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Wolves in the East

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Arya glanced at the soldiers in the yard. She could hear a wolf howling from nearby.

She ran blindly towards the sound, passing some soldiers here and there. Soldiers that were setting fire to the tents. Stark tents.

Arya felt her mouth go dry. The howling got closer and closer.

Then she stood in front of a locked kennel. Kennel which contained Grey Wind.

There was a metal lock on the door, and she knew that her swords would be useless here.

Fortunately, she found a rather large rock, and started striking the lock with it. Eventually, the metal gave away.

She swung open the doors, and Grey Wind was suddenly upon her, licking her face with extreme fervor.

"Grey Wind." she said between giggles "Take me to your owner."

Grey Wind obeyed, heading for the castle which loomed nearby. Arya followed him, unable to repress her anxiety.

The doors of the Great Hall were large, and made of wood. Several latecomers were just entering. Arya slipped in unnoticed with Grey Wind in tow.

Then the doors closed, and uncle Edmure stepped forward. On the other side of the room stood the bride, whose hand was held by one of her brothers.

Uncle Edmure. She needed to warn him. Something sinister was going on. Something was wrong.

Grey Wind let out a low, menacing growl, his hackles raised.

Arya's fingers curled around Needle's handle.

Grey Wind cut the path for her, growling at the Freys, who were backing off.

If she could just reach uncle Edmure......

"That's the wolf!" one of the Freys yelled out

"How did it get out?" another wondered

And then, she spotted him. Robb, who was seated between Mother and Lord Bolton.

She darted out, with Grey Wind watching her back. Together, they evaded various Frey men who tried to get in their way.

"Get to Robb." she muttered "Get to Robb."

The bride and the groom had now reached one another, and started moving towards the altar.

She watched as they tied the knot. Watched as their marriage was sanctioned.

Watched as they left to consummate it.

She heard the new melody. She recognized it. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up.

A warning was blaring in her head.

She shuffled closer to where Robb sat. She saw as Lord Bolton covertly removed the dagger from his belt.

She had a sinking suspicion regarding what he planned to do with it.

"Grey Wind, stay with me." she told the wolf in a whisper "We'll save your master."

She lost all senses. Everywhere around her, people talked over one another. Lord Walder Frey was making a speech.

And then the music stopped. Arya looked up. Instead of instruments, the 'musicians' now held crossbows.

And each one was aimed at her brother.

With one last push, Arya finally made it. She now stood side by side with Robb.

Then she moved behind him.

"Play along." she whispered into his ear

She pressed Needle against his throat.

"All right, the party is over." she said in a shrill voice "You people probably thought that you could kill the King in the North before me, like your grievance with him is greater than mine own."

The Freys stared at her, frozen in place.

"What he did to me and my family is far, far worse than whatever he did to slight you. Therefore, I will be taking my vengeance outside. Open the door and let me out. Then you can watch as I take his head."

"You've got spunk." Lord Walder Frey chuckled "Maybe I'll make you my next wife."

"Over my dead body." Arya thought "Or yours, for that matter."

Two of the Freys opened the door on Lord Frey's orders. Arya stepped through, pulling Robb outside with her. She forced him to his knees.

"I shall now execute the one who murdered my father." she announced "This I swear on his memory."

She raised the Needle above her head.

"I shall execute King Joffrey." she muttered under her breath

And then she swung downwards. Robb rolled away, and Needle struck snow.

Then he was behind her, just as she had planned. He pinned her arms down.

"You are reckless." he said "And your accuracy still needs work. You can't hope to best me like this."

Then he whistled, and Grey Wind emerged from the crowd. He was by Robb's side in an instant.

"Those who wish ill upon me and my family need to be taught a lesson." he remarked idly as he placed her upon Grey Wind's back

Then he mounted the wolf himself, using legs to stay on and hands to steer.

"The Starks are wolf-riders once again!" he exclaimed "So let's ride, Arya! Grey Wind, full speed ahead!"

And then the wolf bolted, disappearing within the white mist before anyone could react.

"Stop them!" one Frey shouted

"Kill the King in the North!" another yelled

Lord Bolton mounted his horse and galloped after them, dagger at the ready.