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Wolves in the East

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"What do you have to report?" Tywin's fingers drummed against the table

"There is an invasion brewing in Essos." Varys reported "One of the Triarchs is raising an army. He took an interest in Westeros, and he swore he would see the Lannisters fall, and that he would steal all of your gold."

Tywin frowned. He could understand if this was about gold, but somehow, he doubted that the gold was all there was to it. A sense of foreboding descended upon him.

They were interrupted as one of the servants stepped into the room.

"You have a letter, my Lord." the servant bowed

Tywin snatched the letter from the man, who departed hastily. The seal was an unfamiliar one. Well, a part of it was familiar, but the other part wasn't.

Nonetheless, he broke it open and skimmed the contents.

He grew angrier and angrier as he read. The letter was a declaration of war from the Triarch himself.

Well, Tywin would show him how he dealt with his enemies.

To Lord Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West.

The night is dark and full of terrors. Wolves howl at the northern moon, and tigers sing the song of mourning. For blood has been spilled on that day. Blood of thousands of innocent people. My grandson-in-law's people.

Tigers don't forgive or forget. Neither do the wolves. The wolves of Essos. Of Volantis.

When tigers and wolves clash with the lions, then we'll see who better predators are.

We've already dealt with one of your allies. An old man who laughed while the lambs were killed.

We haven't forgotten all the other slights you've done us either. Justice will be meted out in the wolf way.

We pronounce the sentence, and we carry it out.

See you real soon,

Malaquo Maegyr, Tiger and Triarch of Volantis
Robb Stark, head of House Stark of Volantis
Arya Stark, deputy head of House Stark of Volantis

Tywin threw the letter into the fire, before he began to pace to and fro, barely containing his rage.

"Tell Cersei and Tommen to come here." he turned to Varys

"Right away, my Lord Hand." Varys bowed before shuffling out of the room.

Tywin saw this as a challenge. A challenge to the survival of his House, and to his legacy.

And this challenge won't go unanswered.

It was the start of another war, and he would finish what he'd started.