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The Look of Love

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“Hey, do you- oh.”

Stella twisted where she lay curled upon the armchair, turning her head away from Brandon.  “What do you want?” she snapped, wiping hurriedly at the black smudges her tears had made out of her mascara.

“I- uh-” Brandon stuttered, clearly uncomfortable by her tears.  “Me, Sky and Timmy were going into Magix?  For a pizza?  And wondered if maybe you wanted to come?” Brandon’s voice lifted every time he paused, making it sound like question after question.

“Does it look like I want to come?” she asked, voice still hard, and still not looking at him.

“No, I- uh, I guess not.”

“Then go away.”

There was silence, then a creak, and Stella sighed, left alone in the dorm once again.  She’d just gotten back from spending semester break at her family’s palace, where her parents had decided to tell her that their separation was no longer just a separation, and that they were intending to divorce.  She’d left the royal throne room and stepped straight into the spaceship standing by to bring her back where thankfully her dorm-mates hadn’t returned yet.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

In her surprise, Stella forgot what a mess she must look like and glanced over her shoulder at where Brandon was still standing.  His expression was so warm, and so sure, that she surprised herself even more by nodding.