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Say Nothing, Fall In Love

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Dabi’s sitting under an overpass when Keigo finally finds him. He’d stormed off hours ago, or… maybe stormed off isn’t the right word. Left with a flourish of his stupid leather coat? Keigo smiles to himself at the thought and chirps, little birdsong notes filling the air. Dabi doesn’t look up when he arrives, but he does move one of his legs. It’s as good an invitation as any.


Keigo swoops in, shuffling so he’s sat opposite Dabi in the cramped crawl space of concrete and fragrant weeds. It’s uncomfortable, but only because he has wings. If he leans forward and drapes himself over Dabi’s chest, it won’t be so cramped, but they don’t know each other that well.


Dabi’s not really much of a talker, after all.


Keigo respects that. He thinks it’s silly, but he respects it. So they sit in silence, Keigo’s eyes shut as he listens to the few and far between cars go by overhead. All the way out here in the middle of nowhere, he’s surprised he even hears one.


“You’re not wearing scent patches.” Dabi comments. Keigo startles awake, not having realized he’d drifted off.


“Hmm?” He chirps for good measure.


“You’re not wearing scent patches.” Dabi reaches up to rub two fingers against his own neck, the patch a little puffy along his scarred skin. It’s a wonder those things still work with all the scar tissue, but he found a way.


“I’m not.” Keigo shrugs his shoulders. “Does it bother you?” He watches the way Dabi eyes him from the top of his head to his tips of his wings.


“You smell like pre-heat.” Dabi mutters. “And rice.”


“Rice?” Keigo can’t help but smile. “Never had anyone tell me I smell like rice before.” No one was really allowed near him without his patches though.


“It’s like you just came out of a rice cooker.” Dabi mutters. “Or flew off the side of a mountain and took the wind with you.”


Keigo can’t help his grin. “That’s pretty romantic of you.”


“That’s probably pre-heat. Either take suppressants or leave me alone.” Dabi looks away, sharp and shoulders tensing. “I’m not your breeding stud.”


Something about that sounds… cold, to Keigo. “I didn’t even know you were an Alpha.” He admits. “I didn’t care, still don’t, not really.”


Dabi’s head turns to him, a snarl of disbelief on his lips. Keigo can see it, but then it stops. And it sits. And it fades.


“… You really don’t care.” He whispers.


Keigo smiles. “My entire life could be ruined by being an Omega, why would I care that you want to keep your secondary gender a secret when I keep mine secret?”


Something… twists in the way that Dabi looks at him. He leans forward, blinking slowly, then that terrifying smile spreads across his lips. His piercings glint in the dim light and Keigo feels a shiver roll up his spine.


“Don’t want people to put two and two together.” Dabi sneers. “I want them to be bad at math for as long as possible.” He thumps back against the concrete and the sneer drops.


Back to neutral then.


Keigo doesn’t say anything, doesn’t even hum. He just sits, head on his knee, and takes Dabi in under the low light.


It’s a long time before either of them say anything.


“When I had my first rut, I had it under an overpass.” Dabi says, not looking at Keigo. “An older Alpha, god, the guy must have been in his 80’s, he kept people away from the crawl space. He was terrifying and mean, but he kept me safe that first time.”


Keigo trills softly. “What happened to him?”


Dabi sighs. “Died, I guess. He was there one day, wasn’t the next. I didn’t stay long after that. Had to get back to...” He doesn’t finish.


Keigo nods, feeling… oddly sad. “They, the people who trained me, threatened to have an Alpha force himself on me the first time I went into heat if I couldn’t focus through it.” He remembers the memory with bitter horror of a fresh faced seventeen year old. “They didn’t tell me about rejection scents until after I proved to them that I could do any task, even in heat.”


Dabi growls, though it isn’t a sound. It’s a feeling, one that Keigo can feel in his feet.


“They threatened to rape you.” He states.


“They did in fact threaten that.” Keigo watches the way Dabi’s fist clenches. “I’ve never smelled rejection scent before, I hear it can make you-”


“Vomit.” Dabi says. “It can. It does. I’ve smelled it before.” He looks at Keigo. “On my mother.”


Keigo sucks in a breath. Dabi doesn’t… for all Keigo knows, he popped out of the fucking ground one day.


He has a mother. Had? Keigo wants to push so… so badly.


But he doesn’t, can’t. Whatever this is, he can’t break it. This... moment.


“I never knew mine. My father either.” Keigo admits.


Dabi laughs, and it’s cruel and hurt and… broken. “God, I wish that were me.” He snarls, fangs bared. “I wish I’d killed him.”


Keigo feels dizzy with all this new information.


“Your heat.” Dabi says, leaning forward suddenly. His hands are on Keigo’s knees, pushing them apart as he breathes in. “Makes you smell… brighter.”


Keigo reaches out, gripping tight to Dabi’s jacket lapels. “I still don’t know what you smell like.” He whispers.


“You don’t want to.” Dabi responds too quickly, growling as he inches closer. “I’m sour.”


“I like sour things.” Keigo whispers, pulling him in faster. Their lips are so close, just a few more inches.


“No you don’t.” Dabi’s breath is hot against his mouth. “You just think you do.”


“Are we talking about the food, or you?” Keigo whispers back, eyes darting to the way Dabi licks his lips.


This is a distraction.


But one he wants.


“No clue.” Dabi admits. “Wanna fuck?”


Keigo yanks him in the last inch and presses their lips together, moaning when Dabi’s hands slide up the insides of his thighs. When they break apart, Keigo’s fighting to pull Dabi’s jacket off.


“Yes, god, yes I want to so bad, Dabi.” He feels the chuckle against his skin more than he hears it.


“If you regret it, that’s on you.” His hands work quickly and yank Keigo’s pants down to his knees, then lift him up and draw him into his lap while Keigo kicks his pants away.


The smell of his slick is overpowering in this tiny concrete space, Keigo can feel it sliding down his thighs.


“Doubt it,” Keigo whispers, “let me see your cock.” He’s trying for sensual, but he sounds horribly needy. Dabi laughs, and Keigo does too, but it’s short and soft. He wriggles a little when Dabi unbuttons his pants, then he’s fishing his cock out of the fabric and…


Keigo purrs. Loud and obnoxious and… is it possible to fall in love with a cock? God, it’s so thick.


“Not… the normal reaction.” Dabi admits. “I get ‘there’s no way that’ll fit’ a lot.”


Keigo snorts. “There’s no way I believe you’ve fucked ‘a lot,’ you look like a piece of charcoal fucked a birch tree.”


Dabi has a nice laugh. It’s deep and presses into Keigo’s ribs when he pulls him closer and grips his hip hard.


“Shut up and sit on my cock.” It’s playful, or as playful as anything gets with Dabi, and Keigo purrs at him more.


“What, no prep, no foreplay?” He teases, reaching down with both hands. One spreads the folds of his cunt, exposing himself to the air, the other wraps around Dabi’s cock and strokes it, lining him up.


Dabi watches him with interest. “You’re in heat now, not even preheat, I couldn’t stretch you if I wanted to.” Keigo snorts.


“What a gentleman.” He shifts on his knees, then starts to lower himself until the head of Dabi’s cock is pressing at the rim of his cunt. He intends to sink down, but Dabi holds him in place with one hand, growling and smirking. “Dabi.” Keigo warns.


“What?” He teases. “I’m not in rut, I’m in no hurry.” His other hand reaches up and pushes Keigo’s jacket off his shoulders. It slumps on his wings until he wiggles them and lets it drop.


“I may be able to focus through a heat, but that doesn’t mean I want to.” He reaches out with both hands and cups Dabi’s face. “So, if you would be so kind, Dabi-”


“Touya.” He whispers. “Only here, only now. After this, you forget the name, but… Touya.” Keigo’s pretty fucking sure his heart is going to burst out of his rib cage.


“Touya.” He agrees. “Touya.” He says it again, feeling the name in the depths of his chest. It’s a beautiful name. “Please.” Keigo whispers.


Dabi, no, Touya, growls again and lunges in for a kiss, and Keigo mewls and moans into it as he’s pushed down onto Touya’s cock. It’s… it feels thicker than it looks. Or maybe he just didn’t have enough time to see it, or maybe it’s the no prep.


Who was he kidding, it’s not the no prep, he’s looser than a screen door on a porch.


Touya’s just thick, and hot, and Keigo feels like he’s been sinking down on his cock forever. It’s only a few seconds, he knows this realistically, but god… those are the best few seconds of his life.


He just had to be a size queen.


“Your cock.” Keigo moans, trying not to arch toward Touya any more than he already is.


“Your cunt.” Touya agrees, lips leaving soft kisses over Keigo’s exposed shoulders. “Fuck, how are you so tight?”


Keigo can’t help but laugh. “Would you… believe me… if I said kegels?” He teases.


“You’re a fucking disaster.” Touya decides before he leans in and sucks a bruise right over Keigo’s scent gland. Keigo almost screams, hands gripping tight to Touya’s shoulders. He can feel him pulsing, feel the throb, the urge to fuck, to mate, to knot. It’s a physical sensation inside of him.


“Scent.” Keigo gasps. “I want-I want your scent, please.” He almost rips the right patch off, but this is already toeing a line between them that neither knows the limits to.


And Keigo’s not going to do anything that will make Touya pull out before he’s damn well ready.


“Ready?” Touya ignores his request, finally pulling off Keigo’s scent gland. Keigo wails, not caring how loud and needy he sounds. He wants Touya, and his want is physical and often a terrible judgment caller.


“Fucking scent me and I’ll ride your dick until you forget your troubles, daddy.” Keigo says around a purr. It’s a tease, just a little bit of their regular banter. He expects Touya to scoff and tell him to shut up.


He… doesn’t expect Touya to lift him up and slam him back down onto his cock so hard that tears form in Keigo’s eyes. It’s vicious, Touya’s thrusting into him so hard that Keigo can barely moan, and then he just… he fucking stops.


Keigo screeches at him. “Fuck, fuck you, don’t-no!” He claws at Touya’s arms, but his hands get swatted away. He’s about to snarl at him, but Touya grabs one of Keigo’s hands and puts it on the edge of his scent patch.


“Call… call me that again.” He waits until Keigo’s gotten his nails under the patch, then pulls it away. “Call me daddy again.”


The patch slides away and wood smoke pours around them, along with bitter, sour fruit. There are wafts of burnt plastic, but Keigo doesn’t mind. He actually feels like he’s drowning pleasantly in the scent.


Underneath it all, he smells on oncoming broil of rut. Keigo smirks and rolls his hips as slow as he can before leaning down.


“Daddy,” he whispers, “fuck me like you mean it.” He purrs.


Touya snarls, sharp nails digging into Keigo’s hips as he pushes him up against the wall of the crawl space. Keigo’s legs lift, no longer kneeling but hoisted, back pressed to concrete as Touya starts fucking into him. It’s the same fast, brutal pace as before, and Keigo knows he’s going to be bruised and sore, but fuck it… this is so good.


His nails dig into Touya’s shoulders and he pulls him closer, one hand on the back of his neck so he can pull him in and press his nose to Touya’s scared but exposed scent gland. He breathes deep, inhaling what he can as most of the air keeps escaping him with harsh thrusts. Little yelps escape him and Keigo closes his eyes, lips pressed to Touya’s scent gland as he trembles.


“Good?” Touya asks through a grunt, suddenly slowing down to a rolling swing of his hips. Keigo wails, legs wrapping around Touya. His wings try to flap against the concrete, but he can barely move. “Enjoying… yourself?” Touya asks, suddenly breathless.


Yes,” Keigo moans. “So… so much.” He turns his head and presses a kiss to Touya’s jaw, then pulls back. “Can I… can I kiss you again?” He asks.


He wants Touya to say yes. He wants it so bad his chest aches.


“I… probably a… bad idea.” Touya mutters. Keigo opens his mouth to argue, but shuts it when Touya’s nose brushes against his. He shuts his eyes and they share a kiss, this one much softer and slower than their first. Keigo can’t stop purring, relaxing into the gentle brush of Touya’s lips against his own before he pulls back. His piercings brush against Keigo’s cheek when he rubs their faces together.


Keigo sucks in a sharp breath. “Will you… will you knot me?” He asks, legs tensing.


“Thought that was… the whole point?” Touya asks around a laugh. He can’t seem to catch his breath. Keigo croons very gently, kissing Touya again before he lays back against the wall. He spreads his thighs wider, still practically impaled on Touya’s cock, but loving it.


“You tell me, daddy.” He teases.


Touya smirks at him and growls, pressed close so Keigo can feel it. “You’re going to regret that.” He says with a twitch of his lips.


Keigo highly doubts that.


Thighs hoist underneath his own, hands pulling Keigo a certain way so the angle of the next thrust is different. One hand remains on his hip while the other reaches down and coats his fingers in Keigo’s slick. He wails when Touya starts fucking into him in earnest again, this time accompanied by wet fingers rubbing against his clit.


He can barely move, his body a twisting mass of emotions as he feels a knot start to form at the base of Touya’s cock. Keigo’s never wanted anything so selfishly in his entire life. Before he can stop himself, he’s begging, pleading really, absolute unintelligible nonsense pouring from him as Touya fucks the sense out of him.


When Touya’s knot pushes passed the rim of Keigo’s cunt, he’s only able to slide it out twice before it gets too big to move. His hand keeps working Keigo’s clit, faster than before, and it builds his orgasm up until Keigo outright screams and cums. His body arches, nails digging into Touya’s shoulders as he sobs. Tears pour down his cheeks as he wraps himself around Touya’s chest and trembles through the aftershocks.


He can feel cum pumping into him, feel it filling him up and sating a deep urge he’s normally better at controlling. When Touya pulls his hand away, he’s holding Keigo tenderly in his lap, locked into place as he hides against his shoulder.


They sit there, both half naked and trembling with the aftershocks of their orgasms, surrounded by Keigo’s purring. He’s half asleep when Touya starts crying, but he doesn’t think it has to do with the sex.


He reaches up, fingers carding through dark hair, and shushes the sobs while Touya clings to him.


He wants to say something, but… what the fuck do you say in a situation like this?


You don’t say anything.