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First Time? (Male Version)

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You were annoyed. Down right angry, in fact. Arthur, Lenny and literally everyone at camp had warned you that Micah had a crazy side. You just thought he'd be professional enough not to let it happen in the middle of a job. You were wrong and now you were hiding from the law in a dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and darkness.
You scratched your chin, feeling the hair there as you looked around the abandoned house with your lantern. the windows were boarded so no one should see you, not to mention you were making your way to the basement anyway. Nothing of use but it was quiet and somewhat clean. You didn't bother to turn when you heard footsteps descending down the old, creaking stairs after you. He kind of loitered behind you a moment before clapping his hands together and hummed a bit. "So... how are you keeping Y/N?" He asked, almost breathing it into your ear.
"I'll be fine." you replied. "As long as you don't loose your head again." You added with a slight bit of annoyance in the tone.
"Aww, now you can't stay mad at me forever. Sugar pie." He said in that tone of voice that made it impossible to tell if he was joking or being sincere. Or just an ass. It hadn't been very long that the gang had found out your orientation, thanks to you being loud while drunk. The only face you could remember was Bill's because that's who you were telling. EVERYONE heard it though. Before you could retort, you felt hand clasp onto your shoulders making you jump. Those hands then slid down your back and under your arms to be on your chest, your back now pressed against his front.
"We could do something to pass the time if you're bored. I know I am." He all but whispered into your ear.
What you hated most in that moment was how you could feel the blood in you rushing south as your little guy twitched down there and you blushed. Your face must have been as red as a lobster. You knew he must be teasing you but you couldn't help your body's reactions to his advances. Sure, you'd thought about having him. Hell, you even dreamed it once. If he was being sincere you would have taken the opportunity in a heartbeat. You finally broke out of your trance and from Micah's grip.
"Just. Stop." Was all you could manage as you turned to walk out of there. You stopped when he grabbed your arm and you looked back at him in the light of the lantern. His blue eyes dilated and his mouth slightly open, his breath quicker and heavier than usual. He grabbed your other arm and pulled you in, chest to chest. His face no more than an inch away from yours. He then closed the distance and began kissing you feverishly, his erection rubbing against your front slightly, sending a spark of arousal down you and making your own member stiffen, uncomfortable in your pants. You responded by reaching your hands up and threading your fingers into his hair, silently giving him permission to proceed as his hands moved down to grope your ass. Micah then took charge, breaking the kiss and guiding you to an old sleeping mat that a squatter must have used once upon a time. He straddled you as you lay on your back, your pelvis under his thighs.
"Take off your shirt." you half demanded and half begged. He immediately unbuttoned that red shirt he wore, showing off his chest and slightly buldging belly. You couldn't help yourself, immediately taking your hands and rubbing his torso. When he looked at you quizzically you smiled and said "I think its cute."
He rolled his eyes and leaned over you,attacking your neck with bites and kisses. He grunted and moaned a lot as he kissed you, unbuttoning your shirt at the same time. It wasn't until he was taking your pants off that you realized you should tell him you're a virgin.
"I uh... Never done this before." You said bashfully, your pants now off and your member free, leaking a bit of precum onto your stomach.
"Then I'll go slowly." Micah replied, reaching into his pants pocket to pull out a bottle of some kind of oil. Wait, did he PLAN this? Before you could dwell on it you felt a well oiled finger slip into your entrance. You released a startled but pleased sound as the intrusion was foreign but nice. Micah twisted the finger into you this way and that, eventually finding that spot inside you that made you see stars. He then added a second finger. Then a third, all the while massaging that special place. You felt a built up of energy inside your stomach release and you cried out as you shot your load onto your chest and stomach. Micah Bell had made you cum with just his fingers. You shuddered at the thought of what he could do with more as you lay in bliss.
"Now, my turn." Micah said, pulling his fingers out.
You moaned at the loss but forced yourself to your elbows so you could see. Micah immediately opened up his pants and let himself free. He was a good size and thick, not that you had much to compare to other than your own. You were suddenly worried that this might hurt. All worry left though when Micah bent down to lick a stripe up your chest, getting some of your spend on his tongue than kissing your lips. A horrible decision but in that moment you trusted him. Micah put a generous amount of what smelled like olive oil onto his member and began to slowly ease himself into your opening. If anything the pain of the stretch made it better. Slowly he went until he was fully into you. You could feel your body naturally pushing against the intrusion but mostly you were beside yourself with ecstasy. Finally, a man to share such an intimate act with. You'd only used your own hands and fingers before. Micah slowly pulled out and with a loud groan slid back in. It seemed that with every movement he made some sort of noise. Micah began to move faster with each pump until he was freely thrusting into you, both of you making a symphony of pleasured sounds. Micah then let out a loud 'ohhh' as he spent himself inside of you, thrusting as he came. You moaned contentedly but was a bit disappointed, as your erection had come back but you hadn't finished before Micah. After a moment of panting at his release, Micah looked to your crotch.
"Sorry, sweetheart. I don't usually finish so quickly. Its been a while." Micah said before descending on your cock, taking you into his mouth completely. You gasped at the new and completely welcome feeling. He pulled back and began sucking earnestly on the tip, rubbing his tongue along the underside of it. You were practically begging for release when he began to fondle your balls. That's when you came with his name on your lips. Ever so gently in your post orgasm bliss you felt a rag cleaning up the mess on your chest. It must've come from somewhere inside the house it was so old and musty. You then watched as Micah lay beside you with his head on your chest, his nest of blonde hair hiding his face from you. You'd be surprised in the morning to find that you slept soundly all night on that old, worn sleeping mat.

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It had been two days since your night alone with Micah. You had awoken to nothing but cold air as you lay on the old bed mat, Micah having left before you had woken. At least he had covered your still naked lower body with an old bedsheet before leaving.
After returning to Horseshoe Overlook and giving half of what little you made on the job to the gang life seemed to return to normal. You kind of wished it didn't though. You wished Micah would just lay claim to you already and make you his. Instead, he continued to fail at flirting with the women of the camp.
Back in the present, you were annoyed at the whole situation as you oiled a scoped rifle that Hosea had let you borrow. There was a rare, blonde grizzly out there and some rich man offering three hundred dollars for the bear's head to put on his wall. You had it on a good source that the bear was somewhere in the Grizzlies East, Ambarino near a nice cabin called The Loft. The Loft should be empty this time of year and this would bring in a nice sum of money for the gang.
"Where are you off to?" came Micah's voice from beside you. You looked over to him as he pulled a chair from a nearby table and sat next to you.
"Just to a cabin called The Loft up in the Grizzlies. Why? It doesn't concern you what I do." You replied passive aggressively.
"Oh, anything you do concerns me, sweetheart." He said to you, softly putting his hand onto your knee.
You swatted his hand away and got up angrily, making your way to your horse.
He had gotten up as well and followed closely behind you.
"Come on, what's the matter with you?" He said with an annoyed tone.
"YOU! You are. You can't just go around trying to sleep with any woman you see and expect to have me as well." You said fiercly, poking him in the chest with a finger.
Neither you or Micah noticed Bill, Arthur and Kieran taking an interest in your conversation. Micah put his hands up like he was surrendering and laughed at you, a cruel smile on his face.
"You're jealous." He stated.
"I'm not just someone you can use." You retorted. "You either have all of me or you get none of me."
With that you mounted your horse and began your journey to The Loft, leaving Micah scowling after you.

Even with such a long ride you still felt annoyed. About six hours later you found yourself up into the mountains and surrounded by beautiful fields of grass and wild flowers. You almost forgot to keep a lookout for the bear. Of course you didn't find it. That would have to wait until tomorrow.
It was around five in the afternoon now and you were exhausted. As you rode up a twisting path into the front of the loft all you could think about was how nice that bed was gonna feel. You hitched your horse in front and looked at the building. It was like a normal cabin except it had a big watch tower like structure coming out of its roof. You supposed sleep could wait and decided to climb to the top. You were glad you did. You could see forever. The mountains, the sky and even the flowers in the fields. With that all your ill feelings dissipated as you just sat and stared.

You woke to darkness after eventually falling asleep. You weren't quite awake and weren't sure what had woke you. You moved to sit up from sleeping on your side, facing the wall when you heard the unmistakable sound of a gun cocking. You were fully awake now and full of fear. The owner? Squatters? More outlaws?
"L-listen. My money is in the satchel at the foot of the bed." You said quietly. You didn't dare move.
"Its not much but you don't have to-" You were cut off by laughter. You threw off the blanket and sat upright, your union suit the only thing protecting you from the night air now.
"MICAH!" You almost screamed as he now bent over, howling with laughter.
His gun was still in his hand, though the chamber had no bullets in it.
"I can't believe- What the hell is wrong with you!" You yelled, getting up and pushing him slightly.
After he finished laughing and had holstered his pistol he raised his hands in real surrender this time.
"I came aaall this way to see you." He stated, lowering his hands now.
"Why? To pull that stunt?" You said, still reeling.
"No. Because... I chose to have all of you." He said matter of factly.
"...Why?" You said.
You don't know why you said that. Maybe it was how he looked at the women, especially Abigail. Maybe you really were jealous because you felt that you'd never be what he desired.
"Because..." he started, looking you up and down as he walked toward you. "You're fun."
He reached out to you, stroking from your cheek and down your neck to rest his fingers on the top button of you union suit. He then stared into your eyes. You stared back for a good few moments before you responded.
"Did you bring the olive oil?" You asked with a smirk.
Micah immediately brought you in for a rough kiss before pushing you back onto the bed. He adjusted the two of you so he was on top again. One of these days you'd have to top him for sure. He began kissing your lips again, eventually moving onto tongue kissing. He then moved to your neck to leave little hickeys. If you were to be his then EVERYONE should know. He moved on to your chest, removing the first button of your union suit with his teeth. He decided that took too long and used his hands to do the rest. Soon you were naked as a jaybird and your member was at full attention. Hard and resting just above your stomach as you leaked precum. Micah didn't even take off his clothes, just unbuttoned his pants and took himself out, stroking himself with slow strokes. You got up on your elbow to admire him. Then you reached out and put your hand on his cock. The jolt of arousal that shot trough you made your dick twitch as he hummed his appreciation. You'd never really had a good look or feel of him, only having his member inside you that night. You felt his smooth skin, rubbed your thumb along the head as it leaked precum and reached down to fondle his balls. Soon he was practically thrusting into your hand. Eventually he pulled away, taking your thighs into his hands and re positioning you to have your ass close to his dick. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the oil, coating his fingers in it.
"One of these times I'm gonna fuck you dry and you're gonna like it." Micah said and you bit your lip as he slipped a finger into you.
"You like when I talk dirty to ya? You want me to fuck your cute little ass? I'm gonna fuck you until you can't sit right." Micah goaded.
He eventually pulled out the two fingers he prepped you with, only using two this time because he wanted you to feel the stretch. He lined himself up with your entrance.
"You're gonna take my cock and you're gonna love it, aren't ya? 'Cause you're such a good boy aren't you?" Micah said, now still like he was waiting for something.
"I'm a good boy." You said and he thrusted into you, making you make a loud noise in pleasure.
There was no build up this time, he just thrusted into you at a bruising pace. Both of you were noisy, though it seemed Micah was the most vocal.
"Move up a bit. Yeah, like that. Right there. Good boy."
After a while of just thrusting and moaning Micah reached his hand over to your cock and began jerking you off. The stimulation of both your member and prostate had you incoherent. It wasn't long after that you felt the familiar feeling in your gut and you came. You came so hard some of it landed on your shoulder. about a minute later and Micah came as well with a loud groan.
Instead of getting some sort of cloth, Micah decided to lick the cum right off of you. He then layed down next to you, pulling your face in for another kiss. The night was still young and Micah was going to take full advantage of the privacy with you before going to sleep.

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You could practically feel Micah's smug grin everytime you adjusted yourself in your saddle. He wasn't kidding when he said you wouldn't be able to sit proper. You were also a bit tired. The two of you had gone at it until Micah was too worn out to get it up anymore. He even woke you a few times that night. Of course, you could have said no anytime you wanted. You just didn't want to. You wondered how a man could have so much sexual energy. Hell, even when you went out to get that grizzly he was making advances on you.

Micah, of course, insisted on coming along. No matter how many times you warned him that sitting in a makeshift hunting blind was going to be boring. Apparently he had a plan to entertain himself.
The two of you had rode to the last known location of the blonde grizzly and you decided to set up there. You were in a field surrounded by blackberry briers, definitely something this bear would come back to. Better yet, one side of this field was against a wall of rock that was the bottom of a cliff. A perfect place to set your blinds without having a blind spot behind you.
You used twigs and freshly cut, leafy branches and moss clumps to make your little base, making it only tall enough to crouch down in. Luckily you'd brought a chair to sit on. Though Micah had claimed it for himself while you worked your butt off making the ground blind just right. After you set the bait Hosea had shown you how to make a good distance away you rushed into the blind.
"How's about you sit on my lap?" Micah said, patting his leg. You pondered for a moment, then took his offer.
You both sat like that for about half an hour, the scoped rifle in your hand and Micah surprisingly quiet. Then, apparently, he got bored and began stroking your back. Then your sides and arms. Then he began rubbing your thighs as he kissed the back of your neck and shoulders.
"Micah." You whispered at him in warning.
He ignored it and began kissing your face. You turned to face him.
"If I loose this bear because you-" Micah cut you off by kissing you on the lips.
You don't know how long you both were there just kissing eachother but you stopped abruptly when you saw movement out of the corner of your eye.
"Hey." Micah said in protest, alerting the blonde grizzly.
It lifted its massive head and began sniffing the air as it sat only a hundred yards away. Before its fight or flight could kick in you had rushed to aim the rifle you had in your hands, looking down its scope at your quarry. BANG. Right through the eye.

You carried the precious head on the back of your horse in a burlap sack. Micah was carrying the skin on Baylock. You had decided it was just too valuable to leave to rot. You could sell it to that trapper Pearson had told you about.
"You know, you're not just fun. You're also a fella who gets the job done. Like me." Micah stated, riding right next to you.
"Really? Weren't you the one who wanted to kiss instead of hunt the bear? Not to mention almost scared the bear off." You joked.
"Hey, you kissed back if i remember correctly." He said, defending himself.

Back at camp you gave the gang its share. Three hundred for the head, forty for the pelt altogether. Now splitting that with Micah and giving the gang half gave you a nice eightyfive bucks to do with as you pleased.
"So I see you got on well." Hosea said as you handed him back his rifle. "Both of you..." He finished, giving you a questioning glance.
You looked behind yourself to Micah, who was sharpening his knife at one of the tables. You looked back at Hosea and shrugged with a small smirk.
"He's not so bad when you get to know him." You said.
"I don't quite believe you but allright." Hosea responded, putting his hand on your shoulder gently before leaving to put his rifle away.
"Hey! So you and Micah..." Came the half drunk voice of Bill Williamson.
You turned to look at him as he swayed a bit on his feet.
"So you're... INTIMATE?" He asked not so subtly and you sighed. So this was going to be a thing...

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"So, you and MIcah?" Sean asked, sitting down at the table you were having a beer at.
It had been almost a week since you and Micah had any 'alone time' but the fact that you and him were a couple had spread like wildfire. It didn't help that he constantly swatted or grabbed your butt whenever he passed you. You were positively mortified when while you were having a pleasant conversation with Dutch, Micah came along from behind and pinched your rear, making you jump.
"Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm glad me boy has finally found himself a pecker to pull. I'm just wondering, why HIM?" Sean furthered his question.
That was one thing you loved about being in this gang. No one really cared about your sexuality. Sean and Uncle made jokes, sure but not ones meant to hurt you. Bill didn't like being alone with you given that the rest of the gang would rib him about how you both made a cute couple or something along those lines. You had been with this gang a whole year now and it honestly felt like the best thing to happen to you in a long time.
"Honestly, it just sort of... happened. For me at least, Micah might have planned it." you said and Sean laughed.
"If I'd known you'd had a thing for oily turds, I would have taken you to an outhouse rather than the pub that time you told me you were a virgin."
You laughed at the memory. It had to be no more than a month since Sean had joined the gang. He was absolutely shocked by the fact you had never slept with someone and had immediately decided to play matchmaker. Without telling you, of course. He'd brought you at least three ladies, all pretty in their own right. But you were too busy looking at the handsome bar tender to notice their flirtatious advances. Sean grabbed himself a beer while you were lost in thought, him taking a big gulp while you just nursed yours. You were looking across camp where Micah was up in Bill Williamson's face, calling him an idiot. Luckily, Arthur came around and broke it up, sending them both on their way before any real damage could be done.
"Do something USEFUL! Both of ya!" Arthur called out loud enough for you to hear.
If only Micah didn't delight so much in tormenting and bullying the gang, they'd all like him a lot more. He also needed to stop sucking up to Dutch so much, Dutch was getting annoyed by it now.
"Now what are you boys gabbing about. Ladies bloomers? Hehe." Uncle said, sliding into the chair in front of you, doing his signature laugh while looking at you.
Small, almost inside jokes that made you smile. Uncle was just here for the beer but was still good company. You three talked and drank and sang about the ring dang doo. It always made Sean and Uncle laugh when you sang the ring dang doo with them for obvious reasons.

You were talking with Arthur about a lead you got from the saloon in Valentine when Micah came up from behind you, putting his hand around your waist.
"That can wait, Morgan. Me and Y/N have some thing to discuss." He said, already dragging you towards your horse.
Luckily, it could wait. You and Arthur knew what he really wanted and Arthur's face scrunched in annoyance.
"Sorry." You said and Arthur waved his hand dismissively, showing he wasn't annoyed at you.
You were on your horse and halfway to Valentine before asking "Hotel, then? why not just use my tent?"
"Because I want to hear you say my name." Micah said and you felt arousal slide down your body.

You both checked into the Valentine hotel and got no strange looks for it. Just a couple of travelers saving some money is all. And if the hotel owner thought different he didn't care. GIven that he rented to the saloon girls and their patrons you guessed he didn't care as long as he got paid. As soon as you both were behind closed doors Micah was on you. Kissing, touching. Sliding off your coat and unbuttoning your shirt, groping your erection through your pants. Soon you were both sitting on the bed, Your shirt unbuttoned as well as your pants, Micah's shirt on the floor. Micah unbuttoned his own pants and slid his hand in to touch himself when you had an idea. Micah must have seen the look on your face because he stopped and looked at you questioningly.
"I... was wondering. If I could top you this time." You said and Micah face was that of surprise.
And arousal but also a bit of hesitation. Micah rubbed his neck with his hand to give himself time to think.
"I ain't never been the bottom before." He stated.
"If you're not comfortable..."
He then got real close to your face, putting your hands in his while he looked into your eyes. Then he looked at your lips and kissed them.
"I have used my own hands out of curiosity. I suppose..." He began, pondering it.
The more he thought about it the more exited for it he seemed.
"Alright." He finally said. "But if you tell anyone I won't be happy. I'm the top in this relationship."
You just smiled at him. Micah was telling you things he'd never tell another soul. Letting you do things he'd never let anyone else do. You knew that trust wasn't something he did easy, not to mention that big ego of his. This was definitely something you weren't going to ruin by blabbing about it.
"You're... going to have to talk me through this." You admitted and he laughed.
"Well, take off your clothes first." He said as he began to do so.
You both stood naked now, just looking at eachother. He then guided your hand to his ass. You couldn't help but squeeze his cheek. It was pretty soft and his thighs were thick. all around he was slightly thick. from his fingers to his pecker. Micah bent down to his pants and pulled out that bottle of olive oil. It would be going on empty soon. Micah then got up onto the bed but instead of laying on his back he was on his hands and knees, ass bared to you.
"It's easyer this way." He explained.
Just looking at him made your member stand at attention. You could see that he was hard too, his member hanging from in between is legs. You got behind him on the bed and did what you'd seen him do a few times now. You coated your fingers in the oil, spilling some in the process. When they were nice and lubricated, you put a finger to his anus. You were careful and slow as you slid it in. Micah made a 'mmmh' sound and your dick twitched. You did what he did and rubbed the inside of him, trying to find his prostate. He gave a little jump when you did and said "Right there."
You began massaging that area lightly, now adding a second finger. As you did this, Micah reached one of his hands around to jerk himself. By the time you added three fingers he was a moaning mess and you were so hard you could barely stand it.
"Do it now. Just fuck me already." Micah demanded but it came out as begging due to the tone of voice he said it in.
You immediately slipped your fingers out and took your own member in your hand, pouring oil onto it and rubbing it all over. When you were good and slick you put one of your hands on Micahs buttocks and used the other to hold you cock still as you slowly glided into his warm, pulsating ass. You both groaned as you stretched him and he squeezed around you. The warm wetness was very new and felt amazing. You pulled back your hips and drove them forward again, both of you groaning again. Your pace was slow at first but you gained speed as the need for release became stronger. After a short while Micah told you to stop. You did confused until he rolled over onto his back, spreading his legs again.
"My arm got tired." he explained as he put the arm he used to jack himself back onto his dick and began rubbing.
You immediately put your hands on his waist and guided yourself back into his warmth. You thrusted a certain way and Micah practically bucked to meet you.
"There, right there." He said in a pleading tone.
You obliged, bumping and rubbing your cock into the sweet spot inside him over and over. Soon his eyes were screwed shut and his mouth was wide open in an almost oval shape as he made 'ah' and 'oh' sounds. You felt yourself ready to release when Micah moaned loud.
"Gonna cum. I'm gonna..." He began to jerk his member faster.
You came first into his tight heat but Micah came as well as you were thrusting into him, riding out your orgasm. He came onto his stomach and chest with a hearty moan. You practically collapsed onto him, panting and he wrapped his arms around you tightly. You were too out of it to realize you'd just spread all of his seed onto your own chest. Panting hard himself. You both lay there for a few moments in bliss before you get the energy to reach your head up and kiss his neck, then his chin. Then on his lips.
"We came at the same time, how romantic." Micah said sarcastically.
You just smiled as you buried your head into his chest as he held you.

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Lemoyne. you were all now stuck in the state of Lemoyne. Thanks to a rich jerk who owned the train you guys robbed up on that snowy mountain, Cornhole or something similar to that. The whole camp had to pack up and move out as quick as possible. Luckily, Charles and Arthur had found a place to camp near the lake called Clemens Point. You had all started to finally settle in. People were fishing, Mrs. Adler was wearing pants, Arthur and Dutch were deputized and Micah was still full of malicious energy when it came to interacting with the rest of camp. At least he was getting along better with Bill and Javier, having complemented Bill on his service in the army and getting drunk with Javier.
Right now you lay in a bed at the saloon in Rhodes, waiting for Micah. Given how far south you all were you were paranoid that the bar tender here wouldn't be as flexible as the hotel man in Valentine.
You lay in your union suit all ready for Micah to take you, though you thought back to the night he let you top him. From how he spoke that wasn't the plan today but you knew you'd get your chance again soon. As you pondered the idea you began to grow stiff in the nether regions. You cupped your growing erection and closed your eyes, thinking about Micah under you. The sounds he made and the way his brows scrunched together as his mouth hung open. His beautiful blue eyes staring into yours as he moaned your name.
"Well, aren't we eager? Getting started without me." Micah said from the door and you jumped a bit.
Then you blushed at the realization that Micah had caught you rubbing yourself to the thought of screwing him. Micah closed the door behind him and locked it, walking slowly over to where you lay. He looked at you ravenously.
"Since you've already started, how about you suck on me." He said, grabbing his crotch in emphasis.
You got up excitedly, your heart pounding. After all the things you'd done together and this would be the first time you'd had him in your mouth. As he sat down on the bed and unbuttoned his pants you began to wonder what it will taste like. Would you even do it right? If you didn't Micah would be sure to tell you. The only reference you had to this was the night he sucked you off, the first time you both made love.
Micah took himself out of his pants as you unbuttoned you union suit before you got on your knees in front of him. You still marveled at the shape and size of it, even when it was flaccid like now. He held himself in his hand and looked at you expectantly. You gently lowered your head and took the tip of it into your mouth. Then you began sucking. Gently at first but when Micah started to moan you became more enthusiastic and less nervous. Soon you had him fully erect and leaking precum into your mouth. His cock was musky and slightly salty and had a unique taste to it. After a while you enjoyed that taste. The precum was slightly bitter but somehow added to the whole experience. You put your hand around your own member and began to stroke yourself.
"Put more of me in your mouth and try looking at me. Thaaats it." Micah instructed and praised you when you looked up into his eyes.
You took more of him into your mouth until his head was nearing the back of your tongue. You gagged a bit but continued.
"Try moving that little head of yours back and forth now as you suck. My, those lips of yours look pretty wrapped around my cock." Micah said as he guided you back and forth gently with his hands on either side of your head.
You would choke every once in a while but Micah kept up his pace and you didn't ask him to stop. Soon he started going faster as well as bucking his hips into your mouth. Your hand was off your own member now as you used both of your hands to push back a bit so he didn't go too far down your throat in his excitement. Nothing would kill the mood like throwing up on him. Soon he started to make those noises that told you he was getting close. His mouth open as he panted and looked at you right in the eyes.
"Oh shit. Fuck. You like that, dontcha boy? You like-" Micah cut off with a loud groan as he came into your mouth, pulling out until the tip was in your mouth and using one of his hands to pump himself slowly.
The rush of warm, salty and slightly bitter liquid shocked you a bit. You weren't quite sure what to do with it until Micah said, "Swallow it."
You did as you were told. Micah sat there a moment just panting. He reached over to you and rubbed his hand on your head.
"Good boy. Now it's your turn." He said and stood up tucking himself back into his pants.
you sat down on the bed in anticipation, sitting on the edge and spreading your legs to reveal your cock and balls. Micah knelt down in front of you, taking your member into his hand and stroking gently, his eyes on yours and a cocky grin on his face. He then bent down and swallowed you whole, his nose touching your pubic hair as he deepthroated you. You let out a quick moan of surprise and pleasure. Even if it was the second time he did that you weren't use to it yet. He could take you all the way down his throat while you gagged at having half of him in your mouth. He must of had practice or something.
Micah pulled off you cock with a 'pop' and then took it back into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the head when he backed up and running down the underside of your cock when he pressed forward. He was moving back and forth like you were but he had a lot more flair to it. It wasn't long before you were panting and moaning, about to release. Before you did though, Micah suddenly pulled off you and grabbed the base of your dick, hard. You made a sound you never heard you make before. A desperate and disappointed sound. Still holding on to your base, Micah began to lick and suck on your balls. You scrunched your eyes shut and tried your hardest to come but no matter how hard you tried you were just on the edge and couldn't finish. After a while of trying you began pleading.
"Hmm?" Micah responded, looking up with the most devious grin you'd ever seen on him.
"Please, PLEASE let me cum." You begged.
As soon as he saw you thoroughly at his mercy, he let go of the base of your dick and resumed sucking on your shaft, hard and quick. You saw stars in your vision when you finally came into his mouth, Micah sucking you through your orgasm and past it when you became too sensitive.
"Ah, stop." You said when you couldn't take it anymore.
Micah pulled off you with a 'pop', a mischievous smile on him. Right there you swore you'd get back at him for his little power play. Even in your post orgasm bliss you were hatching ideas for the next time he decided to be the bottom.

You were outside in the warm, Lemoyne night. Micah was asleep in the bed you rented, snoring away. You had snuck out to get some fresh night air. As you walked you thought about your life. Your gang. Dutch finding you when you were at your lowest and instead of beating you down further, he'd raised you up. Fed you. Taught you, clothed you. You owed everything to him and the gang.
Then you thought of your choices in romance. A man with morals so different then your own. A man who delighted in tormenting others. But he was also a man who had become faithful to you. Had given you the reins and allowed you to take control. A man who, according to what he said to Abigail, fancied fathering. That made you grin for a second but then you grew worried. You couldn't exactly bare children. What if one day he seeks out that family. That would mean you'd be out of the picture...
Before you could ponder more on your woes you heard a man speak to you.
"You think all this Lemoyne air is free? For you?"
You looked beside you to see three men standing under a light post.
"Hey, come here a second, partner." Another one called out.
"No, I have to be somewhere." You called back.
"You hear this boy? He says no." One of the nastier looking of them said menacingly, leaving the group and stalking toward you.
"There's a tax for northerners to come 'round these parts." He said as he got right up into your face.
"Look, this is obviously a shakedown. I'm not paying you any-" Before you could finish, his fist collided with your face.
You looked at him in shock as he took an intimidating stance.
"This is your last warning, hand over your cash, now. He said, ready to hit you again.
These men had mistaken you for a weakling apparently. Well, several training sessions with Arthur Morgan himself was about to prove them wrong. You immediately reached your fist back and punched the man so hard he fell to the ground. Seeing their friend in trouble, the other two joined in. You punched, kicked, elbowed and shoved the three goons as best as you could but you were outmatched with three on one. One man lay on the dirt road unconscious while the other two still grabbed at and punched at you. One of them had finally had enough and withdrew a knife from his belt. He was aiming for your heart but immediately stabbed you in the shoulder. You let out a cry of pain as the other one came from behind you and grabbed you, one hand over your mouth to silence you. There was no way you could get free in time as the man with the knife walked up to you to end things. That's when you saw the most beautiful sight you ever did see. You blonde lover rushing over to the loudmouth with the knife, absolute fury written all over his face. Micah Tackled the man to the ground, knocking the knife from his hand and began to absolutely pummel the man. With the man grabbing you from behind distracted, you were able to bite down on his hand hard enough to make him scream. As he pulled away, grabbing his hand you wrapped your hands around his throat and tackled him to the floor, squeezing until he stopped squirming. Getting off of him, you had to rush to Micah and pull him off the other man. The man was bloody as hell and whether he was even alive was up for debate.
"Get your ass to the saloon room, now." Micah ordered.
"Don't talk to me like that, I was just-" Micah cut you off.
"GO! Now!" Micah yelled in a furious tone that made you think twice about arguing back.
You turned yourself around and began walking to the saloon. You were a bit shocked by Micah's reaction but had the presence of mind to use the backdoor as to not cause a scene. You were covered in blood and had a fresh stab wound after all.
You waited in that room what felt like ages, time seeming longer given that you adrenaline was wearing off and the pain was setting in. Eventually, Micah came bursting through the door. A bottle of whisky in his hand. He didn't say a word, just plopped down onto the bed next to you.
"Ah!" You said in protest as he grabbed the arm you were stabbed on. He began to pour whisky onto the wound, making you hiss. He then inspected it closer and seemed satisfied with his work.
"What is wrong with you, Micah?" You asked, annoyed at his rough handling.
Micah stood up quickly and began pacing.
"You sneak out of bed. You walk around a strange town at night. You get into a fight. You almost get killed! Should I go on!" Micah was practically shouting the final sentence, his voice raising as he spoke.
"I'm my own man, I can do what I want!" You shouted back.
"You're MY man, you... I..." As Micah realized what he said his anger kind of deflated. "What if you had died?"
You were taken aback. Once again Micah was showing his vulnerability. His humanity. Something he'd never let anyone else see.
"I'm sorry." With how miserable Micah seemed you couldn't help but apologize.
You didn't think Micah was all that use to feeling this way. This was a man who believed dying was just part of being an outlaw. That winners should prosper while losers died in ditches. You guessed you were the exception. Micah came back and sat on your other side, resting his head on your good shoulder.
"I promise to be more careful." You said, stroking his hair.
In the morning he'll want to forget this all happened. Wont want to talk about it. He'll pretend it never happened and go back to being his guarded self. You were fine with that though. We all needed something to get through the day and his rough careless demeanor just happened to be what he used.

Chapter Text

Micah had seemed to calm down after the close call a few days ago. Calm enough to even let you go rob a rich guy's stage coach with him and Bill. Though you noticed how close an eye Micah kept on you. The man wasn't expecting it, he only had one gunner and that gunner was dead before they even knew they were being robbed. The three of you were laying low in a dilapidated barn, the house near where it stood had long since burned down, leaving only rubble and foundation. Bill had gone to check the area to make sure you weren't followed, leaving you with Micah.
Micah leaned against one of the more sturdy walls, sharpening his knife. After you were done exploring the little barn, you walked over to join him. You leaned against the wall next to him and watched him sharpen his blade for a little while until he put his wetstone away and sheathed his knife. You both sat there in silence, waiting for Bill. Micah chuckled and you looked at him questioningly, a small grin on his face. He leaned in closer.
"You know what I'd do to you if we were alone?" He asked out of nowhere.
You grinned back, your interest piqued.
"What would you do to me?" You asked in a flirtatious tone.
Micah leaned in closer, almost to your ear.
"I'd have you up against this wall, your legs spread and your ass up. I'd have you so hard that you'd moan like a little whore." Micah said, reaching over and grabbing your ass to emphasize his words.
You felt your dick twitch at that. You watched Micah as his hands began to now freely roam your body. You could already tell that the both of you were sleeping in the saloon rather than your tent tonight. You arched your back as Micah found your nipples and rubbed them. Both of you were already showing your arousal in your pants. You got a little smirk of your own when you had an idea of how to convey that you wanted to top tonight.
"You know what I'd do to you if we were in bed right now?" You said, reaching over to kiss Micah on the cheek.
"Oh? Now what would you do to me, sweetheart?" Micah asked as he put his forehead to yours, reaching his hands down and grasping your buttocks.
"I'd have you on your back so I could see the face you made as I used my fingers on you but I wouldn't let you cum. Not until I had my cock in your ass."
Micah laughed at that, his hands now grasping your face as he pulled you into a kiss. After a while he broke away and was about to say something before the two of you were interrupted.
"There's no one following us. I'd say the cost is clear to split up and get back to cam- JESUS! Why the hell are you doing that here!? Why now!?" Bill Williamson yelled hysterically.
The look on Bill's face was more along the lines of anger and embarrassment rather than disgust.
"What's the matter, Bill? Jealous you didn't get to him first?" Micah said teasingly.
"What!? No! You- Hrrmph! I'm going back to camp!" Bill called over his shoulder as he made a hasty exit.
Micah laughed to himself, then sighed. After a moment of silence he looked at you with that look in his eye.
"Well, we're alone now. I told you what I'd do to you if we were alone." Micah said seductively and you were already unbuttoning your shirt. With a growl, Micah attacked your neck and clavicle with kisses, bites and hickeys as you rushed to get undressed. As soon as you were naked Micah began working on his pants. You grabbed him by the coat and began unbuttoning the black leather.
"I want to see all of you." You stated and Micah hummed in agreement, slipping his feet out of his boots.
Hopefully no one else would walk in on the two of you, now both standing naked with erections. You rubbed Micah's torso, then his chest. Eventually wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him again, your bodies pressed together. Micah then grabbed your shoulders and spun you around, pressing you against the old wall of the barn.
"Now spread your legs and stick that ass of yours out. That's a good boy." Micah praised you as you did as he said.
He stood there a while just feeling your body and looking at you presenting yourself. You felt a wet finger shove into your opening. Guess he brought the oil. You could swear he planned this, or at least was always ready to screw. It hurt a bit at first but as soon as he found your prostate the pain just added to the sensation, Micah being sure to massage and thrust his finger just right. It wasn't long until he added a second with more oil, then a third. Soon he pulled his fingers out of you and you groaned at the loss of friction, you erection hard and leaking as you reached down to touch yourself.
"Ah, ah. You're gonna need both hands to brace yourself, babe." Micah warned, then poured some oil into his hand.
Once he felt he had enough he rubbed it onto his dick. Once he was coated and slick he lined himself up with your entrance and shoved in, quicker than usual. you moaned as he did and pressed your cheek against the wall, the new position causing new feeling in different areas. Micah grabbed you by the hips and began pounding into you at a fast pace.
"Mmmh, you like that." Micah stated.
"I love that Micah." you said in between moaning.
You could feel your ass cheeks jiggle every time his hips collided with yours and you could hear the sound of his balls slapping against you. Soon you were arching back to meet him with his thrusts and that made you slide down the wall bit by bit until you were bent at a right angle, your hands bracing against the wall for support. It was like doggy style but standing. With the new position Micah wrapped his hands around the fronts of your thighs and set a really bruising pace, bending over himself to pepper your back and shoulders with kisses. you felt yourself coming to a climax and you warned Micah.
"I-I'm gonna cum..."
With those words Micah reached one of his hands down to grab you by the balls and squeeze. As he fondled you you felt that build up in your stomach, than its release as you came over the wall. As you were panting and sensitive Micah hurried to finish, moaning deeply with every thrust. about a minute later and with you squirming a bit form over stimulation Micah finally came with a guttural moan. You stood up as he pulled out of you, your legs feeling weak. From behind Micah wrapped his arms around you and breathed in the smell of your hair. You grinned, reaching back behind you to stroke his thighs.
"Remember what I said I'd do when we had a room together again?" You asked Micah.
"Oh, I look forward to it."

Chapter Text

You would make sure to give the camp its share of your earnings tomorrow. Right now, you were going to use that saloon's bedroom to the fullest. Micah's hair was still wet from taking a bath, something you suggested and he begrudgingly obliged. Right now he lay on the bed completely naked. You stood fully clothed but half hard as you tightened the rope around his other wrist, his hands now bound to the posts of the bed. Micah was hard himself, his pupils dilated and a soft smirk on his face as he watched your every movement, biting his bottom lip in anticipation. You slowly walked down to the other end of the bed, one hand stroking down his body gently. Then down his thigh. As you reached the end you got up onto the bed and scoot yourself closer to him, reaching down and taking his member in one hand. You bent over to kiss his shaft, then lick the head of it, tasting his precum.
"Oh, so that's why you wanted me to wash." Micah said with a hint of laughter in his voice.
You gave has dick a sharp squeeze that made his knees jump and he groaned.
"I don't wan't you talking unless I speak to you." You said in an authoritative tone Micah had never heard in the bedroom before.
He looked at you surprised for a moment before laying his head back down with a grunt. After the shock died down he went back to relaxing on the bed with that little smirk of his. You started to stroke him up and down with your hand and he closed his eyes, making small humms of contentment. It wasn't until he started groaning and trying to thrust his hips into your hand that you suddenly stopped altogether. Micah made a noise in protest at the loss of friction when you scoot yourself closer until your clothed hips were against his buttocks. You leaned over him, half your weight supported by your arms and half of it on Micah. You kissed his lips and he responded eagerly, trying to stick his tongue in your mouth.
"Ah ah. Just relax, you." You told him and he huffed in frustration.
You began to kiss him again, taking it slow before finally poking your tongue into his mouth. His own prodded gently back but in a submissive way. It seemed Micah had gotten the gist of what you were doing. He wasn't just going to be the bottom tonight, he was going to be outright submissive. Something that didn't really come natural to him. Sure, he could suck up to Dutch like there was no tomorrow but submit?
You pulled away from the kiss and began kissing and sucking on his neck. Then you lent down further and used your tongue to play with his nipples, sucking when they got hard. Micah made little noised of approval and you went lower, kissing his belly, his navel and soon you were back at his crotch. You licked from the start of his balls all the way up over the head of his cock and Micah curled his toes, bending his knees upward. With that, you took Micah's olive oil from your pants pocket and dipped your finger in. It was almost empty. You coated your finger a good amount before, without warning, sticking it up inside of Micah. Micah flinched and groaned a bit as you immediately began searching for that spot that would make him feel good. You found it almost immediately. You began to rub and curl your finger quick and hard over it to overstimulate him. It caused his body to jerk as one of his legs wrapped around your waist.
"Ah! Ah, shit!" Micah cursed.
You soon added another finger and did the same with that one, Micah turning into an absolute mess. When you added your third finger you'd slowed down, mostly because your hand was tired. You still continued to rub his prostate and stretch his hole as he made noises of pleasure, his hips lifting to meet your hand. His face was screwn tight, his eyes closed and focusing on the feeling you gave him. You could tell he was ready to cum when his mouth opened and he started making 'ah' sounds. That's when you stopped completely and Micah sounded his protest.
"Oh god, please don't stop. Please let me cum." He begged.
"Like I said, not before I put my cock inside you." You said as you got off the bed to pull off your trousers. It was a relief to finally let yourself free, though you left your shirt on. For a moment you just stood there, looking Micah in the eye as you slowly pulled on yourself. After a while Micah grew impatient.
"Y/N! Please, PLEASE just get it over with."
You decided to out the poor man out of his misery and crawled back onto the bed, taking the container of oil and emptying it onto your member. You oiled yourself up and lined yourself with him, guiding yourself in with one hand and gripping the base of his dick with the other so he didn't cum too early. You sighed with relief as you entered his warm, pulsating depth. You then began to move back and forth, slow at first but gaining speed. Micah moaned with each thrust and moaned even louder when you started to rub against his prostate again with your member.
You knew he'd finish soon so you focused on finishing as well until you were just as vocal as he was. Soon he made that face again with his mouth open.
"Oh, I'm gonna cum." He said and you let go of his cock just to start stroking it with your hand quickly and hard, making him cum with a shuddering 'ohhhhh'. It took you another half a minute to reach your own climax but thanks to his tight, clenches you were able to cum inside him. You were worn and panting but it was nothing compared to Micah. He lay on the bed wide eyed, his mouth slightly agape and covered with sweat. You pulled out of him, took your shirt off and used a handkerchief you had just for the occasion and wiped the cum off his stomach. You then untied his wrists and curled up onto the bed and lay beside him as he curled around you, spooning you.

It wasn't the best way to get money but the camp needed funds and you hadn't had a good robbery tip in days. You'd heard about a big house whose owners were out of town. Apparently they were moderately well off, enough to make at least a few bucks in robbing them. You were saddling up your horse when Micah had come from behind you and asked to accompany you. Probably to get into your pants afterword but you didn't mind that one bit.
You both waited until nightfall just to be sure your tip was good. When there were no lights you both made your way right to the front door. Micah constantly caressed and groped your backside as you picked the lock, you smiling and sometimes playfully pushing his hand away. After you broke into the house Micah whistled at the inside. The paint was flawless and it had two stories with a big staircase leading to the second one. The finished wood floor shone under your lantern light as you brought out your lantern to take a closer look. This robbery was going to be like childs play. The two of you immediately began to ransack the place. A candlestick made of real silver. A platinum pocket watch. A pretty big jewelry box filled with jewelry. A billfold filled with fifty three dollars inside a desk and much more. The sack was pretty much full when you both were done. You ended your search in the master bedroom, picking up a emblem ring off the bedside table.
"Hmmm." Micah hummed at the sight of you bent over from the doorway.
You pretended not to notice, choosing to examine some of the spoils you had. You heard his footsteps and breathing as he crept up behind you.
"My, oh my. Ain't that bed grand." He said looking at the large, queen size bed. "I bet it would look better with you on top of it, naked."
You turned to look at him, half turned on half worried.
"In the middle of a robbery?" You asked.
"Ain't no one here but us, sugar." He replied, gently guiding you to the bed.
Against your better judgement you relented, letting Micah push you down and climb on top of you. You began to kiss eachother gently at first until Micah began getting a bit rough, lightly biting your tongue and lip. You were almost too distracted to see out of the corner of your eye a light coming up the stairs. You immediately broke the kiss to Micah's dismay.
"Micah, look." You whispered and he turned to look where you were to see a young lady peering in with a candle. She had a horrified expression on her face. A neighbor? A maid? Micah immediately jumped off of you when she ran, leaving you to catch up.
"Wait! We won't hurt you. We just need to talk!" you called out.
You caught up with the both of them at the bottom of the stairs. Micah had grabbed her arm in a vice like grip, making her drop the candle to the floor.
"Like hell we wont." Micah said gruffly and she screamed for help as he took out his pistol.
"Micah, she's innocent. We don't need to hurt her."
"She saw our faces. I don't know about you, honey but I don't want to go back to jail." Micah said as he pressed his cocked pistol to her head and shot her.
Just like that, no hesitation. Micah dropped her corpse to the floor and sheathed his pistol like it was nothing. Like he'd just shot a can off a fence. The one thing Dutch had taught all of you not to do and he did it as easy as breathing. Micah grabbed your arm while you stood there in shock and pretty much dragged you out of the house that was now catching flame, the candle having rolled to one of the walls and had started a blaze.

You both rode hard to make sure the law didn't catch wind of you but no matter how far you went you could see the glowing light in the distance that use to be a house.

Chapter Text

"How could you do that!?" You demanded as you both pulled into a clearing, horses now slowed down to a trot.
"She saw our faces." He replied, slowing to a stop and turning Baylock around to face you.
"We could have threatened her, hell we could have bribed her. She didn't need to die. She was just a kid, she couldn't have been older than Lenny!" You said angrily, getting off your horse.
Micah in turn got off of Baylock and walked forward to be face to face with you.
"Are. You. Stupid? She saw our faces." Micah spoke like he was talking to the dumbest person he ever laid eyes on.
"Are. You. Stupid?" You mimicked. "I've had people see my face before, its nothing that waving a gun in their face can't fix."
"Well, unlike you, I don't like leaving loose ends. Sweetheart." You'd never heard him use so much venom when saying one of the pet names he had for you.
"This isn't the first time I've seen you kill an innocent. You keep loosing your head as well! It's like running with an O'Driscoll. I think Arthur might be right about-" That's when Micah lost it.
Next thing you knew you were on the ground. Your nose hurt and you could feel warm liquid running down your lips and off your chin as Micah stood over you with a look of fury on his face. He had punched you.
"I won't have YOU, of all people, saying crap like that to me." He said in a seething tone. "If you're so interested in what Arthur has to say why don you go beg him to fuck you up the ass?"
You got to your feet, holding your nose to stop the bleeding. In all the time you spent with him, even with all the things he said and did you could never imagine he'd actually hit you.
"This is over. You and me? We're done." You told him with the most even voice you could muster through the pain and shock
In a numb state you walked back to your horse and mounted. You knew the lake was close by, so you turned your horse to find it to clean yourself up and maybe take your mind off the night's events.
"You'll come crawling back to me!" Micah called out from behind you as you left.

It had been a few days since you had broke it off with Micah. Truth be told, the tension between you was nearly unbearable. You weren't going out of your ways to avoid eachother but you never got within ten feet of eachother either. You didn't speak to eachother, you didn't even look at eachother. The worst part was how everyone at camp sussed out that something had happened just by the lack of affection between the two of you. Micah walked around like he did nothing wrong but they all saw the bruise on your face.
"... So its back to the single life with ya, is it?" Sean blurted out from one of the logs around the fire.
Arthur gave him a stern look for his lack of tact as he sat next to him. From across the fire on the other log you poked at the fire with a stick.
"Yup." was all you said on the matter.
"Well, plenty of fish and all that." Sean said comfortingly. "Maybe Bill will take you on a date. He he he." He finished jokingly.
"NO, I will NOT!" Bill shouted from beside you, quickly getting up and leaving in a huff as Sean laughed some more. His antics making you feel a bit better about the situation.
"Well, I'm going to go rob someone or hunt something." You said, getting to your feet.
"Have fun." Sean said cheerfully.
As you walked to your horse you didn't notice Micah watch you leave, the look on his face unreadable.

You woke up tied to a char in a basement of some sort of building. The stone floor was cold against your now bare feet. Your weapons and gear were all gone. As you looked around you could just make out your rifle and other things in the far corner of the room, way out of reach. What had happened? It came back to you slowly.
You were riding down the road, a nice deer carcass stowed on the back of your horse. As you passed a broken down wagon you heard someone shout. Then it exploded, causing your horse to rear and buck you off. You landed on the ground, your ears ringing and disoriented when a man in a Lemoyne Raiders' uniform ran up to you and struck you in the head with a rifle, causing you to black out.
This was a bad situation you were in right now. You tugged at the roped that held you, none of them yielding. You heard a door creak open and footsteps descend down the stairs. Three men, all dressed the same came into view. Lemoyne Raiders.
"So this is the boy who killed our guys? He doesn't look like much. No wonder he needed help." The man in front, an older man with a cigarette in his mouth spoke. "So here's the deal, you tell us who that blonde man with you is and we kill you quickly. If you don't, we torture you until you do."
"He was just a stranger helping me, I didn't catch his name." You lied easily.
The man tossed his now finished cigarette and backhanded you across the face.
"I know he joined you in the saloon afterwords!"
You spat at his face, missing and hitting him on his shirt. He back handed you again for it.
"Mr, Jones. Take care of this." The older man ordered and the guy to your left smiled a wicked smile.
Jones beat you bloody, hitting your face and your gut. It went on until the man was so fatigued he needed a break. After he rested he picked up right where he left off. All they got from you were lies and pleads for them to stop. Even with the bad feelings right now you'd never give Micah away like that.
"I don't know, I swear. I don't know. Maybe he works for the Braithwates." You said, trying to shift the attention off you.
"Horseshit, Like a Braithwate would attack a Lemoyne Raider. We're their best business when it comes to their moonshine." Jones said, throwing another punch into your gut. "You know, I don't think this dumb bastard is getting it. Tommy, go fetch the fire poker."
"What? What are you doing?" You wheezed, in pain and afraid of what they had planned next.
"Seeing as you'll be dead I don't think you need those pretty little eyes of yours, do ya? Jones asked and you began to tug harder at the ropes, trying to squirm free.
"N-no. Please!" You begged as Jones began to punch you some more.
Your eyes were blurry with tears as fear settled in your gut. You were coming to terms that you weren't getting out of there when you heard a choking noise from Jones. You looked up to see Jones with Micah's knife buried in his side. Micah shoved the man to the floor and immediately began cutting your restraints.
"Its ok. Its ok." He gently cooed as he grabbed you up into his arms.
Your legs buckled and you both ended up on your knees, Micah holding you tight.
"I should have been here, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I hurt you." He said quietly.
"Hey, we found him!" You heard Javier's voice call out as Micah helped you to your feet.
You looked up the stairs with eyes blurry from the tears of relief that came down your cheeks. You saw a second shape that had to be Charles. Micah and Charles both helped you up the stairs and out the door of the building, Micah lifting you onto the back of Baylock. As the four of you rode back to camp Javier filled you in with how they knew to track you down. Apparently your horse had ran back to camp and had made quite a ruckus. Micah immediately demanded that they go look for you. When they found the place you were being held they had snuck in and killed the men there one by one silently until finding you in the basement. For the rest of the ride back you lay the front of you head against Micah's back as he rode. Everything hurt and you needed a bit of comfort.

You now lay in bed after Ms. Grimshaw and Abigail had tended to you, bandaging your cuts and insisting you get bed rest to avoid internal bleeding. As you lay in your tent you saw a shadow come towards the opening. Micah stepped in, closing the flap behind him.
"I am... sorry." He said it like it was a foreign word on his tongue.
You didn't say anything, just held your hand out for him to take. You brought his knuckles to your mouth and gently kissed his hand, showing you forgave him. He did save your life after all. You knew this wouldn't change anything. He'd still loose his head and he'd still kill innocents, though you were fairly certain he'd never lay his hands on you in anger again. That's all you could ask for, really.

Chapter Text

After a few days Ms. Grimshaw finally allowed you to leave your tent. You were still bruised and ached everywhere but she had determined that no permanent damage was done. You were still told to take it easy by her. You smiled as you remembered her wagging her finger in your face with her hand on her hip.
"Don't you go making those injuries any worse. You tell that Mr. Bell of yours that you're to take it easy." Grimshaw said in her authoritative tone.
Guess everyone knew that the two of you were back together. Right now you sat in the grass in the most comfortable position you could manage. Around you were most of the ladies of the camp and Kieran. The girls had mostly finished their chores and Kieran looked lonely sitting out all by himself. Well, until Mary-Beth joined him. You had sat down there to chat with Mary-Beth and TIlly and Karen had joined you all as well. Kieran looked a bit flustered but didn't leave. Poor guy's probably not use to so much company.
"So, we never heard all the details, Y/N. Tell us how that awful toad of yours became a knight in shining armor and rescued you." Karen said, her cheeks already flushed with the whisky she had in her hand.
"Now, now. Besides, I think the toad becomes a prince, don't it?" Tilly said
"No, that's a frog. Who knows, maybe a toad becomes a knight if you kiss one." Mary-Beth said, looking up from her book.
"D-does that make Y/N a princess...?" Kieran asked and all of you laughed, you lightly patting his shoulder.
"Let me just get my glass slippers." You said jokingly.
You all sat in the afternoon sun chatting and joking with eachother until Ms. Grimshaw ushered the girls away to finish their work. Kieran left soon after to tend to the horses, so you were by yourself, laying on your back with you eyes closed. You didn't know anyone was approaching you until a shadow fell over you. You opened your eyes to see Micah standing over you.
"What're you doing out here? I've been looking all over for you. You should be resting."
"What does it look like I'm doing? Besides, Grimshaw said I could get up now." You defended yourself.
"Its only been two days. Are you sure? Because..." He sat down next to you as he was talking."We could always get a private room at the saloon and have a bit of fun of our own." He finished.
You looked over to him and without warning reached out and grabbed his crotch, startling him.
"You think too much with this!" You exclaimed and he batted your hand away, a bit of color in his cheeks now.
"Well, if you don't wanna..."
"I never said that." You said with a playful smile. "Do you think Grimshaw will let me leave camp?"
"Oh, you're right. We'd better sneak you out." He said with a grin.
Micah stood up and reached his hand out to help you. You grunted as he did most of the work getting your sore self off the ground. Before either of you could leave you heard Arthur call your name. Micah scoffed in displeasure while you tuned to find Morgan walking up to you.
"Hey, I need you for a thing tomorrow. You up for it?" Arthur asked.
Before you could answer Micah but in.
"I'm afraid he's still on the mend. Can't help you, cowpoke."
"Actually," You said, giving a reprimanding look to Micah. "I'd love to hear what you have planned."
Arthur looked between you and Micah for a second before continuing.
"Well, there's this crooked doctor. He's been getting rich for years by selling face cures to untreatable illnesses. I'm thinking we go over there and you use your bruises to make him think you've got internal bleeding, have him sell you a fake cure. We can get both the money he has stashed as well as collect the bounty on his head."
"I'm in." You said and Micah rolled his eyes.

After that conversation, Arthur had told you when and where to meet him while Micah practically dragged you away afterwords. You snuck out of camp, keeping close to the water's edge while Micah went to get Baylock. You waited out on the road for him as he rode up, you getting on back of Baylock as well. It was your second time on his horse, the first time being when he rushed a tortured and battered you back to camp. It was a blur that you could hardly remember. When you both entered the saloon and the bartender saw you he immediately asked if you wanted a room. Guess he caught on too but lucky for you the smell of money was better than turning the two of you out. You'd hate to have to ride all the way to Valentine just to spend a night with your man.

As soon as you both were inside and the door like Micah made his advances. He walked up to you and kissed you gently on the forehead, then your bruised cheek. Then he began giving small kisses to your throat and neck, unbuttoning your shirt as he did. You reached over and began unbuttoning his as well.
"We're going to take this nice and gentle. Don't want to make you worse, after all." Micah whispered into your ear before biting it gently. "Best we just use our mouths."
As much as you felt like gritting your teeth and bearing the pain you'd experience in your torso from taking or giving it to him you decided that Micah was right. You grabbed him by his shoulders and led him to the bed, you sitting down on it and pulling him down to his knees in front of you. He smiled at your eagerness and immediately began undoing your pants. As soon as he had them around your ankles he took your half hard member in his hand and began stroking you. He stuck out his tongue and gave the head a long lick and with a moan from you you were hard. He then began to lick and suck on your balls as he stroked your shaft. His thumb coming up and rubbing over the head with each stroke. With a small sound of pleasure from you, you took one of your hands and put it on top of Micah's head. You threaded your fingers through his hair and pet him as he continued. Micah stopped playing with your balls to turn his attention onto your shaft, licking it up and down. Sucking on it in some areas and grazing it a bit with his teeth. You freely leaked precum and twitched everytime his teeth grazed you.
"Oooh... Micah..." You said, your face turned towards the ceiling and your mouth open.
You then felt him take your whole length into his mouth and start sucking. You looked down to meet his eyes as he looked up at you, watching your every reaction.
He pulled back and hollowed out his cheeks, creating a lot of suction to the tip of your cock. He repeated this multiple times before pulling off and taking you in his hand again. As he stroked you he suckled the tip, quickly flicking his tongue along the slit and head of it. You could feel yourself about to cum.
"I-I'm gonna-" Just as you began to warn him he again took all of you into his mouth and began sucking hard.
You cried out in your orgasm, cumming down his throat. Which he swallowed as he continued to suck but more gentle. He pulled off you before you became too sensitive and smirked up at you. You tried bending over to kiss him but was immediately reminded of your bruised gut. Micah instead broke the distance and kissed you.
"My turn." He said and you eagerly got up, pushing him to sit on the bed and getting down on your knees in front of him.
He was already hard and straining against his pants. You had them on the floor in no time, leaning onto his lap and having a good look at him before starting. You opened your mouth and took in the tip of his cock as he sighed contentedly. You began to suck and flick your tongue all across his tip. You put your tongue to his slit and began to wiggle it like you were trying to enter him. He made a noise and grasped at the sheets at his sides. You looked up at him to see him biting his lip, his eyes lidded. You stopped suckling the head and decided to try to take him completely. You slid his length into your mouth and to the front of your throat. You then slowly tried letting him in. You got him in farther and farther each time but kept gagging on him.
"Try going 'aaaah', it helps." Micah suggested.
You did that, humming around his cock as you took him in slowly. You were surprised when you felt the tip of him touch the back of your throat. Micah moaned.
"Good boy." He said.
You decided to test your luck and tried to take him deeper. He didn't get far before you retched and had to pull back. The sudden movement hurt your gut but you were just glad you didn't vomit. You decided that was enough adventure for this round and went back to sucking on how much you could fit in your mouth. Licking his shaft where you could and fondling his balls now with your hand. It wasn't long before Micah was panting and his hips were jerking a little. Soon enough Micah grabbed hold of you and pulled you back, now using his own hand to stroke himself.
"Open your mouth. I want to watch." He said and a surge of arousal went down you at the thought of it.
You opened your mouth and Micah inserted the tip of his cock just barely into your mouth. You continued to play with his balls as he stroked himself.
"Ah, Ah, Aaah!" Micah vocalized as he came, most of it splashing onto your tongue and some of it onto your lips and cheek as he stroked himself fervently.
He sighed as he finished sitting back down on the bed with a hum. You stood up and sat down next to him, your own member already erect again. Micah grabbed your face and kissed your lips, getting a bit of his spend on himself. He then saw your erection and went to grab it.
"I'm up for a little more fun." Micah said as he rubbed your crotch.

Chapter Text

This bounty kind of reminded you of one Arthur had told you about. Some wannabe doctor selling fake cures that were poison. The man had jumped into a raging river only to be rescued by Arthur and turned in.
Arthur should have been here three hours ago. You were somewhere between Dewberry Creek and Emerald Ranch and the bastard was right in front of you. He was camped out with his wagon folded out. He rummaged around the shelves, straightening it out and cleaning it, his tonic and wares all neatly sorted. You were just next to the border of where Lemoyne began, where his bounty was. His work horses looked ragged. That must be why he was taking a break here. Somewhere safe for someone on the run.
Another half an hour and you decided you had enough waiting. With or without Arthur you were going to get this guy before he packed up and left. You put on your best acting and made your way from the dense brush you hid within.
Arthur had coached you on how to act. You staggered as if dizzy and held your stomach while pretending to be short of breath. As you made your way toward the doctor he grew a concerned look, his hand drifting near a shelf in his wagon. A gun. You had to defuse this quick.
"A-Are you the doctor? I was told there was a doctor out here just out of Lemoyne. I ain't right. Haven't been right since the fight. Please." You finished now five feet away from him, his eyes still skeptical but studying you.
"What seems to be your problem, partner?" He asked.
"Its my belly. Its been hurting awful since the fight and I can't breathe right or keep food down. They musta busted something in my gut, just look at it." You said as you unbuttoned your shirt and showed off your bruised torso.
From the look on the doctor's face you could tell he'd just taken the bait.
"Well. Looks to me like you've got yourself a case of internal bleeding." He mused. "Most doctors would say its hopeless but with my miracle cure you'll be right as rain in no time."
"That's amazing, doc. Oh, how much for it."
"Two hundred."
"Wha-" You couldn't keep the genuine shock off your face. "I don't have-"
"Oh, its quite allright. You just need to sign a paper stating that you'll pay me back or hand over all of your assets if you fail to do so. Life isn't cheap my friend." He said smugly.
You pretended to mull it over. "Okay." You agreed.
"Perfect. Let me just..." He said, moving away from the shelf with the gun to reach into the back of his wagon. As soon as he did this you rushed forward to come between him and the gun, pulling yours from you hip.
"We aren't friends." You said venomously as he raised his hands in fear, looking at you angrily. "Your money, all of it. Including your secret stash. NOW!" You demanded and he turned out his pockets, giving you twenty five and a pocket watch. He then reached under the wagon to pull out his secret stash. Except he pulled out a handgun. Everything seemed to move slower as he began pointing it at you. Luckily, you were faster. BANG
The doctor fell to the ground, clutching his chest. He died within seconds.
"Dammit." You said.
You then spent the rest of the day tearing that wagon apart until you found a lockbox with nine hundred in cash give or take. As soon as you found it you moved on to find a place to sleep until morning.

After making sure no one would be following you you headed back to camp. When you got there you saw Arthur's horse grazing with the other's. Did he even leave camp today? You were thinking of all the obscenities you could hurl his way when you noticed a commotion at his station. You dismounted your horse and hurried over there before Dutch intervened.
"Its best you let him rest." Dutch said.
When you looked at him questioningly he explained: " Me, Micah and Arthur went to meet with Colm O'Driscoll. He used it as an opportunity to grab Arthur."
You stood shocked as Dutch walked away. Soon you felt comforting hands on your shoulders. Micah. He gently kissed you on your shoulder.
"Cowpoke'll be fine. He's to dumb and stubborn to die from an O'Driscoll." He said in his way of comforting and you sighed and leaned back into him.

Chapter Text

It had been a week since Arthur came in after being captured by Colm and his men. You were glad to see he was doing well. At first it wasn't so sure but now it seemed that he'd make a full recovery. You often helped by getting him food or water and often stayed to cat with him a while. Micah didn't care for this but Arthur was you friend.
You were brushing your horse when Micah came up to you.
"Hey. I think this past week you haven't been spending enough time with me. I get lonely too, you know." Micah said in that tone that made it impossible to tell if he was joking or not. "How about... You and I... go out and take some things from them Lemoyne Raiders that didn't belong to them in the first place?" He said as he put his hands on your hips from behind, leaning in to kiss the back of your head.
You turned around and smiled at him.
"Mr. Bell, you spoil me." you said.
"Only the finest for my man." He said, moving his arms to wrap around your midsection and holding you against him.
"Ugh, get a room you two. I just ate." Javier said, presumably on his way to Boaz.
You smiled at Javier, knowing he was just joking. Micah gave one of his fake laughs.
"Funny." Micah said in a slightly peeved tone.
Before Micah could retort or make an ass of himself you grabbed him by the hand.
"Come on, lets go." You said enthusiastically and any and all anger he felt before was erased as you pulled him with you to saddle up your mount.

"So they're camped out at a place called Catfish Jacksons, in the woods. They've just robbed a train and are hiding out there so I'm betting it'll be worth the risk." MIcah filled you in as you both traveled down the road on your horses.
"Wait, you mean near where the legendary Florida panther is? A hunter once told me he was going after that cat. Haven't seen him since." You said.
"Aww, what? Are you scared of them woods? Shall we call it a day?" Micah teased.
"I didn't say that! It just means we need to watch our backs is all." You defended yourself and Micah laughed.
"Well, I heard that the panther of Lemoyne is just a fairy story. Its made up. If something like that was just out there in the woods for the taking someone would have killed it by now. Think about it." He said, pointing a finger to his head.
"Ah, you're probably right. But you never know..." You said, trailing off as you both passed by an old battlefield. Further towards the end of the old battlefield is where the trees began. You tried to make it not so obvious that you were looking out for the panther.
You followed the road until it brought you to the water's edge. Then you followed the bank. After a while of riding you soon saw the smallest hint of smoke in the trees beside you. You both rode into them to sure enough find the camp you were looking for. You both left the horses and snuck closer to get an idea of what you were dealing with.
"I see four... five of them." You confirmed. "All armed and alert. Looks like they've been through it though."
"Hmm... Okay. I think we can take them." Micah said.
"What? No plan?" You looked at him like he'd finally lost it.
"Does this count as a plan?" He said curtly, pulling out a few sticks of dynamite.

You were on one side of the camp, he on the other. The plan was simple: You threw a piece of dynamite into the camp and Micah released hell on them with a hail of bullets. Not the best plan but it sounded fun.
Micah was waiting on your mark, which was a big bang. After a few seconds of waiting to make sure he was a safe distance away you crept closer. Soon there was no brush to camouflage you. Before they could see you you stood up, lit the fuse and threw the dynamite hard. It landed directly in the middle of them, causing two to scatter while the ones not paying attention reached for their guns for whatever had made their peers flee. Too late.
Two of the men were torn to pieces by the explosion. Severed limb here, missing a head there. The third who stayed was flown into the air. The two that ran were knocked over. You immediately ran back into the brush and waited for Micah to do his part. Less than ten seconds of shooting and Micah called for you.
"Like licking butter off a knife, honey!" Micah called out.
You exited the brush to see the mess you'd all caused. It was pretty gruesome. As you walked into their little camp you saw the guy who was sent flying stir. He was definitely injured beyond repair. Micah's bullet to his head was honestly merciful.
"Now, where would these guys keep the cash." Micah said rubbing his hands together.
"Guess I'll check the wagon. I have a bit of experience there." You said.
Micah went to check the surrounding area while you got to work on the wagon.
Micah had already gone over the area twice when you had finally found the bag of goodies. It was just hidden in a mundane chest at the bottom of the wagon. Guess they didn't feel too much of a need to hide it.
"Now this is more like it. I'd reckon we get this to a fence and get back to camp. Or..." Micah said, giving you THAT look.
"I suppose that saloon owner will be wondering where we've been. Best we drop by." You said and Micah kissed your lips.
Micah stashed the goods on Baylock and you both began riding out of there Before something spooked your horse.
"Easy there." You comforted until you saw movement beside you.
That's when your horse startled and bucked you off, running for the hills.
"Wait! (Horses Name)! Come back!" You yelled looking off after your startled steed as you sat on your bum.
You looked to Micah to brace yourself for his jokes but instead saw fear on his face. He immediately drew out his pistols and began blasting at something next to you. You grabbed your own gun from its holster and faced whatever it was just to see it disappear into the brush.
"Get on!" Micah called out and you immediately ran up to Baylock and hopped on, sitting on top of the bag of goods. Luckily, Micah rode Baylock the same direction as your horse ran. Micah slowed down and allowed you to get back on your spooked horse before you continued.
"What happened? What was that?" You asked after you both were a good ways away.
"It was the goddamn panther. Right there. It was ready to make a meal of you." Micah said in a shocked voice.
"You're serious? I told you!" You said in victory.
"That's not the POINT here." Micah said angrily. "You were almost... If you..." You could see him becoming more upset everytime he tried to speak.
"Hey, hey." You said soothingly, putting your hand on his arm. "I'm fine."
He sighed and then shrugged you off. He was calmer now.
"Lets just get this done."
"Hmm. So do you want to top tonight?" You asked.
"I haven't topped since your little torture time with those Raiders. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you see stars and your ass bruises." Micah said with his little devious smile and you felt blood start to go to your groin already.