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Siren's Song

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It wasn’t until a full month after the others rescued them from their captors that Raphael and Leonardo saw each other’s eyes again. It was long, slow day, but not uneventful: Donnie had gotten an old chainsaw in the barn working and they used that to cut wood that afternoon; Mikey and Shini were, allegedly, spotted cuddling by the lake; Casey managed to not piss off Miwa for longer than an hour--he lasted seventy-four minutes, according to Don, before cracking a joke about BDSM to her. Hearing him beg for her forgiveness, oddly enough, was the highlight of his day. Then he strode into the bathroom and met the eyes of his sleepy, confused lover.

Reasonably, it took Leonardo’s brain a moment to catch up with what was happening. He hadn’t seen Raph do more than twitch in weeks, after all. Later on, when he was more awake and less out of the loop, the hot-headed mutant would agree, say that he had the same delayed reaction when Leo woke up in the tub. Now, though, all he could think of was getting his hands on his turtle.

“What’chu doin’ overrr there? Cuh’ere… mm.” Slurring his speech, accent heavy and voice as gruff as ever, Raphael was less than intimidating and sounded more akin to an excited dog in the later years of his life. It was a shocking contrast to his usual self, but Leo remembered when he was in that boat.

Sighing happily, the leader walked briskly over to his mate and fell to his knees beside the tub. His arms immediately wound around Raphael’s neck and their beaks connected in a deep kiss. It was gentler than either of them would have liked, Leo surmised, but it seemed Raph lacked the proper energy to be as aggressive as he normally was and Leo lacked the courage to be as rough as himself usually was. He didn’t want to hurt his little brother. A soft growl, broken and strained sounding, rumbled out of the emerald turtle’s throat, a non-verbal warning that the smaller turtle needed to stop the wishy-washy sappy shit and kiss his mate properly . A submissive whimper left the leader and he complied as much as he dared, tightening his arms around that thick neck just a little bit and pressing their mouths together nearly hard enough to bruise. He didn’t dare apply so much pressure that he hurt Raphael, but he couldn’t deny either of them, not a kiss, not after so long. He just couldn’t and he wouldn’t .

“Raph--” he gasped, pulling back for much-needed air. “You’re hurt, we can’t--”

A questing tongue cut him off and he sighed contentedly. He took a brief moment to revel in the novelty of having Raphael’s vivid scent in his nose--cinnamon, smoke, honey, leather. It was amazing and Leo couldn’t help the growing bulge in his lower plastron, couldn’t help the way he widened his knees and his tail wagged wantonly. Raphael was awake alive , he was wanting and he was--

Injured. Raphael was injured and hurt and healing and Leo was thinking about sex ?! SERIOUSLY?!

He couldn’t believe himself--here Raph was probably hurting and all Leonardo (who was supposed to protect him! ) could think about was getting mounted. Was he really that selfish? Was he that desperate?

“Yer thi’kin’ ‘oo l’ow,” Raphael muttered into his mouth. “Too l’ow…”

Another harsh kiss had Leo moaning lowly, tilting his head back and to the left--an odd angle, sure, but it gave his mate all the more access to bite and lap at his rapidly swelling lips.

Raphie… ” he gasped, wet heat sliding down the inside of his thigh.


~ There you go making my heart beat again, heart beat again, heart beat again;

There you go making me feel like a kid--

Won't you do it and do it one time? ~


“Wha’?” the larger turtle asked breathlessly. “Ya’ wan’ som’in’?”

Yessss… waitwaitwaitnononono .

“We need-- mmph!

That wide tongue--and long, gods Raph had such a long tongue --wormed its way back into his mouth, twisting around his playfully. It seemed the longer they kissed, the more adrenaline that pumped into his system, the more alive Raphael became, pulling and tilting and pushing with the same wanton desperation that Leo did. It was amazing and satisfying and--


~ There you go pulling me right back in, right back in, right back in,

And I know

I'm never letting this go. ~


Ahem .”

A voice from beside them somewhere--the door --coughed awkwardly. The two turtles, reluctantly, separated and Leo fell back onto his shins. Shit , he thought grimly, Are my legs really that wet already? Am I really that wet already?

Blue and Red turned to eye their interruptor and Leo made a mental note to thank them for saving him from his own libido--embarrassing? Extremely, but necessary. Brown eyes accented by a dark strip of purple met them and Raph turned as red as his mask.

“D’onie!” he croaked, nervous. “Uh… we c’n ‘xpla’, it--”

“I already know, Raph.” the genius said softly, smiling at the couple fondly. “We all know and we’re all fine with it--more than fine; we can tell you two make each very--” he eyed the darker terrapin mirthfully, noticing the way he swallowed repeatedly: holding back a churr --” very happy.” The teasing jab didn’t go unnoticed by the eldest but Raph didn’t pick up on it, too out of it from the coma and arousal to think critically. He took it at face value and smiled dopily at his little brother.

“We do ~”


~ I'm stuck on you.

(Wuh-oh, wuh-oh)

Stuck like glue.

You and me baby we're stuck like glue.

(Wuh-oh, wuh-oh)

Stuck like glue.

You and me baby we're stuck like glue . ~


Leo faced his mate with a dopey grin of his own, eyes shining with tears. The blue depths screamed I missed you, I love you, I’m so happy, I lovelovelove!

Donnie only laughed and moved to hug his older brother. “I love you, man--it’s good to have you back.”

Raph lifted a weak arm to drape over his brother’s shell. “Th’nks?” he said confusedly, eye ridges furrowed. “How long’s I ou’?”

Donnie pulled away before answering. “Too long, brother, too long. Almost five weeks now, and maybe even longer before we got you two back from those researchers.” he waved an olive hand before continuing, “You both sustained several minor injuries but I think you got a pretty bad concussion, hence the coma. It would also explain your lack of attentiveness when we rescued you--the starvation and dehydration didn’t help matters.”

“Sta’ation? De’dration? Hm ?”

Lea chuckled and ran a hand over his mate’s head, rubbing soothing circles into his scalp on the way from the front to the back. “Yeah, Raphie.”

Confused as he was, and hungry, Gods he was so hungry , he nuzzled into his mate’s arm, hazy orbs drifting closed again. His eyes flew open when Don snapped loudly in front of his beak, muttering something he didn’t catch. “Wha’?”

“No sleeping,” the medic enunciated. “You’ve slept non-stop for weeks, and Merlin knows how long you slept before we found you guys--you need to stay awake. Doctor’s orders, no wiggling around it.” He shook a finger pointedly before moving to the door. He stated over his shoulder before walking out, “I want to see him before lunch in the barn, okay, Leo?” The leader nodded, eyes taking in the aliveness of his immediate younger, and Donnie couldn’t help but let out a relieved sigh. In the hall, he leaned his shell against the wall, sucking in shaky breaths.

He had thought, for a while, that they were going to lose their brother. For weeks he just laid there, not seeming to get any better. Leonardo had been frightened by the lack of visible healing, watching Raphael nonstop like the hothead had done for him years before--like Leo had years before when Raph was turned into that plant thing. But Donnie… Donnie had been absolutely terrified , just as he was years ago when Leonardo was in the tub and years ago when Raph was turned into the plant thing. He was scared of losing his brother, scared because he felt it would be his fault. The worst part was that he knew he couldn’t do anything either way, couldn’t help Raph anymore than he already had because he didn’t know how. There were few visible injuries on the hothead, just some cuts and scrapes, nothing unusual and nothing he couldn’t handle on a regular day. The coma seemed to be a response to some sort of internal trauma--what sort (let alone whether it was physical or mental) couldn’t be determined.

April poked her head out from the girls’ bedroom, having sensed the deep elation and underlying sorrow. “Dee?”

The warm, relieved brown eyes and watery smile answered all of her questions. She laughed and ran to him, wrapping him tightly in a hug. A kiss was pressed to his cheek before she let go, knocking first on her shared bedroom’s door and then the turtles’ Casey’s. “Guys! Guys! Get up, get up!” She was slow getting to Master Splinter’s room and nearly ran into him as he rushed into the bathroom past her.