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Jazz and Soundwave Plan a Wedding

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“Babe, look at this and tell me what you think?”

Soundwave sighed and reached for the datapad Jazz was holding out. “Soundwave is not ‘babe’ and has asked Jazz repeatedly to stop.”

“Sorry, I know. It just keeps slipping out. It sounds better in English, I promise, but I’ll try harder.”

“Thank you.” Soundwave let his fingers trail across Jazz’s as he took the pad out of the other mech’s fingers and felt his spark warm as the other mech’s exuberant smile returned. He wasn’t mad at Jazz, and didn’t want him to believe that he was, but he hated that particular pet name and desperately wished that his intended would settle on something else. His optics widened when he looked away from his partner and down at the image on the data pad. “Jazz wants venue in New Vos?”

“Well, it fits the budget--barely--and it’s got those vaulted ceilings you like so much. And since it’s Vos, we wouldn’t have to spend extra for perches or wing accessible chairs.”

“Soundwave thought Jazz hated Vos.”

“Well, I don’t love it. Or didn’t, I guess is more accurate. You probably never really had to try and get intel out of there since they joined the Decepticons so early, but it was a nightmare and then some. But Starscream is doing good things in New Vos, despite himself. And that cathedral is beautiful and will look amazing in the photos.”

Soundwave looked at the listing again, considering his partner’s choice for several kliks. Jazz’s reasons were sound, and New Vos really was a nice city despite the fact that it was turning into a tourist spot already. “Jazz has funds for deposit currently? Booking early is imperative.”

“Yeah, I've got enough for the venue and the caterer if you want to do it. That last gig we did on Nebulous set me up pretty well for a while.”

“Then Soundwave agrees. And suggests researching hotels for discounted rate.”

“Yeah, destination weddings ain’t cheap.” Jazz’s smile turned radiant. “You wanna work on the hotel while I call the venue and the caterer? As proved by that time on Monacus, you’re better at the hotel discount than me.”

Soundwave laughed as he remembered the incident in question. “Agreed. Soundwave will ensure that Jazz does not negotiate higher than average room rate for bonding ceremony.”