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You Don't Look Good in Orange

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“You don’t look good in orange,” Cheryl said while peering into the glass at her girlfriend.

A sly smirk appeared on her chapped lips, “That’s rude.”

“No! Not like that! I meant,” she sighed as she pressed the receiver of the phone close to her mouth, “you don’t look good in that orange.”

Toni looked down at her bright orange jumpsuit with her slightly curly pink hair covering her prisoner ID. She looked back to Cheryl with sadness in her eyes. “I know what you mean.”

There was a moment of just eye contact between them. No words had to be spoken. They loved each other, it was simple. They weren’t married, and probably won’t be for a while, but Cheryl Blossom, no matter how impatient she’s been in the past for what she wanted, was going to wait for Toni Topaz.

“My court hearing is in two weeks, babe. I heard they’ve been letting a lot of people out, the ones who have been on good behavior of course.”

“And you’ve been good?” Cheryl raised a singular manicured eyebrow.

Toni smiled and rolled her eyes. “Do you expect less from me?”

The redhead just shrugged and kept a cute smile on her face.

"Listen, I got sentenced for one ounce of weed and I’m not lookin’ to get more time. I wanna be home... with you. I can’t tell you how much it kills me to not be able to even hold your hand, feel you in my bed in the morning, kiss you goodnight. I messed up and I’m sorry.”

“TT, every time I come here, I feel like you’re always apologizing.” Cheryl felt tears sting at her eyes but she didn’t want to cry in front of Toni. She wanted Toni to feel anything but guilty.

“I should be apologizing. I fucked up our perfect life.”

“No, babe, it wasn’t you. It was the Southside.” Hearing this, Toni tried to defend her home, but Cheryl held up a finger signaling for her to wait. “I love the Southside, okay? I’m not saying anything bad about it but it is easier to get drugs from there and to get caught. The Southside is clearly targeted by the police.”

“It would have been the same on the Northside. I’m a Serpent and not to turn this into a political issue, but... do you see the color I am?” Toni kept her voice at a whisper.

Cheryl sighed and looked down at the glass. She dragged her nail across the glass distractedly and cradled the phone to her ear with her other hand. “I just wish I could actually touch you.”

Toni placed her finger against the glass and mirrored Cheryl’s own finger. “I know, baby.”

“Why couldn’t you have been put in one of those prisons where visitation is out in the open?” Their eyes met.

“Wasn’t in the cards,” Toni half-smiled. In this situation, Toni would typically grab Cheryl’s hand. Right now, all she could do was look at it. Even after a year of incarceration, her old habits never died.

“Visitation ends in one minute! One minute, inmates!” A hardy voice rang from behind Toni. Her shoulders tensed instinctually.

“Jesus, ten minutes two days a week is fucking ridiculous. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate you so you’ll be ready to be put back into society. If you want to return to how life was you need to spend time with your loved ones. How the hell do they expect you to be ready by the end of your sentence if I’m not spending time with you?”

Cheryl was pissed and Toni was loving it. She likes when the redhead is angry at anything, besides her obviously. Especially because Toni is also mad at the situation she is in but it appears Cheryl is even angrier. Toni was just smiling at her with every ounce of love in her eyes.


“You’re seriously so cute.” Toni bit her lip to prevent a bigger smile from growing.

“Shut up.”

“Make me.”

“That’s impossible to do at the moment.” Cheryl cocked her head to the side and narrowed her eyes.

Toni smiled.

“Ten seconds and you’re outta here!”

“Okay, I love you, baby. I’ll be home soon.”

“I love you too. I’ll start planning your ‘Welcome Home’ party.” Cheryl kissed her fingers and placed her hand on the glass. Toni did the same.

“I swear sometimes I just don’t deserve you.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Let’s go, inmates!” The gravelly voice yelled.

“Alright. I have to go, baby,” Toni took her hand away and stood up slowly.

“I love you.” Cheryl smiled slightly.

“I love you.” Toni repeated and hung up the phone before being placed into a line of other criminals. She looked back to her girlfriend one last time and gave her a wink.

Cheryl hung up the phone before being told by a policeman that it was time to leave. Before leaving the room, the Blossom heir blew a kiss to her girlfriend.

Toni smiled as the buzzer went off and the visitation door opened. Three guards escorted the ten inmates. One holding the door, one behind the incarcerated, and one in the hall they would be going through. The guard directed them to start moving and the line started out the door. Toni was the fourth person out of seven. All of the jumpsuit-clad women shuffled on their way back to their cell, which they spend most of their time in. Toni’s cell number was 316. Third tier out of five, sixteenth cell out of twenty-one in her row.

It takes an hour and a half into visitation hours for Toni to see Cheryl. Visitation begins at nine in the morning. Seven inmates are then taken to the visiting room if they have someone to see, otherwise they stay in their cell. Toni always had someone to see. Her someone.

After the annoying and tedious three unnecessary minutes wasted to make sure Toni gets back in her cell as if she isn’t the most well-behaved inmate in this damned place, she slumped onto her bed, the bottom bunk, and began writing her letter addressed to Sweet Pea, Fangs, and Jughead. Considering they were all from the Southside and all well-known Serpents, Toni didn’t want them to risk their freedom by visiting her. The cops were already suspicious enough of the boys and Toni would never be able to forgive herself if they were arrested on their way to see her. She told them to stay where they belong and that she will write to them on occasion. Turns out ‘on occasion’ meant three times a week.

Toni’s cellmate was sitting on their toilet and using their counter as a desk. She was an extremely talented artist, the Topaz girl thought, and made sure to let her know that.

“What’re you workin’ on?” Toni’s curiosity peaked as she lifted her head after signing her name.

“Noir piece.”

“Yeah, it seems like you’ve been doing a lot of black and white,” Toni laughed and the other girl let a smile slip.

“Hard to see color in here.”

Her name was Tricia Miller and she had just turned nineteen. Life had put her on the wrong path and she was living out on the street since fifteen. She dropped out of school, or rather, just stopped going. She didn’t have time to learn when she needed to keep up with the bills because her mother spent most of their money on her precious crystal meth. She still doesn’t know where her mother is. Tricia got on drugs herself but she overcame her addiction since her sentencing of four years. She’s doing time for drug charges and theft from when she stole food on a night that people felt less generous. “Hey, how’s your girl?”

“Misses me. Same as the last time you asked,” Toni leaned her head against the wall and looked up at the bottom-side of the bunk above her. She let out a long sigh, “I just wish my dumbass didn’t buy that ounce as one of her anniversary gifts.”

“She a druggie?”

“Depends on what it is. Usually does the safe stuff. I know she did jingle jangle a few times and we used to smoke a lot but that’s it for her.”

“That’s not it for you?”

“I’ve done a few more things that I’d like to admit to her to be honest.”

Tricia nodded. She was usually respectful towards things that seemed to sadden a person. She didn’t care if you didn’t want to tell her, she figured it wasn’t her business and didn’t pry for information.

“When’s Mercy coming to visit?”

Mercy was Tricia’s girlfriend who was released from prison a month prior. She promised to visit once she was settled in with her relatives but she hasn’t called since.

“Should be next weekend. She, uh, sent a letter. Look,” Tricia always got all giddy whenever anything about Mercy was mentioned. She pulled an envelope from the counter’s small, broken drawer and passed it to Toni. The Serpent carefully pulled it from the envelope and began reading.


Being free is fucking weird. I swear everything turned upside-down while I was in there. I’m living with my aunt in New York now but I’m going to take the train over to come see you this weekend. I just got a job at a supermarket, stocking shelves. It’s not much but I’m trying to turn my life around. I can’t wait until you get out of there and we can get a place together.


“Sweet, huh?” Tricia smiled as Toni handed her back the letter.

“Definitely Shakespeare-worthy,” Toni leaned back onto her pillows and shut her eyes. It’s better to sleep to pass the time.

“Hey, you’re gettin’ out soon, right?”

“Should be. I’m talking to the court in two weeks so they’ll see if I’ve been good here, which I have, and then I can go the fuck home.”

“Do you think you could get Mercy a bunch of flowers for me? Like as a surprise. I’ll find out her address and everything. Just so she doesn’t forget I’m still here.”

Toni looked over at Tricia with a smile. She swears they’re too young for this place. “Sure, Miller,” she closed her eyes again.

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Toni was at a Serpent party in Jughead’s trailer. There were people shoulder to shoulder, skin to skin, and barely any room to breathe. She felt trapped but she wasn’t scared. The crowd of people pushed her towards a table in the kitchen. Jughead was leaning over and moving his head across the table. Then she was pushed even closer to him and saw the white powder being sucked into his nose.


No one said anything and the music was too loud. He passed her the rolled up dollar bill he had used to sniff the drug. She felt shaky and overpowered by adrenaline but she felt confident as she leaned down and began snorting the cocaine. It felt like icicles in her nose, little rocks that were scrapping at her skin, and a fire that was tickling her from the inside. Then everything rushed to her head as she pinched her nostrils closed and slammed her eyes shut. Her ears began ringing, ringing so hard it felt like they were bleeding. Then the music was gone and she turned around. The room had a yellow hue.


Beautiful red hair and a cute face that was more addicting than any drug. Toni was caught. She felt guilty, more guilty than when she had to call Cheryl to tell her she’s been arrested.

The Blossom looked betrayed and disappointed and it was all Toni’s fault. She had put them in this situation.

“Cheryl, I can explain.”

But it was too late. The redhead had sped off out the door of FP Jones’ trailer. The door had slammed shut and shook the mobile home. Toni ran towards the door and whipped it open only to be stopped by a glass barrier between her and Cheryl. She felt like screaming but nothing came out when she opened her mouth.

A single tear ran down a porcelain cheek as brown eyes had never looked so hollow.

“Tiny! Come on, get up.”

Toni felt a hand push at her shoulder. She groaned which prompted the hand to stop as she sat up. “What? There’s no way it’s lunchtime.”

Tricia’s hands were gripping the bars as she peered down at the bottom floor. Kid in a candy store. “We got newbies.”

Toni stood up and followed Tricia’s line of sight to a bunch of women of all different shapes and sizes carrying a mattress and a change of clothes. Some looked scared and others looked like they were going to do the scaring. The incoming prisoners always started off their first week in blue jumpsuits which made hazing week even worse for them. The line of women came to a halt as the bars slid closed behind the escorting guard. Hoots and hollers had already begun from the other cells. Some people were throwing toilet paper at them.

Toni’s eyes examined each new prisoner one at a time. She went down the line all the way to the last prisoner at the end. She knew her. Oh, she knew her.

Penny Peabody.

And she was staring right back at her. Her dead eyes had attached themselves to Toni’s horrified face and relished in it. A smirk fit for the devil had appeared on her crooked lips as she looked ahead.

Oh, shit.

“What? You know one of ‘em?” Tricia went on the tips of her toes for a better view but to no avail.

Toni couldn’t feel anything. She felt like she was floating away but there were restraints on her ankles keeping her here. She needed to run and to hide. Everything shook in her body. She took a few steps back until she hit her bunk and fell down onto the inch-thick mattress.

Tricia looked at her with amusement still in her eyes, but once she saw the psychological condition her friend was in, she went to her aid. “Woah, you okay?”

The whole room was spinning. Toni felt like everything was rushing, her mind, her body. Like little ants were running all over her skin.

She was going to throw up. It was sick that Penny Peabody had a kind of power like this over her body but she was so twisted that Toni didn’t feel ashamed over it. She went to the toilet and emptied her breakfast slop into the metal bowl.

“Woah! Topaz!” Tricia ran to the side of the bowl and held the pink hair back. She rubbed her shoulder. “Alright, alright.”

“Penny,” she finally said. “She’s here.”


“Oh my god, she’s gonna kill me.”

“What did you do?” Tricia let go of her hair and leaned back by the toilet, grabbing her a bottle of water from their cooler.

“Rival gang. Part of the Ghoulies. She knows who I am and she’s gonna ruin these next two weeks for me.”

“Then all the Serpents are screwed.”

“If she finds out they’re a Serpent then yes. She knows my face. She knows my name.”


After seeing Toni, the Blossom was extremely needy. She felt a little knot in her stomach that needed to be untied so she went upstairs to her bedroom. Stripping herself of everything besides her underwear, she wrapped her favorite silk robe around her body and laid down in the center of the mattress. Since Toni was sentenced, Cheryl had been getting into the habit of teasing herself before her release which is what Toni would do if she was actually there. Cheryl does this often. She shuts her eyes, let’s her fingers go to work, and pretends that her lover is in the room with her.

She began by trailing her fingers lightly down her sides, slowly, just like TT would. Her fingers met with her waistband and she held them there for a second as she nodded. Their first few times together, Toni would ask if she felt okay, if this was okay. Cheryl said yes every single time and Toni would press a gentle kiss to her lips before her fingers slipped past the waistband to her sensitive bud of nerves while TT’s lips followed slowly behind. Cheryl traced the pad of her thumb where her lips would usually be and, as they went lower and lower, Cheryl’s mouth opened and, “Toni,” seemed to slip past on instinct.

Her fingers began circling her clit as her other hand pushed down her underwear all the way to her knees then her legs took care of it. Cheryl always reminisces their first time together. Toni was so gentle and caring but such a tease at the same time. She wanted Cheryl to feel safe and comfortable but also wanted to hear her whine and beg for it. Not that Cheryl didn’t like the other, rougher, times they’ve had sex, but it feels only right that this time she remembers the first.

Her breath hitched as her left hand kneaded her breast and her fingers picked up speed in tight little circles.

“God, TT,” she moaned into the quiet room. Her imagination was so vivid that she could basically feel the little puffs of air between her legs. It’s like Toni was actually there.

If Toni was here, Cheryl thought, she would be saying something along the lines of: you’re so beautiful, baby. I want to make you feel good. I swear I don’t deserve you, my love.

And Cheryl would always tell her yes, yes she does deserve her.

The redhead’s fingers were picking up speed as her left hand left her breast and wandered down between her legs. Spreading her legs wider, Cheryl entered herself with one slim finger. She felt how wet she was and she knew Toni would have commented on it as she licked the Blossom’s arousal off of her tan finger. And she would have that smug smile on her face. Cheryl grinned at the thought.

Then her face wrinkled in pleasure as she slowly pulled out her finger and purposely pressed it against her tight, velvety walls. Her cheeks grew warm as she pushed her finger in again, slowly, and pulled out. She was adjusting herself to her own finger, something Toni would usually do if they weren’t in a rush and if Cheryl hadn’t been begging to be fucked. She added a digit and pushed through again feeling the tight strain on her pussy but then it felt good as she pushed down to the knuckle. “Toni, fuck...

She began pumping as her fingers circled her clit again. It felt good to have both motions going as she helped to untie the knot in her belly. She needed relief. After all of these weekends, ten minutes with Toni, she just could not go home without committing to this tradition. Maybe she could tell Toni next time she sees her. The pinkette may be interested in Cheryl Blossom touching herself to the thought of her.

Her breathing hitched as she felt a spike of pleasure shoot through her entire body as her finger tingled that familiar buzz. She was close.

The Blossom curled her fingers directly into her g-spot and let a low, long moan. She could imagine her TT’s smug smile against her clit and that only made the knot in her stomach grow. She was going to find her release soon and, when she does, she wants it to be the most out-of-body, eye-opening orgasm she has ever had by herself. She wanted to be pushed to tears at how good it felt and she wanted her muscles to ache from how hard she is going to fuck herself.

Her fingers began pumping into herself fast as the tight circles on her clit applied more pressure. She curled her fingers and bit her lip as she leaped ahead towards her climax. “Fuck, Toni...” She dragged out with a whine. She gasped as she repeatedly hit the spot she was craving. “Fucking fuck!”

Her back arched high off the bed as her fingers worked her down from her orgasm. She pulled her fingers out and didn’t move for a moment. What she just did couldn’t hold a torch to what Toni could do. She was just amazing at everything she set her beautiful mind to. Cheryl will forever envy her because of this.

Lying in her post-orgasm haze, Cheryl heard her phone vibrate against the wooden table beside her bed. She turned her head and pouted as she would be broken out of the relaxing state she was currently in, Toni and her would just lay side by side until Cheryl was ready to move. They’d share encouraging words as they shared their gratitude vocally rather than physically.

Veronica, read on the dim lighting of the phone. Cheryl reached her slightly-shaky hand over and brought the device to her ear.

“Hello, V, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Lunch date? I’m starving and Pop’s is exactly what I need right now.”

“Give me twenty minutes to leave and I’ll meet you there.”

“Yes!” Ronnie was excited that the redhead was actually going to come out with her. Since Toni’s sentence, she seemed isolated and way less social than she was expected to be. “Can’t wait.”

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“Thank you,” the girls said in unison as Pop placed a plate of fries between them and their preferred milkshakes.

So,” Veronica dragged out as she reached for a french fry. “How’s our Alcatraz resident doing?”

Cheryl sighed. “Every time I visit, I can tell that she’s happy to see me, I see the smile on her face, I see that she’s responsive to what I have to say, but I can’t help thinking that she hates it.”

“Well, of course, she hates it. It’s prison.”

“Obviously, I know that. She’s stuck with a bunch of other criminals,” she exhaled through her nose. “It’s the loneliness I think. I totally forgot that she could feel lonely in a place filled with a bunch of people.”

“What do you mean?”

“Not to sound like a narcissist, but she misses me, V. Her and I are going through the same thing but she’s in much more dangerous circumstances. I feel like I’m losing her.”

“Cheryl,” Veronica reached over and held her hand. “Toni would never leave you. There is no possible way you can lose her. She is always going to come back no matter how far you try and push her away. I’m pretty sure she thinks about you nonstop, she always did and she always will. And besides,” Veronica returned her hands to her chocolate milkshake, “she’s too whipped to see anything normally without relating it to you.”

Cheryl nodded but kept her eyes down. She hadn’t even eaten one of the fries yet, she didn’t feel an ounce of her appetite. All of these thoughts of Toni ran rapidly through her skull and ricocheted off the bone, ultimately giving her a headache. She was scared and tired of worrying, and she only had two weeks left until her TT would be let out, but it still felt like a lifetime. “What if she’s not the same as she was when she gets out?”

“You’ll still love her, Cheryl. The same as you did in high school when she was Southside Scum. I swear I’ve never seen a love more real than you two.”

Cheryl’s eyes lit up a little as she nodded and smiled. “You’re right, Veronica. I shouldn’t have doubted my love for Toni. I’m just being stupid.” She laughed but Veronica shook her head.

“You have every right to feel like this. Your girlfriend is in prison, Cheryl, this is when you’re supposed to feel like this, okay? But you have to remember how she was before she was arrested and remember she will love you unconditionally. She will be the same when she gets out because she will be returning to her other half: you. And she will return home, to you, and she will revert back to her old ways with you. You can doubt anything you want without feeling guilty because that is what you’re feeling and there is nothing wrong with that. If you do feel guilty though, you should talk to me or to her about it. Nothing you are feeling is wrong, Cheryl.”

The redhead hooked her finger and brushed a tear below her eye. “You should be a writer,” she smiled and wiped another tear.

“Please, my writing was good enough to help me pass my classes. I don’t think it’s good enough to be published.”

“Maybe you could write love stories. You’ve had your fair share of experiences.”

“Maybe because I was able to watch you and Toni get together.” She tried to dodge the question but there was no way she could out run the Blossom.

“Oh, come on, you act like Archie was just a high school romance. You two were in love.”

“All it was was a high school romance. You think you’re in love until it’s over and it doesn’t hurt as much as you thought it would. It’s like falling out of focus. You see the ground a million miles away from you and you know its going to hurt but then you hit the ground and you realize it was only two feet.”

Cheryl thought about it in her own situation. If she were to lose Toni, her whole world would be a mess. She would have no one. Toni was her everything. Her absolute true love.

But,” Veronica began, “there is someone new on the horizon.”

“I knew you couldn’t stay out of the game for too long.” Cheryl smiled. “Do I know them?”

“I know for a fact you and him are acquainted.” She smiled and raised her brow.

“Do tell.”

“You have to guess! It’s not fun if you don’t.”

“You’re insufferable.” The redhead rolled her eyes. “What does his name start with?”

Veronica took a breath before answering but was cut off by Cheryl’s phone ringing. The number came up and Cheryl knew it was the prison.

“I’m sorry, V, can I—“

“Don’t be.” Veronica smiled and waved for her to get out of the booth and answer it. Cheryl slid out of the ruby red seat and went outside into the cold.


A female computer voice answered, “An inmate from the Leopold and Loeb Federal Detention Center is trying to contact you. Dial 1 and press Pound to continue.”

Cheryl did as the machine said then was met with silence. “Toni?”

“Hey, Cher,” her voice was raspy like she had been crying.

“You miss me already?” Cheryl laughed.

“I always do.” Toni sniffled. She had been crying but she was smiling now that she could hear her favorite girl’s voice on the other line.

“You okay, baby?” Cheryl’s posture tensed as her worrying for her TT increased with each passing second.

“I’m okay,” her voice cracked but she tried to hide it. “I’m just so happy to hear you, baby. What are you doing right now?”

“I’m out to lunch with Veronica. Apparently, she’s thinking about dating someone new.”

“Yeah?” She sniffled again and tried to recover. “Who?”

“She wants me to guess but she says I know him and she was about to give me his first initial but I wanted to take your call first. Why did you call? Not that I mind of course, but is there something wrong?”

Toni didn’t want Cheryl to worry more than she constantly was. She wasn’t going to tell her about Penny until it was absolutely necessary. “Of course not.” Just then, Penny appeared around the corner. A sick and twisted smile contorting her face as she laughed gently to herself. Toni’s heart dropped as she was no longer crying but fearing for her life. “Everything’s fine, Bombshell.”

“If you say so.”

“One minute remaining.” The robotic female voice echoed through both lines.

“Fucking Christ.” Cheryl rolled her eyes which Toni couldn’t see, but she knew all of Cheryl’s mannerisms by now.

Penny began walking towards the Serpent.

“I love you, Cheryl.”

“I... I love you too. We’re gonna wait the whole minute, right?” They always waited until their time was over.

“Sure, baby,” Toni watched the ghoulish blonde stalk towards her. “I just wanted to tell you that I love you. You know I can never say it enough.”

“I know, TT.” The redhead smiled. Veronica was right. She will love me unconditionally. “I know.”

Penny and Toni were now toe-to-toe and Toni felt the Grim Reaper breathing down her neck. Was that a sharpened toothbrush in Penny’s waistband or was she just imagining it?

“I love you. I’ll talk to you soon, baby.”

“Okay. I love—“

The phone beeped painfully into her ear signaling that the call had ended. Toni kept her eyes on Penny as she hung up the phone.

“Hiya, Pinky.” Penny smiled as she played with Toni’s curl between her two fingers. “I see you kept the color in. Question for ya, is this prison-grade dye or are you sneaking it in?”

“Ladies! Ladies! Break it up, huh?” Nicky Nichols, a sort of mentor to Toni, came in and pushed the back of her hands to the women’s chests to push them away. “I’m not one to break two ladies together when I see them chest to chest, but duty calls. Name’s Nichols.”

Penny’s cold eyes turned to Nicky with a deathly glare. “Peabody.”

“Great. Now we all know each other. You new here?”

“Came in this morning.”

Nicky slapped Penny’s shoulder and smiled big. “Welcome to the neighborhood! Come on, kid. Red wants to talk to ya.” Nicky pushed Toni down the opposite way towards the kitchen. She turned back to Penny. “Maybe I’ll stop by and ask if you got any sugar! If you’re into that.”

Nicky continued pushing Toni to the safety of Red’s kitchen. The Serpent was still scared but she felt better knowing she was with her family. Nicky finally stopped and turned Toni towards her. “Who the hell was that?”

“Penny Peabody. Rival gang member.”

Nicky ran a hand through her hair, “Shit, kid. Red’s gonna be pissed.”

“Pissed about what?” Just then, the Russian herself walked to the two women with her hands on her hips. Her eyes fell to Toni. “What did you do?”

“Some Southside bitch came in this morning.” Nicky explained to Toni who seemed scared into silence.

“I told you I didn’t want any of that gang shit in my fucking kitchen!”

“I know Red, I know,” Toni tried to soothe her nerves. “I told you as soon as I’m out of this place I’m asking FP to let me out of the gang. But Penny knows me. She knows my face, my name, everything.”

Red looked at the young girl and breathed through her nose. She didn’t know what to do to help her prison daughter. She can’t escape where she came from or the people she’s met and now she was stuck.

Toni felt her tears well up and, soon enough, she was breaking down again. Red embraced her and rubbed her back. “It’s going to be okay, my little lyubit’. We’ll work through this.”

“No!” Toni said and hugged her tighter. “If you go after her, she’ll hurt you too. I can’t have you in this, Red. This is my fault.”

“You’re family, Toni, and no one fucks with my family.” Her heavy Russian accent peaked through as Toni could see she was getting more passionate. Toni knew that Red would never comply with her desperate wishes so she had nothing else to say. Her chin wrinkled up as she fell into the Russian woman’s shoulder and cried.

“Reznikov!” One of the prison guards, known as Pornstache among the ladies, yelled. He had just entered the cafeteria and had his hand placed strategically on his baton. He began walking towards them as Toni took a few steps away from the older woman. “How many fuckin’ times do I have to tell you to keep your hands at your sides?”

They had an ongoing feud — Galina and Mendez. “One more time should be enough.”

He sneered at her and took another step so she could feel his morning breath right on her face. “Keep. Your. Fucking. Hands. At. Your. Fucking. Sides.

Red sneered right back at him. He was no challenge for her. “Aye, aye, Captain.”

He looked at the other girls, quick to notice that the younger one had tear streaks. He began imitating a crying baby. “Wah! Wah!” He stepped away from Red and began pouting in Toni’s face. “Why the fuck are you cryin’? You’re in prison! You don’t get to cry!”

Toni quickly wiped her face. She had always obeyed the orders she was given, hence why she was such a renowned Serpent.

Mendez lowered his face to hers and put his hand on her cheek. She tried to back away because she was feeling uncomfortable. She didn’t want him to touch her but it was too late. He gently caressed her cheek. “Missed a spot,” he whispered.

Backing away, the corrupt officer turned his back to them and walked out of the cafeteria.

“Get a move on, ladies! Don’t want any of you getting a shot.”

“Fucking prick,” Red said rather forcefully under her breath.

Nicky put her arm around Toni again, “You’ll be okay, kid. We’ll protect you even if that means getting targeted by some bitch in a jumpsuit. You’re family and we’ve all been in worse situations. That’s why we’re stuck in this place.”

“I love you guys.”

“We love you too.” Nicky punched Toni’s arm as Red kissed her still tear-streaked cheek.

“Okay, come on, you can help me chop up the potatoes. We have a lot of work to do in this kitchen!” Red walked back to her station in her kitchen as Toni laughed and followed her. Nicky went to find Lorna.