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welcome to the world little one.

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The day Denki water breaks his at his parents-in-law's home with only eri and Yamada. Shinsou is at work with his dad and it’s 3:00 in the morning.


“What the fuck?” Denki slurred. 


He sat up trying to figure out what woke him.  Half lidded gold eyes scanned his room as his hand automatically went to his belly. 


 He knew better than to ignore his instincts, even though he hasn't been out in the field for months a hero never ignores their feelings, and something is telling him it’s an urgent matter to be attended too. 


Maybe eri had another nightmare and her cry had woken him?  The beta got them from time to time and it wouldn’t be the first time he comforted her through them. Either way it goes, he gets up to check on eri even though realistically he knew his father in law would never let anything happen to them. But as soon as he gets up, he feels a pop and a trickle of liquid flow down tanned legs. 


“Oh shit.” He whispered and that’s when the pain sets in. As a hero, he had broken bones, endured being beaten damn near to death and had his own quirk turned on him. But this was like nothing he had ever experienced, and he knew that it would only get worse. 


“Eri!” He wailed as loud as he could. He took a deep breath and tried to breathe through the next contradiction that hit him. He could feel sweat building as he tried his best to move. 


“Eri!” He cried out louder and knows that he has to get his father in law, but God the pain has him doubling over and curling in on his belly. 


Just as he finally managed to get on his feet again and lean on the dresser his door burst open with the white-haired teen. She still looks sleepy but alert, and he thanked God that she was raised by two of the best pro heroes he ever knew. 


“Denki? Are you okay?” She goes to help him stand up but he waved her back off and gives what he hopes is a reassuring smile. 


“I’m fine for now but Eri I need you to get your papa, I..I’m going in labor.”  He felt tears building behind his eyelids but he didn’t want to scare her, so he bit them back and nodded at her that he was good to be left alone for a little while. 


Once he knew she was gone he blindly reached for his phone and tried to call his parents but the pain was too much and he couldn’t hold the tears back. So he settled for sending a text and hopes that his mother’s night owl ways didn’t change. 


“Damn it you weren’t supposed to come yet kit.” He whispered to his belly. Of course, their child would choose to come two weeks early.  He looked up to see the older pro speed in with Eri behind him.


“Come on Denki, I’m here, I got you.” Yamada-San cooed. The older blonde glasses were crooked and he was still trying to put his hearing aid on.  


“Eri I need you to call your father and brother, let them know we are heading to the hospital.”  Once the green-eyed omega saw his daughter nod he quickly grabbed the baby bag they kept over the house just for this scenario. 


“They didn’t answer papa, but I left a voicemail and sent a text.” 


“Good girl, hopefully they’ll get it sooner than later.”  Yamada’s long blonde hair was falling out of its bun and he cursed under his breath and hoped that his husband and son wouldn’t get the message too late.


“They.. they have to be there.” Denki sobbed. He couldn’t stand the thought of his husband missing their son's birth. It’ll break his heart. 


“They will honey, you know toshi would rather cut his foot off than miss this. let’s just focus on the fact that the baby is coming, you don’t want to stress yourself out.” 


 The taller man let Denki rest against him and stopped whenever the contradictions got too much and gently guided his son in law through the door. finally, they made it to the car where they quickly laid him down in the backseat and sped off to the hospital. 

Shinsou was tired. The type of tired that rattled your bones and made you want to sleep for the rest of the year. And by the look on his dad’s face, he felt the same. 


The night started as a simple one, just patrolling the area and heading back to their agency, but then they stumbled on a robbery of a jewelry store and was battling against two idiots with dangerous quirks. Luckily neither one of them were hurt but now they were forced to stick behind the scene a little longer to give their full report. His dad had just turned his phone on in order to shoot a text to the Yamada-Aizawa household that they were safe when he heard him curse.


“Shit!” Aizawa hissed. 


“What happen, dad?” Hitoshi was immediately on alert and looking over his father to make sure the older man wasn’t hurt, or had injuries he might have missed. 


“I need you to stay calm for a moment.”


“That’s not helping me stay calm dad!”


The omega grabbed his son by his face and made him look him in the eyes, which was hard since Shinsou hadn’t been his height since he was 13. Now the alpha towered over his dad, 6’3 to his 5’7.  for a brief moment, nostalgia threatened to cause shouta to tear up. His little boy was going to have a kid soon. But Eraserhead has never been one for emotional moments. He’ll leave that to his husband. 


“I need you to stay calm, panicking won’t do any good.” Once he got a nod he continued. “Denki’s has gone into labor and we need to get to the hospital fast.”  


Shinsou face tried to jerk out of his father’s hands but the curly-haired pro kept a tight grip. “He WHAT? It’s too early! He wasn’t due for another two weeks!” 


“You know as well as I do, babies don’t work on a schedule.” Eraserhead deadpanned with a raised eyebrow. He gave his son a pat before he turned around and snapped to the nearest police officer. 


“Hey You! We need a ride to Hosu hospital it’s an emergency!” 


The police officer sputtered out that he could do it and they were quickly shuffled inside. 


“Shit…shit..shit.” Shinsou murmured and felt his anxiety creep up his spine. 


Shouta could see his son spiraling and quickly wrapped a strong hand around his son’s neck and let the alpha curl under his chin like he did so many times as a pup. 


“Breath Toshi, everything would be okay.” Shouta murmured. He gave a light kiss to curls so much like his own and let his son listen to his heartbeat. 

By the time they made it to the hospital it felt like hours had passed, but realistically had to have been only 15 minutes. The sun was threatening to break the horizon by the time Shinsou and Aizawa were given the room Denki was in. 


They were met with hizashi pacing the floor and Eri dozing in the hospital waiting room.  Shinsou made sure to greet his mate’s father and brother who had been anxiously watching the closed hospital door. 


“Sho! Toshi! Oh, thank heavens you guys made it! Denki had been asking for you non-stop! His mom is in there now.” 


The blonde quickly kissed his husband and gave his son a hug and smooch before shooing him into the hospital room. Where they could hear Denki screaming and cursing. 


Shinsou felt like he was signing his death warrant.

The first thing Shinsou saw was his husband’s red face and Denki’s mother trying to soothe her youngest through his contradictions. Her brown eyes wide in worry. 


Denki's eyes snapped up at the door opening and several emotions passed through his face before it settled on one: anger. 


“You’re a dead man Hitoshi Shinsou! Why the hell you didn’t answer your calls!” Denk shrieked. Goldeyes wide in fury and freckles cheeks flushing even more. 


If he didn’t fear for his life Shinsou would have been impressed at the volume the other man managed to reach. 


“I’m sorry kitten.” He croaked. Knew that this was not a battle he was going to win and chose to go straight to apologizing. 


The doctors were quick to direct him to wash his hands and get in the scrubs before he quickly took over his mother-in law’s position by the omega side. 


For the next several hours Denki screamed every curse word he knew that would make even bakugou blush, Shinsou almost felt himself pass out and only the threat that Denki would kill him, himself stopped his eyes from rolling to the back of his head, before finally through tears, a crushed hand and a final scream from Denki resulted in Hakaru Shinsou being born at 10:50 am. 


“Congrats charge bolt and control freak it’s a boy!”


“I wanna hold him, I want my baby.” Denki panted and made grabby hands at the doctors. once they cleaned and checked the babe over they handed a screaming banshee of a baby over. Denki had never seen anything more beautiful.


“Toshi look what we made.” He gushed. The pain was so worth it when he held the most precious thing in his hands. 


Hitoshi wide teary eyes connected with his husband as he carefully touched the blonde wisps on their son’s head. 


“Yeah, we did pretty fucking amazing.”  


Once Denki and Hitoshi imprinted with their child and made sure that Denki felt okay enough to get checked over did Shinsou finally walked out of the room to introduce the newest member to the rest of his family. 


“ you’ll love them Karu, they are a crazy bunch but they are loyal and loving.” He whispered to his son. 


Hitoshi looked up and saw his parents and Denki’s making their way to him along with Deku and shouto their son,  Katsuki, and eijirou and their two girls as they peered at their newest member. Mina and Sero could be heard speeding through the hallway to them. 


“Family this is Hakaru Shinsou,” Hitoshi announced proudly. 


“Welcome to the world little one.” Present mic whispered through his tears.