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a dance of fire and water

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Xiao Zhan walked down the hallway in long, swift strides, his long legs eye-catching in his finely cut pants, a black buttoned-down shirt tucked in, accentuating the small waist and the slight curve of his rear. He was terribly keyed up and it was only through sheer self-control from years of working in the industry that allowed him to reach his apartment without sporting a major boner in his pants. 

There was only one person to blame for this. 

Wang Yibo!!! 

As soon as he was alone, he undressed, showered until all the gel and make up was gone, then quickly bundled himself up, naked under the sheets. Even after all that, Xiao Zhan still felt the heat licking at his bones, the kind of heat that came from being pent up. He curled in on his side and brought out his phone to pull up the video he was watching earlier. The screen was instantly lit up with Hunan Satellite TV’s New Year Concert and the performance on stage was none other than Wang Yibo’s. 

Xiao Zhan’s breath hitched as Yibo’s handsome face filled the screen, looking expensive and wild in that outfit and long hair. 

The omega brought a hand down to grasp himself, already half-hard the moment he touched it. He pumped it slowly, staring with half-lidded eyes at Wang Yibo dancing and rapping like he was the king on stage. The young alpha was all power and passion, captivating everyone with his controlled, sensual movements and deep, rough voice. 

Xiao Zhan wanted to hear that voice beside his ear, whispering to him, telling him what a good omega he was for getting all hard and wet for him. 

Shuddering at his imagination, he moved his fingers from his cock, down to his balls, squeezing them in passing before arriving at his entrance. The hole twitched under his fingertips, already slippery from the slick of his arousal. He rubbed at it until the opening gave way slightly, index finger slowly slipping inside. 

Xiao Zhan groaned and rolled onto his stomach, raising his hips to reach behind himself. It was better this way, his finger sinking deeper into his ass. He was a little tight so he moved the digit back and forth while his other hand propped his phone against the headboard, his sight entirely fixed on the alpha charming every member in the audience.  

Long hair like this really suits Yibo , Xiao Zhan thought, mesmerized. 

Any hairstyle actually was good on Wang Yibo. But Xiao Zhan’s absolute favorite was the messy kind when Yibo’s bangs seemed to artfully fall over his forehead just right. Xiao Zhan would get an eyeful of it whenever he and Yibo were fucking face to face, the alpha irritatedly brushing his sweaty bangs back so that he could look at Xiao Zhan without obstruction.

The memory made his gut tighten and Xiao Zhan added another finger inside himself, pumping them faster as he tried to find his sweet spot. He was reminded of Yibo’s fingers always finding it without fail, making him wish the younger were with him now, taking him apart with his long, big hands that felt so thick whenever they’d slide into him.  

Just thinking about it got him moving his hips uncontrollably, his cock rubbing against the bed. When the performance reached the water dance, Xiao Zhan was already whimpering and moaning, slamming his fingers hard, fucking himself on three now with the slick making it easier as it dribbled down his hole. 

“Y-Yibo, Wang… Yibo,” Xiao Zhan panted, eyes growing hazy with the oncoming rush of pleasure from his two sensitive parts. He was getting close and Xiao Zhan could look at nothing but at Wang Yibo— the man who was unbelievably striking on stage, the man who was venting his heart out to the world, the man who acted like he could care less when in reality, he felt a lot more than others. 

And one day, that amazing, talented, brave man would be his mate. The thought of Wang Yibo pressed against his back, fucking him on his knot while his teeth pierced into his gland, marking him, had Xiao Zhan suddenly tensing all over, his body clenching tight around the fingers inside as white, hot liquid pulsed from his cock, dirtying the sheets underneath.

His fingers continued to move until it became too much and Xiao Zhan slid them out of him, collapsing onto the bed and panting against his pillow. His gaze never strayed from the video as Wang Yibo finished with a bang, wet locks sticking to his cheek and neck, eyes staring intensely at the camera that gave Xiao Zhan tingles all over his sweaty body. 

Feeling lazy and sleepy now, Xiao Zhan stroked the unmarked gland on his neck while scrolling down the video to see the comments: 

why is wang yibo so hot???

I want to lick all that water from him

Oh my god, my baby alpha what are you doing!?!? I-i can’t watch (peeps meme)


How to be the Floor 

what i would give to be his mate!

Xiao Zhan chuckled at some of them, then paused when he read the mate comment. 

He sighed, wishing he could see Wang Yibo right now. But he knew the young alpha was still on his way, arriving maybe around early in the morning. He remembered the simple but loving message Yibo had sent him after they finished counting down for the New Year, a cute Happy New Year, Zhan Ge! May this be another year filled with loving you. 

Smiling, Xiao Zhan flopped himself down on a cleaner area of the bed and shut his eyes. He hoped that when he woke up in the morning, he’d see Yibo’s face next to his. 



Wang Yibo arrived at his omega’s apartment late in the morning. He didn’t even bother stopping at his own place, rushing straight from the airport to get here whilst carrying his own bags. 

He wanted to see Xiao Zhan already. He wanted to be with his omega now

After keying in the code, he stepped into the apartment and carefully dropped his bags aside. He had a feeling Xiao Zhan was still asleep and when he walked into the bedroom, his prediction was right. 

He couldn’t help the way his lips curled up at the sight of his adorable lover snoring away in dreamland. Xiao Zhan had basically wrapped himself like a burrito in the blankets, curled up into a small ball as if he weren’t 6 feet tall. Only his face was visible through them and Yibo sat on the edge of the bed, giving his omega a kiss on the cheek. 

Then Yibo paused, sniffing the air. There was a lingering aroused scent but it was very faint, as if it happened hours ago. 

Yibo scrunched his brows, bending closer to nose at Xiao Zhan’s soft hair before moving down to his neck. He crawled up and over the omega, inching the blanket down to smell at his bare neck and shoulders. 

It was definitely coming from the omega. Xiao Zhan had been aroused last night and Yibo didn’t know why. He couldn’t help the stab of possessiveness that shot through him when he thought of the video he’d seen on his way back. It captured Xiao Zhan under the falling confetti during the finale of his New Year show, the way he was surrounded by alphas and betas at all sides and one even had the gall to touch him. 

Tiny, repressed growls escaped from Yibo’s throat as he pushed the blankets further away, sniffing more of Xiao Zhan’s naked skin to check if any other scent was on him. He moved down the omega’s curved spine, licking at the soft skin accessible to him before he reached his hips. 

Ah, so that’s where the smell is coming from. 

Yibo licked one round cheek before he parted them slightly to see Xiao Zhan’s still glistening hole. With his thumb, he placed a little pressure on the wrinkled entrance and smirked when it opened to him easily. Without the blankets, he also noticed a stained section of the bedding and the smell alone let Yibo know that only Xiao Zhan had been here last night. 

Looks like his Zhan Ge had been busy playing. 

Stripping out of his clothes, Yibo threw them to the floor and laid down behind Xiao Zhan. He nosed the small hairs on the omega’s nape while he trailed a knuckle down Xiao Zhan’s side, tracing from his waist, to his hips, and upper thighs, enjoying the touch of smooth skin under him. His nose moved to nuzzle the unmarked gland, the familiar urge to bite rising in him before he easily suppressed it. He just soothed the sensitive area with his lips, reminding himself that he would get his chance soon. 

Xiao Zhan made a tiny sound at the touch but quieted down quickly. Yibo didn’t know whether he should wake Xiao Zhan up or not but he was greatly enjoying the chance of touching the older male again as he didn’t know when he’d get another opportunity to do so. 

“Zhan Ge.” Yibo whispered, close to his ear but of course, the omega was sound asleep. His mouth was cutely open as he breathed in and out slowly, plush lips tempting him to kiss. Yibo settled for placing his mouth on a round shoulder, sucking on the smooth skin to leave a red mark there. He hoped Xiao Zhan didn’t have any topless photoshoots later in the day. 

His mood gradually changed from tired to aroused as the scent of his omega filled his senses, enveloping Yibo in a warm embrace and he in turn made sure that Xiao Zhan smelled of him, tucking himself flushed against the older’s back, fingers still tracing all over the man’s skin. 

His bodily reactions also couldn’t be helped when he had a naked and pliant omega in his arms. He felt his cock growing hard against Xiao Zhan’s pert ass and Yibo moved it to rest in between his cheeks, gently rocking his hips to get some friction. 

Xiao Zhan squirmed a little, moving his hips back and Yibo had to bite back a moan. He gripped Xiao Zhan’s hips to keep it in place as he mouthed at the omega’s nape, feeling his cock drag against the tight crease, the head catching at the rim of Xiao Zhan’s hole a few times before it slid past. 

“Zhan Ge,” Yibo grunted, closing his eyes shut from the sensations. He imagined Xiao Zhan fingering himself last night, stretching his flushed hole wide and open, slick dripping everywhere, so that he’d be ready for Yibo when he came. And Yibo wanted to do just that. He wanted to line his cock and thrust deep inside his gege, wanted to fuck him as he slept until he woke up to Yibo’s cock already inside him, wanted to knot him till they could no longer be apart.

Yibo drowned in his fantasies, moaning against Xiao Zhan’s neck while recklessly humping against him. He clutched the man in his arms tighter until he suddenly felt a hand on his cock, pumping it in a familiar grip. He gasped and opened his eyes. 

He didn’t know when Xiao Zhan woke up but he was looking at him over his shoulder, smiling that soft sleepy smile when their eyes made contact. 

“Bo di, you’re here.” He whispered, voice still low and hoarse from sleep. 

Yibo nodded, leaning down to capture those lips he’d been wanting to kiss. Xiao Zhan opened his mouth to let him in, tongues tangling and saliva escaping from the corners due to Yibo’s enthusiasm.  

“Missed you.” Yibo said, panting a little when Xiao Zhan squeezed the tip of his length. 

Xiao Zhan whispered back, “I missed you too.” Then he was leading Yibo’s erection to his entrance, pleading, “Inside me, didi. I want to feel you.” 

Yibo didn’t even need to be told twice. He pushed into that soft, slick opening and groaned as it let him in easily, willingly. Xiao Zhan gasped as he was penetrated and Yibo felt him clench around him, sucking his cock in and he swore inwardly. Fuck he was so hot.

Xiao Zhan’s hips twitched, a needy whine in his throat. Yibo swallowed, gritting his teeth as he rocked his hips just a little and gasped.

“God, Zhan Ge, you fingered yourself last night but you’re still so tight… clutching at me as if you don’t want me to leave.” Yibo growled into his ear, pushing himself in until he was fully inside. But he didn’t stop there. He began rocking his hips, dragging his cock through that deliciously tight passage.

“H-How did you— ah! ” Xiao Zhan cut himself off with a moan, trembling and grasping the sheets when Yibo angled himself to his sweet spot. The alpha began to pound against it and Xiao Zhan long forgot what he was about to say, his body moving with every thrust. Yibo had one hand under his thigh, the other wrapped around Xiao Zhan’s torso, fingers pinching at his nipples as he fucked the omega sideways 

“M-more, Bo di. Fuck , Yibo, you feel so… so good.” Xiao Zhan moaned, whimpering as the thick cock inside him stirred his walls when Yibo rolled his hips, purposefully undulating them to the way he liked. It never failed to remind Xiao Zhan why he was so thankful for Yibo’s dancing abilities.

“You too, Zhan Ge. Shit,” Yibo cursed when he looked down and watched himself burying himself over and over again into Xiao Zhan, the naughty sight fueling his passion. “Such a good omega. Such a slut for my cock.” He whispered into his ear, voice deep as gravel. 

Xiao Zhan gasped, then shuddered, insides squeezing down on Yibo. It didn’t escape the alpha’s notice and he smirked, licking a teardrop from Xiao Zhan’s cheek as he continued, “You like that, Zhan Ge? You like it when I call you a slut, a whore for my cock?”

His gege didn’t answer but the redness in his cheeks and the dazed look in his eyes was answer enough. He slowed down his thrusts to grind against him, keeping his entire length inside that trembling, wet heat, “I’ve seen comments online about you… about people who think you’d be the sweet and gentle type in bed, so delicate that his partner had to go in slow to please you. But that’s not true right?”

Even though Yibo’s thrusts had slowed down, the head of his cock was rubbing mercilessly at Xiao Zhan’s prostate, keeping him on edge. Xiao Zhan gripped Yibo’s hand around his waist, nails digging in the more the younger talked. 

“Zhan Ge wants it rough and hard, wants cock so much that he couldn’t even wait for me to arrive before he was already fingering himself open. But you’re only like this for didi, hmm?”

When Xiao Zhan just looked at him with wide, unfocused eyes, his wet mouth open and red, Yibo slowly pulled back until only the head of his cock was wrapped around the puckered hole. Xiao Zhan whined, trying to tilt his hips towards Yibo, tightening around the head of his cock to tempt him back in. 

“Answer me.” Yibo growled, fucking back in so forcefully that the slap of their skins rang loudly in the room, accompanied by Xiao Zhan’s high-pitched moan, back arching for more. 

“Only for didi.” Xiao Zhan wheezed out, breath shaky and quivering so much in his arms.  

Yibo increased the pace of his thrusts, rewarding Xiao Zhan for the answer. He kissed the omega’s cheek and nuzzled into his neck, praising, “That’s right. Only for me. Didi loves you so much, Zhan Ge. Didi doesn’t want anyone else to see this side of you.”

With the faster rhythm, Xiao Zhan seemed like he came alive, moaning and squirming back into his thrusts as he responded, “No one else. Only you, only for yo— ah ... ngh … I-I’m close, Bo di.”

“Okay, okay, gege. I didn’t wear a condom so I’ll—” Yibo said, starting to pull out but then Xiao Zhan grabbed his wrist, his inner walls clenching as he desperately shouted.  

“No, inside! Do it inside!” 

Yibo paused, the alpha in him roaring with approval but he beat it down to ask, “Zhan Ge, are you sure—?”

“I took birth control. Please, didi! Knot me raw.” He begged. 

Yibo didn’t possess enough self-control to refuse that. He fucked Xiao Zhan a few more times, plastering himself against the omega’s back, mouth breathing hot on his neck until he felt his knot begin to swell. The little noise Xiao Zhan made when Yibo buried himself to the base was almost as delicious as feeling Xiao Zhan tensing around him. 

Yibo brought his hand down to tug at Xiao Zhan's leaking erection, surprised when after one pull the omega stiffened and came already, spilling over his knuckles. Xiao Zhan made a pitiful sound, squeezing Yibo's cock tighter, as though trying to milk him dry, and Yibo could no longer hold back. He muffled a cry on Xiao Zhan's skin and released himself inside, painting the omega’s walls white with cum. 

Xiao Zhan gasped, clutching the sheets tight and shaking uncontrollably. His insides felt wet and sensitive, filled to the brim with not only Yibo’s knot but his seed too. Xiao Zhan felt a bit dazed just thinking about it and he brought a hand down to his belly, checking if he could feel that fullness from the outside. 

“How are you?” Yibo mumbled from behind, kissing his earlobe. He was soothing Xiao Zhan’s thigh that had cramped a bit after having it lifted the entire time. The omega smiled at the affectionate gesture, turning slightly to give Yibo a peck. 

“It was good. Really good, Bo di. Have I mentioned I missed you yet?” He asked jokingly, grinning at the half raised smile on the younger’s face. 

“It wouldn’t hurt to hear it a few more times, along with ‘I love you’, ‘Yibo is the best’, and so on.” Yibo said, pinching the soft skin of his waist, making Xiao Zhan squirm. 

Xiao Zhan made a serious (adorable) face and said in his most monotone voice, “I love you. Yibo is the best.” 

But Yibo acted as if he’d said it in the sweetest tone ever as he hugged Xiao Zhan tight, smattering kisses around his shoulders and neck, “I love you too! Zhan Ge is even better than best. Your performance on New Year was great!” 

“Me?! I should be talking about you, you beast! How come you never mentioned anything to me about that water dance?” Xiao Zhan rebutted, reminded once more about his amazing performance. Wang Yibo even rode around on a motorcycle after his dance, as if the alpha wasn’t hot enough. It was probably the best stage of the year!

Yibo smirked, “To catch you by surprise, of course. And it seems I succeeded, knowing what you did last night.” 

Xiao Zhan flushed and looked away, mumbling, “Anyone would get hot and bothered seeing you perform like that.”

“But you’re just as hot on stage, Zhan Ge. You were really sexy in your dance break.” Yibo grinned, enjoying the way Xiao Zhan grew more flustered hearing that. 

“Oh god, is that why you pounced on me the moment you got here?” Xiao Zhan asked, face now hidden in his hands. “Wang Yibo! Have you no shame?!” 

“Who was the one who asked for it? Huh?” Yibo laughed, hugging his omega tightly, joy filling his heart at being together again. 

When Yibo’s knot eventually deflated, they slowly parted from each other and Xiao Zhan gasped at the rush of slick and cum that slid out of him. 

Yibo’s voice was rough when he said, “That’s a lot.”

Xiao Zhan tried standing and grimaced when more dribbled down his thighs, “I need a shower.”

Yibo, who had been watching his red and swollen hole with dark eyes, suddenly sat up, “Me too.”

Xiao Zhan turned to him with a glare, “You’ll go after me.”

“Eh?! Why not together?” Yibo pouted, making his eyes go wide and pitiful. 

“Don’t give me that look. Whenever we shower, we always end up…” Xiao Zhan gestured to the air between them, implying clearly what he meant.

“But I just came from a flight. I feel dirty too.” He said, looking to the side with his lower lip jutted out. 

That had Xiao Zhan pausing in his pursuit to find clothes, “Wait, you didn’t go home first?” 

“No, I came here straight away.” He grinned at the dumbfounded look on Xiao Zhan’s face, “I couldn’t wait to see you, Zhan Ge.” 

After a moment, Xiao Zhan groaned, “Okay. Fine. But we’re only cleaning!” 

Yibo nodded obediently. 

“I mean it!” 

Yibo nodded again.

Xiao Zhan eyed him carefully, then nodded his head towards the bathroom. 

Yibo sprang into action with a wide grin, pulling the surprised omega inside and shutting the door behind them with a bang. 



Xiao Zhan never should have trusted that sly-minded, cute-smiling gremlin in the first place. 

It started innocently enough. The both of them shampooed their hair while chatting about their future schedules. After rinsing it off, he moved to soap himself and Yibo did the same. Honestly, Xiao Zhan still felt a bit of lingering heat when he caught sight of the young alpha’s body, the hard planes of his torso and the muscles on his arms making it difficult to curb his lust. But Xiao Zhan had already told the younger that they weren’t going to do it so he hardened his heart and avoided looking. 

Which was why he hadn’t expected it when Yibo suddenly pushed him, face first, against the wall, saying “I’ll help you clean back there, Zhan Ge.” 

“Yi—!” Xiao Zhan tried to protest but when Yibo’s fingers dug into his hole, scraping against his inner walls to clean his semen out, the omega lost his voice to gasp and moan instead. Those fingers had brushed against his sweet spot, sparking a wave of pure bliss through him and Yibo brought his other hand up to play with Xiao Zhan’s pecs. 

Realizing where this was going, the omega looked over his shoulder with his brows drawn, “I-I said we’re just… ngh … cleaning.” 

Yibo gazed innocently back at him, “But I am, Zhan Ge. It’s your own fault if you’re getting turned on by it.” 

Xiao Zhan gritted his teeth and looked away, not giving the younger the pleasure to know he’d been stumped. When Yibo added another finger, sliding three in and out of him, Xiao Zhan’s whole body flushed with another shiver of heat. Yibo was really too good with those fingers, damn, Xiao Zhan thought.

But when he felt them pull out and graze at his gaping entrance, Xiao Zhan became abruptly aware of just how empty he was and how he wished with a sudden intensity that Yibo would just fuck him with his cock already. But he had to stop himself, his pride was on the line here! 

“I love it when you’re like this, gege,” Yibo suddenly said. 

“W-What do you— ah !” Xiao Zhan gasped when Yibo’s fingers plunged into him all of a sudden, aiming straight for his prostate.

“Like you’re putty in my hands, completely soft, letting me do whatever I want with you.”

“Bo di,” Xiao Zhan warned, trembling under the hot stream.

“What, Zhan Ge? I’m already done cleaning you.” Yibo teased, staying pressed behind him with his fingers still moving inside the omega’s ass, curling and stretching. He could smell his sweet slick staining his hands and Yibo’s own arousal flared up. It curled tight in his stomach, his hard cock pressed against Xiao Zhan’s hip. 

“Do you want me to stop?” Yibo whispered, slowly sliding his fingers out. Xiao Zhan knew what game he was playing, knew what he wanted him to say and it made the omega wonder if resistance had any use at this point other than playing hard to get. He knew in the end he would give in to anything Yibo wanted. 

God, I’m so whipped , Xiao Zhan thought, smiling a little indulgently. 

Impatient for an answer, Yibo’s free hand pinched harder at Xiao Zhan’s stiff nubs, making the omega’s head tilt with a whine. Xiao Zhan arched his back and finally gave up putting up a front, clutching desperately at Yibo’s fingers, “Bo di, just fuck me already.” 

Yibo chuckled, knowing he’d won. Xiao Zhan would have rolled his eyes and said something snarky but then he felt the head of Yibo’s cock push inside him, stretching him wide open once more, serving to fuel the need pulsing in his veins. There was no resistance at all, only white-hot ecstasy and Xiao Zhan moaned, “Yes.” 

Yibo fucked him slow and steady at first as though he couldn’t get enough of feeling Xiao Zhan wrapped around him, the shape of his cock already embedded inside the omega. Xiao Zhan breathed shakily as Yibo kissed along his neck and shoulders, both hands now tracing circles on his nipples and stomach.

But once the pace grew fast and brutal, Xiao Zhan had no control over his voice, groans and whimpers spilling out of him, bouncing loudly around the bathroom. He was helplessly bucking against Yibo’s cock, hands supporting himself on the wall as he tried to get it to move deeper into him. His prostate felt overly abused, his hole squelching from the wetness of his slick but Xiao Zhan didn’t want it to stop, didn’t want it to end. 

“Bo di, please. Deeper— mph!” He moaned, reaching to touch himself. Yibo snatched Xiao Zhan’s hand away and placed it back on the wall, his bigger hand completely engulfing the older’s.

“I want you to cum like this, Zhan Ge, just on my cock.” He rasped, using his other hand to pull Xiao Zhan’s hips into him, pounding even faster. Yibo licked and mouthed at the omega’s gland, teeth scraping lightly over it and Xiao Zhan’s voice rose, growing more desperate as his climax drew near.

With tears in his eyes, Xiao Zhan felt Yibo slam into him once— twice— three more times before he was spilling against the tiled walls, his shout of Yibo’s name echoing in the small space. With his muscles all tensed up, Yibo cursed behind him, burying himself deep inside as he came, his knot already beginning to form.  

The two stood panting for a moment, only the sound of the shower overhead and their laboured breathing filling the silence. Xiao Zhan’s knees felt weak and Yibo was shaking slightly, placing a bit of his weight on the omega with his hands still around his hips. There would no doubt be bruises there tonight after being manhandled like that. Thankfully, he had no photoshoots to worry about this week. 

Xiao Zhan looked over his shoulder, feeling stuffed and wet inside once again, his eyes full of fatigue and amusement. “Wang Yibo, are you even human? How could you have the energy to do me twice in one morning?”

Yibo snorted, nuzzling at Xiao Zhan’s nape, “This isn’t the first time we’ve done two rounds in a row, gege. But to be honest, I think I’m going to knock out the moment I hit the bed.” He grinned, winding his arms around Xiao Zhan’s waist, letting them sway a bit while they waited for his knot to go down.  

“Besides,” Yibo continued, his tone suddenly a bit melancholic, “When will we get the chance to see each other again?”

Xiao Zhan sighed and held the hands around him. He knew that as promotions had ended and award shows were over, there was nothing tying the two of them together schedule-wise. They could only hope that another drama would take the two of them again but they didn’t place much of their bets on that. 

Xiao Zhan tilted his head back and turned his face, Yibo knowing immediately what he wanted as he angled his own and pressed their lips together. They kissed in a sweet, chaste manner, a total contrast to what they’d been doing since Xiao Zhan woke up. 

“We’ll get through it, Bo di. I promise.” Xiao Zhan whispered, smiling at him. 

Yibo curled his own lips up, “I know. No matter what, you’re my mate.” 

“And you’re mine.”