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Cas-a Erotica

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The bunker is every bachelor’s paradise. Private rooms. Showers. Locked doors.

And Dean takes advantage of the luxury as much as he can. He lets himself moan a little louder than normal, not having to worry about Sam hearing him from across the room, or through a thin bathroom wall.

He just bought himself the new Casa Erotica Film actually. For a particularly luxurious session that he’s planning for later.

A loud banging noise causes him to fumble with the DVD case.

“Dean!” Sam bellows. “Your bacon grease is in everything!”

Muttering to himself, he tosses the disk aside. “No peace.”

He cracks the door open and glares at Sam. “You little bitch.” He marches away. “Do you see me complaining about the lettuce I keep finding everywhere?”

“Lettuce won’t kill you Dean.” Sam claps back.

“Sure Sammy.” He says. “I’ll put that on your tombstone.”

Dean rushes through the dishes and practically bounds back to his room. He locks the door behind him and reaches for his DVD with a huge sigh. ‘Casa Erotica: Loco.’ His dick is literally reaching for it at this point, straining against the zipper of his pants.

He flips the case with a grin. “Ha ha.” Heading over to the DVD player he wonders why it suddenly feels lighter. Only when he cracks the case open does he find out; it’s empty.

Utterly and completely empty.

What the fuck?

His anger and disappointment war with each other. Angry that Sam had obviously screwed with him and disappointment because he really was looking forward to this. After a hatrick of cases that took them from Colorado to Tennessee to Florida and back he needs something to take the edge off before they head out again.

Sure, Dean can just use one of his other movies, or some Busty Asian Beauties, but that just isn’t the same. He pouts, flopping onto his bed.

He’s half-asleep when he hears Cass’ voice. “Dean?”

“Cass.” He mumbles, pressing his face into the pillow. Dean hopes that he’ll just take the hint and skedaddle. But today isn’t his lucky day.

“Dean?” Cass repeats. He waits maybe five seconds: “Dean?”

“What?” he barks.

It’s dark and his eyes are bleary from sleep. All he can make out are Cass’ baby blues and the outline of the trench-coat.

“There seems to be a problem.” Cass states.

“Why don’t you bother Sam?” he huffs.

Castiel seems to consider this, cocking his head and peering down at Dean.

“I thought that I should come to you with this.”

Rolling his eyes, he flops onto his back, fully prepared to hear something about their profound bond.

“You had something with my name on it.” his voice is accusatory.

“No I didn’t.” Dean insists. “Cass… half the time I wonder if you even know how to write. Since when do you write your name on stuff anyway? What are we… in grade school?”

Cass glares at him. “My name was on it.” his voice is dry. “It was printed very clearly. It’s a large font Dean. Impossible for even you to miss.”

“Just take it and leave then.” Dean waves him off.

Snuggling down into this bed once more, he tries to latch onto his fatigue and let it drag him into unconsciousness.


“What?” he demands, throwing the blanket off. “What? What do you want Cass?”

“I want you to tell me why my name was on that DVD!” he shrieks.

That makes Dean pull up short. Cass is the picture of calm. He doesn’t scream or show emotions in general.

“What’re you talking about man?” he asks, forcing his voice not to sound as gruff.

Realising his effort, Cass sighs and bows his head. “Dean, I’m sorry.” He whispers. “I don’t mean to disturb you. This is just so confusing.”

He pats the edge of the bed and smiles as the bed dips with Cass’ weight. “Talk to me.”

Hands gripping the edge of the bed, Cass gulps, turning his head to Dean. He sees the panic in his friend’s eyes. “I just – I don’t understand things. And what I’m feeling right now… it’s just too much. It feels too intense. And I just can’t breathe. And it hurts but it feels so good. It’s wrong. I know it’s wrong to feel like this but I just – I can’t stop it Dean.”

“What can’t you stop?”

Eyes, raw and brimming with emotion, Cass stares at him. “Why was my name on that DVD?”

“I don’t know.” Dean tries to convey his sincerity. “I really don’t know Cass.”

“But it said Cass.” His voice is small. “When I saw it on your bed, I thought it was mine.”

A chill goes through him. Cass … he couldn’t mean that DVD… could he?

“What DVD?” his voice is almost shrill. It’s like the babysitter and the pizza man all over again.

“Cas-a Erotica.” Says Cass.

“Oh my God.” Dean scoots away, pressing a hand to his chest. “Shit you watched that. Shit.” He runs a hand though his hair, no wonder Cass is traumatized. That promised to have some really kinky stuff. “Oh man. I’m such an ass.”

Leaving his porn out. What had he been thinking. He remembers the last time Cass found porn. His eyes drift down. Yup. Little Cass is rising and shining.

And Cass said he felt funny… wrong… dirty. That must be the boner.

“Let me guess.” Dean says, “Your problem is about half a foot and attached to you.”

Contemplating this, Cass waits a beat before nodding.

“Hey!” Dean says brightly. “I have that problem all the time. And let me tell you; it’s mucho annoying.”

“Mucho is a lot in Spanish.”

Dean nods. “Yeah. And Casa Erotica is Spanish too.”

“I know.” Cass says.

“You…” being in such proximity to Cass’ boner makes him a tad uncomfortable, but Dean reminds himself that it would just be a few more minutes. “Watched it right?”

“I did watch some of it.”

“And lemme guess.” Dean looks pointedly downwards. “That’s when your problem popped up.”

A single nod is Dean’s response.

He lays a hand on Cass’ shoulder. “I know. This happens to me all the time.”

“It does?” Cass’ voice sounds almost hopeful.

“Yup.” Dean nods along. He can’t believe that he’s explaining boners to an angel but logic left the chat this is his life ages ago. “But there’s a way to help it.”

Jeez. Can he makes jacking off sound any more like the holy grail?

“Tell me Dean.” Cass squirms slightly, desperation creeping into his voice.

“You saw the guys in the video right?” This is bordering on some – some shit. “That they all had problems too. Did you see what they did?”

“Yes.” Cass sounds uncomfortable again. “But right now, that is impossible for me to do. Unless you and Sam possess multiple reproductive organs.”

Dean cringes. “Nope. Just two red blooded males.” Who knew his porn could provoke such stimulating discussions? Not Dean, that’s for sure. “The stuff they did with their hands.”

“Oh.” Cass’ eyes widen in realisation. “Oh!

Dean chuckles lightly. “Bet that’s the face you make when you finally take care of that.”

He doesn’t know much about Cass’ time with the reaper, but he certainly hopes that he at least got to an orgasm. But then, shouldn’t he know what to do with his dick if he had?

Slapping him one final time on the shoulder, Dean leaves him with a few words of advice. “Just do what feels good.”

Dean is having a pretty steamy dream, when he hears his door creak open. He tries to grasp the tendrils of the fast fading dream but to no avail.

Damn it! There were strippers and Jacuzzis and – and Harrison Ford was there.


The panic in Cass’ voice is enough to wake him completely.

“It isn’t helping. It is not going down. Dean, I don’t know what to do!”

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“It isn’t helping. It is not going down. Dean, I don’t know what to do!”

Words Dean never thought he’d hear and words he’d never like to hear again.

“What do you mean it isn’t working?” He demands. “Are you doing it correctly?”

“Yes!” Cass eyes are wide and panicked. “I followed every movement from the screen exactly as it was completed.”

Dean takes a second to blink the sleep from his eyes. When he looks up again, he sees the situation from a new perspective. Cass is too worried to actually get anywhere.

“You’re too tense buddy.” He says. “Try relaxing.”

“Dean. You don’t understand. I can’t relax right now. Not in this condition!”

He feels the on-set of a headache. “You have to relax. I don’t know how else to help you.”

“Dean.” Cass’ voice is desperate. “Please. Help me.”

“I’m trying. I’m trying.” He repeats as he wracks his mind for anything even resembling a fix for this.

“No.” Cass tugs on his sleeve till they’re facing each other. “I mean help me.

Dean’s eyes flit down, eyeing Cass’ boner in the dim lights. “No way.” He says immediately. “This isn’t my usual area of expertise.”

“You said that you engage in this activity with success.”

He did say that didn’t he?

“But friends don’t do this stuff.” He protests.

Guilt washes over him as he sees Cass’ pinched expression. This is torture for the angel. Stuck with a human affliction that he knows nothing about. If Dean’s dick suddenly stood up and refused to go down without him knowing about sex, he’d be pretty peeved too.

“Okay.” He recants, “Lie down flat on your back.”

He feels disgusting about this. Like his skin is crawling, but this is for Cass. Dean has always believed that sex should be consensual. With someone you find attractive and someone who you can be comfortable with. He half wishes he could buy Cass a hooker and have her go through the motions with him. But that would be cheap – the easy way out – and Cass wouldn’t even like it; if his freak out all those years ago still stands. Dean never saw anyone so frightened by the prospect of receiving a lap dance.

Steeling himself, he clears his throat, as Cass scoots into position. Dean still perches on the end of the bed in indecision. If he’s doing this he doesn’t want to sound uncomfortable and ruin the whole thing for Cass. It’s not that he’s grossed out… Dean just thinks that some lines in a friendship shouldn’t be crossed. And yeah, the idea of being with a guy makes him squeamish.

“Unzip your fly.” He says, keeping his voice even.

His back is turned so he can’t see Cass. But he does hear his zipper loosen.

“Good.” He murmurs. “Close your eyes.”

He feels Cass’ gaze on him and he chuckles. “I can feel you looking at me.”

Cass shifts slightly. “They’re closed.”

Turning slightly, Dean sees that they are, in fact, closed. Cass’ eyelids aren’t the only thing he sees. Standing tall and almost completely flushed is Cass’ dick. He winces, knowing from experience how uncomfortable it can be. He clicks his tongue. It looks a bit chafed too. Dean reaches forward, dipping one hand into his bottom drawer.

Staring at the bottle of lube, he wonders how he’s supposed to get it onto Cass’ dick without crossing any more boundaries.

Eventually, he just settles on, “Stick your hand out.”

He sees the little frown on Cass’ face as the cool liquid coats his palm.

“It’s lube.” He says. “It makes it easier. Just rub it up and down the length and let’s see how that feels.”

Dean grips the edge of the bed to prevent himself from running screaming out of the room as he hears a ‘squelching’ sound. Cass’ breath stutters out and he feels the bed shift.

“Good, huh?” he asks.

“Yes.” Cass all but moans. “What – what happens now.”

“You stay relaxed.” Dean reminds him. “Nice slow strokes from base to tip.”

“Mhh.” Sex noises spill out of Cass lips and Dean can still hear his hand moving.

“Dean.” Dean blows out a breath, shifting as his own pants begin to tighten. It doesn’t mean anything, he reminds himself. When you hear someone – anyone – moan your name so wantonly, you’re bound to pop a boner.

“Try-Try-” Dean stutters, “Twisting wh-when you get to the head. That usually feels pretty good.”

“Ah!” Dean feels the entire bed jerk. “So good.”

“Good.” He parrots… like an idiot.

After a few minutes of staring pointedly at his boner, willing it to go down, he lets out a short gasp, digging the heel of his palm into his crotch to relieve some of the build up.

“You can go faster now.” He says as Cass whimpers on every thrust. “And try squeezing just a bit when you get to the top.”

By now his room sounds like a porno studio. Cass’ moans and pants stretching from wall to wall.

“Dean!” Cass moans. “Dean – Dean something i-is happening.”

“Don’t worry.” He assures. He shifts slightly, getting a better view of Cass’ hand as it flies across his dick, his hips twisting and jerking every so often as the pleasure becomes too much. A drop of pre-cum is leaking and pooling around the crease of the head. The hand that’s not on his dick is fisted in the sheets, cleanching with every gasp and releasing after.

Cass’ eyes are still shut. He’s so close to the big ‘O,’ Dean can tell. Something seems to be holding him back though. Maybe he just needs a little nudge…

“That’s it.” he says using his gentlest voice. “You’re doing great. Just a little more Cass.”

His hand moves even faster and his head tilts back. Dean can even see his dick twitching a bit. “Cass.” He whispers.

“Dean.” He replies.

Cass rips his hand away and punches his bed. “It’s not working!” his eyes crease even as his entire body shudders.

His eyes crack open and he stares at Dean. “Why isn’t it working?”

Dean is stunned. Everything looked fine. The speed, the grip. Dragging his eyes up from his friend’s dick, he focuses on his eyes instead. “Maybe you’re too in your head about it.” Dean says with a shrug.

“No!” he shouts. “I’m trying but nothing is working.” His voice sounds hollow and defeated.

“Close your eyes.” He repeats as he mentally psyches himself up for the vault he’s about to take. He’s about to cross over about a dozen lines.

“Dean, thank you for trying, but this is useless.” Cass sighs, glaring accusingly at his cock. “Maybe, as an angel this isn’t physically possible for me.”

“Close your eyes.” Dean repeats sternly.

Cass glares at him for a few seconds before shutting his eyes petulantly. Dean sucks in a breath and reaches forward slowly.

Warm, is his first thought, as he wraps his fingers around Cass’ cock. He just lets his hand rest for a minute, letting both himself and Cass get accustomed to the feel. When Cass’s face screws up in pleasure and his hips jerk up and twist arcing into his fist, he begins moving slowly.

“Is this better?” he asks. Hopefully, now that Cass doesn’t have to worry about doing the right motions, Dean hopes that he can loosen up enough to finish.

“Dean!” he exclaims, bucking his hips and twisting as thick splashes of come are ejected from his cock.  Dean keeps his hand moving slowly, guiding him through the after shocks. Panting slightly, Dean slowly removes his hand and stares at it as it glistens.

Numbly, he rubs his fingers together.

This is Cass’ come. On his hands… on his sheets. On Cass… who is sitting pretty on his bed while staring down at his dick in wonder.

“Dean that was amazing.” He breathes. “Thank you.” Cass’ hands wrap around him, squashing Dean against his chest.

Dean doesn’t have enough mental fortitude to do more than nod and flop onto his bed in shock as Cass walks on shaky legs out of the room.

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Dean flops onto his bed, turning over with a groan as his door clicks shut. Something cold and damp has him reeling back. He flicks on his night light. On his sheets – on his bed – the place where he sleeps are globs of Cass’ come.

Words he never thought he would have thunk.

He presses a hand to his forehead. This is going to drive him insane. Why did he do that? It’s not like it’s his sworn oath and responsibility to get Cass off.

It – it’s not like that.

Dean drags his fingers across the hardening globs and sighs.

And to think, this should have been his night, with his Casa Erotica film.

At least someone got to enjoy the night though.

The first time he ever got to see an angel in the throes of passion. Sure, there’d been Anna, but she’s wasn’t all angel at the time. Honestly, he half-believed it when Cass said that angels aren’t made to have pleasure. He never felt so… uncomfortable about being right.

He balls up his linen with a sigh and heads to the bunker’s washing machine.

He moves as quietly as he can with an great big ball of cloth sticking out from his stomach. Lord knows what Sam would do if he were to find Dean actually washing his sheets. He’d suspect something right away and the last thing he needs is for another living soul to find out what he and Cass did in the dark.

Surprisingly, he isn’t alone when he enters the washing area. He senses Cass before he sees him but it’s too late to turn back; the angel is already looking at him.

“Since when do you wash?” Dean asks, not able to maintain eye contact.

“My pants were sticky and cold.”

“Ditto for my sheets.”

Cass looks sheepish. “I never realised pleasure could be so hard to clean.”

“Move it.” he shoos him away from the machine. “It isn’t hard Cass. Look. Just twist and push to full the water and wait.”

As the water begins to fill up, Cass glances speculatively at Dean. “Are things really that simple.”

“Not most things. Just this one.” He pauses. “So um… Cass.”


“You know… what we did…”

The angel holds up a hand, stopping him. “Dean, there really is no need.” He assures. “I remember what you told me about porn. I assume the same applies here.”

“What did I tell you?” Dean is almost afraid to hear.

“That I’m not supposed to talk about it.” He says, cocking his head. “Have I made the wrong assumption.”

“Nope.” Dean says quickly. “You got it down Cass. Stick to your guns. Don’t talk about it.”

“I’m perplexed though, as to how you were able to complete the process so quickly.”

“Cass, is this your way of not talking about something.”

He glances back at the door. Standing here with Cass and the machine filled with their come stained stuff makes him feel like he’s at the scene of a murder. And not in the calm way he feels when they’re actually at the scene of a murder.

“I tried so hard.” He says, sounding the slightest bit bitter. “And you were able to do it in no time.”

“Well, now you know what to do.” Dean says, still squeamish. “I guess you just needed a starter course – some training wheels before I let you ride by yourself.”

“Oh, I’m definitely trying this on my own.” He nods to him self enthusiastically.

Dean chances a glance and he finds Cass’ eyes glazed… probably remembering his first orgasm.

“Is it like that every time?” he whispers.

“No.” Dean says, his breath caught in his throat as Cass stares at him. “It gets better.”

It’s just then that Dean notices that Cass is stripped down to his boxers in order to wash his pants. His eyes drift downward and his brain forces him to remember the feel of Cass on his hands. His warm flesh pulsing in his grip, come spurting out from the pink head. Dean’s tongue darts out, moistening his lips.

“While we’re… on that topic.” He says. “Can I have my DVD back.”

Cass looks at him blandly. “But it has my name on it.”

Dean rolls his eyes. “I got it for a reason man. You aren’t the only one with needs.”

“Can’t I just have it a bit longer.” He pleads. “I wanted to try again.”

“Again?” Dean raises his brows. “So soon.”

“I’m an angel Dean, I don’t have to wait.”

Dean doesn’t know what to do with that information. He bobs his head awkwardly. “Sweet. No refractory period. Must be nice. Anyways… I’m heading back to my room.”

How is he supposed to exist after that.

The lines had been exploded into a bajillion pieces. Cass hadn’t seemed to realise the significance of what they’d done. He talked to Dean normally when they met in the washing area. He doesn’t understand these things. Boundaries and traditions escape his understanding.

So does that mean Dean should just ignore it.

In friendships things usually go wrong when someone suddenly starts to have feelings. Cass isn’t human. He isn’t privy to human customs. He clearly doesn’t associate sex and feelings. Could it be possible that their friendship could survive his slip up unscathed?  

Still. A larger question remains; why did he do it?

It would have been the easiest thing in the world to just let Cass keep trying or buy him a toy to help out or maybe a tutorial porno. Or any one of a hundred other things that were less intimate than what he had done.

Well, it all stemmed from him wanting to help and to spare Cass the pain and embarrassment of having to go through it alone.

Maybe he shouldn’t compare their friendship to normal ones. There’s nothing normal about it. He’s human and Cass is an angel and they conquer earth shattering problems on weekends. There’s nothing normal that could possibly stem from that. The way they get by isn’t normal. The way they work isn’t normal. Their living situation isn’t normal. The things they do isn’t normal. It stands to reason that sex and friendships shouldn’t be normal either.

A knock on his door distracts him.

“Hey Cass.” He says as his friend pops his head inside. “The sheets are dry?”

“Well… no.”

“You need some help loading them in.”


“Throw me a bone here man.”

Cass laughs. “You may find this ironic Dean… did you know that many people refer to erections as boners.”

Oh no.

“So… I’ll ‘throw you a bone.’”

God damn air quotes.

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“Please tell me you didn’t just say that.”

“I didn’t say ‘that’ I said ‘I’ll throw you a –”

“Stop talking!” Dean presses a hand to his forehead. “Why?” he gestures vaguely downwards.

“I was practicing.” Castiel says with a pout. “Albeit rather unsuccessfully.”

Dread seeps into his bones. He knows why Cass is here.

“What should I do then?” Dean says numbly.

“Maybe you can show me again?” Cass cocks his head innocently.

“No.” Dean says firmly, putting his foot down. “You’re obviously too in your head about this. Dicks aren’t that hard to master. Your technique isn’t bad but you just … think too much.”

“Dean I don’t think my technique is right at all!”

“Just calm down.” Dean almost hides in shame. He’s telling a  guy who just discovered the pleasures of having a dick to calm down. “Well… maybe not. But anyway, from what I saw – which was a whole lot more than I wanted to see.” He adds. “Your technique worked just fine. It’s pretty similar to how I do it.” Mostly because he basically dictated it.

He regrets the words as soon as they leave his mouth because of the expression that spreads across Cass’ face. It’s an idea. And Dean can already guess what it is.

“No way Cass.” He takes two steps back.

“But Dean…”

“Cass no.” he’s the one who really understands the significance of having boundaries in a friendship. Cass has no experience, no idea how it could all go wrong. It’s up to Dean to be the adult in this one – to make the hard choices.

“Why?” his friend sounds hurt and Dean feels his will waver.

“B-because.” He says. “Friends don’t do this.”

“But we’re not friends.” Cass says easily.


Cass sighs in exasperation. “Dean… our bond. You know it can’t be defined as something as simple as friendship.”

Now it’s Dean’s turn to look ashamed. “I know. I just don’t want to screw anything up.”

“You won’t.” Cass assures. “We both want this.”

“Okay.” He sighs in defeat. “So what do you want to do?”

“I want to try my technique out of you.” Says Cass seriously, as though he’s about to start the biggest experiment of his career. Dean half expects him to strap on some gloves and a doctor’s coat.

Well… he feels his blood rush south. That wouldn’t be so bad.

“Lie down.” Orders Cass. “Flat on your back.”

Dean rolls his eyes causing Cass to glare at him.

“I still think your technique is fine.”

Cass shrugs. “Just lie down Dean.”

Flat on his back, staring up blankly at the ceiling, Dean tries to numb himself to what’s happening. His hands are folded over his ribcage, his eyes are shut, he can feel Cass’ gaze on him like a hawk’s.

“Cass?” Dean’s eyes are still shut.

“Why are your eyes closed?” Dean cracks them open in time to see Cass inch forward. “And why are your clothes still on?”

His body trembles at that. His voice sounds sexy without preamble. The innocent way he said the words shouldn’t be causing him to react like this.

“Just unzip the pants.” He whispers.

The atmosphere in the room has changed drastically. They went from playful, friendly teasing, to an intimate moment where Dean feels like he’s intruding on his own self. He’s afraid to raise his voice and break the mood. He’s afraid to move in case Cass takes it the wrong way. He feels like a slab of meat stuck on a spit above an open fire.

“Dean.” Cass says gently. “I know I talked about our bond. That normal doesn’t apply to us. But if you’re uncomfortable, then we don’t have to. I can figure this out some other way.”

Ah. There it is. An out.

But Dean knows he won’t take it. He can already guess the scope of Cass options. Either, he’d suck it up and continue believing that he can’t make it to the finish line or he’d go to some stranger to do what he’s about to do to Dean. Or worse… he’d go to Sam.

“It’s fine.”

“I’m – I’m going to unzip your jeans.” Cass warns.

Even though he knows it’s coming, Dean can’t help the way his hands clench against the sheets or his breath halts at the first contact. The sound of the zip is loud in the room and Cass certainly takes his time undoing it, careful not to hurt Dean.

Dean almost jumps out of his skin as Cass just starts pumping right away.

“Hold it.” he says, trying not to buck them both off the bed. “You gotta start slow.” He cautions. “Try some other erogenous zones and slowly work up to the main event.”

“Erogenous zones.” Cass echoes. “That would be your nipples.”

“Well… yeah.”

Cass smiles at him and he feels some of the tension abate. “I told you Dean, you should have taken off your clothes.”

Dean is perfectly naked now, his bare ass touching the sheets. His skin is a sea of tiny goose bumps and Cass, of course, is still fully clothed.

His dick is poking out, slightly hard and rising steadily.

Cass leans over it, peering down in a way that makes Dean grin. His finger gently prods at the joining of the head to the foreskin. “This is an interesting design.”

“Hmm.” Dean says not really concerned about the designs of anything at the moment. “That feels nice.”

Cass looks surprised, but continues the gentle touch some more before trailing his finger down the side and lying on his side next to Dean.

“Nipples?” At Dean’s nod, his fingers reach out to brush the closest one. Cass’ fingertips are rough and unsteady. A beginner’s touch.

“Come on.” Dean jests. “Do it like you mean it.”

Not easily goaded, Cass just shakes his head wryly at him. “I um,  actually wanted to try something. From the video.”

“Knock yourself out man.”

Nerves that he never knew existed are suddenly roaring to life. Foreplay is definitely one of Cass’ strong suits. The man has magic fingers.

A wet, warm tongue darts across his flesh, circling just around the nipple. Dean grunts his hand flying up to Cass head to hold him in place. He hasn’t even done anything and Dean is ready to explode.

That must be because he psyched himself up so much earlier. His desire to orgasm had obviously been transferred to this situation.

“Okay.” He tugs gently at Cass’ hair. “Okay. Appetiser’s over. Time for the main course.”

“Why do you keep comparing this to food?”

“Well, sometimes food and sex can go hand in hand.”

“I’ll have to keep that in mind.” Cass says. Dean can see the cogs turning in his mind, trying to figure out the mechanics of food and sex.

“That section is reserved for the advanced class.” He blurts just as Cass’ hand is hovering over his dick.

“Dean.” Cass says gently.

He sighs, “Yeah. I’m good.”

When Cass lubed hand makes its way down his dick, all the muscles in his body spasms. Cass’ hand moves up and down steadily, his thumb flicking past his head every so often, just like Dean had told him earlier.

The pleasure is there for sure, but muted by his internal panic. The fact that this is happening, in his room, on his bed of all places. The fact that Dean was the one who agreed to it, despite his better judgement. If anything goes wrong it’d be all his fault.

He told Cass to lighten up while jacking off and now he can’t even follow his own advice.

Cass’ eyes flit between his hand on Dean’s cock and Dean’s face. With his spare hand, he rubs at Dean’s nipples and traces patterns on his stomach. All the while, blue eyes follow him. It’s a bit disconcerting, he has to admit. Usually, he’d just be able to shut his eyes whenever things were too heated or his emotions were bubbling too close to the surface.

But every time his eyes slip shut, Cass presses the pad of his thumb onto Dean’s eyelids, a silent command to open up.

“C-ass.” He gasps. “This is –” his words falter and disappear from his mouth as Cass picks up the pace.

What was he saying?

“Man, I gotta close my eyes.” He whimpers, his eyes darting left and right to escape the blueness of Cass’ stare. “It’s too intense.”

“Go ahead.”

Dean’s eyes slip shut.

He doesn’t clench his jaw as much. Moans spill past his lips with increased frequency. His hand grips onto Cass free one, using it to anchor himself and now drown in the sensations.

“Cass.” He whispers, losing control of his hips and bucking into his strokes. “Cass.” He repeats. “So close.”

That seems to embolden him. His movements are faster, his grip just a bit firmer. “You look beautiful like this.”

The groan that spills past his lips is sinful and loud. It reverberates through the room, shattering any pretences and baring them both.

Dean feels his dick kick as his orgasm roars through him. His ears sound like a river is flowing behind them and his eyes squeeze together even tighter as his hips twist, chasing after his pleasure.

Cass’ hand keeps moving, guiding him through the last pulses.

Dean doesn’t have the energy to do much more than lie boneless on the bed.

Chapter Text


“You look beautiful like this.”

Dean squeezes his eyes together even more tightly. How he can still hear those words past the blood rushing through his ears is unbeknownst to him.

Had he done that? Made those noises. The things he’d done in the heat of passion now shrink back at the first sight of common sense.

And watching Cass play around with his come like a kid with slime doesn’t help his confusion any. His mind is still reeling from the orgasm and Cass sticking his fingers into his mouth is maddening.

He wants to speak. Force some words from his lips to finally end this ordeal. But his tongue is pinned to the roof of his mouth and he struggles to even get a breath out.

It felt good. So effortlessly good.

And it wasn’t supposed to be.

Cass rubs his fingers together. “My methods seemed to have worked on you.” he glances over to Dean, holding his stare. “How was your orgasm?”

Massive. Explosive. Like a bazooka.

“Peachy.” He grunts.

“Dean.” He says drily. “You need to be a bit more descriptive than that.”

“Cass… what’s there to say. It probably felt just like yours.”

He doesn’t want to carry on a conversation after that. He wants to just lie here and mope.

“You look beautiful like this.”

Did Cass really say that? Or had he hallucinated it? Dean isn’t sure which one would be worse. His head is swirling and he’s pretty sure his legs are jelly. The fact that he’d come right after those words hadn’t escaped him either. But manual stimulation can get anyone off, right?

“Are you okay?” Cass says gently, seeming to sense his internal break down.

“Yeah.” But his voice comes out rough.

“I don’t understand your reservations about this… but I don’t wish to cause you any discomfort.”

“No.” he breathes out. “Just… orgasms can be tiring. I just need a sec.”

Cass peers down at him. “I don’t feel tired.”

“Course you don’t.” he mutters.

In the typical fashion, he lets two fingers hover over Dean’s forehead. “May I?”

Now that shocks some life back into him. “Wow. You have the magic cure of a limp dick.”

“Of course not.” He seems almost amused. “But… what I can do is heal fatigue.”

“Fix me up doc.” He says leaning into the touch.

A few seconds later and Dean is as spritely as ever. Like he just chugged a gallon of coffee or a Monster.

“This is cool.” He glances down. “I wonder if I can go again.”

Cass winks at him. It’s so out of character and so cringey that he can’t help but laughing.

He looks pointedly downward trying to act natural in the presence of Cass’ erection.

“So, you ready to test your theory?”

Cass stares at him determinedly. “Yes, I am.”

Cass glare pouts at him. “I was right.” He says glumly.

Dean sighs.

How could it not have worked. His dick should have been exploding like a bazooka… Dean’s certainly had.

Dean rests his head against the headboard. Staring down at Cass’ pink, erect dick.

“With all those magical angel powers, can’t you just…” he makes a pshew sound and mimics an explosion.

“I can explode monsters easily Dean, you know this.” Cass says in annoyance.

“No.” he can’t believe the flush that dares to creep into his cheeks. “I don’t – I mean can’t you just make yourself orgasm?”

“No.” he murmurs.

Dean scratches his head in indecision. He knows that Cass is still too in his head about this whole thing. Some guys, stimulation is all that does it, but for others and Cass, they need a little something more. Dean has to admit, it does feel nice to build up languidly to a peak though, sometimes he does enjoy a fast and hard orgasm.

The orgasm with Cass had been strange – it fit into neither of those categories. But he’d still gotten to orgasm. Cass hadn’t. He prides himself on very few things; one of which is knowing how to satisfy his sexual partners and giving as much as he takes.

Maybe Cass just needs a confidence boost, he tells himself. Some training wheels before Dean lets him ride solo.

“You’re too in your head.” He reminds. He pauses with his hand hoving over Cass dick. “This is the last time.”

When he brings his fist down, Cass moans at the sensation, his hands wringing at the sheets.

“Dean.” There it is. He always thought that Cass had sex hair… now he knows that he has the voice to go with it. “Ah! Why are you allowed to make me feel this way?”

Dean could ask the same. “I don’t know man.” He says. “But after we finish here, I’m positive that you can do this.”

“Your hands just feel so much better than mine.”

Now that isn’t the attitude he wants to hear. “You’ll come to prefer yours.” He murmurs.

“You look beautiful like this.” The words come to mind at this moment. There’s something enticing about the way Cass writhes on his bed – under his hand.

“Dean please.”

“Put your hand.” He says in a burst.

Cass hurriedly shifts his hand to cover Dean’s, mimicking the up and down motions. Soon enough, Cass’ hand slows and loses rhythm, actually interrupting Dean’s tandem.

“Cass.” He whispers. “Almost there.”

He receives only as grunt in reply before his hips buck up into Dean’s fist, spilling into his hand.

Dean kind of likes the blissed out, open expression on his friend’s face. He likes that he was the one who put it there.

This time Cass remains in place, sprawled out in his bed, until his body stops trembling.

“I wish I could do that.” He breathes.

“You can.” Dean finds himself saying. “You did it to me after all.”

Cass glances up at that, a slow smile of satisfaction slipping onto his face. “I did, didn’t I?”

Dean shakes his head. Cass is full on beaming now.

“Does this really have to be the last time?”

That breaks the mood somewhat.

“I was hoping that you could help me practice.” Cass presses on.

Dean bites his lip. “About that… your hand… your grip started to slacken way too soon.”

“I couldn’t help it Dean. The pleasure made me lose control.”

“When you… lose your rhythm before the main event, things can go down hill after that.” He explains. “The thing is, you’re not giving yourself enough simulation to get yourself over the edge.”

“So… what you’re saying… is that I need to build up a tolerance… to pleasure.” Cass says slowly. Dean doesn’t even have a chance to reply before he picks up the pace, belting out his next sentence like a round of bullets from an automatic. “Okay. Great. This is perfect. You can help me build up my tolerance. Three times a day should be enough. Or should we start with ten? I don’t know. We can figure this out tomorrow. I can’t believe how great this ‘after glow’ is.”

Cass hops out of his bed.

Dean grumbles as the door slams shut behind him. “That was completely not what I was saying.”

Chapter Text


Dean locks his room door most of the next day, feigning sleep when Cass knocks.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to help out.

He does. And that’s the problem.

Cass is convinced that this changes nothing. And maybe, it should change nothing. Maybe Dean is just too in his head about this. Lord knows he never listens to his own advice.

Cass’ hands had felt so perfect around him. He remembers being so confused as to why they didn’t seem to work on him. It’s a strange thing, experiencing so much sensations that you’re forced to pull back before those feelings release. He understands how that could be both frustrating and confusing. To make himself feel better he just has to remember, that next time, when Cass comes into his room, that Dean makes the entire experience about him. No more letting Cass touch whatever he wants. If Dean is doing this, then it has to be solely about Cass. Not Dean.

Knuckles rap firmly on the door, prompting Dean into action. He cracks the door open, ready to explain his idea to Cass, before he pulls up short in surprise.

“Sam.” He breathes.

“Why are your sheets still in the drier.”

Dean has to fight the flush that creeps up his cheeks. Damn sheets, he completely forgot about those.

“Uh, couldn’t you just chuck them in for me?”

Sam purses his lips. “I already did that. But that wasn’t what I came to talk to you about.”

“What was it then?” he asks, leaning against the door.

“It’s Cass.” Sam says. “You know, he’s been moping around your room for a while. Then he saw me and clammed up when I asked why he was here.”

Dean winces. He remembers making Cass promise that he wouldn’t breathe a word about this to Sam.

“You gonna tell me what’s up with you two?”

“Nothing’s up.” He says, keeping his voice smooth and unbothered. “Maybe he needed somethin’ and I was dead asleep so I couldn’t hear his knocking.”

“You heard mine.” Sam points out.

Why does his brother have to be like this. He rolls his eyes. “I was just starting to wake up Sam.”

“O-kay then.” Sam says, stepping backwards. “Just go talk to him. He looked pretty bummed.”

Dean leans back on his heels before knocking at Cass’ door.

Cass pokes his head out, his eyes widening as he sees Dean. “Dean!” he squeaks.

He laughs a bit uneasily. “Sup Cass. Sam says you were lurking.”

Cass shifts slightly. “Well, I remembered out deal. We were supposed to work out the specifics but you were tired.”

“Well. I’m awake now.” He says brightly.

Moaning comes from inside the room. Either Cass is having an orgy or he’s watching porn.

“Is that Casa Erotica?” He pouts slightly. He’s still dying to watch that tape. It’s said to have some of the greatest compilations known to man.

“Yeah.” Cass admits. “Still not much luck.”

“That’s what I’m here for apparently.” He mumbles. He kicks Cass’ room door shut behind them and watches as Cass flicks the video shut. Dean tries not to stare at the lady’s ass as the guy fills her from behind.

“You were getting to the good part, huh?”

Cass nods and gestures for him to sit on his bed.

“I know that you don’t appreciate me putting you in this position.” He begins, “And that you’d rather not do this on the whole. I appreciate the effort you’ve put in so far and I would understand if you didn’t want to continue.”

That hadn’t been what he’d expected.

But, then again, the last few times Cass came to him, he was already drunk on pleasure and that was what his mind was zeroed in on. It makes sense that he’s the one coming to Dean with a rational suggestion now that the hype has worn off.

Dean already knows he won’t be taking the out, but it’s still nice to at least hear he has the option.

“I’m not going to hang you out to dry.” He promises. “What we need to do before we go any further is talk.”

“Okay Dean.”

“So… what do you want from this?” he feels like a damn psych, psycho-analysing every word and intonation for some deeper meaning.

“The ability to feel pleasure like a normal person.”

“Good.” Dean says, clasping his hands together. “Then that’s what we need to focus on. So there are no romantic feelings involved here, obviously. So we have to keep it that way.” Cass nods along. “And when I think that you can have an orgasm without me, we stop. You good with that?”

“Of course.” Cass says evenly. “Dean, what do you want from this?”

“To help you.” he says immediately. What else is there to say?

“And I can help you too.” Cass says causing Dean to frown. “I can practice my hand movements out on you and give you sexual gratification. That way I’m ‘reciprocating.’”

Dean rolls his eyes at the air quotes. “Dude. You don’t need to do that. Like we agreed. This is about you, not me. Let’s keep things simple.”

“If you insist.” Cass says, his shoulders slumping, “But my offer still stands.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He promises. No way in hell is Dean going to take him up on it again. It’s a slippery slope after that and Dean doesn’t feel like experiencing the conflicting emotions from last night again.

“Shall we begin then?” Cass asks, eagerness slipping into his voice once again.

Dean rubs his hands together and pushes Cass back onto the bed. “We shall.” He says, purposefully lowering his voice.

Belatedly, he wonders how long it takes to build up a tolerance to pleasure. Because Dean isn’t sure how much longer he can hide the instant erection born from Cass simply removing his pants.

Chapter Text


It’s about five minutes later, when Cass is already half way there, that Dean realises that they never unpaused the video.

“Cass…” Dean lets his voice trail.

Cass pants, glaring down at him as if he just ate the slice of pie that he was saving.

“Do you want me to play the video?” he asks prompting a swift glare from Cass.

“Do you think I care about the video right now?”

“Well, it does have your name on it.” he teases.

“Dean, just… please.”

So Dean doesn’t ask about the video anymore.

At least, not until Cass is finish. His come drying in a puddle on his stomach. Dean runs a single finger over his oversensitive dick one last time before standing and reaching for the tissues. He wipes Cass off and tosses the evidence in the trash.

When he sees Cass preparing to mojo himself back to normal, he lays a hand on his stomach to stop him. “Why don’t you just enjoy the afterglow?”

That seems to be enough, as Cass sinks deeper into the bed, folding his hand’s over Dean’s on his stomach.

“Uh, buddy?” he tugs at his hand slightly to get Cass’ attention. “I wanted to head back to my room.”

“Oh.” Cass almost sounds disappointed.

“And… I’m borrowing Casa Erotica.”

“Oh.” He says again, this time, in realisation.

Dean feels a flush creep up his neck, knowing that Cass will know exactly what he’s going to be doing. Exactly what movements his hands would make as he gets closer to the edge.

“If you want, I could take care of it.”

The ‘no’ that leaves his lips is half-hearted. Cass’ hands had felt nice on him. Foreign. Not like his own, practiced touch and definitely not like the soft, delicate hands of a female.

He reaches to take the disk out from the player, feeling Cass’ eyes on him all the while.

“Minute four.” Cass says as he’s leaving.


“Minute four.” Cass repeats. “I think you’ll like that one.”

Dean hides the video behind his back at the first sign of Sam. Oddly enough, it was the smell of his shampoo that gave him away, but Dean keeps that to himself as he faces his brother, trying to paste on a ‘natural’ look on his face.

“You talked to Cass, huh?”

“Yeah.” He says, trying to angle against the wall to hide the case from Sam.

“Ok great.” He says brightly. “What did he need?”

“Nothin.” Dean says easily. “Just something about how sleep takes up too much time.” Dean rolls his eyes. “All I ask for is four hours.”

“Right.” Sam says. “And what’s that?”

Dean leans all the way back into the wall, wondering how he can shove Sam off and avoid breaking the disk at the same time.

Unluckily for him, when he tries to evade Sam’s jab at his midsection, his hand jostles the case, and the DVD comes sliding out.

Sam inspects it, amused, “You guys are sharing porn now?”

Keep it cool, Dean, he reminds himself. “You want in Sammy?” he teases, “We split the cost evenly.”

Sam narrows his eyes at Dean, staring at him, trying to discern a lie. Suddenly, his expression brightens.

“Cass.” He says, causing Dean to just about jump out of his skin. “Good to see you.”

“Hello Sam.” Cass says evenly, then turns to Dean. “I thought you were in your room.”

“I thought you were in your room.” He bites out, hoping that Cass can take a hint and leave before Sam starts with his ever so probing questions.

“So, I hear you and Dean are sharing porn now.” He says with forced casualness. “Leme guess, you’re not supposed to talk about it.”

Too late.

He bites his lip, looking over to Cass.

“Dean and I are engaging in something the internet terms, ‘mutual masturbation.’”

Well, Dean waves the last shreds of his dignity goodbye.

“Though, it’s not very mutual at the moment as Dean has stolen the porn.”

To his surprise though, Sam just laughs. “Dude. Be real. If you want to know something about porn or sex you’re better off asking me.” he turns to Dean then. “You probably traumatised him with that! What were you thinking?”

But Sam seems more amused than anything. He clearly doesn’t believe what Cass had said. He thinks that Cass is making some sort of joke. Dean sighs in relief, forcing out a laugh.

“It wasn’t that bad was it Cass?” he asks.

“I did lie prone on the bed for minutes after the video was shut off.” Cass says, throwing a cheeky glance Dean’s way.

Dean doesn’t share his frivolity in dealing with this issue.

Sam just laughs again though, oblivious to their silent conversation. “Dean, you really had me thinking that you two were in some kind of secret relationship or something.”

“A secret relationship?” Cass cocks his head.

Oh no.

“Well, maybe more like a friends with benefits situation.” Sam decides.

Cass says nothing, but Dean can see the gears turning. He has half a mind to turn off the internet in the bunker to prevent Cass from googling ‘friends with benefits.’ Poor guy would be really traumatised then.

Especially if he found the weird shit about them online.

It’s not that Dean had wanted to look. It was more like he had to look. After Sam had teased him on and off for days, Dean had taken to the internet to find out why everyone thought that he and Cass would be a couple.

He’d been bombarded by articles, depicting every detail of their ‘love story.’ From how his first love was Cassie so his last must be Cass to the in depth analyses of their ‘meaningful stares.’

The fan art had been nauseating.

The written pieces, skin crawling.

Dean could barely recover from seeing it. He can’t imagine what Cass will go through.

“Dude!” Dean slams the door shut. “What were you thinking?” he demands, tugging at the collar of Cass’ trench coat.

The angel merely glances at him with a neutral expression. “Sam would have never believed what I just said.”

“You don’t know that.” Dean argues.

“Yes I do.” Cass reiterates, but his tone is off this time.


Dean will have to do some digging.

But not before he finally gets Cass out of his room, and tunes in to this ‘minute four’ in the video.

Chapter Text


It takes a gargantuan effort to convince Cass to well… ‘get out of his ass.’ In the metaphorical sense of course. Cass has never been and will never be in his ass physically.

When he’s finally alone, he locks the door considers painting some angel warding. Ultimately he decides he just can’t wait any longer to get it on.

Dimming the lights, Dean settles into the darkness for a moment before flicking on the TV and stuffing a hand into his pants, lightly stroking himself within the confines of his jeans.

Dean considers just fast-forwarding to minute four, but then decides that it’s better if he just waits and lets the anticipation rise. He’s been wanting to do this for some time so he doesn’t expect it to last too long. But… he’s been wanting to do this for some time, so he doesn’t want the show to be over too quickly either.

So, Dean figures four minutes is enough to bring himself to the brink. Then when whatever Cass thinks is so sexy comes on, he’ll let that finish him off.

The video starts out classic. Some spanking and girl on girl action that might have been taken straight from his fantasies. What he likes most about Casa Erotica, is the story. With the spanking, it’d been a chick who’d gotten caught trying to steal some make-up from a store. With the girls it’d been some racy step-sibling thing that hadn’t really made much sense.

Well, win some lose some.

It’s the supercut anyway, there’s bound to be tons of sexy stuff even after Cass’ wondrous fourth minute. And that’s not even talking about the other options in the start menu.

He doesn’t understand how they managed to cram so much information into one little CD. Doesn’t matter though, cause it’s a steal of a deal as far as porn is concerned.

Dean’s thoughts become scattered as he sees the timer nearing the third minute, the sheer anticipation of what’s to come has him on edge already. He times his strokes, alternating between fast and slow to make sure that he can last till the good stuff.

When the timer hits 3:59, Dean’s hands pick up the pace again. The scene with the loud screaming orgasm suddenly cuts. He sees the camera shuffling around as it settles on two guys lying together in bed.

“Dude I’m hella horny.” The first one says, running a hand through his blonde hair.

“Same here.” Says the other one, pushing himself onto his feet. “Mind if I use your bathroom?”

The first guy screws up his face. “Gross.”

Dean slows his strokes.


What’s in there? A hot chick? Or is she going to come in while the other guy is in the bathroom. The film’s about due for a threesome, now that he thinks about it.

Dean holds himself in a lose grip, letting his thumb glide back and forth over the head of his cock. Keeping his legs still is becoming more and more challenging and he waits to see what happens.

He glances at the timer to find that they’re only ten seconds in to minute four.

“Wait.” The first guy says, moving onto all fours. “We’re both horny. Let’s do something about it.”

Dean feels his hand still in shock.

Gay porn?

“Damn it Cass!” he mutters, shaking his head.

Next time he has to veto what crap the angel’s watching. What if he sees this and decides that this is what he’s doing with Dean? What if he decides that this is something normal?

He’s already told Sam all their secrets. You can only hear ‘your brother and I are wanking off together’ so many times before common sense kicks in.

Dean doesn’t want to wait for Sam’s common sense to kick in before setting things straight with Cass.

It would be a shame to let all his effort go to waste though. Dean pauses the video and shuts his eyes. He kind of remembers some of his ‘cartoon porn’ as Sam likes to call it.

With those images in mind, his hand flies across his dick , searching for a quick release.

He remembers this little blue haired character. Boobs for days and eyes like sunshine.

Dean presses his eyes together tightly. So blue…

“You look beautiful like this.”

His eyes snap open, darting to the door immediately; to tell Cass to stop interrupting him. But no one is there.

Once more, he lets his eyes slip shut, his hand moving in full strokes across his dick. He bites down on his lip as he feels himself get closer. His hips move of their own accord and the muscles in his legs tremble with pleasure. His balls pull up, in preparation to spill his load.

His mind chooses that moment to conjure up the image of Cass lying in this exact position on his bed. His legs flailing and Dean’s hand wrapped around him, stroking him to completion. The sounds that came from his lips are exactly like the noises that Dean is holding back now. The peaceful, blissed out expression on his face is what drives Dean over the edge.

His hand works furiously and his hips stutter upwards ever so often, chasing after the sensation. He feels the cold splatterings of come hitting his chest and stomach. Dean’s breath comes out in harsh pants as the aftershocks flow through him. His hands rests limply on his dick and his body feels sticky with sweat.

Minute four.

What a hoot.

Now, he needs to work on convincing Cass that this thing between them isn’t normal. Because, somehow, Cass had managed to convince Dean that this is normal.

“Damn it Cass!” he mutters again, using his pants to wipe the drying come off of him.

Dean tries to close his eyes and enjoy the afterglow… but all he can see is blue.

Chapter Text

When Dean finally collects himself, he manages to move all the way over to the door before diving right back into bed.

Where is he going? There’s still jizz on his hand. Ugh. He wipes of off on the sheet. And slaps himself upside the head.

“Time for another bath.” He grumbles.

Yanking out the sheets from his freshly made bed, Dean once again curses his carelessness.

He’s the most careless person he knows, other than Cass of course, who had let it slip that they were engaging in mutual masturbation.


Dean remembers his ‘deer in the headlight’ look afterwards, when Dean had confronted him about the whole not telling Sam rule.

He needs to do some digging. Could Sam have found him that first night? He’d found Dean’s sheets rather easily, and finding an angel who doesn’t sweat, pee or poop laundering his sheets and underpants must have run a few alarm bells for his baby brother.

“We meet again.” Sam’s voice says, almost causing Dean to drop his sheets.

“Sam.” Cass says shortly.

Oh, it’s about to get juicy, Dean can tell. He balances the sheets on his side, and leans closer to the open doorway to get a better look.

“Washing again I see.” Sam says. Dean can hear the suspicion in his voice.

“Well, after the ‘mutual masturbation’ my sheets were in need of a rinse.”

Dean feels his heart constrict.

Damn it, Cass!

What does he think he’s doing? Sam is already so suspicious. This is just making it worse.

“Yeah.” Dean sighs. Thankfully the disbelief is even more evident. “Right.”

Cass remains silent and Dean hears the washing machine turn on.

He gathers his sheets and hightails it back to his room.

Dean has officially given up on figuring out why Cass and Sam were talking about that. Instead, he chooses to spend his time in a more productive manner – in bed, with his hand down his pants.

There’s no Casa Erotica this time, Dean’s gone back to basics: Busty Asian Beauties. Tried and true and hasn’t failed him yet.

Of course Cass chooses that moment to come knocking at his door. He knows it’s Cass because of the timidity of the knock. Sam would just bang down his door without consideration.

“Come in.” he calls.

Maybe he should take to hanging a sock on his door.

As Cass makes his way into the room, Dean wonders whether he should ask him about his and Sam’s little tete-a-tete.

Nah, he decides, he’ll save that for if he catches them again. Curiosity does gnaw at him. Why would Cass break his promise? Does he really think that Sam will just keep on believing that Cass is kidding if he keeps saying it?

“Hello Dean.” Cass says, immediately heading for his bed.

“Is it that time already?” he jokes.

Cass’ expression pinches. “No. I actually just came here to talk to you about…” As his voice drifts, so do his eyes. They land on the magazines in Dean’s lap. “Busty Asian Beauties.” He murmurs.

“The bustiest.” Dean replies.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“Porn.” Cass says immediately, his eyes darting to Dean’s.

“Well… good timing then.” He keeps his expression pleasant, though internally he shudders. Minute fours still haunts him.

“Which do you prefer?” Cass asks, his expression guarded.

Dean gets the feeling that this is about something more than porn. But what answer does Cass want. He just decides to go with the honest answer for a change rather than psychoanalysing the situation.

“Busty Asian.” He replies.

By the way Cass’ expression closes off, he’d say that’s the completely wrong answer. Ugh. Should have gone with the psychoanalysing manic approach.

“Thank you Dean.” He says stiffly. “I’ll head out now.”

Dean frowns. “Hey, don’t. What did you really come in here to talk about?”

Cass stares at him for a long moment. “Minute four.” He says dejectedly.

Ah. Cass had recommended minute four, in the hopes that Dean would like it as much as he did.

“It was… certainly surprising man.”

“You didn’t like it.”

“No.” Dean blurts. “I was just… shocked. I thought that it was just… look it doesn’t matter. Not everyone has the same taste. It’s perfectly normal for guys to like different stuff, even guys who are best friends. So don’t let me discourage you. Stick to your guns.”

Surprisingly, that does little to soothe Cass distress.

His eyes flit over to the magazine once more then back to the door.

“Dude.” Dean says, pushing the magazine off the bed. “What’s up with you today?”

Cass fidgets, rubbing his hands together. “I’ve been lying to you.”

Not shocking, but he hadn’t expected Cass to admit it right away either.

“The reason I told Sam about us earlier was because…” he looks down, embarrassed. “I wanted him to think that we were together.”

Dean frowns. “Why?” He’s pretty much gotten over the anger about that incident.

“Because I wanted to know what it feels like.” Cass whispers. “To have someone think that you’re in a relationship. I’m so sorry Dean. I understand that you’re angry that I broke your trust and betrayed you. I – I’m just sorry.”

A dozen things all connect in Dean’s head. “You have a crush on Sam?” His voice is shrill. He doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel about this. His brother and his best friend…

“No.” Cass says instantly, cutting his machinations short. “Please stop. I don’t have a crush on Sam. Or anyone really. I just wanted to know what real intimacy feels like. I thought I could mimic it by myself, with my own two hands, but that did not work. Then with you, I felt something… something that I imagined intimacy would feel like. I guess I just wanted to hold onto that… to flaunt it.”

Dean feels his heart constrict. “I understand.” He murmurs, he’d felt this feeling before. The yearning for something more with someone who could understand. “This is normal Cass so don’t feel that it isn’t. I feel this way sometimes and I’m sure Sam does too. Most people have the chance to do something about it when they feel this. But we’re not normal and me and Sam, we usually just plough past it because that’s what we were taught to do. It’s not fair to expect the same from you.”

Cass blinks at him. “You’re not mad?”

“Well, I kinda was. But I’m okay now.”

He gets a small smile and a head tilt. “Good.” Cass says. “I’m still sorry I used you like that. I won’t let it happen again… after all, you were just trying to be a good friend.”

Dean feels his head spin with insanity as Cass stands again.

“Wait!” he blurts.

Halting, Cass turns to face him with a curious expression.

“I know you Cass.” Dean says firmly. “You’re not getting out there anytime soon. You deserve to feel all the things you want to feel. You and me Cass.” He offers, holding his hand out. “I can show you what it means to be close.”

Chapter Text

Since that day it’s been a constant barrage of Cass. Day and night thanks to that super-charged libido of his. Dean can barely keep up. But he has to admit, it’s some of the best sex he’s ever had. It’s just something about them being together. Him and Cass. He can be free with him. There’s no worrying about condoms and trying to find some leverage in the back seat of the Impala. No worrying about Cass turning out to be a demon sent to seduce and kill him.

The sex is fine.

Not that they’ve had sex yet. Dean still isn’t comfortable moving past an under the clothes hand-job and wanking off next to each other. When that happens, he still has to reach over and take care of Cass’ problem… since they’re still not sure what’s causing that.

It’s only been a few days. He’s working up to the more raunchy stuff anyway. He’s kind of hoping to get out of this before the actual sex part comes up. He isn’t sure how he feels about that. Giving or receiving.

Sam, of course, remains utterly oblivious, and now that Cass isn’t intent on telling him all their secrets, he’s bound to remain that way unless he walks in on them.

Which he won’t.

Dean is like a hawk when it comes to keeping the door locked. No way is he risking Sam seeing them like that. Honestly, Cass doesn’t seem to mind one way or the other, but he does try to keep it a secret for Dean’s sake. After all, this is a favour.

“Dean.” Cass says.

Dean hums a response, still drained from their most recent rump.

“Can we try something more intimate?”

Dean raises his brow. “I’d say we were pretty intimate, man. What are you thinking about? Graduating to the High School of Blow-Jobs?”

Cass flushes at that. “This is sexual intimacy.” Cass says, ignoring his blow job, jab.

“So, you don’t fancy blowjobs.” That’s a relief. Sort of.

Ever since they began working on being ‘close,’ Cass convinced him to ditch the ‘only for Cass approach.’

‘If Cass comes, Dean comes with him.’ Which, he actually said. In the middle of a sip.

He wasn’t happy about being drenched in fluid. Well, that particular fluid anyway.

So that means if he blows Cass, then Cass will want to do the same. Dean doesn’t know how he feels about that.

“Of course I’m interested in blowjobs.” Cass says evenly. “I just don’t want to rush you.”

“I’m down.” Dean says shakily.

Cass nudges him with his nose. “No. You’re not.” Instead of pouting, he grins predatorily at Dean. “That’s fine. I can wait. I have you all to myself.”

He chuckles at that even as it sends a tingle down his belly. “That’s… very possessive of you Cass.”

His friend just shrugs and continues looking at him.

“I’m talking about a different type of intimacy.”


“Kissing.” He says is quickly then looks away.

That’s good, cause Dean isn’t sure what his expression looks like now. Kissing is for couples. Not for a ‘best friend helping out another best friend’ situation.

“Sure.” He says. He’s blown all the other rules to hell anyway. It was only a matter of time before this one came crashing down too.

Cass blinks, clearly surprised.

“Come on.” He encourages, leaning closer and sticking out his tongue. “I’ll teach you how to French.”

“I’ve – I’ve read about that.” Cass stutters.

Dean grins. “Reading? Let me tell you, doing, tops it all.”

Licking at his lips, he moves closer, keeping his eyes open a crack to monitor Cass’ expressions.

He starts off slow, not wanting to make him feel overwhelmed. Dean licks around his lips, pressing them together lightly before introducing his tongue. Cass uses his own tongue after a few seconds, quickly catching onto the rhythm. Somewhere along the road, Dean lets his eyes slip shut. Cass is obviously enjoying this.

Dean is enjoying this too, if he lets himself be honest.

It’s been a while since he’s had someone he could just kiss for the hell of it. He has to agree with Cass; kissing is a different kind of closer than sex. Dean thought he already knew that… but kissing’s never felt like this.

He’s relaxed. Cass is giving as much as he takes. He’s in his bed; which is always a plus.

When Cass backs away, Dean finds himself short of breath. Panting, he flops back onto his side of the bed, staring at Cass out of the corner of his eyes.

He too wears a dazed expression. His head, lolling to one side. Though he’s not short of breath, his lips are pink from rubbing against his. Or maybe it’s his scruff. Either way, Dean is all kinds of turned on.

“Sam.” He says in greeting, as he ambles into the kitchen.

Who knew kissing could be so dehydrating. Well, it stands to reason, they’ve both been swapping spit for the past couple hours.

Dean’s head still feels fuzzy and heady.

“Woah.” Sam says. Standing immediately.

He’s looking at him like he has ‘I SMOOCHED CASS’ in big bold letters on his head.

“You look … happy.”

Dean stops short. “And that’s a bad thing?”

“No.” Sam says instantly. “Of course it’s not. You deserve to be happy. It’s just…”

“Why.” Dean says knowingly. “You want to know why I’m happy.”


“When you find out, let me know.”

Sam scoffs, ducking his head.

“It’s strange, you know.” He finds himself babbling. “This is … the greatest I’ve felt in a while.”

“You look it.” Sam affirms.

A beat of silence passes between them as Dean gulps down his water.

“So um…” Sam says slowly, locking eyes with Dean. “Could it be Cass?”

He almost chokes.

“I’m sorry?” He demands shrilly. Had he revealed too much?

Sam rolls his eyes. “You two have been getting along so well lately. It’s nice to see. Maybe reconnecting with him is what’s making you happy.”

That gives him pause. Maybe it’s not the kissing and the sex stuff that has him feeling this way. Maybe it’s just like Sam says: just being with Cass, in any capacity, is improving his mood. They’re normally either at odds with each other or working a case. The downtime in between is hardly enough to do much more than rest before the next big event bowls them over.

Cass is open with him, tells him his wants and desires and Dean and Cass listen to each other.

It’s like Cass said: they’re getting close.

Chapter Text

“That… makes sense.” Dean admits reluctantly, he doesn’t want to give Sam the satisfaction of being right, but he doesn’t want Sam to actually be right.

“I do have a question though.” Sam says, seeming genuinely curious.

Dean feels a little more secure in himself now that he knows he isn’t falling for Cass. That would be absurd… and very bad form for a wing man.

“Why is Cass always in your room? What do you guys do?”

“We – we –” Dean scrambles for something. “Hang out.”

Sam stares at him expectantly. “For hours?”

“Well… I’m teaching Cass how to sleep.” … with another person.

Sam blinks at him in disbelief. But as the seconds elapse, his expression becomes excited. “Why is the washer always full? Why is Cass washing his clothes all of a sudden?”

“Yes.” Dean says. “He’s… looking for the full human experience.” of being in a relationship.

Gullible as ever – thank God for that – Sam eats up his half-assed explanation and begins gushing. “Maybe I can teach him some stuff. I bet that was what you had the porn for too. This has so much potential Dean. I can teach him about healthy livi-”

“Woah!” Dean shouts. “You aren’t allowed to pollute Cass with that nonsense.”

“Who says?” Sam claps back. “If Cass says he wants to learn, then you can’t stop me.”

Oh yes he can. No way is he letting himself be outnumbered.

Belatedly, he wonders how Sam would react to their current arrangement.

He suspects some surprise, indignation maybe. Sam would probably accuse him of some trickery, which, yeah, on any other occasion. But what if Sam is already suspicious? He certainly seems to be looking at him strangely today. Sam is good at piecing things together. What if he thinks that he’s figured it out and is just goading Dean? What if he thinks that Dean and Cass are having sex? Or worse… that they’re actually in a relationship? His implications have become less implicating and more like thinly veiled accusations.

‘Why is Cass always in your room? What do you guys do?’

‘Why is the washer always full?’

‘Why is Cass washing his clothes all of a sudden?”

He seemed to buy the ‘human experience’ thing, but Dean doesn’t want to take any chances. If Sam finds out, he’d be incorrigible.

Dean needs a way to make things seem as platonic as possible. The idea he has is unorthodox in the strangest of ways.

It breaks all the rules of dating – namely the most important one: never bring a third wheel on a date. But Dean’s been breaking all the rules he knows of in recent times; what’s a couple more? Especially if it means that he can get Sam off his back.

Besides… it’s not like they’re actually dating.

Actually, he considered asking Cass to go on a date, so that he could experience that part of intimacy. But the thought seemed ludicrous for numerous reasons. Cass doesn’t eat. He’d just be doing it to placate Dean, which defeats the whole exercise. Being around people doesn’t interest him. Cass isn’t a sports fan, nor does Dean think he can swim which hacks off a good portion of his usual ideas for dates. Plus, the purpose of a date is to have a connection. They already have that.

Maybe they just need to tap into it.

That would still mean finding a way to go out without Sam thinking they’re up to something. After all the ‘jokes’ from the past few days, he’s probably already suspicious.

But what if Dean could make it seem innocent. That way Sam isn’t suspicious, and he still gets a chance to hang out with Cass.

It’s like Dean always says…

If you can’t beat them, make them join you.

By including Sam, he not only squeezes in some precious brother bonding, but he also can take Cass out on an unofficial date.

There’s no way he can actually take Cass out on a date without Sam noticing. And no way is he resorting to sneaking out of the bunker like a couple of teenagers. Especially since the obnoxiously loud bunker door would give them away immediately. Not to mention that Sam’s favourite spot to read is near the stairs.

Or, on some occasions, on the stairs.

What kind of maniac even does that?

After a late night out, Dean remembers walking down the stairs, drunk off his ass. In the darkness he almost broke his neck while tripping over his sleeping brother. They literally have hundreds of chairs for Sam to sit on. And if chairs aren’t his fancy, there’s always counters, and table-tops and… the floor.

But that isn’t the point.

Taking Cass out for a real date would get them caught. That’s where his plan comes in.

Maybe this ‘closeness’ can bring them all together. Kind of like a team-building exercise. Where two thirds of the team are secretly boning. Not just boning, he reminds himself. He’s like Cass’ emotional support dog, who also specialises in sex stuff.

Wow, that sounds weird.

“In the spirit of closeness.” He says, watching Sam for his reaction. “Why don’t the three of us go out for dinner?”

“The three of us?” Sam clarifies.

“Yes, is there someone we’re forgetting?” he asks sarcastically.

“No. No.” Sam assures, still looking at him curiously. Like he’s one of those weird crosswords Sam likes to solve. “It’s just, I thought you and Cass should go to dinner alone. Capitalise on your time together. It’s already making you this happy.”

“What good would that do?” he spends so much time with Cass between the sheets now that he’s barely communicated with Sam in any sort of meaningful way. But now that he’s started ‘communicating again’ he can’t help but start babbling. “If Cass and I go out together, then it would be like a date. But if you’re there, it’s more like a group meeting!”

Sam looks bewildered. “What about when you and I go out?” Sam wonders.

Good point. “Well… we’re brothers.”

“Cass is family.” Sam argues.

“But people don’t know that.” Dean stresses. Why can’t Sam just blindly accept something for once in his life?

“People don’t know that we’re brothers.” Sam says, logical as ever.

“Damn it Sam!” he hisses, feeling flustered. “I just want all of us to hang out and you need to nit-pick every damn detail.”

“Technically, you’re the one nit-picking Dean. You’re inviting another person so it won’t seem like a date.”

“That isn’t nit-picking!”

“Yeah.” Sam seems amused now.

“But you’ll be there? Right?” Dean asks.

Sam rolls his eyes. “I don’t understand this sudden need for team-building, but sure.”

“Great. Our meeting is at eight tonight near the map table. Wear something fancy.”

Chapter Text

This morning Sam thought he was acting weird, but they both chalked that up to Dean and Cass getting back into groove. Little did Sam know that getting back into groove involved a whole lot of grinding and a tonne more kissing. And also an undercover date that promises to be one of the most awkward things Dean will ever experience.

Dean hopes that Cass won’t need much convincing.

He raps on Cass’ bedroom door, wondering why he even bothers anymore. It’s not like there’s anything left to see. Dean’s pretty sure he has the size, shape, colour, grit and  texture of the goods engraved in his mind.

“Dean.” Cass’ voice comes before he even opens the door.

“Heya Cass.” He replies.

“Are you ready again?” Cass wonders. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you ab-”

“Can we… put a pin in that?” he wonders.

Cass seems perplexed but nods. “Sure.”

“So I talked to Sam in the kitchen.” Dean says. “I think he’s suspicious.”

Cass doesn’t take that information well. He waves his hands wildly and practically drags Dean into his room, shutting the door silently behind him. “Dean, I can’t believe that this happened!” Cass panics. “Did – did he hear something… or see? No I would have sensed him if he were close enough to see.”

Dean quells the urge to point out that while in a state of passion, Cass won’t know if an elephant is close. It’s just how he is. He gets into the act so completely.

“Relax.” Dean cuts his tirade off. “I have a plan to fix things. He doesn’t know anything concrete but we can throw him off.”

Cass seems to have calmed, knowing that Dean has a plan. “What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to…” Dean bites his lip in anticipation. Cass is going to love his plan. They always work well together on cases – the case where they got to dress-up as cowboys pops being a prime example. It reasons that they’ll have just as much fun working together on something that’s not a case. Now that he knows their power, he can’t help but think of all the pranks he can pull on Sam. But Cass is staring at him expectantly, and his dramatic pause is becoming less dramatic and more annoying.

“Dinner.” He finishes with a flourish.

Unfortunately, Cass doesn’t share his giddy enthusiasm. He just seems even more confused.

“You don’t like it?” Dean pouts, his shoulders slumping.

“No.” Cass says quickly. “It’s not that I don’t like it…” Dean waits expectantly. “Just – how is this supposed to derail Sam’s suspicion?”

“Well, at dinner we’re going to be showing him that we’re still best friends – who aren’t sleeping together.” Dean explains. “And that there’s nothing for him to be suspicious about.”

“Sam is coming to dinner too.” Cass says slowly.

“Yeah.” Dean says. “It’s gonna be like a Team Free Will bonding sesh.”

“Where we all sit and lie to each other.” Cass comments drily.

“You know why I don’t want Sam to know.” Dean remarks.

“No, I don’t, actually.” Cass returns. “You said you didn’t want him to know and I respected your wishes. You never gave a real reason why and I never asked because you’re the one doing me a huge ‘solid.’”

“I know Sam.” Dean says. “If he get a whiff of this he will latch onto us. We’ll never be able to spend another moment together without Sam thinking that we’re doing something. And that’s the best case scenario. Worst case? Sam freaks the fuck out and blames me for taking advantage of you.”

“I don’t think-” Cass breaks off as Dean talks over him.

“He’s been chill so far, but that’s only because he isn’t totally sure.” Dean explains.

“So if Sam known then he’ll think that either we’re in love or that what we’re doing is unhealthy?” Cass confirms, seeming put-off by either possibility.

“Yeah.” Dean says.

“Okay. We’ll do dinner.”

They’ve dimmed the lights, put on their FBI suits and are currently sitting at the map table with Chinese food just waiting to be eaten.

Sam seems amused by the set up and Cass is just twirling a noodle around his finger before sucking it off.

Like that is helpful.

“Guys.” Dean says to get their attention. “We’re supposed to be bonding.”

“We’ve bonded for over three decades Dean.” Sam snarks. “I think we’re fine. And you and Cass have your ‘more profound bond’ so there’s really no need.”

“Don’t say it like that.” Dean protests, taking his anger out on his pork. The purpose of this dinner is to make Sam less suspicious, not more.

Cass just chuckles and continues playing with his food.

Now there’s an idea. “What about you and Cass. You guys could bond.” He tells Sam.

“Dean.” Sam states in exasperation. “We’re good. Right Cass?”

Cass nods.

“Dude.” Dean whispers. “You’re supposed to be helping me.”

“I don’t know what to do!” Cass whispers back in panic.

“Talk. Speak. Throw some food.” Dean begs. “Anything!”

“Sam.” Cass says brightly. “Would you like some of Dean’s pork?”

Sam snorts even as Dean snatches his box away. “The audacity of some people.” He whispers, cradling the thing.

“It’s a fun team exercise.” Cass argues. “Sharing.”

“I’ll share with Dean.” Sam says immediately. “Here is the broccoli.”

Sam dangles the soggy green thing in front of him and Dean just back away. “I know what to call the Sam-Cass bond.” He says testily. “It’s ‘a brotherly bothering bond.’”

They laugh.

Then Cass slurps another noodle off of his finger.

“Man!” Dean exclaims. “What are you doing! Don’t you chew?”

“I don’t need to.” Cass replies.

“But how does it come out?”

“It doesn’t.” Cass replies evenly.

So that means those constipated looks might actually be constipation. Dean has a field day with that, diving into the mechanics of angel digestion. Cass is surprisingly animate about it.

When Dean looks up to bring Sam into the conversation, he finds his brother’s seat empty.

His watch tells him that over three hours have passed.

What a smashing success this has been.

Chapter Text

Dean finishes dinner with Cass, though the meal now holds a more somber tone. He actually sees Cass chew some of his noodles.

As soon as they’re done though, he asks Cass to clean up while he talks to Sam.

He knocks on his brother’s door feeling like a complete shit.

When Sam opens the door, Dean can tell that he was asleep. Sam leans against the door, suppressing a yawn. “What’s up Dean?”

“Can we talk?” he asks, getting straight to the point.

“Now?” Sam pouts at him, bringing on the puppy eyes. He’s probably looking forward to jumping back into bed.

“Now.” Dean reaffirms. If he doesn’t do it now, he’ll probably never have the guts again.

Sam’s a little more awake now that they’re inside and the lights are on. “Dean… if this is about dinner, it’s fine. I was just tired.”

“It’s not fine.” Dean murmurs, feeling terrible. “I made this big hubbub about ‘team bonding’ and Cass and I sort of cut you out.”

“You didn’t cut me out.” Sam assures.

“Yes we did.”

“Well, maybe you did, a little.” Sam says. “But I don’t enjoy listening to Cass talk about where the stuff he eats goes.”

“And you think I do?” Well, he did. What? Angel digestion (or lack thereof) is fascinating.

Sam gives him a knowing smirk. “Let’s not kid ourselves Dean… you were enthralled.


Sam cuts him off swiftly. “No buts, Dean.” He says gently. “I know that you and Cass are closer than me and Cass are, and I’m fine with that.”

He silences Dean’s protests once more. “We all have stuff we like doing with particular people. If I’m having a night out or wanting someone to talk to, you’re my guy. Some things you just need your brother for. And I know that there are times when you’d rather I be around than anyone else.”

Dean feels his heart swell, it’s nice to be useful. Sam’s right too, sometimes he’d rather his presence over anyone’s – even Cass’.

“But there are some things I don’t want you around for… and that you might not want me around for.” Sam continues. “Sex, obviously and gardening. That’s when Cass and I get to talk each other’s ears off.”

“What?” Dean breathes in shock. Since when have Sam and Cass been gardening? Dean has been seeing a lot more fresh fruit and veggies around the house, but he just ignored them on principle.

Sam nods. “It’s a recent thing, but it’s something we both enjoy doing together.” Dean feels a little jealous. But Sam is right, there are just certain people you want for certain things. “So you understand? I wasn’t mad, or sad, or feeling left out. I just realised that the two of you needed some time to do the things Dean and Cass enjoy doing together.”

Dean sags into Cass’ shoulder as he opens the door. “Sam’s fine.” He mumbles into his shoulder.

Cass sighs in relief. “Good. I wouldn’t want things between you two to change because of this.”

“He was nice about it. Gave me a speech about wanting different people for different things. Speaking of which.” Dean raises a brow. “Gardening?”

“It’s nice.” Cass defends. “It lets me feel useful.”

“Come on, you’re plenty useful.” Dean tries to comfort him. Evidently, Cass really believes that he’s useless.

“Let’s be real Dean.” Cass says drily. “My powers are no longer what they used to be. I’m more useful to Sam in the gardening, healing the plants when he forgot to water them than I am to you in battle.”

“That’s not true.” Dean argues. “I need you more than the plants. And that makes you useful.”

Cass smiles. “It’s always nice to be needed.”

“But seriously though Cass.” Dean says, “On the field, you and Sam are the only ones smart and capable enough that I’d trust to guard my back.”

“I know Dean.”

“Some people find men who get dirty to be quite attractive.” Dean comments. “When I’m through mentoring you… you should definitely use that to score some points with the fine ladies and gents of the planet earth.”

“Is this something that you enjoy Dean?” Cass wonders, inquisitive as ever. “From what I know of your love-making style – both in person and from what I’ve read from Chuck’s books –”

“Hold up.” Dean screeches. “You read that?”

“Of course I did.” Castiel replies as though it’s common place to read about your best friend having sex. “All the angels were mandated to read it.”

Ah. That makes more sense than Cass randomly scrolling through Chuck’s works.

“What were you saying then? About my… style.”

“You have a very rough personality.”

Way to butter me up, Dean thinks.

“The angels expected your love-making style to reflect that.” Cass looks oddly nostalgic. “It was surprising to find that you were a tender lover.” Dean shudders at the way Cass says ‘lover.’ “You were always caring and seemed to enjoy giving up control – much unlike real life.”

“And that’s … good?”

“I like it.” Is all Cass says. “You like pleasure, Dean, and you like it when your partner enjoys it as much as you do. That’s impossible not to like.”

Dean’s throat feels clogged, overwhelmed by this unnervingly accurate introspection into the way he has sex. It’s true, of course, but slightly off-putting that Cass knows so much and is confident about saying it.

Chapter Text

Dean raises a brow and pasts on a cheeky grin to hide his surprise. “Oh?”

Cass chuckles. “Now isn’t the time to be shy Dean.”

“I’m not.” He argues, feeling his face flush anyway. Cass grins at him, clearly preening now that he has the upper hand.

“That’s why I always wondered why you seemed so intent on focusing your attention on me during our interactions.” Cass cocks his head to peer up at Dean. “At first I attributed it to your inexperience with men. Then I presumed it was because you didn’t want Sam to know. Then –”

“Wait.” Dean interrupts him. “It is because I don’t want Sam to know. And not damaging our friendship of course. But we solved those problems; there’s no more ‘then’s”

Cass almost pouts at him… and it looks way more adorable than it should. “Of course you don’t want Sam to know since this would be strange for you two and I respect that. Though I still don’t understand it I would never intentionally reveal anything.  But you have to admit, it doesn’t cover everything. If Sam does find out he won’t have any way of gauging your level of participation. He’s more likely to assume that you have been participating. You know this.”

With a huff, Dean turns to stare away from Cass. He’s making a lot of sense, which really scrambles his brain. Dean hopes he can get his thoughts together to argue this out. Sam would believe him. Not participating would have made him feel better about the whole ordeal.

Inevitably, as he ponders his response, his gaze lands on Cass’ bed… because it takes up most of the room, not because Dean’s thinking about the good times they’ve had on it.

“I agreed to… mutual satisfaction.” Dean grits out finally when the silence begins to stretch. He doesn’t know why but the direction this conversation is taking is giving him chills and a dry mouth. Which is kinda counterproductive if Cass wants to squeeze in some quality kissing.

“So why are you bringing it up?” Dean asks when Cass remains silent.

The angel just shrugs. “I was just thinking out loud.” He murmurs. By the far away tone of his voice he’s still thinking… and Dean needs to put a stop to that.

What other reason could he have for making their first few sessions all about Cass? It was a culmination of all the stuff Cass said before, nothing else to it. He doesn’t get why Cass is psychoanalysing it. It’s in the past anyway.

“Just to be clear.” Cass still has that inquisitive look. “Why did you agree?”

Dean breaks out in a cold sweat. “Y-you made me!” he blurts. “You just kep-kept asking so I gave in.”

“Yes, but what was your thought process?” Cass hedges.

Dean feels personally attacked. If Cass keeps poking, Dean is afraid that he will burst something inside him that can’t be patched up.

So he does the only thing he’s sure will shut the angel up… and hopefully dash all those disturbing thoughts from his mind.

Grabbing Cass’ face, he swiftly presses their lips together. There’s a beat of protest at first, where Cass tries to continue with his train of thought. But Dean isn’t having that. If he can’t kiss the living daylight out of someone so that they forget everything, then what good is he as Cass’ instructor?

Turns out he doesn’t have to stress about that, because after a few seconds – some of the longest seconds of his life – Cass finally melts into him, his lips becoming pliant under his own.

When he breaks away for air, Dean finds himself forgetting the reason he kissed Cass in the first place.

“Dean.” Cass says surprised, he grins at Dean cheekily and clutches his arm. “Did you just kiss me to distract me?”

That’s when all the blood races to his face. Dean would pray that the darkness is hiding his flush, but knowing Cass, he’d probably hear his prayer and laugh.

“I did not.” Dean splutters indignantly.

Cass just keeps up his amused smile. It gives Dean chills. The angel looks almost pleased by this development. He doesn’t get why he isn’t mad. Dean would be if someone used their charms to distract him.

“I liked it.” Cass says at last, his voice is tantalizing.


“It’s like I was saying.” He says. “What was your thought process Dean?”

Should he answer that? Does he even know how to answer that?

“I wanted you to shut up.” Dean explains. That sounds safest.

“And why did you want me to shut up Dean?” Cass asks brazenly.

Hmm. That’s a good one. Dean wanted him to shut up cause he kept asking questions that annoyed him. No, they didn’t so much annoy him as make him unbearable uncomfortable. But why is that? And what had possessed him to kiss Cass out of the blue like that.

He’s wanted the angel to shut up on other occasions too. Then, he either said something wildly inappropriate or just walked off in a huff. Either one of those would have been sufficient here… but Dean had chosen to kiss Cass.

Which is wrong. He shouldn’t kiss Cass for selfish purposes. What they’re doing is a friend helping out a friend. But their arrangement seems to be blurring certain lines for him. He’s starting to confuse Cass with an actual partner and if Dean is honest with himself… he kind of enjoys it.

Having a warm body next to his without needing to be on constant alert in case he picked up with a creature who wanted to murder him is nice. The way Cass treats him when they’re intimate is exactly what he craves. When they’re together, it’s a give and take. They’re friends so all the embarrassment with the mechanics of things can be played off with laughter. Cass is insistent where he is pliant, shy where he is bold, and both are inexperienced in their own way – Cass with sex and intimacy in general and Dean with males.

So far it’s not as strange as he thought it would be.

Cass is right, Dean is ‘gentle’ when having sex. It’s not something he thinks should be violent – like every other aspect of his life is – it’s something he enjoys. Cass gets that, which is possibly why Dean falls into a lull like this so easily.

It’s terrifyingly easy to insert Cass is an actual lover. Cass seems to have the same problem whether he realises it or not.

Why else would he be bold enough to bring this up? It’s almost like he’s teasing him, but Dean can tell he takes no pleasure in this. He just wants answers. Answers Dean doesn’t feel comfortable giving.

Despite knowing how wrong it is to abuse their deal like he had - Dean can and probably will hate himself for it later – he can’t bring himself to forgo the feeling of being unbearably, tantalizingly… close.