, its surface rippling around his left hand when he lowers it. His eyes grow heavier as he listens to the faint splashes the water makes. Before he knows it, he surrenders into slumber.



Wuxian wakes up to a hand patting him. He blinks his eyes awake, one hand still in the water, another one a little sore from his own weight. He looks up to see Wangji's eyes trained on him, gaze soft as he places light pats onto his head.

"You are awake," Wangji says. Wuxian hums at the statement, grogginess still fogging over his mind. He tilts his face up, bottom lip jutting out just the slightest bit, and Wangji leans over to press the kiss he wants onto his lips.

Wuxian feels his mind drift as Wangji kisses him, soft, lips barely moving. Their lips part, and Wuxian lets out a low whine from his throat as he leans forward, capturing the other's lips into another kiss. They break apart after a few more minutes.

"Lan Zhan," he whines, voice hoarse with sleep. Wangji stands up from the bath, drying and dressing himself up. When he looks at Wuxian again, he's fast asleep. His hands reach out to lift the smaller, moving him onto their shared bed.

Wuxian's eyes blink open again as Wangji lowers him onto their bed. His arms stretch out, like a baby asking to be picked up. Wangji lowers himself into another lazy kiss, trying to lull the other back to sleep. Wuxian's arms wrap around his neck.

Wangji pulls away from the kiss. Wuxian's left hand slides down, tugging at his robe as if he's trying to remove it. A low whine escapes the smaller's throat, his eyes half open. Complying, Wangji pulls his robe off again. Wuxian's hands tug his sash as Wangji presses another kiss onto Wuxian's lips. What are you trying to do, his eyes ask. Wuxian tugs again on the sash.

"I want to do it. It's been a long time," he whines, sleep still thick on his tongue. Wangji's eyes soften again as his hand reaches out to caress the other's cheek.

"Rest," he says. Wuxian whines. His eyes blink as he undoes the sash and Wangji's robe opens, revealing his white under robe. Wuxian groggily tugs it open, and Wangji lets him do what he wants.

Staring at Wangji in nothing but his white under robe, Wuxian puts a satisfied smile on his lips. He shifts his gaze to the other's forehead ribbon and reaches out. He traces the cloud pattern, sleep still clouding his mind. Finished with the cloud pattern, his other hand reaches out behind Wangji's head and tugs the ribbon off. The blue ribbon flutters down as he holds the cloud carvings in his left hand.

He lets his hand drop the ribbon onto the robes Wangji placed next to their bed as the other presses a kiss. This time, Wangji's tongue slides into his mouth and he lets the other have his way through his lips. Wuxian's hand settles behind the other's neck again as Wangji deepens the kiss.

Wangji's hands drop down to his robe as their kiss breaks off, and with refined ease he tugs it off. Wuxian’s under robe falls open, the other's hand tracing over his pelvis. He whines, tugging on the other's sleeve, fingers still holding on as Wangji presses more open-mouthed kiss into his lips. He feels fingers trace up his abdomen, up his chest, then stops to tilt his chin up the slightest bit. Another whine bubbles in his throat as Wangji pulls away, placing light kisses on his chin, his neck, his chest.

Wuxian takes a shaky breath as he feels fingers tracing his cock lightly. He looks up to see Wangji staring at his face, eyes full of adoration, and he feels his face flush a dark shade of red. He covers his cheeks with an arm, but Wangji tugs the arm away. His other hand grabs his cock and starts stroking. Wuxian's brain blanked out as he gasps, fingers curling into a fist.

Wangji goes with a quick pace out of nowhere and Wuxian can't help but let out breathy moans. Too fast, too early, he shakes his head, tears already forming at the corners of his eyes. He writhes under Wangji's hold, trying to get his cock away from the other's hand to no avail.

"L-Lan Zhan," he chokes out, almost begging. "Stop, stop, wait a second," he whines. "T-too fast." Wangji slows his stroking, eyes taking in Wuxian's red-tinted cheeks. He leans down for a quick peck, lightly sucking Wuxian's lips as he pulls away. Wuxian feels light-headed. It's been at least two weeks since the last time they did anything - the annual Lan Sect. teachings catching up to Wangji (plus they can't afford getting caught by hundreds of students from other sects) and everything feels foreign to him once again. Just a few strokes and he feels close to coming already. He doesn't think he can endure much more of this.

"Why don't you just- finger- me," he whispers, stuttering at the end. Contrary to popular belief, Wuxian thinks he has a lot of shame when it comes to this- Wangji's gaze trained at him, hands tender and lip corners up. He's fine with rough, kinky smuts, but this - affectionate Wangji - he can't stand it, not used to it. Wangji has been increasingly in this mood lately, and it's really not good for his health. He really thinks he's going to have a heart attack soon. Or something similar.

His line of thought stops abruptly as he feels fingers squeezing his cock, smearing his precums over it. Wangji's moving to his ass now, the tip of his finger pressing into his rim, and he chews his lower lip. The finger pushes in, bit by bit. Wuxian tries his best to relax. With how long it’s been since he’s last done this, the slide wasn't quite easy. Wangji seems to notice this as well, taking his time before his finger reaches the hilt. By the time his whole finger is in, Wuxian was already clenching around it. The heat feels unbearable. He pulls almost the entire finger out and pushes it in again, making sure to brush over Wuxian's prostate. The smaller cries under him.

"Wait! Wait, not there. A-avoid it," he whimpers between Wangji's thrusting. "I- I think I've gotten more sensitive. Lan! zhan," he whines, breath heavy. Wangji thinks it's cute. He almost wants to tease him, brushing over his prostate continuously, but he doesn't think he should risk Wuxian coming multiple times before his cock is even inside, so he complies with the request and only brushes against it occasionally. He starts pushing in his second finger.

Wuxian writhes every time his prostate is touched. He tries to cover his mouth with the back of his other free hand, but Wangji picks up the hand too and pins both his hands above his head. He's really too much, Wuxian grumbles in his mind, alternating between gritting his teeth and chewing his lower lip to stop himself from moaning too loud. Wangji's eyes gets darker as he reaches three fingers, Wuxian's moans getting more apparent and the clenching around his fingers getting more noticeable. He brushes against the smaller's prostate far more often now, Wuxian constantly protesting under him.

"L- Lan zhan, lan zhan, stop, not- there, ah, wait," Wuxian writhes under his fingers. Before long, Wuxian's back shakes as he moans, white strips shooting out of his cock. He continues to thrust, slow, letting Wuxian's trembling subside before he stops and pulls his fingers out.

"Take it off," Wuxian whispers as he tries to calm down his breathing, tugging down on Wangji's sleeves. Wangji shrugs his under robe off, dropping it into the pile of robes beside their bed. He smears Wuxian's cum over his cock and lines it up against the smaller's hole, pushing in. Wuxian's legs instinctively wrap around his waist.

"Lan zhan," Wuxian whines, feeling a little too full. or maybe much too full. Wangji presses a peck on his lips.

"Hurt?" he asks, stopping his movement halfway in. Wuxian shakes his head unsurely.

"No? No. Just feeling a little- too full," he whispers. Wangji starts moving again, careful.

"No pain?" Wangji looks straight at him. Wuxian notices the lightest trace of worry in his eyes.

"No pain." Wuxian reassures him, shaky smile on his lips. Two weeks isn't a long time, but it isn't short either. Wangji's cock isn't small, but he's a little used to the stretch by now. He just feels too full- maybe his hole tightened a little when they weren't doing things. Wangji pushes in continuously, keeping tabs on Wuxian's expression. He can't help but wince as his cock gets engulfed up to the hilt. Wuxian takes his right hand, intertwining their fingers. The hold is a little loose. His eyes are a little foggy.

"Wei ying?" he calls out, left hand brushing against Wuxian's cheek. The fog in Wuxian's eyes clears up a little as he looks up to meet Wangji's eyes. Wangji pushes his cock against his better judgement, brushing against Wuxian's prostate, and the smaller jolts in his hold. His face flushes deep red, breathe warm against his body, and something in Wangji stirs. He picks up Wuxian's other hand, holding onto it as he thrusts again.

"Ah! Lan zha-nn," Wuxian whimpers, clutching tight into Wangji's hands. He feels his head spin, drunk on the man working his way in him. His legs tighten around the other's waist. Wangji was no better than him. His usual calm, collected face was replaced with the slight blush tinging his cheeks and quickened breathing. If not for the haze clouding his head and eyes, Wuxian would be smirking right now, proud to have induced such reactions from Lan Wangji.

Wuxian lets out continuous soft moans as Wangji continues to thrust into him, mind blurring out. He doesn't know when it started, but when he realizes, he's calling Lan zhan's name between his moans, begging him to go faster, harder, to let him cum already. Wangji answers by taking his legs and slinging it across his shoulders, allowing his cock to drive deeper inside Wuxian. He gasps, tears blurring his eyes as his cock twitches with an irresistible desire to cum.

"Please, please," he whispers, throat dry. Wangji kisses the tears in his eyes and he turns his face to catch his lips.

"Lan zhan," he whispers into the kiss. "Come, i want to come," he grips Wangji's hands. His body shakes as he comes, white painting his vision once again. He barely registers Wangji pulling out of his hole and flipping him onto his stomach, planting a gentle kiss into his hair before he plunges in again. Wuxian jolts forward, feels his cock rub against the bed, and curses under his breath.

"No, no, Lan zhan- Lan er gege, spare me, spare me," he whimpers into the sheets, Wangji's hands gripping his waist as he continues to thrust into him. The oversensitivity is delicious, Wuxian's mouth unable to close as he pants, shaking his head. His eyes are blurry again, and he feels his entire body shivers as Wangji's cold lips press against the back of his neck, planting soft kisses across his neck and his back. The contrast is maddening, and Wuxian feels like he's about to pass out. His mouth whispers a string of slurred Lan zhan, Lan zhan, and he grips on the sheet next to him. His cock brushes against the sheet continuously and he lifts his butt up slightly in an effort to stop the sensation, but was met with Wangji's deeper thrusts as his butt goes up. His knees buckle and he falls again, moaning helplessly. He feels a trickle of drool at the corner of his lips and brushes his face against the pillow to wipe it off. Wangji's thrusts gets faster and faster as he chased after his climax, leaving Wuxian to whimper under him. He finally releases after a few more minutes, hot liquid trickling along Wuxian's hypersensitive thighs, and the smaller shakes under him, releasing into the sheets.

They catch their breath for a few minutes, Wangji's chest lightly pressing against Wuxian's back, hands caging him. Wangji pulls out after his breath returns, fetching a wet cloth to wipe the cum on Wuxian's butt and thighs. He gently flips the smaller over, pressing a soft kiss on his nose before moving to wipe the cum on his abdomen and cock. Wuxian hisses at the cold on his still very sensitive cock, the back of his hand wiping the leftover tears around his eyes. Wangji looks at him softly for a second and moves away to wipe himself, throwing the wet cloth back into the tub. He lays down next to Wuxian, arms instinctively curling around the smaller's waist for a hug.

They lay down for a few minutes, savoring the other's company. Wuxian's fingers trace the dried whipping wounds on Wangji's arms, eyes unfocused. Wangji presses a kiss on his temple, on his forehead, on his nose, and on his lips. Wuxian closes his eyes as he does so, returning the kiss. His gaze still lingers on the scars across his arms when they break off.

"Why would you accept those for me," Wuxian whispers, low, but Wangji heard it. He brushes Wuxian's stray hair behind his ear, gaze trained into the other's eyes.

"Why not?" Wangji asks back, only the slightest bit louder than his whisper. Wuxian swallows his words, gaze moving from his arm to his eyes. There's a resolution in Wangji's eyes, and Wuxian's reminded of the day he let himself fall from the tree in Yunmeng, straight into Wangji's arms. He rips his gaze away, unsure of what to say.

"Wei ying," Wangji calls out after a minute, stroking his arms soothingly. He looks up to a soft gaze, to which Wuxian gets the impression of a smile despite his straight lips. He always wonders how he does it- to smile without smiling, to cry without crying, to frown without frowning. Wangji has always worn his heart on his sleeve, expressionless and all. Wuxian, on the contrary, has always hidden his feelings despite his vivid emotional outbursts. He laughs when he wants to cry, gets angry when he wants to laugh, cries when he gets angry. To be able to convey so much without changing his expressions a lot, Wuxian envies him a little.

But then again, he remembers Wangji was always able to see past his misplaced outbursts.

"Wei ying," Wangji calls out again, and Wuxian snaps out of his daze. He flashes a smile and leans up, capturing the other's lips on his own.

"Thank you," he says. For staying by my side, for trusting me, for protecting me, for accepting me, and for being there when I fall. Wuxian feels overwhelmed with emotions as his eyes stare across the scar-filled body in front of him, vision blurring a little. Wangji lets out a tiny breath, the corners of his lips turning up ever so slightly as he kisses the tears in Wuxian's eyes away.