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Your Kiss Can Heal Me

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Wei Wuxian woke up before Lan Wangji that day. Actually, he didn't sleep at all. He spent his time watching Lan Wangji's sleeping face, sometimes stroking his hair and sometimes kissing his fluttering eyelashes. Neither of them made Lan Wangji wake up, because he was used to it.


Even before the sun rose, Wei Wuxian was already ready to go. He kissed Lan Wangji one last time before going out, put a note for him to let him know where he was going.


He was going back to Yunmeng, to get something. He just wrote this and left.


Lan Wangji woke up to an empty bed, he felt his body got tense. Wei Wuxian was never up before him, not even before noon. He got up to his feet quickly and started to dress up but in the middle of wearing his outer robe he saw a piece of paper. It was saying, "I'm going to Yunmeng. I will be back before the sleep time." After reading this, Lan Wangji finally calmed down and sat back to his bed. He was so scared that something happened, so with this paper he felt much better. But after a short time, he felt angry. Why did he leave this early? Why did he leave at all? What happened at Yunmeng? Why didn't he tell him?


And another short while after, he felt sad. So sad, at that.


Because it was his birthday. And he was going to spend it without Wei Wuxian.


With that, he felt angry again. It was his birthday! Did he forget? Why did he leave him like this on his birthday? He was planning to spend the day together with Wei Wuxian and Lan Sizhui. Now it was just Lan Sizhui.


Like that time when Wei Wuxian was dead.


He was alone with his son again.


During the day, Lan Sizhui dropped by almost five times in every hour to give him gifts. Sometimes he would came with Lan Jingyi, sometimes by himself. The first time he saw Lan Wangji, Lan Sizhui was alone and was holding something in his arms. But before giving it to Lan Wangji, he looked around with questioning eyes. "Where's he?" 


Lan Wangji tried so hard to not to click his tongue. "Went back to Yunmeng." 


Lan Sizhui was horrified. "Did you have a fight?!"


"No. He was gone when I woke up." Lan Wangji was looking so... Pissed. Lan Sizhui bit on his lip. 


"Oh... Okay. So, Hanguang Jun, this is for you." He handed the thing in his arms to Lan Wangji. It was a plush toy. Its shape was probably... A bunny? No one could have told. While Lan Wangji was looking at the plush, Lan Sizhui was bright red with shyness.


"I... I made it. It's a bunny. I know you love them. Happy birthday." Lan Wangji took the bunny in his one arm and reached to Lan Sizhui with the other. Seeing this, Lan Sizhui hugged him immediately. Lan Wangji smiled to him. "Thank you." Lan Sizhui was so happy that Lan Wangji liked it, so he was smiling ear to ear. Only said, "Mn." back to him but it was more than enough for both of them. 


But even after he gave Lan Wangji his present, he never really left him alone. He did remember how was it back when Wei Wuxian wasn't with them too, and did remember how was Lan Wangji. It was actually worse when it's the time for Wei Wuxian's birthday, but the special days were never easy when the other party was not here to celebrate anyway.


So Lan Sizhui decided to not leave Lan Wangji alone for too long. He didn't want him to feel sad over this and didn't want him to be alone. It went like this till the dinner time, this time it was Lan Xichen that made Lan Wangji nervous. 


"Lan Wangji, where's Wei Wuxian?" Lan Wangji sighed in his heart. "Back to Yunmeng." 


Lan Xichen frowned. "He never left you alone in your birthday before, did something happen?" 


Lan Wangji shook his head. "I don't know. He was already gone at the morning." 


Lan Xichen frowned more, if it's possible. "I hope everything is okay." When Lan Wangji proceeded to sit, Lan Xichen stopped him again. "Is this why you didn't want to celebrate your birthday today?" Lan Wangji didn't say anything, just looked down on the floor. But this was enough for Lan Xichen to understand. So he didn't talk back again, and they ate their dinner in complete silence; unlike the other days, when Wei Wuxian was talking with all his voice even though there was a rule about how one should not talk during the meal.


Then the dinner ended too, and it was almost time to sleep. But Wei Wuxian was still not back. Lan Wangji's feelings turned to worry from disappointment. From sad to nervous. He began to think if there was something wrong. Maybe Yunmeng was attacked? But then Wei Wuxian would say it for sure. Maybe something happened to Jiang Cheng? Again, he would tell this too. But there was nothing. So he walked back to their room, to wait for him. Till he come back. Even if he would come back after the curfew. After midnight. He was not going to sleep, and he was going to wait. 


When he was outside of their room, he stopped abruptly. There was someone inside, the light was on. And he smelled something. Something... Like food? 


He opened the door and this sudden movement startled Wei Wuxian. He was sitting inside, his back facing the door. When he saw Lan Wangji, his face shone like the sun. At the same time, Lan Wangji felt all the tension on his shoulders left him in a second. His face loosened. Now all the disappointment and sadness were gone, he was looking at Wei Wuxian with eyes full of love. 


He went in and closed the door, then sat next to Wei Wuxian. "Wei Ying, where were you?"


Wei Wuxian smiled brightly. "I went to Yunmeng!" 


Lan Wangji touched Wei Wuxian's face. "I know. Why?" 


Wei Wuxian kissed his palm and took something under from the table and put it on. "For this!" 


'This' was lotus root soup and lotus seeds. Lan Wangji looked at the table with a surprised face. Before he could say anything Wei Wuxian started talking. "So... I noticed that you never ate my sect's dishes even though I bragged about them almost everyday for years. The last time I met with Jiang Cheng, he said that he saw a food recipe -lotus root soup- and how he thought about the times Shijie was doing it for us. It was always making us happy. And she was especially doing it if it's our birthdays." 


Wei Wuxian put a bowl with lotus root soup in front of Lan Wangji. "Today, I left to get the recipe. When I saw it, I immediately knew that it was Shijie's writing. Then I bought the ingredients from Yunmeng, because our lotus is the best, and I came back here to cook." After saying this, Wei Wuxian looked a little down. "Oh how I would like you to eat this from Shijie..." But after that he smiled again. "So! Happy birthday!" 


For almost a minute, neither of them said anything. Wei Wuxian was used to his silence but he felt like something was wrong. "You can eat it, I didn't use any meat." Even after that, Lan Wangji didn't move. Wei Wuxian got nervous suddenly. "Is it bad? Or are you feeling bad? Is something wrong? Did you hurt somewhere?" 


Wei Wuxian got on his knees and examined Lan Wangji's body. He looked at his arms, legs, then he remembered the injuries on his back and tried to look at them if there's anything wrong and now he was squeezed between Lan Wangji's arms. He let out a surprised sound. Lan Wangji didn't let him talk and kissed him on the lips. "Thank you." Wei Wuxian laughed. "You don't have to thank me. Actually I have to apologize to you. For making you spend your birthday alone. I'm sorry that I wasn't with you the whole day. At first I thought that it was a good idea to make you a traditional food from my Shijie's recipe but when I saw that the sun was getting low pretty fast, I immediately regretted my decision. I thought I would come back earlier, I didn't want to leave you alone. I'm sorry."


Lan Wangji put his head on Wei Wuxian's shoulder, his arms were wrapped around him. "Thank you. And you know that I don't need any gifts." Wei Wuxian stroked Lan Wangji's hair while he was talking, and smiled to himself. "You're the only thing I need." 


Wei Wuxian turned his face to Lan Wangji, his head was still on Wei Wuxian's shoulder. Wei Wuxian brushed his nose to Lan Wangji's face, he was smelling like forest, then kissed his cheek. "I know. I know, you're my gift too." Then sat straight and looked at Lan Wangji with mischievous eyes. "But one need to keep the excitement high in the relationship."


Lan Wangji laughed and kissed him again. But this kiss was saying 'let's move to the bed' so Wei Wuxian stopped him. "No, naughty boy! You have to drink the soup first. It costed us a whole day."


Lan Wangji took the bowl and took a sip from it. His face was saying nothing as always but Wei Wuxian was already knew that it was bad. So he took the bowl from Lan Wangji and put it back.


"Okay, okay. I got it. It's terrible. I can see it from your eyes. Let's stop drinking it. It's oka-" Not letting Wei Wuxian finish talking, he took the bowl back and didn't even use a spoon for it, just gulped down the soup. Then put the empty bowl back on table like nothing happened. "No, it was good." Wei Wuxian watched him the whole time with opened eyes. "Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan... If you get sick because of this, what will I do?"


Lan Wangji got up on his feet and took Wei Wuxian with himself, leading him to the bed while kissing him. His hands were everywhere and didn't even let Wei Wuxian to remove his clothes at first. When they moved to the bed finally, Lan Wangji stayed on top of him and breathed in Wei Wuxian's ear. "If I ever get sick, you can heal me right away. You're my medicine."


Wei Wuxian laughed and kissed his eyelids first. "Would you get better if I kiss you like this?" Lan Wangji nodded. 


Then Wei Wuxian kissed him under his lips. "Like this?" Lan Wangji said yes. Yes, that would heal him too.


Wei Wuxian kissed his neck. "This, maybe?" Lan Wangji inhaled sharply. "Yes."


The kisses went down with every confirmation.



"Would this heal you?"




"I bet this can make the fever go away."







Was Wei Wuxian the best thing ever happened to him? Yes.


Was Wei Wuxian the only thing he needed? Yes.


Was Wei Wuxian was the biggest gift for him? Yes.


Was the lotus soup really good? No. 


Did Lan Wangji drink it all just because Wei Wuxian cook it for him? Yes.


Did they love each other? Forever.