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Magi Oneshots/Drabbles

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Silken threads and strings covered her, woven tightly together into a sheer fabric. Barely covering her body.

Her skin looked so soft in the relentless light from the fires when she moved. Twirling and spinning on the stage. Multiple men were cheering at the (barely) teenage girl.

“She’s pretty, right Ja’far?” Sinbad’s voice rang in his ears, the older man’s face was flushed from alcohol.

“Maybe...” Ja’far said, sipping lightly on his own drink. His grey eyes scanned the stage, where the young blonde dancer had stopped dancing, and was getting applauses from the audience.

“I’ll pay her.” Sinbad said.

“What?” Ja’far asked. His face a frown as he stared at his friend.

“I’ll pay her for a night if you want to hit it.” Sinbad grinned, Ja’far’s usually stoic face was now pink as the younger man scowled.

“I don’t want to.” Ja’far said, continuing to sip his drink. Larger sips as his head became a tiny bit cloudy.

“Really? Too bad.” Sinbad shrugged his shoulder, directing his attention to another dancer that was stroking his arm.

Ja’far sighed, his gaze falling on the blonde despite denying Sinbad’s suspicion.

The young woman was chatting with a much larger, much older man.

Ja’far stood up, leaving his drink and walking closer and hiding behind a large decoration.

“Sir, I am very sorry but I’m just a dancer.” The young blondes voice sounded almost frantic when she talked.

“Oh? But I want to, young lass.” The man chuckled.

Ja’far could hear a slap and then silence.

As he pressed his body against the decoration he could only grit his teeth. A fire burned inside of him as he held himself back.

“S-Sorry I didn’t-“ the young blonde’s voice was cut off by a shriek. Ja’far peeked out and saw that the man had thrown her over his shoulder.

“Sir.” Ja’far’s said, stepping in front of the man. The man must have been at least twice his size.

“Fuck off, pip-squeak, I have things to do.” The man said.

“Oh, I’ll bet you have things to do.” Ja’far said lazily, looking at him with bored eyes.

“Fucking brat I’ll teach you-“ The mans voice was cut off as the dagger cut a neat slit in his throat.

The young blonde squeaked when she landed in the arms of Ja’far.

“You okay?”

Ali heard the calm voice close to her ear. The husky sound sounded better than anything right now.

“Yes, thank you.” Ali mumbled. She rested her head on her saviours shoulder, closing her eyes. He didn’t have any scent, this mysterious man...

“I’m bringing you back to my room if you’re okay with that, Miss.” Ja’far said. Walking back to the hotel that he stayed in.

“Yes, I do have to thank you also.” The blonde mumbled from where she was cradled in Ja’far’s arms.

Ja’far stayed silent, jumping up to his window when they arrived.

“Here.” Was all the warning Ja’far gave the young blonde before throwing her down into the bed.

“How many?” That sultry voice reaches her ears, despite the fluffy pillows nestled up in her face. Her headdress had slipped farther down.

“How many...?”

“Men. How many men have you fucked? How many cocks have your slutty little cunt taken?”

Ali squeaked, how did this man just ask that!?

“That’s! That’s not your business.” Ali said, the burning on her cheeks making the man lick his lips.

“Oh, but I want to know if I’m fucking a virgin or not.” Ja’far said, looking at the tiny blonde.

“I’m” Ali said, looking away from the man who was taking of his clothes.

“Good. Name’s Ja’far. Scream it when I’m pounding you hard.” Ja’far said, pulling down his trousers to reveal his hard member.

“Alibaba, you can call me Ali.” Ali said.

Ja’far grinned, laying over Ali with his thick cock rubbing against the sheer fabric covering her cunt.

“I’ll buy you new ones.” Ja’far said, ripping the clothes off her body, showing plump and soft skin now fully bare for Ja’far’s eyes.

“Hey!” Ali yelled. Ja’far bit on her neck, covering her in quick bites while his hands groped soft skin.

“Stop-“ Ali got flipped over onto her belly, her face pressed against the bed. Her long blonde hair covered her vision.

“Shut up.” Ja’far said, pulling her up by her hair.

Ja’far gasped as he slid into Ali’s wet entrance. She was so tight.

Ali could feel the slow, almost gentle press when the thick thing slid into her.

“Long since I fucked a virgin, feels fucking amazing.” Ja’far laughed, thrusting in vigorously and biting Ali’s neck.

“Ah- Ja’far!” Ali moaned, loving the hot adrenaline racing through her when Ja’far slammed into her.

“You’re liking this?” Ja’far mumbled, face buried in the messy golden locks that he was pulling.

“Yes!” Ali moaned, almost yelling out sounds of pleasure.

“Seriously? Doesn’t it hurt?” Ja’far asked. His eyebrows furrowed when Ali shook her head, eyes closed shut.

“Huh.” Ja’far mumbled again, his mouth turning into a dark grin as he flipped Ali over, throwing her legs around his waist.

“This is more fun, right?” Ja’far smirked at the red face Ali was displaying. He continued to thrust in hard, pulling moans and gasp out of them.

Ali reached up and grabbed his face, her smooth hands caressing his cheeks while she pressed her lips against his.


“Yeah.” Ja’far said, breathing out the words against her lips. The violent sounds of their hips filled the room until both of them came.

“You okay there?” Ja’far asked, wiping away the sweat on Ali’s forehead.

The soft press of Ali’s lips were a surprise when she pulled him down.

“Yes.” A smile rested on Ali’s lips, her slight pinkish blushing face matching the rest of her soft body when Ja’far pulled them close again.

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“Stop-“ Ja’far was almost pleading, her body was pressed against Kouen’s, his hand holding her against the wall.

“I don’t think you want me to stop.” Kouen mumbled. He loved this, loved her, loved the adrenaline pumping through him.

“We’re gonna get caught!” Ja’far’s hushed voice made Kouen smirk, her small body was pushing against his.

“You like that.” Kouen replied, grinning when Ja’far’s face became red.

“Perhaps...” Ja’far said, looking at him with her eyelids lowered, her eyes glazed over as she began to gently nip his collar bone.

“Good.” Kouen said, letting Ja’far do what she wanted, nipping and sucking on his skin.

He was gonna return the favour later, in bed.

“Master?” Ja’far mumbled, looking up at Kouen as he pulled up her skirt. His usually stoic expression was always so fierce when it came to this, his usually calm demeanour changed for a violent but loving personality.

“Fuck, Ja’far.” Kouen growled, picking her up and pushing her up against the walls, his hands holding her up by her thighs, which locked around his hips in a familiar manner.

“You love it against the wall, right?” Kouen asked, eyes alight as he licked around Ja’far’s collarbone.

They couldn’t go to far, they had a risk of getting caught after all. And risking a royal scandal wasn’t his plans.

But he wanted to mark her, to show that coward Sinbad who Ja’far belonged to.

Ja’far flinched, Kouen looked angry, he rarely was angry with her, and it wasn’t fun. But now he had that look, like he was angry with her.

“I’ll mark you up, prove that you’re mine.” Kouen growled between kisses when he pulled Ja’far down.

“Kouen...” Ja’far said, pressing herself against him. “I belong to you.

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“Ah, fuck!” Sinbad was stuck, of all things to get stuck in it just had to be the fucking hole in the sink.

Sinbad wanted to bang her head into a wall. She was never, ever doing this kinda thing again.

She tried pulling her hand out again, but it was still not working. If she had her phone then maybe she could’ve called her husband, or maybe Ja’far. Even if Ja’far kinda was her boyfriend, in a weird sense.

The clock ticked on, mocking Sinbad as she stood bent over in the middle of the kitchen.

As her mind began to wander for possible solutions to the problem when the thought crossed her mind that if her beloved husband came home to her stuck like this she wouldn’t hear the end of it, and she wouldn’t be able to walk for a few days.

Then, she jolted when she heard the lock open, and Kouen’s exasperated sigh when he entered and kicked off his shoes.

“Slut where are you?” Kouen’s voice had such a bite to it. Sinbad felt a shiver up her spine when she heard it. Long day at work, huh?

“In the kitchen.” Sinbad shouted, and barely a second later Kouen stormed in, his face a sour grimace that quickly disappeared and contorted into a smug grin when he saw Sinbad.

“Did Ja’far come over? I knew he had a bondage fetish but this is a bit too weird.” Kouen smirked, that ugly expression still on his face when he made his way to Sinbad, stroking her hair and making the string that held her hair up in with a gentle ribbon her untied so that her long purple locks cascaded over her back.

“You know I would be a shivering, begging, cock hungry whore if Ja’far came over. He and his magic hands.” Sinbad muttered, recalling the last time he’d bent her over her own desk and made her a dirty and slutty disgrace in a minute.

“True.” Kouen rubbed her back, where the black tank top wasn’t covering her. He ran his strong hand down to her bare thighs, squeezing the soft flesh.

“Get me out of here.” Sinbad muttered. He could have his way with her later, but for now she needed to get out.

“And if I don’t want to?” Kouen asked, letting his hand come down hard on her thigh, earning a strangled cry from the woman.

“Kouen-“ Sinbad whined, drawing out her voice in a childish manner as she wiggled her hips.

“You have a lot I can pushing you for, slut.” Kouen growled near her ear.

Sinbad instantly presses her thighs together, her body betraying her and letting soft moans escape her when Kouen spanks her.

“Hmm, in for a bit of Bdsm now? En?” Sinbad asks, her tone soft, a blush rising to her cheeks.

“Wait here.”

“What else can I really do?” Sinbad mumbled.

“The small one, or the big one?” Kouen asks when he finally returns from their bedroom. He was currently holding up two large dildos, one a dragon dildo, (she’d gotten it as a prank for Drakon, but in the end she kept it) and the other was a slightly thinner, slightly smaller dildo.

“Smaller one…”

“Wrong.” Kouen said, pushing two of his fingers inside of Sinbad, spreading her cunt and pushing the large (actually rather small for a dragon dildo) dildo inside of Sinbad.

“I called Ja’far too, he’s gonna be here in a minute.”


“Shut up.”

Sinbad did as she was told, resting one of her arms on the counter, biting into her arm a bit as she kept quiet, despite the rough pounding she was taking.

Her legs were trembling and her skin had goosebumps on it, shivers taking through her when her orgasm hit, and Kouen took out the dildo, replacing it with his own hard cock.

“So good my love, you’re amazing.” Kouen mumbled, biting into a smooth, tanned shoulder.

“En, Sin?” Ja’far’s voice called out, and a second later the pale man appeared, wearing a tight suit and a smile.

“Ja’far, wonderful of you to join.” Sinbad moaned, toying with her nipple.

“Of course.”

And then, quick as the hitman was, Ja’far took his place beside Kouen, pushing his own cock into Sinbad’s desperate hole.

“Thought I would die when I heard what happened, you’re such an inconsiderate slut, Sin.” Ja’far mocked, his eyes slits as he grabbed onto her hip. The rubbing sensation of Kouen being inside her as well made everything better.

Sinbad could barely hear her boyfriend as the thick stretch of two cocks slipping in and out of her dripping hole was too much too soon.

“I slave around while you get fucked, don’t you regret your choices?”

“I do, Master, please forgive-“

“Shut up!” Ja’far yelled, taking a handful of purple locks and slamming her head into the marble counter.

“Ja’far.” Came Kouen’s stern voice. He loved both of them, sure, but Ja’far always drove overboard.


A fleeting kiss between the two men cleared it up as they continued to ravage their lover.

“Sin!” Both Ja’far and Kouen yelled, coming inside of Sinbad, leaving her a mess on top of the counter top.

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“Shh, Love, don’t make any noise.” Sinbad said, stroking Ja’far’s hair. Ja’far looked up from the issue in front of him to Sinbad’s smiling face. The dry skin on the pale man’s lips were being chewed off by Ja’far’s worried lip-biting.

“You can do it, come on, a few minutes, it’ll be quick.” Sinbad smiled again, stroking Ja’far’s cheek this time, pushing his already hard cock closer to his advisers face.

Ja’far looked up, the worry in his grey eyes made Sinbad sad, but a second later a warm, wet tongue trailed up on the King’s leaking and flushed erection.

“Fuck, I knew you’d be good at this.” Sinbad breathed. His golden eyes were dark as they looked down at his adviser who was on his knees, gingerly sucking the head and stroking the shaft.

“Ja’far.” Sinbad mumbled, resisting the urge to grab Ja’far’s head and forcing the other man down on his cock, to see Ja’far choke and being pulled around sent shivers down the older man’s spine.

Ja’far looked up curiously, but quickly returned to the task at hand.

Sinbad marvelled at the way Ja’far after a bit of hesitation, began to bob his head down the long shaft, taking Sinbad’s cock all the way down to the base of where short, rough purple hair rested.

Sinbad let his head roll back as Ja’far worked his magic, instead focusing on his office, on the decoration and the light trailing in from the large windows.

If he concentrated (if that was even possible, he thought begrudgingly) he could hear the footsteps of workers outside of the door.

The door was not locked.

Sinbad groaned, if someone came in it could mean a scandal, maybe not, even Sinbad didn’t know. A heat ran down to his crotch and Sinbad could only curse loudly at the moan that escaped Ja’far, even with his mouth full of cock.

“J-Ja’far, sorry.” Sinbad mumbled, brushing the sweat coated strands of hair from Ja’far’s pretty face to grabbing a handful of white hair, pulling the pretty face down, until horrible, choking noises could be heard. The warm wet tunnel that Sinbad ravaged felt so good, so undeniably good, that Sinbad couldn’t help the way he ignored Ja’far trying to push off Sinbad’s strong hands and instead the King simply thrusted in hard, using Ja’far up fully, until finally the release of heat was granted to him.

Tears ran down Ja’far’s cheeks when he swallowed his King’s come.

“So…how much work did you want done for one blowjob?” Sinbad asked, pulling Ja’far’s boneless body into his lap, trailing kisses along the pale and freckled collarbone.

“…two hours…” The mumbled words were hard to understand, but Sinbad knew what he meant.

“Two hours? How many hours for a two hour fucking?” Sinbad smirked when Ja’far sputtered, burying his face into his Kings chest.

“Five days of you doing your work, without drinking and no whining.” Ja’far said, curling up against the warm chest further.

“Hmm...” Sinbad thought the words of his adviser over, what about bondage, toys, another person? How many days of completing his work without drinking and whining would it be?

“Sure...See you tomorrow, Love.”

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The scary part was that he was in control.

Judar would curse the man inside of her if she could. A gag made of cloth sat in her mouth, hindering every work or noise from escaping.

“Judar? What is my darling slut thinking about?” Ja’far laughed. It was ugly, heartless and mocking as he was fucking her hard, the loud slapping of their hips co I’ll le be heard outside the door.

“You’ll be good for me, right~? You wouldn’t want to crawl back to Kou like this, right? Right?!” Ja’far gasped, pounding her hard, ignoring that if she wasn’t gagged or bound, she would probably be screaming, thrashing, or something of the like. But this is Judar, and if it would’ve been anyone else, Ja’far would had regretted raping them. But not Judar.

Judar thought that she must be fucked up, by the way her body responded in shivers, moans and pleasure.

When Ja’far finally came, he pulled out sloppily, coming both inside and on her thighs.

Judar felt him release her bonds, and her gag, and a soft hand ran down her body, touching all the bruises and bite marks.

“Nice sight.” Ja’far mumbled, grinning like fucking manic psychopath.

And damn, if Judar of all people knew what the former assassin could do, specially when he had her at his mercy like this.

Judar had actually asked the old hag if Ja’far had been with Al Thamen before, he had, working for a group called Sham Lash in his younger years.

The youngest chief in history, and from what she had gathered, a complete fucking psychopath.

“Ja’far?” Judar grabbed the man’s arm, pulling a little. “Can I stay?” She could barely hear her own voice, it sounded so weak. But Ja’far complied.

“You’re surprisingly cuddly.” Ja’far mused, kissing the few spots were Judar hadn’t been covered in come.

“Haku was being mean to me.” Judar pouted, her red eyes filled with fake tears.

“Hmmm.” Ja’far hummed, patting the long, jet black hair as Judar’s ragged breathing dozed off. Leaving him to curl up against her, strong arms forcing her into a tight grip, a grip she wouldn’t be able to escape from. In case she decided to slit his throat when he is asleep. Fat chance, as he would wake up, and she wouldn’t be able to walk for a few days.

Ja’far grinned darkly against her neck, he wouldn’t be helpless, but she already is.

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Ja’far could see his own reflection in the old, beaten up TV. His face looked odd, even to himself, mouth agape and eyebrows high upon his head. His eyes wide, full of disbelief.

The band, The Rulers of The Seven Seas, was playing. Sinbad, Masrur, Sharrkan, Yamraiha, all of them!

Now, this wouldn’t be a problem normally, as they were a local and quite popular band, the problem was that the song...the song was his. The one he had poured so much thought, so much love into, with Mahad and Vittel.

Ja’far had told them, don’t use that song, because it was precious, it was personal, it was his.

Ja’far turned off the TV and the lights, welcoming another night of restless sleep.

Ja’far was always anxious when he walked outside, always expecting Sinbad to be almost waiting for him outside. But he didn’t see the man for a few days.

It had turned to Sunday again, when he saw Sinbad.

It had been at the drugstore, Sinbad had been talking with the cashier about something.

Ja’far had frozen on the spot, his body felt heavy, as if it was full of lead, and he wanted to bolt out, go home and unlock the drawer and end it.

But Sinbad had thanked the cashier, and walked right past Ja’far, as if he didn’t exist.

Ja’far had quickly bought what he needed and went out.

He cursed when he went out, cold rain making goosebumps appear on the pale, scarred skin and fuck, he didn’t want to do this, didn’t want to see Sin, didn’t want to deal with all of this-

“Ja’far.” Sinbad had always had ways to soothe him. That voice, soft and husky and deep all the same, going past the smattering of the rain and the annoying people. Nobody mattered aside from Sin, and himself.

Sinbad was sitting in his car, (sleek, black and expensive,) with his car door open, urging Ja’far to come inside too.

Ja’far felt like crying. And he did, the next ten minutes were spent in the comfortable black car, inside Sinbad’s strong, warm embrace, sobbing into his chest.

When the crying finally stopped, Ja’far found himself exhausted, he wanted to slap Sinbad, wanted for him to apologise.

“Sorry...” Sinbad mumbled, stroking Ja’far’s hair as if he were a kid.

“You should be, fucker.” Ja’far sniffled, enjoying the course fabric of a loaned t-shirt, and the tight space of being pressed up against a car door and Sinbad.

“I know.” Soft words, soft hands and soft lips.

Sinbad was a good kisser, of course he was. And Ja’far found himself crying again, at the sheer wonderful emotion that was love. The love for Sinbad.

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“Stop!” Sharrkan cries out. His hands were busy trying protecting his face from smashing into the wall while his feet tried to reach the ground.

A growl sounded from Masrur’s throat, his sharp teeth searched after Sharrkan’s neck, licking before sinking his teeth into the flesh.

“The fuck! Masrur, stop!” Sharrkan cried out, cursing everything to hell and back.

“Master!” Sharrkan instantly recognised the voice.

Oh no. Oh fuck, oh no, oh fuck!

Sharrkan panicked, trying to locate where Alibaba was. His student couldn’t see him line this, pinned up to the wall with a large Fanalis cock messing him up inside. Come splattered on every part of his body.

“Master?” Alibaba appeared, shock and disgust painting his young features.

“Masrur? What is-“

Sharrkan fell, and landed hard on the stone floor, only to hear a shriek coming from his student.

Ignoring the pain in his ass Sharrkan looked over to see Alibaba being pinned up the wall. Large hands holding him up by the neck.

“Mashruuur—“ the rest was a gurgling sound that escaped Alibaba’s throat. Drool and tears were streaming down the blondes face.

“Masrur! Stop right-“ and right after, a hard punch to Sharrkan’s temple. He passed out before hitting the ground.

Masrur watched carefully as Alibaba tried to get air in his lungs, frantically trying to get Masrur’s hands off of him.

“Alibaba...” Masrur mumbled. Alibaba was looking at him, or rather in his direction. The young boy’s eyes were so unfocused and clouded that they couldn’t pick up on anything anymore.

“Sorry.” Came the bored apology when Masrur released Alibaba.

The loud sound of him landing on the ground gasping for air wasn’t a very pleasant one. Though, breathing certainly was.

“Why...” The coughing and gasping continued, only stopped when strong hands lifted him up again.

“I don’t know.” Masrur said, looking as disinterested as ever.

Yellow, no golden eyes full of tears stared at Masrur, trying to show no fear, even if Masrur could smell it, the scent of fear oozing of the blonde in waves.

A soft, bored press of lips shut the blondes soft crying up, something that the Fanalis has waited to long for.

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“Is this- ngh!...really necessary?” Alibaba panted, moaning at the skilled and warm and wet tongue gliding over her nipples. His hands played with the lacy bra she had bought to surprise him.

A wet pop made her glance down at her boyfriend, who wore a large smirk. “Yes, I like seeing you so helpless.” Ja’far said, taking her slender hand in his, kissing her fingertips gently.

Alibaba panted lightly, her face felt like it had been thrown into a fire, the red hue on her face reaching low on her neck and high on her ears.

Then, she got an idea.

“Daddy~? Please let me go for now? Mu is coming over and I don’t want him to...see me like this.” Alibaba gasped. In her mind, Ja’far wouldn’t like to be called ‘daddy’, oh how wrong she was.

Ja’far stared at his girlfriend, who was steadily becoming more and more terrified under his piercing gaze.

“Daddy?” Alibaba asked. She shrieked when strong arms enveloped her.

“You should have told me.” Ja’far groaned out, picking Alibaba up with ease and carrying the confused girl to their shared bedroom.

“What?!” Alibaba moved frantically, she felt herself landing on the bed with Ja’far’s looming body over her.

“You have a daddy kink? I would’ve complied in a heartbeat.” Ja’far was shaking, trembling with need, he could barely hold himself back from fucking Alibaba into next week.

Alibaba could see the red staining his usually calm face, and the trembling in the hands holding her pinned against the bed.

“Hey, Ja’far...” Alibaba wriggled in his grasp. Of course she couldn’t say she didn’t like when he took control like this, it made her possibly wetter than any other time.

“So, babe, what did you say?” Ja’far asked, kissing at the pulse point on her neck.

“I want...daddy to f-fuck me.” Alibaba honestly believed she would faint, she glanced away from Ja’fars damn sinfully handsome face as he smirked, tracing her body with smooth hands as he teased her.

Until the bell rang.

“Mu!” Alibaba almost shouted, using Ja’far’s loosened grip to run out and open the door for her Fanalis friend.

Ja’far sighed, but still smirking to himself.

He’d have all the time in the world after Mu was gone, and Alibaba couldn’t actually refuse an offer containing hours of pleasure, especially when he would tease her about her newfound kink.

Chapter Text

“Alibaba.” Ja’far mumbled. Choked cries sounded from the young, fair blonde. A bit of blood ran down the heaving chest.

“Ja...” Alibaba looked like he was about to throw up, his face flushed and eyes unfocused.

Ja’far let go of Alibaba’s neck, making the blonde breathe deeply, taking in as much oxygen as he could.

A shallow cut that had been made was still dripping with blood. Ja’far found himself get aroused seeing his omega whimper, seeing him bleeding and choking.

Even if an alpha’s basic instinct is to protect an omega, Ja’far found himself doing the opposite at times.

“You’re a girl, Alibaba, twitching and leaking like a girl.” Ja’far said softly, grinning and licking his lips when the blonde looked up at him. The poor dear was scared, his eyes wide and brimming with tears:

“H-heat-“ Alibaba barely managed to utter the words before the waves of heat took over again.

“Yes, I’m quite well aware. Alibaba.” Ja’far mused, turning the boy into his back, running pale fingers over the lean muscle that made up Alibaba.

“Though, you are still twitching. And leaking.” Ja’far pointed out, flicking Alibaba’s hard cock.

“So indecent...” Muttered the alpha, the sharp, grey eyes trained on Alibaba like he was the prey.

Alibaba cursed himself. He thought that Ja’far would help him, would fuck and claim him, but in a soft, gentle way,

“Help...” Alibaba moaned out, watching his alpha mumble something before Ja’far began to remove his robes.

“Of course...Alibaba.” Ja’far smiled. But his eyes, his grin...his eyes were sharp, too slitted, too...predator looking. He looked like the hunter Alibaba knew he could be, and that hunter was getting ready to devour his prey.

No, he wasn’t getting ready, he had been ready from the start.

Alibaba was shaking from head to toe, he didn’t even care about the warm waves of arousal and heat that was coursing through him, not even the slick, self-lubricant that was dripping down him could cool him down from the despair and the fear he felt.

“I promise to go first.”


Alibaba didn’t know what the time was when Sharrkan had opened the door, a smile on his face that quickly had turned into a face of pure disgust and disbelief and anger.

Sharrkan has been yelling, thrashing and pulling and pushing, trying to separate Ja’far from Alibaba, trying to stop Ja’far from hurting Alibaba any further.

When Alibaba awoke again, he whimpered. The pain on his nape was a telltale sign of a mating mark. Ja’far had mated him, forcibly.

Alibaba curled into a little ball, taking deep breathes and trying, trying to keep his chest from hurting so much. He wasn’t going to cry.

He wasn’t.


Alibaba looked down. Resting with his head on Alibaba’s lap was Ja’far. The alpha’s hand clutching his own.

“I’m sorry.”

Alibaba sputtered and nearly jumped of the bed when Ja’far opened his eyes.

“I...apologise.” Ja’far mumbled. Alibaba could see the creases on his face, the dark circles from not sleeping...

“I...lost control, I didn’t- I didn’t mean to-“ Ja’far fell silent, and instead went up to hug Alibaba, the alphas grip was tight, almost tighter than when Ja’far has choked him.

“I promise...we’ll be together, forever...Alibaba~” came the singsong voice. Alibaba let the tears fall this time, let them run down his cheeks as Ja’far kissed him, just sharp teeth sinking into sensitive flesh.

Ah, the hunter was back.

Chapter Text

Hinahoho was big. Large, gigantic even.

But of course he was.

Masrur was big too, his large cock stuffing her throat full, making her choke and cry.

Even though the warmth from her two beloved was heating her up, the feel of them pressing against her quickly took that satisfaction away.

Hinahoho had fingered her ass for ages, teasing and stretching so that she would be able to take his gigantic cock. Or at least it was gigantic for her, an imuchakk woman wouldn’t have had much problem to take it.

“Stay still.” Ja’far couldn’t tell from who the calm voice came from, Masrur or Hinahoho, but it didn’t really matter.

Her sight blacked out at the edges when Hinahoho pushed in, gentle as he could be with soothing touches and long kisses.

“It’s in.” And damn was she glad for that, because her breath had quickened and her body buckled when taking it, even with Masrur kissing her instead of shoving her head down it was still hard. Hard not to cry, hard not to touch the bulging of her stomach, hard not to pass out.

“Ja’far.” This time she could tell both the men had said her name, loving touches and loving words fell out of Hinahoho as Masrur held her steady, watching her face carefully for any warning sign.

In the end, Ja’far was sure she wouldn’t walk for some time, but to spend time between both large, warm bodies made up for it.

Chapter Text


Ja’far looked up at her classmate. Towering over her where she was sitting. His bulky frame looked…odd, compared to the small girls barely half his size. Ja’far was one of those girls.

“Masrur,” Ja’far nodded curtly, a quick greeting. “What can I do for you?” Ja’far drawled the words, as she didn’t want to help the idiot with anything. Alphas sucked in her mind, only thinking about dominance, power, and a tight omega to fuck.

Fucking idiocy.

Masrur watched carefully a Ja’far’s pretty face contorted into a disgusted frown.

“What do you want?” Ja’far hissed again, standing up from her seat, looking Masrur right in the eyes.

Not a very helpful Masrur didn’t even flinch.

“I need help with…studying.” Masrur said calmly, how strong Ja’far might be, and how much dominance she could show, she didn’t even reach his shoulder, and she was an omega.

Masrur could smell it on her, the omega scent, a very, very shallow scent, but it was there. Left from her previous heat, usually the scent of a heat would last until the next heat. An omega couldn’t win over an alpha, and he is a Fanalis. She’d have no chance.

Ja’far resisted the urge to spit in his ugly face, she knew what the fucker was thinking, and she didn’t like it. How true it may be.

But seriously, it felt like he was silently communicating with her, she could practically hear his thoughts, and it annoyed her further.

“Fuck off. The only way you’re getting a favour from me is if you force me.” Ja’far stuck out her tongue, middle finger also flipping Masrur off.

Honestly, Masrur hadn’t been expecting anything more. But if he needed to force her to, then he would. Even if he didn’t like it.

A deep sigh escaped him when he leaned down, his mouth brushing against a pale ear as he growled darkly, “Submit to me, omega.”

It had been a dirty trick, to show who was the strongest. And of course Masrur is stronger.

A meek whine sounded from the albino omega as she fell to her knees in front of Masrur. She tried grasping his legs frantically as her body spurred on a fucking heat.

Fucking Alphas.

“S-Stop ordering me around...otherwise I’m going to be in heat.” Ja’far said, looking at the floor, avoiding Masrur’s gaze.

“I apologise.” Masrur said, picking the omega up from the floor. Making sure she stood steady on her feet.

“Studying for the test? Follow me.” Ja’far looked down in the ground, defeated. Leading the way out of the corridor she went down and then took a left, walking into the empty library.

Walking further into the library Ja’far picked up a few books and led Masrur into a secluded room, and promptly locked it.

“I like being alone, when studying.” Ja’far mumbled sitting down on a large couch.

Masrur nodded, sitting down beside her, listening as she read the material from the book in her hands.

It felt awkward, the tense atmosphere in there was undeniable.

Ja’far shuddered, her heat came very, very rarely, maybe 6 or maybe even 3 times a year, and it lasted for a short time. And on top of that it gave an hour of ‘warning’ to her before it really kicked in.

So why did the heat come so quickly now?


Ha, how funny.

Ja’far moaned weakly to Masrur frantic yell, it felt odd, laying on the soft couch with an alpha’s scent so close.

She finally understood the useless desire that omegas felt for alphas.


Hours later, Masrur felt like he was going to puke.

Ja’far, naked, cum stained, marked and bleeding laid helplessly whimpering on the opposite side of the couch.

He couldn’t look at her, at what he’d done.

“Masrur...please help...” Ja’far begged, her voice hoarse from screaming.

Masrur nodded, and took her clothes (the ones still wearable) and put them on. She hadn’t asked, but Masrur still somehow understood the plea.

“Are you okay?” Masrur asked, his voice as soft as he could muster. He had put on Ja’far his own sweater. It was too large, and that helped, hiding most of her body.

Ja’far sat up, chest heaving and head swimming in and finally she found Masrur’s broad form, enough of it that she could lean against that warmth that she had been begging for during her heat.

Masrur didn’t have to say anything, because the look on his face already told it.

‘I’m sorry’. It echoed in the omega’s head, and she felt...happy.

“You’re nice.” Ja’far didn’t usually feel so, happy, comfortable, warm and content.

It was so many things, all at once.

“I’m not getting many more natural heats.” Ja’far mumbled, still leaning against Masrur collarbone.

“Yeah.” And she wasn’t.

Masrur could easily see the bloody mark on the back of her nape, the bonding gland.

An omega can’t get a ‘natural’ heat after being mated by an alpha, it only happens if either the alpha or the omega forces it.

But right now, Masrur was content being here, with his small, but strong mate. Cuddled up inside the small room.

Chapter Text

As a Fanalis, your senses are enhanced.

Masrur knows this well, as all Fanalis do.

He didn’t know the difference completely, but he knew that other people, regular people, barely had any sense of scent. And even the few with perfect hearing wasn’t close what a Fanalis had.

There was one person, only one he had met that had even a sliver of good hearing, so good for normal standards that he had actually been shocked by it. She had been able to hear the rustling if a leaf, the footsteps of a cat, the beating of a heart.

Her own footsteps had always rivalled that of an animal hunting for prey, quieter than a mouse. Footsteps leaving no trace, even he couldn’t hear it.

Her sense of scent had been better than most other people too, but she had specialised in poison, being able to tell a that a certain handful of berries would have killed a human being in a second by scent alone.

A human being, anyone really, except her. Except for an assassin.

Masrur knew that everyone had their own strengths and weaknesses, their own skills and their own problems.

A good amount of his own problems could be solved for a moment, a blissful moment by that person. She could be silent and not disturbing a fly and still give her lovely companionship to him, understanding that he’s more than a simple log, and give him those rare moments of relief from people in a way even he himself didn’t know how.

She knew where he was, and her form had crept up into its usual spot. Her body comfortably nuzzled you close to his, her legs overlapping his as she climbed up into his lap, face falling into the crook of his neck and arms around Masrur’s neck.

“Hard day at work?” Masrur mused, running a large hand up Ja’far’s spine. She groaned, flopping her head back, stretching, rubbing her sore neck.

She sighed, the heavy breath escaping through her nose. “Didn’t sleep yesterday either...”

“You need to take better care of yourself.”

“Maybe.” Ja’far sighed, she lifted her head to give Masrur a quick peck on the cheek before flopping back down.

Ja’far mindlessly noted that a hand had traveled up her leg to hold onto her waist, squeezing.


Another squeeze.


“Ja’far.” Masrur nods, sitting still while his fingers splay out over her waist.

“I have work today, I can’t show up looking like a...mess.” Ja’far flushed at the words, not meeting the red eyes that had suddenly flared up with interest.

“I like seeing you being a mess,” Masrur said, “Then everyone knows you belong to me.”

“You’re impossible.”

“Not really.” Masrur mumbled. Large hands slowly making their way up to her slender waist, not squeezing as much as simply holding.

“Right now you are being quite impossible.” Ja’far said, smiling through her words.

“And what does that mean?”

“I need to work, now, presumably.”

“....You just sat down.”

“And now I have to get up.”

“I won’t let you.”

“Masrur,” Ja’far sighed, smiling despite herself. “Are you gonna keep me captive?” She had never expected Masrur to be any form of clingy, though he did have his moments.

“Yes.” Masrur didn’t hesitate to say it, continuing to enjoy the soft fabric of Ja’far’s clothes while calloused fingers traveled up a bit higher, sitting above her ribcage, the steady beating of her heart thrumming through his fingers.


“Not letting you go anywhere.” Masrur states plainly, closing his eyes and leaning back fully onto the tree, bringing Ja’far closer, her head resting on his armoured chest.

“Sinbad is-“

“Sinbad shouldn’t care.”

Maybe. But Masrur shouldn’t hinder her from work.

Wriggling a little in his strong grasp, she got into a comfortable position. This...this really was nice to do, once in a while.

Really, really nice.

Chapter Text

He hated the asylum. Hated it’s white, clean walls.

The people always cleaned his room everyday. It was the protocol, clean and pristine.

The white walls had always seemed boring to Ja’far, stretched out like a summer sky around him as his thoughts swirled inside his head.

Once in a while, he found himself thinking of long, rich purple hair, swaying in a sea breeze. A deep laughter when broad hands swept up another woman onto his lap.

Or maybe strong limbs with in gold bracelets, a muscular arm swinging around a slender waist as a freckles nose pressed against strands coloured a fine crimson.

(Ja’far could still remember the warmth...)

Long, long and thick light blue hair, almost as long as it’s owner, the morning stubble had somehow always fit, especially when the yellow eyes and closed in a fatherly smile. Catching the attention of many party goers with his tall build was a norm.

Deep green scales like those of lizard which had erupted form a household also passed his mind. A much smaller woman standing proudly at his side, hands intertwining together like always. Those scales glistened on the dim light from a hot fire.

(His own hands would’ve traced the skin on his chest, were his own scales had been, if he could move.)

A small girl twirling on her bare feet, girlish giggles and pink eyes, matching with the fabric that hung from her thin body. Watching her friends tug at each other.

Loud voices as a fight erupted, metal against magic. Cheeks stained red from alcohol.

And a man with deep red hair, watching over instead of joining.

Ja’far always found himself remembering those moments, bound in what felt like a fabric prison, the straightjacket pressing against him in uncomfortable ways, strapped down onto a table with only the odd clinking sound from outside to accompany him until the doctor came. A loud scream from the mental woman a few rooms down.

He had never been a particular fan of doctors, even in the old world, when he had been an adviser. He had never been a fan of them.

He sighed, grey eyes becoming blurry before he closed them.

His life here had been to alike for his tastes, blood spilling over his hands like waterfalls, tainting his pale hands when he tried grasping onto the only hope he had.


If he had been born here, then surely Sin would be too? Right? He hadn’t met anyone else (even though...he was sure that the young lady with pink hair that he had seen a year ago was Serendine.) it must be true. If he had been born again, then all the others should’ve been too, right?

All of the others.

You really think we deserve that?

Maybe not all of them, maybe only the-

We’re not worthy, idiot. We’re murderers, assassins, monsters.

Nice ones, Sinbad, Pisti, Hinahoho, Yamraiha, Drakon, Spartos, Sharrkan....

And Masrur.


The voice was loud enough that he couldn’t shut it up. Ja’far laughed dryly.

“Be quiet, I’m thinking.” His voice cans out in a hoarse whisper, tongue like concrete in his mouth when he spoke.

Shut up, at least I’m not lusting after a man who WE killed years ago. Get over it you wimp.

“Be quiet please, I’m thinking.” He exhaled through his nose, a clinking noise following when he tried turning over onto his side, bed creaking.

He had known for a while that the bed was old, and might collapse soon.

He didn’t think it would be so soon.

The bed creaked before one corner of the bed crashed into the ground, his body still bound and falling uncomfortably on his side, leather straps digging into his chest, legs, and waist.

“Motherfucking bitch ass cunt.” Ja’far’s voice rang out, venom dripping from it as he looked at a small screw rolling away from the bed.

“You need to stop swearing. It’s rude.” A soft voice trailed out, more quiet than before.

“Oh, I fucking do not need to stop, pussy.” Eyes into slits Ja’far wiggles around the leather straps, unable to move. His voice was more intense, venomous. His ‘true’ self in the medical records.

Is anyone gonna come and set me in a new bed? Or am I gonna need to unstrap myself again?

“Wait a while, I heard that a new doctor is coming today, so maybe they can fix this.”

“Ha, ‘coming’, that was a long tim-“


A knock on the door shifted his attention from the ground to the door.

“Excuse me, is everything okay Mister Ja’far?” A smooth voice blocked out only slightly by the door reached his ears. If reminded him of someone.

“The bed uh, kinda broke.” Ja’far couldn’t stop his heart racing in his chest, heat spreading through his body and eyes wide, plastered on the door.

“Are you still chained to the bed?”


“I need to talk with someone, I’ll be back in a second.”

“Come back here now fucker! Lazy piece of shit help me!” A voice raging with anger shouted at the metal door, bouncing off the cold white walls.

“ the rumors are true.” Might have been what the doctor said, but he wasn’t sure.

“What did you do that for?” A soft sigh escaped him.

“Oh come on! Don’t blame me for every shitty ass person that comes here!” Ja’far shouted, eyes glaring daggers into the poor door.

“...he seemed nice.” Ja’far mumbled, taking a deep breath before relaxing back into the stale bed, leather straps leaving sharp stinging pain throughout his body.

“The fuck? He didn’t, piece of shit could’ve died in a ditch instead.” Ja’far sneered, after that falling back to staring at anything really.

After a surprisingly short while a knock sounded at the door again.

“Patient 0602 is going to be knocked out by gas, then we can carry him out.”

“Is the gas necessary?”

“He can be very violent. You don’t want your eyes clawed out, do you?”

“I don’t.”

“Hey fuckers! I can hear you talk you know!” Ja’far hissed at the door, but not a second after a slow hissing noise came from the pipes.

Gas is shooting out from the pipe shower heads in the ceiling and Ja’far watches in a horror as his vision go blurry the door opens, a man clad in a hazard suit quickly unstraps him while Ja’far fights for consciousness, lungs on fire with every breath, his vision going black.

The last thing he saw was a blurry spot of purple near the door.


Sinbad hated himself for this, but it had to be done.

When he had heard a rumour from one of his...informants, he had done everything he could to get to Ja’far.

And seeing the man after so long, strapped down in a fucking asylum made his heart hurt. Through the thick glass was the first time had seen him again after that long, long time.

Clutching Ja’far, unconscious still, he actually felt relived, Ja’far was still here, still with him.

He wasn’t going to let anyone take him away again.


Dragging Ja’far out of there, with the faked papers from the ‘important’ folks he carried Ja’far in a bridal hold, straightjacket still holding his malnourished body in its tight hold.

“We’ll be home soon, I promise.”

Practically throwing himself into the drivers seat Sinbad immediately started the car, adrenaline coursing through him as well as the overwhelming happiness of having his (and Masrur’s) lover back.

The streets passed him in a blur, like a hazy dream. Roads memorised from long ago he barely registered before he parked inside of his private garage.

Sinbad let out a heavy breath, hands still fastened tightly around the steering wheels as he looked back to Ja’far’s peaceful form.

A quick hand brought up his phone, typing a message just as quick and sending it to Masrur.

The car loud sound of the car door getting slammed echoed throughout the garage, but Sinbad didn’t notice the metallic sounds. Instead focusing on taking Ja’far out of the car, locking the car and hoisting Ja’far over his shoulder.

His strong hands buried into the parts of Ja’far he could, enjoying the feel of soft thighs under his fingers.

After running up the stairs and unlocking the door with minimum problems he practically threw himself into his apartment, slamming the door and locking it behind him.

Sinbad sighed, letting Ja’far fall into his lap, the pale man slumping against Sinbad’s broad chest.

“We’re home now...Ja’far.”


It took Masrur an hour before he came home, his gaze sharp when he entered the door. His red eyes fell on Ja’far. He stopped, looking over the bruises that littered Ja’far’s pale torso.

“He’s fine.” Sinbad mumbled, and he was sure Masrur heard him. Barely a second passed before Masrur stood in the door, looming over them both, of course he would.

Ja’far hadn’t woken up for an hour.

“They gave him gas...I don’t know but it might’ve been a very strong gas.”


“Masrur, could you take him to bed? I need to shower.”

“I got it.”

Sinbad smiled weakly, his golden eyes not shining as they usually did.

Masrur could tell Sinbad was happy, but worried.

“Thank you.”


The shower they had was probably the best one he had ever had the luxury to use, and it drained out most of the outside noise. Hot water gliding down his body as he scrubbed with soap.

He wanted to take his time, to relax and feel the stress run off him for a moment while Masrur took Ja’far in his arms.


While Sinbad let himself rinse clean, Ja’far had stirred awake in the bedroom.


Masrur has noticed that Ja’far’s hair was longer than when they had last seen each other, and he had stroked Ja’far’s head while the man slept. But stopped playing with the white strands of hair when Ja’far began moving.


Ja’far is would’ve sat up in a second of his limbs weren’t made of jello, every nerve in his body burning like a medium warm cup of tea that you forgot.

“Who’s there?” Ja’far could feel the presence beside him. Though, he could also feel how hoarse his voice was.


“Mas?” Ja’far turned his head to the side, seeing only the bulk of a body.


“Yeah, sure like I believe that, go back to hell-“

“Sinbad is here too.”

“...really?” With everything that happened today, he might as well believe this, it wasn’t like weirder things hadn’t happened.

“I’m glad to have you back.” Masrur said, stroking Ja’far’s back.

“Didn’t go anywhere...”

Ja’far could hear Masrur’s snort, and god the first time in a while, he felt his lips turn upwards into a smile.

“Hug me.”

Masrur instantly wrapped his arms around Ja’far, holding the smaller man against his chest. Masrur couldn’t deny that this was a thing he had looked forward to, when his memory had regained after reincarnating.

Ja’far nuzzled into Masrur’s neck, inhaling the scent and ah, this was a thing he had missed, spending time with Masrur. Enjoying his warmth. He liked it, a lot.

Maybe too much.

“Oh sorry about that.” Ja’far grinned, and Masrur could see the slitted eyes, dark aura around him.

“I haven’t gotten laid in forever, mind helping me?”

Masrur felt his mouth fall open, this was Ja’far, but it wasn’t the sweet, nice and caring one, but the bloodthirsty, violent one.

“Mas~” Ja’far smirked, grinning from ear to ear as he pulls himself from the soft bed to Masrur’s warm lap.

Masrur couldn’t stop himself, hands running down Ja’far’s back and capturing the soft lips between his teeth.

And oh, Ja’far can’t stop audible whine when Masrur does, sliding up against him like a cat, rocking his hips down while breathing in shuddering gasps. Hopefully lewd enough to make Masrur go into a frenzy.

Masrur licked his lips, pulling Ja’far down by his hips in a rough manner while growling near Ja’far’s ear, tucking his face into silver hair while grinding his erection up in sync with Ja’far’s rocking movements.

Throwing his arms around Masrur neck he tried getting him closer, needing to feel that spiking hot heat and urgency while Masrur worked his lips against Ja’far’s, stealing the smaller man’s breath in small gasps.

“Oh fuck-“ Ja’far hisses when Masrur finally shoves his large hand in the front of Ja’far’s loose trousers, stroking the hard, leaking cock.

It had always been full of enjoyment, these times, gasps, whines, hot and heavy moments that threw away Masrur usual caution. Ja’far could see it now, the muscles rippling under the skin, trying to be oh so careful to not kill Ja’far.

“Sinbad is going to get jealous.”

Ja’far groaned. “Let him be, he fucks me harder when he is.”

Masrur snorted, resuming to stroke Ja’far from base to tip, running a thumb over the head and watching the lust filled expression and the frantic movements Ja’far made.

“Oh fuck-“ Ja’far’s voice reached a higher pitch, looking at the fast stroking Masrur did, precum leaking over Masrur’s hand. Ragged breaths and heavy groans loud enough for Sinbad to heat echoed throughout the room when Ja’far came.

“You guys are having fun without me.” Sinbad sounded sad, and Ja’far found himself feeling a bit bad. Not too bad though.

“Suck it Sinbad.” Ja’far laughed, flopping onto his side on the bed and breathing heavily, the stain of his release coating both him and Masrur.

“You want me to?” Sinbad smirked now, letting the towel he had drop to the floor and the man himself creep up onto the bed.

Ja’far panted heavily, grinning and pulling Sinbad towards him, a messy and hasty kiss answering that pretty easily.

It didn’t get to that point though, until Masrur had joined in as well, pushing his flushed cock up against Ja’far’s eager lips.

Chapter Text

“Ja’far?” Yamraiha leaned forward, draping herself over Ja’far’s sitting form.

Ja’far had been sitting inside, working as usual when Yamraiha had entered his office, sulking. Pretty lips turned into a pout. The moon had already climbed its way up into the starry night.

“I had a nightmare.” Her eyes trailed down onto the scroll Ja’far’s hands held, while Ja’far frowned, thin eyebrows knitted together.

“Is there something I could help you with, then? A cup of tea maybe?” Ja’far smiled, trailing a stray strand of her behind the magicians ear, not allowing them to trail lower than that. Ignoring the spike of heat he felt being so close. He saw the innocent light in her light blue eyes and promised to himself he wouldn’t do anything.

“That would be nice.” Yamraiha smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes, she had bags under her eyes even if it was hard to see them. The mood had been lifted a bit. Ja’far stood up, prompting Yamraiha to stand up straight as well, placing the scroll back on his desk before they walked out, a small echo from Yamraiha’s footsteps.

Ja’far decided to break the silence between them, “Do you want to tell me about the nightmare?”

Yamraiha looked down again, her strides becoming slower, and her chest felt heavy for the first time in a while.

“Can we go to your room?” Yamraiha forced her voice out, only earning a slight look from Ja’far.

“No tea?”

“No thanks.”


Ja’far’s room somehow always had a layer of silence over it. It had been cleaned to a point where it looked like it was shining, everything from the drawers to the floor had been cleaned, scrubbed, dusted. You almost didn’t dare to touch anything there.

“You can sit on the bed of you want.” Ja’far mumbled, taking off his keffiyeh, placing it on a bedside table. A soft clinking noise when the red jewel necklace got placed there as well.

Yamraiha stood almost entranced as she watched his fluid movements when shrugging of his robe, white messy hair already glittering in the light and then being accompanied by pale, muscular full of scars and red wires painting his skin.

Ja’far turned his head towards Yamraiha, coyly looking over his shoulder. “Like what you see?” Ja’far chuckled, Yamraiha turning red and scrambling to plop down onto the bed, looking at everything but Ja’far.

“Would you care to tell me what the nightmare was about, if it might help.” Ja’far sat down beside the magician, watching her the red hue colour her face in the dim light from a candle, and the moonlight seeping in through the window

“It was about...him.”

Ja’far’s face fell, offering an encouraging smile while rubbing her shoulder. “Mogamett again?”

“I think...that since the fight with the medium, my sleep have been invaded with nightmares.”

“Do you want me to help in some way? Maybe even just a massage?” Ja’far offered, watching as Yamraiha blinked, moving around uncertainly while thinking over her answers.

“Are you really offering or..?”

“Yes. If you want it, I’ll be happy to assist.”


Yamraiha smiled shyly, and with Ja’far directing her she found herself laying on her stomach, Ja’far kneeling over her and peeling off her robe.

Yamraiha took a sharp breath, feeling cold hands running over her back, the calloused lines of his hands felt nice on her soft skin. She shivered when he pulled the robe of to her waist. The shivers raked through her, all taking her for a quick cold rush before returning her to the mercy of Ja’far’s skilled hands.

“Are you okay with this?” Ja’far asked, hesitant to actually taking off all her clothes.

“...Can we keep the lower half on for now?” Yamraiha asked, tilting her head back to look at Ja’far’s smiling face. He nodded.

”I’ll only do what you’re okay with.” Ja’far said, mapping the skin of her back with his hands, pushing ever so lightly, feeling the tense muscle.

“Thank you.” Yamraiha blushed, moving her head to rest on her crossed arms, the motions of Ja’far’s hand making her feel much more calm than she had been in a long time.


“Does it feel good?”



“It feels good...” it felt weird saying that, but she had never felt so relaxed, turning into a puddle under Ja’far’s hands.

“Want me to do it harder?”

“Yes please...” Yamraiha mumbled, continuing to moan when Ja’far massaged a particularly good spot.

“You like my hands on you too much.”

After, both Ja’far and Yamraiha were happy, both relaxed as they fell asleep after the massage Ja’far have to Yamraiha. Ja’far making sure Yamraiha was comfortable with him before sleeping.



“You like my hands on you too much.”

“What are they-“ Sharrkan said, an ear to the door, listening through it, Yamraiha’s moans and Ja’far’s teasing was something he wouldn’t forget.

Chapter Text

Ja’far hummed innocently into the kiss.

It was subtle, intoxicating, the simple taste of Ja’far truly made him go mad.

“Hey...” Ja’far whispered when Kikiriku picked her up, holding her close to his body while her legs instinctively fastened around his waist.

“Be quiet, otherwise they will find us.” Kikiriku mumbled, tugging on a flushed ear with his teeth, teasing the woman in his arms. His eyes flickered around them, looking for any sign of a person.

The skin on her lips broke when she tried keeping the keen from being too loud. Kikiriku knew well how to tease her. Especially when they were not far from a party.

Swallowing thickly Kikiriku moves, pressing Ja’far up against the wall, forcing her into a soft submissive stance.

“You like this a lot.” Kikiriku said, still in a hushed tone, gentle kisses and nibbles over her sensitive neck.

Ja’far gasped from the affections, the shy licks and breaths making her melt against the wall, letting him do anything he wanted.

A finger trailed lower, over her stomach and bare legs, raising goosebumps on the fair skin.

Ja’far had always been modest, in the time he had known her, so he felt only shock when his fingers reached no undergarments, but the bare skin.

Kikiriku looked up at his girlfriend’s blushing face, she kissed him on the nose quickly, avoiding the non-spoken question he had.

“Please relax...” Kikiriku said that as if she didn’t know that, didn’t know already that the size difference between them made something as simple as fingering way more complicated.

Kikiriku stared at Ja’far, kissing her breathless as one finger touched her clit, experimenting with touches and caresses around her thighs and womanhood.

“Does this feel good? Ja’far...” Kikiriku asked, moving his hand in calming pattern, teasing her folds with a finger before pushing the very tip of his finger into her.

Quiet gasps followed when he moved his finger, pushing it farther in and then out a bit.

Soft kisses littered her collarbone, and the hand he held her up with squeezed the supple flesh of her thighs. Ja’far gasps, moving around in Kikiriku’s grasp only to be silenced by his mouth on hers.

Ja’far could feel his heartbeat, it was racing and thumping against his chest so damn hard.

In this darker hallway space she wouldn’t have had trouble seeing him unless they were so damn close, her face nestled into him at all time, but even then she could feel the warm breathe on her lips, and his eyes tracing over her with a tender feeling.

“Ja’far! Kiki!” Hinahoho’s loud voice broke apart their session. Kikiriku placed her down on the ground, licking on the finger that had just been inside of her with a smirk.

Ja’far stared in shock when Hinahoho rounded a corner and spotted them.

“There you are! What are you doing here?”

Kikiriku didn’t say anything and just shrugged his shoulders, seeming relaxed as he walked up to his dad.

“Did something happen?” Ja’far asked, bringing the subject away from them.

“Huh? Oh...not really I just couldn’t find you. Were you thinking of going back to your rooms?”

Ja’far nodded quickly, hair falling into her face but she ignores it, latching onto Kikiriku’s arm.

“Yeah, and Kiki was helping me to my room.” Ja’far met Kikiriku’s yellow eyes for a second, but he knew what she was doing anyways.

“That’s great, don’t get lost.” Hinahoho walks down the corridor and round the corner, walking back out onto the plaza, leaving Kikiriku and Ja’far to themselves.

“Good save.” Kikiriku mumbled, grinning and blushing at the same time. “I really thought he would catch on, lucky us!” Kikiriku’s hands were waving around, expressing his disbelief in motions and expression. He looked over at Ja’far, who had leaned away from him, only to see the soft smiling face of hers.

The breath caught in his throat, Ja’far had always made him like this, breathless, stunned and incredibly happy.

Without a word uttered Ja’far found herself carried away by Kikiriku, his blushing face tucked away safely into the crook of her neck.

A familiar heat had caught on in the pit of his stomach, he tried ignoring it as they walked through the halls.

When they made it back into Ja’far’s room, tucked in between Sinbad’s and Yamraiha’s room Kikiriku stopped, frozen in place.

“I should leave.”

Ja’far looks up at him, frowning. “Why?”

Kikiriku avoids the question. He held Ja’far up a little higher, to keep her from noticing his erection barely restricted by the cloth around his waist.

But, she noticed.

“Take me to my room.” Ja’far said, curling a hand over the clothed erection.


When in her room, on her bed, Kikiriku found himself trembling. All sorts of fantasies running through his head.

Ja’far had teased his cock with light strokes, a small smile on as she took in his large it really was, her hands not even wrapping around the base of it.

It feels good. Practically the only coherent thought in his swirling head as the heat raced up his spine, hands grabbing idly for the sheets, a replacement for Ja’far’s soft hair.

“Do you...want to do it?” Ja’far’s eyes trained on Kikiriku’s yellow ones, seeing every bit of emotion, it felt like she had to be looking through him instead of at.

“ you?”


“Then, put it here...please.” Ja’far begged, running her fingers around her thighs, squeezing them together.

Kikiriku moves his hands to her hips, savouring the feel of her under him. His fingers flexed experimentally, pulling her back a little bit.

He doesn’t say anything, and instead leans over to kiss Ja’far, watching as her eyes fluttered close and her mouth open wide for him.

Pulling of the wraps of clothing around his waist, and the other furs as well. Kikiriku swallowed around the clump in his throat.

“Are you sure? I’m okay with just a hand job, or I can masturbate.” Kikiriku said. It’s not like he doesn’t want to slip his cock between her thighs, he wants to, but he wouldn’t want to hurt her, even on accident.

“I’m fine, I like the thought of you using my thighs for your pleasure.” Ja’far says, rocking back against the hard cock resting against her thighs.

“Thoughts and actions aren’t the same.” Kikiriku frowns, but still lets his hand rest on the headboard, and one on her hip. The first thing he had to do was push against the resistance of her clamped thighs, but the pre-cum made the smooth soft things into a wet mess as he thrusted.

Ja’far but into the pillow, the damn feel of his cock, large and throbbing as he moved carefully but fast against her. It wasn’t a lie that she wanted him in her, to feel the stretch of him nearly breaking her.

But he wouldn’t do that, and she knew it.

Kikiriku found his toes curling as the lewd sounds of skin against skin got louder, and he couldn’t stop himself from coming so hard, over her ass and legs, still hiding her from a now bruising hip.

“…You’re as violent as ever.”


A bag of brick larger than himself had been placed on his shoulders, or at least it felt like it. He moved sluggishly, holding on to that feeling as long as he could before laying down onto the bed.

“Am I always violent?”

“Hmm?” Ja’far rolled over to look at Kikiriku.

“You said so.”

“Maybe not always...but often.” She drawled, reaching a hand up to run it through his damp blue hair.

“You’re very pretty.”

“I’m glad you think so.” Ja’far laughed, suddenly feeling too tired to do anything, anything but curl up beside Kikiriku, letting him find a comfortable place on the bed as well, falling asleep maybe a bit too quickly, but hey, blame it on the alcohol.



A knock came from the door, multiple times.

Ja’far felt heavy arms around her, face pressed into skin as she awoke, head blank as she tried remembering what happened yesterday, full well knowing she wouldn’t be able to remember.

Ah, but the odd, dry feeling between her legs did help, and Kikiriku naked still holding her.

“Lady Ja’far? Can I come in?”

“No, I’m still in a bad shape, so don’t.”

“I came to inform you that there is a meeting between the generals and King Sinbad sent me to bring you to-“

“Of course, I’ll go there in a moment, please go back to work, thank you.” Ja’far prayed that her panic didn’t sleep into her words as she tried finding all her clothes, not caring that she felt dirty, and probably smelt like Kikiriku and alcohol.


It had been later that Kikiriku woke up, trying to keep the sunlight streaming in form a window out of his face as he searched around for Ja’far.

But there was nothing.

“J...Ja’far?” Kikiriku looked around the room, finding no sign of his small lover.

Deciding he didn’t smell too bad, Kikiriku put on his clothes, leaving the room, sneaking out into the hallway after seeing no servants. Not that anyone would be suspicious of him being there, being a son to one of the eight generals.

He wandered the corridors, ignoring the stares the servants gave him. Mindlessly walking through the castle, searching for Ja’far even if he told himself that he didn’t.

“Yo, Kikiriku!”

Kikiriku turned around, seeing Sharrkan walking towards him, lazily grinning.

“Looking for someone~?”

“Maybe.” Kikiriku muttered, blushing and curling in on himself, knowing it would be hard to hide.

“Perhaps Ja’far?” Sharrkan’s grin stretched wider, enjoying Kikiriku’s embarrassment more than he should.


Sharrkan grinned, knowing that he had been correct. “Go down that corridor, she’s there.”

Kikiriku mumbled a quick ‘thank you’ before walking around the corner and down the hall, a place where the generals usually had their meetings, going face to face with his father.

“Kikiriku, why are you here?” Hinahoho asked, and at his question the other generals got quiet, turning smiling faces at him, greetings calling out.

“I was...just- just...umm.” Kikiriku began his explanation, not getting a single coherent word out.

“Oh, Kikiriku.”

If he wasn’t red as Masrur’s hair by point, he certainly was when the object of his (non) searching stood in front of him, holding a stack of scrolls as usual.

“Hi Ja’far.”

“You sound like a blushing virgin Kiki.”

“Sharrkan!” Kikiriku nearly shouted, face red as he glared at the swordsman.

“Though I guess he can’t be a virgin...”

“What do you mean by that?” Hinahoho asked, brows furrowed as he looked down at Sharrkan.

“Huh? I mean, the boy is lovestruck, look at him. Girlfriend too nice to say no either way.”

It had been like one of Yamraiha’s spells had been cast, a quiet being thrown over everyone as they stared at the swordsman.

“You ha- have a...” Hinahoho stammered out, looking like he was going to pass out any second.

“He does?? Before me?!” Yamraiha cried out.

“I didn’t notice! Who is it?!” The question Pisti shouted she directed to Kikiriku, large pink eyes looking up, expecting an answer.

“We have to know who she is of course, knowing a lover of our friend is very important.” Spartos said, looking embarrassed himself while Sinbad and Drakon nodded.

“It’s kinda obvious who it is, isn’t it?” Sharrkan said, looking at the small group that pressured Kikiriku.

“Then you tell us, Sharr.”

“It’s Ja’far.”

Another veil of silence.

Every general turned to the white haired former assassin.

“Ja’far and Kikiriku...?” Sinbad asked, looking between the two, getting more confused by the second.

“Good joke.” Hinahoho began, “But I’ve raised Ja’far and Kikiriku as siblings, I don’t think they could develop romantic feelings for each other. I hope they can’t at least.” Sighing the giant father looked down at both Ja’far and Kikiriku.

“I...” Ja’far didn’t say much, if it was one person she didn’t like lying to, it had to be Hinahoho. Her gaze flickered over to Kikiriku’s face, seeing him nodding.

“We’ve been together...for some time.” Ja’far finally admitted, feeling both that a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, but also that the unknown reactions from her friends and family weighed her down more.

“Is this incest?”

“Technically not, but it still feels kinda weird.”

Hinahoho wasn’t saying anything and that made her more scared than ever.

Instead of looking up, she handed the scrolls to Sinbad, going over to Kikiriku and taking his hand, stroking it softly.

“We really like each other, dad.” Kikiriku said sadly, taking Ja’far’s hand, in his own. Looking at Hinahoho he felt both ashamed, but he hung on to that spark of confidence, staring into Hinahoho’s yellow eyes, they only portrayed disappointment.

“I understand that...please don’t parade it around at least.”

“Of course we wouldn’t.” Ja’far mumbled, letting out a shaky breath and resting her head on Kikiriku’s solar plexus, because that’s how far she reached on the immuchak.

Hinahoho didn’t like this, nobody would like it if your two kids are suddenly a couple, but he couldn’t deny that there was something, something he had had with Rurumu that had blossomed between these two.

Without any more words Hinahoho walked off, going back to his room not that far away from the corridor they were in.

“Is he mad?” Sharrkan asked.

“Maybe, he might be disappointed.” Pisti answered.

Both Ja’far and Kikiriku flinched at the words.


There was something to be said about Hinahoho, he had always been a cheerful individual. Maybe that’s was why it felt so horrible, having him being disappointed in you.

“You don’t really think he’s gonna avoid us for much longer is he?” Kikiriku asked, sighing. He looked over to Ja’far, who had been scribbling on a scroll for the past hour.

She put the quill into the ink again, stopping before have actually wrote something, a drop of ink spilling onto the paper.

“I’m sure it’s a shock, knowing his oldest son and his adoptive daughter have been dating behind his back.”

“I don’t like him ignoring us though.”

“I know you don’t.” Ja’far said, smiling at him, eyes sad as she returned to her scroll.

“You’re bothered by it too.”

“I am?”

“I’m not exactly blind, you know.” Kikiriku muttered, standing up, instantly looking over Ja’far. “But dad has been down these past few weeks.”

Ja’far sighed. “I know that.”

“Can’t we do something?”

“I don’t think so, love.” Ja’far said, in an almost apologetically manner.

Kikiriku stared at her, sighing and sitting down beside her desk. Looking at her for a moment before pecking her cheek.

Ja’far smiled at the affection, having it in the back of her mind all day, even when Kikiriku went to train a minute later, and even when she and Kikiriku crawled into bed hours later.

Chapter Text

“Y-you really think this is okay, Ja’far?” Sinbad panted, her chest heaving, the fingers moving inside her made her lose her mind. She had already been tied up and cut, small, small cuts crossing her thighs.

“Of course, don’t be such a coward, this is your punishment.” Ja’far tuts, her slender fingers moving inside Sinbad the way the pale woman knew her girlfriend liked it best.

“Fucking another when you’re engaged to me, I won’t tolerate that.” Ja’far smiled. When she had found out about her Queen’s affair she had proposed something different in bed that night.

“J-Ja’far-“ Sinbad keeled, hands tied up to the bed board and tan legs spread apart, pale fingers groping where they wanted.

“See, that’s the name you should say, not someone else’s.” Ja’far calmly said, pushing three fingers inside Sinbad, moving them around, Sinbad arched her back, covered in sweat and needing to cum.

“I guess it’s okay now...” Ja’far said, taking out her fingers with a protest from Sinbad.

“You’re such a good wet fuckhole, but I know you’re good with women too, Sin.” Ja’far said.

Sinbad looked up through hazy golden eyes, purple hair messy from pulling as a small pale body moved over her.

“I want you to lay still while I do this okay? If you don’t I’m only going to punish you more, hear me?”

Sinbad nodded. Ja’far’s smile didn’t bring her any hope though, and soon she laid flat on the bed, hands and body still tied up.

“Slut.” Ja’far mumbled, amused as she leaned down over Sinbad, mouth blowing chilling breaths over Sinbad’s nipples.

“You didn’t like the clamps first time around, I hope for you that you can handle them now.” Ja’far said, taking out two small toys, which she quickly fastened to Sinbad’s nipples.

Sinbad jolted, crying out.

“Do you want me to play with them too? I know you love it when I grope you.” Ja’far asked, Sinbad shook her head frantically, knowing that if Ja’far would, she wouldn’t last. And she knew Ja’far hated it when she didn’t last.

“Well, it’s understandable when you’re so wet. Can’t even focus can you?” Ja’far smiled again, and crawled around Sinbad, sitting down on the Queen’s face.

“Do this instead, fuck me with your tongue.”

Sinbad reflexively drew in a sharp breath, unlike every woman she had been with, Ja’far didn’t have any scent. The thought stuck in her mind as she reached her tongue up, licking a stripe over the slit.

“Hurry up.”

Sinbad couldn’t even say anything against it, with Ja’far pressing down her hips against Sinbad’s face, moaning out.

Sinbad licked, sucked and mostly tried making Ja’far feel good. Despite her aching arousal she could feel herself get dizzy, lack of air maybe?

“Such a filthy whore, you love being between my legs, don’t you?” Ja’far said, crying out and tugging Sinbad’s hair, rutting against her face as she came, hot and heavy.

Sinbad licked it up, all of it, since Ja’far probably wouldn’t let her go until she did. She wouldn’t be able to go longer, at this rate.

“Good girl.” Ja’far mumbled, getting off Sinbad in short order and eyeballing her work.

Sinbad was flushed, hair astray and in general messy. A beautiful sight, there was only one problem.

Her tanned skin had no marks.

“Are you done yet?” Sinbad asked.

Ja’far shook her head, deciding that the marks could be left for later, now would be good for the main show.

“Sin, remember that toy you bought?” Ja’far asked, her smile sickly sweet.

“What toy?”

“You know the one.” Ja’far couldn’t believe what she was feeling, body aflame with lust, desperately rubbing her thighs together as she finally showed Sinbad what she meant.


It was a large dildo, Sinbad had bought it as a joke to tease Ja’far, but it would come in handy now. Ja’far let her tongue glide over the toy.

“You can take it, I promise.”

“I can’t-“


“I’ll promise I won’t hurt you.”

Sinbad gave up, tears rolling down her cheeks as Ja’far stared at her, eyes slit and mouth curved into a smirk.

Chapter Text

“Not so tough now.”

“Shut up.” Ja’far spat out, eyes slitted and threatening, looking all like a venomous serpent, the scales running down his chest not helping to disprove that statement. Ja’far looked ready to sink whatever fangs he had into Kouen’s throat.

“Still so feisty, adviser.” Kouen laughed, the bastard, and he continued running his hands over pale skin, peeling off the robes of Sindria, every layer gone from Ja’far’s skin in a minute. They didn’t have time to waste.


“Enjoying it already?” Kouen smirked, looking down at the man he had pinned to the bed, face flushing and chest heaving, grey eyes sharp but glazed over.

“You look pretty.” Kouen snarled out, smirking and pushing a finger into Ja’far’s already stretched out and leaking opening.

“Sinbad?” Kouen asked, scissoring Ja’far, eyes trained on his heart face, being merciless as he pulled the smaller man around.

“Masrur.” Ja’far hissed out, moaning and groaning as he pushed back on the broad fingers stretching him.

“The Fanalis?”

“Yeah. Huge cock, can barely fit it inside.” Ja’far moaned. But whined when Kouen pulled out his fingers.

“You look like a perfect whore. I wish I could keep you at my feet like King Sinbad does.” Kouen said, finally positioning his cock to Ja’far’s entrance, holding pale hips hard as he pushed in, not caring about the resistance or the pained growls Ja’far gave. Kouen didn’t care, of Ja’far wanted a tender bedmate, he wouldn’t have had gotten Kouen’s attention.

Fuck you.” Ja’far mumbled, breathing in a short, ragged breath as he rutted down on the cock halfway into him.

“I hear you.” Kouen mumbled, bringing his lips close to Ja’far’s, sinking teeth his lips until they drew blood. Tears prickled Ja’far’s eyes.

“K-Kouen.” Ja’far cried out, nails digging into Kouen’s back.

He knew it was just a cheap trick, to spice up sex, to fuel the fire. But even so, Kouen was helpless, hands cupping Ja’far’s face as he leaned down, pressing his lips onto Ja’far’s hard, taking him in an actual kiss, and not the messy teeth clash it usually was. Even if he knew Ja’far didn’t trust him, he was his enemy after all, he couldn’t help it, he loved the man and it sucked, sucked on many levels but it felt good being here, here with Ja’far in his grasp.

“Fuck me harder dammit-“ Ja’far growled out, the legs thrown around Kouen’s waist becoming tightening snares as he neared his climax.

Kouen groaned, putting every bit of energy into his thrusts, pleasure burning like fire through his veins as he grabbed Ja’far hard, body taut and hot and with Ja’far’s soft skin between his fingers.

Ja’far screamed, unusual for him, when he came, pulling Kouen as close as he could, teeth digging into Kouen’s shoulder and the only thing he could see for a moment was white.

Kouen climaxed hard, hips rutting against Ja’far’s ass as ribbons of cum splattered inside the pale man, ignoring the pain racing through his shoulder.

“You never actually hate me enough to do this.” Ja’far sighed, whining at when Kouen pulled out his cock.

“You wanted rough.”

“Rough hatefuck, softy.” Ja’far scoffed, still kissing Kouen with a tenderness he only showed at moments like this.

“I don’t understand your love for roleplaying.”

“I’m glad you tried either way.” Ja’far said, smiling softly.

Chapter Text

Sinbad, like everyone in their rag tag team knew that Ja’far wasn’t human. Or at least not fully human.

His arms and legs had pretty and pale scales, even if he had hid them under clothes Sinbad had managed to get a glimpse here and there.

But he had never seen them close up, except for that one time eleven years ago, after Mahad’s and Vittel’s deaths. His clothes has been torn, and the scales had shone through.

Now was a different story.

“Ja’far!?” Sinbad looked at his adviser, the large snake tail that made up his entire lower body, white scales covering it while the man had huddled up under a cover at the notice of another presence in the room.

“Out.” Ja’far hisses all too much like the snake he actually is.

Sinbad stared, mouth agape.

Ja’far could’ve slapped him, he looked stupid.

“Go out or help me.” Ja’far said, knowing that few, few people could look at him, fewer would help him with anything.

Sinbad closed the door, striding up to Ja’far’s bed and finding a spot big enough for him to sit on.

Ja’far stared up at him with cloudy and dull grey eyes.

“What can I help with?” Sinbad asked, he couldn’t deny that he felt worried, and a bit nervous seeing his adviser in such an unusual state, but it got washed away by the excitement.

“...can you bring me the towels from the bathroom? I have been heating them up in boiling water to help me shed.” Ja’far mumbled, relaxing back into the bed, trying to ignore the feeling of unease that cane over him. He had never...had anyone else be with him when he shed.

Sinbad stood up and ran to the bathroom, taking the large towels that laid in the bathtub.

“I would go into the bathtub myself, but the only baths large enough are the public ones.” Ja’far explained, taking one of the towels and placing it over a large portion of his scaled lower body.

“I could close one for the time you’re  shedding if you want to?” Sinbad said, helping Ja’far with laying the towels over his now outstretched snake tail.

“Right there.” Ja’far instructed. “And don’t be stupid, the baths need to be open.”

Sinbad nodded, still fascinated over the way Ja’far looked, and how the reptile body moved in hypnotic ways, slithering and stretching and curling, it looked so large, and the thought that it attached to Ja’far of all people, someone that to him, looked small was...odd.

Sinbad would have lied if he said he didn’t try to touch Ja’far’s tail more times than he should’ve, but Ja’far didn’t seem to mind.

“If you want to touch, I recommend to do that after my shed, I don’t like it during. Or touch the scales on my face.” Ja’far said, blinking. His sight got worse during the shedding, and with Sinbad touching him on his tail while the skin was about to shed didn’t exactly feel great.

In some occasion it got better to have something that he could rub against, or peeling the skin of himself, but his preferred method had to be soaking in water, or just have water filled towels.

“How do you get your legs back?” Sinbad asked, sitting down beside Ja’far, who seemed to get more restless as the time went on.

“It’s...a..” Ja’far didn’t know how to explain it correctly. “It’s like bending your legs. The tail dissolves into my ‘legs’.” Ja’far explained. “I can show you later.”

“Like a ladybug hiding its wings?”

“Kinda.” Ja’far muttered, shifting his tail, letting his head bury itself into his pillow, arms fastening around the pillow.

Sinbad patted Ja’far’s head, running a hand down his naked back a few times, feeling him shift.

Ja’far stayed quiet, his lower body slithering and knocking the towels of, he stretched and coiled over, and finally he dragged his body over the covers of the bed, making the skin come off slowly.

Sinbad stared in awe, watching as the skin slowly peeled off in one big part.

“Mmm.” Ja’far hummed, a smile glued onto his face. “Finally the damn thing is off.” Ja’far said, stretching out his arms above his head.

Sinbad sat stunned, hands in Ja’far’s soft hair. The scales that had been dull before were now shining, now he could even see the slithering markings on the body, darker grey spots in a swirling pattern.

“I wonder, can we sell the skin? I’ve heard that some humans like the shed skin.” Ja’far said, looking at Sinbad with slitted eyes.


“You can touch now.” Ja’far said, grinning a little.

“Okay.” Sinbad said, gulping as he moved his hand to the scales back, dragging a hand over the large muscle.

“If I can sell my shed than maybe we can get more income for Sindria...” Ja’far muttered as he watched Sinbad curiously. He wouldn’t deny that the warm touch felt good, especially since he had been laying on his cold bed the entire day, and he hadn’t gone out for some proper heat. Except for the towels of course.

“They look pretty.”

“Well thank you.” Ja’far purred, more like a cat than a snake.

“How do you get your legs back?”

“Can’t I get to stay in my original form for more than an hour?”


Ja’far sighed, sitting up and taking a deep breath, his body shaking as the tail got slowly, slowly sucked back up into the length of his legs, the tail parting and making way for two seemingly normal legs. Still somewhat scaled, but the white scales fit perfectly in with Ja’far’s pale skin, so you didn’t notice it at first glance.

“You look back to normal.”

“I wouldn’t call it ‘normal’.” Ja’far huffed, throwing a cover over himself before Sinbad’s eye could see anymore than they needed to.

“If you need to my help again, just say so.” Sinbad said, picking up the shed skin warily, looking at the inside out skin.

“Thank you.” Ja’far said, blinking now that his eyes had returned to normal, trying to see where his clothes went.



Ja’far & Drakon or Ja’far/Drakon based on how you see it.

Drakon knew that he didn’t look normal, not with his huge, dragon features. The green scales leaping and covering his body made him feel nervous, even now after the fated day so long ago that he assimilated.

He knew that nobody could understand the unusual process of having scales. Nobody.

Nobody except one person.

Drakon didn’t always go to Ja’far for help when he began to shed, normally he went after.

He didn’t know why, but many times bits and pieces of his shed got stuck in some places he couldn’t reach. But Ja’far knew how to get them of, and how to help.

“I don’t remember how this started, but I’m glad to help.” Ja’far mumbled, sitting down Drakon on a chair in the generals baths, urging Drakon to take of his clothes.

“You know better what to do than my wife.”

“I do hope I know better than her, she doesn’t have scales.” Ja’far said, taking off his own clothes, showing the scaled parts of his body as well.

“My scales are going to shed to, so maybe we can help each other out?” Ja’far asked, dipping his fingers into the water, seeing if it had warmed up.

“I’ll help.” Drakon said, still nervous, he hadn’t seen Ja’far’s scales in a long time and seeing the man that usually never showed his body to anyone felt weird, as if he was invading private space.

“Thank you, Dragul.” Ja’far said, walking into the warm water, urging Drakon to do the same.

Drakon warily stepped into the water, feeling his body relax when he sat down in one of the tubs specially designed for him and Hinahoho.

“I can help pluck the skin off after, if it doesn’t come off by itself.” Ja’far said, scratching the patch of scales on his chest.

Drakon nodded, relaxing in the water, shifting his body around.

After a while of soaking Ja’far stood up, walking away to a big basket full of brushes and shampoos. Ja’far picked up a towel and a brush that looked almost like the ones you used for brushing horses.

Ja’far climbed into the bath with Drakon, sitting on a ledge that went out a small bit. Ja’far placed his hands on Drakon’s body, running his hands over the sharp down angled scales.

“They are very vibrant.” Ja’far commented, peeling off a large piece of stuck shed from Drakon’s back. Many pieces of the stuck shed had already gotten picked off, the water helping a good amount, but Ja’far took off the small pieces that were left.

“This should feel good, but tell me if it doesn’t.” Ja’far said, taking the brush in wet hands, dragging it down over the hard scales.

Drakon shuddered, a shiver raking through him, the harsh brush strokes felt better than he had thought, he almost felt like a cat as he lightly pushed against the small brush.

Ja’far laughed. “I didn’t know it would actually feel good, but I guess you scales are tougher than normal human skin.”

“Let me do it for you later.” Drakon said, enjoying the brush. It felt almost as if he was being scratched, or massaged by Ja’far.

They went on for a while, Ja’far scratching most of Drakon’s back scales, admiring the colour, the shape and the ridges of a fully assimilated household member.

When they were done, Drakon could swear he felt more relaxed than he had in a while, his whole body feeling clean and soft.

“The skin is all off, even mine.” Ja’far laughed, holding the patches of shed skin, the difference in size of scale visible even more now.

“Thank you for this evening, Lord Dragul.” Ja’far said, drying off before putting on his nightwear, sneaking out of the baths, leaving Drakon alone in the cooling water.




(I thought of Tiggerola when writing this one, so I hope you like it)


“You should show your scales off more.” Kouen said.

“It would be improper.” Ja’far answered, placing a heap of finished scrolls in front of his prince.

“Is it improper if it’s just me?” Kouen asked, eyeing Ja’far with a grin. He brought out a broad hand, pulling down Ja’far’s collar, opening up the buttons with practiced ease.

“If it’s just you I can allow it.” Ja’far said, smiling, taking off his hat, placing it in front of the scrolls. “If your majesty wants to see it so badly.”

Kouen leaned back into his chair, watching the scales running up the younger man’s chest, proof of his half assimilation. Proof of Astaroth’s choosing.

“I do want to see it, it fits you.” Kouen sais. Ja’far scoffed.

“Such a charmer.” Ja’far said, going up to Kouen, holding as thin and sharp blade to his throat. “But beware, I haven’t lost my touch, and you are the one I’m after.” Ja’far said, leaning close to Kouen, breath tingling on the others lips.

“I’m glad you haven’t.” Kouen mumbled, running a hand down the others cheek, admiring the freckles and slitted eyes.

Ja’far laughed. “Of course you wouldn’t, En. That’s why I like you.”

Kouen brought Ja’far’s slender hand to his cracked lips, kissing a knuckle, earning a surprised and blushing face when he looked up again.

Ja’far quickly excused himself, leaving quickly, forgetting his hat and storming out of Kouen’s office.

“Goodbye, Ja’far.” He mumbled, returning to signing the tedious scrolls.




“Yamraiha? Oh, Aladdin good day.” Ja’far said, slithering into the room, greeting both blue haired magicians inside.

“It’s nice to see you, big brother Ja’far!” Aladdin said, face pulled up into a large smile, braid jumping with his movements.

“Yamraiha, have you seen Sinbad anywhere? I need him to sign a few documents but I can’t find him.”

“No, I’m very sorry.”

“No worries.” Ja’far said, smiling, the scales on his face pulling up with it. “But can I ask, what are you doing?”

“We are working on a magic spell!” Aladdin said, excited.

“We are, but Ja’far can I ask something as well?”

“Of course.”

“Why is your tail out?” Yamraiha asked, a slender finger pointing at Ja’far’s large serpent tail coiling up under him as he sat down.

“My legs began to itch.” Ja’far answered, a huff that sounded like a laugh escaped him, his eyes traveling to Aladdin that creeped up behind him, touching the large scales.

“I didn’t know you had a tail, big brother.” Aladdin said confused, running his hands along the ridges and scales.

“I do, I was born in a tribe with nagas and lamia’s, half human half ssnake.”

“That’s...really cool. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Aladdin said, almost embarrassed as his wide eyes continued to stare.

“Didn’t a man faint last time you choose to go around in public in you original form?”

“Yess, but i don’t think anyone is going to mind.” Ja’far said, amusing himself at Yamraiha’s worry, his hand patting Aladdin’s head.

“Your tongue is doing the thing.”

“What? Thisss thing?” Ja’far laughed, his split tongue made it hard to pronounce certain things in a language that humans understood. Ja’far flicker his tongue at her, much to Aladdin’s excitement.

“Yes.” Yamraiha sighed, placing her large witch hat on a nearby table, going up to Ja’far.

“I’m just worried you’re going to scare someone.”

“I know, but don’t worry, nobody has seen me yet, and I intend for it to stay that way.” Ja’far said, smiling calmly at her, and Yamraiha couldn’t help but smile back.

Aladdin watched the scene before him, smiling himself as he climbed up onto Ja’far’s tail, sitting on it as he would a fallen log in the forest.

“Aladdin-!” Yamraiha blushed, trying to get Aladdin of Ja’far because sitting on someone’s tail is rude.

“No worries, it’s okay if he wants to sit there.” Ja’far stretched himself out, making his tail curl up into more of a ring form, taking up more space as he invited both Yamraiha and Aladdin to sit.

“It feels odd, but it doesn’t hurt. Pretty much feels like when someone sits in you lap.” Ja’far explained, curling a hand around Yamraiha’s waist, steadying her on his tail, making her jolt. Aladdin sat beside her.

“I understand.” Yamraiha said, leaning into Ja’far.

Ja’far smiled, holding her a bit more gentle as he enjoyed her and Aladdin’s warmth, something he couldn’t produce himself.

Aladdin snuggled up to a big part of Ja’far’s body, hugging it. He hadn’t seen a snake before, and certainly not such a large one.

“You sure it doesn’t bother you?”

“No, I actually enjoy it. The warmth is nice.” Ja’far said, holding her closer to him, making her blush again.

“You’re embarrassing me.”

“Am I?” Ja’far asked, a teasing tone to his voice.

Yamraiha huffed, hitting him on the arm, smiling despite herself.




Masrur hadn’t expected to find anyone but birds on the castle’s highest top, one of the rounded rooftops.

“Masrur, it’s nice to see you.” Ja’far said, rolling over to his stomach, happy and content to soak in the sun, his robe covering him but Masrur knew that both his shirt and trouser had been taken of. That laid in a pile beside Ja’far.

Masrur nodded, laying down beside the large half human, feeling the sunshine warm his aching muscles.

“Did your training go well?” Ja’far asked, tongue flicking out, he could smell the scent of sweat that Masrur gave off.

“Morgiana needs training, but she has a good reflexes.” Masrur said, rolling over to his side, watching the white scales shimmering in the light.

Masrur’s mind wandered back, back a long time ago, when he and Ja’far had sat near the water, looking over the shimmering waves together. The beautiful reflections the waters had given him had been engraved into his mind, but it was nothing to the shimmering of the large reptilian scales moving.

“That’s good, she seems like nice young lady.” Ja’far said, moving and crawling on top of Masrur, his head resting on the larger man’s chest, the heat radiating from the Fanalis almost warmer than the sun’s lazy rays.

Masrur trailed a hand over Ja’far’s scars body, the muscle moving under the soft exterior

“She is. You would like her.” Masrur said, eyes not leaving the shimmering scales.

“I’m positive I would too.” Ja’far said, eyes closing, curling up against Masrur’s warm body.





“Ja’far stop that.”

Another bite.

“Nuh.” A small and tiny Ja’far bir harder, small fangs barely scratching on Hinahoho.

“You’re cute, but I can’t have you biting people.” Hinahoho said, picking up the small scaly bundle of white in his hand, sitting down on the sofa with Ja’far in the crook of his arm, feasting of the warmth, hissing as the TV turned on, showing a nature program.

“Mama!” Ja’far stopped chewing on Hinahoho’s arm, watching as a female king cobra curled around her eggs in the program.

“Does she look like you mommy?”

Ja’far nodded, hypnotised by the slithering reptile on screen, his chubby cheeks squished up as he curled around the warmth of Hinahoho.

Hinahoho patted the young child, making him hiss again, small hands swatting away the large hand.

No touchessss.” Ja’far hissed, his freckled face scrunched up in anger.

“Sure.” Hinahoho said warily, hands resting on his knee. He continued watching the documentary with his adopted half snake child.

It was a long documentary, and when he woke up after a nap halfway through, he found the young Jaffy holding his finger with one pale hand, still curiously watching the snakes.

Hinahoho would have lied if he said that his heart didn’t melt, squeezing gently on Ja’far’s hand, watching the tail wriggle to get in a comfortable position.

Chapter Text

Ja’far really didn’t want to be here, clad in dark clothes and leaning back against the wall, watching as every customer moved around, chatting.

“You aren’t enjoying yourself very much.” Sinbad mumbled, cheeks flushed form cheap wine.

“I don’t enjoy sex clubs.”

“Well, I booked a girl for you, she will meet you in the alleyway outside.”


“Shush, go out there and enjoy yourself. Or please her.” Sinbad said, pushing Ja’far towards the door, ignoring that he might push others.

Ja’far groaned, walking outside. He would tell her he didn’t want anything to do with her, tip her and leave.

Walking hastily he arrived at the alleyway, famous for people fucking, always open for more people and always open for voyeurism.

His eyes immediately locked onto a small blonde girl that had been blindfolded and tied to a pole in the alleyway, her dress ripped and thighs covered in cum.

Someone he knew all too well.

“Pisti?” The girl’s head turned towards him, her face lit up by the dim light of the moon.

“Ja’far? What are you doing here?” Pisti said, her voice hoarse as she called out to him.

Ja’far hurried to her side, untying her and taking of the blindfold, pink eyes staring up at him.

“Are you the client I was supposed to meet?” Pisti asked shyly, avoiding Ja’far’s eyes.

“Client.” Ja’far repeated, his face turning red, from embarrassment or anger he didn’t know.

“You’re the girl I was supposed to meet?!” Ja’far kept his voice quiet, but not without anger.

Pisti flinched, curling up into herself. “Maybe.” She smiled nervously.

Ja’far sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Why would you work at this kind”

Pisti shrugged, glad that Ja’far hadn’t blown up on her. “I like sex.”

“I think there is other ways to get that.” He deadpanned.

“Maybe.” Pisti said, looking at the ground.

“I’m going back to the castle.”

“...the man who booked me told me that whatever you said, I should try to give you a good time.” Pisti said, looking at Ja’far with big, pink eyes.

“I don’t want you to suck my dick.”

“Give me a chance?” Pisti said. Thsi has really turned into teasing, but she couldn’t help it when the seemingly pent up man kept giving her opportunity to joke.

“....get down on your knees.” Ja’far mumbled, Pisti almost didn’t hear him, but got down on her knees, curious to were this was going. She would be lying if she wasn’t thinking about actually doing it Ja’far. Wouldn’t Yamraiha be shocked?

“Don’t you know what to do? Take it out and suck.” Ja’far said, already annoyed. He knew this would’ve been a bad idea.

Pisti obeyed, slowly crawling under Ja’far’s robes, pulling down his trousers far enough that she could see the rift of white hair above his base.

She waited for him to pull her away, to tell her to stop. But he never did. She felt something burn in her stomach.

She pulled out his cock.

Ja’far exhaled slowly, her small hands on his flaccid cock was enough to spur him on, even if only a little bit.

Pisti swallowed, shocked as she grabbed it, stroking it from tip to base, bringing her lips closer to the crown.

Ja’far’s hips thrusted forward when she put her pink lips on the head, pale hands forcing a head of blonde hair down on his cock.

Pisti gagged as she felt more and more of his cock going down her throat, her small wines and frantic clawing on his legs not getting noticed, or maybe he just didn’t care.

“I never...never indulge in this thing. But you have a good mouth, whore.” A shiver ran down her spine at the words, she mushed her thighs together as she tried taking the cock down her thing further, despite knowing it wouldn’t fit.

“You would make a good joke for the other generals to use, a simple hole. Someone to sit in a useless corner only to be cummed on.” Ja’far groaned, pulling her head up and down on his cock, ragged breaths escaping him as Pisti’s vision blurred, eyes teary and throat hurting.

“I would love to see you sucking my cock on the daily, acting like the base slut that you love being, Pisti.” Ja’far moaned, resting his head back on the wall, watching the small shape under his robes move around, the warmth on his cock never leaving.

Pisti choked, her vision starting to fade, trying desperately to get air while her lungs screamed in protest.

Then all the pressure was gone, and after a few last strokes of his hand, Ja’far climaxed over her face, taunting her pure looking face in his seed.

Ja’far pulled her up, looking over his handiwork before grinning darkly, admiring her before straightening up, walking out from the dark dirty alleyway, leaving Pisti alone.

Chapter Text

“Sinbad.” Ja’far said, pinching Sinbad’s hard nipples, kissing his lips while a whine escaped him.

“Is it too much? I’ll pull out if you need to.”

“No, it’s good.” Sinbad moaned, rutting back on the strap-on, meeting Ja’far’s gentle thrusts.

“I never thought you’d indulge in this, you know.” Sinbad muttered, kissing Ja’far on her cheek, whines escaping him in a higher pitch than before.

“I— you did want to.” Ja’far mumbled, casting her gaze downwards to where Sinbad’s hole was taking her strap-on

“I did, I didn’t know you would be so good at it, but I love it.” Sinbad muttered, golden eyes gleaming and sweat dripping down his muscular torso.

“It’s— thank you.” Ja’far mumbled, cheeks red as she continued rolling her hips into Sinbad. It surprised even her, how much Sinbad was enjoying it. How much she was enjoying it.

Ragged breaths were torn from her throat, speeding up the movements and placing a hand on his hard cock, Sinbad yelped.

“That’s how we’re playing?” Sinbad asked slyly, face redder than Ja’far’s and his legs sneakily trapping her inside of him by holding her with his legs around her waist.

Sinbad fumbled with his hands, his upcoming climax nearing as Ja’far kept hitting his prostate, and he groped her chest.

Ja’far moaned, Sinbad’s expert fingers pinching and rolling her nipples around, making her legs weak as she continued thrusting, seeking friction herself.

“Oh- oh- Ja’far!” Sinbad groaned, the heat building up quickly before snapping like a taut string, strap-on buried deep in his ass while he spurted, cum landing on Ja’far’s hands. She stopped her hips.

“I hope...that someday you’ll do this to me again.” Sinbad said, hand over his face as he laid still, body weak after that.

“Of course...” Ja’far mumbled, shame and arousal burning through her when she looked down at the mess both she and Sinbad were in.

Chapter Text

Ja’far didn’t know how she got into this hellish situation.

There was something to be said about the strength of a Fanalis. Incredible, really, there wasn’t anyone physically stronger than a Fanalis. Except for maybe another Fanalis.

Ja’far knew this well, from watching the Fanalis Corps from her office window, it had always been a sight to see.

But she had never experienced that strength in close quarters.

Those hands, like marble holding her in place, stronger than a slaves chains.


Tears welled up in her eyes, she wanted to scream, yell, anything. But it wouldn’t amount to her rescue.

“I— I thought we were friends.” Ja’far said, voice dull as she laughed. “I really thought we were.”

“We are.”

“I haven’t had a friend that forced me to suck their-“

“I’m not done yet.” Masrur said, tone calm. He had both of her wrist in one hand, leaving the other one free. He ran a finger down from her collar to her belly button, tearing the fabric slowly.

“I won’t hurt you.” Masrur said, moving his hand inside her clothing, feeling soft but scarred skin under his palms.

Fear spiked up her spine, and she watched as Masrur pulled apart her clothing, leaving her chest bare.

Masrur felt his body grow hot, trying to be careful when he bared her. His breathing grew shallower, and he got closer to her, slipping off a part of his armour that covered his lower parts.

Ja’far hung limply in his hands, staring at Masrur’s hand, her breathing ragged.

Masrur’s hand went over the skin that he could reach, her stomach, feeling the ridges of her ribs and her soft breasts, he rubbed over a nipple, pulling a quiet, involuntary moan from Ja’far’s throat.

Masrur stopped, blinking before he pinched her nipple. Ja’far but her lower lip.

Stop.” She hissed.

Masrur obeyed, removing just hand from her chest, instead going down, his fingers dipping under her skirt.

He sat down, taking Ja’far with him, parting her legs with one hand, groping her legs with tender touches. His hands put her legs on the side of his waist, holding her carefully still.

Ja’far didn’t trash, didn’t move, only staring as Masrur’s large hand ran down the scars on her thighs. She felt weak, knowing that he had seen the scars. She flushed, out of anger, out of embarrassment.

Masrur moved his fingers carefully, afraid to hurt her as he let the pads of his fingers drag over her slit.

She inhaled sharply.

“You’re so wet.” Masrur commented, a faint blush coating his cheeks, red eyes tracing Ja’far’s freckled face.

Ja’far looked away, closing her eyes, trying to ignore the fingertip slipping inside of her.

Masrur concentrated on sipping his finger fully in, making Ja’far gasp and shudder, but he continued until he was knuckle deep, the warmth and slick cunt completely enveloping his finger.

If she hadn’t been so slick, so wet and dripping Masrur was sure this wouldn’t have worked, but his fingers spread her, stretching her to accommodate his size.

He didn’t know why, but the heat formed in his stomach, the fire spreading out with his flowing blood as he leaned down again, forcing her into a deep kiss. Ja’far’s teeth sunk into Masrur’s, a short wordless protest.

A single drop of blood ran over their connected lips, and Ja’far didn’t know if her heart caught in her throat or it stopped all together.

Those scarlet eyes held her captive, even without the hand holding her up, she wouldn’t have been able to move.

“Don’t do that again.” There was a hidden strength to every word he spoke, even if it was quiet, or calm, Ja’far knew every Fanalis had their own air of dominance, of strength and an all around commanding presence, telling the watcher that they are fighter, folk built for the hunt.

Ja’far shuddered, for the first time fully focusing on the hot fingers moving inside her, it’s knowing movements made her whine, trying to keep in every noise she made, but failing miserably.

Masrur moved his broken lips to Ja’far’s neck, the slope seemingly strangely pretty as she shook and cried, her her pulse jumping in her throat. Masrur breathed in through his nose, the only scent he got even a whiff of was arousal, both his and Ja’far’s.

His fingers were uncomfortably wet when he pulled them out, three fingers coated in her liquid.

“Don’t move.” Masrur’s voice made her follow his command, the soft soothing tone. That edge of dominance he had over her, that slight stroke in his words, commanding her. Not asking, not telling her, but commanding her.

He finally released her wrists, a swell of pride in his chest as the purple marks around her wrists weren’t as bad as he thought they would be.

Rough and calloused palms moved over her scarred skin, engraving the ridges of her into his memory. His hands moved across her arms, down over her unmarked collarbone, her torso, over her stomach, stopping at her hips.

He pulled her onto his lap with a swift motion.

“Masrur...” Ja’far mumbled, even with the strength gone from her limbs a long time ago, she pulled her arms around his shoulders.

“I’ it slowly.” Masrur informed her, pulling out his hard cock, holding her with gentle hands.

“Please go gentle.” Ja’far pleaded. Her mind felt like nothing, her vision blurred and everything was so fuzzy.

The head of Masrur’s cock prodded at her slit, pushing in slow, slow and gentle.

Masrur held her close, watching the silvery white hair jump with its owner as he thrusted in hard, making Ja’far feel like she got split in two.

She muffled her quiet shout, eyes filling with tears once again.

“Gentle-“ Ja’far pleaded, holding onto Masrur for dear life.

Masrur felt his vision get foggy, body warm and Ja’far’s soft body perched in his lap made him happy, not seeing her hurt but seeing her here, with him.

Ja’far could hit him, even if she might break her hand in the process when he ignored her words, pulling her onto his hard and swift thrusts, building a fast pace with Ja’far riding on top of him, moaning every time his large cock hit deep inside of her.

Ja’far couldn’t explain the warmth, the fucking heat radiating through her the longer she got fucked. Masrur held her in strong, muscular arms, fucking her with a ferocity she hadn’t expected to see from the usually calm man.

Mindless gibberish was the only thing Ja’far managed to say, that and Masrur’s name.

“Masrur don’t stop-“ Ja’far said, her mind blank but the pain and pleasure mixing together.

Their ‘lovemaking’ lasted for longer than Ja’far remember. The memory of it blurring together with mostly the image of Masrur’s red hair and skin in her hands and the feeling of being so full lingering.

Masrur ran a hand down her arm, looking at the bluish marks forming.

The rest that Ja’far actually could remember is Masrur carrying her back to her room, then going out and closing the door, probably to go back to the Fanalis Corps.

She hoped Lady Scheherazade wouldn’t mind her taking a few days off, since the aching in her body should last a few days at least.

Chapter Text

Rurumu has always had a liking for singing.

Ja’far noticed, obviously, and every time she tried soothing a fussy Kikiriku she always sung.

Maybe it reminded him of his own mother, long gone, but it was always nice, hearing a parent care for their child without having to worry about said child needing to kill them many years later.

Maybe it was that, the singing of Rurumu (and Hinahoho) or maybe Mahad’s warm and protective air, or maybe the carefree snoring of Vittel, that made him fall asleep without worry that night.


It had been years now, since he had heard any singing.

It felt so odd, hearing the soft voice from the roof.

Ja’far looked out the window, seeing Kikiriku, and the twins humming along with him.

Ja’far gaped, he remembered the song they sung, an old immuchak folksong about bravery and family.

The aching in his chest felt somewhat softer, as he gazed out over the rooftops, hearing his family singing to their hearts content.

Chapter Text

Masrur didn’t pay attention to the nobles that roamed the palace. At least, not much.

“Masrur, you’re here again?” Sinbad’s voice rang out behind her.

Sinbad was a King, a great King from the stories that roamed around the gladiators.

Masrur nodded, and continued to polish her sword.

“You know, I’ve wanted to ask you one thing.”

Masrur shifted, looking at the man with careful eyes.

“Would you like to leave?”


That was how Masrur ended up on a large ship, filled with large burly merchants and nobles, and of course, Sinbad.

“The open sea...she’s quite beautiful, isn’t she?” Sinbad said, ruffling Masrur’s red hair.

She looked over the sea, finding nothing more than water. Sinbad had proved to see more than that one many occasions, done hidden beauty that Masrur herself couldn’t understand.

Though, for all the respect she held for him, saving her and all, the person Masrur still couldn’t get out of her head wasn’t Sinbad, or one of his countless servants, no, it was his adviser and friend, Ja’far.

Walking around without a sound, posture similar to ladies in political positions and hair travelling down in wavy curls like the silk Masrur had witnessed people wearing.

Masrur had first gotten caught in the deep pits that were Ja’far’s eyes, like a skeletons carved out from with empty eye sockets.

Sinbad had quickly introduced Ja’far to Masrur, and Masrur to Ja’far.

That had been months ago, and after that she’d only seen the pale girl from afar.

Being a slave until 12 years old hasn’t taught her much about people, but she wanted to know more about Ja’far, even now she could feel an irritating excitement in her body at the thought of meeting her again.


And she did.

Setting her bare feet on the warm stone of Sindria’s port she almost couldn’t believe her eyes. The colours, the colours! Red and pink fruits and people that she had never seen before!

She curled her toes against the stone, it crumpled much to Sinbad’s amusement.

“I live in the palace, so you can stay there too.” Sinbad said, showing Masrur the way through the citizens and houses.

Walking through the palace would become normal for the former slave in a few years, but the pillars of marble and the pristine walls surrounding her were more than she had thought would be here. But that wasn’t what caught her eye.

A young girl (woman?) walked towards them with prideful and silent steps, her robes glittering behind her, eyes soft but sharp as she smiled at Masrur.

Masrur’s breath caught in her throat, and Ja’far smiled, and oh god her smile-
It would’ve been enough to stop Masrur’s wildly beating heart.

“You’re Masrur, if I’m correct? It’s nice to meet you.” Ja’far said.



As the years passed, Masrur couldn’t turn a blind eye to her feelings anymore.

It annoyed her to admit that she had fallen in love with Ja’far, and that she hadn’t realised sooner.

Maybe it got spurred on when she realised Ja’far had feelings for her too.

Ja’far had always, always had a lock around her feelings, but one night she had wandered nervously to Masrur’s room, knocking on the heavy door.

“Ja’far?” Masrur asked, holding the door open, letting the other general slink in.

It had started of so casually, that when Ja’far had confessed, blunt but with her lovely freckled face in flames. Masrur had gotten stunned, face portraying shock, more than anyone had ever seen on the Fanalis woman.

For her 20 years of living Masrur had actually never embraced someone on the same consensual terms, but she did that night, lips always lingering on Ja’far’s.

Chapter Text

The nails came of easier than he’d expected.

First the nails, left hand, right hand, then left foot and at last, the right foot.

The skin split apart under his knife like butter in heat, the screams didn’t faze him anymore.

This lady, she needed to die.

Sinbad didn’t like her, she caused problems. He wouldn’t let her cause problems for Sin.

Her throat must’ve gotten sore, screaming that much. For every slice and stab to her stomach she just cried more. It’s annoying, her high pitched voice kept hurting his ears.

“Shut up.”

He stabbed her bowel, watching the red spurt onto his clothing and the soft muscle peek through.

He cut off her arms, and legs, slowly with a heavy saw. Then he patched her up, leaving bloody stumps in their place.

More screaming, Ja’far contemplated tearing out her throat pipe. Though, it wasn’t needed, the amount of pain and blood loss made her faint, and shortly after die, leaving a blank looking Ja’far to exit the room, leaving her bloody corpse in the chair. Her bowels on the floor, along with her limbs and her tongue hanging weirdly from her mouth, eyes dull.

Chapter Text

The longer this went on, the more her head swayed.

Maybe it was the scent that bugged her. Both Sinbad and Kouen smelled clean, but it was still the annoying taste of cock, but the pain form having it shoved into her that might be the actual reason.

“Your adviser is good at this.”

“She’s amazing isn’t she? Lovely little thing.” Sinbad breathed, continuing to fuck Ja’far the way he wanted, hard and fast.

“I thought I would get...disappointed when arriving here tonight, I’m glad my expectations weren’t correct.” Kouen mumbled under his breath, pulling Ja’far’s hair, shoving his cock down her throat.

“I would never invite you to a boring night! I would even paint her up like a whore if it would help out agreement.”

“A whore? quite interesting.”

“I did it once, she looked beautiful, no woman or man could compete.”

Ja’far listened, her body shook, and not only from the thrusts as she let her eyes become blurry, tears running down her cheeks. Sinbad would really put her in another man’s bed? Like a slave? She was his servant! But maybe that mattered little in Sinbad’s eyes.

“Green cloth, showing of her skin, and dancing before really getting into the show...what do you say?”

“I’m tempted to steal her away all together.” Kouen laughed, finally climaxing, watching as Ja’far’s face got splattered with cum.

“Hmmm, well, I could loan her out for a bit? Would that please you?” Sinbad said, cumming inside of Ja’far, pulling out sloppily.

“Maybe it would.”

The two men discussed the matter, even after they went out to drink, leaving Ja’far alone, face and mind a mess as she hyper ventilated, hands trembling in the sheets.

When the door opened again, Kouen was alone.

“Your king granted me time with you today.” Kouen said, sitting down on the bed, a broad hand tucking a white wild strand of hair back into its place.

“I understand...” Ja’far choked down her tears, not wanting this... this man seeing her like this.

“I hope you don’t bite, because I certainly do.”

Chapter Text

Sinbad, the king of Sindria, a leader in every way shape or form, with a muscular body and handsome face. He lured both men and women to his soft bed at night, leaving people wondering how many he had pleased in his life. A clear Alpha.

Ja’far, in the other hand, didn’t nearly stand out as much, with plain looks outside from his pale skin and white hair he was always behind Sinbad, following him like the loyal servant that he was. A typical Beta.

Though, this was untrue. And Sinbad, who had suspected that Ja’far was a Beta got quite the shock when he found out the truth.

That one week that Ja’far dreaded and outright hated was nearly here.

Mating season, one week every year the people of age began to go into heat and ruts, mating with anything and anyone that they could get their hands on.

Nobody could function that week, spending it with another, having sex all week.

Ja’far was one of the few people that didn’t get that affected. He didn’t know if it was good or bad.

Every single time mating season came around, Ja’far could ignore his base desires and work, work through it all. And that was always nice, and calming. Even if he was rutting up against his desk at times.

The few times he had engaged in any sort of mating it had been with Yamraiha, helping the young woman so that she wouldn’t have to be with someone random.

But it had been a few years ago, and Ja’far for his part didn’t think it would happen again.

Oh, how horrible wrong he was.


Sinbad whined, feeling the heat take over his body slowly, it went down a slight ache to burning in a minute.

He panted, ragged and hot as he rutted into the bed, cock hard and flushed and slick leaking out from his asshole.

He had first thought about having Masrur be his mate, but everyone knew he had gone off with Sharrkan.

After that, he’d thought about Ja’far. Ja’far could fill him up and breed and mate him, couldn’t he?

Sinbad had mentally shook his head, continuing to whine, hands fumbling to find his toy for these...situations.

But before he could, a knock came from the door.

“My king, I hope you’re not in a rut yet-“ his words stopped, along with Ja’far’s movements. His sharp slitted eyes began searching after an omega. The scent filling his nostrils definitely came from an omega in heat, his first thought was Sinbad’s mate, but no.

It was Sinbad himself that gave of this delicious scent.

“Ja...far?” Sinbad asked between whines and moans, looking over a broad shoulder to see Ja’far stalking towards the bed, the door slamming behind him.

“You’re an omega.” Ja’far said, shocked, even though in the back of his mind he had always known. How? He had no idea.

“You’re an...alpha..”

“Correct.” Ja’far crawled on top of Sinbad, staring into golden eyes, heavy with lust.

“Are you going to mate me then? Ja’far? Tell me what you want.” Sinbad snorted, holding Ja’far’s gaze.

“...if you want.” Ja’far said, brushing out Sinbad’s long purple hair.

Damn him. Damn him for making his body temperature go down but still skyrocket as he moved, pulling the alpha down for a long awaited kiss.

“Sin.” Ja’far might have been more aggressive than he’d planned, but Sinbad was under him, needy and wanting.

The extra haste he didn’t think none of them minded.

His head floated aimlessly, the heat taking over his head, it was scary, but he could hear Ja’far’s calm words, his encouragement, he relaxed even if his body was in full heat, cock hard and dripping with precum, his ass leaking with slick.

After that, Sinbad’s mind shut off, his head fuzzy, Ja’far fucking him onto the brink of what he could take, muttering encouraging words and threats in his hands ears, even after the alpha had cummed, only taking small rests between each long, hot and messy session.

The only thing he could focus on was the repeated pressure, and Ja’far’s erotic growls and groans.

Ja’far sighed, pushing away his sweaty hair from his face, looking down at the debauched Sinbad, it made a shock of arousal go down his spine, the way Sinbad‘a had been sprawled out like prey for him. He began panting.

“Sinbad...” Ja’far muttered, closing his lips on the lager man’s, noticing the lack of response.

“Asleep? I’ll guess I give you a few hours of rest.” Ja’far said, curling with Sinbad, feeling too happy, too sated, too comfortable than he’d ever been with a person. It scared him, but in the short moment under the mating season he didn’t have the will to let go of his wonderful and strong omega.

Chapter Text

Ja’far had never liked the training he had gone through. Every wound, every scar, every day had been hell in this place.

Shaka had confirmed that an assassin shouldn’t feel any kind of connection, not love, not friendship, not family.

Shaka knew that it would be sarcastic, if anyone found out about him, him or Ja’far.

He could admit it, he have had an eye on the boy for years, from a bloodline of the most successful assassins, and he had already showed sign of interest in murder.

Shaka would blame his interest in the boy from there, the boys lovely interest for blood, for death and despair.

Family was useless to him, and therefore there wasn’t a single reason he felt bad for Lamia, or her husband. Not a single one.

At least that was what he told himself.

Lamia had been his sister. Pale with white hair, grey steely eyes, it all showed in her son, maybe that’s why he felt bad.

Shaka had noticed her weakness instantly, as she would’ve seen his, but he didn’t warn her, no, she had to solve that herself.

So he observed her useless betrayal of their family name, the infamous Serpentine family. The best assassins you could have ever found.

Lamia never told Ja’far this, a small glimmering hope in her heart that he might end it, end the rumours, end the expectations.

Hell, that’s why he had separated himself from the name.

Shaka had always seen in her pretty steely grey eyes, her desire to tell Ja’far this.

He observed Lamia and Gabir’s love bloom, and soon he found himself with a nephew, pale with white hair as himself, at his feet, his steely grey eyes teary and blood on his hands.

“Chief-“ Ja’far’s chokes out, holding his knife in shaky hands.

“Shaka. Call me Shaka.” Shaka mumbled, holding Ja’far’s hand steady over his bloody knife.

“Shaka.” Ja’far said, eyes looking into his own.

Many years later, he had never imagined it.

Ja’far’s steely grey eyes caught his own, a final showdown.

Ah, but really, it was his last thought, that Ja’far had done what he had never imagined, and what Lamia had known he would. He ended the Serpentine family. Not their bloodstained line, but their family name.

He didn’t have many ‘regrets’ in his death, the only one not being able to see Lamia’s smiling face, but knowing Ja’far would smile after his death made it easier to take.

Chapter Text

At 25 years old you can get your first heat. That’s when your body and mind have developed completely. Also, that’s the first time someone can react to any pheromones, making most people taking care of omega’s in heat someone under that age, or even better, a beta.

They were cases of an odd heat occurring at the stages of puberty, though, and it wasn’t uncommon, many people believed it to be a change in hormones.

Sinbad knew this, and knew what consequences being in heat could cause.

He still felt shocked and betrayed by his own body when the heat took over at the ripe age of 18.

It had been so...suddenly. His head swimming and sweat lightly coating his body as he stumbled to his room, falling onto the bed.


“Maybe if we had a toy, something we could please your hole with.” Ja’far mumbled, apparently not caring that he spoke in a vulgar way. Sinbad felt himself gag, Ja’far was gonna fuck him with a toy?

“If I remember did buy something of that calibre, right?”

“Drawer...” Sinbad mumbled, too ashamed to talk with his ass leaking transparent slick, all too exposed for the younger boy.

“Ah! It’s bigger than I thought.” Ja’far said, still too calm for Sinbad’s liking.


Ja’far didn’t respond, letting the large toy prod at Sinbad’s hole, pushing in without resistance. Ja’far might have commented on the arousing sight, but he stayed calm, to not embarrass Sinbad any further.

“Ooh~ right there-“ Sinbad moaned, rocking back his hips onto the toy.

“Does it...feel good?” Ja’far asked, his face aflame when he pulled out the large toy again, then he thrusted it in again.

“Yessss, right there! Fuck-“ Sinbad blabbered on, a drop of drool running down his chin, body flush and in undeniable heat. “Ja’far.”

Oh. Oh. Hearing Sinbad moan out his name in that...pleasure filled state did more to Ja’far than he would ever admit, knowing the man trusted him enough to do felt good.

“Sin...” Ja’far mumbled, body folding on top of Sinbad’s, nose nuzzling into the fall of purple hair, until his lips met with Sinbad’s nape.

Sinbad sucked in a sharp breath, cock pressed against the mattress, nipples hard and ass full of fake cock when Ja’far bit down on Sinbad’s nape.

The heat in him seemed to burst, from a slow ache to a full burning, his golden eyes tearing up and his cock spurting out cum, staining the sheets.

“Ja’far...?” Sinbad moaned out weakly, the blinding pleasure from his orgasm gone and instead there was only a normal after climax pleasure.

“You experienced an orgasm in heat, congratulations, I’ve heard they feel good.” Ja’far said, ignoring his own shamefully stiff cock in favour of pulling out the large toy.

“Is it...over?”

“It should be, yes.” Ja’far said, looking at the bloody bite mark, showing that Sinbad belonged to an alpha.

Belonged to him.

Ja’far shuddered, he knew he should feel bad, maybe some sort of pity, but the only thing he had in mind was his own stiff cock and Sinbad’s delicious scent coming back.

“Thank you, Jaffy.” Sinbad said, a bit of laugh in his tone.

“No worries...” Ja’far said shyly, leaving Sinbad only after getting him medicine, and seeing him curl up in a self made nest, prompting Ja’far to leave, and hurry to his room.

He felt his heart beat so hard it hurt, his thoughts only going to Sinbad, how he looked, how he had felt.

His cock had become flaccid again, thankfully, and he felt embarrassed by the whole ordeal.


It wasn’t until many, many years later, around 11 to be somewhat exact, that they outright mentioned it again.


“Ja’far.” Sinbad seemed tired, Ja’far noticed instantly, the bags under his eyes and the unkept hair.

“My king?”

“I need you bite me, again.” Sinbad said, so confident but still nervous.

“You need me to what?”

“The bite mark of a child wouldn’t last obviously. I want, no need you to mark me up again.”

“Sin. This is a pair mark we’re talking about! You can’t be saying such things-“

“Ja’far.” Sinbad said, hand slamming the desk. “I need you to make me yours. Take me, make me submit,” Sinbad gnashed his teeth, eyes not meeting Ja’far’s gaze, until he finally looked into those grey eyes. “Alpha.”

Now, Ja’far stood stunned, his kings words hitting him hard, reminding all too much of that incident, 11 years ago.

And, he did feel like he couldn’t be blamed if anything happened, knowing that only a someone with an extreme amount of self restraint would’ve been able to not fuck Sinbad in that moment.

Unfortunately, when it came to Sinbad, Ja’far didn’t have that.



“...the desk, bend over, now.” Ja’far said, his voice a bare whisper, taking off his hat and throwing it on the ground, it didn’t matter for the moment.

Sinbad seemed...hesitant.

“I’ll pull you by your fucking hair until you’re gagging on cock or it’s buried in your ass, and I can do it nicely or not, it’s up to you.” Ja’far said, his nerves in a fucking frenzy as he stared at Sinbad, the small amount of pheromones Sinbad spread enough to make him dizzy and go full assassin, or in this case, alpha.

“Y-yes.” Sinbad said, shrugging of his hat and hurrying over to the desk, bending over it.

Ja’far summoned one of his knives, cutting and ripping Sinbad’s clothes, leaving only the naked tanned skin untouched.

“You look beautiful Sin.”

“Just- bite.”

“I need to be in a rut and you in heat for it to fully work, so, are you going to be good?”

“I’ll be good for you.” Sinbad muttered, his body feeling warmer by the second, Ja’far brought his hand down, spreading apart Sinbad’s cheeks to see the slick.

Ja’far licked his dry lips, his cock getting harder as he groped the soft flesh of Sinbad’s ass.

“You’re being very vulgar today, Jaffy.”

“You look hot, and like a good fuckhole, how could I not be vulgar now?” Ja’far asked, hurrying to get these damn clothes of, stroking his cock with the precum formed at the flushed tip, leaning over Sinbad and nuzzling into his nape, gently pushing past the muscle for the second time in his life.

“Ja’far! I-“

“Shut up.” Ja’far had never, never felt so good as right now, cock buried deep in Sinbad’s ass.

Sinbad shut up without even thinking, listening to his alpha’s commands while humping back, wanting to feel the stretch more and more, that wonderful friction coupled with his heat making his eyes tear and his chest hurt.

Nothing had ever felt this good.

The hair under his hand begged to be pulled, even in his state he pulled it, body warm and mindlessly rutting down as he began kissing down Sinbad’s neck, lips lingering on his nape.

It might just have been his inner alpha, but Ja’far felt an absolute need to bite there, right there to seal their bond.

“Mates.” Ja’far mumbled, continuing to pound Sinbad against the desk for who knows how long.

“I love you.”

Ja’far stopped, the amount of slick and cum almost making him gag, the strong smell of sex wouldn’t go away for a long time.

“Love me?”

“Yeah.” Sinbad said, exhausted.

He didn’t know what to say. “...Thank you.”

Sinbad laughed.

“I want to do it on an actual bed, alpha.”

“I’m your mate now, don’t call me that.”

“I like you being the boss.”

Oh. “Oh.”

“So? What are you waiting for?” Ja’far could hear the smirk forming on his lips, and he wouldn’t have that.

Chapter Text

Kouen is always going to be grateful for Ja’far in moments like those.

Never, ever had Ja’far made a remark about him being an omega, whenever the topic came up he had always been respectful, careful and so, so kind.

Kouen found his own gratefulness for Ja’far to be over the top at times.

Ja’far being an alpha had never once been an issue for Kouen, he had never...paraded it like a few others he had seen do.

It made the sweet moments like this all the more good, knowing Ja’far wouldn’t make a single rude remark about him.

Though, a few teases always slipped of the sharp tongue Ja’far possessed.

He didn’t know when his nipples had turned so sensitive, they only needed a few pinches before they were hard, making them Ja’far’s favourite playthings.

Always when he found himself at work, in a normal shirt, Ja’far would creep up, talking with him so casually while tweaking his excited nipples with sharp nails, leaving the sharp spike of arousal after he left.

After his nipples, Ja’far’s favourite thing had too be Kouen’s cock, he didn’t know how many times a handjob or blowjob had been done under a desk, in the movies, at home, always admiring the shaft, the ridges and the colours of it all.

Kouen could feel his breath turn ragged, thinking of all of this.

Next, even if Kouen hates to admit it, Ja’far’s favourite thing to play with had to be his hole. Licking, fingering, toys or anything in between, every single thing Ja’far has done, admiring the shape and feel of it, before wrecking it.

At least, that was his guess. He didn’t actually know.

The door opened, revealing a smiling Ja’far.

“Hi En. How have you been?”

“Fine.” Kouen shrugged, tugging at the red ropes binding him to the bed.

“Your heat should come any minute now, love.” Ja’far mumbled, taking off his clothes in swift order.

“Can feel the heat already...” Kouen mumbled, enjoying Ja’far’s gentle hands splaying out on the bed, lips meeting his own.

“You can? Say when you’re ready, okay?” Ja’far said, eyes soft. He kissed Kouen again, hands stroking his hair, leaning unto the familiar touch easily.

“I’ll tell you.” Kouen mumbled, enjoying the attention Ja’far was giving him.

“They are already like this, you’ve played with them a lot.” Ja’far pinches the nipples.

His breathing grew ragged. “You are the one playing with them, don’t play dumb.”

“But you touch them too, you love it.” Ja’far smiled, leaning down and kissing Kouen’s chest, only breathing on the nubs.

A spike of arousal, fear and warmth shot through him.

“Heat.” Kouen said, but Ja’far already knew, the scent hitting him hard, making him nuzzle his face on Kouen, wanting more and more of that delicious scent.

“You smell amazing.”

His whole body was on fire, every single nerve crying out until Ja’far put his hands on Kouen thigh.

“You just need alpha cum, I’ll fix it in no time.” Ja’far said, face flushed as he hurried to get his cock out, knowing the heat made an omega desperate quickly.

“Hurry.” Kouen grunted, locking his legs around Ja’far’s waist, the cock sinking into him in short order.

“That’s what you need.” Ja’far said, head fuzzy. His eyes glued to his own flushed cock burying itself into Kouen’s dripping hole.

“Ja’far.” Kouen has never been much for talking, but today seems to be the exception.

En.” Ja’far moaned, feeling the muscle squeeze his cock, his arousal fuelled quickly by Kouen’s handsome face and the slick making his movements slippery.

Ja’far was glad that he had warned Sinbad that he might not have arrived for work for the coming week, all his time spent in the bedroom with Kouen, sleeping and hugging and trying to keep his heat down low.

Chapter Text

People interested him. Every colour, personality, shape or form.

That might have been why he noticed him so easily.

“Who is that? Pale kid, behind Sinbad?” Lo’lo asked Myron, who looked at him like he was stupid, which is usually what she thinks about him.

“That’s Ja’far, Sinbad’s right hand man, rumour has it he’s a former assassin possessing a short temper.” Myron whispered, trying to listen to what the king vessels were talking about.

“He’s hot.” Lo’lo stated. Myron sputtered, hitting him hard in his side, her hand hurting.

“Don’t go around saying such things-“


“Because it would be bad if he found out you of all people liked him!”

“Of all people...what are you saying Myron?” Lo’lo growled, and quickly hands were thrown, drawing attention.

“Maybe you shouldn’t fucking talk about using Ja’far as a fucktoy!” Myron shouted, no screeched. Making everyone stop and look at her.




Myron looked around, seeing that everyone had turned to her, making her cheeks flush a deep red.

Lo’lo either didn’t notice, or he ignored it. “I said that snowflake is hot, but that I wanted to fuck him.”

“It’s the same thing for you.”

“Well- yes! Guy probably has a soft fucking ass, look at him!” Lo’lo growled, pointing to Ja’far.

“You can’t just go around saying that!” Myron yelled again, her throat getting tired.

“I’m so, so sorry for them.” Mu said, apologising while Lo’lo and Myron continued to argue.

“Excuse me.” Ja’far said, he had stepped forward without anyone noticing, being a simple meter away from the arguing redheads. Up close he noticed both that Myron stood at almost his height, and that the man, Lo’lo if he had gotten the right information, stood a large amount over them, towering over them both. He must’ve been 2 meters by rough estimation.

“But please can you two argue later? Everyone has been disturbed, and I wouldn’t want for it to stay that way for long.” Ja’far said, smiling politely, his eyes closed. “And you,” he shifted slitted grey eyes to Lo’lo “keep your vulgarities to yourself, I wouldn’t want to have to cut out your disgusting tongue.” He hissed, much like a snake before he returned to his original stance, a quick bow and he was gone.

Lo’lo and Myron stayed silent, shocked and (for Myron) embarrassed. Lo’lo still kept his eyes on Ja’far, until he got the man alone at dinner, outside.

“Good evening, mister Lo’lo.” Ja’far said, sipping his tea, not even bothering to look at the arriving man.

“Uh..sure.” Lo’lo said, standing next to Ja’far in silence.

“The moon is’s pretty.” Ja’far said absentmindedly, staring up at the sky.

Lo’lo nodded, suddenly not knowing how to approach Ja’far, he didn’t know much about the man. Which hasn’t stopped him yet, but he felt that one misstep could lead to bloodshed.

“Stop overthinking things, please, it’s annoying.” Ja’far sighed, his thoughts racing more to why, why was this man talking to him?

“I’m not overthinking anything...” Lo’lo mumbled, his eye twitch, looking at Ja’far, noticing one small detail about his face he hadn’t seen earlier.

Ja’far had freckles.

Small dots around his nose, they fought Lo’lo’s eye and he without thinking reached out his hand.

“What are you doing?” Ja’far asked, his fingers grasping Lo’lo’s much larger hand, that had been stroking the freckles around his nose.

He blinked, pulling his hand away. “Sorry.”

“You’ve been acting odd since you came here, is there a reason? Do I make you nervous?” Ja’far asked, his voice too teasing to be serious. Lo’lo blinked again when Ja’far slid a pale hand under the toga he was wearing.

“Tell me, do I make you nervous?” Ja’far asked, smirking, feeling the hard muscle under his hand, the hot skin and ragged scars.

“Not really...”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure about having you in my bed.” Lo’lo said, taking Ja’far’s hand in a gentle grip.

Ja’far scoffed. “Of course you are.” Then his eyes widened. “Want me to suck your dick?”

Lo’lo wasn’t used being thrown of his game like this, but he nodded, them both hiding behind a pillar, still able to hear the chatter from the others.

It made it all the more exciting.

When he was done, Ja’far’s face had been coated in cum, licking his lips and showing Lo’lo the mess. He stood on shaky legs, feeling all too dirty to be here, eyes alight along with his body, sliding against Lo’lo with a whisper on his lips.

They shared a kiss, but then he found that Ja’far had disappeared from his grasp when he got called by Sinbad, face clean before he went back to the others.

Lo’lo stood there and panted, smirking to himself.

It had turned midnight when he saw Ja’far again. He shook him awake while he had been sleeping with the other Corps members in their assigned room.

“Ja’far?” Lo’lo mumbled, seeing the man sitting on top of him, grinding down.

“Everyone else is asleep, they won’t wake until sunrise.” Ja’far said with a certainty that made him shudder, grasping his hips to get better access.

His mind only thought about the others a few times, too busy with Ja’far’s whimpers and moans to think of much. Ja’far’s back arched, cumming over his own stomach. Lo’lo finished a short while after.

Pants rang out in his ears, and he slowly opened his eyes, to find a grinning Lo’lo above him.

“Round two?”

“Sunrise is soon...they’ll wake at sunrise.” Ja’far mumbled, grimacing at the pop sound that it made when he slid it the large cock, a sharp intake of breath accompanied it.

“See you later then.” Lo’lo mumbled, not feeling all too pleased about Ja’far leaving so soon. He didn’t let the man leave without a few good bites, making Ja’far fucking mewl.

Ja’far spent a few minutes simply stroking the muscular body, enjoying even more of that heat, leaving a kiss to his neck, humming softly. Lo’lo almost blushed at the odd show of affection.

“I’ll be happy...if I can see you another day.” Ja’far said, exhausted as he put on his clothes again, before leaving quietly.

“I’ll be happy too.”

Ja’far had right, everyone woke from their unnaturally deep slumber at sunrise, his friends asking why it smelled like sex, which Lo’lo had simply grinned at, the torn flesh making it look even more fiercer.

Chapter Text

There is something about the colour red that Ja’far loves. Nevermind that it is the only colour he could see, but it’s shade, the...he actually didn’t know how to describe it, but he had always loved it.

Maybe that’s why Masrur had caught his eye so easily, with flaming red hair, piercing ruby eyes and a large physique he stood out.

It had been Sinbad that he had confided in, about the sudden attraction to the man.

It had also been Sinbad that had forced him into a blind date, which he is currently waiting on.

The whole world is grey, Ja’far noticed. The people, streets, plants. Everything except the colour red. Red as in blood, sunsets, Masrur’s hair, roses, and a few other things. Those were the things that stood out to him, a speck of colour in the world.

“Stupid...I’ll ‘like’ him? How does Sinbad know that?” Ja’far sighed, tapping the concrete with his foot, looking at his phone.

A hand on his shoulder made him tense up, he turned quickly to see who did it, appearing face to face with a grey texture skin, as usual, and blinding red eyes, standing out in the monochrome world like fire on a grass plane.

“Ja’far.” Masrur rumbled, making Ja’far shiver, avoiding the beautiful eyes in embarrassment over himself.

“Masrur, what are you doing here?” He asked.

“I had a date. Blind date.”

He was either going to kiss or murder Sinbad when he got his hands on the man.

Chapter Text

Kouen had a lovely figure, the hidden but strong muscles, her battle scars and her eyes had to be Ja’far’s favourites.

Kouen knew this of course, showing off her wounded body for him, and him only, letting his hands drag over the skin when he wanted, which usually ended in a massage, or just a nice moment together.

“My empress.”

Kouen hummed, Ja’far’s hands calming her down more than anything ever had, squeezing her waist, her upper body bare except for her undershirt.


“Hmmm? I didn’t quite catch that.” Ja’far teased, kissing Kouen’s neck while she continued reading her scroll.

“Love.” Kouen mumbled, bringing him down for a kiss, making him chuckle against her lips, his hand stroking through her red hair.

Chapter Text

“J-Ja’far?” Sinbad asked, fighting against the ropes, his view blocked, he could only listen to Ja’far and Masrur.

“F-fuck-“ Ja’far chokes out, it sounded like Masrur had hit a good spot, moans and curses escaping him.

“Harder! Harder please!” Ja’far begged, the violent slap of skin getting louder.

Sinbad didn’t know how Ja’far could take someone as large as Masrur, and ask him to go harder.

The blindfold covering his eyes made him mad, but also more aroused, Ja’far’s screams and Masrur’s growls, the ragged sounding noises made him harder than he could ever remember being, his only desire was to join Masrur in abusing Ja’far.

When the noises stopped, Sinbad found himself released from the ropes and blindfold, seeing Ja’far’s smirking, sweaty face and Masrur’s ever stoic face.

“You liked it.”

“I did.”

Ja’far smiled, pushing Sinbad down on his back, tying him up again with swift hands, sliding down until he was curled up on Sinbad’s side, Masrur curled up on the other.

“Last time we worked you over for hours, you cried and begged before you cummed, want to do it again?” Ja’far asked, smiling as he bit down on Sinbad’s nipple, making him jerk.

“Or Masrur can just fuck you silly like the stupid slut that you are, and I’ll watch.” Ja’far said, fingers dragging over tanned skin, leaving long red lines and bite marks in his wake when he touched Sinbad.

“You are in a good mood I see.”

“Maybe? I want to see you bleed, Sin.” Ja’far said it in a calm, almost casual manner, sending a spike of fear down his spine, which in turn sent blood rushing south.

Masrur hummed, large hands sliding over Sinbad’s neck, his fingers thrumming over the pulse.

“And you want to fuck him hard.” Ja’far chuckled, saying the words so calmly that it almost scared Sinbad.

Masrur’s lips quirked, head burying in purple hair, he sniffed breathing in the scent of his lover.

“I don’t have much of a say what you are gonna do to me, do I?” Sinbad asked, a bead of sweat running down his body.

“Of course you dont! You like it when we force you into submission, so don’t fret over it.” He said cheerfully, slapping Sinbad hard.

“Can I?” Masrur asked, hands stroking Sinbad’s thighs.

“Go ahead.”

Masrur moved between Sinbad’s thighs, positioning his large cock against the hole, pressing in with a quick thrust.

Ja’far chuckled, sitting on top of Sinbad’s muscular chest, pressing his cock past Sinbad’s lips. The mouth engulfing him as usual.

Sinbad knew that this kind of thing would never happen with anyone else than Masrur and Ja’far, the only people he trusted when he got bound and fucked.

In the end, they all had a great time, even if Sinbad got a bit exhausted.

Chapter Text

Ja’far’s eyes never trailed far from Sinbad.

Sinbad, of course, notices this.

Every time Ja’far had his eyes on her she notices.

She had asked him once why, face flushed by wine, straps of clothing barely hanging on her.

“You’re fascinating.” He had told her. Sinbad remembers, remember the wound she’d gotten the morning after, a large bloody cut in the form of a J.

She hadn’t known what to think, back then, too shocked that someone, no, not ‘someone’, Ja’far, Ja’far had carved something in her.

She hadn’t known why, until a few years later, when Ja’far had tied her down, and continued where he had left off. Carving his entire name into her, along with other things she didn’t want to name.

Trickles of blood has escaped her, tainting the bed. She had passed out before passing away, though.


It had been Hinahoho that found her.

Bloody, bruised and with his son’s name carved into her, along with slut, whore, worthless, bitch, and lastly boring.

They had all seen it, disgusted looks when they saw the once tanned skin now pale, wounds so gruesome that the public never got the full details.

It had been Yamraiha, pulling the white sheet over their dead friend, and leader.

It had been Sharrkan, helping the magician with it, putting the pale corpse in a box.

It had been Spartos, praying over and over endlessly in his room.

It had been Drakon and Sahel, announcing Sinbad’s death.

It had been Pisti, staring blankly at the ground while she tried playing a tune on her flute, not being able to even after a year.

It had been Masrur, cursing Ja’far, his friend and brother, in the dark of night, even after the fires of the burial had died down.

It had been Ja’far, sitting not far from the burial, watching his family walk away, crying. Laughing to himself sadly, slipping away into the night, leaving only a single flower for his friends to find.

Chapter Text

Sinbad watched the servants at the party hurry around, ghosts really, serving everyone a goblet of wine, something to snack on.

His eyes didn’t stray far from his favourite god in there though.

Ja’far. Otherwise known as the god of killing, and snakes.

His hands hand always reached out for him, wanting to grasp the pale scaly skin.

“Don’t look to hard, I’ve heard he turns people to stone.”

“That’s a lie.” Sinbad mumbled, draining his cup in short order, watching Ja’far’s graceful movements.

“Maybe.” Sharrkan snorted, looking for a certain water nyphm himself.

Sinbad knew Ja’far didn’t want to talk to him, after what he’d done, but fuck, Ja’far is too pretty to not keep his hands on.

The goblet vanished as he walked through the crowd, appearing behind Ja’far when he is talking to another god, Kouen, god of fire and war.

“Jaffy~” Sinbad tapped him on the shoulder, earning a disgusted glare, and not those soft dark eyes he had the pleasure of seeing.

“Fuck off.”

“I haven’t seen you in forever, don’t talk like that.” Sinbad mumbled, brushing a white strand of hair behind Ja’far’s ear. Ignoring Kouen to his best ability.

“You, are a horrible god.”

“And you are a wonderful god.” Sinbad retorted, hugging Ja’far tightly, not letting the pale man’s fighting and squirming get in the way.

“My love.” Sinbad mumbled, making Ja’far calm down, his hands digging into the tanned flesh of Sinbad’s arms. It hurt.

“Don’t go around calling me that you cheating bastard.” Ja’far hissed, eyes digging into him. He might understand Sharrkan’s words of him turning to stone.

“I loved you once Sin, I won’t let it happen again.”

Chapter Text

Sinbad knew this wasn’t a good idea, knew not to do anything when drunk because it was a bad idea.

She had used red paint, over from one of her paintings, painted it in a sloppy ring, her knees and socks getting red spots on them.

When she had completed the pentagram she had taken the candles, lit them and put them by their respective star corner.

“Suem enimod, et ocov, tse odnum ni eauq silli xe siapoc sirbenet ilobaid repus ocov oge ocov oge.” Sinbad ranted, slurring her words as she spoke the chant.

A reason, she needed a reason too.

“Keep me alive.” It felt silly, but it might work.

Not a second later, she fainted.


Sinbad groaned, the light seeping in through the windows as she shifted underneath her blanket, pulling it over her head.

“You look disgusting.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Sinbad muttered. She couldn’t remember going home with anyone, at least not anyone that rude.

“You summon me, faint, and dare to look so fucking ugly. I should spit on you.”


Sinbad groaned again, steadily sitting up and looking for the person. “Listen here, I don’t know who you are but-“

Oh. Well that was a surprise.

A man stood at the end of the couch she had slept on, looking over it with a bored expression. Horns poking out from somewhere in the white mess that probably was his hair. But Sinbad wasn’t about to judge a demon for what colour their hair was. At least not verbally.

“I can read your mind, Sin.” The demon said, sighing and standing up right, digging for something in his trouser pockets.

“You summoned me, Sin. Tell me, why?” The demon asked, a white button up shirt hanging loose over his body.

Sinbad’s mouth gaped open, smudged lipstick and and wide golden eyes.

“You’re not used to demons in your house I’m guessing?”

Sinbad closed her mouth and shook her head.

“I guess I can’t blame you, we don’t show up for dinner exactly.” The demon said, sitting down on the couch, looking into Sinbad’s eyes.

“My name is Ja’far, for the time being, nice to meet you.” Ja’far drawled our the words, crossing his legs. Lifting a hand to Sinbad’s hair, twirling a part of it between his fingers.

“I’ll be at your service.” Ja’far had sharp teeth, showing when he smiled, as he did now.

“Can you do my paperwork?”

“I already hate you.”

Sinbad sat silently, not really noticing, or caring that she had managed to take off all her clothes during sleeping.

“I thought you would have something I could do, maybe kill someone, not do your paperwork.” Ja’far said, staring at Sinbad, hands on his crossed knees.

That snapped Sinbad out of the trance she had gotten herself into. “I don’t like killing people.” She said, frowning.

“Too bad, it’s my favourite thing.” Ja’far said, lips curling into an evil smile.

“Can’t you...leave?” Sinbad said, scoffing and turning away from Ja’far.

“No, I have to fulfil my contract.” He stated simply, still staring at her.

“...’keeping me alive’?”


“This is turning out worse than I thought.” Sinbad groaned, laying down on the couch again, pulling the blanket over her again, leaving her feet naked.

“You’re a witch, you should know about the magic system.”

“I do, I just...I was drunk okay?” Sinbad sighed, knowing full well what was expected of her, the high witch.

“Not really an excuse, Sin.” Ja’far’s use of her nickname was already creeping her out. Demons, they never respected boundaries.

“Okay, it was my fault, but now that I’m sober, I can say that you’re allowed to fuck off.”

“I can’t until I have fulfilled my contract.” Ja’far sneered, scratching his horns before stretching, sitting down next to her on the couch.

Sinbad watched warily before Ja’far in a second scratched a line down her foot, stealing a drop of blood, tasting it.

“Ah...well.” Ja’far mumbled, eyes dilating. “That’s interesting.”

“Away from me, thou foul demon what the fuck!” Sinbad rambled, kicking around him, ready to hiss a curse before he had her pinned down, something she wasn’t expecting.

“Can you stop being so annoying?” Ja’far flicked his tongue, the snake like tongue dangerously close to her pulse. “You’re...interesting. I’ll stay for a while, don’t forget that in here, ‘kay?” Ja’far hissed, his whole body shifting, transforming into a large wrinkling cobra that sat on her chest.

“I have work later-“

“I’ll sit in your bag...” Ja’far hissed, slithering away, knowing which bag she usually took with her.

Sinbad sat dumbfounded, eyes wide. Had she really been stupid enough to summon a demon? A strong demon too? She had really gotten herself into trouble now, hadn’t she?

Chapter Text

It hurt.

His cock was sensitive, as any other guys, and Masrur’s large calloused hands were now squeezing it, making him moan, before it quickly turned into agonising pain.

“Mas- rur-“ Sinbad hissed between gasps, his fingernails digging into the hard muscle of Masrur’s body, banging his fists against it, tears falling from his eyes.

“Sin.” Masrur said, calm and stoic as ever when he crushed Sinbad’s cock between his hands, Sinbad screamed, shouts tearing from his throat.

Masrur thought it was beautiful.

Sinbad laid, unconscious, body crumpled in pain when Masrur decided to rip Sinbad’s cock and balls clean off, blood spurting.

He laid the mashed up flesh on a table near him, running soothing hands down Sinbad’s back. Quickly cleaning and bandaging the areas that he could Masrur smiled, knowing Sinbad wouldn’t be able to cheat on him again, no man would be better than Masrur, and he couldn’t fuck a woman anymore, so it worked out.

Those were his thoughts before he sunk into a comfortable sleep, only waking to take Sinbad to the medical bay.

He was sure Ja’far’s knew what had happened, but the others didn’t suspect anything, and he noticed Ja’far’s coy smile. Ja’far was happy with his work.

Chapter Text

If Ja’far could one thing about herself it would be the assets that connected to her gender.

Her chest hurt, and it was in the way. Her period was also in the way (she cursed what being had thought of such an...unusually sadistic function.)

Everything about being a woman was annoying to her, the idea that she was weaker, dumber than someone of the opposite gender made her scoff. Gender didn’t matter unless it was maybe in childbirth and the makings of a child.

Even Sinbad, smart as he could be, thought women were...not suited for battle, which in her eyes, an assassin pretty much from birth, in her eyes it was stupid.

It didn’t matter how many times she thought about it, it was annoying.

Everything about being a woman was annoying.

Another thing that was annoying had to be how nearly everyone was good looking, Nevermind that she didn’t care for any romantic relationships but why was everyone even a crumble of good looking? Maybe it was because everyone had their own unique charms?

She thought it must be that as she sighed, returning to her paperwork, tugging on the thin cloth that wrapped around her chest. Enjoying her work for once before Vittel arrived, crying about something before he stopped, commenting on the binder being noticeable.

She tried adjusting it, but it was still noticeable. Vittel helped.

“It looks good now!” Vittel said, smiling, knowing how important keeping her chest flat actually was for Ja’far.

Chapter Text

Lo’lo knew that if he could get his hands on the fucker that planned the summit one half week from mating season, he would tear them apart.


He sighed, Fanalis of all people got into heat a bit earlier, and it lasted a bit longer. Lo’lo had learned that over the years that he was odd, having his cycle be longer, but it seemed to be just another Fanalis thing.


It wouldn’t be as bad, having a half-hard cock in the middle of dinner after having the tiny magician show them part of Alma Torran, but Myron was being aggressive, meaning she was in heat too, not that he couldn’t tell from the smell.


“Lo’ bastard.” Myron said, clenching her thighs together, face flushed.

“How am I the bastard here?”

“Because you are.” Myron said, scrambling up, looking for the shortest way to her room, only seeing multiple people from different countries instead.

“Oh shut the fuck-“ Lo’lo grunted, but
before he could finish Mu appeared.

“Myron.” Mu calmly said, but worry still laced his tone.

“Brother... I-I’m very sorry.”


“You’re young, no wonder your went into heat early, but this is a problem.” Mu said, eyes panicked. He looked over to Lo’lo, instantly his alpha side wanted to protect Myron from him, but he tried keeping it down. He ushered Myron away from the main halls, hiding her as much as he could, disappearing from sight.


Lo’lo would’ve loved that Myron would be the last cute thing he wanted to put his dick into that night, but no.


Sinbad’s adviser leaned down from behind the couch he was sitting on, asking if it was ‘okay’ for her to sit there.


He said yes, and she smiled, sitting down next to him with her fingers splaying across her thighs. She looked at the wall the couch was facing.


“Is the evening going well for you, Mister Lo’lo?” Ja’far asked, her grey eyes catching his red ones.


His body shifted. “Yeah? I guess.” He shrugged, eyes going over her body, noticing of course how small she was.


Which, to be honest, only turned him on more.


He hoped that her attentive eyes wouldn’t see the slowly and small rising tent, he wore that skirt armour for a reason after all, it usually hid an erection quite well.


But of course her gaze flicked there, her cheeks instantly filling with a pretty pink blush.


“I do hope...that I’m not disturbing.” Ja’far said, and Lo’lo couldn’t quite help the twitch of his eye.


He leaned down, his nose almost touching hers, her view got engulfed in his barbaric image, breath ragged.


“Oh lil missy you weren’t disturbing, but If you want to help...” Lo’lo said, his words on the edge of a growl.


His words sent a shiver running through her and she looked around them, making sure there weren’t any witnesses.


Then she slipped her hand under his skirt.


Lo’lo could laugh, her small hand fumbling around, until she felt the shaft of his cock. He felt sorry for her, when her face went completely red, gaze going to her other hand, feeling around and stroking him, much to Lo’lo’s enjoyment.


Lo’lo chuckled, leaning down again, his breath lingering over her ear when he spoke.


“You little voyeurism enjoying slut.” He growled, knowing that if she was an omega, she would react in pleasant ways.


And oh, she certainly did.


She sat still, but Lo’lo could of course smell the wonderful scent escaping her, it was so light, he almost didn’t notice it, but he did, and it made him buck into her hand, one of his own large and calloused hands circling her waist, bringing her face close to his chest.


“Alpha...” Ja’far mumbled, breathing in the thick and heavy scent lingering around Lo’lo.

“Don’t fucking stop your hand now.” Lo’lo growled again, watching Ja’far shivering and tremble.

“Y-yes...” obviously his pheromones weren’t only affecting him, but her too. She sped up her hand, the precum making her hand slick.


She couldn’t believe it. Heat travelled in her body, she could already feel the slick dribbling down, his scent and warmth and even his fucking presence was making it worse.


Damn it.


“You okay there?” Lo’lo grunted, thrusting up into her small hand that couldn’t even be fully wrapped around his cock.

“No.” Ja’far mumbled, pressing up closer to Lo’lo, slipping with her hand on his large cock before he cummed.


She gasped, taking away her hand, bringing it to her mouth and licking it off.


Well that’s certainly a sight he wouldn’t forget.


He looked around again, nobody but the other Fanalis seemed to take notice, but he didn’t care, slipping a large arm around her waist.


“Let’s take this somewhere else, can’t have you writhing on me in public.” Lo’lo whispered, teeth teasing the skin on her neck.


“The clearing near the beach.” Lo’lo whispered, noticing the grins from his Corps members. He grinned back, wasting no time with pulling Ja’far out of that boring dinner.


He dragged her all the way into a clearing between a few trees, the beach and the dark, gulping water being visible from there.


“You’ve had sex standing up, right?” Lo’lo asked, swiftly picking her up, holding her in strong arms, her legs around his waist, their crothes rubbing together.


“One time-“


He let his hand rip or her underwear, finding that she didn’t have anything else on, he pushed his fingers in.

“Lo’lo...” Ja’far moaned, her arms holding tight around his neck when he fingered her, coming back with wet fingers.

“Seriously, didn’t think you would enjoy that this much.” Lo’lo chuckled, holding her steadily and freeing his cock, pushing her down in short order, her breath pushed out of her.

“You’re...large.” She mumbled, feeling the thick head push inside, her small body clinging to him like a koala.

“Better get used to it.” Lo’lo said, focusing on being gentle, not wanting to hurt her, not too much at least.


Maybe, she thought bitterly, maybe I’ll get used to the Fanalis soon.

Her moans could be heard in the clearing, the gulping water was louder though, and it drowned out the sounds.

Lo’lo couldn’t help looking down at Ja’far’s flushed face, pressed in his shoulder when he bounced her on his cock, watching her squirm and pant in his grasp.

He grinned, loving the feeling of her tight cunt squeezing down on him. She was just so tiny, so small compared to him and that stirred the fire in him easier than ever.

He pressed her up a tree, being able to go harder now, harder and faster into her. She was crying, for gods sake, crying and her face flushed when he bit down on her neck, not far from where a pair mark should be.

It was then he noticed something odd. His knot.

He couldn’t pull out, his knot pretty much chaining him to her, and he rocked his hips in quick thrusts, ignoring the look of shock from Ja’far before he felt himself spilling inside her.

“Y-your knot-“ Ja’far stammered, but before she could finish the tree she was pressed up against got punched, the wood breaking apart under Lo’lo’s fist. He growled, an once of fear spiking up her spine.

“Fucking hell.” He mumbled. Lo’lo sat down, Ja’far perched in his lap.

“Is this because Fanalis are earlier to go into the mating cycle?” Ja’far asked carefully, wiping her teary eyes, feeling kinda embarrassed when she sat on Lo’lo.

“So you do know about it? But yeah, that’s why I accidentally knotted you.” Lo’lo sighed, twirling Ja’far’s hair between his fingers, enjoying the spark of enjoyment coming from her being so close.

“I understand.” Ja’far said, head resting on Lo’lo’s broad shoulders, humming softly.


Lo’lo found that the song she hummed sounded nice, it calmed his nerves. Until a shout of his name came, closer to the clearing than he would like.


Mu hadn’t expected to find his friend nestled in between the trees, having Sinbad’s adviser tucked neatly on his lap.

Oh, why couldn’t his days be calm, and not having affairs and scandals running around?

Chapter Text

Ja’far loved to cuddle with Masrur. Really, to feel the man’s arms wrapping around him, shamelessly showing of that ridiculous strength had always been wonderful.

But not today Satan, thank you.

Why god had decided to make today so mercilessly hot, Ja’far didn’t know, but cuddling with a hot, living furnace was never going to be on his bucket list in warm whether.

But obviously said living furnace wanted to cuddle.

Masrur pulled the half naked Ja’far to him, ignoring the man’s flailing and kept a steel grip around him.

“Maaaaaaaaasrur it’s fucking hot leave me aloooooone.” Ja’far cried, taking having absolutely zero strength to even jokingly fight against the Fanalis.

Masrur stayed silent, the bastard. Ja’far panted, sweat coating his back before he let the heat fucking killing him because his bastard living furnace for a boyfriend had taken him, and his heart as a hostage.

Chapter Text

Morgiana was strong, as any other Fanalis, and Ja’far couldn’t help being impressed with her focus, her inner strength and bravery.

He felt bad, seeing her chase after Alibaba, even knowing he would have done the same for Sinbad.

Resting his hands on her face he brushed out a few strands of her pretty red hair, stroking her flushed cheeks with his pale thumb.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulder, the thin white fabric barely holding in place while he showed the way, bringing them into a fluid dance, one of they both could enjoy the movements.

After that, Ja’far noticed her red eyes lingering over him longer than before, until she had him in her arms many years later, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips, before running off, leaving him alone.

Chapter Text

Judar pushes against Ja’far’s robes, thinking that they were more in the way than anything.

Ja’far stared still, hand trailing through untied raven black hair, his other holding the younger man close, lips crushing against the others.

“Can’t even kiss properly...” Ja’far mumbled before licking Judar’s red painted lips, smudging it.

“Fuck you freckles.”

“Mmm I know you want to.” Ja’far chuckled, pulling Judar down again, pinning him to the bed with strong hands.

“Hey-“ Judar got cut off again, Ja’far being more forceful than usual, tongue dipping inside the others mouth, tasting the sweet peach taste lingering in the Magi’s mouth.

“Don’t want to hear you talk.” Ja’far growled, pulling black hair between his fingers, tongue disappearing from the others mouth, gliding along Judar’s ear, teasing the shell of it with teasing nips.

Judar writhed, pressing his bare chest against Ja’far’s, enjoying the sensation of Ja’far nipping and biting him. Positively marking him.

“Bastard...” Judar mumbled, Ja’far’s hand going down the lines of his body, leaving his skin aching for more.

“Shut your mouth.” Ja’far said, hands painfully squeezing Judar’s sides, earning both gasps and moans.

“Yes Ja’far.” Judar said, displaying a more...submissive approach to their little game.

Chapter Text

If there is something Sinbad didn’t like, it had to be Ja’far’s endless nagging.

Marriage, marriage and marriage is the constant topic. Shouldn’t a marriage be formed when you loved someone? Sinbad for his part had never felt any need, or want for anything particularly romantic. Friendships suited him fine.

The thought of a lover didn’t...didn’t suit him right. Why there is such a need for everyone to find a lover was beyond him.

“We have been waiting long enough Sin, you need a wife. An heir.” Ja’far sighed, putting a heap of scrolls on the table.

Sinbad scoffed. “Why do I need a wife when I have you?” Sinbad asked. He’d take Ja’far’s loyalty and friendship over romance any day.

Ja’far stood stunned, face quickly earning a red tint.

“I need those scrolls finished by tomorrow, don’t slack off.” Ja’far stormed out of his office, leaving a chuckling Sinbad in his place.

Chapter Text

Judar has given up.

He had no arms, no legs, no skin on his dick and wounds along his entire body. Grotesque burn marks made with hot steel that had pressed on his body, most often his nipples.

Now, a large J had been burnt into his fair skin.

Judar knew now that Ja’far liked his knifes more than anything, he had gotten rid of Judar’s lips after all, he didn’t know how he looked, fuck, he didn’t want to know, but the skin over his teeth had been torn and ripped and got off, force fed to him earlier. Teeth thereafter pulled out by tongs.

He didn’t want to even think of what the psycho had done to his limbs before, it hurt too much to even think.

The psycho had plucked his hair, choked him with it while forcing his pale cock into Judar’s unprepared hole, tearing it.

And Ja’far had laughed while doing it.


Because he had managed to teach Judar to follow his masters commands, Ja’far’s commands. Ja’far wanted him to like it, so he liked it.

Ja’far hadn’t bitten of Judar’s tongue yet, mainly because without it he couldn’t give a good blowjob.

“Slut, are you ready for today’s playtime?” Ja’far said. Judar couldn’t see him, but he could certainly hear him, even if his ears were swollen from hitting. Ja’far was dragging something heavy.

“Do you know who that is?” Ja’far asked. It took Judar a moment to understand that Ja’far was talking to someone else, another prey caught in this cage.

“Judar...” Hakuryuu’s defeated voice rang out through the room. It would’ve made Judar cry, if he had any eyes left.

“It is! You recognised him instantly! You must’ve had quite the connection.” Ja’far cheered, and Hakuryuu hit the floor.

“Your useless cocksucking loving bitchboy boyfriend behaved like a brat, so he got punished a few times, you don’t want the same treatment, do you?” Ja’far spat, and Judar could feel the anxiety spike, not Hakuryuu, anyone but Hakuryuu.


“Have you had a cock up your ass?” Ja’far asked bluntly. And Judar fainted.

He woke up later by screams, Hakuryuu’s screams.

“Can you feel it?! Fucking slut!” Ja’far yelled out in joy, the brutal skin slapping made Judar want to throw up, helplessly fighting against his bonds, fighting against his own despair more than anything.

The skin slapping ended when Ja’far groaned passionately, but Hakuryuu’s gasps and yells of pain didn’t stop.

“It was a few needles, don’t whine too much.” Ja’far scoffed.

Judar could feel his conscious floating, it felt like his hand reached out to Hakuryuu, wanting to pull the boy to his feet and fly away from this nightmare.

“You look pretty Hakuryuu...I wonder, do you have a wife yet? Or would I work? It would be amazing taking you away from your lover.” Ja’far said, ignoring Hakuryuu’s cries.


Judar fainted again.


After that, he woke up with someone on his bed.

A hand stroked his face, and he instantly knew who it was. A pit of worry but also relief built in his stomach.

“Judar...” Hakuryuu sounded weak, tired. Judar wondered what Ja’far had done to him.

“I couldn’t find you, so I wanted to go search for you. I never thought...” Hakuryuu began, being careful with touching Judar’s messed up face.

“Missed you too..” Judar sighed, his voice broken and torn since long ago.

A heavy silence rested over them, and Judar actually enjoyed it. He couldn’t see, couldn’t move, but he could feel, feel and hear.

The knowledge that Hakuryuu was there made him sleep peacefully, not fearing the tomorrow for the first time in what felt like forever. He had his kings vessel to hang on to, a hope to hang on to.

For days Hakuryuu talked through the pain he received, telling Judar about what had happened while he was gone, how they would be able to fix this. Fix him.

But, as quickly as that hope appeared, it got snatched away.

When he woke up, he didn’t find Hakuryuu’s warm hands squeezing his, not his sweet voice murmuring his name.

There wasn’t a Hakuryuu there.

He called out, only to hear Ja’far answer.

“Oh yeah! I wanted you and Hakuryuu to have a last farewell, so be patient, you get to meet him soon enough.” Ja’far said, coming back later with a wheelchair he used for Judar quite frequently.

“This is Haku, can you guess which part?”

Judar felt uneasy, having Hakuryuu’s body parts touch his scarred flesh.

“His arm.”

“Correct! And this?”



“His...” Judar stooped, he had no idea what he was feeling, but it felt like a thick weird rope.

“Don’t know~? Too bad.” Ja’far’s tone always got more playful the longer these games went on.

Judar couldn’t hear anything, only deafening silence when Ja’far put this object around him, wrapping it around his neck.

“It’s his intestines.” Ja’far said, cruelly and dark while he pulled.<\I>

The last thing Judar thought of, was Hakuryuu, and then, his conscious fading again, this time for good.

Chapter Text

He had never expected the the quiet and stoic Masrur from Sindria would get a lover there in Reim.

And nevermind that he was Masrur’s lover.

The younger man had tugged on his heartstrings as soon as he arrived, as much muscle as anyone else there but without the rough exterior or attitude.

But Lo’lo’s more-than-liking-him began when he had seen the man with his sister, Lo’li.

Lo’li has always been a happy kid, full of excitement. She loved to chatter despite the small troubles she did have with it.

He had been searching for her before sensing her scent deep in the woods, and had ran after it, finding her perched on Masrur’s chest, the man sleeping while she talked about her day.

The relief that had washed over him quickly turned into fascination, the way that Masrur didn’t mind her problems while talking, or her endless chatter even while he didn’t utter a single word.

“Stop staring”. Masrur mumbled from where he laid, opening his eye before closing it again.

Lo’lo stood kinda awkwardly before landing next to Masrur, his sister greeting him cheerfully and telling him about how good Masrur was at listening to her.

He stared in a shocked silence at Masrur’s face, noting for the first time the gentle but strong features that the younger one had.

His sister pulled on his arm, asking him something he answered absentmindedly.

Masrur actually looked up at him, posture lazy and relaxed, and those lips his gaze had been glued to curved into a smirk.

It might’ve been there where Lo’lo realised he wanted more more than a comradeship with Masrur.

One of the few times he’d been glad he was wrong at first.

Now, it seemed foreign to only think of Masrur as a friend when he had the other man pressed flush against the wall, their lips pressing together, fumbling a little, both of them not caring about being gentle, but a few groans escaped more than once.

“I can understand why that pale pipsqueak from Sindria wanted you to stay so bad, I wouldn’t be able to leave you alone for a second.” Lo’lo chuckled, letting Masrur take the lead in their kissing session.

Chapter Text

Ja’far had never thought much of it, the two of them sleeping in the same bed.

Kouen didn’t seem to mind either, always stroking Ja’far’s back, always encouraging Ja’far to come over, welcoming him into his apartment.

“You never tire of this, do you?” Kouen asked.

Ja’far snuggled closer to the other man who was reading a book.

“I like being here.” Ja’far mumbled, yawn after yawn escaping him, his eyes teary when he tried ignoring the light from the desk lamp.

“You fit better here than anywhere else.”

“I do, but sometimes I wonder if I should leave, just to let you pine.” Ja’far said, drying off a tear gliding down his cheek.

“You’d make my poor heart break.” Kouen mumbled, finally turning off the lamp and laying the book aside, letting Ja’far fully enjoy the man’s attention.

It felt good, to lay there and just enjoy the touches and cuddles they gave each other, until Ja’far finally did fall sleep, Kouen in his arms and body pressed flush against the other.

Chapter Text

I still wasn’t used to it here, even after three years spending time with Sin.

It was different from Sham Lash.

I was still alerted by loud noises, still on guard by a single leaf singling through the winds, still scared that they would find me.

My knives, the ones hanging at the end of my red wires glinted in the light, inviting me to use them.

I don’t remember exactly when I started, but it continued over the years.

It wasn’t until Sinbad found me, with my trousers of embarrassingly enough, carving small lines into my thighs.

He had frozen, before running over, holding my smaller hands away from my skin, hindering me from using my knife.

I don’t remember why I started, it might have simply been my own fascination.

Sinbad looked over the wounds, and cringed. He found a blanket that he pulled over me, hoisting me up in the air before sprinting to the medical bay.

It was a women that cleaned my wounds, and bandaged them, even if I could’ve done it myself, but I was still grateful.

Sinbad had sat not far from there, leaving me and the woman alone.

After I came back from the bandaging (with the blanket wrapped around me) he began bombarding me with questions.

lots of them were just why, why did you do cut yourself?

I couldn’t answer that question, because I didn’t even know. My best guess would be curiosity, or maybe just because I could.

“I don’t know.” I answer, because that’s the truth, I don’t want to lie to Sin.

Sinbad frowned, but didn’t ask anything else. He carried me to my room again, despite my weak protests.

He hadn’t said anything to anyone either, to my surprise, but it made things easier if nobody else knew.

It had been years since then, but I still brought out my daggers at odd moments. Though, now Sinbad and Masrur knew about it. I had confided in Hinahoho too, and in that friendly way he had told me that I should at least try to stop.

Maybe I should.

But now it felt good, the aching, burning pain, and the undeniable rush of pressing the knife on my skin, trying to make the blood come out.

Maybe I would be considered a crazy person in the eyes of many, but I couldn’t help it, in a few years my body had small blueish scars all over it.

I couldn’t stop.

Chapter Text

Ja’far didn’t hate her masters, far from it.

Her masters were nice, they gave her food, clothing, a place to sleep and additional freedom around the mansion, even outside of cleaning.

Despite being vampires they took good care of her, not drinking a drop of her blood, because she had declined their requests.

Of course, if they wanted to they could easily force her, plunging their fangs into her neck even if she screamed and begged for them to stop.

A shiver went down her arms, making her cold. But her blood became warmer.

She looked around the large kitchen, no one alive worked there, only ghosts. She could go through without disturbing them too much, but she worked around them as swiftly as she could, broom swiping over the checkered marble floor.

She hurried over there, mentally crossing off that room from her list.

The only room she had left was the entertainment room, where both her masters were currently.

She swallowed around the lump in her throat, and went up the stairs into the large room filled with games, board games, chess, billard, poker, and her personal favourite if she actually was in that room: darts.

She knocked on the large mahogany door, opening and bowing to her two masters.

“Ja’far! We were waiting for you.” Sinbad said, winking from where he sat across from Kouen, involved into a heated battle of chess.

A shudder tore down her spine. They had been waiting for her? “I’m so sorry I kept you waiting, Master.” Ja’far bowed, earning a cold stare from Kouen and a frown from Sinbad.

“Sin and En works fine, and please raise you head up, Love.” Sinbad said.

“Put the broom aside and come here.” Kouen said, gesturing for the seat beside his.

Ja’far lifted her large fluffy skirt, sitting down next to him, grey eyes drawn to the chess board, Sinbad was leading, but there was a way Kouen could take the win.

But instead of continuing their match, Kouen slipped his arm around her. Both men were looking at her.

“I was wondering, what made you give of that wonderful scent before? I could sense it all the way here.” Sinbad murmured, hand in his hand as he watched her with dark golden eyes.

“True, wanted to go down there and take you over the counter.” Kouen said, nipping her ear with a sharp fang, not enough to draw blood, but it hurt, a good kind of hurt.

“We can’t touch her.” Sinbad said.

“Not doing anything wrong.” Kouen growled, sending another sharp shiver down her body, it was warm and ah...

“Aroused so quickly...are you a virgin? Certainly seems like it.” Sinbad asked bluntly, standing up, falling down on the couch with the other two, pressing Ja’far between them.

“We can’t touch her like that without her permission, but other touches are fine, right Love?” Sinbad mumbled, his eyes darkening with lust. He grinned, sharp fangs glinting in the light.


“W-wait a second please-“ Ja’far said, holding her hands in front of her, to no avail when they began scratching her pale skin with their fangs.

“We’ve been waiting for a few years now, I think it’s time to enjoy this delicious meal.” Kouen mumbled, his hands were on her hips, she pressed her back into his chest, and he grinned, happy with her touch.

It felt good, having them crawl over her, wanting her, needing her even. Her cheeks were flushed, along with Sinbad’s, while he undid her many layers of clothing.

He took off her apron, then her blouse, leaving the bindings visible on her chest. He left only the last skirt layer, leaving her shuddering.

“Hmmm, I wonder, you seem to be enjoying this.” Sinbad murmured, a hand stroking her chin gently before his lips were on hers.

Her eyes went wide before they closed, accepting Sinbad’s sinful act without hesitation.

“To taint a young that was long ago.” Sinbad mumbled.

“I thought you wouldn’t touch me...”

“I changed my mind.”

“Bedroom?” Kouen asked, already pulling Ja’far up from her seat, throwing her thin clothes over his shoulder.

Ja’far was pretty much dragged into their bedroom. In the middle of the room stood a bed, large enough to fit five people.


“Just shut up.” Kouen growled, already annoyed that they weren’t already naked.

Everything after went so quickly, her clothes were taken off from her body’s and then their hands were on her, and Sinbad’s mouth too.

Kouen was busy sucking marks into her neck and playing with her breasts when Sinbad went down on her, tongue expertly playing with her cunt, making her wail and pull him closer with her legs.

It felt so dirty, so wrong to be doing this but if that wasn’t making her hotter—

She was on the brink of her beautiful orgasm when Sinbad pulled away, and her eyes pleaded, but Sinbad only smirked, pulling out his cock, Kouen doing the same, forcing her down on the bed, face so close to Sinbad’s crotch that she could already smell it.

“You know how to suck cock right?~ wouldn’t want to have maid that can’t service her masters.”

Kouen ignored them, fingers pressing into her and stretching before pulling them out, replacing them with his cock.

“I won’t go slow.” Kouen warned her, before filling her in one smooth thrust.

She would’ve yelled, if Sinbad hadn’t already forced her mouth down on him, making her gag efficiently.

“Sloppy, but it works.” Sinbad muttered, flush coating his cheeks when he began fucking her throat faster, while Kouen was simply enjoying the sensations of it all, while Sinbad enjoyed Ja’far’s teary and flushed face.

Ja’far’s vision blurred, and she laid back, sucking Sinbad while Kouen fucked her easily, and she didn’t even notice when it all ended, only that a short lasting moment of arousal hot her when she climaxed.

“Well, I won’t judge your odd role play ideas after this Kouen.” Sinbad said, pulling Ja’far to his naked body.

“Maybe we can dress up her in the maid costume again? Or maybe as a slave?” Kouen mumbled, joining the two of them in their hugging pile.

“I didn’t expect it to be so fun.” Ja’far said, laughing. “Me pretending to be your maid, it gave off an interesting sense of submission.”

“Mmm, if you want we’ll do whatever you want you know~ our dear lover.”

Ja’far smiled, sharp fangs showing. “Thank you.” She kissed him in the cheek, enjoying their warmth before she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text

Ja’far wouldn’t deny his excitement for touching things.

He had always wanted to poke, touch and just...fiddle with things. Usually his knives were the victim for this habit but at times his hair and clothes became dragged into it as well.

One of the latest things he had begun to poke wasn’t an object, but a person.


Yamraiha had been his victim for squeezed and touches for some time now, but only because she didn’t seem to mind his mindless poke on her arm or thigh.

She usually liked it, it seemed so at least. And the cuter her reactions got Ja’far couldn’t help but tease her.

“Ja’far?” Yamraiha watched when Ja’far began to touch her face again, squeezing her cheeks with glee.


“We have a meeting we need to be at.” Yamraiha said, her cheeks flushing red, Ja’far’s hands traveling lower, to her arms, flopping them around. And then, he moved on to her waist.

“We can skip.”

“...I never thought I would hear that from you.” Yamraiha said. Ah, but Ja’far’s hands felt good, gently squeezing her waist.

Ja’far scoffed. “I’m the only one that takes those meetings seriously.” Ja’far said, hands fascinated with her very slender waist, but also the pattern on the shells she wore.

“That tickles.”

“It does?” Ja’far asked curiously, poking at the shells with his nails, earning a faint sound, it sounded like he was poking glass.

“It does, a bit.” Yamraiha said, watching Ja’far now, when he looked at her with a playful gleam in his eyes.

“You always want to touch there.” Yamraiha huffed, taking off her shells, guiding his hands, letting his large hands slip over her chest.

“If you’re okay with it.” Ja’far mumbled, the flush rising on his pale, freckled cheeks.

“Today is...fine.”

“Good.” Ja’far smiled, the colour on his cheeks getting brighter when he squeezed her chest. Feeling the softness under his hands form under his touch.

“I’m surprised you can keep your hands off yourself, I can’t go a day without fiddling with my own fingers or flesh.” Ja’far said, still teasing her breasts between his careful fingers, tenderly watching her reactions and expressions, noticing if there was some touches she liked more than other touches.

“That’s because you love to touch things—“ Yamraiha squirmed, shutting her mouth, hindering a moan when Ja’far twists her nipple under the pad of his index and thumb.

“I love to touch you.” Ja’far chuckled, mouthing a kiss to her neck. It felt right, even if they were skipping out on a meeting, it felt right to enjoy themselves, to be with one another.

“I know you do, pretty much everyone knows.” Yamraiha huffed, her arms locking behind his neck.

“That’s because you’re too pretty to not keep touching.” Ja’far kept groping her, curious even after dozens of times of touching her, still curious about her reactions and her enjoyment.

“S-Sinbad said something similar.”

Ja’far froze.

“He did?”

“Yeah...I evaporated the water of his skin.”

Ja’far laughed, easing into her touches again.

“Would’ve done it myself if you hadn’t.” Ja’far’s mumbled, kissing her neck once again, leaving her chest to venture lower, feeling the soft texture of skin under his hands.

“You would’ve stabbed him.” Yamraiha looked down at him, smiling, big blue eyes staring into grey, only a quick second before she closed them.

“You’re right.” Ja’far murmured, letting himself indulge in her lips for a split second.

Chapter Text

Kouen for once didn’t, didn’t know what to think.

The vibrator inside of him was ruthless, matching the owner of the remote controlling it.

“You look wonderful, En.” Ja’far said, grinning gleefully, fingers turning up the vibrator to max.


“Such a good slut, taking it so well.” Ja’far said. “But I guess after having my cock in there it’s a pretty tiny feat.”

“Stop stepping-“

“On your cock?” Ja’far pressed his foot down harder, rubbing the straining erection perfectly, making Kouen cum easy.

“Cock tease.”

“Damn right I am.” Ja’far said, standing down on the floor, pulling Kouen up.

“You shouldn’t have a problem with taking me now.”

Kouen simply stayed silent, bending over the desk, letting Ja’far have an easy access, his blood already piping with adrenaline, seeking that mind numbing thrill only Ja’far could give him.

“You need someone to take you everyday, huh? Someone to make your mind short out?”

“Ja’far.” Kouen was already impatient, trousers down under his knees and ass clearly on display for Ja’far, and Ja’far only.

He didn’t trust anyone else to not spread rumours.

Ja’far spread open Kouen ass, pushing himself inside with a hot groan. The vibrator was hitting his G-spot, and Kouen felt his limp cock get hard again.

Kouen mind shut off in that split second, the stretch making him groan, Ja’far’s wonderful rough and painful thrusts making him numb to the stress that raked his body usually.

Ja’far seemed lost himself, teeth sinking down in Kouen, hips rutting down frantically

Kouen couldn’t actually hear Ja’far, except for the arousing growls, and the mentions of “Slut, whore, Kouen.”

Maybe it had gone two minutes, maybe two hours when Ja’far finally pulled himself out of Kouen, cum dripping and Kouen whimpering.

He was dripping in sweat but still feeling all too satisfied with reducing Kouen to a whimper mess, only good as a proper fuckhole.

Chapter Text

Orgasms were...odd, but a welcomed feeling.

It wasn’t often he got the urge, the arousal coursing through him. But it also wasn’t something he feared.

He liked the feelings, yes, they were for him mediocre, but still nice, even if he only climaxed by his own hand, the thought of someone else making him mostly uncomfortable, more than aroused.

He knew the majority of people had that feeling often, though he simply thought that it must be exhausting, always having thoughts about people in that manner.

Even if he had the rumours floating around to be a god at sex, he would consider himself better at love, or at least romance.

The title: Ladykiller of The Seven Seas, didn’t come from his experiences in bed after all.

Even if his thoughts didn’t linger around people in...sexual situations, as Ja’far had told him to describe it, he still thought about people.

A lot, in fact.

One person had caught his eye, a vexing person, with white hair bordering on pure silver when he let it fall through his hands. His skin, almost as fair as his hair, with scars proving his years of hard work and eyes with such a ferocity behind in those situations, with a knife perched on someone’s jugular, bloodthirsty like a wild animal, before returning to his aristocratic facade.

Ja’far has always asked him if he wanted something, he was implying sex, Sinbad knew well enough, but that certainly wasn’t what he desired from his lovely adviser.

He couldn’t understand the reason why so many people choose sex over the warm feeling that formed in your chest, but, of course people were different.

Sinbad has learned that nobody could resist his charm, except for Ja’far, maybe that’s the reason he felt completely helpless whenever Ja’far decided to look at him with the same look Sinbad watched him with.

Chapter Text

“I thought ballet dresses was the thing you wore.” Sinbad said, head in his hand. He was in Ja’far’s home, watching the other man stretch, splits mostly.

“The dresses are for girls, the men wear a different kind of clothing.”


“....well, it’s incredibly rare for men to wear the tutus.” Ja’far explained, stretching out his strong body into a taut bow, his form curled up into a bridge position.


Ja’far could bend in ways Sinbad really only could dream about, contorting in ways that resembled a snake, eyes focused and his entire body tense.

“You look very pretty.”

“You say that every time.”

“It’s true.” Sinbad chuckled, and continued watching Ja’far stretch and then later spin across the floor in gracious movements.


Ja’far was always nervous before a show, he was determined of course, but still nervous.

Ballet, even if it looked easy was really, really hard, and straining.

His ballet teacher had been a star when he was younger, twirling around on stage like a madman. But he had fallen, and after that he couldn’t dance anymore.

That anxiety always crawled up into him, but he tried swallowing it when he walked out on stage.

The lights were dim, and only the stage had decent light. He avoided the audience, and instead he stood in the middle of the wooden floor, bowing, and then the music started.


Sinbad couldn’t get his eyes away from Ja’far. Even more now, when they seemed miles apart, and not in a studio where Ja’far could touch him, with Sinbad guiding his form with strong hands. His legs might not work correctly, but he could still move, and that movement was all he needed to help out is students.

And his favourite one, his best friend, had been able to reach his dream spectacularly.

Chapter Text

Yamraiha maybe should be a little more careful when walking alone in the middle of the night.

She cursed herself for being so stubborn, which had lead her to staying late at the lab. She had actually thought about spending the night there, at the lab, maybe sleeping in the locker rooms.

The night in the place she lived in had a much more...alive feeling to it, it wasn’t the dread that another person would jump out at you, it was the feeling the the dark sky would claw you away from the streets you were treading to swallow you whole, the stars being your only witness.

Ja’far for all his protectiveness has told her multiple times to always have a knife on her, even if it was illegal where they lived.

She swore she could her feet behind her, and voices. Teetering on the edge between her tired conscious and the dream land she fell through the door with a panicked inhale of breath.

A loud bang on the door made her jolt, and she stumbled into the apartment, the door already locked.

She wasn’t much of a fighter, she didn’t know how to defend herself if this person outside had to say, a knife.

But she lived with someone that did.

“Ja’far?” Yamraiha yelled you the stairs, following after the grunt that cane from her roommates dark cave that she personally didn’t think classified as a room.

She walked in, seeing only the silhouette of him in the dark. Ja’far writhed where he laid, moving to look up at her.

“Won’t be able to pass through the door, promise.” Ja’far said, his voice husky from being curled up in his room all day.

“I know not to doubt you by now.” Yamraiha said, smiling, knowing Ja’far could see her perfectly in the dark, and she moved carefully to sit on the large and soft mat, the large scaled tail moving to let her sit next to him.

Ja’far ponds out his split tongue, smelling her. He shifted, body coiling around her without putting any weight on her small body.

“You smell of spirits...” Ja’far hissed, a single movement raking through the gigantic serpentine, it’s skin spreading out and causing the usual look of a cobra, with the head and neck ‘shield’ being fully out. It made Ja’far look scary, if he wasn’t absolutely terrifying before.

Yamraiha touched the scales. “Do you like it?”

“I hate it.” Ja’far hissed, low and threatening.

“I figured so.”

Ja’far huffed, and his large serpentine form shrunk, scales turning into pale skin, his entire body shifting from animal to human. Or as human as he could be.

His pale hands wrapped around her waist, he sniffed around her her and neck, the scent lingering around there annoying him. Spirits, spirits that had rubbed themselves against her.

“ friends want to meet my boyfriend.”

“You have one?”

“I have talked about you a lot.” Yamraiha admitted, running a hand over his arm. “Tomorrow, they want me to introduce you tomorrow.”

“Do you want me to go? I could play your boyfriend.” Ja’far chuckled, soft smile making Yamraiha actually feel comfortable more than embarrassed.

“Thank you.” She knew Ja’far could see the blush spreading over her face, even if she herself couldn’t.


The next day, she had managed to drag Ja’far out of the apartment, walking through the crowded streets, taking the bus (much to Ja’far’s disgust, at all the spirits there) and then finally arriving at Sinbad’s mansion.

Sinbad had opened, eyeing Ja’far suspiciously before smiling, and letting them in.

Ja’far looked around the large rooms, steps not echoing in the same way that Yamraiha’s and Sinbad’s did.

“So, Ja’far,” Sinbad dragged out the name on his tongue, almost as if he was testing it for poison, or if it would burn his tongue. “How long have you known Yamraiha?”

Ja’far shrugged. “A few years.”

Sinbad looked suspicious, his golden eyes getting more focused on Ja’far, but he kept quiet until they stepped into a room, where six people were sitting.

Ja’far knew most of their names, Yamraiha telling him about them.

Masrur, Pisti, Drakon, Hinahoho, Sharrkan, and Spartos.

Ja’far raised an eyebrow, not very impressed but still fascinated by this gang of mortals.

Yamraiha introduced him, she took his hand, forcing him to sit down next to her own a large couch that most of the others were sitting on.

The others were mostly looking at him, Pisti smiling teasingly, dropping a lewd question about their sex life, while Sinbad and Sharrkan giggled Drakon sighed, apologising.

Hinahoho has laughed, Masrur had stayed quite, and Ja’far was pretty sure the man was sleeping.

Spartos had blushed at Pisti’s lewd question, and he had shrunken into his seat.

Ja’far had scowled at Pisti, and found that his grumpiness was apparently funny to some people, namely Sinbad.

Also the fact that Sinbad seemed to get off by watching Ja’far twitch under the time the people spent talking, (except for some) he kept his tanned arm around Yamraiha at times, and for a reason he couldn’t quite place Ja’far was ready to swallow him whole.

He had done it before, puny humans that didn’t know their place.

But Yamraiha’s hand placed itself on his hand, first time to be away from Sinbad for a while, and Ja’far got reminded of how pretty her eyes were, when she looked at him.

Ja’far had never bothered to see the beauty in the sea, or water at all. But he thought that this, this is what the humans see, a glimmering and shiny surface, promises of hope and secrecy, a hidden danger reflected in the blue, dark middle as the viewing ground, matching the deep black of a paintings signature or the space’s empty void. Though, even then the description didn’t make any justice for the simple exterior beauty that her eyes alone had.

He couldn’t continue his...observations, the stare being noticeable, more than one eyebrow got lifted but before she could nicely tell them to fuck off Yamraiha pulled him close.

Her arms held him tight, her head resting on his shoulder, a blush threatening her fair skin.

Ja’far blinked, blushing himself before he hugged her bank, a warmth spreading in his chest, holding the smaller body in his. He hummed softly, patting her hair, letting the blue strands fall through his fingers, enjoying the jealous look that Sharrkan was giving, and maybe, maybe it had been valuable to go there, even if it was to simply show them who she was with.

Chapter Text

Ja’far’s voice, a bit on the more huskier side, barely noticeable, but his voice was still clear, resembling a summer sky without fluffy clouds or a perfectly polished necklace.

Even when he was monotonously talking, his soft but commanding and husky tone made itself known to Masrur’s tired ears. It was a blessing, soothing instead of annoying as many people’s voice was.

Ja’far was only 5 years older than him, about 13 years to his 8.

Maybe that’s why he didn’t care if Masrur saw him naked while bathing together, even if his real gender was a secret, Ja’far had explained as much, but he, really a she, still invited Masrur to bathe.

He felt...relieved? The fact that Ja’far trusted him so much, and he knew it was trust, made it feel so sweet whenever she ignored her naked appearance, asking him to sit in front of her so she could wash his hair.

She always made sure to wash it throughly, pale fingers digging around the red tresses, coating them in shampoo, Masrur’s face turned upwards when she dunked water over him, letting it all rinse.

Ja’far giggled, she had been splashed with the shampoo water, and now bubbly foam was running down her chest.

Without thinking he ran his hand over the foam, swiping it away.

Ja’far looked shocked, then she covered her chest with her arms. “Don’t touch there, okay?”

Masrur listened, he was good at taking orders at least, and after their evening bath they went to dinner, Masrur getting a glimpse at the complicated tying technique Ja’far used to bind her chest.


He felt...embarrassed, when he got older, he hadn’t thought about it then, but now at 18 he still couldn’t get the fact out of his head. Embarrassing as it was, he knew he needed to forget about it. After all, Ja’far didn’t seem to care.

They didn’t bring it up, until another night of drinking between the generals.

Sharrkan was teasingly poking fun at Masrur, saying that he’d never touch a woman, ever.

But then Ja’far’s drunken voice called out, punching Masrur gently on the arm. “He touched me, do you remember?”

Masrur froze, slowly nodding.

The generals gasped, some in actual shock and some were joking.

“Eh- When? You wouldn’t be able to kiss Ja’far, much less have sex!” Sharrkan yelled, much to Masrur’s embarrassment.

“Ah, we haven’t gone that far~” Ja’far slurred, big ashy grey eyes looking at him softly.

Masrur swallowed, his cheeks flushing from her words, more than the alcohol he gulped down.

“I really want to do it though!” Ja’far laughed, draining her cup, wine spilling around her swollen lips.

Sinbad, sadistic as he tended to be, pushed the two closer to each other (difficult to do, as they were already sitting hip to hip.)

But Masrur didn’t mind much, trying to ignore the embarrassment creeping up inside, looking away from Ja’far, only for the woman to jump into his lap, drunk and all too happy to be nestled against him.

“Hmm, do you want it?” Ja’far asked, hand running down his abdomen.

His mouth went dry, and he nodded.

“...Do you?” Masrur asked, hand going around her hip, a hand on her lower back, holding her steady.

“I’m the one coming into you, Mas.” Ja’far said, her hype had gone down, and now she was slumped down, comfortably laying against his broad chest.

Sinbad chuckled, seeing them cuddle under the time that went on, before Ja’far pulled Masrur tomber bedroom.


Ragged breaths escaped him, hands running idly over soft, pale skin.

Ja’far wasn’t scared, which was good, she didn’t mind his strength, she had never been afraid, something he loved about her.

Even when she sat atop him, shuddering, she still didn’t mind that he might accidentally break a bone or two, he wouldn’t let it happen of course, but she was never frightened. It was his single reason to stay somewhat aware during their love making.

After, he pulled her close, breaths less ragged now, but still warm against her hair.

Chapter Text

Masrur had trained for as long as he could remember.

He had the image of a punching bag engraved into his memory, every detail. Almost every day he continued to punch, punch and punch.

Punching, kicking, hooks, jabs, roundhouse kicks and developing a dangerous technique over the years, his skills sharpening every time.

Even now he made mistakes, but he learned from them.

It was so far a pretty calm day, clear and sunny when he walked into the gym, gloves and towels in a bag that he had thrown over his shoulder.

To his surprise, there was only one person in the usually over populated gym.

Ja’far turned, stopping her quick kicks to the dummy, waving, before returning the flurry of attacks.

He had nodded to her greeting, walking up to his usual spot, a punching bag specifically made for him, to handle his unnatural strength.

Even as he started the assault on the bag, not being as thoughtful were the hits actually landed, his head going over other things. But he could still feel Ja’far’s stare into his back.

He stopped, barely into the warm up, throwing a bored look over his shoulder, meeting Ja’far’s stare.

“What do you want?”

“Remember what we did last time, Mas?” Ja’far asked, her voice sweeter than syrup when she talked, strong arms wrapping around his waist, a hand splaying over his muscled abdomen.

“We sparred, and we kissed.” Masrur said, remembering exactly that moment, the soft press of her lips, his eyelids fluttering close as he pressed her into the ground of the ring. A typical wrestling match turned heated, unprofessional, but fun.

“Nobody is here today, we can do more if we want.” Ja’far mumbled, and ah, her face was burning. Sinbad’s lewd comments seemed to rub off on her.

“Are you saying that we should fuck in the ring?” Masrur asked, voice sounding bored and his expression blank, even though Ja’far could see the interest that lit up in his eyes.

“Definitely,” Ja’far winked. “Sin wanted us both to try wrestling didn’t he?”

Masrur thought over it, before pushing her gently towards a a stair case, in the cellar there was a extra ring for sparring and fights, much smaller than the one in the main gym.

Ja’far seemed somewhat...playful, eyes lidded and her stance very relaxed, even more than when she was in a fight. She seemed excited.

“It was too long since I had a good fight with a friend.” She explained, going into a defensive stance, eyes focused on his.

They fought for only a few minutes, ducking and punching and kicking, swift and precise movements honed from life long training.

It ended when Masrur threw a quick punch, making Ja’far duck, he swept his leg under her legs, making her fall. He pinned her to the floor in short order, just like before, but they didn’t stop at kissing this time.

Masrur gasped, Ja’far’s teeth sinking into his tough skin. He pulled his tough gloves off.

He held her down, forcing her into defeat, something that she saw as a final loss. She moaned, her shorts being pulled down, and feeling his large fingers spreading her open before pushing his cock into her.


Masrur groaned, the wet, tight heat enveloping him completely. He looked down through his hazy arousal, seeing Ja’far’s teary eyes, her gloves still on.

He bit her, a lot. Marked her up, no bruises but bites, littering her neck and shoulder.

He groped the soft skin around her chest, rhythmically thrusting inside, tongues gliding against each other’s.

Ja’far spasmed, her whole body shaking when she came, tightening on Masrur.

Masrur growled again, pushing her lips open with his tongue, kissing her while he pulled out, leaving cum on her shorts.

She panted, pulling her shorts up. She hugged Masrur, feeling all too tired and sated at once, feeling his powerful body shift above her, laying next to her on the floor.

“I don’t think...that anyone will go down here.”

Masrur nodded, stretching out before hugging her closer to him.

Chapter Text

Ja’far cursed himself, cursed his impatience.

He ran, fast as he could, down a crowded street, people gasping and moving out of the way of his train wreck speed.

He hit many people, but he didn’t care, clutching his jacket as he sprinted into a familiar alley, jumping onto a container, then onto a low a low hanging ladder.

He climbed up, taking hold of it and vaulting to a balcony, the officers chasing after him had no way of following.

He had managed to climb up onto the roof, watching the grand city’s lights, shining brightly in the pitch black night.

This, was Sindria City, one of the most popular cities in the entire world.

And Ja’far, was one of its inhabitants.

He had thrown himself into this honestly amazing city, expecting the worst but getting the best. Happy people, a working community, free healthcare and free education.

Ja’far, even if he lived in the shadows of this bright country, could still appreciate every single good thing.

Though, his short time of freedom on top of the roof was short lived.

“Hey!” A man with short purple hair yelled at him, he seemed unsteady on his feet when he walked over to Ja’far. He had a suit on, crisp and clean, with large golden hoop earrings and a cocky grin, matching his determined amber eyes.

“What do you want?” Ja’far asked, snappy and grumpy as usual. His metal arm clutched a knife under his clothes.

“...I’ve seen you here a lot, are you homeless?”

“Maybe.” Ja’far scoffed.

“Would you like to work for me?” The man asked, the harsh winds pulling on his clothing, and Ja’far raised one eyebrow.

“Why would I want to work for you?”

“You get a place to sleep, and food to eat. You can stay as long as you like too.” The man spoke in short, sloppy sentences, gulping when involuntarily looked down, seeing the populated streets way below them.

Ja’far was considering it, the offer wasn’t bad, and lately he had been making more bad decisions, based on hunger and cold. So he nodded, feeling stupid, since he didn’t know anything about the job, or about this man.

But his stomach growled, furthering his beliefs in food.

Ja’far followed after the man, him going down slowly and carefully down a ladder while Ja’far mostly jumped, getting down in a few seconds, grabbing window ledges before falling to another window ledge, and at last landing on the ground next to the amazed purple haired man.

The man introduced himself as Sinbad when they started walking, Ja’far holding himself closely to Sinbad, hiding under his hood.

Even if he had lived there for a long time, he had never once let his guard down, it made him avoid the streets. But there was something about the chill night air, blowing steadily against his face and while made him shudder, it also gave him a sense of freedom. A thing this whole city seemed to radiate.

Sinbad threw glances his way, a confident aura coming from him now that they weren’t in any intermediate danger.

While they walked Ja’far really could appreciate the city from a normal point of few, still feeling like a dirty outsider, but a dirty outsider that had managed to slip through a crack into this bright world.

When Sinbad stopped outside a very large mansion, Ja’far’s jaw dropped.

This guy, this Sinbad, he couldn’t be the king, could he?

The king, or the ruler of this entire country lived in this mansion, the most protected building on this entire continent.

Sinbad went ahead, ignoring Ja’far’s shock with a grin, holding open the door for the smaller man.

Ja’far kept his head lowered when servant greeted Sinbad with respect, and the title ‘king’.

He had gotten himself royally ducks hadn’t he? Desperate for food, so he followed a stranger who could easily put him into a dark jail cell in this moment. (Even if Ja’far would fight all he could to not be put in a dirty cell.)

But Sinbad didn’t do it, didn’t tell anyone that Ja’far was a criminal, or something of along those lines. He just smiled, guiding Ja’far to a room on the top most floor, pushing him into a room, decorated with a large luxurious bed, and-

“Go take a shower, then we can go down and eat with the others.” Sinbad pointed to a door.

Ja’far hurried in, way too aware that he smelled bad, and he didn’t think about much when he got his clothes off, feeling the water on his skin for the first time in months.

Getting rid of all the disgusting grime from his body and hair, scratching off skin flakes and bacteria as well. He had managed to shave with his knife, to keep the bacteria from gathering in his armpits as much as he could.

With trails of nice smelling soap leaving it’s aroma on his body, and the shampoo letting his hair return to a white, fluffy state instead of the matted grey strands.

When he was finished, Sinbad knocked on the door, telling him from the other side to use the green towel, and then to step out into the room.

He did, leaving the towel around his hips, walking outside. Sinbad looked him up and down, handing him a fresh pair of clothes.

Ja’far accepted them gratefully, going back into the bathroom to change, coming back out clean, and dry.

Sinbad seemed...appreciative, smirking when he looked at Ja’far, squeezing his arm.

“Do you want to eat now?” Sinabd asked, despite his question he began to pull Ja’far outside, down the same halls but now going another way, walking into a dining hall, an empty long table stood in the middle, lots of food on it.

Ja’far felt his mouth water, steak, potatoes, fish and vegetables, something he hadn’t eaten in months.

“The others aren’t here yet, so if you’re shy, just eat quickly.” Sinabd said, sitting down to eat, gesturing for Ja’far to do the same.

As Sinbad said, Ja’far took a few potatoes and a bit of fish, not wanting too much, and he ate it quickly too.

But despite that, the door to the dining hall opened, and a small blue haired woman came in.

She looked suspicious, sitting down near Ja’far, not saying anything.

Sinbad did it for her.

“Yamraiha, this is Ja’far, I found him in the streets. He will be here for a while.” Sinbad said, drinking from a glass of wine, smiling at both Yamraiha and Ja’far.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Said, nodding at her before finishing his food, feeling full for the first time in years.

“You too.” She said, relaxing before putting food on her plate.

Before long many other people joined, but Ja’far tried shying away, getting caught in a conversation about math with Yamraiha, which quickly escalated to a debate on who could do math the quickest.

Ja’far sighed.

He had really gotten caught up into a mess, even if he had just wanted food.

Chapter Text

Kouen woke up from her light slumber, getting met with the dark of her unlit royal chambers. And with someone nuzzling her chest, Ja’far’s head had gotten under her nightgown again.

Too tired to care, she rolled her head to the side, ignoring whatever business Ja’far had under there.

She closed her eyes, but they shot open again when something warm and wet encircled her nipple.

Ja’far groped her large chest, licking and sucking on her nipple, humming and gently teasing her with his blunt nails, barely touching her scarred skin with them. He let go off her nipple with a ‘pop’ sound, licking his lips.

“My lady...” Ja’far mumbled, face burning, something on the spectrum of arousal coursed through him.

“Ja’far...” Kouen smirked, letting her fingers glide through the soft tresses of white hair. “Continue.” Usually she wasn’t in any mood for sex, but the attention she was giving her felt kinda good, especially the rough hands gliding over her.

Ja’far smiled, going back to his previous ministrations, hands softly, gently grabbing her chest, more massaging them then outright groping, gliding his hands over them. Pinching a nipple, earning a gasp from the woman.

“You look lovely.” Ja’far mumbled, all too aware that he couldn’t see her face, and only her abs, and her soft chest, something that Ja’far knew bothered her, but he was going to make her forget that they burdened her, if only for a minute.

“You too.” She murmured, her hand patting his head through the gown, and she could hear the soft murmured gratefulness.

Ja’far brushed his lips over Kouen’s nipples again, teasing and being slow, careful and precise. He knew her body better than anyone else, and he knew what made her feel good.

Kouen curled her toes, an odd, tingling feeling inside her made her blush, something so off for her, but she tried to ignore it, keeping a blank expression, even when Ja’far tugged on her nipple with the same gentleness, but the added force made her jolt.

She hummed, she wanted to touch him as well, but for the time she had no qualms with enjoying the sensations.

“You seen very happy tonight.”

“I’m glad you’re here.”

Ja’far chuckled, the blush getting brighter, and now he left her chest, the hard nubs aching when he traveled down lower, leaving kisses over her stomach and hips, hands squeezing the flesh on her thighs before spreading them gently, kissing the inside of her soft thighs. He dragged his teeth over, knowing it would make her moan.

Kouen wouldn’t hide her...attraction, to Ja’far’s more fiery and passionate side, the one that could turn bloodthirsty over another man touching her, or an attack plotted against Kou. Her lovely right hand man was more than she had expected, and then both had found themselves in a strong relationship.

That’s why, she always looked forward to his more forceful ministrations, going from kisses to bites and soft groping to hard squeezing.

Ja’far threw her legs over his shoulders, pressing his face into her cunt in short order, tongue licking over her slit lovingly.

Kouen moaned, pinching her own nipples, rubbing against her own feverish skin while jolt after jolt of pleasure coursed through her, Ja’far finally turning away from the soft licks into gentle nips.

“I’m surprised I wasn’t tied up when I woke up.” Teasing, just a bit of it might push him onto the right track.

Oh, Ja’far growled low and threatening in the back of his throat, and he pulled her closer. “Watch our so you don’t get hurt, En.” He mumbled.

She knew he wouldn’t hurt her too bad, so the excitement of it, the danger of playing with her assassin made her wetter, and even more aroused.

Ja’far pushes two fingers in without warning, spreading her open, he licked around her clitoris, fingering and enjoying the squelching noises, while he pleasured her perfectly with his mouth.

Kouen came, hot and heavy over his tongue, chest heaving and fingers still tweaking her own nipples.

Ja’far sat up, smiling even if it was hard to see, rubbing her thighs gently.

“I thought you were going to fuck me.”

“You should be sleeping.”

“I would, if you weren’t into somnophilia.”

“I’m not. But if you want to go the entire way...” Ja’far grinned. “Then ropes.”

Kouen looked at him blankly. “You love your ropes.”

“You look pretty tied up.” Ja’far admitted, a finger carding it’s way into her fiery red hair.

Kouen huffed, putting her wrists together, holding them out for Ja’far to tie up, which he did in a swift motion.

Ja’far’s eyes darkened with lust, his fingers trailing over the red ropes that held her tied.

Ja’far pulled her hair, moaning when her thigh rubbed against his crotch.

”Take me.” Kouen murmured, laying back onto the large pillows. Maybe she could get a heir from this, she thought idly. It would be fun to.

Chapter Text

Ja’far’s tongue clicked. And she huddled behind the railing again, sniper rifle hanging out only a small bit, her target fully visible in her scope.


She was tired, having been awake for 4 days in a row, and the bags under her eyes growing with the time. But scope lined up, and she pulled the trigger, a quick, silent shot shooting from the pipe and landing in her victims head, ending his life quicker than they could process


“My my, assassin, you’re good.”


She turned around as quickly as a snake, eyes searching for the person who the voice belonged to.


A tall man, with tanned skin and long, long purple hair, reflecting the dark shades of grapes and wine, cascading over his shoulders like a king’s cape, glistening under the midday sun.


Ja’far scowled, her scope quickly finding his head on instinct.


“Don’t shoot.” His words were like iron, the sheer <I>command</I> in them made her unsure, and her gaze flickered nervously.


“I came here to ask for your service, assassin.” He said, voice clear and so incredibly <I>commanding.</I>


Ja’far shifted, rifle still trained on the man’s head, even when she stood up.


“My service?”


“Quick kill, won’t be a hassle for you. 10 thousand for it.” He said, holding out a stack of money.


Ja’far frowned, putting down her rifle.


“A woman named Alice Adam, lives in the house we are standing on. She goes to work about now, if you look down she should be there. Brunette.”


Ja’far glances down, seeing someone with long brown hair. The only one with brown hair.


She aimed, and a quick, silent shot was fired, the bullet lodging into her victims head. Killing her instantly.


“Tell me, assassin, do you care for more jobs?” The man asked, voice bordering on amused, he walked up to her, shoes making a clicking noise against the stone roof.


“Why do you ask?” Ja’far said, backing up against the wall.


“Because,” he murmured, a hand slamming the wall close to her head. “I have a lot of people I need to get rid off.”


Ja’far felt a drop of sweat run down her temples, but she sighed, nodding. “If it isn’t a waste of time and effort, I’ll do it.”


The man’s lips curved into a award winning smile. “Meet me at Sunshine Café tomorrow at 12, don’t be late.” The man patted her shoulder, before he turned around, being out of her sight in a second.


She waited silently, hearing the sirens of the police cars before she put on her glasses, and her hood, running to the edge of the building and jumping off, landing on another roof a few metres below. She sprinted on the rooftops, jumping and diving until she came to her usual place for getting up to the roofs, jumping down into the alley and stuffing the pieces of odd looking clothes she wore, along with her rifle into a bag, walking out of that alley innocently.


This had turned out to be quite the interesting turn of events, and she was more than happy to watch the outcome.


She huffed with a smile on her face, straightening out her pencil skirt in short order before walking down the streets, the sound of the sirens engraved in her mind since long ago.


It seemed that her life would meet an interesting point tomorrow.

Chapter Text

“Ja-“ Sharrkan moaned, deepthroating Ja’far thoroughly, cock straining against the red rope tied around his base.

“If you gag, I’ll tie you up and let everyone use you as a fucktoy, Sharr. I promise you.” Of course he wouldn’t, nobody but him was allowed to even touch Sharrkan, he had himself no qualms to using a tied up toy by himself. The shiver that raked through younger man at his words made the threat worth it, knowing that Sharrkan loved being used by multiple men.

Sharrkan stopped sucking. “O-of course.” He smiled, lips swollen and tainted with precum. He swallowed the cock that prodded at his lips once again, enjoying the pleased hum that escaped Ja’far.

Despite the act of being a mean dom, Sharrkan knew Ja’far preferred to be gentle, stroking white hair away from a flushed face, an eager touch to his arm or soft lips pressing against his forehead. Ja’far was gentle, as to not hurt anyone he cared about, like he had done before.

Sharrkan knew he was the cockslut that begged to be hurt, even if Ja’far seemed reluctant. He always felt bad for his senior, but fuck it, as if he could stop kneeling at Ja’far’s feet, kissing his shoes with an undeniable want.

Ja’far had gotten the hang of it, after a while. Knowing how to pull Sharrkan’s hair just right, making his scalp ache but not rip out anything. Ja’far’s precise hands were able to push, and twist those sensitive spots, making Sharrka cry out in despair as he came quicker than with anybody else.

He was nothing, in Ja’far’s presence, he wasn’t worth anything more than dirt, only eager to please him, Sharrkan knew he only existed to pleasure Ja’far.

Ja’far could look at him with that encouraging smile, and Sharrkan would do anything to keep it plastered on his freckled face.

But, Ja’far had once had an expression of hate, of disgust and of disapproval and Sharrkan still remembered how his world had crumbled to pieces.

“Stop thinking.” And what was he supposed to do, if not listen, listen and obey?

Ja’far didn’t cum quickly, he didn’t even get hard by having a hot mouth on him, both of which annoyed and excited Sharrkan to no end.

Sharrkan still tried his best, scratching his own swollen nipples frantically through his shirt, it barely hid anything even when it was on, and Ja’far always enjoyed a show nonetheless.

Before Ja’far came himself, he pressed a foot onto Sharrkan weeping cock, pressing it hard against them floor, making Sharrkan gag and wail, cumming without ejaculating, how embarrassing. Ja’far has trained his body well during their time together.

Ja’far simply smiled, eyes soft and knowing, even when he blushed and panted, hot and heavy he spilled over Sharrkan’s eager and tired tongue, pulling the younger man up into his lap. He kissed his sore jaw, whispering sweet words before he said something that made a shiver run down Sharrkan’s spine.

“You gagged.” Something so simple really shouldn’t scare him, nothing threatening in his voice or words but Sharrkan remembered all too clearly the promise Ja’far had given him.

Chapter Text

Ja’far sighed, feeling the large hands on her shoulders.

“You can’t be here, I’ve already told you.”

“I’m the Devil, love.” Sinbad chuckled, his breath hot on her ear. “I can be wherever I want.”

Ja’far ducked outside of range, arms holding a stack of books close to her chest. She had always been responsible for the children’s lessons. Even when she had been sick she had been teaching them letters and numbers.

“I do know that, after all these years.” She spat, walking faster, trying to avoid his touch more than death itself.

“Hmm, you would, wouldn’t you?” Sinbad mused, a warm laugh ringing through Ja’far’s ears.

“Can you leave?”

“I don’t want to.”

She huffed, leaving the stacks on books in the library. She needed to find her boss, she could then seal her away in a room that had would be able to rid her of Sin.

“Don’t even think about getting rid of me, sweetheart. You’re my favourite sinner, and I want it to stay that way.”

Ja’far had wished, sparsely, that Sinbad wasn’t real and only a fragment of her own mind, something that actually couldn’t harm her psychically. But she had learned that her body could be touched by this deviant.

She knew well that her body was stained, tinted with sin, and despite that she got to be a sister of this house, someone ‘pure’, simply by the beliefs of others. It was a calm life though, and Ja’far would gladly have spent her entire life her, growing old before eventually getting eternal rest. But that would result in her falling into Sinbad’s claws, and he had nothing but sinning in mind for her.

Ja’far pushes open the door, revealing a large room filled with seats and an altar at the back of the room. Ja’far went in, in a soft voice calling for the nun that was in charge of the whole church.

“She isn’t here.”

Ja’far turned around, facing Sinbad.

“Her body is here, but not her.”

Ja’far frowned, she couldn’t see anything. She went up on the altar, and she still didn’t see anything when she looked around.

Sinbad began walking towards her, with measured steps.

“Deep underground, she’s deep underground. Buried.” He answered, feet stopping in front of Ja’far’s, his large hand reaching up to touch her freckled face.

“She won’t be...keeping you from me now, love.”

Ja’far froze, she could feel her entire body tremble with fear at his words.

“Such a pretty sinner you are, you know that right? So pretty.” His hands were moving close to her lips, a single finger running over her wet lower lip, before placing his own lips there.

Ja’far couldn’t move, couldn’t reach out to slap him or just push him away, no, she was helpless to this demon, this pure evil.

Sinbad’s hands pushed her down, restraint her against the large table like altar.

“I wish I could take you back home with me, Ja’far.” He mumbled, closing his lips over Ja’far’s, despite her terror.

She gasped, feeling her black robes being torn from her slender body, a hand running down her abdomen appreciatively, fingers pushing into her in short order.

He laughed, low and it made her think of a rumbling storm.

“This, this was my sin.” He said. “Making a young woman sin without her consent. I’m scum, aren’t I?” He said with a wicked smile, eyed unfocused when he began moving his hips hard, making her entire body move forcefully, and she cried quietly. It hurt, and she knew she had been torn.

“You are...”

“My entire life as a human, leading people down paths of hope, and then...” Sinbad’s golden eyes flickered with sorrow, with regret and he kissed her again.

“I missed you, Ja’far.” He mumbled, voice shaking and unsure. “Nobody could ever replace you, even many centuries have passed.” Sinbad choked on his own breath, it sounded as if he was crying into her neck, kissing it with incredible tenderness.

“Never leave again.”

Chapter Text

Masrur had strong hands.

Ja’far knew it was something stupid to muse over. Masrur was strong, every nerve, every muscle, every atom of him was.

Maybe that was why she got drawn to him?

Her attraction to people stronger than her, or simply larger wasn’t a secret, but she doubted anyone else knew of it.

Masrur was large too. 195 centimetres and he had better built muscle than many people she knew. Ja’far had found herself staring at him training through her office window.

She could muse over many things.
His voice, rumbling and soothing. Eyes, a deep red that could put the sunsets calming colour to shame. Hair, crimson, even more on the pink spectrum if you squinted.

She could think and think and her favourite thing about his body would still be his hands.

Strong and large sure, but they were also calloused. Showing his life long training and hardships. The entire palms were hard, and when they dragged over her skin they felt rough, despite Masrur trying his best to be gentle.

For his own sanity or her health she didn’t know.

Whenever they would touch her, running a finger down her neck or pushing her thighs apart, she could feel them trembling, many wouldn’t notice it, but she did. The focus it took not breaking anything, to not bruise and to not hurt her, it was something she couldn’t understand herself, but she had nothing but respect for his caring act.

She would blush. The faint colour rising to her cheeks, matching Kou’s wonderful cherry blossoms. She had witnessed them once, on a business trip.

Her attention got pulled back into the present.

Masrur had blown out the burning candle. It’s warm light turning in weird ways over the walls, shadows getting darker in the contrast with light.

Ja’far knew Masrur had sat up, body close enough to touch.

So she did.

Reaching out with a hand that you couldn’t see in the dark, meeting with Masrur’s back.

He shifted. Before he laid back onto the bed. The covers and mattress seemed to welcome him, enjoying his weight, almost double Ja’far’s own.

Ja’far enjoyed his hands. Always careful and strong, but also warm. They tucked her close to him, somewhere under the treacherous sea of blankets. Who knew, maybe a kraken would appear?

“You smell like me.” Masrur murmured. Of course she would though, cuddled up like this for hours his scent was bound to get rubbed off on her.

“Do you like it?” Ja’far’s question was useless, she knew it was. How many times hadn’t Masrur trapped her in a hug, enjoying that his scent was on her.

“Love it.” He growled. She hadn’t known how to react the first time he had growled, deep and throaty. Should she be aroused? Scared?

She didn’t feel anything really, except for a content feeling of being alone, not needing to speak or hold up a facade.

They could both be themselves.

Chapter Text

“Ja’far!” Sinbad clutched Ja’far’s pale hand. He didn’t notice his own tears to the obnoxious beeping of a monitor next to him.


“Ja’far...” The steady beeps slowly disappeared, leaving only a flat note.

He didn’t know how long he stared at Ja’far, didn’t know how long his mind had blanked out for. What he did know, was that he broke down into silent sobs, clutching on Jafars hand as if that would bring him back.

He hoped it would.

Rurumu and Kikiriku and everyone had come running into the room, touching their works and jobs only to see Ja’far laying on the bed, motionless.

“He’s-“ Yamraiha held a hand in front of her mouth, tears running down her flushed cheeks.

Sinbad didn’t see anyone else, just focused on the limp hand in his own. He couldn’t be gone, not now. Ja’far was too young, too young, mature for his age, and Sinbad choked on his own breath.

“Ja’far.” His sorrow filled voice cracked at he end, when they were forced out of the room, and he didn’t see his friend more after that.

Chapter Text

Sinbad’s stomach opened like a cave, sharp teeth edged into his flesh, and it roared, loud and clear into the sky while the man pouted at his adviser.

“I want alcohoooooooooioool!”

Ja’far, his loyal adviser, stared at him with what only one could call midlife crisis reflecting in his grey eyes.

“Duck yah.” The pale man said, the words rolling off his tongue in a smooth, husky voice. He was going to search up Yamraiha, bouncing dangerously as he walked, his face not existing, instead it had turned into a rim of wooden planks, and when he bounced like the elegant creature that he was, Sinbad fell to his chicken knees, stomach morphing back into a feathery bed, for Sindria’s almighty king wasn’t a man, but behold! A chicken.

The king strutted away, beak scratching the moon’s surface, and while his feet, smaller than an insects, stomped on the pristine floor, earning bows of respect from the maids walking by.

The kings lustful gaze was enough to throw anyone of guard, wanting to nuzzle the long purple hair in awe while Sinbad gazed at them, eyes shooting out lava like laser beams in a fit.

Ja’far, on the other hand, was still bouncing around, his handsome plank slate earning gasps, of happiness.

He had found Yamraiha hanging upside down in a cocoon, her fearful screech’s annoying two Sharrkans who were holding hands.

“Yam, who are you today?”

Yamraiha screeched again, her hair, blue like an empty plastic bottle had made a nest for prey to get stuck in, Mostly small critters, like Hinahoho.

Ja’far sighed, his breath creating fire, he rubbed one of the thousands of horns he had on his head. He bounced where he stood, the ferocity in his movements increasing, and soon people could only see flashes of silver, silver like the silver spoon some people had in there mouth while they came out from the womb, but still silver flashing around when he bounced, something so beautiful that one of the two Sharrkan’s eyes bulged out of it socket, burning like lava while he puked up a batch full cute puppies.

Yamraiha crawled out onto the floor, hugging her one and only, bouncing and spazzing with him into the sunset.

”I’m the god here.”

Chapter Text

Kouen had visited Sindria, hoping to escape the colder weather on Kou for at least a small amount of time. And to settle things with Ja’far.

The weather had grown colder than usual and was expected to climb up again a week later. Kouen decided to use that span of free time to travel back to Sindria, surprising Ja’far.

Ja’far had led him to his bedroom, and Kouen sat down on he bed, feeling lightheaded and heavy.

“You feel warm.”

“It’s cold back home.”

“Are you sick?” Ja’far asked, his eyebrows knitting together. Kouen looked...messy, tired and ready to faint.

“Lay down for a bit, En, you’re going to feel better.” Ja’far said, helping Kouen take off unnecessary items off his person and let the taller man rest, curling up between covers and blankets.

Later Kouen found his sweat stained hair brushed off his face by pale hands, a cup of water pressed to his dry lips.

“You’ll get better soon, I promise.”

Chapter Text

Really? How stupid was he?

Ja’far felt his throat close up, hacking coughs rang out under the deck.

He couldn’t even cry properly.

Tears ran down freckled cheeks. Ja’far hugged a pillow close, tears making his vision blurry and why did he have to be so goddamn useless? He was useless and worthless and he had no reason to be alive.

He knew it was all him being pathetic, just being stupid and childish and he knew he had value but he wished he had more confidence in those thoughts.

Ja’far suddenly pushed the pillow into his face, exhaling a ragged breath and bawling his eyes out, before going back to hugging it instead. He rocked back and forth, feeling pathetic and horrible and he felt the entire weight of all the bad things people thought about him, imaginary or not.

He was annoying and selfish and he shouldn’t even have a reason to cry because it’s all his fault anyways. His fault he that he is annoying, his fault that he’s stupid his fault that he can’t do things correctly. His fault he can’t just be good at everything.

He didn’t know if the move was causing him more stress than usual but Ja’far sat many long minutes under deck, whimpering hollowly, the pillow being his only comfort.

He took a few deep breaths, before silently screaming into the pillow, tears running quicker down his face and he wondered if anybody could see him, crying and being pathetic.

Ja’far blinked, hugging the pillow. He knew all of this crying was meaningless, he made a few mistakes that caused an almost anxiety attack, still, what right did it give him to act like this? He wasn’t a child he shouldn’t be allowed to act like this.

Ja’far swallowed around the snot clump in his throat, taking off his trousers to sleep, finding a comfortable spot under a heap of blankets.

He felt on the blade if his knife.


He thought about it. It wasn’t his first time cutting himself, but what if he went further than that? What it be made it properly bleed? Would it repay his useless and very human sins?

He thought about, before deciding that yes, he should cut himself.

Ja’far shifted around. He was too much of a worthless and useless coward to take suicide, wouldn’t be able to, he had thought about it, and been close to falling off the edge, or standing in front of a pit of control horse or cart, but his anxiety filled brain kept him alive. Another fall of tears came.

He liked talking to people, he really did, but sometimes he wondered if he should just...disconnect himself from everyone. To keep himself...what exactly? Ignorant to others? Safe? He didn’t know.

He put the knife aside, his head hurting from the crying.

He wanted to forget it all, but the good, but the bad. The bad and the hurt and his own useless feelings

He was supposed to be cynical. Sometimes rude without meaning too but still, someone that was able to take every harsh word aimed at him, every bad thing that happened, everything. He was supposed to be able to take everything without faltering.

Was he bad at that too? Was he doomed to be filled with idiocy? To forever double check and question himself? To forever break down and cry his eyes out just because he did something wrong?

Ja’far didn’t know when he fell asleep, but when he woke up the next day he was exhausted.

Chapter Text

Ja’far was scrolling on her phone, her girlfriend’s head in her chest.

“You sure you’re comfortable there?”

“Couldn’t be more comfortable.” Kouen answered, strong arms around Ja’far’s smaller frame, nuzzling into a soft bosom. Ja’far smiled, playing with red strands of hair, their legs tangling together.

“I never thought you would be the cuddly type.” Ja’far said.

“I’m not.”

Ja’far hummed, enjoying their warmth she got from Kouen’s touch.

Chapter Text


The word that came up in his head when he thought about his shameful situation.

Large, broad tanned hands were holding him up, making him whimper with the way they touched him. Marks of warmth covering every single inch of him.

And pale hands were spreading him open, revealing his hidden parts and places he didn’t know existed before. Pale hands were making him lose control.

His name was called out, in a sinful voice that matched its owners lust. A tanned finger came up to his pink lips, already abused once.

“Open up.” He would like to, but there was pressure on his body and he felt limp, and those hands running down to spread him open again—

“Alibaba.” Ja’far had a softer voice than Sinbad, and Alibaba felt his choked of moans still along with Ja’far’s fingers, and he thought the pleasurable torture was over, but Ja’far had barely started.

“So soft, down here.” Ja’far murmured, groping the blonde’s thighs, softer than the pillows they had thrown on the floor, smoother than the silk that decorated the bed.

He could feel Ja’far smiling against his nape, and then a scream was torn out form his throat.

Ja’far’s cock had entered him, hard.

Quickly the adviser sped up, and the sound of skin against skin sounded out in the kings royal chambers, a place for the country’s most beloved man to live, and he was dirtying it with cum, him, the king and the king’s most trusted adviser.

Chapter Text


The colours that showed through the water, red, purple, green, yellow, pink, all of them surrounded by shimmering water.

“Everyone, this is the siren we have been talking about.” The guide said, excited. He walked quickly, standing in front of a large, large tank. Fish and aquatic plants could be seen through the thick glass, but no siren.

“He is shy, so give him time.” The guide said. Ja’far didn’t miss the edge of nervousness in his voice though.

“It’s not gonna show up, is it?” A kid mumbled.

Ja’far scoffed, he didn’t care much about this merman, even if rumour said that he was undeniably beautiful.

“Who cares if it shows up, i have tests to study for.” Ja’far muttered, throwing a sick glance at the aquarium.

“Tests, tests, and tests, is that all you think about Ja’far?” A kid asked, not rudely, just curious.

“I care more about my tests than-“

“There he is!” Someone shouted, pointing at the aquarium.

Ja’far looked, and oh. He could now understand why someone would be interested.

The siren had a bright, glimmering and glistening purple tail, going out to golden fins. Ja’far stared wide eyed when the merman swam past them, tanned skin and muscular torso, with long, flowing purple hair swaying around him in the water.

He stayed close to the glass, a bright and warm smile as he waved to Ja’far and his classmates.


Sinbad had never enjoyed this glass cage. The only reason he was stuck was because of his own curiosity of humans, which had led to him getting caught.

His eyes trailed over the children, his eyes stopping on a pale kid. Sinbad watched curiously as the pale kid talked with another kid.

He could barely hear the words that were uttered. Barely.


Ja’far was this young lad’s name then?

Sinbad smirked, this was going to be fun.

He swam forward to the glass, even through it he could see the young boy’s features widen in surprise. Sinbad pressed his hands on the glass and smiled. He made a circle in the water with his fingers, and the guide began rumbling.


“I think he wants to talk with you.”

“Me?” Ja’far asked, and the guide nodded.

“I can translate the sign language of you-“

“He knows sign language? Our sign language?”


Ja’far kept quiet, before walking up to the glass, signing the words.«It’s nice to meet you.»

Sinbad’s eyebrows rose up in surprise, but he laughed, signing the same thing back with quick movements.

Sinbad quickly signed: «have you mated before?» with a large smirk on his face.

Ja’far stood still, before turning to the guide. “What does he mean with mated?

“Sex. Sinbad is a very horny siren.”

His classmates cheers and laughs made i him flush red and he glared at the siren, the glass being the only hindrance to strangling him to death.

Sinbad signed again. «so? Are you old enough to mate?»

«fuck off.»

Sinbad looked surprised, and Ja’far stuck out his tongue, puffing out his chest. He began poking on the glass.

“Do you want to talk with him?” The guide asked.

Ja’far wanted to say no, but his teacher answered for him.

“Yes! This could be a great learning experience.”

Ja’far glared at her, she was a nice teacher but leaving him with that siren-

“Ah, the boy needs to go alone, with my supervision, I’m sorry.”

His teacher thought about it, before letting the guide drag him away to a hidden room, to which Sinbad’s tank was connected.

Sinbad had swam up in it already, laying in a smaller separate tank, as big as a bathtub. He winked at Ja’far.

“Have you decided to accept my invitation to mate?”


Sinbad drew a gasp.

“But I want you to be my mate, see my excitement to have you, Ja’far?” Sinbad gestured you his crotch, a hard cock was sticking out through the scales.

Ja’far stuttered, almost screaming in terror, rushing outside the room with a look of panic, the siren’s dick fresh in his mind.

Chapter Text

~About 4 years after part 1~

Ja’far grasped the bag of groceries tightly in his hand, but despite that the sight of purple in his bathtub made him choke and drop the bag.


“S-Sin?!” Ja’far stood dumbfounded in the doorway, and the siren happily splashed its tail.

“Ah, I waited for you, come here.” Sinbad said, gesturing for Ja’far to jump into the bathtub.

“No, what would I do that?”

“Because I missed you! And I really want to mate.” The siren’s lips curved into a lustfull smirk, and he opened his mouth, a song floating through, raw and cracked, but still hypnotic.

Ja’far, it called.

“Sin, you know that doesn’t work on me.”

Sinbad chuckled. “Always worth trying.”

Ja’far looked over the messy scene, water had splashed everywhere but the biggest mystery was how Sinbad got into his apartment, something he had to ask the siren later.

“Why are you here?”

“To mate.”

“Horny fish.”

“Hey! I’m an attractive siren, and I really need to leave my offspring!” Sinbad burst out, and he made grabby hands towards Ja’far.

“Don’t you even dare.” Ja’far spat out, but Sinbad had already grabbed a small piece of his shirt, and quickly his fists were full of Ja’far’s shirt.

“Let go-“

A loud splash followed, and Ja’far had landed in the water, with Sinbad happily embracing him with strong arms and tail.

“So?” Sinbad asked, his cock rubbing along Ja’far’s trousers, trying to find access somewhere.

“I’m not having sex with you, so get off!” Ja’far said, pushing Sinbad away, but Sinbad pouted and kept a hold on him.

“Okay then, but let me stay a little while.”

Ja’far sighed. Escaping a siren in the water was impossible, so he tried finding a comfortable position between scales and fins, mooching off of Sinbad’s surprising body warmth.

Sinbad was shocked, but happy. He wrapped his arms around the boy, dragging his fingers down to Ja’far’s legs, groping. He had a things for legs, something he had only got to adventure a few times before.

“Don’t touch.”

His hand dropped into the water again, leaving only one arm around Ja’far.

His eyelids started to feel heavy, and suddenly he found himself fast asleep, a finger on Sinbad‘s gills.

Chapter Text

Sinbad huffed, ragged breaths of air being pulled out from his throat.

”Ja’far.” he called out, clawing at a pale, scarred back with an urge and want he hadn’t felt in a while. The thick, jagged scars Ja’far wore from his hard past were interesting, but he couldn’t take his golden eyes of the cock moving inside of him.


Sinbad could damn himself, falling victim for Ja’far’s husky, wonderful voice. It pulled him in like a moth to a bright flame. It was addictive, dangerous and addictive.

Ja’far chuckled, low and breathy against Sinbad’s ear. He bit down gently.

“Feel it?”

How couldn’t he feel it? The hard cock moving inside him with precise movements, determined and hard thrusts. He could cry, feeling himself get undone by the hands moving over his muscular abdomen, gliding up swiftly to his hardened nipples, pulling and twisting. Sinbad cried out.

“Shush love.” Ja’far said, locking their lips together while he began moving quicker, leaving Sinbad to moan and cry out when Ja’far load emptied inside of him.

Those wonderful hands had taken a tight grip around his weeping cock, stroking quickly to make him release his own cum, and Ja’far made him spill across the tanned stomach.

Sinbad looked up with teary eyes, clouding the gold Ja’far knew so well could glimmering in the last minutes of sunset.

Chapter Text

She couldn’t remember how she got into this...shameful position, but damn her if she didn’t love it.

She had gone to Ja’far to hang out, curling up on the couch in his office, wine flushing her cheeks a pretty pink and making her feel hot.

She had thrown out a few comments, about how pretty and handsome Ja’far was, how strong and comfortable it feels, curled into his lap.

He had sighed, before a glint lit up into his eyes. He had stalked forward, much like a wild beast, a predatory animal checking its pray. He had sat down, a nimble hand brushing through purple strands of finely brushed hair.

Ja’far had a voice with a rasp in it, something she adored listening to when he mumbled something softly in her ear, warm breath making her shiver.

But before she knew it, a coarse red wire had been looked around her bracelet clad wrist. She blinked, amber eyes slowly looking at Ja’far, who had a warm, no satisfied smile on his face.

Her arms had been forced over her head, red wires like drops of wine tied around her wrists, holding them together surprisingly gently while she sat in shock, staring at her adviser who was pulling off his green keffiyeh.

She could only see white, Ja’far’s main colour that painted but his far skin and pale hair, and it was the only colour she could see when he moved over her, shirt already off and his hands pulling off the flimsy straps around her large bosom.

“Soft.” He mumbled, like he didn’t know that. His hands, strong and calloused, filled themselves up with her breasts, tan skin and dark nipples under his touch and mercy.

Flipping her onto her knees and elbows, spreading her open with his fingers and tongue, and oh god his tongue—

Her body had began to have a pleasurable feeling tingling inside of it, the lower of her stomach had a warm pleasure on it, and Ja’far’s expertise ministrations were sending her falling off the sharp edge quicker than with anyone else.

His cum coated fingers were pulled out, and his cock put in instead.

There was a silence, before he pulled her hair sharply, and pushed his thick cock in all the way.

She didn’t know how he had the energy to fuck her like this, hard rough and fast, the sound of skin against skin ringing out every second and she was sure that red would mark her ass when his brutish thrusts were done.

He didn’t speak, only groaned, and her moans of ‘please’ and his name were the only coherent sounds.

His teeth sunk into her shoulder, and his arms wrapping around her waist, the cock filling her up, forcing her into (an almost unwilling) submission.

She damned her adviser for turning her into this embarrassing mess of a mighty queen, her pride crushed, popped like a sweet crimson cherry on his tongue.

He came inside and she would kill him for that later but right now her only thoughts were about the twisting heat snapping in her stomach, spilling over his flushed cock with a lewd mewl.

Panting and flushed, something only a handful of men would ever get to see their queen.

Ja’far untied her, screaming marks on her wrists. He kissed them, and she accepted the apology.

He pulled a blanket over her, before going up to do the last paperwork, and she wondered hazily if it was worth it bending over his desk, but decided to rest until she had to force Ja’far away from the scrolls.