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Magi Oneshots/Drabbles

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Ja’far had never thought much of it, the two of them sleeping in the same bed.

Kouen didn’t seem to mind either, always stroking Ja’far’s back, always encouraging Ja’far to come over, welcoming him into his apartment.

“You never tire of this, do you?” Kouen asked.

Ja’far snuggled closer to the other man who was reading a book.

“I like being here.” Ja’far mumbled, yawn after yawn escaping him, his eyes teary when he tried ignoring the light from the desk lamp.

“You fit better here than anywhere else.”

“I do, but sometimes I wonder if I should leave, just to let you pine.” Ja’far said, drying off a tear gliding down his cheek.

“You’d make my poor heart break.” Kouen mumbled, finally turning off the lamp and laying the book aside, letting Ja’far fully enjoy the man’s attention.

It felt good, to lay there and just enjoy the touches and cuddles they gave each other, until Ja’far finally did fall sleep, Kouen in his arms and body pressed flush against the other.